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6 October 2012 - Part 1

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  1. armadia16: yeah
  2. @Limi: flip a coin
  3. +Gamester: Slaking is very stronf
  4. Shams: ure a fucking pokemon server XD
  5. @Limi: or trust your intuition
  6. @Limi: there's usually always you like more
  7. Shams: who would sggest u kid icarus
  8. armadia16: im thinking of getting pokemon instead of it
  9. FlyingDolphin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCKYS8rVYX0&feature=plcp I underestimated exeggcute, haha. really helped in a late-game comeback
  10. Shams: pokemhans 4 eva!!
  11. easterpichu: flamethrower>flame wheel anyday
  12. armadia16: i know it's unrelated somehow
  13. nopjockey 1: fight me
  14. armadia16: pokemon is ds game, KI is 3ds game
  15. Enguarde: Depends on your personal preference.
  16. Enguarde: Watch the trailers again
  17. armadia16: but regardless of console, we're still united
  18. nopjockey 1: fight me
  19. FlyingDolphin: flamethrower :)
  20. easterpichu: who cares i still use my gcn
  21. Samm91: fight me, monotype
  22. armadia16: 3DS owners can still play pokemon though
  23. +Gamester: Armadia16 I think you should get kid icarus
  24. Shams: noooooooooo
  25. armadia16: hmm, it's pretty hard to decide
  26. Shams: pokemaaaans
  27. Enguarde: And christmas is coming up soon so you could potentially get the other then
  28. the C0SM0NAUGHT: damn no one cool is on
  29. testing odd team: or get a lil job, make money, and buy both...
  30. Samm91: :'(
  31. Pilomaster33: cosmonaught with the shit talk
  32. armadia16: lately, i've bough KH 3D and it's really awesome
  33. Pilomaster33: lol
  35. kona: ._
  36. kona: .
  37. easterpichu: caps ftw
  38. the C0SM0NAUGHT: really im just lookin for ppl i talk to
  39. Enguarde: less caps
  40. Pilomaster33: ._.
  41. armadia16: a mix of nintendogs + pokemons and FF
  42. Shams: fuck pikachu is serious bout it
  43. Shams: so get pokemans or die
  44. armadia16: ok2 enough, im getting pokemon black 2..yay for me
  45. +Gamester: Pokemon games aren't as fun rpgs imo
  46. Samm91: good choice ?:D
  47. Samm91: :D
  48. avatar rey: anyone play rs?
  49. Shams: wooooot hail to pokemans
  50. easterpichu: 1. ima pichu 2.its his/her choise
  51. Enguarde: I actually really enjoy playing through the games
  52. the C0SM0NAUGHT: pokemon games are RPGs
  53. Enguarde: not caring about evs
  54. MaPa_Infernape: yeah
  55. Shams: easterpichu is pichu on /avatar21
  56. wigglypuff: avatar 27 to be a happy pichu
  57. Enguarde: just using what you like
  58. Shams: he rapes ur butt
  59. armadia16: what about pokemon dungeon? is it a recommended play by the honored poke-communities?
  60. wigglypuff: 21
  61. Samm91: natures in the game drive me crazy though..
  62. Pilomaster33: nope
  63. Samm91: freakin ocd
  64. Pilomaster33: @ pokemon dungeon
  65. icookie: well you're new here? or an alt
  66. Enguarde: I like mystery dungeon, yet despise it at the same time
  67. MaPa_Infernape: pokemon games except conquest and link ftw
  68. +Gamester: I'm saying they are less fun rpgs not that they aren't.
  69. armadia16: yeah same
  70. easterpichu: /avatar21
  71. armadia16: when is poke radar coming out?
  72. Enguarde: do /avatar 21
  73. Enguarde: not sure, google it
  74. Pilomaster33: get black and white 2
  75. testing odd team: wow you're rly into it
  76. Shams: pichu rapes ur butt
  77. armadia16: cant wait to fap a lopunny in a naked suit
  78. Pilomaster33: elesa is hawt in dat game <3
  79. Enguarde: ...
  80. themightygengar: venomoth + confouse ray + stun spore = ???
  81. Pilomaster33: lol armadia
  82. Samm91: rage
  83. the C0SM0NAUGHT: yep pokefetish ill be going now
  84. Enguarde: use sleep powder insted or stunspore
  85. themightygengar: why rage?
  86. the C0SM0NAUGHT: night showdown
  87. Samm91: confuse ray on its own = rager
  88. kona: i'm out
  89. Samm91: e
  90. Jiraya Sanin: please someone play hackmons with me for once pls
  91. avatar rey: avatar 99
  92. armadia16: will anyone fap on lopunny?
  93. Enguarde: don't discuss things like that :/
  94. Pilomaster33: i think meloetta is cutest
  95. Nmaculus The Loser: yes
  96. armadia16: does anyone here get turned on by lopunny's sexy thigh?
  97. Shams: lopunny is a bitch
  98. tet: random battle any1
  99. easterpichu: considering pokemon don't wear clothes (exept sawk and throh) is pokemon considered porn??
  100. avatar rey: tet challenge cup
  101. testing odd team: -_-
  102. armadia16: as a matter of fact, yes
  103. Shams: hitmonchan has wearings fuck
  104. armadia16: i once jizzed playing black
  105. @Limi: are you stupid
  106. Pilomaster33: PS at night is the best
  107. tet: got no team yet
  108. Enguarde: lol limi
  109. avatar rey: its random
  110. easterpichu: k c ya ima go play super hero squad online(google it)
  111. @Limi: do you think "porn" when you look at your pets
  112. tet: my bad
  113. armadia16: i get turned on by some furry creatures
  114. armadia16: lopunny is the best
  115. Ambicrow: no
  116. Karyete: Hello
  117. Xwee: You u guys aren' 4 real ._.
  118. Daniel Cross: god damnit.
  119. tet: i get turned on by some furry creatures
  120. testing odd team: so my cat does not wear clothes, is it aa pron star? i mean come on guys...
  121. armadia16: come one
  122. Daniel Cross: are you serious.
  123. tet: damn it
  124. Ambicrow: I think they are....
  125. armadia16: it's fun to fantasize on pokemons when u're totally bored with ur g.f.
  126. shmeur: jynx is a pornstar
  127. Ambicrow: ......
  128. Daniel Cross: WHUT
  129. Enguarde: This is a cue to come back in 20 mins...
  130. testing odd team: wow you must be reaaaally bored then
  131. snettel: this chat is gross
  132. testing odd team: O_o
  133. Samm91: wtf am i reading
  134. Pilomaster33: ask your girlfriend to do a lopunny cosplay
  135. armadia16: im kinda bored with my gf cos he keeps on nagging me when im playing pokemon
  136. Shams: lol
  137. easterpichu: who knows what super hero squad online is?
  138. armadia16: yeha
  139. armadia16: sounds like a good idea
  140. Shams: who wouldnt spank that jynx nigger butt
  141. Ambicrow: he?
  142. Xwee: This is a poke chat not a porn chat wtf ._.
  143. shmeur: it's pokeporn apparently ? lol
  144. testing odd team: i guess
  145. armadia16: lopunny has this chun-li kind of thigh
  146. @Limi: let's talk about something that doesn't disclose the abyssal depths of human stupidity to us
  147. easterpichu: k bye
  148. shmeur: ditto can transform into humans right
  149. armadia16: pokeporn? hjaha sounds like a thai name
  150. Samm91: yea, in the anime
  151. ToreTranberg: /account
  152. Sukashayu: WHY?
  153. Shams: armadia is an expert of thai
  154. ToreTranberg: how do i make an account?
  155. armadia16: lol
  156. armadia16: no
  157. armadia16: porn means princess in thai if im not mistaked
  158. armadia16: mistaken
  159. armadia16: that's why it's common to hear thai people with porn names at the back
  160. Samm91: "the princess of porn"
  161. armadia16: preferably women
  162. plexer: noice
  163. Glitchmons: guys if i shell smash then used stored power how much dmg is stored power?
  164. Shams: 140
  165. shmeur: can anybody learn smell smash and stored power
  166. Glitchmons: HOLY FUCK
  167. armadia16: k guys gotta go
  168. armadia16: see yea
  169. Samm91: 140?
  170. Shams: smeargle can
  171. ToreTranberg: Guys can you tell me how i can make an account here?
  172. shmeur: obviously
  173. @Limi: win a rated battle
  174. ToreTranberg: ok ty
  175. testing odd team: and you can baton pass shell smash to a poke that learns stored power, for instance in a baton pass team with espeon
  176. Ninja The Ninjask: ^
  177. Droomer: sigilyph
  178. Shams: or vaporeans
  179. Samm91: cosmic power
  180. p3n15: UP
  181. p3n15: LOL
  182. p3n15: HI
  183. Cowithguns: HI
  184. p3n15: how does this work
  185. Droomer: sigilyph with speed is more fun
  186. Cowithguns: can accept my challenge
  187. Glitchmons: my baton pass team is with espeon ive got 1681 atm but fine tuning it stored power seems way to go
  188. Cowithguns: you p3n15
  189. TheGoldenMonkey3: Blissy or Chansey?
  190. Ninja The Ninjask: depends.
  191. Glitchmons: not that anything really survives a stab psychic shell smashed
  192. shmeur: except darktypes
  193. Droomer: Dark types
  194. Samm91: blissey will
  195. Droomer: lol
  196. TheChicChicBOOM :D: What tier is Ninjask? Is it RU?
  197. Shams: blissey would die in 2 hit
  198. Shams: with 200 stab psychic 2x shellsedd
  199. I love hax: hi
  200. Ninja The Ninjask: But it survives.
  201. 2000knight1: NU
  202. Ninja The Ninjask: So, your point is invalid.
  203. TheChicChicBOOM :D: k thanks :)
  204. Samm91: haha nice one
  205. TestAnik: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2496177 LO(L) Subroost Kyurem
  206. Woona: That annoying moment when your opponent is going to lose, so they wait 150 seconds to get kicked rather than just lose
  207. Ninja The Ninjask: ^
  208. Waffle Monster: ^
  209. Waffle Monster: lol
  210. Ninja The Ninjask: Ninja'sked.
  211. TheMask :p: how much pp have rest?
  212. Shams: 15
  213. F3r00n: WOW RLY
  214. F3r00n: 3 forfeits in a row
  215. Karyete: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2496117
  216. Droomer: You got to save the replay @_@
  217. Bossnian: ottens10000 you kent
  218. User: kona
  219. IP:
  220. In rooms: lobby
  221. Murozond: That awesome moment when you win a Pokemon game by completely outpredicting your opponent... With no crits or haxs from either side..
  222. 2000knight1: ^
  223. Ninja The Ninjask: ^
  224. Ninja The Ninjask: Sadly, that rarely happens.
  225. teddy: wtf is hackmons?
  226. Murozond: Well it just happened to me
  227. 2000knight1: Anything goes
  228. +kota: anything you can get with a save editor is valid in hackmons
  229. TheChicChicBOOM :D: I love sweeping with Alakazam :D
  230. Skidders: like a wonder eye
  231. themightygengar: espeon + magic bounce xD
  232. Murozond: And that person wanted my team.. lol
  233. Fr5224: hosting OU tourney double elimination pm me if interested 7 spots remaining
  234. McNuggetsPie: whats the prize
  235. The Craptain: we battle for glory on here
  236. The Craptain: only glory
  237. McNuggetsPie: glory means so much
  238. STRAWHAT93: i did it for the glory
  239. McNuggetsPie: people totally care about outcomes of tourneys
  240. themightygengar: Xatu sucks
  241. Karyete: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-hackmons2496330 Hackmons
  242. The Craptain: no it doesnt
  243. Karyete: Don't watch if you don't want to
  244. Scarf Wynaut: But without Xatu, Sableye is going to trollol everything
  245. STRAWHAT93: on that diamonds remix i swear i spazzed then my big brother came through and kicked my azz
  246. The Craptain: or murkrow but thats not really used
  247. guardiangun: what is hackmons?
  248. Woona: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2496286
  249. Woona: ^ Breloom ftw
  250. jcthatsme: hey woona
  251. jcthatsme: wanna battle
  252. Fr5224: hosting OU tourney double elimination pm me if interested 5 spots remaining
  253. Woona: In a sec
  254. Blu Spy: what does OU mean?
  255. Woona: Over used
  256. TheGoldenMonkey3: I did it for the potato chips
  257. Lizard: ^
  258. jcthatsme: i have a new team of ous
  259. Woona: Mmm'kay
  260. Woona: Challenge me?
  261. itstooeasy: hi everyone
  262. Woona: Hello
  263. jcthatsme: no you chalenge me and i wilol except in a min hust finishing a battle
  264. itstooeasy: whats up
  265. Woona: Flippo challenges me :O
  266. Woona: *Filipo
  267. BocciasBattles: Anybody here love cb ferrothorn?
  268. jcthatsme: okay i will watch but it better not be a hundred odd turns
  269. Pilomaster33: CB ferro is surprisingly strong
  270. BocciasBattles: It is :)
  271. Pilomaster33: shitted on my hurricane dragonite once multiscale broken
  272. shmeur: my butterfree makes people ragequit
  273. Balgus4: This thing is awesome :D
  274. Game Over: venusaur is a beast
  275. BocciasBattles: A couple of matches ago my opponent paralyzed my cb ferro and I wrecked their whole team with gyro ball :)
  276. Fr5224: OU tourney, double elimination 4 spots remaining pm me if interested
  277. Balgus4: love this game
  278. Balgus4: :D
  279. BocciasBattles: ^
  280. firepokemon: ferrothorn
  281. firepokemon: is cheap
  282. firepokemon: and nasty
  283. BocciasBattles: It really isn't
  284. firepokemon: hardly impressive
  285. BocciasBattles: The CB set is amazing
  286. firepokemon: yep
  287. shmeur: entry hazards in general are cheap imo.
  288. firepokemon: and cheap
  289. BocciasBattles: No it really isn't
  290. BocciasBattles: it's not used by many people
  291. stratagist: wow this is easier than the ds versions
  292. BocciasBattles: you try using a non defensive ferro in a metagame where it's weak to fire and fighting. It's not cheap :)
  293. Natsu Slayer: lol
  294. Natsu Slayer: yeah
  295. Natsu Slayer: misted wall ferro
  296. Palma Fiocina: Natsu <3
  297. I love hax: I love hax
  298. Natsu Slayer: I hate hax
  299. UrfTheManatee: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2496375 dat scarfed clean up
  300. I love hax: im doing this so i dont get hurt by the hax lords
  301. BocciasBattles: Hax is neutral for me, fun now and then, but overrated and gimmicky as a strategy
  302. LukeSkyFAKER: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-uu2496353 epic gallade wins me the match
  303. itstooeasy: anyone care to challenge me?
  304. metatrainer200: pm fr5224 for an awesome ou tourney! there will be lots of fun involved!
  305. btsdurrani youtube: WHERE IS TIMSTER
  306. WasSollDas: Random Battle Tournament PM me for entry
  307. fireburst: i'm in
  308. Karyete: Why does hackmons take so long to find people? -_-
  309. Skidders: if u have rock head and miss high jump kick do you take recoil
  310. Pilomaster33: because everyone is too busy playing GayU
  311. Pilomaster33: i mean OU
  312. Palma Fiocina: lol
  313. x51N15T3R: I like cookies!
  314. TheChicChicBOOM :D: lol ^
  315. Skidders: if u have rock head and miss high jump kick do you take recoil?
  316. Palma Fiocina: OU is the standard tier, so it's understandable that it's the most popular
  317. Fr5224: Ou tourney one spot remaining double elimination pm if interested
  318. Skidders: if u have rock head and miss high jump kick do you take recoil?
  319. WasSollDas: Random Battle Tournament PM me for entry nine more spots left!
  320. TheChicChicBOOM :D: @Skidders, not sure.
  321. Pilomaster33: i would imagine skidders
  322. Skidders: ok ill test
  323. Pilomaster33: from the ability name
  324. Pilomaster33: but yea go test
  325. Palma Fiocina: Probably, Skidders
  326. btsdurrani: enter WasSollDas tournament
  327. btsdurrani: enter WasSollDas tournament
  328. Rico Staal: biggest comeback evar
  329. btsdurrani: enter WasSollDas tournament
  330. btsdurrani: enter WasSollDas tournament
  331. firepokemon: fuck up
  332. firepokemon: dick
  333. WasSollDas: bts don't spam plz
  334. Jiraya Sanin: hakmons common guys
  335. TheChicChicBOOM :D: Spammer, much?
  336. WasSollDas: Random Battle Tournament PM me for entry 6 more spots!!!
  337. Shanks: how to register?
  338. Fr5224: http://challonge.com/42wterfysgahjkbdfa for my ou tourney bracket
  339. billybobthorn: well i just got disconnected and lost the team i just built
  340. billybobthorn: :(
  341. WasSollDas: Random Battle Tournament PM me for entry 1 more spot!
  342. WasSollDas: I reduced the maximum number of ppl
  343. Skidders: hackmons?
  344. shmeur: people on here are inherently rude
  345. Skidders: any1
  346. Skidders: ?
  347. Skidders: <_>
  348. Qomolangma: when will the ladder be reset?
  349. say no to arceus !: yo
  350. WasSollDas: come on guys, last spot for Randbat tour :D
  351. Omnomnom: 6-0 victory in OU :) http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2496509
  352. Waffle Monster: cb dnite or dd dnite?
  353. Skidders: cb
  354. WasSollDas: …due to unpopular demand I'm closing entries NOW. T.T
  355. Qomolangma: depends on whether you want a wall breaker or a sweeper
  356. Waffle Monster: a
  357. Waffle Monster: this is true
  358. blazcarslo: good item for normal tornadus(uu)
  359. Rico Staal: fly gem?
  360. blazcarslo: i was thinking about life orb
  361. Rico Staal: maybe leftovers?
  362. blazcarslo: but i dont know :/
  363. Rico Staal: choice things?
  364. mellotron: life orb, flying gem or sharp beak are all good choices
  365. Skidders: wondereye is the best hackmon
  366. blazcarslo: life orb or sharp beak im gonna see
  367. ChrisiBro: 45 turn Battle
  368. ChrisiBro: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2496121
  369. Rico Staal: i had one with 89 turns lol
  370. Woona: Do crits bypass stat boosts?
  371. blazcarslo: i think yes
  372. Droomer: yes it does
  373. ChrisiBro: @rico staal : how long does this battle rake ^^
  374. Qomolangma: including negative ones
  375. Qomolangma: so youd actually do less damage with a crit to something with -6 defense
  376. Rico Staal: untiol like 4 to 5 struggles
  377. ChrisiBro: wow
  378. Rico Staal: he was stalling me out
  379. mnbv: my longest battle was more than 100 turns long
  380. vrfdzvd: ok
  381. Rico Staal: lol
  382. mnbv: no strugle or pp stall
  383. UrfTheManatee: Whats the standard item on arcanine?
  384. Seto22: yeah, I had the same
  385. Seto22: 93 turns
  386. Karyete: YES!
  387. Seto22: (gengar vs blissey)
  388. Seto22: It came to struggle
  389. Karyete: I'm on the top 100 on Hackmons :3
  390. 2000knight1: LO
  391. 2000knight1: For arcanine
  392. Ninja The Ninjask: Is this true?
  393. Ninja The Ninjask: In a perfect World, Hax would never happen
  394. blazcarslo: whats the name of that guy on animal planet that died from long ago :D i need nickname
  395. Rico Staal: true story ninja
  396. 2000knight1: Crock somthin
  397. blazcarslo: i cant rember
  398. 2000knight1: He was a cool guy
  399. blazcarslo: yes
  400. blazcarslo: the fucking mantine kill him
  401. ipodboqi: Steve irwin i think
  402. blazcarslo: :P
  403. blazcarslo: yes
  404. 2000knight1: :(
  405. blazcarslo: tnx
  406. 2000knight1: His son is a croc hunter too.
  407. blazcarslo: R.I.P
  408. blazcarslo: i didnt know :P
  409. blazcarslo: now my krokodile its named steve irwin
  410. blazcarslo: :D
  411. asfvbdj: SoopaStar
  412. blazcarslo: togekiss with kings rock...cant wait for rage
  413. TheGoldenMonkey3: You should name your Togekiss Bill Nye the Science Guy
  414. WasSollDas: lol
  415. stratagist: who wants to fight me?
  416. blazcarslo: :D
  417. nocreeepssss: Wow random i got 2 arceus and a lugia :P
  418. TheGoldenMonkey3: LUCKY
  419. KBB: Eh,how do you log out of a pokémon showdown account?
  420. Ninja The Ninjask: nickname yourself to something else.
  421. KBB: oh.
  422. Ninja The Ninjask: then exit the page.
  423. KBB: ok
  424. GnuGnu2: why is every attack a crit in hackmons?
  425. Miss New Booty: cause its haxmons
  426. Miss New Booty: duh
  427. Ninja The Ninjask: Lost to hax.
  428. KBB: Emphasis on "HAX"
  429. Ninja The Ninjask: HAXmons.
  430. GnuGnu2: so it's normal?
  431. Miss New Booty: yeah
  432. GnuGnu2: ok
  433. Ninja The Ninjask: :(
  434. • Ninja The Ninjask weeps.
  435. • Miss New Booty hugs ninjask
  436. • Ninja The Ninjask gets away.
  437. Miss New Booty: Q~Q
  438. Miss New Booty: i'm sowwy
  439. McNuggetsPie: miss new booty
  440. Accelgor: ninjask the ninjask
  441. • Shedinja the 1HP screeches.
  442. Accelgor: fear not
  443. Accelgor: for i is here
  444. McNuggetsPie: how long have we been married?
  445. homedoug217: 93 turns seto? wow
  446. Miss New Booty: dat banshee wail
  447. Miss New Booty: OMG
  448. Miss New Booty: its saturday
  449. teddy: whats a good bulky water in RU?
  450. Shedinja the 1HP: Slowking.
  451. Ollleey: crawdunt
  452. Accelgor: shedinja
  453. • Shedinja the 1HP screeches more.
  454. Accelgor: OU?
  455. Miss New Booty: crawdaunt is not bulky
  456. krayzii: who wants to help me test my new team?
  457. krayzii: i just started today
  458. itstooeasy: who heres excited for bw2?
  459. Rico Staal: me
  460. Miss New Booty: ill be excited when gen 6 is announced
  461. McNuggetsPie: ^
  462. McNuggetsPie: more trash can pokemon
  463. Miss New Booty: fuck trollfreak
  464. McNuggetsPie: or hopefully more icecream/food
  465. mnbv: is there any good guide on teambuilding? i'm good at making stall teams but i suck at making an offensive/balanced team
  466. TheChicChicBOOM :D: Is there even going to be a gen 6?
  467. Swag MC'Daddy: FUCK OFF
  468. McNuggetsPie: there should be a burger pokemon
  469. Swag MC'Daddy: YOU PISS OF SHIT
  471. McNuggetsPie: or a beef pie
  472. McNuggetsPie: fuck he has too much swag ^
  473. Miss New Booty: someones cranky
  474. McNuggetsPie: miss, its just the swag
  475. Miss New Booty: oh :3
  476. mnbv: i think he's not cranky
  477. mnbv: just trolling
  478. Miss New Booty: noooo
  479. TheChicChicBOOM :D: lol ^
  480. BosleyGonnalose: is hydro pump or surf a better move for sub CM keledo?
  481. mnbv: surf
  482. nocreeepssss: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/randombattle2496948
  483. Miss New Booty: surf
  484. McNuggetsPie: surf
  485. McNuggetsPie: surf is always better
  486. Nozzle: surf
  487. nocreeepssss: check my luck on that
  488. BosleyGonnalose: seems pretty clear :D
  489. Nozzle: hydro pump only on specs/scarf
  490. Nozzle: or if you rlly need the power
  491. McNuggetsPie: no
  492. McNuggetsPie: you never do
  493. Nozzle: onlyif you rlly RLLY need the power
  494. McNuggetsPie: i guess
  495. phylali: if milotic gets statused, but was holding a lum berry and it gets healed of its status, does the marvel scale boost go away?
  496. McNuggetsPie: like really really really
  497. Miss New Booty: yes
  498. Nozzle: marvel scale?
  499. Miss New Booty: phylali
  500. phylali: ok thanks
  501. Miss New Booty: she only gets the boost when statusd
  502. Nozzle: yes it does
  503. Hasbro3D: I like Alakazam. ~Fin~
  504. Nozzle: ew
  505. TheChicChicBOOM :D: Alakazam is a beast :D
  506. NatyNatorrei: /find
  507. Nozzle: alakazam should be bl
  508. 2000knight1: Why?
  509. NatyNatorrei: hey is wei khai here?
  510. 2000knight1: Alakazam is OU material imo
  511. Nozzle: 1 word...
  512. Nozzle: technician
  513. Hasbro3D: :D
  514. mnbv: marvel scale does not work like unburden
  515. TheChicChicBOOM :D: :D
  516. mnbv: it's like guts
  517. NatyNatorrei: how to find a player
  518. CuakoPato: a hitmontop with technician is OK?
  519. NatyNatorrei: i noe the name
  520. Nozzle: meh
  521. Nozzle: its meh
  522. Nozzle: intimidate is better
  523. Nozzle: or even better
  524. Nozzle: dont use hitmontop at all
  525. mnbv: NatyNatorrei press ctrl+f
  526. Nozzle: uu spinners all suck
  527. mnbv: try nu
  528. mnbv: the best spinner in teh tier is armaldo
  529. Nozzle: i prefer torkoal lol
  530. Nozzle: otherwise you need a nfe
  531. Nozzle: or spinda or delibird but those suck
  532. 2000knight1: wartortle
  533. 2000knight1: ;p
  534. mnbv: wartortle is bad
  535. Nozzle: wartortle sandshrew baltoy tentacool
  536. mnbv: it doesnt even have leftovers
  537. 2000knight1: Eviolite.
  538. 2000knight1: It can take hits
  539. mnbv: yeah, taht'S why
  540. mnbv: due to eviolite it has no recovery whatsoever
  541. Shedinja the 1HP: Man, i don't think I could ever win, i guess is should leave here.
  542. Shedinja the 1HP: No fun, when I can't win.
  543. Nozzle: i dont get why dusclop is used more as dusknoir
  544. Shedinja the 1HP: eviolite
  545. Darkmetagross32: i just won a match using basculin
  546. Nozzle: after just 8 turns of staying in dusknoir is better
  547. McBatman42069: eviolite
  548. Nozzle: cuz lefties
  549. Shedinja the 1HP: Dusknoir can't take boosted hits.
  550. Se7en: Does thunder change accuracy in hail?
  551. Shedinja the 1HP: No.
  552. KRageT: nope
  553. Shedinja the 1HP: 70% still.
  554. mnbv: i would much rather use dusclops than dusknoir
  555. Se7en: ok thanks
  556. themightygengar: but in sunny day yes
  557. Shedinja the 1HP: Anyway, man, I can't win.
  558. Nozzle: oh
  559. Shedinja the 1HP: I always lose.
  560. Shedinja the 1HP: 50% in Sun.
  561. mnbv: do you use shedinja?
  562. themightygengar: why dusclops intant dusknoir?
  563. btsdurrani: sad bro
  564. mnbv: whenever i see people use sheddy, they dont even have a spinner
  565. Shedinja the 1HP: no.
  566. Shedinja the 1HP: I don't use sheddy.
  567. mnbv: if you cant win, try sheddy lol
  568. Shedinja the 1HP: I am Using this, as a symbol of how pathetic i am Competitively.
  569. mnbv: cheese ftw
  570. Nozzle: ew
  571. Nozzle: sheddy
  572. Nozzle: hazards in legit tiers
  573. Nozzle: sand/hail in hackmons
  574. themightygengar: pokemon with soak + electric move xD
  575. Nozzle: :P
  576. Miss New Booty: OMG
  577. Nozzle: soak power whip necturna
  578. McNuggetsPie: ^
  580. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  582. DC
  584. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  586. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom will dominate NU
  587. 2000knight1: naH.
  588. McBatman42069: BL2
  589. Chiyo: are you TLC
  590. 2000knight1: Nah*
  591. F3r00n: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ru2498188
  592. Altairia: Dusknoir is NU on PO lol
  593. zekrom lord: PM me if you want to join my mono type tourney
  594. F3r00n: Very easy
  595. homedoug217: jvm gg
  596. @Mikel: i'm TLC
  597. Altairia: actually
  598. Chiyo: oh no
  599. superpotato: should i host a tourny
  600. @Mikel: true story
  601. Nozzle: ambipom is outclassed by persian
  602. The Craptain: tbh
  603. Nozzle: oh wait
  604. Nozzle: thats not true
  605. The Craptain: the only good ambi is LO ambi
  606. Altairia: Hariyama, archeops and magneton are NU in PO
  607. The Craptain: without u turn
  608. Altairia: now
  609. Nozzle: ambipom outclasses persian
  610. Altairia: The only good ambi is this
  611. Nozzle: but barely
  612. HAiGAizZes: >good ambi
  613. HAiGAizZes: lol
  614. The Craptain: well
  615. mrb: Mienshao is Pro, how can you even make generalizations about pokemon in UU when you have a losing record (22-31)?
  616. Altairia: Fake out, Covet, Last resort, Protect
  617. McBatman42069: Ambipom ONLY outclasses persian
  618. The Craptain: tech beat up can 2hko slowbro
  619. Altairia: Normal gem
  620. Zernon: lol
  621. superpotato: hosting 3 random pokemon tourny pm me to join
  622. The Craptain: js
  623. HAiGAizZes: >beat up
  624. HAiGAizZes: O.o
  625. Altairia: Best set ever
  626. HAiGAizZes: thats a thing?
  627. Darkmetagross32: this guy is saying im a noob for beating him with an emolga
  628. 2000knight1: MRB do you even play UU?
  629. HeroicHeracross: lmao
  630. @Mikel: ladder rank/records mean nothing
  631. Darkmetagross32: lol
  632. AmbipomSwag: beat up with 6 pokemon maybe
  633. Chiyo: who knows?
  634. The Craptain: the tech boost makes it not bad
  635. AmbipomSwag: that's difficult to achieve
  636. Chiyo: maybe he fell to hax?
  637. AmbipomSwag: beat up is pretty bad, I've tried it
  638. Altairia: No
  639. Altairia: In doubles
  640. Altairia: Beat up on coballion
  641. Fractalbreaker II: user interface is much better designed here than PO, still has some things to go, but its good. I just really wishthere were the other battle modes like double triple rotation
  642. HAiGAizZes: fuck doubles
  643. Jirachiii: cuz of the justified boost
  644. Altairia: Justified +6 attack
  645. Seiska: avatar
  646. zekrom lord: i use cobalion in ou
  647. FatFlareon: SOAD
  648. mrb: You should never use cobalion in ou
  649. mrb: i don't really see why you should
  650. sluglo: Cobalion is decent in OU
  651. HAiGAizZes: unless ur playing mono fighting lol
  652. McBatman42069: or mono steel
  653. sluglo: he checks quite a few pokes there
  654. mrb: what is its niche?
  655. HAiGAizZes: then its one of 2 viable stealth rockers iirc, the other being infernape
  656. Clavertje: hey guys
  657. Stomping-Torterra: milotic is a beast
  658. Clavertje: what do you think
  659. HAiGAizZes: it doesnt have one lol
  660. Darkmetagross32: now he is saying i suck
  661. Stomping-Torterra: marvel scale =)
  662. sluglo: I like using Sub and Swords Dance together
  663. Shunsetsuzan: Afternoon PS
  664. mrb: terrakion can run stealth rock on choice sets
  665. Clavertje: of a guy who's too chicken to battle you, but thrash talks?
  666. Darkmetagross32: when he got beat by an emolga
  667. Shunsetsuzan: I miss a house with internet :(
  668. HAiGAizZes: sub sd is MUCH better on terrakion
  669. mrb: ^
  670. sluglo: then kick ass with Iron Head
  671. sluglo: lol
  672. jimmyrecard: beat up can be useful on ambipom when ghost types switch in on the fake out
  673. sluglo: everybody runs Scarf Terra now
  674. Fractalbreaker II: there was i thinking whimsicott may have baton pass lol
  675. Asek: it has night slash
  677. zekrom lord: fast cobolion with sr, twave and voltswitch
  678. AmbipomSwag: no it doesn't
  679. Asek: so why is it using beat up
  680. sluglo: they dont know it exists anymore lol
  681. Invisibility Cloak: Have you seen how much of a mess UU is on PO
  682. Darkmetagross32: shut up Clavertje you got beat by a emolga you noob
  683. AmbipomSwag: it has payback
  684. AmbipomSwag: ikr Invis
  685. Shunsetsuzan: Monotype anyone?
  686. Invisibility Cloak: Jolteon, Metagross, Hydreigon are all UU
  687. mrb: beat up gets the technician boost and can usually hit harder
  688. AmbipomSwag: It's basically, spam hydreigon win games
  689. Asek: how do we check if a pokemon has a certain move ?_?
  690. superpotato: hosting 3 random poke tourny pm me to join
  691. Clavertje: k he doesn't accept, chicken, gg
  692. HAiGAizZes: shunsetsuzan why not
  693. Darkmetagross32: im not chicken i just can't be bothered to battle you again for you to jsut quit
  694. 2000knight1: Wtf hydreigon in UU
  695. sluglo: lol
  696. 2000knight1: is that possible
  697. AmbipomSwag: on PO
  698. Invisibility Cloak: PO
  699. 2000knight1: Thats like frikknig surf fire blast draco every game
  700. sluglo: I can understand Metagross, and possibly Jolteon
  701. Asek: why is hydreigon using surf
  702. Clavertje: darkmetagross = little scared brat
  703. 2000knight1: Metagross is OP in uu
  704. @Mikel: heya rellykins <333
  705. Seto22: ok for monotype shun
  706. sluglo: but Hydreigon is too good
  707. Webster: someone hold a torney plz
  708. Shunsetsuzan: k I'll callenge
  709. Shunsetsuzan: +h
  710. 2000knight1: jolteon is bl
  711. sluglo: Surf for terra
  712. sluglo: or othrt stuff
  713. 2000knight1: PO lost there minds
  714. sluglo: *other
  715. Jirachiii: terra is NU
  716. Jirachiii: o-o
  717. Asek: you have earth power
  718. superpotato: hosting 3 random poke tourny pm me to join
  719. TheGoldenMonkey3: They need a zombie poke'mon
  720. AmbipomSwag: lol
  721. Asek: or one of your STAB's
  722. AmbipomSwag: metagross
  723. AmbipomSwag: isn't OP in UU
  724. Jirachiii: not many people would use it in UU
  725. Asek: why would you use surf
  726. AmbipomSwag: Hydreigon doesn't need surf
  727. sluglo: Jirachii,Terrakion, not Torterra
  728. AmbipomSwag: draco/fire blast/Superpower/roost is all it needs
  729. sluglo: he does not
  730. @Mikel: SM looks so cramped now
  731. sluglo: idk why people run it either
  732. 2000knight1: Neeeeeds surf
  733. 2000knight1: ;p
  734. sluglo: Superpower?
  735. sluglo: WTF?
  736. HAiGAizZes: what does surf even ht
  737. Jirachiii: mhm
  738. Jirachiii: you need superpower
  739. Asek: um
  740. HAiGAizZes: superpower for tranitar
  741. The Craptain: protect hydreigon
  742. The Craptain: ?
  743. Asek: it depends on the set
  744. Seiska: avatar 52
  745. sluglo: no
  746. Jirachiii: yes
  747. sluglo: TTar is already killed by Focus Miss
  748. HAiGAizZes: no its not
  749. HAiGAizZes: because it misses
  750. HAiGAizZes: and its special
  751. Asek: For specs Dark pulse/ Draco metoer/ earth power and focus blast
  752. Jirachiii: lmao
  753. HAiGAizZes: and sandstorm is a thing
  754. AmbipomSwag: superpower
  755. AmbipomSwag: hits blissey
  756. Hydragon10: anyone wanna have an RU match with me?
  757. AmbipomSwag: just sayin
  758. The Craptain: superpower is what makes hydreigon almost impossible to switch into
  759. HAiGAizZes: that too
  760. 2000knight1: Blissey isnt UU
  761. Jirachiii: exactly
  762. 2000knight1: Niether in chans
  763. HAiGAizZes: shunsetsuzan i challenged you...
  764. sluglo: I run Dragon Pulse/Fire Blast/ Focus Blast/ and something else
  765. Jirachiii: you're gonna need superpower for those spdef walls
  766. AmbipomSwag: snorlax is UU
  767. 2000knight1: Curselax
  768. Jirachiii: mhm
  769. AmbipomSwag: you need superpower for snorlax in UU
  770. sluglo: superpower is an option
  771. The Craptain: specially defensive jirachi in rain is the only thing I can think that can switch in safely
  772. 2000knight1: Insta 3hko
  773. Wobbyble: focusblast is bad
  774. EatYoFood: stockpilax
  775. 2000knight1: w/ out res
  776. sluglo: but who said you gotta kill everything one shot?
  777. sluglo: teamwork,man
  778. sluglo: I run Toxicroak for these bastards
  779. 2000knight1: Sweepers
  780. Wobbyble: craptain since when has Jirachi been UU lmfao
  781. Jirachiii: yup
  782. HAiGAizZes: what would you rather do, kill everything in one or 2 hits, or use teamwork to slowly wear them down?
  783. Asek: hydreigon is OU here
  784. sluglo: he does not need rain to sweep
  785. The Craptain: hydreigon isnt going UU
  786. Asek: who cares about PO
  787. 2000knight1: PO sux
  788. LoloTheCube: i wana be, the very best......
  789. Asek: when we're playing here on our tiers
  790. AmbipomSwag: lol
  791. 2000knight1: Letsa go!
  792. Wobbyble: Oh. Someone said Hydreigon was UU here earlier >.>
  793. Jirachiii: you're gonna want to take out pokes quickly
  794. Wobbyble: gdi
  795. NatyNatorrei: MARC!!!! where r u
  796. 2000knight1: Ambipom swag ;/
  797. The Craptain: lol
  798. Wobbyble: yeah Hydreigon belongs OU lol
  799. The Craptain: hydreigon in UU
  800. 2000knight1: Thats a sad name
  801. Wobbyble: hopefully Hydreigon will be moved up to BL or something
  802. Jirachiii: lol
  803. sluglo: HAiGizZes, I prefer teamwork
  804. HAiGAizZes: its not UU.
  805. Enguarde: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ln5k6fRvV81qdw3bno1_500.jpg So fucking cute
  806. sluglo: makes them go like, "he gonna use Superpower. I use SE attack!"
  807. ISuckLolSup: did anyone notice that arceus is a llama
  808. HAiGAizZes: well im saying in hydreigons case, i'd rather have the ability to 2hko the metagame, rather than being walled by things, and having to rely on other pokes in that case
  809. Enguarde: Goodnight
  810. Wiggler745216: OU mono double elim tourney! 6 spots left, PM me to join!
  811. Kale12321: Where is the thing where I can make a replay of a battle?
  812. +phoopes: Hey all.
  813. sluglo: Teammate takes attack like nothing!
  814. The Craptain: hello
  815. Asek: hi
  816. Wiggler745216: OU NONO TYPE, SRRY!
  817. @Mikel: heya foops
  818. +phoopes: Hi Mikel.
  819. sluglo: i prefer teamwork
  820. ISuckLolSup: arceus is a llama
  821. NagatoYuki: ...
  822. Natsu Slayer: I can't open a imported team from po ? lol
  823. ISuckLolSup: arceus is a godly llama guys
  824. The Craptain: teamwork for what?
  825. NagatoYuki: ...
  826. +phoopes: Arceus is a magical space llama who changes color by touching rectangles.
  827. NagatoYuki: ...
  828. HAiGAizZes: ^
  829. sluglo: for battling
  830. ISuckLolSup: exactly
  831. NagatoYuki: ...
  832. sluglo: rather then "SWEEP EVERYTHING"
  833. +phoopes: NagatoYuki, please don't spam.
  834. 2000knight1: Phoopes holy crap that was the best
  835. NagatoYuki: Kk
  836. McBatman42069: no, Arceus is the horse isaiah mustafa rides backwards
  837. Sukashayu: Garchomp in uber, stupid xD
  838. NagatoYuki: dafaq
  839. +phoopes: hee hee
  840. The Craptain: garchomp in uber is understandable
  841. NagatoYuki: hee hee?
  842. +phoopes: Well, Garchomp is OU in the Suspect Test.
  843. ISuckLolSup: keldeo is a goat that survived an abomination
  844. ISuckLolSup: and an obamanation
  845. +phoopes: Though idk if that's still going on.
  846. sluglo: Garchomp is till being tested
  847. Garadur: is there a way to change the trainer picture or is that just random?
  848. The Craptain: but without sand veil garchomp should be OU imo
  849. Wiggler745216: OU monotype double elimination tourney! 6 spots left, PM me to join!
  850. HAiGAizZes: go to /avatars
  851. +phoopes: !avatars
  852. Want a custom avatar?
  853. - How to change your avatar
  854. The Craptain: type /avatars
  855. The Craptain: well
  856. The Craptain: 3rd isnt bad
  857. sluglo: hopefully we get him back on 2013
  858. The Craptain: still a medal ranking
  859. Sukashayu: THUNDURUS IS OU!!!
  860. Garadur: thx!
  861. HAiGAizZes: no.
  862. sluglo: and knock Haxorus to UU! JK.
  863. HAiGAizZes: thundurus T is OU
  864. +phoopes: Thundurus-T is.
  865. HAiGAizZes: but thundurus is not
  866. +phoopes: Not Thundurus-I.
  867. Sukashayu: why ?
  868. Jirachiii: remember when thundurus was ubers
  869. Jirachiii: lol
  870. +phoopes: Because one is broken and the other isn't.
  871. The Craptain: prankster t wave and nasty plot
  872. Old Jack: prankster
  873. HAiGAizZes: because thundurus T isnt broken, and thundurus was
  874. sluglo: cuz Prankster
  875. +phoopes: Simple as that.
  876. superpotato: **hosting a 3 random poke tourny pm me to join
  877. HAiGAizZes: prankster t wave was a bitch ;(
  878. HAiGAizZes: still, it wasnt THAT bad imo
  879. Sukashayu: lol
  880. Shunsetsuzan: who's hosting the4 monoytype tourney?
  881. Wobbyble: i think therian thunderus is pretty broken...
  882. The Craptain: thunderus I would fit perfectly on my para UU team :)
  883. HAiGAizZes: therian thundurus is too slow
  884. superpotato: hosting 3 random poke tourny pm me to join
  885. HAiGAizZes: to sweep
  886. HAiGAizZes: imo
  887. +phoopes: Well, does Tornadus learn any status moves?
  888. +phoopes: Because it's UU now.
  889. the beast 0718: how do you use youre custem team
  890. Nozzle: rofl funniest battle ever http://pokemonshowdown.com/lc2498401
  891. The Craptain: nah
  892. The Craptain: sucks
  893. AmbipomSwag: agility works with thundurus-T
  894. HAiGAizZes: pretty sure just tailwind
  895. The Craptain: Ill stick with prankster murkrow for now
  896. AmbipomSwag: tornadus can use priority rain dance, tailwind and taunt
  897. +phoopes: lol
  898. Wiggler745216: OU monotype tourney! 2 spots left, PM me to join!
  899. HAiGAizZes: agility is mediocre imo, if ur facing anything but offense its gonna be bad
  900. Old Jack: and sub!
  901. Jirachiii: and landorus with sheer force/ sand force is good
  902. HAiGAizZes: sheer force landorus <3
  903. Wobbyble: Sheer force makes it Nidoking of OU <3
  904. Jirachiii: mhm
  905. Wobbyble: with possibility of CM
  906. blazedax: alguien k hable español?
  907. The Craptain: a question what is a safe switch in to thunderus t?
  908. Team Venture: Venusaur is causing alot of ragequits. How are people not remembering that it gets a speed boost in the sun?
  909. +phoopes: English only, please.
  910. HAiGAizZes: i guess people suck team venture
  911. Jirachiii: makes it the more powerful of the 3
  912. HAiGAizZes: like suck hard.
  913. xauns: español aquí
  914. @Mikel: english please
  915. xauns: why not?
  916. avengedplayer_M7: item for double stpeed ditto¿
  917. xauns: fascists
  918. HAiGAizZes: LOL.
  919. Team Venture: you think they would remember, lol. Thats why it went to OU
  920. avengedplayer_M7: ??
  921. HAiGAizZes: well thye must be terrible at the game
  922. franCun: THAT HJK. http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2498382
  923. McBatman42069: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_mDTLphIVY
  924. The Craptain: maybe they were scarfed
  925. The Craptain: and thought they could outspeed
  926. avatar rey: whats difference between hackmons and glitchmons?
  927. HAiGAizZes: glitchmons means you can only use glitches obtainable in a cartdrige
  928. HAiGAizZes: such as the mimic glitch
  929. AzulCubone: arcanine's tail looks like a horse.
  930. McBatman42069: hackmons is AR
  931. HAiGAizZes: whereas hackmons you can hack any ability onto any poke with any moves and anything
  932. AzulCubone: from the back.
  933. avatar rey: ok
  934. Nozzle: http://pokemonshowdown.com/lc2498401 funniest battle ever magikarp beat clamperl and purrloin and seedot sweepj
  935. The Craptain: oh man
  936. The Craptain: thunder wave bisharp
  937. EatYoFood: hypnosis should get moar accuracy
  938. The Craptain: is this viable!?
  939. superpotato: spots are closed try again next time
  940. HAiGAizZes: sucker punch already bypasses speed issues anyway
  941. HAiGAizZes: so imo a waste of a slot
  942. The Craptain: I guess
  943. lolucas99: how dp u sighn out
  944. Chiyo: close the window
  945. AzulCubone: you dont
  946. HAiGAizZes: especially with substitute making sucker punch more reliable
  947. Team Venture: Arcanine has the movepool to be a destructive force. He just never works out for me when I use him. Close Combat, Extremespeed, Wild Charge, Morning sun, he has a great set of toys to play with.
  948. HAiGAizZes: and being useful in general
  949. McBatman42069: ther more you know
  950. The Craptain: it sucks when you base a team around poke
  951. McBatman42069: *the
  952. lolucas99: you cant sign out?
  953. The Craptain: and the team could be better if that poke is replaced
  954. The Craptain: :(
  955. HAiGAizZes: arcanine is just really weak ;(
  956. Wobbyble: change name top right conr
  957. GoDx: sex
  958. GoDx: sry
  959. Wobbyble: corner
  960. GoDx: sry
  961. GoDx: sry
  962. GoDx: sry
  963. GoDx: sry
  964. GoDx: s
  965. GoDx: rys
  966. HAiGAizZes: watch out we got a badass up there
  967. GoDx: rys
  968. GoDx: rys
  969. GoDx: rys
  970. EatYoFood: stop
  971. GoDx was banned by Mikel.
  972. GoDx's alts were also banned: SeemsLegit, yultkrj
  973. Sweet Deal: :I
  974. The Craptain: mikel he said he was sorry
  975. HAiGAizZes: xD
  976. Stomping-Torterra: BAN!
  977. professorbadass: h
  978. lolucas99: if u change ur name do u still have ur ranks?
  979. Juhabach: Drought should have gone to Arcanine instead of Ninetales.
  980. McBatman42069: thank you Based Mikel
  981. Jirachiii: don't use arcanine as a physical attacker
  982. Juhabach: It could destroy Tyranitar with Close Combat.
  983. Jirachiii: it's output is dissapointing
  984. Juhabach: And Politoed with Wild Charge.
  985. Jirachiii: use it as a defensive wall instead
  986. The Craptain: choice band arcanine is pretty cool
  987. lolucas99: coz i wanna make stupid teams but not ruin my leaderboard rank
  988. HAiGAizZes: lol arcanine is even more dissapointing as a physical wall
  989. Luisfinal3: wats hapn her? http://pokemon-piaui.blogspot.com.br/2012/10/battlevideo28.html
  990. Wobbyble: sun would be so much stronger if arc got drough
  991. Wiggler745216: http://challonge.com/wiggler1 MONO TOURNEY BRACKET
  992. The Craptain: I stuck it on for lols
  993. Jirachiii: true
  994. Wobbyble: he gets recovery and better bulk
  995. Juhabach: Yeah.
  996. AmbipomSwag: if sun even got rapidash or something
  997. The Craptain: and it gets things done
  998. AmbipomSwag: who has morning sun
  999. Team Venture: Water Spout jellicent in the rain is pretty funny. Nobody expects that, lol.
  1000. Wobbyble: Sun gets Rapidash
  1001. Wobbyble: seems legit
  1002. Juhabach: I'd use Close Combat/Flare Blitz/Wild Charge/Morning Sun with a bulky EV spread if Arcanine had Drought.
  1003. HAiGAizZes: but its so slow, its bound to take a hit before firing off water spout
  1004. AmbipomSwag: if rapidash had drought
  1005. The Craptain: Actually
  1006. Wobbyble: Yellow fever gets victims
  1007. AmbipomSwag: instead of ninetales
  1008. Jirachiii: lol
  1009. The Craptain: eviolite growlithe is a good physical wall
  1010. HAiGAizZes: recoil moves on a weather starter...
  1011. HAiGAizZes: thats weak to rocks already
  1012. Stomping-Torterra: weather is better in loweer tiers
  1013. Team Venture: Jellicent has recover, its not all bad.
  1014. Jirachiii: ya i use eviolite growlithe along with slowpoke
  1015. HAiGAizZes: O.o non choice water spout?
  1016. Natsu Slayer: jellicent is good
  1017. HAiGAizZes: what is this blasphemy
  1018. ISuckLolSup: jellicent is good
  1019. shmeur: i hate when people ragequit from my butterfree :(
  1020. McBatman42069: madness
  1021. Natsu Slayer: xD
  1022. UrfTheManatee: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ru2498379 NO LONGER JUST THE SUICIDE LEAD
  1023. The Craptain: also a good burn spreader
  1024. ISuckLolSup: blasphemy is aginst religion, dumbass
  1025. Team Venture: Compoundeyes is a great ability. I wish more bug types had it.
  1026. Invisibility Cloak: It's also against leaders
  1027. HAiGAizZes: ... so youre saying you took the word blasphemy seriously?
  1028. Invisibility Cloak: iirc
  1029. +phoopes: Less caps, please.
  1030. +phoopes: @Urf
  1031. ISuckLolSup: yes i am
  1032. ISuckLolSup: lol jk
  1033. Jirachiii: alot of bug types do actually have compoundeyes
  1034. McBatman42069: Blasphemy?, no, Madness
  1035. Swagon: If ya start talking bout politics or religion on smogon servers, your gonna have a bad time
  1036. HAiGAizZes: butterfree and galvantula are the only ones who use it though
  1037. ISuckLolSup: This is Madness!
  1038. ISuckLolSup: Madness!
  1039. Team Venture: do they? The ones I am thinking of are Galvantula and Butterfree, what else?
  1040. ISuckLolSup: THIS
  1041. ISuckLolSup: IS
  1042. McBatman42069: no, this is sparta
  1043. ISuckLolSup: SPARTAAA
  1044. HAiGAizZes: swagon nobody is talking about politics or religion....
  1045. @Mikel: lol
  1046. +phoopes: haha
  1047. antony1997: !avatar
  1048. @Mikel: well played
  1049. The Craptain: I vsed the coolest team
  1050. Shunsetsuzan: ?
  1051. The Craptain: spinda with assist
  1052. ISuckLolSup: someone make an all-metronome team
  1053. Jirachiii: lol
  1054. ISuckLolSup: where all the pokes only know metronome
  1055. The Craptain: with team mates like
  1056. antony1997: how do u change avatar?
  1057. The Craptain: one move kingdra
  1058. @Mikel: try /avatars
  1059. The Craptain: with draco meteor
  1060. McBatman42069: !avatar
  1061. assdd: what is the best pokemon in LC
  1062. +phoopes: /avatar (number here)
  1063. @Mikel: i would say murkrow
  1064. Jirachiii: specs draco + assist
  1065. antony1997: !avatar
  1066. @Mikel: it's incredibly good
  1067. Shunsetsuzan: Murkrow imo
  1068. assdd: lol
  1069. @Mikel: /avatars
  1070. @Mikel: like that
  1071. McBatman42069: Murkrow
  1072. TheAmphy: clamperl
  1073. The Craptain: LC
  1074. @Mikel: no, not clamperl
  1075. ISuckLolSup: Cynthia avatar is amazingggggg
  1076. @Mikel: it's not as good anymore
  1077. The Craptain: I think you mean mienfoo cup
  1078. antony1997: thanks
  1079. AmbipomSwag: nup
  1080. AmbipomSwag: barry avatar
  1081. AmbipomSwag: best avatar
  1082. ISuckLolSup: barry is an impatient douche
  1083. TheWaiter: Why is Mew in UU? Isn't it capable of OU?
  1084. Imagend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjvphZ7wx3U&feature=relmfu
  1085. superpotato: http://challonge.com/abigbutt
  1086. AmbipomSwag: It's not used enough in OU
  1087. HAiGAizZes: it is, but it dropped recently
  1088. AmbipomSwag: to be OU
  1089. Team Venture: Spinda isn't all bad now that it has contrary and access to superpower. Throw Spinda in a trickroom with a focus sash, start gaining stat boosts from super power with contrary. Spinda also has sucker punch.
  1090. superpotato: theres the brackets
  1091. +phoopes: Mew is medicocre in OU.
  1092. HAiGAizZes: because nobody used it much
  1093. Jirachiii: barry luvs that caffeine
  1094. The Craptain: Its good in OU but its outclassed by other stuff
  1095. The Craptain: so yeah mediocre
  1096. Wobbyble: spinda cant live strong physical attacks at +2 def
  1097. ISuckLolSup: Barry is high
  1098. Wobbyble: nor can it KO stuff at +2 attack
  1099. Wobbyble: so spinda sucks
  1100. ISuckLolSup: like 100% of the time
  1101. McBatman42069: what a twist
  1102. The Craptain: I think it fits in UU though
  1103. +phoopes: *mediocre
  1104. TheWaiter: But doesn't Mew sort of Outclass everything in UU?
  1105. The Craptain: taunt + wow isnt as good with sableye around
  1106. AmbipomSwag: Spinda is decent in a tier below NU
  1107. AmbipomSwag: that's about it
  1108. HAiGAizZes: not really...
  1109. +phoopes: Not really.
  1110. HAiGAizZes: what would it outclass?
  1111. +phoopes: Mew is a jack of all trades.
  1112. ISuckLolSup: mcbatman u like m.knight.shamamallama
  1113. HAiGAizZes: master of none
  1114. +phoopes: However, it's not good at any one thing.
  1115. Jirachiii: you wouldn't need focus sash on it
  1116. McBatman42069: better than being, a master of one
  1117. Jirachiii: just add lefties
  1118. superpotato: http://challonge.com/abigbutt
  1119. Team Venture: I bet you it wouldn't be that hard to sweep with contrary spinda with a trickroom, I am goin go to try it. Hater gonna hate, lol.
  1120. superpotato: link to the brackets
  1121. ISuckLolSup: abigbut?
  1122. Jirachiii: with superpower, psychocut/zen headbut, sucker punch and drain punch
  1123. HAiGAizZes: it definitely will be difficult
  1124. The Craptain: I would say mews only real niche is with baton pass
  1125. HAiGAizZes: its decent for support
  1126. HAiGAizZes: but jellicent is usually the preffered will o wisper
  1127. superpotato: get your matches done on time
  1128. TennisYay: how does the share replay button work
  1129. Muffinz360: Sup Y'all
  1130. Imagend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjvphZ7wx3U&feature=relmfu
  1131. BROJOJOJO: Someone do a hackmon battle!
  1133. The Craptain: I know who I could replace claydol with
  1134. The Craptain: mew :)
  1135. TheWaiter: I dunno, it's got a versatlie movepool, it can play pretty much any role with enough decency for it's adequency when combine with the enigmatic regime that shrouds considering it is not commited to any one type of set could put it above other predictable UU's.
  1136. Asek: try it with ** at the start and end
  1137. Asek: thats how you bold
  1138. The Craptain: its got a decently fast taunt
  1139. EatYoFood: nobody expected my choice specs toxic combo
  1140. trock: best grass type excluding legendaries anyone?
  1141. The Craptain: and I can use it as a paralyser :p
  1142. antony1997: *b* hi
  1143. Team Venture: "Dude I just lost to a Spinda." "What happened." It got down to its focus sash, then raped me with a +4 super power. "Then the trickroom burnt out, he killed me with sucker punch." (starts crying.)
  1144. McBatman42069: breloom
  1145. trock: and venusaur
  1146. antony1997: *hi*
  1147. antony1997: hi *b*
  1148. Raging Sun: venusaur is good
  1149. McBatman42069: you're doing it wrong
  1150. trock: best rock type?
  1151. antony1997: how?
  1152. Jirachiii: Illumise would be pretty good with quiver dance
  1153. antony1997: mc?
  1154. The Craptain: arceus rock
  1155. The Craptain: is pretty good
  1156. Stregen: trolol
  1157. trock: excluding legends
  1158. Jirachiii: and phione with calm mind
  1160. Stregen: Regirock is a good defensive one?
  1161. The Craptain: tyranitar prolly
  1162. ISuckLolSup: avatar aang
  1163. McBatman42069: agree
  1164. The Craptain: or terrakion
  1165. Zernon: _what_
  1166. trock: terrakion ty
  1167. McBatman42069: excluding legends
  1168. TheGoldenMonkey3: DIGIMON SHOWDOWN! Wait wrong place sorry!
  1169. The Craptain: I think he meant ubers lol
  1170. trock: trying compile a list of the best pokemon for each type
  1171. Turbo Tea Tyme: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2498967 sweepin away with ease
  1172. BROJOJOJO: Hackmon. Battle.
  1174. trock: ubers allowed in my list
  1175. ISuckLolSup: metronome battle, anyone?
  1176. McBatman42069: Golurk somewhere else
  1177. Turbo Tea Tyme: so wat r yall doin?
  1178. Natsu Slayer: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2498827
  1179. StrongNerd: Do any Ice types get rapid spin?
  1180. Turbo Tea Tyme: nope
  1181. shmeur: cyrogonal
  1182. HeroicHeracross: cryogonal
  1183. BROJOJOJO: Yeah
  1184. Turbo Tea Tyme: oh
  1185. The Craptain: excluding arceus I suppose
  1186. McBatman42069: then Terrakion
  1187. The Craptain: when asking for a best pokemon always expect arceus as the answer
  1188. HAiGAizZ: also delibird
  1189. HAiGAizZ: gets rapid spin
  1190. Darkmetagross32: can someone ban Clavertje he is harrassing me
  1191. TheGoldenMonkey3: Arecus is so overused people need to be more creative
  1192. Waffles101: do challenge cup have max or min happi?
  1193. StrongNerd: Rapid spin on delibird=pointless
  1194. Waffles101: my poke has frust and return
  1195. The Craptain: you could make the same arugment
  1196. JoshyWondah: LIke use Shuckle in Ubers. Lol
  1197. The Craptain: with kyogre
  1198. Vkzem: whats the best pokemon?
  1199. JoshyWondah: magikarp
  1200. The Craptain: well
  1201. TheGoldenMonkey3: magikarp
  1202. The Craptain: according to ubers usage
  1203. Vkzem: is it me
  1204. The Craptain: kyogre
  1205. JoshyWondah: bitch
  1206. Asek: arceus
  1207. killa2k: shuckle with the hp stat of blissey
  1208. G1: shuckle
  1209. killa2k: and reliable recovery
  1210. McBatman42069: Thundurus-I
  1211. killa2k: gg
  1212. Asek: is the most flexible and strong mon
  1213. Vkzem: i like kyogre
  1214. G1: is the best in sand
  1215. JoshyWondah: Fuq the Police STUNFISKKK
  1216. Asek: it can do so much stuff
  1217. Vkzem: is that coz of multitype
  1218. JoshyWondah: Stunfisk!Stunfisk!Stunfisk!
  1219. Vkzem: or just movepool + stats
  1220. +phoopes: Bye everybody!
  1221. TheGoldenMonkey3: But can he tickle your pickle
  1222. thaguy: stunfisk isnt actually a bad poke
  1223. thaguy: is a decent sp wall, but without rrecovery
  1224. The Craptain: arceus only got 27%
  1225. The Craptain: kyogre got 43%
  1226. ISuckLolSup: stunfisk is the best poke of all time
  1227. itstooeasy: yeah it has a nice move pool
  1228. The Craptain: ?
  1229. ISuckLolSup: amazing
  1230. killa2k: cant find any gd apps on android -__-
  1231. sersigirl: a_a
  1232. +ban nattorei: i've never been completely impressed with ekiller as a sweeper
  1233. McBatman42069: so, like Spide-Man /rimshot
  1234. @Mikel: i can never get ekiller to work
  1235. +ban nattorei: I like cm arceus versions more
  1236. Turbo Tea Tyme: good offensive sweeper thats not genesect. Suggestions?
  1237. Darkmetagross32: no one battle Clavertje he will just whine and bitch and moan to you if he loses and he lost to an emolga
  1238. thaguy: cm ghost is preety awesome
  1239. Jirachiii: ekiller?
  1240. The Craptain: mono cm arceus are really cool
  1241. Waffle Monster: turbo
  1242. @Mikel: normal SD arceus
  1243. McBatman42069: Cloyster
  1244. +ban nattorei: special landorus
  1245. Who Dat: normal arceus with SD + Extremespeed
  1246. Waffle Monster: get a gyrados
  1247. ISuckLolSup: arceus is a llama
  1248. Waffle Monster: give it dragon dance
  1249. Jirachiii: ah
  1250. Vkzem: dunsparce vs stunfisk
  1251. Jirachiii: ok
  1252. Waffle Monster: and moxie
  1253. +ban nattorei: cloyster is good too
  1254. btsdurrani youtube: anyone want to enter a random battle tourney?? PM me if interested
  1255. McBatman42069: no, it's s horse
  1256. Turbo Tea Tyme: specials sweeper
  1257. Asek: craptain thin about it though
  1258. TheWaiter: Alakazam and Gengar all the way
  1259. Asek: arceus has better stats
  1260. McBatman42069: Thundurus-I
  1261. McBatman42069: or Keldeo
  1262. Asek: is more flexible
  1263. thaguy: special sweeper: thundurus-t
  1264. thaguy: or tornadus-t
  1265. thaguy: keldeo must be specs
  1266. Asek: and can do pretty much whatever you need it to
  1267. The Craptain: yeah
  1268. The Craptain: but it cant set rain
  1269. The Craptain: :(
  1270. +ban nattorei: you cant generalize arceus formes as one pokemon
  1271. Asek: Rain dance
  1272. Asek: !
  1273. The Craptain: eternal rain
  1274. The Craptain: at least
  1275. +ban nattorei: they are each different pokemon
  1276. thaguy: use politoed
  1277. Murozond: Tornadus has more Special Attack than Tornadus-T..
  1278. Asek: kyogre can't choose its type though
  1279. Asek: :]
  1280. The Craptain: does it learn camoflague?
  1281. KotseConfused: I never knew you could get a shiny in Random...
  1282. Asek: yes but normal tornadus is outsped by starmie and scarftar
  1283. Who Dat: Yeah I got one the other day
  1284. Asek: which is rather unfortunate
  1285. McBatman42069: Arceus types take up its item slot
  1286. Ratijak: cap ?
  1287. +MaillouxB: Create a Poke
  1288. btsdurrani youtube: anyone want to enter a random battle tourney?? PM me if interested 1 remaining spot
  1289. vempula00: i will
  1290. CaptainKyle: cradily has storm drain making it a niche addition to a sand team
  1291. Asek: gastrodon has storm drain as well
  1292. The Craptain: Actually I wouldnt trust usage statistics :(
  1293. thaguy: wots the best water start on the 5 gens?
  1294. Asek: and can spread burns everywhere
  1295. The Craptain: | 88 | Charizard | 0.779% |
  1296. The Craptain: | 92 | Arceus-Fire | 0.726% |
  1297. TheWaiter: Whats a good UU spinner?
  1298. CaptainKyle: yes but cradily has the +sandstorm boost
  1299. HAiGAizZ: blastoise
  1300. Asek: as well as being an offensive threat
  1301. The Craptain: charizard used more than arceus fire
  1302. Stregen: All starters but Infernape kinda suck.
  1303. Asek: somewhat
  1304. ChaosIsComingToday: blastoisae
  1305. HAiGAizZ: infernape sucks too imo
  1306. btsdurrani youtube: anyone want to enter a random battle tourney?? PM me if interested
  1307. Asek: cradily has a worst defensive type
  1308. axel12: dunsparce does work
  1309. Jade Oak: avatar/ 180
  1310. HAiGAizZ: mix life orb is decent i guess
  1311. axel12: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/randombattle2499088
  1312. synchro457: hi
  1313. Asek: infernape isn't good in this meta
  1314. TheWaiter: Blaziken does not suk
  1315. Webster: i like infernape
  1316. HAiGAizZ: not including blaziken i guess
  1317. HAiGAizZ: :D
  1318. Asek: if it was more stall orientated it would be awesome
  1319. @shrang: infernape is underrated this meta
  1320. @shrang: it's always been good
  1321. Asek: yes
  1322. thaguy: lead infernape is quite good
  1323. HAiGAizZ: its too weak imo
  1324. btsdurrani youtube: no more entrys
  1325. Asek: but the decline of stall = decline of infernape
  1326. 123ethan: Yup
  1327. HAiGAizZ: 105 isnt winning any awards
  1328. WasSollDas: randbat tour semifinals end very tragically…well, for my opponent, that is: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/randombattle2498856
  1329. @shrang: SD and NP are all pretty good sets too
  1330. @shrang: as are scarf and CB
  1331. Asek: i've never seen np
  1332. Crack & Skulls: sd needs mach punch
  1333. Jade Oak: avatar/ 180
  1335. HAiGAizZ: SD is outclassed
  1336. HAiGAizZ: so are scarfed and CB
  1337. HAiGAizZ: idk about NP
  1338. synchro457: i've always liked infernape, especially because it was the only other fire type in diamond beside ponyta
  1339. Asek: tbh the most common one I see are the choiced ones
  1340. knuckstrike: @muffinz what do you mean?
  1341. @shrang: SD is not outclassed
  1342. @shrang: it has priority
  1343. Waffles101: someone ladder cc plz
  1344. Muffinz360: like ive made a team in builder how i selct it for a battle
  1345. @shrang: and decently strong too
  1346. FireFalcon: flareon
  1347. Crack & Skulls: something that loom is better att
  1348. @shrang: with iron fist
  1349. bertuğğğ: hi
  1350. Warp: Sychro, how about magmar and houndoom and flareon?
  1351. guardiangun: gyarados sweep and an angry noob http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2499277
  1352. @shrang: and CB and scarf both have u-turn
  1353. @shrang: which helps it differentiate with all the other fighters
  1354. avatar rey: whats a pokemon with very high att 300-400 base
  1355. Wobbyble: ramparados?
  1356. avengedplayer_M7: RANDOM BATTLE FINAL http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2499365
  1357. avatar rey: thx
  1358. Asek: adamant dnite reaches 400+
  1359. McBatman42069: what tier
  1360. knuckstrike: If you select a mode, you can select your team in the drop-down box under where you choose what mode you want.
  1361. Asek: and is actually good
  1362. avatar rey: hackmons
  1363. McBatman42069: Deo-A
  1364. Muffinz360: format?
  1365. absoul: hi people
  1366. andrepd: somebody !tiers
  1367. Cryolitest: someone ladder OU
  1368. andrepd: for him
  1369. +zzazzdsa: !tiers
  1370. Smogon tiers:
  1371. - The banlists for each tier
  1372. - Uber Pokemon
  1373. - Overused Pokemon
  1374. - Underused Pokemon
  1375. - Rarelyused Pokemon
  1376. - Neverused Pokemon
  1377. - Little Cup Pokemon
  1378. andrepd: check those links muffinz
  1379. Cryolitest: now let me be in peace
  1380. Cryolitest: and ladder OU someone
  1381. Cryolitest: tix boring
  1382. Crack & Skulls: is it worth orbing a nite?
  1383. Cryolitest: depends on the set
  1384. Cryolitest: mix sets, yeah
  1385. 123ethan: I guess so
  1386. Crack & Skulls: like DD espeed
  1387. McBatman42069: Y**ou **Obvious L**ack **Origionalty
  1388. Cryolitest: DD are better stickig to lum to avoid outrage confuses/para/burn/toxic
  1389. Cryolitest: and LO recoil
  1390. avatar rey: what about a pokemon with high spa 300-400
  1391. Cryolitest: origionality
  1392. Cryolitest: lol
  1393. McBatman42069: *Obviously
  1394. Crack & Skulls: but i would rather use mence for that
  1395. Cryolitest: mence is better at orb
  1396. McBatman42069: Virizion
  1397. antony1997: on hackmons can u use any pokemon with any moves?
  1398. McBatman42069: yes
  1399. Cryolitest: because it sets up on sligtly fewer threats
  1400. antony1997: cool
  1401. Cryolitest: what it sets up on cant status it
  1402. McBatman42069: and then some
  1403. Cryolitest: so LO or dragon gem is the best item
  1404. avatar rey: virzi doesnt have high spa
  1405. avatar rey: spA
  1406. Cryolitest: 90 is decent
  1407. Cryolitest: but only just
  1408. Asek: dnite has uses over mence for wallbreaker
  1409. Cryolitest: it borders on bad for OU use
  1410. Asek: superpower and espeed
  1411. Phanpyex: Pinsir (M) @ Choice Band
  1412. Phanpyex: Trait: Mold Breaker
  1413. Phanpyex: EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
  1414. Phanpyex: Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
  1415. Asek: both being very good
  1416. Phanpyex: - X-Scissor
  1417. Cryolitest: just great typing and stuff
  1418. Phanpyex: - Close Combat
  1419. Phanpyex: - Earthquake
  1420. Phanpyex: - Stone Edge
  1421. Cryolitest: please dont post sets in the chat
  1422. Phanpyex was redirected by The Immortal to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  1423. @Mikel: please don't do that
  1424. %Frizy: please dont c/o logs/sets into chat
  1425. %Frizy: fuck you all
  1426. Cryolitest: i was first
  1427. Venusaur can learn Outrage
  1428. Cryolitest: hahaaa
  1429. @Mikel: "c/o"
  1430. @Mikel: idgi
  1431. %Frizy: c/p
  1432. %Frizy: fuck you
  1433. @Mikel: i see
  1434. Cryolitest: jeez, frizy, who shit in your milk today
  1435. %Frizy: i hope no one
  1436. coolkidz6: hello
  1437. Cryolitest: hi
  1438. Plower: hopefully, they all made the right decision
  1439. Plower: and aimed for the toilet instead
  1440. McBatman42069: i assume GoDx did
  1441. Legend13: they still havent reset the ladder
  1442. Cryolitest: why is the OU ladder taking fucking forever
  1443. The Trainer Red: cow
  1444. Legend13: the suspense is killing me
  1445. Cryolitest: -___-
  1446. McBatman42069: >>
  1447. McBatman42069: <<
  1448. coolkidz6: can someone uber battle me
  1449. Cryolitest: thats input/output command entry
  1450. Pedro Ninja: coolkiz ill uber battle you
  1451. Cryolitest: only admins can do that
  1452. @Mikel: i hope you included #iostream
  1453. @Mikel: :P
  1454. coolkidz6: cool
  1455. Bruyen: how do you change your avatar/character, i'm new to showdown
  1456. TennisYay: ambipom is good
  1457. blazedax: españoles?
  1458. HAiGAizZ: go to /avatars
  1459. +zzazzdsa: !avatars
  1460. Want a custom avatar?
  1461. - How to change your avatar
  1462. TennisYay: discuss
  1463. +zzazzdsa: you are all so slow
  1464. Sarkynin: Is fighting/Rock/Dark good coverage?
  1465. HAiGAizZ: ambipom is trash.
  1466. HAiGAizZ: yeah its good coverage
  1467. Cryolitest: i changed my alt
  1468. Cryolitest: and typed avatars
  1469. Cryolitest: faster than all of you
  1470. HAiGAizZ: walled by toxicroak
  1471. HAiGAizZ: but good
  1472. Bruyen: ok
  1473. Sarkynin: Endure/Reversal/Stoneedge/Suckerpunch Unburden liechi berry Hitmonlee
  1474. Sarkynin: so UU :p
  1475. Cryolitest: its decent
  1476. %Frizy: i think we get into an ambipom discussion at least once a day
  1477. kisteglad: http://www.own3d.tv/live/151506 playing random 1250 rating ou
  1478. %Frizy: why......
  1479. Cryolitest: please dont advertise
  1480. Asek: because
  1481. scooby: if anyone wants to watch a guy lose 3 pokemon to hurting themselves in confusion: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ru2499414
  1482. Asek: I read the smog
  1483. scooby: it's pretty lulz
  1484. Cryolitest: no one cares
  1485. %Frizy: yes kindly dont advertise
  1486. Asek: and I believe everything It say'd
  1487. Cryolitest: also, frizy
  1488. Cryolitest: are you good at any tiers
  1489. %Frizy: ou
  1490. Cryolitest: want to battle
  1491. %Frizy: i haven't played mons properly in a while
  1492. blazedax: avatar/257
  1493. %Frizy: nah
  1494. Cryolitest: k
  1495. %Frizy: my last win was stomping ginga
  1496. %Frizy: i wanna keep it that way
  1497. %MJB: sup peeps
  1498. Cryolitest: lol
  1499. Cryolitest: i beat ginja with sdef kyurem
  1500. Cryolitest: all you need to do is get rocks
  1501. Sarkynin: is there any fighting attack that has a BP =< 60?
  1502. Cryolitest: and his team falls apart
  1503. HAiGAizZ: karate chop?
  1504. %Frizy: well he has a million different teams
  1505. HAiGAizZ: arm thrust
  1506. %MJB: head smash?
  1507. %Frizy: but yeah
  1508. %Frizy: i lead with deo-d
  1509. avatar rey: someone want to hackmons?
  1510. Cryolitest: force plam
  1511. %Frizy: and kinda won off that...
  1512. HAiGAizZ: rock smash
  1513. %MJB: low sweep
  1514. Cryolitest: palm**
  1515. iamshafeer: hello
  1516. Asek: Frizy
  1517. Deejaay: Random tourney pm me!
  1518. %MJB: mach punch
  1519. Sarkynin: *searching Scyther's movepool*
  1520. Asek: are you going to make ocn next year
  1521. HAiGAizZ: xD
  1522. Cryolitest: he wants technician boost, so low sweep or force plam
  1523. Cryolitest: palm**
  1524. HAiGAizZ: yeah but not for scyther
  1525. Cryolitest: why cant i fucking spell that
  1527. %Frizy: ill probably try to and probably make sub again
  1528. HAiGAizZ: unless scyther gets rock smash
  1529. Asek: well
  1530. %Frizy: or not the team at all
  1531. Sarkynin: It does
  1532. HAiGAizZ: which is still trash after tech
  1533. %Frizy: and get ultra pissed again
  1534. Sarkynin: But it also gets brick break
  1535. Asek: did you make it this year?
  1536. HAiGAizZ: yeah brick break is more strongth
  1538. Ilik: Slaking is banned corect?
  1539. %Frizy: nope
  1540. Cryolitest: no
  1541. HAiGAizZ: no...
  1542. %Frizy: wait
  1543. HAiGAizZ: why would it be?
  1544. Sarkynin: I kinda wanted something that has a technician boost. ^^
  1545. Cryolitest: slak is NU
  1546. %Frizy: yes i did
  1547. Cryolitest: iirc
  1548. trock: who is uu and can throw out toxic spikes
  1549. %Frizy: i think?
  1550. %Frizy: rofl
  1551. Sarkynin: Roserade
  1552. %Frizy: i seriously dont remember
  1553. Crack & Skulls: roserade
  1554. trock: thanks
  1555. %Frizy: wait yeah i did thats right
  1556. Crack & Skulls: also qwilfish
  1557. Cryolitest: its NU
  1558. Cryolitest: yeah
  1559. HAiGAizZ: qwilfish too
  1560. %Frizy: i was mad i didnt make main team
  1561. DemonicChimera: / avatar 148
  1562. TennisYay: what do you guys think if meloetta pirouette was a pokemon that you couldve started out with?
  1563. HAiGAizZ: then holy crap it would be good
  1564. Asek: well
  1565. Sarkynin: so, Eviolite scyther technician swordsdance/aerialace/bugbite/brickbreak?
  1566. Cowithguns: Lazarus
  1567. Cryolitest: it would have been *slightly* better
  1568. Cryolitest: not much though
  1569. Asek: I'm going for a slot next year
  1570. HAiGAizZ: it would have been amazing...
  1571. TennisYay: 128 speed and 128 attack...?
  1572. HAiGAizZ: what are you talking about
  1573. Asek: I'll be happy with sub
  1574. WasSollDas: and so, the winner of my RandBat Tourney is…… iChozen! Congratulations for smashing me in the finals!
  1575. Cryolitest: its more of a jack of all trades, ace of none issue
  1576. HAiGAizZ: ...
  1577. blazedax: /avatar257
  1578. %Frizy: big asek
  1579. HAiGAizZ: 128 attack is great, 128 speed is fucking amazing
  1580. iChozen: Thank You
  1581. Cryolitest: its a good fighting type, but a lot of others do it better
  1582. Asek: see I accept my fate
  1583. HAiGAizZ: how is that a jack of all trades?
  1584. Asek: ginganinga will be a starter
  1585. Swagon: Doesn't syncronize bounce sleep on to the opponent?
  1586. HAiGAizZ: its the fastest fighting type? i think?
  1587. Spaghetti: I agree, it would be amazing.
  1588. WasSollDas: no
  1589. Cryolitest: it is
  1590. Sarkynin: who has 128/128?
  1591. Cryolitest: but frail
  1592. HAiGAizZ: so great bander
  1593. HAiGAizZ: meloetta P
  1594. Cryolitest: and remember
  1595. WasSollDas: sync only does burn, para, and poison
  1596. %Frizy: lol
  1597. Sarkynin: Oh yeah
  1598. %Frizy: thats if he tries
  1599. Swagon: damn
  1600. %Frizy: i reckon he could've made sub easy this year
  1601. Swagon: tried to counter breloom with mew
  1602. Cryolitest: terra has great stabs, luke gets SD and espeed, conk can bulk up with mach/ice punch
  1603. %Frizy: but he barely bothered and said "i wont make the team" lol
  1604. Sarkynin: Meloetta is one of my favorite pokeymanz in UU ^^
  1605. avatar rey: someone hackmons me
  1606. Asek: smart guy
  1607. Sarkynin: by the way, why is Meloetta-P illegal?
  1608. Asek: if i miss out on ocn
  1609. WasSollDas: cuz
  1610. Sarkynin: It can stay transformed outside of battle.
  1611. Cryolitest: you cant start with it in a battle
  1612. Asek: i will just try out for italy
  1613. WasSollDas: it can only be used by relic song
  1614. Asek: and be mvp straight off the bat
  1615. Cryolitest: in wifi
  1616. %Frizy: nah
  1617. WasSollDas: u fast typers XD
  1618. %Frizy: italy actually has
  1619. Cryolitest: what are you talking about
  1620. Sarkynin: Oh, okay.
  1621. %Frizy: some good players on it
  1622. %Frizy: you'd be surprised
  1623. Cryolitest: by the way
  1624. Asek: I know of
  1625. Asek: cherub agent
  1626. Sarkynin: I thought it would stay transformed even out of battle...
  1627. Asek: end list
  1628. Cryolitest: im somewhat fast, but i screw up too much
  1629. antony1997: if anyone wants a hackmons battle challenge me!!!!!
  1630. %Frizy: not zarator?
  1631. Sarkynin: So you could bring it in wifi transformed.
  1632. @shrang: ok
  1634. %Frizy: man i wonder if he still plays
  1636. Asek: apprently tizio potente ao
  1637. Cryolitest: hi shrang
  1638. @shrang: next person to challenge me in ubers
  1639. Asek: hes meant to be good
  1640. Asek: but idk
  1641. @shrang: will face my all specs dragon team
  1642. Asek: never seen him
  1643. %Frizy: yeah he beat stallion
  1644. @shrang: I will face stupidity with stupidity!
  1645. %Frizy: he used a really weird ho hail team tho
  1646. Sarkynin: what item for relic song Meloetta?
  1647. Cryolitest: want to do a legit ubers battle, shrang
  1648. Cryolitest: ladder is taking aeons
  1649. %Poppy: potente tito al
  1650. %Frizy: but yeah
  1652. %Poppy: was good yeah
  1653. %Poppy: ao*
  1654. %Frizy: zarator is a beast when he's on
  1655. JMK21: dont ya hate bug pokemon
  1656. Asek: well they do have the mighty captain
  1657. Asek: haunter
  1658. %Frizy: lmao
  1659. Asek: who doesn't want to battle
  1660. SandshrewSamurai: does power split even work?
  1661. %Frizy: guys
  1662. Asek: because hes knows everyone else would quit if he played
  1663. %Frizy: if you want to make ou council
  1664. Angad: Zangoose is pretty amazing pokemon in NU
  1665. Sarkynin: what item for relic song meloetta? Life Orb makes it too frail...
  1666. %Frizy: dw about playing you'll still make it fine
  1667. +Kyuzeth: I hate Paralysis SO MUCH.
  1668. Asek: does haunter play mons
  1669. BEHINDYOU: expert belt
  1670. +Kyuzeth: I ALWAYS get haxxed while my foes never fo.
  1671. Asek: in all seriousness
  1672. +Kyuzeth: *do
  1673. Asek: I have never seen him play
  1674. antony1997: im creating my own pkmn league...i still need 2 gym leaders and the e4...private message me if u want to be a gym leader or e4
  1675. %Frizy: nah im pretty sure he just stalks a few people all the time
  1676. Swagon: should I run rock polish or nasty plot on baton mew?
  1677. RAWRAW: http://www.wyncorporation.com/pokemon/pokemon.php use this generate six pokemon exclude legendaries and NFE's then challenge me with team in Ubers
  1678. %Frizy: and gets his meta knowledge off that
  1679. rnavroze: is it considered good manners to forfeit when you have almost a 0% chance of winning or is it better to play till you lose?
  1680. KwlStoryBrah: 6 pokemon sweep with ninetales@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  1681. Timster: i hate ou
  1682. KwlStoryBrah: in 11 turns
  1683. KwlStoryBrah: wr;tgjdpifgs
  1684. Timster: its the fucking weather channel...
  1685. KwlStoryBrah: wetipfwrtgopjetgpe
  1686. KwlStoryBrah: gfoergpe
  1687. FormApplication: link?
  1688. Angad: Zangoose/Gurdurr/Musharna/Skuntank = gg
  1689. %Frizy: people bitch about it but the general consensus is that its fine rnavroze
  1690. KwlStoryBrah: i shared it
  1691. KwlStoryBrah was muted by Frizy.
  1692. %Frizy: hi please dont do that, okay?
  1693. KwlStoryBrah was unmuted by Frizy.
  1694. Sarkynin: Um. What set for Meloetta-P?
  1695. Asek: why do people complain about forfeiting
  1696. Sarkynin: Relicsong/Closecombat/...
  1697. Asek: its a waste of time if you keep playing once you've lost
  1698. Ilik: What is Stratagem?
  1699. Sweet Deal: If it comes to something like a PP stall you have no hope of winning, I tend to say "gg" and leave rather than play it out. If it's a couple of turns, I tend to play to the end
  1700. rnavroze: ah. thank you
  1701. Cryolitest: CAP pokemon
  1702. Asek: and tbf
  1703. +zzazzdsa: !CAP
  1704. An introduction to the Create-A-Pokemon project:
  1705. - CAP project website and description
  1706. - What Pokemon have been made?
  1707. - Talk about the metagame here
  1708. - Practice BW CAP teams
  1709. Sarkynin: a gem that powers up move of the strata type
  1710. Asek: I don't like seeing my team fall down
  1711. Asek: from some set up monster
  1712. Ilik: ah ok
  1713. +zzazzdsa: how are you all so slow
  1714. Raymon: NU super tourney, pm me and jon!
  1715. Sarkynin: (You're too slow! Gotta go fast!)
  1717. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1719. DC
  1721. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1723. %Frizy: hi please dont do that, okay?
  1724. KwlStoryBrah was unmuted by Frizy.
  1725. Sarkynin: Um. What set for Meloetta-P?
  1726. Asek: why do people complain about forfeiting
  1727. Sarkynin: Relicsong/Closecombat/...
  1728. Asek: its a waste of time if you keep playing once you've lost
  1729. Ilik: What is Stratagem?
  1730. Sweet Deal: If it comes to something like a PP stall you have no hope of winning, I tend to say "gg" and leave rather than play it out. If it's a couple of turns, I tend to play to the end
  1731. rnavroze: ah. thank you
  1732. Cryolitest: CAP pokemon
  1733. Asek: and tbf
  1734. +zzazzdsa: !CAP
  1735. An introduction to the Create-A-Pokemon project:
  1736. - CAP project website and description
  1737. - What Pokemon have been made?
  1738. - Talk about the metagame here
  1739. - Practice BW CAP teams
  1740. Sarkynin: a gem that powers up move of the strata type
  1741. Asek: I don't like seeing my team fall down
  1742. Asek: from some set up monster
  1743. Ilik: ah ok
  1744. +zzazzdsa: how are you all so slow
  1745. Raymon: NU super tourney, pm me and jon!
  1746. Sarkynin: (You're too slow! Gotta go fast!)
  1747. Sarkynin: *searching moves to use in Meloetta-P's moveset*
  1748. trock: zen headbutt drain punch relic song and your cjoice
  1749. Sarkynin: I prefer close combat over Drain punch.
  1750. @shrang: Sarkynin: *searching moves to use in Meloetta-P's moveset*
  1751. Sarkynin: Also, zen headbutt has no stab...
  1752. trock: up to you
  1753. trock: thats for before switching forms
  1754. @shrang: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3470437
  1755. Sarkynin: Meloetta's attack stat is... How to say it.
  1756. Raymon: [b]gf[/b]
  1757. @shrang: meloetta analysis
  1758. trock: serene grace
  1759. InTheNavy: just fought someone using a politoed with ice beam, focus blast, hp grass and hydro pump
  1760. InTheNavy: not choiced
  1761. Raymon: gtta make 8 participants
  1762. %Frizy: csb?
  1763. InTheNavy: shit was scary
  1764. @shrang: sounds legit
  1765. @shrang: although
  1766. +Wikuu: Woah
  1767. @shrang: is focus blast really worth it on politoed?
  1768. +Wikuu: This place has grown
  1769. @shrang: when you have hydro pump?
  1770. Wobbyble: yes for ferrothorn
  1771. Wobbyble: -____-
  1772. @shrang: ah
  1773. @shrang: that's right
  1774. Asek: I thought you played OU shrang
  1775. Wobbyble: Although most of the time
  1776. InTheNavy: a +1 focus blast dealt 97% to my ttar in the sand
  1777. Shrang Apprentice: .
  1778. Wobbyble: itll miss and earn you a powerwhip to the face
  1779. Shrang Apprentice: Shrang
  1780. @shrang: I had a mind blank for a second
  1781. Asek: hm
  1782. Shrang Apprentice: can i get a Sun Team :D
  1783. @shrang: I was only thinking about tyranitar lol
  1784. Asek: understanable
  1785. +Wikuu: shrang, why is my gxe gone
  1786. Wobbyble: xD
  1787. Shrang Apprentice: o.o
  1788. +Wikuu: My wonderful gxe D:
  1789. @shrang: um
  1790. @shrang: go and steal
  1791. @shrang: lavos' team
  1792. @shrang: if you want a sun team
  1793. WasSollDas: is volt absorb on raikou released?
  1794. Shrang Apprentice: its sucks
  1795. Shrang Apprentice: :(
  1796. Shrang Apprentice: my name is Leader Fox
  1797. wehnerdy: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2499949
  1798. Shrang Apprentice: Miss Lelesea Menaj
  1799. antony1997: im creating my own pkmn league...i still need 2 gym leaders and the e4...private message me if u want to be a gym leader or e4
  1800. Asek: omg
  1801. wehnerdy: great battle sweep
  1802. @shrang: bbl
  1803. Alan10: Dusknoir is really good but i have no space for wosh passer
  1804. Asek: don't encourage more of lavos sun on the ladder
  1805. Shrang Apprentice: and Terra Cieles
  1806. Terra Ciele: .
  1807. Mr.SlenderMan: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2500041 I won this dude and now he is stalking my matches . . . His name is Donald Draper. Mod he is being a nuisance :(
  1808. Thexstremgamer: whats a good garyados move set?
  1809. +Wikuu: You're slender man
  1810. Alan10: Dd waterfalll ew
  1811. +Wikuu: That makes no sense D:
  1812. %Poppy: dragon dance / band / scarf
  1813. Sarkynin: can Work Up meloetta work?
  1814. Angad: SubDance
  1815. %Frizy: swagger is best for garyados
  1816. Alan10: Melotta work up no
  1817. Alan10: It can be phazed out
  1818. Terra Ciele: Theres a glitch
  1819. %Poppy: frizy i have an awesome new tea
  1820. %Poppy: m
  1821. Terra Ciele: in the improt and exporrt button
  1822. Sarkynin: Alan10 > Every pokémon can be phazed out...
  1823. Terra Ciele: it doesn't allow me to edit my team frequently
  1824. Sarkynin: That doesn't mean boosting sweepers shouldn't exist
  1825. %Poppy: not suction cups lileep
  1826. Wobbyble: ^
  1827. Wobbyble: taunt also beats ww and roar
  1828. +ban nattorei: mold breaker dtail haxorus
  1829. Sarkynin: I mean, Workup in a way Meloetta and meloetta-P boost themselves together
  1830. +ban nattorei: does that phaze?
  1831. Asek: one that is relevant to OU
  1832. Alan10: Prioroty makes short work of low heath sweepers
  1833. Vkzem: GOTTA SAY this is a lot nicer than shoddy
  1834. Wobbyble: stfu nattorei xD
  1835. Asek: mr mime is used on all good baton pass teams
  1836. pokekirby: is there any way to find the latest changes in tiers?
  1837. %Frizy: what is your awesome new team friend poopy
  1838. AmbipomSwag: mr.mime is a requirement for baton pass
  1839. AmbipomSwag: though, there's nothing you can do about haze xatu or priority perish song
  1840. Drac0venom: ingrain smeargle > mr. mime
  1841. EvilDragon: noob
  1842. Alan10: I have no room for mach punch on my unburden hitmlee
  1843. 123ethan: Anyone has a good team for LC?Please tell me
  1844. Rokete: This is my second day on PS any noobs here wasnt to battle OU
  1845. Terra Ciele: hey is there an anyalisis on Tornadus-T yet?
  1846. AmbipomSwag: ingrain smeargle
  1847. AmbipomSwag: doesn't stop perish song
  1848. AmbipomSwag: but whatever
  1849. Drac0venom: taunt does
  1850. %Frizy: i wouldn't say mr mime is a requirement
  1851. %MJB: rokete, seeing as you just admitted to being new, i wouldnt call others noobs
  1852. Wobbyble: ethan, your team is fine, you just need to learn to play smarter
  1853. pokekirby: how do you find out the latest changes in tiers?
  1854. Yonbi: My Raikou in my rain team isn't shiny, but in-game it is...
  1855. %Frizy: although it does help with psong toed a bit
  1856. Rokete: I admit I am a noob too
  1857. Rokete: I didn'
  1858. %Poppy: frizy what do i against dynamic punch blissey
  1859. %Frizy: but you can play around it
  1860. AmbipomSwag: if you don't want to lose to most politoeds
  1861. +ban nattorei: i think the usage stats show the changes
  1862. Asek: not at all helping with roar frizy
  1863. joao e lucas: ola
  1864. AmbipomSwag: mr.mime is a requirement
  1865. %Frizy: switch to chople tar
  1866. Drac0venom: I have 3 taunters on my BP team
  1867. Rokete: I din't mean to insult anyone
  1868. pokekirby: where can you find the usage stats
  1869. Asek: until you can get ingrain in ofc
  1870. %MJB: well many people do find that insulting
  1871. +ban nattorei: on the forums
  1872. InTheNavy: goddamnit I love e-belt genesect with hp ground
  1874. pokekirby: link me ?
  1875. InTheNavy: I LOVE it
  1876. Asek: is ingrain still used on bp teams?
  1877. %Frizy: man my bp team that i stole from pana has neither
  1878. Psychomunchie: Yo si
  1879. %Frizy: smh
  1880. @Mikel: english please
  1881. %MJB: less caps
  1882. %MJB: also english only
  1883. Drac0venom: yo tambien
  1884. @Mikel: not castellian spanish
  1885. %Frizy: not from what i've seen asek
  1886. Psychomunchie: Sorry
  1887. Asek: was it full bp though
  1888. Sarkynin: So, hypervoice/Closecombat/thunderbolt/workup
  1889. %Frizy: pretty much
  1890. Turbo Tea Tyme: who eants 2 hear a kirby joke?
  1891. Asek: and did it have magic bounce?
  1892. Sarkynin: Relicsong*
  1893. %Frizy: full bp + 1 receiver (4 atk mew)
  1895. %Frizy: yeah
  1896. Alan10: Ithink i like my ru team better than my uu team
  1897. +ban nattorei: lol
  1898. Asek: yeah thats a good alternative
  1899. +ban nattorei: go to google and type
  1900. +ban nattorei: smogon usage stats september
  1901. Turbo Tea Tyme: what did the waddledee do in the bathroom?
  1902. Asek: but the rare perish song
  1903. +ban nattorei: its not hard
  1904. %Frizy: english only
  1905. AmbipomSwag: ingrain
  1906. AmbipomSwag: isn't necessary
  1907. Donald Draper: puedo hablar un poco de espanol
  1908. %Frizy: and watch caps please blazedax
  1909. AmbipomSwag: for OU baton pass
  1910. blazedax was muted by MJB. (caps, not speaking english)
  1911. Turbo Tea Tyme: He wadledoo'd
  1912. Raymon: NU tourney! PM me to join
  1913. AmbipomSwag: it's just useful
  1914. %Frizy: fuck mjb
  1915. Turbo Tea Tyme: hate his shit
  1916. Donald Draper was muted by MJB. (not speaking english)
  1917. Turbo Tea Tyme: :P
  1918. Asek: you don't want to get hit by a suprise roar
  1919. Drac0venom: why can't we speak foreign languages
  1920. Asek: does ingrain protect from d tail?
  1921. %MJB: because this is an english only server
  1922. WasSollDas: cuz nobody can understand u
  1923. The Trainer Red: LOL muted like a racist
  1924. AmbipomSwag: yea
  1925. WasSollDas: :/
  1926. • Turbo Tea Tyme pushes mhb down a flight of stairs
  1927. Asek: if so the rare and gay pshuffle dragonite
  1928. Turbo Tea Tyme: mjb*
  1929. %Frizy: yeah mjb the racist
  1930. Asek: is now not a problem
  1931. imthem: ....
  1932. %MJB: firstly it is not racist
  1933. The Trainer Red: No he's not
  1934. Psychomunchie: If an Admin mutes all other admins and removes power he becomes king. :P
  1935. Blazikenomega: Hey Tea Tyme, what did the 0 say to the 8? :P
  1936. Turbo Tea Tyme: say hi to alamomola
  1937. %MJB: it has been the rules on smogon for years
  1938. imthem: guy just trick roomed and then places genesect in
  1939. The Trainer Red: The rules are like racist
  1940. %Frizy: nope i think you're just racist
  1941. Alan10: Alan10 puts crossface on mjb
  1942. Turbo Tea Tyme: mjb is abusive 2
  1943. %MJB: and i would appreciate not being pushed down stairs and the like
  1944. AmbipomSwag: yea, ingrain will protect against all phazing besides mold breaker d-tail i guess
  1945. Turbo Tea Tyme: :P
  1946. AmbipomSwag: wait
  1947. Asek: tbf I've forgotten I've had tr up numerous times
  1948. AmbipomSwag: no it'd protect against that to
  1949. pokekirby: someone link me to the usage stats of pokemon
  1950. AmbipomSwag: idk what I way thinking
  1951. AmbipomSwag: was*
  1952. • The Trainer Red uses Bulk Up
  1953. InTheNavy: since when is english a race?!
  1954. Drac0venom: ikr
  1955. Asek: its pretty obvious who hes reffering too
  1956. • Turbo Tea Tyme shoots mjb with a hyper rubber ducky gun!
  1957. Raymon: 6 places left. Hosting NU tourney
  1958. 123ethan: I just keep on losing in LC.Anyone has a team for me to see?
  1959. Alan10: %poop
  1960. Turbo Tea Tyme: who here should b president?
  1961. The Trainer Red: Has anyone ever met Haydunn in pokemon showdown?
  1962. Turbo Tea Tyme: nope
  1963. %Frizy: nope
  1964. knightofdarkness: no
  1965. The Trainer Red: seriously?
  1966. • RedditorSlowbro hatches a 23rd Slowpoke egg in Pokemon Black
  1967. Night22Wing: Hardyt3kyoyo
  1968. Turbo Tea Tyme: but i was in one of spade's vids in showdown
  1969. Sarkynin: thunder or shadowball on CM meloetta?
  1970. @shrang: hm
  1971. Asek: I've seen him here
  1972. @shrang: I just had an idea
  1973. The Trainer Red: Is he ever online?
  1974. @Mikel: Alan10: %poop
  1975. Turbo Tea Tyme: no kiddin
  1976. @Mikel: i think you mean %frizy
  1977. @Mikel: js
  1978. %Frizy: ugh why do people talk about youtubers....
  1979. evan7: best infernape moveset?
  1980. %Frizy: fuck you mikel
  1981. @shrang: SD / dragon claw / ES / overheat FIRE arceus
  1982. @Mikel: haha
  1983. Turbo Tea Tyme: who should be president and who shopuld be shuned?
  1984. The Trainer Red: sorry frizzy
  1985. %MJB: do it shrang
  1986. %MJB: fuck da police
  1987. Asek: do it
  1988. AmbipomSwag: if arceus got flare blitz
  1989. AmbipomSwag: fire arceus would be amazing
  1990. Asek: except with charizard
  1991. The Trainer Red: Hush bad words MJB
  1992. Asek: and DD instead of SD
  1993. Turbo Tea Tyme: it would change the world
  1994. %Poppy: fire arceus would still not be amazing
  1995. %MJB: mighty be batter on dragon arceus thougj
  1996. Night22Wing: V-Create?
  1997. AmbipomSwag: OHKO groudon at +2
  1998. AmbipomSwag: not bad
  1999. Turbo Tea Tyme: what can be a good special sweeper?
  2000. Dragon X Fusion: which pokes can learn v-create?
  2001. %MJB: landorus
  2002. Asek: volcarona
  2003. %MJB: genesect
  2004. AmbipomSwag: immune to will-o-wisp
  2005. %MJB: volc
  2006. AmbipomSwag: mainly though
  2007. Turbo Tea Tyme: thnx guys :P
  2008. Warp: Porygon-|
  2009. The Trainer Red: Tornadus
  2010. Warp: z*
  2011. The Trainer Red: therian
  2012. Yonbi: Victini too :p
  2013. Asek: tbh I prefer physcial lando way more than special sets
  2014. Dragon X Fusion: oh
  2015. Asek: especially in sand
  2016. The Trainer Red: Yup
  2017. musicsMenAmerica: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2500210 read the chat funniest thing you'll see all day
  2018. %Frizy: special lando is pretty cool
  2019. %MJB: special lando rapes face imo
  2020. The Trainer Red: Bad word again
  2021. %MJB: you know that proffanity is allowed here right?
  2022. Asek: I find it hard to pass up
  2023. %MJB: just not excessively
  2024. The Trainer Red: yeah
  2025. The Trainer Red: but
  2026. Asek: one of the best revenge killers in sand
  2027. The Trainer Red: yeah
  2028. Asek: or even a general LO set
  2029. Asek: does mixed lando-I work
  2030. Asek: not as in HP [ice] for coverage lando
  2031. The Trainer Red: Imma make a sand team now
  2032. @shrang: too much 4MSS IMO
  2033. @shrang: for a mixed set
  2034. Dragon X Fusion: whats the command to challenge a person?
  2035. Asek: hm
  2036. %MJB: /challenge name
  2037. Onix Man: onix man
  2038. Frank's lover: is iron fist conkeldurr released?
  2039. AmbipomSwag: I feel like
  2040. AmbipomSwag: if you're not using scarf landorus
  2041. AmbipomSwag: why not use sheer force
  2042. %MJB: no conkeldurr with iron fist isnt released
  2043. Frank's lover: ok ty
  2044. @shrang: SD is pretty cool
  2045. Asek: Earth power/ stone edge/ HP [ice] / u-turn or explosion
  2046. @shrang: SD / EQ / stone edge / boom
  2047. Asek: that might be ok
  2048. Turbo Tea Tyme: imagine the future with shadow tag chandelure?
  2049. Asek: oh yeah
  2050. AmbipomSwag: tbh I'd prefer calm mind
  2051. Asek: explosion lando is cool as
  2052. AmbipomSwag: to swords dance
  2053. Asek: most special sets run sub iirc
  2054. Raymon: NU super tourney! PM me to join. Not many places left, hurry then
  2055. gghater: someone ou battle me
  2056. AmbipomSwag: yea
  2057. The Trainer Red: Question time!!!
  2058. %MJB: hater click look for battle
  2059. AmbipomSwag: but like, calm mind landorus can't be walled
  2060. The Trainer Red: What pokemon pisses you off most?
  2061. AmbipomSwag: SD can
  2062. Wobbyble: landorous can run gavity
  2063. AmbipomSwag: true
  2064. Wobbyble: to screw with rotom, skarm, and the lot
  2065. @shrang: AmbipomSwag: but like, calm mind landorus can't be walled
  2066. avengedplayer_M7: FINAL FOR THE 3 RANDOM POKE TOURNEY http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2500458
  2067. Wobbyble: gengar etc
  2068. @shrang: tell that to latias
  2069. AmbipomSwag: +1 HP ice 2HKOs
  2070. Asek: gengar will still beat you
  2071. AmbipomSwag: kk
  2072. Turbo Tea Tyme: mjb, we all hate u 4 life
  2073. Wobbyble: gengar is OHKOs
  2074. @shrang: latias outspeeds and CMs in your face
  2075. AmbipomSwag: yea sub disable gengar
  2076. Wobbyble: OHKOd
  2077. %MJB: good to know
  2078. Asek: gengar outspeeds
  2079. %MJB: im not perticularly bothered
  2080. %Frizy: it obviously crits shrang
  2081. Asek: and smacks you
  2082. @shrang: hp ice won't to crap
  2083. Wobbyble: lol you can HP ice the sub
  2084. Asek: or sub + disables
  2085. AmbipomSwag: sub disable gar will wall you yea
  2086. AmbipomSwag: i admit that
  2087. AmbipomSwag: CM latios maybe
  2088. Wobbyble: no it wont...
  2089. HillbillyT123: cdcddcdcccdddddddddddddddddddddd
  2090. themightygengar: soo
  2091. HillbillyT123 was redirected by shrang to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  2092. Alan10: Mnetric is a hoos in ru
  2093. Alan10: Manetric is awesome in ru
  2094. Asek: CM latios?
  2095. AmbipomSwag: latias*
  2096. Asek: yeah
  2097. themightygengar: lol nobody ues pyroark xD
  2098. Asek: I was gonna say
  2099. themightygengar: use*
  2100. supersniper221: ambi i sent u request accept
  2101. Turbo Tea Tyme: mjb+magikarp=x. What is x?
  2102. AmbipomSwag: just general defensive pivot latias won't wall you though
  2103. Alan10: 0
  2104. @shrang: x = mjb + magikarp
  2105. supersniper221: ambipomswag accept battle!!
  2106. @shrang: you said it yourself
  2107. @shrang: =)
  2108. Turbo Tea Tyme: :P
  2109. Turbo Tea Tyme: x=dickhead
  2110. Raymon: NU toournament! Who are good at NU, join. PM me:)
  2111. Turbo Tea Tyme: :P
  2112. HillbillyT123: hey where can i find ps android
  2113. Imagend: bv
  2114. %Frizy: okay
  2115. Turbo Tea Tyme: jk mjb
  2116. %Frizy: lets see if you guys can get this
  2117. %Frizy: last time rory fucked up which was funny
  2118. Turbo Tea Tyme: k
  2119. %Frizy: [16:19] <lejlaa> lets see how smart you people are
  2120. %Frizy: [16:19] <lejlaa> 40 + 40 x 0 + 1 = ?
  2121. Shunsetsuzan: goddamn it
  2122. @shrang: 41
  2123. Turbo Tea Tyme: 1
  2124. Yukiteru Amano: Who are good paralysis inducers in NU?
  2125. Shunsetsuzan: silly internet
  2126. %MJB: 41
  2127. HillbillyT123: moderator who redirected me was tht a warnning
  2128. %Frizy: oh turbo....
  2129. Drac0venom: 1
  2130. Shunsetsuzan: 41
  2131. @shrang: yes
  2132. %MJB: BIDMAS bruv
  2133. Sarkynin: what's a pokémon that can both SR and Spikes in UU?
  2134. AmbipomSwag: anyway, SD landorus is walled by skarm, gliscor, sub disable gar as well, and is easier to phaze, so I wouldn't use it
  2135. %Frizy: oh drac0...
  2136. Turbo Tea Tyme: order of operations?
  2137. %MJB: yes hillbily
  2138. onix man: wistle
  2139. @Mikel: oh gosh
  2140. imthem: 41.
  2141. HillbillyT123: 81
  2142. Turbo Tea Tyme: 41 than
  2143. Shunsetsuzan: 40 + (40 x 0) +1 = 40 + 0 + 1 = 41
  2144. crayhack: ferroseed
  2145. @Mikel: it's obviously ∞
  2146. Raymon: 4 places left at nu tourney!)Gotta accept your requests! PM me
  2147. onix man: loltrain
  2148. Yukiteru Amano: ^ Smeargle
  2149. %Frizy: fuck off mikel this isnt uni
  2150. +Wikuu: Mikel
  2151. MaKaShinobi_2: I have a lucaruo foretress and alakazam so far, what now
  2152. %MJB: its obviously not infinity
  2153. %MJB: stfu mikel
  2154. %MJB: lrn2math
  2155. %MJB: :P
  2156. %Frizy: everything is infinity
  2157. Shunsetsuzan: no exponentials or anything to make it go on infinitely
  2158. onix man: ONIX MAN FTW
  2159. @Mikel: heya wikuu
  2160. rolen120: pmd2 primal dialga solo sheets are out now!
  2161. %MJB: less caps
  2162. %Frizy: even infinity times infinity
  2163. ttonyn: unratedrandombattle anyone?
  2164. Waffles101: 5/1/24 blitzcrank fuck yeah
  2165. 123ethan: I have finally won 1 game in LC!
  2166. Waffles101: carrying hard
  2167. +Wikuu: I dunno what this game is anymore e.e
  2168. MaKaShinobi_2: lo;
  2169. MaKaShinobi_2: lol
  2170. Cat's Paw: Hm. I have a full health Multiscale Dragonite in the sun, with a Sub up. My opponent has Kingdra out. What attack does he decide to use?
  2171. Cat's Paw: Hydro Pump.
  2172. Wobbyble: dragon pulse/outrage
  2173. %MJB: like a bawse
  2174. +Wikuu: Surf
  2175. +Wikuu: Durrr
  2176. Turbo Tea Tyme: try this: A man went in to a coffee shop. yesterday's price went up 21% compared to yesterday. Today's coffee price is $5.12. How much was the coffee yesterday?
  2177. Wobbyble: or ice beam
  2178. Yonbi: LOL
  2179. broqpls was unmuted by Mikel.
  2180. +Wikuu: Agility
  2181. %MJB: im not getting into that shit
  2182. @shrang: splash
  2183. @shrang: =)
  2184. +Wikuu: Wow shrang
  2185. %MJB: 1) i ahte stats
  2186. @shrang: !learn kingdra, splash
  2187. Kingdra can learn Splash only when obtained from:
  2188. gen 3 egg: delibird, feebas, magikarp, mantine, ...
  2189. gen 4 egg: delibird, feebas, magikarp, mantine, ...
  2190. gen 5 egg: delibird, feebas, magikarp, mantine, ...
  2191. Cat's Paw: Yesterday's price was 21% higher than yesterdays? Hmm...
  2192. +Wikuu: new meta
  2193. @shrang: YES!@
  2194. 123ethan: :(
  2195. +Wikuu: omg
  2196. %MJB: @) i cant be bothered to reverse engineer that shit
  2197. Shunsetsuzan: 5.12 - 1.02
  2198. +Wikuu: is this real
  2199. Turbo Tea Tyme: try this: A man went in to a coffee shop. yesterday's price went up 21% compared to yesterday. Today's coffee price is $5.12. How much was the coffee yesterday? Answer this time.
  2200. Shunsetsuzan: ~4.10?
  2201. Cat's Paw: There's a mistake in the question
  2202. Shunsetsuzan: wait
  2203. imthem: crit hacks? http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2500600
  2204. Doctortroll: it was free
  2205. Turbo Tea Tyme: wat cat
  2206. Raymon: Guys, NU tourney. Last call. PM to join
  2207. HAiGAizZ: " yesterday's price went up 21% compared to yesterday."
  2208. franCun: mandibuzz rocks!, http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2500370
  2209. HAiGAizZ: dafuq.
  2210. HAiGAizZ: that makes no sense
  2211. Drac0venom: yeah it's about 4.10
  2212. Shunsetsuzan: 4.04
  2213. Sarkynin: CM/Thunderbolt/Aurasphere/Shadowball Raikou works?
  2214. Turbo Tea Tyme: today's price went up 21%*
  2215. Doctortroll: 4.08
  2216. Doctortroll: is what i got
  2217. GreatInfernape: Can someone force me to change my name?
  2218. Dragon X Fusion: 3 legends in a random battle http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle250046
  2219. 17cheese14: testing a team
  2220. rolen120: liquid ooze can be so usefull
  2221. Shunsetsuzan: I may be working it out wrong lol
  2222. 17cheese14: can someone challenge me?
  2223. %MJB: great click the button in the top right
  2224. snobi: any UU pokemon that generate a sandstorm when sent out?
  2225. Drac0venom: how many of you actually used a calculator
  2226. Turbo Tea Tyme: someone give me a funny name :P
  2227. Shunsetsuzan: (5.12/100)*21?
  2228. Shunsetsuzan: UI'll test
  2229. Shunsetsuzan: what tier?
  2230. GreatInfernape: Oh. thx
  2231. Fractalbreaker II: can we plase have OU unrated etc
  2232. 17cheese14: OU
  2233. +Wikuu: @Turbo: Im going to make the assumption that the manager suicided before this event leading to the fact a 14 year old boy took over and decided. I hate coffee. So he took it off the menu. So your question might be wrong
  2234. Sarkynin: CM/Thunderbolt/Aurasphere/Shadowball Raikou works?
  2235. Jewzilla: Hippopotas snobi
  2236. Shunsetsuzan: I'll challenge
  2237. snobi: UU
  2238. 17cheese14: thanks
  2239. Cat's Paw: Anyway, you use algebra, so 5.12 = 1.21x Therefore x = $4.23
  2240. Turbo Tea Tyme: by changing my sucky name
  2241. snobi: thanks
  2242. %MJB: cat is righjt
  2243. Fractalbreaker II: its annoying when u want to seperate playing a competitive team to a non competitive one
  2244. Wobbyble: tbh no one cares
  2245. %MJB: percentages dont work both ways
  2246. Wobbyble: .___.
  2247. %MJB: 20% of 10 is less then 20% of 20
  2248. Turbo Tea Tyme: someone change my sucy name 2 something funny. I suck at choosing names.
  2249. Wobbyble: sarkynin, use sub cm raikou
  2250. Fractalbreaker II: so itd be good to have unrated battles
  2251. Turbo Tea Tyme: plz?
  2252. @Mikel: butbutbut, 20% = 20%
  2253. @Mikel: :3
  2254. %MJB: mikel dont be a nub
  2255. @Mikel: psh fine
  2256. Cat's Paw: Yes, but you need 21% of the old price, which is unknown
  2257. Eonar: is quick feet ursaring any good?
  2258. Rory: get a notepad, write random words on the pages, rip them off, pin them to a dartboard, and chuck darts at them!
  2259. Rory: you'll have a random name!
  2260. Yonbi: Oh cool I won in less than 1 turn
  2261. Cat's Paw: Ursaring would be awesome if it could have Quick Feet and Guts at the same time.
  2262. %MJB: personally i do names based off of something random
  2263. Turbo Tea Tyme: someone give me one
  2264. Sarkynin: Technician Weavile.
  2265. %MJB: like i have an alt called fuck the metagame
  2266. heavybomb: working moveset for magikarp?
  2267. Sarkynin: Wouldn't that be awesome?
  2268. Asukatze: sun vs sand http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2500519
  2269. %MJB: cause ou is a cluster fuck atm
  2270. Turbo Tea Tyme: someone plz change mine?
  2271. +Wikuu: aladee
  2272. Eonar: true, Cat
  2273. +Wikuu: aladeen*
  2274. %MJB: i have another called dat sand team
  2275. SpecsX: why
  2276. %MJB: cause i was using a sand team
  2277. %MJB: genius right?
  2278. SpecsX: OMG
  2279. Turbo Tea Tyme: NA
  2280. SpecsX: TOO SMART
  2281. Turbo Tea Tyme: suggestions on a funny6 name
  2282. gghater: someone lc battle me
  2283. +Wikuu: Aladeen
  2284. Cat's Paw: My alt is called Cat's Paw, becasue I use Assist teams (which is called Cat's Paw in Japanese)
  2285. SpecsX: mash words together
  2286. dont forfeit plz: fuck archeops is LU on here
  2287. SpecsX: yar
  2288. @Mikel: *RU
  2289. @Mikel: :P
  2290. Sarkynin: Anyone willing to help me test my UU team? Bit of a noob at that tier.
  2291. xansion: hello
  2292. SpecsX: my alt is called SpecsX
  2293. snobi: does smooth rock work with sand stream?
  2294. Rory: wow
  2295. SpecsX: because i dont use alts
  2296. Rory: mind = blown
  2297. Turbo Tea Tyme: mikel, we all hate u along with mjb
  2298. @Mikel: love you too, amigo
  2299. +Wikuu: my alt is wikuutest
  2300. Turbo Tea Tyme: :P
  2301. %MJB: turbo you need to calm down
  2302. +Wikuu: it seemed popular back then e.e
  2303. The Craptain: I dont hate mikel :(
  2304. %MJB: just cause i muted you
  2305. Turbo Tea Tyme: aww
  2306. %MJB: doesnt meat i hate you
  2307. SpecsX: I dont hate mikel
  2308. SpecsX: or MJB
  2309. Fractalbreaker II: how much do you all get when winning or losing an OU batttle?
  2310. +Wikuu: Mikel
  2311. yuandod: ypobe
  2312. Turbo Tea Tyme: stuff
  2313. snobi: does smooth rock work with sand stream?
  2314. %MJB: i get around 1700 points a win
  2315. SpecsX: no snobi
  2316. +Wikuu: Remember √ w I K U u~
  2317. yuandod: yobe
  2318. yuandod: yobe
  2319. snobi: oh, thanks
  2320. yuandod: yobe
  2321. yuandod: yobe
  2322. %MJB: yuan dont do that
  2323. yuandod: yobe
  2324. yuandod: yobe
  2325. yuandod was muted by MJB.
  2326. SpecsX: ah yobe
  2327. Rory: sickest spammer
  2328. The Craptain: yes smooth rock makes sand stream 1.5x more permament
  2329. The Craptain: :)
  2330. Fractalbreaker II: no point in talking to some ppl
  2331. +Wikuu: Yobe :D
  2332. SpecsX: a word with no meaning
  2333. Monogen: anyone up for OU suspect test battle?
  2334. dupe: /bouffalant
  2335. littlelucario: ou monotype tourney pm me to join
  2336. yuandod was muted by MJB. (spam)
  2337. Yube: That's me °°
  2338. the cry: rory not voiced???
  2339. Larry Queen: hows dis name?
  2340. The Craptain: oh hi rory
  2341. +Wikuu: Rory!!!
  2342. Cowithguns: sexy
  2343. Sarkynin: Anyone willing to help me test my UU team? Bit of a noob at that tier.
  2344. littlelucario: MONOTYPE TOURNEY PM ,E TO JOIN
  2345. %MJB: sark send a chall
  2346. Drac0venom: I will sark
  2347. Purple-Turtle: ikik "nobody clicks battle links" but i think this match finished in a pretty awesome fashion so feel free to check it out: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2500605
  2348. ISuckLolSup: Sarkynin challenge me!
  2349. imthem: lucario ill play
  2350. ISuckLolSup: i will
  2351. +Wikuu: I gained 2 rating
  2352. Stunfisky: what about dis name?
  2353. +Wikuu: for losing
  2354. ISuckLolSup: lol
  2355. Radioactive: LC anyone?
  2356. The Craptain: was about to say
  2357. Yube: Me? Idk. I was playing Disgaea and i liked its sound :I
  2358. Miyuki: is that an anti-climax i see before me?
  2359. Stunfisky: is dis a good new name
  2360. firewire32: any ru tourneys going on
  2361. AlternateRealites: yobe
  2362. AlternateRealites: lol yuan is weird
  2363. Cat's Paw: Say what? "Error: Ladder server overloaded - ladder could not be updated."
  2364. %MJB: that happens
  2365. littlelucario: OU MONOTYPE TOURNEY PM ME TO JOIN
  2366. ISuckLolSup: Someone make an all metronome team. Basically all six pokes can only know Metronome. Then battle me
  2367. %MJB: still in beta and all that
  2368. +Wikuu: mememememe
  2369. +Wikuu: vs me
  2370. Cat's Paw: Are they allowed items/EVs?
  2371. %MJB: dont get to attached to your rankign anyway
  2372. +Wikuu: :D
  2373. Cat's Paw: (For Metronome team)
  2374. franCun: whimsicot vs whimsicot http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2500707
  2375. %MJB: ladder is beinf reset again soon
  2376. hms: if chandelure had falcon blast, he would be great
  2377. Jn976: \
  2378. ISuckLolSup: falcon blast??
  2379. +ban nattorei: falcon blast ohkos everything
  2380. hms: one hit tyraifag
  2381. +ban nattorei: it would be banned anyways
  2382. ISuckLolSup: more like.....
  2383. hms: tyranifag
  2384. +ban nattorei: no falcon punch
  2385. ISuckLolSup: *puts on sunglasses*
  2386. +ban nattorei: :(
  2387. ISuckLolSup: falcon punch
  2388. rolen120: the best metronome games are the only moody smeargle ones
  2389. Kene: Mollux? lol
  2390. Stunfisky: who wants to dink me up and suck on my ass?
  2391. Stunfisky: :P
  2392. ISuckLolSup: nah
  2393. %MJB: stun, no
  2394. Stunfisky: aww
  2395. +ban nattorei: what does that mean
  2396. Night22Wing: Eeeeeew
  2397. MaKaShinobi_2: Almost ready to battle
  2398. %MJB: id stop saying shit like that if i were you
  2399. %Frizy: who wants to be muted and have my foot up their ass?
  2400. +ban nattorei: "dink me up"
  2401. Stunfisky: me
  2402. +ban nattorei: dont mute him before he tells me what that means pls :(
  2403. rolen120: anyone up for a moody smeargle metronome battle? :D
  2404. %Frizy: okay
  2405. +Wikuu: ME
  2406. +Wikuu: CHALLENGE ME
  2407. %Frizy: answer this fool's question
  2408. %MJB: less caps
  2409. Stunfisky: me, i want a foot up my ass :P
  2410. iiFrage: Anyone wanna battle my sun team on ds? lol
  2411. +ban nattorei: .
  2412. MaKaShinobi_2: siriously quit cussing we arent thwee yer oldz
  2413. +Wikuu: Not use to this "Less caps" D:
  2414. +ban nattorei: insulted by frizy
  2415. +ban nattorei: I am at my lowest
  2416. HAiGAizZ: most reliable check to ekiller arceus anyone?
  2417. HAiGAizZ: besides skarm
  2418. iiFrage: meh forget it
  2419. Stunfisky: ma, u r 3
  2420. ISuckLolSup: Uber Battle, anyone
  2421. Stunfisky: MaKa
  2422. MaKaShinobi_2: it was a joke
  2423. ISuckLolSup: not rated
  2424. ISuckLolSup: anyone?
  2425. Stunfisky: I no:P
  2426. Shunsetsuzan: I'll uber
  2427. Stunfisky: im evil remember
  2428. MaKaShinobi_2: lol
  2429. +ban nattorei: haigaizz
  2430. +ban nattorei: you can use any number of things
  2431. @shrang: fucking hell
  2432. ISuckLolSup: Challenge me
  2433. ISuckLolSup: lol
  2434. Mr.SlenderMan: ...
  2435. Mr.SlenderMan: No
  2436. @shrang: why do I never face drizzle teams
  2437. @shrang: when I use my swift swim team
  2438. Stunfisky: frizy, want to drink me up?
  2439. MaKaShinobi_2: ok i thought u were sirious
  2440. YuGiOhGG: can anyone babble me in a random
  2441. @shrang: fucking bs
  2442. YuGiOhGG: battle
  2443. +ban nattorei: darkrai, terrakion, forretress, giratina (Both formes), arceus-ghost
  2444. Alan10: Drizzle is abnned
  2445. +ban nattorei: not darkrai, dialga
  2446. Mr.SlenderMan: Yugi there is a button for that
  2447. avatar rey: yu chalenge cup random
  2448. Mr.SlenderMan: Alan NO
  2449. rolen120: moody smeargle metromone xD http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-hackmons2501012
  2450. HAiGAizZ: thanks mate
  2451. +ban nattorei: ferrothorn
  2452. Stunfisky: im whiskey times 25,000,001,021,321
  2453. +ban nattorei: tspikes
  2454. ISuckLolSup: Mr.SlenderMan!!!! I am a big fan!! I don't know why I'm rhyming, because this is some whackass timing
  2455. Mr.SlenderMan: Quiet you tool
  2456. ISuckLolSup: I'm a tool...
  2457. jimmyrecard: drizzle teams only pop out about 20% of the time in reality
  2458. Radioactive: Someone queue LC for pete's sake. D:
  2459. +ban nattorei: nbut tbh, eq arceus kinda fucks with most of those
  2460. jimmyrecard: so thats why
  2461. ISuckLolSup: that irkks me...
  2462. Stunfisky: who wants 2 see some magic trikz
  2463. Pokearceus: who wants to make team together in ou if one of yall do message me plz
  2464. murkl: i'm on LC atm
  2465. +ban nattorei: you mainly just cant give it a chnace to set up
  2466. murkl: <--- mikel btw
  2467. Stunfisky: 1st ill need a volenteer of % or up
  2468. HAiGAizZ: scarf rak should do alright
  2469. Radioactive: I'm queued but I can't get a battle :S
  2471. The Trainer Red: Im testing out my ou team. Would anyone like to battle?
  2472. HAiGAizZ: as long as you sac something first
  2473. HAiGAizZ: xD
  2474. +ban nattorei: yeah, scarf rak is strong
  2475. themightygengar: slowbro or slowking?
  2476. Stunfisky: any volenteers
  2477. The Craptain: ermegerd merkl
  2478. murkl: could you use less caps?
  2479. RAWRAW: what tier is corsola
  2480. +ban nattorei: assuming you're using an offensive team
  2481. littlelucario: PM M,E TO JOIN
  2482. Stunfisky: unless u all r dumb
  2483. Aza: I wanna Moody Metronome Smeargles too lol, anyone?
  2484. The Trainer Red: yes
  2485. +ban nattorei: just make it so arceus cant set up on anything
  2486. HAiGAizZ: yeah, but does terrakion ohko arceus?
  2487. +ban nattorei: and it cant sweep you =p
  2488. murkl: ikr crappy
  2489. themightygengar: slowbro or slow king?
  2490. HAiGAizZ: with CC
  2491. themightygengar: plz tell me :3
  2492. Darkmonster: I've got a new ubers team. Wanna battle?
  2493. Sarkynin: Hitmonlee (M) @ Liechi Berry
  2494. Sarkynin: Trait: Unburden
  2495. Sarkynin: EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
  2496. Stunfisky: who wants 2 c alomomola again?
  2497. Sarkynin: Adamant Nature
  2498. Sarkynin: - Endure
  2499. Fractalbreaker II: corsola is BL Uber
  2500. Sarkynin: - Reversal
  2501. Sarkynin: - Stone Edge
  2502. %Frizy: please dont c/p sets into chat
  2503. Sarkynin: - Sucker Punch
  2504. +ban nattorei: no
  2505. themightygengar: slowbro or slow king?
  2506. HangingWaters: blaze it faggot c:
  2507. Sarkynin: oops.
  2508. Fractalbreaker II: yet to be decided
  2509. iiFrage: :]
  2510. themightygengar: ...
  2511. +ban nattorei: it needs like 20% prior damage or so
  2512. +ban nattorei: for an assured ohko
  2513. Sarkynin: Thought I removed the spaces.
  2514. HAiGAizZ: alright, ill take ur advice about not letting ti set up
  2515. Sarkynin: sorry :/
  2516. • Stunfisky pushes frizy down a flight o stairs
  2517. HAiGAizZ: put attacking moves on ALL the things
  2518. Shunsetsuzan: suggested EV spreads for a defensive tentacruel in rain?
  2519. Stunfisky: im evil
  2520. Wobbyble: 252 252 4
  2521. +ban nattorei: nah
  2522. +ban nattorei: outspeed max speed ttar
  2524. +ban nattorei: then rest in hp/def
  2525. Prevent: Hey all
  2526. Shunsetsuzan: hmk thanks
  2527. %MJB: sup prevent
  2528. Wobbyble: people actually run that?
  2529. littlelucario: NO SPOTS LEFT
  2530. Prevent: morning mjb
  2531. +ban nattorei: it doesnt matter
  2532. +ban nattorei: a lof of stuff goes for that speed
  2533. +ban nattorei: jirachi, gliscor, celebi
  2534. Wobbyble: ahh
  2535. AmbicrowDH: sup prevent
  2536. +ban nattorei: base 100s mainly
  2537. Prevent: Hey ambicrow
  2538. Wobbyble: makes sense
  2539. Prevent: DH ?
  2540. AmbicrowDH: watch my rank on this DH project
  2541. AmbicrowDH: dark horse
  2542. Prevent: Oh one those challenge thingys on smogon
  2543. AmbicrowDH: ya
  2544. The Craptain: the dark horse teams are always the best
  2545. Prevent: good luck what is the challenge
  2546. %Frizy: what mon are you using
  2547. AmbicrowDH: I'm using Flygon, Cobalion, and Kingdra
  2548. %Frizy: where's the weavile
  2549. %Frizy: bs
  2550. Prevent: Nice
  2551. AmbicrowDH: Flygon is easily the star though
  2552. +ban nattorei: wasnt somebody already using cobalion?
  2553. AmbicrowDH: ya
  2554. AmbicrowDH: electrolyte
  2555. Eonar: offensive articuno is not that bad
  2556. %MJB: yer lectrolyte used it
  2557. AmbicrowDH: he's my friedn
  2558. AmbicrowDH: on here
  2559. Legend13: in a match right now; opponent is timestalling
  2560. AmbicrowDH: I'm actually using his set
  2561. AmbicrowDH: and i only put Flygon on my DH entry
  2562. AmbicrowDH: since that is what the team is based around
  2563. %MJB: best thing about coballion
  2564. Cat's Paw: Anyone using Electrode?
  2565. HAiGAizZ: jolly or adamant for ubers scarf rak?
  2566. %MJB: he gets volt switch
  2567. AmbicrowDH: yep
  2568. skyhighatrist: jolly
  2569. Prevent: I don't get much
  2570. AmbicrowDH: I just cleaned with him last match
  2571. Prevent: You just use one the sets and pokemon on the thread?
  2572. HillbillyT123: dare a mod to redirect me to the rules page dare you
  2573. AmbicrowDH: no
  2574. nathan00: s'Rk1's rating: 794 → 795
  2575. nathan00: (+1 for losing)
  2576. nathan00: nathan00's rating: 1195 → 1196
  2577. nathan00: (+1 for winning)
  2578. HillbillyT123: moxigyra is beast
  2579. nathan00: :/
  2580. AmbicrowDH: You pick a pokemon that see very little usage in OU and use it
  2581. +ban nattorei: uh
  2582. %MJB: killbily, calm down
  2583. +ban nattorei: idk i think you can run adamant
  2584. +ban nattorei: as long as it outspeeds +speed 95s
  2585. Cat's Paw: Very little OU usage? Like, say, Kricketune?
  2586. %Frizy: gdi
  2587. AmbicrowDH: yes
  2588. %Frizy: i had a good redirect
  2589. %Frizy: fuck driver power
  2590. HillbillyT123: metrenome cimcinno
  2591. AmbicrowDH: 5% or less iirc
  2592. AmbicrowDH: or is it .5%?
  2593. Zelile: 5%
  2594. Cat's Paw: I'd be really impressed if anyone could get Kricketune to work in OU.
  2595. AmbicrowDH: All i know is that flygon is definately a DH
  2596. +ban nattorei: oh
  2597. HillbillyT123: is metrenome cincinnlo good
  2598. +ban nattorei: another check for arceus is kabutops
  2599. %MJB: i thought about joining
  2600. +ban nattorei: which is super pwrful
  2601. %MJB: with sandslash
  2602. %MJB: but im too lazy lol
  2603. AmbicrowDH: I use Sub Flygon
  2604. AmbicrowDH: It works amazingly
  2605. Stunfisky: I like trains
  2606. Monogen: anyone wanna have a OU suspect test battle>
  2607. HillbillyT123: we dont care wat you use
  2608. Stunfisky: no
  2609. Clucknadus: Tomorrow... my social life disappears
  2610. AmbicrowDH: and easily sweeps teams after some residual damage
  2611. HillbillyT123: wat is suspect test
  2612. +ban nattorei: run jolly on scarfrak in ubers
  2613. themightygengar: what happens of shuckle has power trick? xD
  2614. %Frizy: sub flygon...?
  2615. AmbicrowDH: yep
  2616. The Trainer Red: Is fisky that stunkfisky now?
  2617. %Frizy: why
  2618. The Trainer Red: oh wait
  2619. • Stunfisky puts cluck out of his misery
  2620. AmbicrowDH: It's actually quite good frisky
  2621. AmbicrowDH: it has enough bulk
  2622. • The Trainer Red sings Maroon 5-Misery
  2623. Clucknadus: >Implying getting White 2 is misery
  2624. Prevent: So you just use a pokemon thats not OU
  2625. sluglo: its a shame I can only get the game on Tuesday
  2626. Stunfisky: whiskey :P
  2627. Cat's Paw: 80/80/80 defences
  2628. AmbicrowDH: so that some things won't break the sub
  2629. Prevent: In this dark horse challenge -.-
  2630. AmbicrowDH: no
  2631. +ban nattorei: usage has to be less than 5%
  2632. AmbicrowDH: It can be an OU pokemon like metagross
  2633. %Frizy: yeah but
  2634. +ban nattorei: you also cant use a pokemon someone else has used
  2635. sluglo: Nothing is open on Sunday, and Colombus Day is in Monday *rage*
  2636. Stunfisky: most neverused pokemon.
  2637. %Frizy: what do you do when you actually have a sub up
  2638. Prevent: I see someone pokemon on their
  2639. Prevent: that aren't less then 5%
  2640. +ban nattorei: like what
  2641. AmbicrowDH: I clean/ put holes up
  2642. avatar rey: what is pu tier?
  2643. Stunfisky: I'm gettin drunk on my ass now :P
  2644. sluglo: So i get it in Tuesday
  2645. %Frizy: with base 100 atk
  2646. AmbicrowDH: it works frizy
  2647. AmbicrowDH: yep
  2648. AmbicrowDH: and jolly
  2649. %Frizy: do you use dragon claw as well
  2650. AmbicrowDH: no
  2651. +ban nattorei: lol
  2652. Stunfisky: span ( the new spamming)
  2653. +ban nattorei: this isnt adv
  2654. avengedplayer_M7: MONO PSY VS MONO PSY http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2501320
  2655. AmbicrowDH: Too weak
  2656. +ban nattorei: >_>
  2657. AmbicrowDH: outrage
  2658. themightygengar: give psychic to slowking or ice beam?
  2659. Prevent: Their's deod , stoutland hippo celebi
  2660. littlelucario: you could baton pass to kricketune
  2661. Legend13: still in a match
  2662. %MJB: prevent i think they all are under 5%
  2663. Legend13: still getting timestalled
  2664. AmbicrowDH: Eq + Outrage + Fire Punch give amazing neutral coverage along as hitting a lot of teams SE throughout
  2665. Stunfisky: who is the most overused pokemon right now?
  2666. Shunsetsuzan: Politoed
  2667. %MJB: legend pm aa mod
  2668. Prevent: No way
  2669. Stunfisky: ferro
  2670. %Frizy: man would fire punch even 2hko ferro under rain
  2671. Prevent: those are all used way more then 5%
  2672. SpecsX: politoed
  2673. Prevent: well not celebi maybe
  2674. Demolition Boys: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4414803&postcount=3
  2675. AmbicrowDH: oh and MJB
  2676. Demolition Boys: politoed
  2677. SpecsX: i belive is #1
  2678. Demolition Boys: .-.
  2679. HAiGAizZ: lum or LO on ddquaza?
  2680. zzSiltyDinosaur: In ou?
  2681. %MJB: dude hippo is like nearly UU
  2682. Shunsetsuzan: imo lum
  2683. AmbicrowDH: i got an amazing name that incorporates you
  2684. %MJB: oh?
  2685. AmbicrowDH: for my DH team
  2686. Stunfisky: SHIT! I pulled giratina ex full art!!!
  2687. %MJB: MJBias?
  2688. AmbicrowDH: MJBias
  2689. soupey: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2501281 get in here if you want to see a hyper beam mewtwo...
  2690. AmbicrowDH: yep
  2691. %MJB: i know
  2692. %MJB: i made the team with you :P
  2693. zzSiltyDinosaur: In UU most overused is ambipom, machamp, and vivtini
  2694. AmbicrowDH: on my ttar
  2695. Stunfisky: YAY
  2696. AmbicrowDH: ik
  2697. %MJB: oh
  2698. %MJB: it was a latias
  2699. AmbicrowDH: i switched it out
  2700. Raymon: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-nu2501307 NU tourney final
  2701. +ban nattorei: prevent
  2702. +ban nattorei: all of those pokemon are under 5% usage
  2703. zzSiltyDinosaur: victini*
  2704. %MJB: fair enough
  2705. AmbicrowDH: since Sub flygon wrecks lavos sun
  2706. Stunfisky: anyone no how much its worth?
  2707. Prevent: ok.
  2708. SpecsX: idk
  2709. SpecsX: probly less than you think
  2710. Stunfisky: :c
  2711. +ban nattorei: lol
  2712. AmbicrowDH: Well, if i kill Xatu then it beats Lavos Sun
  2713. Stunfisky: (:c
  2714. +ban nattorei: i have to tell lavos his team is destroyed by this new threat
  2715. %MJB: ambi go ladder
  2716. %MJB: i wanna watch lol
  2717. AmbicrowDH: i have
  2718. Stunfisky: (:D)
  2719. AmbicrowDH: look at my rank so far
  2720. Stunfisky: (:c)
  2721. AmbicrowDH: and I'll show my improved version
  2722. @shrang: there are actually a lot of things that wrecks lavos sun
  2723. +ban nattorei: youre 7-1 lol
  2724. My-new-pants: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-nu2501307 NU TOURNAMENT FINALE MATCH
  2725. AmbicrowDH: yep :)
  2726. Stunfisky: faces. my new invention
  2727. My-new-pants: :3
  2728. %Frizy: thats sun in general
  2729. Asek: thats because
  2730. SpecsX: all teams have a weakness
  2731. %MJB: still a long way to get to the hall of fame ambi
  2732. AmbicrowDH: the one lose was really haxy lol
  2733. Stunfisky: (XD)
  2734. Asek: if your not prepared for that type of sun team
  2735. AmbicrowDH: ya
  2736. MaKaShinobi_2: anyone up for an ou battle?
  2737. Asek: your more than likely gonna get wrecked
  2738. Nozzle: http://pokemonshowdown.com/lc2498401 funniest game ever, magikarp owns my clamperl and my purrloin and seedot sweep
  2739. AmbicrowDH: Wanna see the team MJB?
  2740. @shrang: you know
  2741. %MJB: sure
  2742. Nozzle: shit
  2743. SpecsX: its up to us to find the weakness
  2744. AmbicrowDH: ok
  2745. Stunfisky: wat
  2746. SpecsX: AND DESTROY
  2747. Nozzle: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/lc2498401 here
  2748. @shrang: I don't get why so many sun teams are so dependent on dugtrio
  2749. @shrang: but not many people use duggy on rain teams
  2750. Town: cause of its speed
  2751. @shrang: or sand teams
  2752. %Frizy: i use duggy on weatherless
  2753. %Frizy: sup
  2754. evan7: k
  2755. SpecsX: water is a better type than fire
  2756. +ban nattorei: sand doesnt really need dug and it's a waste of a slot imo
  2757. Asek: dugtrio works best for rain
  2758. @shrang: the number of balloon ninetaleses is very low
  2759. +ban nattorei: ttar and toed can switch in on tales all day of the week
  2760. cento91 stall: perfect sweep :P http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2501390
  2761. @shrang: I mean
  2762. +ban nattorei: so trio helps there
  2763. Asek: considering it beats both ninetales and ttar
  2764. SpecsX: so its easier to beat other weathers
  2765. @shrang: I run balloon ninetales
  2766. +ban nattorei: plus tran walls a lot of sun sweepers
  2767. @shrang: but don't see much elsewhere
  2768. Stunfisky: a good special sweeper with few weaknesses (like heatran) thats not genesect
  2769. dmorenoBR: lchar
  2770. @shrang: I still love that one time
  2771. +ban nattorei: landorus
  2772. Stunfisky: suggestions
  2773. +ban nattorei: is good
  2774. SpecsX: Lando
  2775. @shrang: where I used hidden power on heatran with my ninetales
  2776. +ban nattorei: tornadus
  2777. @shrang: he used protect
  2778. dmorenoBR: how can i change my character? i forgot =/
  2779. @shrang: and thought I was using hp ground
  2780. +ban nattorei: i havent tried tobes tran before though
  2781. Yube: Did I do something wrong? http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-unratedrandombattle2501313
  2782. @shrang: switched in dragonite
  2783. SpecsX: use /avatars
  2784. @shrang: to get raped by hp ice instead
  2785. @shrang: =)
  2786. dmorenoBR: tks
  2787. dmorenoBR: =D
  2788. SpecsX: :D
  2789. Jewzilla: Has anyone else been experiencing more than the usual hax today, or is it just me?
  2790. Raymon: Monotipe tourney OU. PM me to join!
  2791. cento91 stall: lol
  2792. SpecsX: just you i think
  2793. Prevent: Is toxicroak under %5 usage?
  2794. +ban nattorei: i havent experiecned more than usual
  2795. Raymon: monotype*
  2796. +ban nattorei: im usually incredibly unlucky
  2797. +ban nattorei: i get haxed always
  2798. SpecsX: unlucky i guess
  2799. Shunsetsuzan: lol@ someone calling gg mid match thinking it's theirs, then losing :>
  2800. Nozzle: is there a warstory thread in smogon forums?
  2801. Purple-Turtle: haha
  2802. Purple-Turtle: i love those
  2803. Shunsetsuzan: crocune ftw
  2804. SpecsX: no nozzle
  2805. Purple-Turtle: a couple matches ago i was being trounced by a ddhax i misplayed against
  2806. Purple-Turtle: has 2 dances
  2807. SpecsX: D:
  2808. MrZubzero6: Cap battle?
  2809. Purple-Turtle: had*
  2810. Purple-Turtle: then i stalled outrage
  2811. Shunsetsuzan: ><
  2812. Purple-Turtle: killed it while it was confused
  2813. Nozzle: D:
  2814. Purple-Turtle: set up ddnite
  2815. Rah Rah GaryOak: victini is a beast in UU
  2816. Shunsetsuzan: lol
  2817. Nozzle: then were to post warstory's
  2818. Purple-Turtle: counterswept for a bit
  2819. Jewzilla: Just wondering. I'm in a match with a guy who's having extreme hax as well
  2820. Purple-Turtle: got RKd
  2821. Purple-Turtle: cleaned up
  2822. +ban nattorei: you post warstories in the ou forum
  2823. +ban nattorei: just give it a warstory tag
  2824. Nozzle: but its a lc match
  2825. Nozzle: :(
  2826. %Frizy: or uu/ru/nu/lc foprum
  2827. +ban nattorei: post it in lc thread
  2828. Nozzle: kk
  2829. Purple-Turtle: post it in the LC forum
  2830. Purple-Turtle: then
  2831. RAWRAW: wat tier is staraptor
  2832. Cat's Paw: I have 0.43 accuracy. My opponent has 1.67 Evasion. How likely are my moves to hit?
  2833. Purple-Turtle: BL
  2834. Purple-Turtle: not very
  2835. Purple-Turtle: cat's paw
  2836. Raymon: Monotype OU tourney!PM me and join!:)
  2837. Cat's Paw: It's a moody Smeargle battle. Now we both have terrible accuracy and great evasion.
  2838. Rokete: Some guy got +9 when I beat him, and I only got +5
  2839. +ban nattorei: 30% chance
  2840. +ban nattorei: # cats paw
  2841. ChlorineKiller: ru
  2842. ChlorineKiller: take me on bro
  2843. ChlorineKiller: ru battle
  2844. Rah Rah GaryOak: no
  2845. Cat's Paw: Wow, I actually hit with Sing...
  2846. GreatInfernape: other than dragonite, what are some good OU dragons?
  2847. GreatInfernape: dragon types*
  2848. Stealth Sage: Salamence MOxie
  2849. Raymon: Few places left. Monotype OU tourney. PM to join
  2850. Champion Curtis: salamence
  2851. The Trainer Red: can you ban someone for waiting for the timer to run out and then move
  2852. Champion Curtis: banded moxiemence
  2853. Rah Rah GaryOak: salemance with moxie+scarf
  2854. ben4321: e/ranking
  2855. @shrang: GreatInfernape: other than dragonite, what are some good OU dragons?
  2856. @shrang: are you serious?
  2857. Rah Rah GaryOak: scarf mance > band manc
  2858. Flavor Flav: mence
  2859. thomals: guy i was just battling ragequit because he missed a focus blast lol
  2860. The Trainer Red: sala
  2861. Champion Curtis: thats your opinion
  2862. ElectricKaizer: I got keldeo today :)
  2863. Flavor Flav: dreigon
  2864. Zaydaralt4: Bulbapedia claims BW2 move tutor teaches iron head to skarmory, I know it's inaccurate but can anyone (dis)confirm, didn't find any other sources.
  2865. Legend13: red card is underrated
  2866. Legend13: try and use it
  2867. Flavor Flav: no
  2868. Pokearceus: can anyone build a sandstorm team with me in ou if so message me plz
  2869. @The Immortal: !learn skarmory, iron head
  2870. Skarmory can learn Iron Head
  2871. Flavor Flav: zaydaralt4 you were wrong i guess
  2872. ollxk: what item is best on crobat?
  2873. battleboss: band
  2874. Cat's Paw: LO?
  2875. Rah Rah GaryOak: focus sash
  2876. Enix: lo
  2877. Raymon: decided to make 16 participants! Monotype tourney, PM to join! Gotta be interesting
  2878. +Kyuzeth: LO or Band.
  2879. Cat's Paw: Depends on the set, of course
  2880. Cat's Paw: Band Roost isn;t so great
  2881. +ban nattorei: leftovers is good too
  2882. Flavor Flav: defensive crobat is good in uu
  2883. +ban nattorei: its a good stallbreaker
  2884. battleboss: band or sludge
  2885. Rah Rah GaryOak: black sludge is better than leftovers on crobat in case they trick you
  2886. Eleck7: Gurdurr is beastly - http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-nu2501621
  2887. btsdurrani youtube: Pokémon random battle tournament PM me if interested
  2888. I said: hey
  2889. battleboss: dont use lo u nless nasty plot
  2890. +ban nattorei: it doesnt really matter lol
  2891. I said: hows this name
  2892. +ban nattorei: they can just trick it on another mon
  2893. HangingWaters: yea
  2894. +ban nattorei: why are you letting crobat take tricks anyways?
  2895. HangingWaters: k
  2896. Rah Rah GaryOak: i don't it's just a possiblity
  2897. I said: is this a good name
  2898. redditorforlife: Guys what's your black and whie 2 team
  2899. Mindawi: No shut up I said
  2900. Mindawi: it's bad and you should feel bad
  2901. Cat's Paw: My Black and White 2 team is it's not out yet
  2902. I said: min make me asshole
  2903. Ultima Awesome: Hello
  2905. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj: can U burn a fire type? can U freeze a ice type? can U paralyze a electric type?
  2906. KennyB: I'm trying to decide if I should go with Snivy again
  2907. redditorforlife: i know just palnning ahead
  2908. Cat's Paw: No, Ground is not
  2909. mrSmellyfeet100: I already got my bw2 english copy
  2910. SpecsX: cool
  2911. Mindawi: NO IT IS NOT
  2912. SpecsX: chrome is great
  2913. KuKumber: @jjjjjjjj yes you can
  2914. redditorforlife: are you in canadA
  2915. I said: I like mine turltez
  2916. Rah Rah GaryOak: 19 hr 31 mins 23 secs till bw2
  2917. Raymon: 5 places left in a huge one Mono tournament. PM to join
  2918. btsdurrani youtube: Pokémon random battle tournament PM me if interested
  2919. I said: good name
  2920. I said: or not
  2921. Mindawi: not fagot
  2923. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2925. DC
  2927. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2929. Richter: and a half
  2930. +feranfell: mr. u, mingot is harmless fun
  2931. snobi: haven't got a non-weather team except for my LC! XD
  2932. Mienshao is Pro: Electivire for NU
  2933. Rah Rah GaryOak: i'm sorry
  2934. SpecsX: electivire is Ok
  2935. snobi: any other tournies up right now?
  2936. +feranfell: I think if it people get smart and let it drop
  2937. bobbyz: what was dropped form uu to ru
  2938. Mindawi: Swellow is the best special wall ever
  2939. BROStime: Mikel is a power abuser ! :(
  2940. Dumie: is anyone on the cap tier?
  2941. SpecsX: in RU
  2942. +feranfell: it'll be pretty okay in NU
  2943. Mienshao is Pro: Stoutland
  2944. pokemongirl1010yay: if anyone here could be a non lengendary pokemon what would yo be?
  2945. %Closet: okay, peeps
  2946. Mienshao is Pro: That's all
  2947. amethyst3551: i hate when people ragequit -_-
  2948. Enix: lol swellow as a special wall
  2949. %Closet: no stupid bold
  2950. Cat's Paw: Ditto!
  2951. SpecsX: we all do
  2952. %Closet: kthnx
  2953. +feranfell: I'd be Heatmor
  2955. baconlovers: who wants to fight mme
  2956. Cat's Paw: If you're Ditto, you can then be anything else too.
  2957. bobbyz: anything else besides stoutland
  2958. baconlovers: caomon
  2959. +feranfell: oh yeah
  2960. Mienshao is Pro: If you think Electivire should be NU, join my Social Group "Electivire for NU" on the forums!
  2961. Rah Rah GaryOak: $$emolga$$
  2962. amethyst3551: i just kill 2 of their pokemon, and they ragequit.
  2963. +feranfell: scratch that, I'm copying Cat's Paw's idea
  2964. Mienshao is Pro: No, bobbyz
  2965. %Closet: nah
  2966. Prevent: Hey feran
  2967. Richter: when people rage quit it means you were having fun
  2968. +feranfell: k mienshao
  2969. amethyst3551: ugh, so annoying
  2970. Mahoromatic: there is only ` * _ ~
  2971. +feranfell: hi prevent!
  2972. %Closet: ditto, if it's captured,
  2973. %Closet: becomes a sex slave
  2974. pokemongirl1010yay: @Cat's Paws makes sence
  2975. %Closet: so, nthnx
  2976. bobbyz: how good is ferroseed in ru
  2977. amethyst3551: haha so tue
  2978. Rah Rah GaryOak: ditto is a sex slave!
  2979. hyperbeam: terrible
  2980. %Closet: ferroseed is great, even in UU sometimes
  2981. Mienshao is Pro: Ferroseed is pretty good in RU
  2982. Cat's Paw: I wonder what Ditto's limits are? I mean, what if you tried to make it transform into the sun?
  2983. BROStime: Need 7 moar for the OU tour
  2984. %Closet: walling kingdra is always fun
  2985. %Closet: Lol
  2986. Mienshao is Pro: Ferroseed is pronounced differently than I thought it was
  2987. Town: brostime ill join
  2988. Kene: Im gonna 6-0 first time this month
  2989. amethyst3551: it can only transphorm into pokemon
  2990. Prevent: How big of tour
  2991. amethyst3551: *transform
  2992. • The Trainer Red wants to battle
  2993. Cat's Paw: Not according to the anime and manga...
  2994. +feranfell: how mienshao?
  2995. amethyst3551: i can battle red :D
  2996. bobbyz: did anything drop to nu
  2997. +feranfell: Metang did
  2998. • The Trainer Red sends out the worst pokemon ever
  2999. Prevent: Check the thread for newm onth bobbys
  3000. Mienshao is Pro: Go to anime episode "Crisis at Ferroseed Research" and find out
  3001. • The Trainer Red volbeat
  3002. Prevent: on smogon forums
  3003. amethyst3551: you sent out magicarp? yay
  3004. pokemongirl1010yay: Magikarp used IMA FIRIEN MEH LAZEH
  3005. %Closet: I like how Rotom-H only has two weaknesses :o
  3006. shmeur: isn't it pronounced fair-oh-seed
  3007. Yugi: BROSTIME
  3008. My-new-pants: everyone who joined raymon monotype tournament pm me
  3009. Mienshao is Pro: Nope
  3010. Shunsetsuzan: iweohfwiofj goddang
  3011. Yugi: I volunteer to join
  3012. Mienshao is Pro: It's pronounced
  3013. My-new-pants: his mom said he needs to go :3
  3014. EeveeMAN: NU anyone?
  3016. Shunsetsuzan: I'll NU
  3017. 173106 was redirected by Mikel to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  3018. 173106: PM ME
  3019. Raymon: ok, I gotta go , PM My-new-pants. He'll edit the scores:) Good luck
  3020. Mienshao is Pro: furr-ah-seed
  3021. My-new-pants: bye!
  3022. • The Trainer Red got shot on the head
  3023. Rah Rah GaryOak: i love cherimm
  3024. Prevent: Tornadus-T hurricane so strong
  3025. sluglo: Cobalion is so boss in UU
  3026. %Frizy: wanna know whats stronger?
  3027. sluglo: just swept a stall team with it
  3028. Ven: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2502027 got to love when you don't lose a single poke in the battle
  3029. %Frizy: tornadus-i hurricane
  3030. The Trainer Red: what?
  3031. %Frizy: xD
  3032. ipodboqi: Thundurus-T is insanely strong
  3033. Prevent: Lol not fast enough
  3034. Richter: eat a tree
  3035. %Closet: 173106, hey I get you're doing a tourney, but can you use bold instead?
  3036. Mienshao is Pro: Will Tornadus-I neuter Heacross and Mienshao in UU?
  3037. Thunderbolta: Torn-I is fast
  3038. The Trainer Red: I just realized my internet is slow
  3039. +feranfell: bold is much less annoying then caps
  3040. The Trainer Red: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=436803586366139&set=a.192542190792281.45579.100001095051748&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf
  3041. +feranfell: imo
  3042. Old Jack: Old Jack
  3043. Old Jack: vs.
  3044. %Closet: don't forget Cirizi
  3045. Old Jack: Skwayz
  3046. Old Jack: Sun
  3047. BROStime: Remember too use two UU mons in the OU tour
  3048. %Closet: virizi*
  3049. Old Jack: both are there, why it doesnt work? :fuu:
  3050. Prevent: If i was put hurricane over waterfall on my cb dragonite under rain
  3051. Mienshao is Pro: Virizion is amazing
  3052. Old Jack: "Waiting for players..."
  3053. sluglo: Ven, you use Toxicroak
  3054. Prevent: would i need invest any evs in spa
  3055. Prevent: I doubt i would.
  3056. sluglo: you have my respect
  3057. Mienshao is Pro: I heard from the PO people Viri is a huge ass threat
  3058. donutftw: what is dw ou?
  3059. Prevent: It 120 stab.
  3060. Mienshao is Pro: It's a dead tier
  3061. jdarden: For what, prevent?
  3062. +feranfell: you can use dw abilities
  3063. +feranfell: in ou
  3064. Prevent: and dragonite has 100 SPA
  3065. sluglo: Coablion is a beast
  3066. +feranfell: even if they're unreleased
  3067. CBTerrakion: feranfail
  3068. jdarden: What are you trying to take out?
  3069. redditorforlife: Strangelove is a rage quitter, I repeat Strangelove is a rage qutter
  3070. Prevent: for hurricane over waterfall under rain for dragonite
  3071. Mienshao is Pro: Cobalion is great
  3072. Yanbro: Try weavile
  3073. sluglo: I swept a freaking stall team with it
  3074. +feranfell: who cares if they rage quitted
  3075. Yugi: @ reddit no one cares
  3076. Rah Rah GaryOak: Cobalion @ Leftovers
  3077. Rah Rah GaryOak: Trait: Justified
  3078. • The Trainer Red sees a tall man with no face
  3079. Rah Rah GaryOak: EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
  3080. Mienshao is Pro: Will Tornadus-I neuter/sway Mienshao and Heracross?
  3081. Rah Rah GaryOak: Timid Nature
  3082. Rah Rah GaryOak: - Flash Cannon
  3083. Rah Rah GaryOak: - Stealth Rock
  3084. +feranfell: ddon't post logs here
  3085. Rah Rah GaryOak: - Focus Blast
  3086. +feranfell: pelase
  3087. Rah Rah GaryOak: - Volt Switch
  3088. Yugi: oops, ninja'd
  3089. Rah Rah GaryOak: oops
  3090. pokemongirl1010yay: 0-0
  3091. +feranfell: they get spammy like that
  3092. redditorforlife: *nobody
  3093. The Trainer Red: yup
  3094. Richter: rrrrrrrrrrraaage quit
  3095. Yanbro: inb4 modchat
  3096. InTheNavy: mienshao, not if heracross is scarved
  3097. BROStime: Need two moar for the Tour
  3098. firewire32: how do u enter tourneys
  3099. sluglo: Cressila and Dusclops were beaten by my Cobalion
  3100. Jewzilla: reddit, if someone posted every time a ragequit happened, that's all this chat would be
  3101. The Trainer Red: no modchat pls
  3102. Rah Rah GaryOak: they shouldn't get spammy
  3103. +feranfell: there's not gonna be modchat now
  3104. Mahoromatic: either way, run close combat
  3105. The Trainer Red: think of the children
  3106. mrSmellyfeet100: @firewire32 pm the host
  3107. Yanbro: :D
  3108. Mahoromatic: you dont want to get fucked 30% of the time
  3109. BROStime: PM me to join swag is strong js
  3110. Rah Rah GaryOak: its better specia!
  3111. musicsMenAmerica: forfeit rather than playing out a lost game=ragequit to bushido code internet people
  3112. firewire32: thanks smelly feet
  3113. mrSmellyfeet100: np
  3114. KennyB: What tourney is is BROStime?
  3115. Rokete: Any new battlers want to battle OU with a fellow new player? This is my 2nd day.
  3116. pokemongirl1010yay: does anyone wanna battle meh?
  3117. Shunsetsuzan: Tier?
  3118. Ven: lol hey I take the beating, No forfeits
  3119. ZahinZ: ur not a girl are u?
  3120. icookie: RU
  3121. Mienshao is Pro: What is Virizion's best set in your opinion: Calm Mind, Swords Dance, Work Up, or Dual Screens? I'd say CM because it compliments Viri's high SpD so well
  3122. Jewzilla: How is it that a Serene Grace Body Slam paralyzes every time with only a 60% chance, but a move with 60% accuracy would miss more often than not?
  3123. Mienshao is Pro: Luck, sir
  3124. shadowz97: Because life
  3125. Slayer Slayer: It doesn't.
  3126. TheLegendaryJx: What is glitchmons?
  3127. Slayer Slayer: It doesn't paralyze for me all the time.
  3128. Shunsetsuzan: It wouldn't
  3129. BROStime: **OK the tour is full*Æ
  3130. BROStime: lol fail
  3131. Cat's Paw: Hm. My opponent has a 5% chance to win in the next turn. Instead, he forfeits. Why would you do that, rather than wait one turn and have a chance to win?
  3132. Shunsetsuzan: otherwise it they both wouldn't be 60% lol
  3133. 173106: http://challonge.com/tournament/bracket_generator?ref=HYYQMIFKNK if you are in my tourney
  3134. BROStime: whatever youe seen
  3135. Jewzilla: I've never seen it not paralyze me
  3136. BROStime: i
  3137. +ban nattorei: dont use virizion
  3138. Shunsetsuzan: -it
  3139. @Relados: TheLegendaryJx: this is glitchmons http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3467120
  3140. pokemongirl1010yay: brb
  3141. Mienshao is Pro: Machamp has no reason to be used anymore... He's so outclassed these days; everything he does can be done by a better Pokemon
  3142. Jewzilla: No Guard Dynamicpunch?
  3143. BROStime: actually i need on moar
  3144. Drac0venom: 100% dynamicpunch can't be done better
  3145. +Kyuzeth: If Conkeldurr ever becomes UU, Machamp will be obsolete.
  3146. Mienshao is Pro: Yeah
  3147. pokemongirl1010yay: back
  3148. %Closet: yeah
  3149. +Kyuzeth: Machamo has Bullet Punch?
  3150. Mienshao is Pro: If Conk were UU< Machamp would be RU
  3151. %Closet: but is conkeldurr at risk of falling?
  3152. +Kyuzeth: Machamp*
  3153. Mienshao is Pro: No
  3154. Drac0venom: conkeldurr in UU would be hilarious
  3155. @Mikel: yes
  3156. %Closet: k good
  3157. Drac0venom: no just no
  3158. @Mikel: @kyuzeth
  3159. The Greatest!: list of uu pokes pls
  3160. Black Poke: /avatards
  3161. +Kyuzeth: Conkeldurr has STAB Mach Punch.
  3162. @Mikel: also fack my internet sucks
  3163. sluglo: Machamp sucks anyways
  3164. wiirocks: Brostime lol fail
  3165. Mienshao is Pro: Conk would be banned from UU
  3166. The Greatest!: is darma uu?
  3167. sluglo: with or without Conk
  3168. Drac0venom: plus guts to compliment base 140 attack
  3169. Legend13: yes
  3170. +Kyuzeth: Conkeldurr has Drain Punch, too.
  3171. %Closet: yea, Darm is UU
  3172. sluglo: yep, Dar is UU
  3173. Mienshao is Pro: No Guard DynamicPunch is nothing to write home about
  3174. sluglo: really awesome mon
  3175. Mienshao is Pro: Heracross has CC
  3176. Drac0venom: and it has the strongest focus punch
  3177. The Greatest!: wat else is uu?
  3178. Mienshao is Pro: Scrafty and Mienshao have Hi Jump Kick
  3179. %Closet: Slowbro
  3180. %Closet: Swampert
  3181. %Closet: Rotom-H
  3182. %Closet: Mew
  3183. %Closet: a shitton of things, the Greatest!
  3184. Mienshao is Pro: And Cobalion and Virizion have Focus Miss
  3185. mrSmellyfeet100: true
  3186. %Closet: um
  3187. The Greatest!: wer to check closet?
  3188. %MJB: coballion is physical...
  3189. The Greatest!: pls help me fast
  3190. %Closet: go to the team builder
  3191. +Kyuzeth: In OU, there's Defensive Cobalion.
  3192. %Closet: MJB,
  3193. %MJB: why would it use focus miss?
  3194. %Closet: cobalion is eitehr
  3195. The Greatest!: oh k
  3196. +Kyuzeth: Why the fuck give it CC?
  3197. %Closet: either*
  3198. Mienshao is Pro: Cobalion has good offensive stats on both sides
  3199. +Kyuzeth: It drops its Defense, which it NEEDS.
  3200. %MJB: yer but CC is so much better
  3201. Drac0venom: I used to run CM cobalion
  3202. BROStime: Need one more for the OU tour
  3203. Drac0venom: never did me any good
  3204. Drac0venom: focus shit lost me games
  3205. sluglo: I use Sacred Sword on my Coba
  3206. +Kyuzeth: So use Sacred Sword.
  3207. franCun: registalling http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2502411
  3208. Mienshao is Pro: I used CM Cobalion
  3209. sluglo: HATERS GUNNA HATE
  3210. +Kyuzeth: On Defensive, anyway.
  3211. BROStime: Remember yu have t use two UU mons in the team
  3212. Richter: we need this tier
  3213. %Closet: eh, offensive Cobalion prefers CC
  3214. Mienshao is Pro: I've had success with CM Cobalion
  3215. %Closet: it's usually not going to use it too often
  3216. +Kyuzeth: I'm talking about Defensive, Closet.
  3217. sluglo: I use SS because I run a Sub set
  3218. %Closet: oh
  3219. Richter: its called pathetic cup
  3220. Drac0venom: I had to stick with flash cannon for STAB
  3221. %Closet: my bad :p
  3222. bellius: BROStime
  3223. izikuZa: i would use physically offensive cobalion
  3224. bellius: hows do i join
  3225. Mienshao is Pro: Has Coba's OU Analysis been revamped?
  3226. Yamano98: is bouffalant good in a trick room team?
  3227. %Closet: eh, physically defensive is meh imo
  3228. Enix: yeah its ok
  3229. sluglo: I use Iron Head for MASSIVE FLINCHAX
  3230. Yamano98: thanks
  3231. Enix: but you should use aggron it's better
  3232. BROStime: The Tour is full
  3233. Richter: yay
  3234. Yamano98: oh
  3235. sluglo: lol
  3236. Yamano98: ur right
  3237. +feranfell: oh woah, bouffalant is slower than i thought
  3238. Nike: swords dance close combat stone edge x scissor wrecks in UU
  3239. Outlaw4: .
  3240. BROStime: and bellius to join tour pm the guys that says there making a tour :)
  3241. sluglo: Cobalion is a lot better than Aggron
  3242. izikuZa: i use rhyperior in trick room, but agron could work
  3243. Yamano98: ermm than any suugestion for bouffalant rather than smogon
  3244. Enix: for trick room :x
  3245. %Closet: I prefer Iron Head over X-scissor
  3246. Nike: walled by slowbro then
  3247. %Closet: you're not doing much to slowbro anyway
  3248. Nike: if you predict right
  3249. The Greatest!: victini is uu rite?
  3250. Jrod: Bouffa is super slow
  3251. %Closet: I try to get him out of the way first
  3252. sluglo: I run Sub/Sacred Sword/Swords Dance/Iron Head
  3253. sluglo: barely seen any Slowbro
  3254. %Closet: SacredSword
  3255. Mienshao is Pro: Slowbro is an elite UU wall
  3256. The Greatest!: @brostime wat is a tour btb
  3257. %Closet: pretty meh :/
  3258. Richter: why is my writing a strange shade of gray ?
  3259. %Closet: it's supposed to be
  3260. sluglo: Galvantula wrecks the Bulky Waters
  3261. Enix: is flame orb milotic good?
  3262. Yugi: It's autohighlight
  3263. Mienshao is Pro: Is there any competitive use for Sacred Sword? Because it's mostly outclassed by Close Combat
  3264. %Closet: everyone sees their own writing gs a gray color
  3265. %Closet: as a*
  3266. %Closet: well
  3267. +Kyuzeth: I run CB on Zweilous.
  3268. %Closet: not lowering defenses is nice
  3269. sluglo: SS still has the same power as Aura Sphere
  3270. %Closet: plus ignoring opponent boost
  3271. +Kyuzeth: Strongest Crunch in the game, as well as 2nd strongest Outrage.
  3272. sluglo: I use it because CC with a Sub set is not a smary idea
  3273. %Closet: well yeah
  3274. sluglo: *smart
  3275. %Closet: true
  3276. firewire32: @the greatest im facing u in the tourney
  3277. Mahoromatic: weaker than only kyurem-b, right
  3278. %Closet: that's probs best
  3279. Swagon: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2502652 10 turn sweep
  3280. +Kyuzeth: Indeed.
  3281. Mahoromatic: still
  3282. %Closet: Swagon, try a five turn sweep :>
  3283. +Kyuzeth: I'm considering Fraxure instead of Zweilous.
  3284. +Kyuzeth: Should I?
  3285. Drumsticks&Flips: If the effect of flame orb is activated and then you use rest, when the poke wakes, it burns itself again??
  3286. evan7: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2502841
  3287. +Kyuzeth: In RU, I mean.
  3288. Mahoromatic: most innacurate outrage in the game
  3289. %Closet: um
  3290. sluglo: no
  3291. %Closet: it should, methinks
  3292. shmeur: yea
  3293. %Closet: that's what flame orb does
  3294. Mienshao is Pro: Cobalion and Mienshao are unique in being two Fighting-types being able to join in the VoltTurn Mindgames
  3295. Enix: yes iirc
  3296. Drac0venom: yes
  3297. @Mikel: drumsticks
  3298. sluglo: I Prefer Zwellious cuz Super powerful Outrage
  3300. @Mikel: it checks for status at the end of the turn
  3301. HAiGAizZ: infernape says hi
  3302. sluglo: he also just got Superpower
  3303. @Mikel: if there is none, it burns
  3304. swagger down pat: deejay can i join?
  3305. Drumsticks&Flips: okay thanks! :D
  3306. Mahoromatic: there is also meloetta if you count it
  3307. Yao Ming: HITMONLEE SWEEP :D
  3308. +Kyuzeth: Adamant or Jolly on Fraxure?
  3309. sluglo: fuck yeah Hitmons!
  3310. bluedino666: supersniper?
  3311. bluedino666: you there?
  3312. Mahoromatic: whats its speed
  3313. Swagon: thats how long the fight lasted closet :P
  3314. sluglo: Kyu, keep Zweloius
  3315. Deejaay: Giant OU MONOTYPE TOURNEY PM ME!!!
  3316. Drac0venom: jolly
  3317. Mahoromatic: 67 means jolly
  3318. sluglo: but I recomend Jolly for Zangoose
  3319. +Kyuzeth: Running Jolly, thanks.
  3320. Mahoromatic: you want to beat neutral 75s
  3321. Drac0venom: and run DD
  3322. +Kyuzeth: I run Adamant Zangoose in UU.
  3323. %Closet: lol Swagon, exactly
  3324. Mienshao is Pro: Who is the best Fighting-type introduced this gen (Out of Emboar, Conkeldurr, Throh, Sawk, Scrafty, Mienshao, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Keldeo)
  3325. oarpheus: is reckless emboar out yet?
  3326. Mienshao is Pro: No
  3327. sluglo: Cobalion handa down
  3328. swagger down pat: keldeo
  3329. xenu: ⫧
  3330. %Closet: tbh, my fave is Cobal & Virizi
  3331. TestCheck123: Terrakion
  3332. sluglo: *hands
  3333. Outlaw4: What the fuck kind of awful conversation is this?
  3334. Drac0venom: terra
  3335. +Kyuzeth: Cobalion in terms of appearance.
  3336. Palma Fiocina: Terrakion and Conk
  3337. @Mikel: terrakion
  3338. %Closet: however, Cobal is probs better
  3339. Drac0venom: then keldeo
  3340. +Kyuzeth: Terrakion in terms of power.
  3341. Drac0venom: then conk
  3342. @Mikel: objectively terrak
  3343. Drac0venom: then mienshao
  3344. Drac0venom: then scrafty
  3345. %Closet: Cobalion in terms of looks & awesome set in UU
  3346. Drac0venom: then cobalion
  3347. Homestar: terrakion
  3348. @Mikel: outlaw, feel free to not participate
  3349. Drac0venom: then sawk
  3350. Outlaw4: Will do.
  3351. izikuZa: could scrafty be used in trick room?
  3352. Mienshao is Pro: No
  3353. xenu: Out Raw 4
  3354. Deejaay: MONOTYPE TOURNEY PM ME!
  3355. sluglo: yes
  3356. +Kyuzeth: Fraxure has more Defense than Archeops.
  3357. %MJB: outlaw
  3358. +Kyuzeth: Yep, keeping Life Orb.
  3359. %MJB: wanna game?
  3360. sluglo: Scrafty has 58 speed is low enough
  3361. Outlaw4: Tier?
  3362. %MJB: w/e i have a team for
  3363. Drac0venom: just run DD on scraftyt
  3364. Outlaw4: Er.
  3365. Drac0venom: scrafty
  3366. DUNKMASTER YI: Garchomp has similar bulk to Swampert
  3367. Outlaw4: Let me fix up my rain team a little
  3368. %MJB: lol k
  3369. Outlaw4: Then i'll chall
  3370. izikuZa: ok, i wanna try this out, then. his bulk, i think would make it work.
  3371. Drac0venom: garchomp is bulkier
  3372. nothingstrange: how god is drapion in RU
  3373. sluglo: true
  3374. Legend13: whats the system for "look for battle"?
  3375. nothingstrange: "good"
  3376. sluglo: Bulk Up because DD would not help
  3377. Legend13: is it random?
  3378. The Trainer Red: wait drapion's a god?
  3379. sluglo: Drapion was awesome in RU
  3380. bluedino666: supersniper?
  3381. The Trainer Red: Skorupi Christ!
  3382. flip off im batman: garchomp is too bulky
  3383. Legend13: thats why hes uber
  3384. The Trainer Red: He's too awesome
  3385. TestCheck123: Jesus? The guy with the beard?
  3386. sluglo: he killed all the Ghosts, including Cofa, as well as the Regen core, which earned him love.
  3387. TestCheck123: He's on my track team!
  3388. mrSmellyfeet100: inb4 ice beam
  3389. Mienshao is Pro: Drapion has fallen
  3390. +feranfell: can someone tell me the viability of kakuna in uu as a physical wall?
  3391. Mienshao is Pro: Kakuna sucks lol
  3392. Drac0venom: very viable
  3393. The Trainer Red: he is bad
  3394. +feranfell: what
  3395. Drac0venom: even check the analysis
  3396. Legend13: nu
  3397. @Mikel: 0
  3398. Legend13: maybe
  3399. +feranfell: i was told he's a good physical wall
  3400. sluglo: now, he lost his fame cuz Cofa rose
  3401. ICanHas?: loltroll
  3402. The Trainer Red: He sucks
  3403. +feranfell: with iron defense it's defense skyrockets
  3404. Legend13: trolololololol
  3405. Cat's Paw: What, Iron Defence Eviolite Kakuna?
  3406. +feranfell: yeah
  3407. Drac0venom: yeah
  3408. +feranfell: that's the set I was told
  3409. sluglo: also, the Regen NU core needs to move up
  3410. Nozzle: lol
  3411. Cat's Paw: But what exactly is it doing back to the opponent?
  3412. Drac0venom: come in on choice locked fighting
  3413. Legend13: that could be viable
  3414. Drac0venom: iron defense
  3415. Legend13: in NU!
  3416. Nozzle: harden>iron defense
  3417. The Trainer Red: I used it once and died to a freakin basculine
  3418. Rokete: ^
  3419. TestCheck123: Iron Defence Eviolite Kakuna is the best physical wall in ubers
  3420. sluglo: I can beat them alone, but not together
  3421. Yamano98: what can wall a mixed magmortar?
  3422. +feranfell: i've heard the physical sweeper kakuna isn't as good as the wall
  3423. Mdevil: hello smogon
  3424. Cat's Paw: Choice Band Poison Sting ftw
  3425. Nozzle: lol
  3426. Drac0venom: pfft
  3427. +Kyuzeth: Choice Specs Bullet Punch.
  3428. Drac0venom: flame orb poison sting all the way
  3429. sluglo: I prefer Specs Electroweb
  3430. +Kyuzeth: Choice Scarf Thunder Wave.
  3431. The Trainer Red: wat?
  3432. The Trainer Red: Choice scarf Iron head
  3433. Mahoromatic: i prefer string shot to twave
  3434. Outlaw4: Yup, this conversation is terrible.
  3435. +Kyuzeth: Don't mind me; those are insiders a friend and I have thought up.
  3436. redditorforlife: choice scarf hydo pump
  3437. +Kyuzeth: I know, Outlaw.
  3438. Enix: choice band sting shot caterpie
  3439. Timaeus: let's be real here folks
  3440. Timaeus: it's all about the choice specs giga impact
  3441. sluglo: i lost this conversation
  3442. Yamano98: guys cmon everyone knows scarfed magikarp is beast
  3443. Nozzle: eviolite +2 def kakuna has the same defense as max defense registeel
  3444. nothingstrange: I feel like making an uber team just to try out random poke's
  3445. %Closet: ...
  3446. Cat's Paw: Okay, so I'm trying to build a deck with Shiftry and Roserade in it. What are some good trainers to use?
  3447. sluglo: I now join Outlaw in the NOT LISTENING room
  3448. Cat's Paw: Devolution Spray, obviously
  3449. %Closet: Outlaw is right....
  3450. %Closet: for once....
  3451. ToTheTopProject: ninjamonkey72 = RAGE lol
  3452. Nozzle: gtg lol
  3453. Yawn2: Yawn
  3454. +Kyuzeth: Why is Roselia still RU?
  3455. %Closet: idk
  3456. Mienshao is Pro: Because
  3457. Cat's Paw: Becasue people rarely use it
  3458. asdsaf: any1 in ubers?
  3459. %Closet: cuz Roserade is UU
  3460. +Kyuzeth: Isn't it outclassed by Amoonguss?
  3461. Drac0venom: people still use it
  3462. ToTheTopProject: he got mad bc i stalled him after he tried 2 hit my blissey wit focus blast
  3463. %Closet: Lol Cat's Paw
  3464. Mienshao is Pro: I spammed it on the last day
  3465. karpato: challenge me in nu
  3466. %Closet: eh
  3467. %Closet: notrl
  3468. %Closet: it can set spikes
  3469. Kendriin: amoongus and roselia share different roles
  3470. Mienshao is Pro: I also used it quite a lot
  3471. Yamano98: why amoonguss UU? it needs to be OU
  3472. Drac0venom: amoonguss sleeps things
  3473. Mienshao is Pro: Amoonguss and Roselia are different Pokemon
  3474. +Kyuzeth: I've never really used it.
  3475. Drac0venom: roselia is death fodder
  3476. Mahoromatic: amoon for OU
  3477. Mienshao is Pro: Amoon is NU
  3478. Outlaw4: Ok, MJB, i'ma chll you now
  3479. Mienshao is Pro: still
  3480. %Closet: Amoonguss didn't even go up yet
  3481. Kendriin: amoongus walls a whole spectrum of pokes w/ great stats while rose walls specially and sets up spikes
  3482. Mienshao is Pro: And Amoonguss for UU
  3483. %MJB: klkl
  3484. Yamano98: needs to be OU
  3485. %Closet: no
  3486. WhySoSerious?321: Did I really just kill a Groudon with a sunkern? http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2503192
  3487. %Closet: Amoonguss needs OU
  3488. Palma Fiocina: Nah
  3489. Yamano98: yeah
  3490. Enix: amoongus wouldn't really be used as much in ou
  3491. Mienshao is Pro: Yeah
  3492. %Closet: it is NOT ruining my tier
  3493. AmbipomSwag: Amoonguss is UU on PO now
  3494. Mienshao is Pro: I know why Amoonguss didn't make OU
  3495. Palma Fiocina: I'd say UU
  3496. Mienshao is Pro: New players think Amoonguss isn't allowed in OU
  3497. Kendriin: i don't think uu can't handle amoongus, there are some things there amoongus can't even hope to wall
  3498. swagger down pat: anyone have monotype tourneys going on?
  3499. Yamano98: :D
  3500. Palma Fiocina: lol
  3501. +Kyuzeth: Contrary Serperior will likely be OU, perhaps UU.
  3502. nothingstrange: weavile useful in ubers? Im gonna try it
  3503. redditorforlife: dat flinchhax #airslash
  3504. @shnen: kendriin
  3505. Yamano98: any tourneys?
  3506. %Closet: Serperior may be OU
  3507. Palma Fiocina: Shadow tag lure? OU at the very least
  3508. +Kyuzeth: It does sport nigh-perfect coverage with Leaf Storm/Dragon Pulse/HP Fire/filler.
  3509. %Closet: but I kinda doubt it
  3510. @shnen: there are some things that giratina can't wall in NU
  3511. Mienshao is Pro: Smogon has a funny Facebook cover
  3512. +feranfell: shadow tag chandy will be OU
  3513. @Mikel: specs glaceon lgi
  3514. %Closet: for sure
  3515. +Kyuzeth: Only Heatran resists, but HP Ground can be run.
  3516. redditorforlife: yet another rage quitter @wither
  3517. Mienshao is Pro: Shadow Tag too strong
  3518. AmbipomSwag: shadow tag chandelure will be uber
  3519. Enix: best anti weather lead chandy
  3520. JoshTheGreat: 5-0 bagon sweep ;]
  3521. @shnen: and cb fraxure
  3522. AmbipomSwag: lol
  3523. @Mikel: break through them giratinas
  3524. +feranfell: redditor, we don't care who rage quits
  3525. +Kyuzeth: Meh, DD Fraxure.
  3526. SpecsX: whats the facebook cover for smogon?
  3527. Mienshao is Pro: Choice Items will be bad when ST comes
  3528. Yamano98: what can wall magmortar?
  3529. AmbipomSwag: also, serperior won't be O
  3530. @shnen: in what tier
  3531. AmbipomSwag: OU*
  3532. AmbipomSwag: too many
  3533. CBTerrakion: hai shnen
  3534. +Kyuzeth: Nothing, Yamano.
  3535. Mienshao is Pro: If you're locked into a Normal or Fighting move
  3536. @shnen: hi
  3537. AmbipomSwag: 4x grass resists
  3538. Mienshao is Pro: And ST Chandy comes in
  3539. Amandeep: whats ST
  3540. Yamano98: :D
  3541. +Kyuzeth: Too unpredictable.
  3542. %Closet: idk it might be
  3543. Mienshao is Pro: You're finished
  3544. @shnen: shadow tag
  3545. Yao Ming: Amoonguss is beast
  3546. Palma Fiocina: CM's all day
  3547. %Closet: I mean, Serperior actually has some moves now
  3548. AmbipomSwag: Mienshao, also ground moves, since chandelure can easily run air balloon
  3549. BurningUnova: it only really go Dragon Pulse
  3550. %Closet: plus easy +2s every turn is pretty kewl
  3551. +Kyuzeth: Dragon Pulse is all it needed.
  3552. +Kyuzeth: This allows for MUCH more coverage.
  3553. @Mikel: it still has no moves lol
  3554. +Kyuzeth: Aqua Tail for physical sets.
  3555. Enix: what about hp fire for ferro, scizor, and etc?
  3556. Kendriin: my serp set would be leaf storm, hp ground, dpulse, gigadrain/substitute
  3557. +feranfell: leaf storm/dragon pulse/ maybe hp is all it needs
  3558. %Closet: I thought it got something else too?
  3559. @Mikel: dragon is an awful non-stab type
  3560. mnbv: what new moves does serperior have?
  3561. %Closet: I feel like it'll be like Virizi
  3562. %Closet: barely OU
  3563. %Closet: then might drop
  3564. +Kyuzeth: Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, HP Fire/Ground, filler.
  3565. sluglo: just got Outlaw high since i hatched a Shiny Vullaby
  3566. +Kyuzeth: There.
  3567. %Closet: and tbh, I'd like it in UU
  3568. AmbipomSwag: neeeds
  3569. AmbipomSwag: HP fire
  3570. +Kyuzeth: Congrats, Sluglo!
  3571. AmbipomSwag: HP ground only hits heatran
  3572. Mienshao is Pro: Virizion was a great OU Pokemon...The mighty have fallen
  3573. AmbipomSwag: HP fire hits every other steel lol
  3574. %Closet: gj Slug
  3575. Kendriin: speaking of droping why is meleotta uu?
  3576. The Trainer Red: Pies make me fart
  3577. nothingstrange: ima try CB weavile in ubers
  3578. Mienshao is Pro: RIP Scrafty, Mienshao, and Virizion
  3579. firewire32: anybody hosting any tourneys
  3580. @shnen: because it wasn't used enough to be OU
  3581. Rokete: Hey TRAINER RED gg no re
  3582. sluglo: Dragon Pulse is awesome on Serp
  3583. @Soarin: Because Meloetta was intensely overhyped.
  3584. KRageT: How did Virizion drop to UU?
  3585. @Soarin: Just like Genesect.
  3586. The Trainer Red: wjat?
  3587. +Kyuzeth: Low usage.
  3588. sluglo: thanks,guys!
  3589. The Trainer Red: oh gg
  3590. %Closet: Meloetta...
  3591. redditorforlife: Don't you just love kicking inactive players
  3592. +feranfell: because it's usage was <3.41%
  3593. @shnen: the same as every single poekmon that drops
  3594. @Mikel: genesect isn't overhyped lol
  3595. B Redi: gene sect is actually good
  3596. @Soarin: It is.
  3597. imthem: why are crits even allowed
  3598. @Mikel: it's very very good
  3599. %Closet: is sorta suckish competitively
  3600. +feranfell: genesect is really good, but I don't think it's broken
  3601. %Closet: for OU
  3602. +Kyuzeth: I've tried SO LONG to hatch a Shiny Pawniard in Black through MM.
  3603. @Soarin: I know it's good.
  3604. %Closet: for UU idk
  3605. Yamano98: is steelix best pyshical wall?
  3606. Mienshao is Pro: Scrafty, Mienshao, and Virizion dropped to UU...Conclusion: The Mighty Have Fallen!
  3607. +feranfell: no
  3608. Palma Fiocina: Ebelt Genesect <3
  3609. @Mikel: as in, shaping the metagame good
  3610. %Closet: notrly
  3611. Thundercoaster: Anybody wanna do hackmon mode
  3612. @shnen: regirock ftw
  3613. londoncolson: genesect is great
  3614. • The Trainer Red goes into CLoset
  3615. @Soarin: But people were acting as if it was gonna destroy everything.
  3616. +feranfell: regirock's pretty good
  3617. • %Closet kills Traner Red with Stomach Acid
  3618. moonbase: why use blissey when you can use evo chansey
  3619. sluglo: Cobalion is now the best UU Fighting type
  3620. Palma Fiocina: It's very good, but not broken good
  3621. B Redi: if anyone played dw they would know thats noot true
  3622. Shunsetsuzan: Hydrochloric Acid*
  3623. AmbipomSwag: uhh
  3624. BEHINDYOU: how can u see ur own rank
  3625. AmbipomSwag: mienshao
  3626. +feranfell: moonbase, some people prefer the lefties recover
  3627. AmbipomSwag: heracross
  3628. %Closet: if you're worried about Sandstorm
  3629. +feranfell: behind you
  3630. • The Trainer Red melts and uses Explosion
  3631. +Kyuzeth: Landorus-T is underrated and needs a Double Booster set.
  3632. +feranfell: type /rank
  3633. AmbipomSwag: say hi
  3634. Thundercoaster: Anybody wanna do Hackmon mode?
  3635. BEHINDYOU: / rank
  3636. sluglo: because he in netural to Hurricane
  3637. +feranfell: without the space infront
  3638. Enix: heracross is the best uu fighting type imo
  3639. DUNKMASTER YI: blissey also has better special attack
  3640. +Kyuzeth: I've been having such great times with Double Boost Lando-T.
  3641. Mienshao is Pro: Mienshao and Cobalion...Will Virizion be able to outclass them? (Viri will never go in Heraboss League)
  3642. Iminyourcloset: who remembers this name? :D
  3643. BEHINDYOU: thnx
  3644. CBTerrakion: i do
  3645. +Kyuzeth: The answer: Nope.avi!
  3646. Kendriin: Landorus-T has rock polish and swords dance. Kyuzeth are you saying it needs dragon dance?
  3647. Iminyourcloset: lolCBT
  3648. Iminyourcloset: Mikel
  3649. +Kyuzeth: Nope, Kendriin.
  3650. @Mikel: i do
  3651. @Mikel: !
  3652. sluglo: Heraboss may lose its king status
  3653. B Redi: lol cobalion
  3654. CBTerrakion: cause i got him to make it
  3655. Iminyourcloset: THE MEMORIES
  3656. @Mikel: i feel oldfag
  3657. +Kyuzeth: But DD would indeed be great.
  3658. @Mikel: :o
  3659. @shnen: praying mantis should have been more popular
  3660. Iminyourcloset: ikr
  3661. sluglo: Rain teams can wreck shit now
  3662. Mienshao is Pro: Heracross is king of UU
  3663. +Kyuzeth: Since that'd allow it to run U-turn or Explosion additionally.
  3664. • Yamano98 Yamano98 is player
  3665. sluglo: Tornadus-I,Meloetta,Kingdra.....
  3666. Enix: should heracross run the edge quake combo for coverage?
  3667. sluglo: all take hera down
  3668. snobi: any tournies up?
  3669. Yamano98: the best sp. defenced poke in RU?
  3670. Palma Fiocina: Torn is in UU now, we may see lss Heraboss usage
  3671. +Kyuzeth: Nope.
  3672. mnbv: has there ever been a discussion about a confuse ray ban?
  3673. %Closet: best sp def poke in RU is probs....
  3674. mnbv: or attract
  3675. sluglo: Edge may be considered
  3676. %Closet: idk Audino?
  3677. Yamano98: thx
  3678. sluglo: now that Tornadus-I is here
  3679. mnbv: it's not good but pure hax
  3680. %Closet: there is Ferroseed
  3681. Nozzle: lol slowking
  3682. dont forfeit plz: what is a good hard hitter in NU?
  3683. dont forfeit plz: ?
  3684. Nozzle: ferroseed
  3685. Enix: emboar
  3686. %Closet: oh slowkinghyea
  3687. +feranfell: linoone
  3688. sluglo: Sawk
  3689. Mienshao is Pro: Emboar
  3690. Nozzle: rampardos
  3691. Mienshao is Pro: Sawk
  3692. Palma Fiocina: Banded Sawk
  3693. Druddaggron: braviary
  3694. dont forfeit plz: ok
  3695. Enix: anything that looks cool
  3696. +feranfell: Brav, Emboar, Sawk
  3697. Gtrocks1111: Eboar
  3698. Mienshao is Pro: Swellow and Braviary are RU on PO
  3699. snobi: any tournies up?
  3700. Gtrocks1111: Excuse me, Emboar.
  3701. sluglo: I use Regirock and Muk for psychical attacking
  3702. Yamano98: rampardos
  3703. Druddaggron: nu here
  3704. Mienshao is Pro: Indeed
  3705. bluedino666: supersniper..
  3706. bluedino666: accept
  3707. dont forfeit plz: rampardos is ou on Po too
  3708. +feranfell: druddaggron sounds like fun in RU
  3709. dont forfeit plz: nah jk
  3710. sluglo: Simipour and Exxegutor for Special attacking
  3711. snobi: sorry, no NU
  3712. snobi: everything else though!
  3713. +Kyuzeth: Druddaggron... Just imagine the fusion of those two Pokémon.
  3714. firewire32: any ou ru or random battle tourneys happeneing
  3715. Palma Fiocina: Specs Simipour is cool
  3716. Mienshao is Pro: Is Aggron+Druddigon popular in RU?
  3717. +feranfell: lol kyu
  3718. sluglo: Liepard and Noctowl for stall
  3719. +feranfell: they'd be great
  3720. +Kyuzeth: Would be pretty fucking badass. :D
  3721. sluglo: simple
  3722. +feranfell: I have no clue mienshao
  3723. bluedino666: ACCEPT SUPERSNIPER!
  3724. Mienshao is Pro: Did Gothitelle kill stall?
  3725. sluglo: Mienshao, even the Champion in BW2 uses that combo!
  3726. Nozzle: ya
  3727. +feranfell: possibly
  3728. sluglo: yep
  3729. +Kyuzeth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxT7c93nLc4 This music is so amazing... ;w;
  3730. Tec: Someone want to test my new team with me?
  3731. Enix: yeah
  3732. bluedino666 was muted by Closet. (jesus, calm down)
  3733. bluedino666's alts were also muted: AdityaK123
  3734. +feranfell: doesn't affect me, i don't like stall anyways :v
  3735. +Kyuzeth: Which tier, Tec?
  3736. bluedino666 was unmuted by Closet.
  3737. bluedino666: sorry
  3738. Mienshao is Pro: So Gothitele made stall non-viable
  3739. bluedino666: can anyone hear me
  3740. Tec: OU?
  3741. +feranfell: yes
  3742. snobi: yes
  3743. +feranfell: we can hear you
  3744. sluglo: she wrecks stall in OU
  3745. @Mikel: no?
  3746. TP Miguel: Buenas
  3747. snobi: very clear
  3748. +Kyuzeth: Is your team an OU team?
  3749. Mienshao is Pro: Glad she left
  3750. TP Miguel: Busco aun niño africano
  3751. Tec: Yeah
  3752. Mienshao is Pro: Goth deserved BL
  3753. TP Miguel: Llamado Luís
  3754. +Kyuzeth: Okay
  3755. @Mikel: english please
  3756. @Mikel: ^
  3757. +Kyuzeth: Uh, only English here.
  3758. bluedino666: someone muted me....... because of CAPs
  3759. snobi: any tournies!?
  3760. TP Luis: por aqui
  3761. TP Luis: africano presente
  3762. TP Luis was redirected by Mikel to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  3763. +Kyuzeth: English, please.
  3764. TP Miguel: lol hola xd
  3765. sluglo: NU to BL was quite sudden, but decent nonetheless
  3766. @Mikel: yay clans
  3767. +Kyuzeth: ._.
  3768. @Mikel: my fave
  3769. TP Miguel: No te consigo en la lista XD
  3770. TP Luis: hola
  3771. TP Miguel was redirected by Mikel to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  3772. +feranfell: @Mikel: english please'
  3773. Yamano98: some1 mute them
  3774. @Mikel: please don't minimod
  3775. Palma Fiocina: wait
  3776. +feranfell: is TP a non-english clan
  3777. Ibuprofeno: pene
  3778. +feranfell: <_>
  3779. Palma Fiocina: what's BL now?
  3780. Rokete: TACOS GRANDE am I doing it right?
  3781. Yamano98: ok
  3782. nothingstrange: how much speed ev's does latios need to outspeed garchomp?
  3783. +feranfell: borderline
  3784. +feranfell: ban list for uu
  3785. Palma Fiocina: I meant
  3786. Yamano98: he doesnt know english
  3787. +feranfell: not used enough to be ou
  3788. Nozzle: gothitelle
  3789. Palma Fiocina: what poke is BL now?
  3790. AmbipomSwag: gothitelle
  3791. Nozzle: and uh
  3792. +feranfell: gothi, staraptor
  3793. AmbipomSwag: when it got shadow tag
  3794. mrb: staraptor
  3795. +feranfell: wobba
  3796. Palma Fiocina: Hmm
  3797. Enix: staraptor
  3798. TP Luis: hi clonails?
  3799. %Closet: um
  3800. Nozzle: staraptor and wobba
  3801. AmbipomSwag: weather is also BL
  3802. TP Miguel: Hi
  3803. Yamano98: kyurem is BL
  3804. %Closet: ^
  3805. Nozzle: staraptor is pretty good
  3806. %Closet: permaweather*
  3807. +feranfell: permaweather is bl
  3808. SpecsX: actually
  3809. Palma Fiocina: Why though?
  3810. +Kyuzeth: Staraptor is underrated.
  3811. AmbipomSwag: yea weather abilities
  3812. mrb: hippowdon
  3813. AmbipomSwag: my bad
  3814. sluglo: I just hope for a clause that bans Amoonguss and Alomomola on the same team, or just move them to RU
  3815. Nozzle: i thought defog had the same effect as rapid spin
  3816. SpecsX: all permaweather is OU
  3817. +feranfell: because they were OP in UU
  3818. TP Miguel: Mirar inmortal.net
  3819. Mienshao is Pro: This guy named ariq2k thought BL Pokemon are used more than UU's
  3820. Nozzle: goddamn it
  3821. +feranfell: but not used enough for OU
  3822. +Kyuzeth: I don't think Raptor should be retested.
  3823. Nozzle: it should be
  3824. %Closet: no
  3825. +Kyuzeth: Too destructive for UU.
  3826. SpecsX: hell no
  3827. snobi: somebody make a tourney please!?
  3828. %Closet: defog does the opposite: your opponents team :p
  3829. Nozzle: :O
  3830. +feranfell: i know closet
  3831. wannadeoxys: wat effective against normal
  3832. SpecsX: trololol
  3833. %Closet: lol ikr
  3834. +feranfell: i got excited when I saw defog
  3835. sluglo: Raptor was once below Quagsire,
  3836. Yamano98: yeah i agree tourney plz
  3837. SpecsX: fighting
  3838. +feranfell: then someone pointed it out
  3839. +Kyuzeth: Fighting-type.
  3840. sluglo: *.
  3841. mrb: only think that can switch into staraptor in uu is impish rhyperior
  3842. +feranfell: and i'm like fak
  3843. %Closet: Lol
  3844. wannadeoxys: thx
  3845. %Closet: ikr
  3846. shadowditto: www.dumb.com
  3847. Nozzle: but uh
  3848. shadowditto was muted by Closet. (no obv dumb links)
  3849. Nozzle: defog used in doubles on teammate
  3850. Richy: anyone know how the stat changes work on meloetta?
  3851. shadowditto was unmuted by Closet.
  3852. Nozzle: is that possiblee
  3853. +Kyuzeth: Staraptor is a fantastic Pokémon.
  3854. Yamano98: :D
  3855. +Kyuzeth: Great design and amazing power.
  3856. Yamano98: yeah
  3857. +feranfell: maybe nozzle o:
  3858. %Closet: oh wait
  3859. Yamano98: ,ts awesome
  3860. CesterpOctober1: I wish Staraptor fell to UU
  3861. %Closet: nvm
  3862. CesterpOctober1: I'd love that thing
  3863. +Kyuzeth: Such a bro in Platinum... :D
  3864. 173106: same
  3865. %Closet: that's an actual site, apparently
  3866. +feranfell: but i don't know how common hazards are in VGC
  3867. +Kyuzeth: Meh, keep it BL.
  3868. shadowditto: why not its funny
  3869. Yamano98: staraptor is a good balanced poek
  3870. Nozzle: so staraptor is a spinner in doubles
  3871. @Mikel: staraptor is technically NU
  3872. Yamano98: poke*
  3873. Nozzle: interisting
  3874. sluglo: Star should stay BL
  3875. @Mikel: but it's banned from it
  3876. @Mikel: *UU
  3877. 173106: I have staraptor on 2 tof my OU teams
  3878. @Mikel: >_>_>_>
  3879. sluglo: unless Joltein drops or something
  3880. SuperDarkrai: www.youtube.com/sowrboss
  3881. Mahoromatic: hazards arent common in vgc
  3882. sluglo: *Jolteon
  3883. @Mikel: please don't advertise
  3884. +feranfell: no advertising
  3885. Mahoromatic: please dont advertise
  3886. +feranfell: fak u mikel
  3887. Mahoromatic: the battles last 5 turns
  3888. +feranfell: D:<
  3889. @Mikel: no minimodding
  3890. @Mikel: :>
  3891. SuperDarkrai: OK Sorry
  3892. Mahoromatic: so its almost always pointless
  3893. Strangelove: hate when people dont move
  3894. CaptSpitfire: I love how people take one look at your team then they leave
  3895. CaptSpitfire: :c
  3896. Palma Fiocina: lol
  3897. %Closet: you're just that good
  3898. Palma Fiocina: that happens
  3899. xXAdrianXx: no ladder :(
  3900. +feranfell: strangelove, is that happening now?
  3901. %Closet: :>
  3902. CaptSpitfire: erhmahgerd
  3903. CaptSpitfire: he has keldeo
  3904. nothingstrange: ima put choice scarf on deoxys speed :)
  3905. Palma Fiocina: You are not alone, Spitfire
  3906. %Closet: lol
  3907. Mienshao is Pro: Some people are scared of my OU Sand Team
  3908. sluglo: it happened to me as well
  3909. Thundercoaster: anybody wanna do hackmons mode
  3910. AmbipomSwag: scarf deoxys-S
  3911. AmbipomSwag: is almost legit
  3912. Mienshao is Pro: So they give up
  3913. AmbipomSwag: you can trick the scarf
  3914. AmbipomSwag: onto some random wall
  3915. sluglo: lol sand isn't so hard to beat
  3916. Epic_God: / rank
  3917. AmbipomSwag: or onto excadrill or something
  3918. Enix: try /rank
  3919. CaptSpitfire: I love my rain dance team
  3920. Yamano98: plz can someone PM me a dusknior moveset with EV spread?
  3921. Mienshao is Pro: Ya wanna know my Sand Team?
  3922. Thundercoaster: anybody wanna do hackmons
  3923. AmbipomSwag: yamano, smogon can
  3924. +Kyuzeth: http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu261/DragonLuma/Procyon%20and%20Deneb%20-%20screenshots/Cerberyena-Dex.png
  3925. Yamano98: well
  3926. Mienshao is Pro: Hippowdon/Stoutland/Alakazam/Ferrothorn/Jellicent/Terrakion
  3927. sluglo: I love my NU and UU team
  3928. CaptSpitfire: whats hacksman?
  3929. Yamano98: smogon isnt good
  3930. Yamano98: i checked
  3931. sluglo: stongth
  3932. Mienshao is Pro: That team intimidates some peoplw
  3933. AmbipomSwag: ahahaha
  3934. Mienshao is Pro: people*
  3935. Thundercoaster: hacksmon is one of the modes on this game
  3936. AmbipomSwag: smogon isn't good
  3937. sluglo: Jelli wrecks shit
  3938. Yamano98: yeah
  3939. shadowditto: why am i mued
  3940. AmbipomSwag: k, the best sets are generally there
  3941. Antoine Randal L.: antoine
  3942. +feranfell: what's the standard moveset for LO druddigon?
  3943. Yamano98: not useful 4 dusknoir
  3944. imthem: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2503634
  3945. imthem: lol
  3946. AmbipomSwag: how so?
  3947. King Ravenn: that's cuz dusknoir sucks
  3948. Yamano98: well
  3949. sluglo: Honestly, we should make our own tiers
  3950. King Ravenn: lol.
  3951. Thunderbolta: Is that because Dusknoir is just crap, or...?
  3952. HAiGAizZ: so i taunted his darkrai with my sashed deoxys s to prevent dark void, then set up sr and spikes as he dark pulsed me twice to faint me. then he said "fuck u", and left. O.o some people confuse me
  3953. sluglo: PS tier system
  3954. King Ravenn: ps is a smogon simulator
  3955. King Ravenn: so it uses smogon tiers
  3956. Nozzle: uhuh
  3957. SuperDarkrai: OU Or RU
  3958. Thunderbolta: OU
  3959. sluglo: Ik that King
  3960. SuperDarkrai: UU Or Ubers
  3961. King Ravenn: so why would it make it's own tiers
  3962. King Ravenn: ._.
  3963. %Closet: ^
  3964. lukenegro: superdarkrai waddup lol
  3965. Legend13: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2503512 watch it!
  3966. Mienshao is Pro: Why did people think Escavalier would drop down to NU?
  3967. AmbipomSwag: because
  3968. sluglo: cuz i was feeling random
  3969. Enix: it did in po
  3970. AmbipomSwag: fire types
  3971. %Closet: we don't have too much of just a PS! community, not counting smogoners
  3972. AmbipomSwag: are everywhere in RU
  3973. sluglo: and i am feeling bossy
  3974. %Closet: smogon is our community
  3975. @Relados: (technically, GenNEXT is a PS tier but ssshh)
  3976. Mienshao is Pro: Magmortar, Entei, and Typhlosion
  3977. Mienshao is Pro: That's all there is in RU
  3978. TrollTeam: escavalier shouldn't have even left UU
  3979. %Closet: lol
  3980. +Kyuzeth: Moltres, too.
  3981. sluglo: ok guys
  3982. sluglo: im sorry ok?
  3983. +Kyuzeth: Don't forget the leader.
  3984. TrollTeam: thing's a beast
  3985. Mienshao is Pro: Escav should've stayed UU
  3986. anthonyplescia: Las Completas: kill yourself
  3987. anthonyplescia: Las Completas: you fucking nigger
  3988. wannadeoxys: wats effective against flying
  3989. anthonyplescia: Las Completas: you suck and have to use legends to win
  3990. anthonyplescia: Las Completas: kill yourself
  3991. Accordion thief: We'll make our own tiers, with black jack... and hookers, in fact forget the tiers!
  3992. anthonyplescia: Las Completas forfeited.
  3993. %Closet: escav is great
  3994. %Closet: anthony
  3995. +Kyuzeth: Magmortar is epic.
  3996. %Closet: don't post logs
  3997. %Closet: get's too spammy
  3998. +Kyuzeth: Slowking? T-Bolt it.
  3999. anthonyplescia was muted by MJB. (no u)
  4000. sluglo: anthony, PM that to a mod
  4001. My-new-pants: and the winner/
  4002. anthonyplescia was unmuted by MJB.
  4003. %MJB: my bad
  4004. %Closet: yeah
  4005. %MJB: didnt read that properly
  4006. %Closet: >>>
  4007. %Closet: ...*
  4008. Las Completas was muted by MJB. (death threats)
  4009. My-new-pants: of Raymon Monotype Tournament is....
  4010. 173106: UU TOURNEY 6 SPOTS LEFT PM ME
  4011. sluglo: honestly, at least post it to a mod
  4012. 173106 was redirected by Mikel to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  4013. My-new-pants: Sunblade!!!!!
  4014. Mr. FLorotopo: lolo
  4015. My-new-pants: yay
  4016. Mahoromatic: please dont use caps
  4017. • @Stone_Cold drops pants
  4018. • @Stone_Cold parties
  4019. • Mahoromatic averts eyes
  4020. flip off im batman: dont minimod
  4021. %MJB: wp stone
  4022. HAiGAizZ: does sub block taunt?
  4023. My-new-pants: .
  4024. Beeanna: Las Completas the other day told me to go kill myself and called me a "cumguzzaling nigger" I got a laugh.
  4025. Mahoromatic: im technically a voice on one of my alts
  4026. HAiGAizZ: anyone?
  4027. sluglo: or just say, "*insert player name here* cursed at me for dumb reasons"
  4028. @Stone_Cold: waddup Mary J Blige?
  4029. @Mikel: ironically, "no minimodding" is indeed minimodding
  4030. Mahoromatic: so im not actually minimodding
  4031. TrollTeam: okay, making a new RU team
  4032. HAiGAizZ: does sub block taunt?
  4033. @Mikel: and voice can not minimod either
  4034. Mr. FLorotopo: gesriygjnszl´gja´gjn,.rew´gaelkta´`klgnawoi ?????
  4035. @Mikel: :/
  4036. Mahoromatic: ni
  4037. Mahoromatic: no*
  4038. TP Luis: clonails are you doing?
  4039. a bad player: weather the reason why this game has gotten 60 percent boring
  4040. daz lol: polla
  4041. @Mikel: :/
  4042. HAiGAizZ: thanks :)
  4043. TrollTeam: Absol/Escavalier/Entei/Rotom-C/Nidoqueen/Sigilyph, anyone notice any glaring holes in this
  4044. TrollTeam: ?
  4045. @Stone_Cold: Mikel don't minimod a minimod
  4046. Mr. FLorotopo: go+pgfhej+ah
  4047. Mr. FLorotopo: wqh
  4048. Mr. FLorotopo: wh
  4049. Mr. FLorotopo: wreh
  4050. @Mikel: wp sir
  4051. Mr. FLorotopo: eh
  4052. @Stone_Cold: You know better.
  4053. Mr. FLorotopo was muted by Closet.
  4054. Mr. FLorotopo's alts were also muted: daz lol
  4055. +feranfell: ummm
  4056. +feranfell: k
  4057. %Closet: less spam
  4058. sluglo: honestly, weather is not that bad
  4059. @Stone_Cold: MJB
  4060. @Mikel: quick mute
  4061. @Stone_Cold: whats your name stand for
  4062. %MJB: ?
  4063. @Stone_Cold: Mary J blige right?
  4064. %MJB: male jail bait
  4065. @Mikel: male jailbait
  4066. sluglo: this is why I like NU
  4067. @Stone_Cold: o
  4068. sluglo: weatherless and fun
  4069. Thundercoaster: Anybody wanna do hackmons
  4070. %Closet: lol Sonecold
  4071. AmbipomSwag: lol
  4072. @Stone_Cold: :(
  4073. @Stone_Cold: no fun
  4074. Mahoromatic: that makes so much sense
  4075. sirspiketrap99: sun is really unconventual
  4076. sluglo: save for teh Regen core
  4077. King Ravenn: lol stone completely off
  4078. %Closet: Mary J Blige
  4079. Mahoromatic: when you see what it stands for
  4080. @Stone_Cold: King it was a joke
  4081. electrolyteDH: hey CLoset
  4082. TrollTeam: PU would be the best tier if it had a ladder
  4083. %Closet: hey electro
  4084. Thundercoaster: anybody wanna do hackmons?
  4085. @Stone_Cold: smfh.
  4086. sluglo: guys
  4087. snobi: UU TOURNEY!!! PM 173106 TO SIGN UP!!!
  4088. sluglo: Metro Wailords?
  4089. Legend13: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2503512
  4090. %Closet: snobi
  4091. a bad player: stone ur joking right
  4092. @Stone_Cold: GALIC GUN!
  4093. Mahoromatic: please dont use caps
  4094. Mahoromatic: like that
  4095. electrolyteDH: Closet you should go on IRC
  4096. %Closet: **try bold** instead of CAPS
  4097. Legend13: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2503512 calm mind finale
  4098. Thundercoaster: HACKMONS! Anybody wanna play hackmons?
  4099. sluglo: who wants to play Metro Wailords with me?
  4100. snobi was redirected by Mikel to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  4101. @Stone_Cold: ep 14 of db kai
  4102. @Stone_Cold: so good
  4103. Tec: Its a tie, xD
  4104. Mienshao is Pro: So people though Escav would go NU because of this: Mortar/Entei/Typhlo: We know Fire Blast/Flare Blitz/Eruption. You're finished Escavalier!
  4105. Thundercoaster: anybody wanna do hackmons?
  4106. Swagon: if you get disconnected how do you resume a match?
  4107. testing odd team: reconnect?
  4108. sluglo: Escav is great
  4109. Swagon: I did
  4110. TrollTeam: tyranitar is slow and has a 4X weakness to a very common type
  4111. sluglo: I thought it would suck at the beginning
  4112. testing odd team: it worked for me
  4113. TrollTeam: by the same logic that said esca would fall NU
  4114. TrollTeam: clearly tyranitar must be bad
  4115. SpecsX: it is
  4116. %Closet: type /whois (opponent) and click the battle you were in
  4117. Mienshao is Pro: Exactly
  4118. Shunsetsuzan: good grief, I just went against a durant/gothi combo
  4119. imthem: Why are critical hits allowed jesus
  4120. 173106: 3 spots left UU Tourney
  4121. Swagon: it says its still waiting for players
  4122. SpecsX: even in NU
  4123. Sukashayu: Thundercoaster, i want to play Hackmons with you :P
  4124. SpecsX: esca sux
  4125. moomoothecow1: Esca is great
  4126. %Closet: ty vm 173106 ;>
  4127. Mienshao is Pro: There's a good reason why Escavalier was UU for over a year
  4128. Mienshao is Pro: He has a mighty Megahorn
  4129. TrollTeam: SpecsX hasn't played RU apparently.
  4130. moomoothecow1: Great at wallbreaking
  4131. TheBattleStar: Hey SpecsX
  4132. Trolin4eons: Some smogonites say that Ammonguss walls
  4133. SpecsX: Hi battlestar
  4134. Palma Fiocina: What made it drop?
  4135. sluglo: imthem, its nintendo's metaphorical "lol fak U"
  4136. iMust Be New Here: how do i join uu torney?
  4137. Mienshao is Pro: Esca dropped
  4138. TheBattleStar: SpecsX is a cool guy
  4139. SpecsX: im joking trollteam
  4140. Otaku-Eu: What's a good SpD water poke?
  4141. Trollol97: Does magic coat block trick?
  4142. TrollTeam: people were too stupid to use it
  4143. Mienshao is Pro: Because he's literally 2HKO's by Stoutland's Fire Fang!
  4144. TrollTeam: and thus it dropped
  4145. moomoothecow1: Slowking
  4146. mrb: milotic
  4147. Shunsetsuzan: ^
  4148. Ou masta: Tentacruel
  4149. Shunsetsuzan: Tenta/Milotic imo
  4150. Mienshao is Pro: So that's why
  4151. %Closet: okay...
  4152. sluglo: Mighty Horn is amazing
  4153. moomoothecow1: And chandelure
  4154. %Closet: so it's 2hkoed by a 4x effective move
  4155. Palma Fiocina: I hated the time when sand was allowed in UU
  4156. %Closet: OMFG IT SUX
  4157. Mienshao is Pro: Remember, guys, Escavalier is literally 2HKO
  4158. moomoothecow1: It doesn't suck
  4159. Mienshao is Pro: 'd by Stoutland's Fire Fang
  4160. SpecsX: yeah
  4161. sluglo: honestly, SD Samurott is beast with it
  4162. mrb: who uses stoutland
  4163. Mienshao is Pro: Still, Escavalier is awesome
  4164. moomoothecow1: It's win
  4165. %Closet: stoutland isn't that weak...
  4166. SpecsX: and its slow and 4x weak
  4167. sluglo: Stout does not matter
  4168. moomoothecow1: So?
  4169. Trolin4eons: Sawsbuck but I managed to two shot an Ammonguss with Sawsbuck at +0 and no crits
  4170. SpecsX: like ferrothron
  4171. Mienshao is Pro: The Mighty Escavalier will OHKO the whole world
  4172. SpecsX: or forry
  4173. TrollTeam: oh yeah sawsbuck
  4174. mrb: Escavalier has great typing
  4175. moomoothecow1: Tyranitar is slow and is x4 weak to fighting
  4176. Fery750: 977 users online, not even one looking for ru battle ;-;
  4177. mrb: defensively
  4178. sluglo: isnt RU dominated by Fighting types now? That would kill Stout
  4179. TrollTeam: that's another thing that really has no right to be NU
  4180. moomoothecow1: Ferrothorn is x4 weak to fire
  4181. mrb: Stoutland is going straight to nu
  4182. mrb: no question
  4183. sluglo: Saws dropped at march iirc
  4184. mrb: it was only good cuz sand
  4185. %Closet: does scarf swift swim seem like too much?
  4186. SpecsX: stoutland is really only good on sand
  4187. Mienshao is Pro: Poor Stoutland...I knew you well friend
  4188. mrb: ya
  4189. Woona: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2504114
  4190. moomoothecow1: Yes
  4191. @Mikel: just a little
  4192. SpecsX: yes closet
  4193. %Closet: it's UU
  4194. Woona: Fail ^
  4195. Trolin4eons: gastro is slow and has a X4 weakness to *puts on shades* DAT GRASS
  4196. %Closet: and I'm not running rain
  4197. sluglo: Stout is still good in OU tho
  4198. %Closet: I'm using it on Kingdra to counter rain
  4199. SpecsX: depends on what mon
  4200. Ekki-pappa: retaliate stoutland
  4201. SpecsX: hm
  4202. Ekki-pappa: banded
  4203. SpecsX: idk
  4204. TrollTeam: victreebel is good in OU
  4205. %Closet: is that still bad?
  4206. 173106: UU Tourney PM me 2 spots left
  4207. snobi: UU tourney!!! PM 173106 to sign up!!!
  4208. Trolin4eons: No scarfed
  4209. TrollTeam: that doesn't stop it from being low-NU
  4210. %Closet: I want to make sure I outspee d and KO
  4211. TrollTeam: without its weather
  4212. TalkingCake: ._.
  4213. firewire32: 2 more spots left in ou tourney pm 173106
  4214. LFbattle: is missingno hackmon or glitchmon?
  4215. testing odd team: but is rain very present in UU? (i'm an OU battler...)
  4216. %Closet: hackmon
  4217. %Closet: notRLY...
  4218. LFbattle: k thank you
  4219. sluglo: not much
  4220. %Closet: but it's starting tob e
  4221. sluglo: but it will
  4222. Rain Dance: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ubers2504034 , For those of you who watched my last video, This is proof that I can win
  4223. Mienshao is Pro: The UU Drought Ban neutered/swayed Victreebel
  4224. %Closet: with Tornados and Kingra and such
  4225. Trolin4eons: No there are no pokes that have Drizzle in UU or below
  4226. sluglo: Tornadus-I and Kingdra will wreck UU's shit
  4227. %Closet: um
  4228. SpecsX: maybe
  4229. %Closet: it's called Rain Dane
  4230. firewire32: @testingoddteam join the tourney
  4231. %Closet: Dance*
  4232. moomoothecow1: What sluglo said
  4233. SuperDarkrai: OMG
  4234. moomoothecow1: is true
  4235. Palma Fiocina: Torn will probably be BL
  4236. adit123: hi
  4237. %Closet: I hope,
  4238. %Closet: but idk
  4239. %Closet: still
  4240. SuperDarkrai: Hi
  4241. moomoothecow1: He's like Kyurem
  4242. Rain Dance: It is a freaking epic vulcy sweep
  4243. Mienshao is Pro: Kingdra and Tornadus-I will dominate UU
  4244. %Closet: it'll be fast without rain
  4245. moomoothecow1: Bad in OU
  4246. adit123: can I battle someone please
  4247. %Closet: which is good
  4248. moomoothecow1: Unfair in UU
  4249. snobi: UU tourney! PM 173106 to sign up!!!
  4250. Trolin4eons: I think there should be a teir call AU (Always used)
  4251. Legend13: mienshao is UU right?
  4252. 42lkjafd: Anyone know when the ladders are gonna be reset?
  4253. TrollTeam: adit123, try the look for a battle button
  4254. %Closet: yes legend
  4255. SuperDarkrai: Who Want A Random Battle
  4257. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4259. DC
  4261. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4263. %Closet: I want to make sure I outspee d and KO
  4264. TrollTeam: without its weather
  4265. TalkingCake: ._.
  4266. firewire32: 2 more spots left in ou tourney pm 173106
  4267. LFbattle: is missingno hackmon or glitchmon?
  4268. testing odd team: but is rain very present in UU? (i'm an OU battler...)
  4269. %Closet: hackmon
  4270. %Closet: notRLY...
  4271. LFbattle: k thank you
  4272. sluglo: not much
  4273. %Closet: but it's starting tob e
  4274. sluglo: but it will
  4275. Rain Dance: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ubers2504034 , For those of you who watched my last video, This is proof that I can win
  4276. Mienshao is Pro: The UU Drought Ban neutered/swayed Victreebel
  4277. %Closet: with Tornados and Kingra and such
  4278. Trolin4eons: No there are no pokes that have Drizzle in UU or below
  4279. sluglo: Tornadus-I and Kingdra will wreck UU's shit
  4280. %Closet: um
  4281. SpecsX: maybe
  4282. %Closet: it's called Rain Dane
  4283. firewire32: @testingoddteam join the tourney
  4284. %Closet: Dance*
  4285. moomoothecow1: What sluglo said
  4286. SuperDarkrai: OMG
  4287. moomoothecow1: is true
  4288. Palma Fiocina: Torn will probably be BL
  4289. adit123: hi
  4290. %Closet: I hope,
  4291. %Closet: but idk
  4292. %Closet: still
  4293. SuperDarkrai: Hi
  4294. moomoothecow1: He's like Kyurem
  4295. Rain Dance: It is a freaking epic vulcy sweep
  4296. Mienshao is Pro: Kingdra and Tornadus-I will dominate UU
  4297. %Closet: it'll be fast without rain
  4298. moomoothecow1: Bad in OU
  4299. adit123: can I battle someone please
  4300. %Closet: which is good
  4301. moomoothecow1: Unfair in UU
  4302. snobi: UU tourney! PM 173106 to sign up!!!
  4303. Trolin4eons: I think there should be a teir call AU (Always used)
  4304. Legend13: mienshao is UU right?
  4305. 42lkjafd: Anyone know when the ladders are gonna be reset?
  4306. TrollTeam: adit123, try the look for a battle button
  4307. %Closet: yes legend
  4308. SuperDarkrai: Who Want A Random Battle
  4309. mrb: kokoloko said tornadus-i was being overhyped, but we'll have to see
  4310. TrollTeam: and yes, mienshao is uu
  4311. Legend13: thnx
  4312. snobi: (it's taking forever to start....)
  4313. sluglo: OU IS an AU
  4314. Mienshao is Pro: Mienshao is UU
  4315. 173106: UU Tourney Closed
  4316. • RedditorSlowbro is out
  4317. Mienshao is Pro: But we don't know if Mienshao will stay UU
  4318. Trolin4eons: Where pokes that are broken in OU and too weak in UBERS form together
  4319. Halo on PS3: lol
  4320. Mienshao is Pro: with Torn-I, Mew, and Meloetta
  4321. TrollTeam: also people, bear in mind this isn't the first time tornadus-i has been uu
  4322. mrb: mienshao will stay uu
  4323. sluglo: If i could make my won tier list, I would move NU's regen core to RU
  4324. SpecsX: ubers is a banlist
  4325. sluglo: *own
  4326. %Closet: true
  4327. %Closet: but the tiers have totes changed
  4328. TrollTeam: lol nu regen core
  4329. Palma Fiocina: Mienshao is pretty good in UU.
  4330. Trolin4eons: Like Garchomp or Exca and T-tar
  4331. TrollTeam: mola is hilaribad
  4332. Mienshao is Pro: I suck with tiering
  4333. %Closet: tbh I think Tornadus is just a tad too much
  4334. sluglo: and possibly move Terra and Tornadus-T to ubers
  4335. SpecsX: those are good in ubers
  4336. sluglo: just my opinion.
  4337. testing odd team: to me dragonite is nearly ubers
  4338. Mienshao is Pro: I will make Absol, Amoonguss, and Alomomola to RU
  4339. SpecsX: and ttar isnt OP in OU
  4340. Mienshao is Pro: And have NU get nothing in return
  4341. TrollTeam: absol should be RU
  4342. Deejaay: Meloetta and genesect has to be uber.
  4343. Swagon: Not amoonguss
  4344. sluglo: Absol is not as broken as the regen core
  4345. TrollTeam: it's damn good in there
  4346. SpecsX: gene is ubers imho
  4347. Swagon: hes to bad ass
  4348. Mienshao is Pro: Still
  4349. moomoothecow1: Meloetta can't be uber
  4350. Mienshao is Pro: I wanna see Absol in RU
  4351. mrb: I think the superpower/heat wave buff might make tornadus a lot better but i don't think it's bl material
  4352. Blank_Zero: Gene is OU because yes
  4353. 173106: http://challonge.com/tournament/bracket_generator?ref=KHTOFINMEV if you are in my tourney
  4354. sluglo: I got counters
  4355. Mienshao is Pro: I fuck with the tiering
  4356. Lewa263: What is the regen core?
  4357. LFbattle: in hackmon u can have illegal moves on pokemon right?
  4358. moomoothecow1: Yes
  4359. Yugi: >Hail finally winning
  4360. LFbattle: k
  4361. TrollTeam: the regen core is alomomola + amoonguss
  4362. SpecsX: mons with regen
  4363. Yugi: > tears in my eyes
  4364. moomoothecow1: I think
  4365. Mienshao is Pro: Amoonguss and Alomomola are NU's Regen core
  4366. Palma Fiocina: My God
  4367. Palma Fiocina: the regen core sounds very annoying
  4368. TrollTeam: it's hilariously easy to break
  4369. Swagon: but not contrary as an ability
  4370. sluglo: though the regen core HAS to move in at least November
  4371. TrollTeam: Alomomola is bad
  4372. +feranfell: imo alomomola is more annoying than amoonguss
  4373. sluglo: lol
  4374. +feranfell: there aren't tier shifts in november
  4375. sluglo: Alo is too good
  4376. Sarkynin: Always wanted to visit America.
  4377. moomoothecow1: Amoonguss is worse
  4378. Mienshao is Pro: Alomomola walled the hell outta my team
  4379. I'm Nick: can gene be ubers?
  4380. Lewa263: Oh, OK, so the team I've been using. Does that make me a bad person?
  4381. I'm Nick: please?
  4382. +feranfell: Amoonguss is easy to deal with
  4383. Eonar: yeah, alomomola is annoying
  4384. TrollTeam: if alomomola is walling your team
  4385. Gonxaloo7: s
  4386. mrb: what about your team?
  4387. TrollTeam: you have a bad team
  4388. moomoothecow1: Alomomola can wall things eaqsily
  4389. in-game error: Dear mods. Encore + disable forces the target to use struggle. That doesn't happen here. Ty for reading this error.
  4390. Trolin4eons: no but a toxic user
  4391. Enix: rotom-s can trick and destroy the regen core
  4392. sluglo: Unless you run Electabuzz or something like that, good luck aganist that steroids Luvdisx
  4393. sluglo: *Luvdisc
  4394. @shnen: in-game error
  4395. Piplup Man: Awesomeness
  4396. @shnen: post it in the bug reports thread
  4397. Trolin4eons: Or f
  4398. Mienshao is Pro: TrollTeam, Alomomola is an elite wall
  4399. @shnen: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3469932
  4400. in-game error: ty for the link
  4401. Mienshao is Pro: I've even walled things with Alo before
  4402. TrollTeam: i set up on alomomola
  4403. Ozymandias555: can some1 battle me and tell me what's wrong with my team and if i should replace haxorus?
  4404. TrollTeam: to +6
  4405. TP Luis: clonaaaaails
  4406. TrollTeam: repeatedly
  4407. Mienshao is Pro: I set up too
  4408. @Mikel: what a sneat link
  4409. Mienshao is Pro: But then I fall for the bad luck of getting burned
  4410. @Mikel: *shneat
  4411. @Mikel: <_<
  4412. TrollTeam: i've set up on mola with fire-types, FFS.
  4413. TrollTeam: it's that bad.
  4414. +feranfell: shneat is the dumbest afk name <_> sorry but it's true
  4415. @Mikel: pretty much
  4416. sluglo: Amoonguss is MUCH easier for me
  4417. +feranfell: alomomola has base 40 sp atk
  4418. @The Immortal: afk names are dumb
  4419. @Mikel: worse than Mikel|Fudes?
  4420. @The Immortal: except TI|Uni
  4421. Ou masta: Sour apples
  4422. @Stone_Cold: shnen didn't you quit
  4423. @Stone_Cold: lol
  4424. @The Immortal: obviously
  4425. +feranfell: that's lame ti
  4426. @The Immortal: <_<
  4427. Mienshao is Pro: On a side note
  4428. TrollTeam: amoonguss at least has spore + sub going for it
  4429. Mienshao is Pro: I fuck with tiering
  4430. +feranfell: Feranfellasleep is the best
  4431. +feranfell: y/y
  4432. TrollTeam: also a not fail SpA
  4433. @Mikel: no
  4434. sluglo: Noctowl goes in to take a Spore, then Air Slashes him 2 times
  4435. TrollTeam: that lets it go offensive
  4436. Mdevil: i wish a good pokemon got drizzle (outside of ubers)
  4437. @Mikel: it's approx 0/10
  4438. Ou masta: Amoonguss is actually pretty terrible
  4439. @Stone_Cold: Stone_Out_Cold 4 afk name. y/n
  4440. +feranfell: your mom is approx 0/10
  4441. HAiGAizZ: what.
  4442. HAiGAizZ: amoonguss is prosht
  4443. +feranfell: lol stone cold
  4444. %MJB: amoongus is annoying as fuck
  4445. Legend13: life orb mienshao with fake out, U-turn, and regenerator ability
  4446. Bananator: Politoed is a nightmare
  4447. +feranfell: y
  4448. Mienshao is Pro: Plans: Make Absol and the Regen core RU, don't let anything drop down from RU
  4449. @Stone_Cold: lfgi
  4450. Mienshao is Pro: Regenerator is the best ability in the entire game
  4451. moomoothecow1: I think RU is good as it is
  4452. +feranfell: wtf mienshao, no D: NU never gets the cool pokes
  4453. HAiGAizZ: lol wonder guard says hi
  4454. Swagon: sableye in ou causes so many rage quits
  4455. Legend13: for scouting yes
  4456. Piplup Man 28: This is coool
  4457. komatsu: hi
  4458. %Closet: hm
  4459. Diva puppy: random battle tournament pm me to join
  4460. sluglo: what Mienshao said save for Absol
  4461. %Closet: what would my afk name be?
  4462. fuzzybutcheeks: this guy in random had infernape deoxys speed arceus and me
  4463. %Closet: :o
  4464. moomoothecow1: Absol is wrecked by gurdurr
  4465. @Relados: Outofthecloset?
  4466. sluglo: Absol is easy to beat
  4467. %Closet: EmptyCloset?
  4468. @Mikel: Imbusyinyourcloset
  4469. @Mikel: obv
  4470. TrollTeam: a ton of things are wrecked by gurdurr
  4471. %Closet: Lol
  4472. sluglo: Gurrdurr and Throh
  4473. moomoothecow1: And any setup
  4474. zzSiltyDinosaur: what is a good pokemon that can use rapid spin???
  4475. TrollTeam: gurdurr is an amazing NU mon
  4476. testing odd team: ClosedcCoset
  4477. Mienshao is Pro: Feranfell, NU never got the cool pokes and never will
  4478. Imbusyinyourcloset: ?
  4479. Asek: starmi
  4480. Imbusyinyourcloset: OMFG IT FITS
  4481. testing odd team: Closed*Closet*
  4482. sluglo: and CB Sawk
  4483. @Relados: lol closet
  4484. Voltorb: divapuppy?
  4485. moomoothecow1: GuSamurott is cool
  4486. Mienshao is Pro: The only cool Poke's you got are Charizard and Golurk
  4487. Enix: are there any good spinners in nu?
  4488. Imbusyinyourcloset: Torkoal
  4489. @Relados: ./fr imbusyinyourcloset, :3
  4490. Mienshao is Pro: And I guess Ludicolo
  4491. Imbusyinyourcloset: Armaldo
  4492. TrollTeam: Enix, the best NU spinner is armaldo
  4493. moomoothecow1: Samurott is AWESOME
  4494. Imbusyinyourcloset: ):
  4495. TrollTeam: that's pretty much it
  4496. sluglo: wait
  4497. Asek: wartortle can work
  4499. Asek: if desperate
  4500. TrollTeam: lol no.
  4501. Imbusyinyourcloset: fugly color
  4502. Mienshao is Pro: Asek you got devoiced?
  4503. moomoothecow1: Wartortle sucks
  4504. sluglo: fak u Mienshao
  4505. TrollTeam: wartortle has no reason at all to exist outside of rapid spin
  4506. sluglo: jk
  4507. komatsu: hi
  4508. Swagon: your mother is wrecked by gurrdurr
  4509. TrollTeam: playing with wartortle is starting the battle down a mon
  4510. mystahleeboi: / avatar 99
  4511. Asek: thats the point
  4512. Enix: try /avatar 99
  4513. Asek: wartortle is the most bulky rapid spinner left in NU
  4514. Imbusyinthatcloset: ?
  4515. Imbusyinthatcloset: kewl green
  4516. TrollTeam: i'd rather use spinda as my rapid spinner
  4517. HeroOfSinnoh: .
  4518. sluglo: Wartortle sucks
  4519. Asek: if your team really needs the support
  4520. TrollTeam: than wartortle
  4521. Trolin4eons: What about Musharna it is the Cress of NU
  4522. ytfeL: any advice on a good techniloom set?
  4523. sluglo: Armaldo is only decent thanks to Golurk
  4524. TrollTeam: at least spinda has element of surprise going for it
  4525. moomoothecow1: It's so easy to set up on wartortle
  4526. TrollTeam: wartortle has nothing
  4527. +feranfell: ^
  4528. WMU: someone join NU
  4529. moomoothecow1: He can't hit anything
  4530. Thundercoaster: anybody wanna do hackmons?
  4531. Asek: use scald
  4532. Mienshao is Pro: Wartortle is setup fodder
  4533. sluglo: Spinda and Dellibird are a joke
  4534. moomoothecow1: You think?
  4535. sluglo: and Cyro has been RU for some months
  4536. Asek: no physcial attackers want to brave a 30% chance
  4537. Imbusyinthatcloset: Wartortle, if it only had roar
  4538. Trolin4eons: Toxic and Rapid spin (god why didn't I think of Warturtle)
  4539. Yamano98: delliberd has present! ok?
  4540. TrollTeam: trolin4eons, consider yourself lucky that you didn't
  4541. mnbv: i just battled someone and he burnt 3 of my pokemon with scald on teh first try, two of them physical attackers, and i missed 3 out of 4 focus blasts and then, when sleep lasted 3 turns, he ragequits
  4542. Mienshao is Pro: Cryo will be RU for the enitireity of Gen 5
  4543. TrollTeam: the whole point is that wartortle is a terrible mon
  4544. thisguy257: Wow this just really happened:
  4545. thisguy257: Alakazam used Shadow Ball!
  4546. thisguy257: It's super effective! The foe's Kane lost 70% of its health!
  4547. Imbusyinthatcloset: that's nice mnbv.
  4548. moomoothecow1: Why do so many people use wartortle
  4549. thisguy257: The foe's Kane fainted!
  4550. thisguy257: The sandstorm rages.
  4551. thisguy257: cali152: i fuck your mom :D
  4552. thisguy257: cali152 left
  4553. Voltorb: any tournys running?
  4554. Imbusyinthatcloset: this guy
  4555. Asek: if your team needs rapid spin support
  4556. TrollTeam: moomoothecow1, people are stupid
  4557. Imbusyinthatcloset: Dont post logs
  4558. %MJB: dont post logs please
  4559. %MJB: it spams the chat
  4560. Asek: then wartortl is the best bet
  4561. moomoothecow1: There are better spinners
  4562. %Closet: B
  4563. %Closet: MJB*
  4564. Asek: as it is far bulkier
  4565. SuperDarkrai: Where Chaos
  4566. Asek: then the other 2
  4567. Voltorb: like spinarak? lol
  4568. TrollTeam: claydol is a better spinner than wartortle.
  4569. +feranfell: mjb sux
  4570. +feranfell: js
  4571. %Closet: you were ninja'd by a norm user
  4572. fireblaze: Team Indestructable
  4573. TrollTeam: this isn't a compliment to claydol.
  4574. WasSollDas: in NU, no
  4575. moomoothecow1: Baltoy is a better spinner
  4576. sluglo: anybody have an account on teh Nuzlocke Forums?
  4577. feranfell was muted by MJB. (no u)
  4578. %Closet: claydol...love it's looks, but dose weakneses
  4579. moomoothecow1: Actually no
  4580. Square: Why is DW UBers taking so long?
  4581. feranfell was unmuted by Closet.
  4582. TrollTeam: btw, claydol has no right to be UU at all
  4583. feranfell was unmuted by MJB.
  4584. %Closet: don't mute feran! D:
  4585. TrollTeam: it's the worst mon in UU bar none
  4586. sluglo: Baltoy and Sandshrew just waste me a Dr.Pepper can
  4587. TrollTeam: including dusclops
  4588. Troublenugget: random battle is BS i just had +3 rayquaza and joltik lived an ES like wtf is that ?
  4589. +feranfell: fak
  4590. %Closet: only I can mute feran!
  4591. sluglo: and a keyboard
  4592. moomoothecow1: Clatdol can kinda wall
  4593. +feranfell: lool
  4594. SmØgØn: It has nice defenses.
  4595. feranfell was muted by Closet.
  4596. TrollTeam: and ambipom
  4597. %Closet: :>
  4598. feranfell was unmuted by Closet.
  4599. Sukashayu: lol
  4600. TrollTeam: yes, there is something in UU worse than ambipom
  4601. testing odd team: but what's the point of having good defenses and lots of weaknesses?
  4602. shmeur: eelektross is severely underrated
  4603. AmbipomSwag: no there isn't
  4604. Asek: now I'm poitive you've been reading smogon opinion based articles
  4605. fireblaze: Untitled 2
  4606. moomoothecow1: Ambipom is worse than claydol
  4607. %Closet: ambipom isn't even that bad
  4608. AmbipomSwag: ambipom is the worst UU pokemon
  4609. Stop26: ranking /standtall
  4610. %Closet: idk why people hate it so much
  4611. AmbipomSwag: dusknoir can actually spin block
  4612. dyl: someone do ny
  4613. dyl: nu
  4614. TrollTeam: dusclops > ambipom > claydol
  4615. Ou masta: Ambipom is terrible
  4616. JesZ-_-97: ambipom is good
  4617. moomoothecow1: It is weak
  4618. TrollTeam: those are the bottom 3
  4619. moonbase: How many times has feranfell got muted
  4620. AmbipomSwag: claydol can actually status stuff
  4621. %Closet: it's not that good,
  4622. fireblaze: my team is amzing
  4623. btsdurrani: hosting a random battle tournament pm me if interested
  4624. %Closet: but why so much hate on it....
  4625. AmbipomSwag: ambipom just gets walled
  4626. moomoothecow1: It can't do anything
  4627. sluglo: Dusclops is at least not a joke
  4628. %Closet: um...
  4629. %Closet: okay....
  4630. sluglo: though he REALLY needs RU
  4631. %Closet: so something gets walled
  4632. %Closet: OMG IT SUX
  4633. +feranfell: .
  4634. TrollTeam: dusclops can't hit anything outside of status/seismic
  4635. @Relados: lol the modlog for feranfell is pretty large
  4636. AmbipomSwag: lol
  4637. SmØgØn: Ambipom is a beast for fake out.
  4638. moomoothecow1: Dusclops beats anything that isn't a ghost
  4639. SmØgØn: But it ends there.
  4640. +feranfell: LOL relados
  4641. fat nattorei: lol
  4642. %Closet: lol
  4643. +feranfell: I'm the most abused member :<
  4644. Palma Fiocina: Ambipom has good speed and decent power
  4645. +feranfell: maybe
  4646. Mienshao is Pro: Dusclops should stay UU
  4647. +feranfell: idk
  4648. @Mikel: probably
  4649. moomoothecow1: Mienshao can fake out too
  4650. AmbipomSwag: basically
  4651. Palma Fiocina: Walled by a lot of things though
  4652. AmbipomSwag: anything that resists normal walls ambipom >.>
  4653. TrollTeam: dusclops RU dusknoir NU
  4654. Mienshao is Pro: Dusclops in RU would make Dusknoir NU
  4655. TrollTeam: then maybe they wouldn't suck
  4656. sluglo: Dusclops is heavily outclassed by Cofa
  4657. moomoothecow1: NU dusknoir?
  4658. @Relados: lol feranfell, you should see Rory's modlog
  4659. TrollTeam: mienshao you say that like it's a bad thing
  4660. %Closet: it has Norm/Dark/Fight coverage, with albeit weak moves,
  4661. AmbipomSwag: not at all
  4662. AmbipomSwag: dusclops
  4663. moomoothecow1: Wut you smoking
  4664. AmbipomSwag: is way bulkier
  4665. %Closet: it's still not THAT damn bad
  4666. Mienshao is Pro: Cofa grigus grigus grigus
  4667. sluglo: BL3 Dusknoir
  4668. AmbipomSwag: and pulls of restalk sets better
  4669. AmbipomSwag: ambipom is that bad
  4670. TrollTeam: lol
  4671. sluglo: seriously
  4672. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom for NU
  4673. Asek: Closet half the people saying these mons suck
  4674. TrollTeam: dusknoir is comparable to evio missy
  4675. btsdurrani: hosting a random battle tournament pm me if interested 5 spots left
  4676. Asek: have been reading on smogon
  4677. moomoothecow1: Ambipom for RU
  4678. AmbipomSwag: I've tried every possible set and the only one that isn't outclassed is fake out/last resort
  4679. TrollTeam: and evio missy hasn't been broken in NU
  4680. Asek: and taken other users opinions
  4681. %Closet: ofc
  4682. TrollTeam: good, not broken
  4683. Mienshao is Pro: No, Ambipom for NU
  4684. TrollTeam: ^
  4685. %Closet: ambipom is definitely not NU...
  4686. Mienshao is Pro: NU Ambipom 2013
  4687. Ollleey: I think sceptile is to OP for RU
  4688. moomoothecow1: RU works better
  4689. sluglo: i told some dude that he should replace his Dusclops with Cofa, and he said the name Cofagrigus was dumb
  4690. AmbipomSwag: ambipom should be NU
  4691. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom will dominate NU
  4692. Yamano98: any tourney?
  4693. shmeur: lol it is dumb
  4694. AmbipomSwag: it's outclassed by cinccino
  4695. moomoothecow1: Sceptile is easily beaten
  4696. sluglo: and that was the reason
  4697. AmbipomSwag: who was NU
  4698. TrollTeam: lol mienshao
  4699. AmbipomSwag: (still is?)
  4700. Square: DW Ubers needs to load
  4701. %Closet: I like how I just realized your name is Ambipom swag
  4702. Mushishi: ambipom can revenge kill a bunch of stuff... fake out can do like 40% to almost anything that isnt too bulky
  4703. &DTC: resttalk dusclops sucks
  4704. +feranfell: still is
  4705. moonbase: can someone battle me on ou suspect test
  4706. sluglo: Ambi would much rather be RU
  4707. moomoothecow1: Big issue is it's degenses
  4708. TrollTeam: people actually prepare for cinccino in NU
  4709. AmbipomSwag: xD
  4710. %Closet: I feel the irony
  4711. Amazing Abra: what are some good hackmon pokes? Also, Magic Bounce, Prankster, or Mold Breaker for Deo-S?
  4712. TrollTeam: and ambipom < cinccino
  4713. AmbipomSwag: I like to claim names
  4714. moomoothecow1: Resttalk dusclops does not suck
  4715. &DTC: who cares if it does resttalk better than other ghost-types if resttalk is terrible in bw
  4716. btsdurrani: hosting a random battle tournament pm me if interested
  4717. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom is outclassed in everything. As a Normal-type revenge killer it's outclassed by Cinccino, and as a Fake Out+U-Turn user it's outclassed by Mienshao
  4718. %MJB: sup dtc
  4719. AmbipomSwag: restalk dusclops actually works
  4720. sluglo: Cin is eaten by my regirock
  4721. AmbipomSwag: just saying
  4722. AmbipomSwag: it has enough bulk
  4723. B Redi: its really up to you
  4724. moomoothecow1: Exactly
  4725. SmØgØn: Cinccino is horrible. >.>
  4726. +feranfell: everyone with 3 letter names suck
  4727. %Closet: Cincinno should move up first, if it is better than ambi
  4728. AmbipomSwag: to live 3 turns
  4729. +feranfell: C:
  4730. &DTC: it works for pokemon trying to set up on it
  4731. AmbipomSwag: hardly anything 3HKOs it
  4732. Asek: why would I use restalk
  4733. %Closet: lol
  4734. sluglo: Bullet Seed does not do shit to me
  4735. moomoothecow1: Cinccino is better than Ambi
  4736. Mienshao is Pro: Cinccino is pretty strong
  4737. &DTC: a lot of things 3hko dusclops
  4738. Mienshao is Pro: Cinccino>Ambipom
  4739. &DTC: especially after SR
  4740. AmbipomSwag: pain split dusclops gets toxic'd and becomes useless
  4741. sluglo: and I drain Punch it out
  4742. AmbipomSwag: uhh
  4743. Asek: WoW + toxic + pain split + night shade
  4744. AmbipomSwag: not on the side it invests in
  4745. Asek: or something
  4746. &DTC: also remember when it is resttalking
  4747. feranfell was muted by MJB. (STOP BULLYING ME!)
  4748. SmØgØn: Cinccino is not as good as Ambipom.
  4749. &DTC: it is realllllllly
  4750. Asek: sounds like the set it runs usually
  4751. &DTC: easy to set up on
  4752. feranfell was unmuted by Relados.
  4753. AmbipomSwag: nah
  4754. feranfell was muted by Closet. (emphasis)
  4755. %Closet: :>
  4756. AmbipomSwag: seismic toss
  4757. feranfell was unmuted by Relados.
  4758. AmbipomSwag: breaks all the subs
  4759. Amazing Abra: Cincinno doesn't get Taunt, Shadow Claw, Double Hit, etc
  4760. feranfell was unmuted by Closet.
  4761. &DTC: yes but you have to rely on resttalks
  4762. B Redi: lol
  4763. @Relados: ninja'd
  4764. &DTC: shitty 33% chance
  4765. %Closet: ...
  4766. sluglo: feran is being trolled
  4767. Square: Waiting
  4768. AmbipomSwag: cinccino instead
  4769. &DTC: of actually using the right move
  4770. feranfell was muted by Closet.
  4771. Mienshao is Pro: Cinccino doesn't need those things
  4772. feranfell was unmuted by Relados.
  4773. %Closet: fuck
  4774. shmeur: cinci gets skill link
  4775. AmbipomSwag: gets rock blast and bullet seed
  4776. %Closet: >put feranfeel
  4777. AmbipomSwag: and can actually hurt stuff
  4778. Square: What's with all the muting?
  4779. +feranfell: lol
  4780. sluglo: ftf guys
  4781. +feranfell: LOL
  4782. AmbipomSwag: and has more powerful normal STAB
  4783. sluglo: *wtf
  4784. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom can't make good use out of Shadow Claw, Taunt, and Double Hit
  4785. Feranfeel: :3
  4786. Feranfeel: this color is nice
  4787. %Closet: we're friends, Square
  4788. Mushishi: lol comparing ambi to cinci what a noob or a bad troll
  4789. %Closet: it's ok
  4790. shmeur: cinci can break subs and sashes
  4791. shmeur: lol
  4792. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom is the worst UU Pokemon
  4793. moomoothecow1: Double Hit?!
  4794. %Closet: um
  4795. AmbipomSwag: yep
  4796. moomoothecow1: Ha!
  4797. %Closet: Claydol?
  4798. sluglo: guys
  4799. @Relados: friends don't let friends mute :P
  4800. Feranfeel: it reminds me of gatorade
  4801. %Closet: :p
  4802. AmbipomSwag: claydol
  4803. TrollTeam: ambipom would be the worst UU pokemon
  4804. AmbipomSwag: is useful
  4805. SmØgØn: Ambipom is hyper-fake out, Cinccino is crappy wannabe Cloyster. THey're different roles tbh.
  4806. sluglo: redirect me to something!
  4807. AmbipomSwag: it's really hard
  4808. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom is garbage
  4809. Feranfeel: grape gatorade, yum
  4810. AmbipomSwag: to OHKO
  4811. &DTC: Mushishi: lol comparing ambi to cinci what a noob or a bad troll
  4812. SmØgØn: Ambipom is better.
  4813. TrollTeam: if claydol were RU like it should be
  4814. AmbipomSwag: so it's a good rocks setter
  4815. %Closet: Ambipom is useful...
  4816. btsdurrani: hosting a hackmons smeargle with moody ability tournament pm if interested
  4817. %Closet: =_=
  4818. AmbipomSwag: no
  4819. moomoothecow1: Cinccino and cloyster are different
  4820. TrollTeam: tbh claydol should be NU
  4821. shmeur: wannabe cloyster
  4822. Feranfeel: so is your mom
  4823. shmeur: lol
  4824. &DTC: This is actually a decent comparison. It's much better than comparisons like Entei and Moltres
  4825. AmbipomSwag: Ambipom can be useful
  4826. Asek: omg
  4827. AmbipomSwag: but other pokemon
  4828. sluglo: Claydol was Ru for some time
  4829. moomoothecow1: One Shell smashes
  4830. @Relados: lol feranfeel
  4831. AmbipomSwag: do it way better
  4832. @Relados: I like the color
  4833. Asek: just because smogon says so
  4834. sluglo: but them was too good
  4835. Illusive Reaper: I like my name nows!
  4836. AmbipomSwag: Cinccino does the general attacking set better
  4837. moomoothecow1: The other just straight up sweeps
  4838. Ou masta: hm
  4839. TrollTeam: yeah, it was
  4840. Asek: doesn't mean its true
  4841. Ou masta: MJB
  4842. LFbattle: y missingno no enter in hackmon?
  4843. mnbv: cincinno is not "craooy wannabe" anything
  4844. %Closet: okay..... if Cincinno is better, why isn't it UU?
  4845. mnbv: it's pretty good
  4846. sluglo: and now, no Cofa will stop him in RU
  4847. %MJB: ?
  4848. TrollTeam: and all the good RU players were talking about how crap claydol was
  4849. &DTC: They're both really frail but fast Normal-types
  4850. AmbipomSwag: because
  4851. Ou masta: Do you think I should Scarf my Thund-T?
  4852. AmbipomSwag: players are stupid
  4853. mnbv: *crappy
  4854. Amazing Abra: Why are we comparing Ambipom and Cincinno when Cincinno doesn't get Fake Out
  4855. AmbipomSwag: that's not
  4856. &DTC: closet because tiers are based on usage
  4857. %Closet: okay...
  4858. AmbipomSwag: surprising
  4859. %MJB: idk never tried it
  4860. sluglo: which means he may go BL2
  4861. %MJB: but probs yer
  4862. Mienshao is Pro: Cofa grigus grigus grigus grigus
  4863. moomoothecow1: Too many people use ambi
  4864. %MJB: its a good set
  4865. TrollTeam: loooooool
  4866. Ou masta: But I already have Scarf toed and Specs Torn-t tho
  4867. moomoothecow1: Ghosts wall ambi
  4868. btsdurrani: hosting a random battle tournament pm me if interested
  4869. moomoothecow1: Rock types wall ambi
  4870. TrollTeam: sluglo i take it you didn't play RU when claydol was in the tier
  4871. %MJB: scarf toed itsnt a good enough scarfer
  4872. %MJB: in cant rk mence and whatnot
  4873. moomoothecow1: Steel types wall ambi
  4874. shmeur: no bullet seed > rocks
  4875. Mushishi: does cinci have fake out? no end of story
  4876. TrollTeam: it was far from dominating and you did not need cofa to stop it
  4877. %MJB: you need a faster one
  4878. Ou masta: Ah
  4879. AmbipomSwag: fake out
  4880. Ou masta: Cool
  4881. %Closet: exactly, however, by our standards, Usage helps determine power, in a sense. IF cincinno was better, he'd most likely have moved up. True, the players may be stupid, but Cincinno should move up before Ambi just drops.
  4882. AmbipomSwag: isn't that useful
  4883. moomoothecow1: Mienshao does
  4884. AmbipomSwag: and if you really want
  4885. sluglo: TrollTeam, i played at that time
  4886. AmbipomSwag: a good pokemon who can use fake out
  4887. moomoothecow1: In any role, ambipom loses
  4888. &DTC: did someone say claydol will probably be BL2
  4889. AmbipomSwag: use mienshao
  4890. &DTC: or might be
  4891. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom is terribad
  4892. AmbipomSwag: or even weavile
  4893. Ou masta: Claydol is so horrible
  4894. AmbipomSwag: who does the whole
  4895. Mienshao is Pro: Mienshao is Pro
  4896. AmbipomSwag: dark/fighting coverage
  4897. JesZ-_-97: ambipom gets low sweep
  4898. AmbipomSwag: way better
  4899. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom is Shit
  4900. @Relados: The only problem with the way smogon does tiers is that stuff like Metang can go RU for a while :P
  4901. moomoothecow1: Weavile is pretty good
  4902. AmbipomSwag: weavile gets low kick
  4903. sluglo: i only thought of it cuz Smogon is insane
  4904. Enix: claydol for ru?
  4905. AmbipomSwag: and swords dance
  4906. AmbipomSwag: and ice shard
  4907. JesZ-_-97: which gets boosted by technician
  4908. Mienshao is Pro: Scrafty is the king of Dark/Fighting coverage
  4909. TrollTeam: NU claydol 2013 let's go
  4910. Mienshao is Pro: NU Ambipom 2013
  4911. moomoothecow1: NU claydol?
  4912. moomoothecow1: No
  4913. AmbipomSwag: Claydol is more useful in OU than UU
  4914. SmØgØn: Claydol is too good for Nu.
  4915. AmbipomSwag: it's amusing
  4916. Amazing Abra: claydol is horrible in UU, it can't kill what it's supposed to wall and I can't think of any way it can stop spinblockers, which are on basically every team
  4917. Mienshao is Pro: CLaydol stay UU
  4918. moomoothecow1: Then Armaldo goes PU
  4919. sluglo: RU Claydol
  4920. Mienshao is Pro: How about this
  4921. %Closet: while Ambi isn't that good,
  4922. &DTC: NU claydol
  4923. Enix: claydol would replace armaldo then :x
  4924. &DTC: Claydol is easy to take advantage of
  4925. AmbipomSwag: amazing aabra, it can at least toxic the ghosts
  4926. TrollTeam: armaldo has reason to be used outside of rapid spin
  4927. moomoothecow1: Claydol for RU
  4928. &DTC: and has way too many weaknesses for its own good
  4929. Mushishi: im actualy sad that claydol went up
  4930. TrollTeam: it's physically defensive and can swords dance
  4931. Mienshao is Pro: NU Ambipom, UU Metang, UU Toxicroak, RU Absol, etc
  4932. sluglo: no
  4933. &DTC: it can't even effective spin because
  4934. Stunfisky: heyheyhey
  4935. TrollTeam: UU metang?
  4936. &DTC: it attracts ghost-types even disregarding rapid spin
  4937. TrollTeam: lolololololol
  4938. moomoothecow1: UU metang?!
  4939. %Closet: It's not that bad. Weavile has quite a few type clashings, and Mienshao is slower. But, I do see your point. I'm trying to basically say, less hate on Ambi.
  4940. &DTC: effectively*
  4941. AmbipomSwag: metagross you mean?
  4942. moomoothecow1: What?!
  4943. moomoothecow1: No!
  4944. Feranfeel: no
  4945. moomoothecow1: No!
  4946. Ou masta: Mismagius is good
  4947. Feranfeel: metang
  4948. moomoothecow1: Metang for NU
  4949. +Feranfell: it is nu
  4950. btsdurrani: anyone want to be in a random battle tourney pm me if interested
  4951. AmbipomSwag: Closet, the point is, whatever ambipom tries to do, someone else does it better
  4952. Mienshao is Pro: Or, how about, UU Metagross
  4953. AmbipomSwag: band sets
  4954. +Feranfell: but should be uu
  4955. AmbipomSwag: are just horribly weak
  4956. TrollTeam: metang for PU is more like it
  4957. sluglo: he already IS nu
  4958. Mienshao is Pro: No
  4959. sluglo: why not PU
  4960. moomoothecow1: Hell, metang for wherever bayleef is
  4961. AmbipomSwag: cinccino does life orb better
  4962. Mienshao is Pro: Actually, no UU Metagross
  4963. AmbipomSwag: and if you really want fake out, use mienshao or weavile
  4964. Mushishi: but since sharpedo and honchkrow went up to uu its normal that claydol went up too
  4965. Amazing Abra: Any Sub Mismagius sets up on Claydol, and most Sableye carry Taunt and Foul Play
  4966. moomoothecow1: UU metagross is unfair
  4967. AmbipomSwag: fake out isn't for damage, it's for stalling a turn
  4968. %Closet: no STAB
  4969. sluglo: UU Meta can work out
  4970. TrollTeam: metagross would probably be BL
  4971. &DTC: uu metagross would be good
  4972. Asek: weavile is not a good fake out user
  4973. %Closet: the thing is
  4974. AmbipomSwag: no it wouldn't
  4975. &DTC: nah there are
  4976. Asek: sorry sr weakness
  4977. AmbipomSwag: metagross
  4978. %Closet: Fake out isn't meant for damage
  4979. &DTC: a lot of solid pokemon that can beat metagross in uu
  4980. SmØgØn: Metagross is strange. :/ Agiligross just lacks something and no other set is really that useful.
  4981. AmbipomSwag: gets walled by bulky waters
  4982. Asek: is not desirable at all for that
  4983. %Closet: but if it can stall and get damage
  4984. sluglo: much rather have that thing in UU than Toxicroak
  4985. %Closet: well, great!@
  4986. AmbipomSwag: yea
  4987. &DTC: zapdos, bulky water-types (which are everywhere), etc
  4988. moomoothecow1: Mienshao can use life orb fake out and u turn
  4989. AmbipomSwag: and mienshao and weavile
  4990. AmbipomSwag: actually have threatening moves
  4991. btsdurrani: anyone want to be in a random battle tourney pm me if interested
  4992. Rain Dance: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ubers2504718 Probably the most lucky hax I have ever had
  4993. AmbipomSwag: so you can't just
  4994. %Closet: true,
  4995. moomoothecow1: Then regen the life orb recoil
  4996. &DTC: most common pokemon just destroy metagross like darmanitan & flygon
  4997. Sarkynin: Hitmonlee 6-0 in UU :p http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-uu2504968
  4998. sluglo: Toxicroak is the real O.G.
  4999. Usuq: knocking out 4 poke with 1 bulbasaur http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2504860
  5000. Sarkynin: Endure + Reversal is great
  5001. Amazing Abra: metagross gets walled by every bulky water in UU and bronzong
  5002. AmbipomSwag: switch to rhyperior/ghost type/steel type
  5003. Asek: Metagross isn't going to drop
  5004. Asek: its not bad
  5005. %Closet: but usually after a fake out, Ambi is strong enough to kill w/e left
  5006. AmbipomSwag: and not worry about anything
  5007. AmbipomSwag: ambipom does
  5008. Sarkynin: even more with Unburden and Liechi Berry
  5009. Rain Dance: 7 turn battle
  5010. Clavertje: 420 TONIGHT, WHO S GETTING HIGH IN THE SKY WIT ME??!!
  5011. sluglo: it isnt
  5012. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom says: Hey Ghost/Steel/Rock types! Come in and beat me up all you want!
  5013. Rain Dance: Amazing
  5014. %Closet: while sometimes Weavile/Mienshao might not be able to.
  5015. Asek: whoever wrote that smog article
  5016. &DTC: clavertje please don't post stupid comments in the chat
  5017. sluglo: but its usage is low
  5018. +Feranfell: it's not 420
  5019. Mushishi: fake out lets toxic do more dmg, it can scout to check the pokemons bulk AND it can revenge kill non bulky pokemons
  5020. %Closet: but yeah....
  5021. AmbipomSwag: uhh
  5022. AmbipomSwag: mienshao's hi jump kick
  5023. Asek: should be ashamed
  5024. AmbipomSwag: is way stronger
  5025. Ou masta: No.
  5026. SmØgØn: And Metagross couldn't run Zen Headbutt if needed?
  5027. +Feranfell: it's 106
  5028. AmbipomSwag: than ambipom's return
  5029. sluglo: enough low that he may drop in 3 months
  5030. Amazing Abra: Prankster/MB/Mold Breaker for hackmons lead Deo-S?
  5031. +Feranfell: <_>
  5032. Mienshao is Pro: Escavalier/Rhyperior/Chandelure: Muhaha, now we will destroy you're world!
  5033. %Closet: can miss*
  5034. AmbipomSwag: could ever be
  5035. Clavertje: !rank
  5036. Ou masta: All FakeOut does is give a free switch
  5037. +Feranfell: try /rank
  5038. TrollTeam: nah, asek, they pretty much were right on
  5039. Mienshao is Pro: your*
  5040. Asek: no they weren't
  5041. gohanmad: !rank
  5042. moomoothecow1: And bronzong
  5043. JBKilo101: why do so many people quit games before it is over. Like see it to the end man.
  5044. bakemeat: try /rank
  5045. mcSpartan11: nah. ambipom can take on steel and rock types with low kick
  5046. AmbipomSwag: no it can't
  5047. TrollTeam: the only thing they shouldn't have done is give gigalith a full article
  5048. gohanmad: i did
  5049. AmbipomSwag: ambipom is way too weak
  5050. moomoothecow1: Nope
  5051. Superlifeguard: Does Black/White 2 come out tomorrow or is it already out?
  5052. AmbipomSwag: to even do damage
  5053. TrollTeam: that thing isn't common enough to warrant it
  5054. bakemeat: if someone dose !rank and it doesn't work, don't do it
  5055. bakemeat: <_>
  5056. AmbipomSwag: with super effective moves
  5057. shmeur: cinci can learn wakeup slap anyway
  5058. gohanmad: mono type any1?
  5059. %Closet: ...
  5060. God Slayer: Mods i have a question
  5061. sluglo: i thought of it because its usage is low,Asek
  5062. moomoothecow1: I think it's soom
  5063. TrollTeam: it does suck though
  5064. moomoothecow1: *soon
  5065. Asek: all of the new users who had just came here
  5066. snobi: OU tourney!!! 5 places left! PM me to sign up!!
  5067. Dizzeh: /avatar 241
  5068. sluglo: tommorow
  5069. %Closet: not that's a bit of an under statement
  5070. gohanmad: mono type???
  5071. %Closet: now8
  5072. @Mikel: go ahead, god slayer
  5073. %Closet: now*
  5074. Amazing Abra: I'm leaning towards Prankster to beat the Sub + BP Deo-S I keep seeing
  5075. gohanmad: .....?
  5076. sluglo: though I only get it at Tuesday
  5077. Asek: were automatically under the assumption that everything there sucked
  5078. sluglo: Sunday nothing is opem
  5079. mcSpartan11: yeah it can. ive one shoted aggrons and probabopasses with low kick
  5080. Asek: when scrafty was good in BW1
  5081. TrollTeam: because it does.
  5082. moomoothecow1: yes
  5083. Asek: and is still not half bad now
  5084. Superlifeguard: I'm not getting black/white 2
  5085. AmbipomSwag: uhh
  5086. Mienshao is Pro: Fake Out is not a great move that allows free damage on something for Ambi; it's a very situational move that allows a free switch-in to something actually dangerous such as Chandelure, Escavalier, or Rhyperior
  5087. AmbipomSwag: one shoted
  5088. &DTC: no they weren't asek
  5089. Superlifeguard: Seems like a waste of money.
  5090. sluglo: and Monday is Troll Colombus Day
  5091. AmbipomSwag: 4x weak pokes
  5092. Asek: and metagross is still very viabl
  5093. &DTC: most of them still thought
  5094. &DTC: those pokemon were good lol
  5095. %Closet: well true
  5096. TrollTeam: okay, i don't play OU, so i don't pretend to know how good scrafty was in BW1
  5097. • I'M SIGNIFICANT! ...screamed the dust speck
  5098. %Closet: but a good player will expect that...
  5099. TrollTeam: but if it sucks in BW2
  5100. SmØgØn: Escavalier is dangerous?
  5101. &DTC: all of those pokemon actually increased in usage
  5102. TrollTeam: then that's reason enough
  5103. SmØgØn: TROLOl
  5104. Ou masta: Fake Out is a Ghosts free switch.
  5105. God Slayer: Why can't hypno Learn Baton Pass ,Belly Drum , Nasty Plot , Magic coat In UU
  5106. &DTC: besides wartortle & gigalith
  5107. Mienshao is Pro: Scrafty is far from bad
  5108. Ou masta: It's crap.
  5109. %Closet: dat team preview
  5110. Asek: well DTC
  5111. moomoothecow1: Scrafty is still good
  5112. snobi: OU tourney!!! 5 places left! PM me to sign up!!
  5113. TrollTeam: how good something used to be
  5114. Ou masta: Ambipom is also crap.
  5115. Delver: can venusaur be used on a non sun team to check sun teams/
  5116. Ou masta: Deal with it.
  5117. Asek: its not that
  5118. %Closet: how is it crap?
  5119. AmbipomSwag: also, fyi
  5120. TrollTeam: does not matter for how good it now is
  5121. %MJB: delver it can but i wouldnt
  5122. AmbipomSwag: 252 Atk Life Orb Ambipom Low Sweep vs 252 HP/0 Def Aggron: 75.58% - 88.37%
  5123. AmbipomSwag: that's not a OHKO
  5124. %MJB: sun teams arnt common enough
  5125. Mienshao is Pro: The fact that Scrafty was OU for over a year is enough to hint just how good Scrafty is in UU
  5126. Asek: its the way people talked in the chat about that article
  5127. %MJB: just use a dragon
  5128. %MJB: dragons check sun pretty well
  5129. God Slayer: Why can't hypno Learn Baton Pass ,Belly Drum , Nasty Plot , Magic coat In UU
  5130. AmbipomSwag: scrafty isn't actually good in UU
  5131. Ou masta: BU Scrafty only.
  5132. AmbipomSwag: too many fighting types
  5133. @Mikel: it's non-STAB and base 60 power
  5134. Accordion thief: dam rock shits on normal rain teams
  5135. Ou masta: DD Scrafty isn't good
  5136. %Closet: aight, I don't see aggron too much in UU either...
  5137. firewire32: pm snobi for ou tourney
  5138. @Mikel: vs base 180 defence
  5139. sluglo: he has 180 defense Ambipon
  5140. Asek: and based their argument as to why that pokemon was bad
  5141. Rokete: Any new battlers want to battle OU with a fellow new player? This is my 2nd day.
  5142. Mienshao is Pro: Scrafty is boss in UU
  5143. Amazing Abra: baton pass is illegal with nasty plot
  5144. AmbipomSwag: Mikel, 90 base power
  5145. Delver: @mjb ok thanks, any ideas on checking rain temas then?
  5146. Asek: around someones opinion
  5147. AmbipomSwag: technician boost
  5148. moomoothecow1: DD scrafty sweeps like a boss
  5149. %Closet: okay...
  5150. Mienshao is Pro: Ambipom is shit
  5151. bingomario: does anyone else find it EXTREMELY annoying when the ladder cant update!?
  5152. %MJB: scarf keldeo does pretty well
  5153. @Mikel: ehh, still non-STAB
  5154. God Slayer: ???
  5155. sluglo: makes it a 90 BP attack
  5156. Mienshao is Pro: Mienshao and Weavile do Fake Out better
  5157. AmbipomSwag: the fact is, ambipom's coverage move
  5158. TrollTeam: asek, the whole reason that opinion is held
  5159. Asek: Weavile doesn't
  5160. moomoothecow1: Sucks?
  5161. Mienshao is Pro: And Cinccino is better as a Normal-type revenge iller
  5162. &DTC: no cinccino does fake out better than both of those
  5163. %Closet: um
  5164. God Slayer: umm who was answering my question DX
  5165. Mienshao is Pro: killer*
  5166. &DTC: err
  5167. TrollTeam: is because those mons suck in the first place
  5168. AmbipomSwag: still doesn't achieve the OHKO against a 4x weak poke
  5169. sluglo: aGGron can survive that
  5170. Delver: Also: is lucario still a good sweeper?
  5171. &DTC: ambipom
  5172. @Mikel: lol
  5173. Asek: SR weakness is very undesirable for that
  5174. TrollTeam: do you think the author of that article
  5175. Ou masta: Lucario is decent.
  5176. &DTC: fake out mienshao is retarded
  5177. %Closet: it won't be facing Aggron
  5178. Asek: sort of position
  5179. AmbipomSwag: lucario is still good
  5180. TrollTeam: just pulled names out of a hat
  5181. TrollTeam: or something
  5182. &DTC: while the only ambipom set you should use
  5183. &DTC: uses fake out
  5184. Sora24: a good UU team anyone?
  5185. snobi: OU tourney!!! 5 places left! PM me to sign up!!
  5186. Amazing Abra: wait no belly drum is illegal with baton pass, belly drum is an egg move and baton pass is an XD move
  5187. Asek: they don't
  5188. %Closet: not all 4x weak pokes have 180 base def
  5189. &DTC: (fake out / beat up / return / low kick)
  5190. sluglo: lol
  5191. Asek: they really don't
  5192. God Slayer: Why can't hypno Learn Baton Pass ,Belly Drum , Nasty Plot , Magic coat In UU
  5193. Mienshao is Pro: Even STOUTLAND without sand is more useful than shitty Ambipom!
  5194. bakemeat: choice band ambipom y/y
  5195. sluglo: it killed my Bisharp
  5196. 173106: UU tourney finals http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-uu2505303
  5197. Asek: I've used metagross extensivly in
  5198. snobi: OU tourney!!! 3 places left! PM me to sign up!!
  5199. %Closet: ...
  5200. Asek: BW2*
  5201. moomoothecow1: Still
  5202. moomoothecow1: Ambi is bad
  5203. AmbipomSwag: choice band ambipom
  5204. Asek: and used scrafty a lot in bw
  5205. AmbipomSwag: is so weak
  5206. Mienshao is Pro: I am a proud Metagross user
  5207. bakemeat: choice band ambipom yeah
  5208. AmbipomSwag: does like
  5209. • I'M SIGNIFICANT! cleared out the people searching hackmons :'(
  5210. AmbipomSwag: nothing to rhyperior
  5211. &DTC: yeah the only ambipom you should use
  5212. &DTC: if at all
  5213. %Closet: because Stoutland gets fakeout and Beatup and low kick and technician like ambi, totally
  5214. Amazing Abra: God Slayer, Belly Drum is an egg move and Baton Pass is an XD move
  5215. bakemeat: choice band dtc
  5216. %Closet: ...
  5217. ipodboqi: Krook should be OU IMO
  5218. &DTC: is fake out / return / beat up / low kick
  5219. %Closet: well duh
  5220. &DTC: even that is not that great
  5221. sluglo: guys
  5222. Ou masta: Closet..
  5223. moomoothecow1: Beat up?
  5224. AmbipomSwag: that is horrible
  5225. Asek: and metagross is tbh one of the best SR + dragon checks in all of OU
  5226. %Closet: why would you use it against rhypherior?
  5227. AmbipomSwag: and outclassed by weavile
  5228. Ou masta: Ambipom is rubbish
  5229. AmbipomSwag: of all things
  5230. sluglo: any of you wanna join dem Nuzlocke Forums?
  5231. moomoothecow1: Ha!
  5232. AmbipomSwag: so lol
  5233. God Slayer: so it can't work ?
  5234. SmØgØn: Krook is nowhere near good enough for OU.
  5235. Mienshao is Pro: The BoTB article was horrible. Scrafty and Metagross shouldn't have been mentioned, but the Ambipom mention, I totally agree
  5236. Ou masta: Yes it is.
  5237. &DTC: yeah beat up is really cool because it can 2hko slowbro if your team has an average base attack of ~85
  5238. Asek: and scrafty was actually good before BW2
  5239. &DTC: or something
  5240. AmbipomSwag: Ambipom doesn't have a niche
  5241. %Closet: OU masta.... explain to me why...
  5242. God Slayer: .__. i gotta take of belly drum ?
  5243. Mienshao is Pro: Same with the Zard mention
  5244. bakemeat: someone make a team of shuckle/wartortle/ambipom/metang/dusclops/claydol
  5245. Ou masta: It's weak.
  5246. bakemeat: and ladder with it
  5247. Ou masta: It's too predictable.
  5248. AmbipomSwag: anyway
  5249. %Closet: ...
  5250. moomoothecow1: No
  5251. Ou masta: It's frail.
  5252. AmbipomSwag: weavile does that set
  5253. sluglo: he mentioned Pikachu in NU as well
  5254. AmbipomSwag: way better
  5255. TrollTeam: again though, it doesn't matter how good it was before BW2
  5256. moomoothecow1: That is crap
  5257. sluglo: and CHARIZARD in Uber
  5258. Ou masta: It's ;aughed at by ghosts
  5259. TrollTeam: if it sucks in BW2, it sucks in BW2
  5260. AmbipomSwag: with ice punch over return obviously
  5261. %Closet: beautiful description
  5262. moomoothecow1: Except for dusclops
  5263. Asek: it is still not bad in BW2
  5264. sluglo: seriously,why do people use that shit
  5265. Ou masta: It doesn't elp
  5266. Ou masta: In situations
  5267. AmbipomSwag: bakemeat, I tried that, didn't work
  5268. moomoothecow1: Charizard in uber?!
  5269. Amazing Abra: what are some good hackmon pokes? I'm using deo-s, what ability? Magic Bounce, Mold Breaker, or Prankster?
  5270. AmbipomSwag: not that exact team
  5271. AmbipomSwag: but close
  5272. Asek: it can sweep very well
  5273. moomoothecow1: No
  5274. Mienshao is Pro: Who da hell uses Charizard in Ubers
  5275. Asek: given the right situation
  5276. snobi: OU tourney!!! 3 places left! PM me to sign up!!
  5277. %Closet: um... Ou masta... Ambi has good dark moves....
  5278. Ou masta: Is that enough reason, closet?
  5279. Asek: its just torn-t and rain filled meta
  5280. bakemeat: closet
  5281. sluglo: i disagreed when he mentioned Azumarril in teh article
  5282. AmbipomSwag: ...good dark moves?
  5283. %Closet: barely, notrly
  5284. TrollTeam: define "the right situation"
  5285. AmbipomSwag: you mean payback?
  5286. Asek: that drove scrafty down
  5287. bakemeat: Closet, make a team of shuckle/wartortle/ambipom/metang/dusclops/claydol
  5288. Ou masta: Oh yeah, its U-Turn is really weak.
  5289. AmbipomSwag: that's like it
  5290. bakemeat: and ladder
  5291. moomoothecow1: Azumarill can sweep
  5292. Mienshao is Pro: Scrafty is amazing
  5293. Sora24: dark pulse
  5294. moomoothecow1: And take a hit
  5295. sluglo: as well as when he mentioned Toxicroak ;(
  5296. %Closet: I've seen Dark pulse a couple of times, strange, but caught me offguard
  5297. TrollTeam: oh yeah that's something pretty big that the article got wrong
  5298. Asek: Right situation as in when its counters are gone
  5299. pmmcnutt: yoyoyoyo
  5300. ytfeL: any suggested sets for techniloom
  5301. %Closet: well duh...
  5302. Mienshao is Pro: King of Dark and Fighting coverage
  5303. TrollTeam: it really really should have mentioned shuckle
  5304. Dug: 252 Atk Choice Band Ho-oh (+Atk) Sacred Fire vs 0 HP/0 Def Abomasnow: 635,51% - 749,53%
  5305. Mienshao is Pro: is SCRAFTY
  5306. TrollTeam: for NU
  5307. Asek: torn-t being the biggest hurdle
  5308. %Closet: why would you send in your sweeper when counters are still out?
  5309. moomoothecow1: Of course, mienshao
  5310. AmbipomSwag: what did the article say about toxicroak?
  5311. TrollTeam: p sure it got an honorable mention
  5312. sluglo: he put a speical mention
  5313. sluglo: thats all
  5314. moomoothecow1: What article?
  5315. AmbipomSwag: in which tier?
  5316. AmbipomSwag: OU?
  5317. snobi: OU tourney!!! 3 places left! PM me to sign up!!
  5318. TrollTeam: well yeah
  5319. AmbipomSwag: lol
  5320. btsdurrani: doing a random battle tourney pm me if interested
  5321. sluglo: the Bottom of the Berrel article
  5322. AmbipomSwag: toxicroak
  5323. Natsu Slayer: nasty plot, well
  5324. Asek: can we please stop discussing that article
  5325. TrollTeam: what other tier do you use toxicroak in
  5326. AmbipomSwag: who hard walls keldeo
  5327. sluglo: *Barrel
  5328. Dug: 252 Atk Choice Band Darmanitan (+Atk) Flare Blitz vs 0 HP/0 Def Abomasnow: 807,48% - 951,4%
  5329. Asek: its an opinion based one
  5330. Dug: 100% chance to OHKO
  5331. AmbipomSwag: well, it's UU on PO
  5332. %Closet: that's nice Dug
  5333. Asek: and shouldn't sway your view
  5334. NOAHCORNER: someone challenge me OU style
  5335. @Relados: RU Tournament! PM me to join.
  5336. Mienshao is Pro: The Bottom of the Barrel article only wanted to make fun of the Four Forgotten Fighting-types for their low usage
  5337. %Closet: cept idc
  5338. sluglo: I use him solely in OU
  5339. Asek: on the pokemon seen there
  5340. Natsu Slayer: xD
  5341. AmbipomSwag: who resists dark/fighting
  5342. Mienshao is Pro: Mienshao, Virizion, Toxicroak, and Scrafty
  5343. Zarco: heracross
  5344. AmbipomSwag: who restores like 19% of its health each turn
  5345. sluglo: Toxicroak
  5346. AmbipomSwag: etc.
  5347. TrollTeam: ambipomswag, most people here don't bother with PO tiers
  5348. snobi: OU tourney!!! 3 places left! PM me to join!!
  5349. @Mikel: toxicrok and cross
  5350. Amazing Abra: toxicroak, heracross
  5351. AmbipomSwag: how is toxicroak at all bad
  5352. btsdurrani: doing a random battle tourney pm me if interested
  5353. TrollTeam: they don't affect anything here
  5354. @Mikel: and croagunk
  5355. Mienshao is Pro: Whoever made fun of them in that article needs to pay for making fun of good Pokemon
  5356. AmbipomSwag: true
  5357. Natsu Slayer: skarmory?
  5358. TrollTeam: except to occasionally laugh at them
  5359. Asek: its an opinion based article
  5360. AmbipomSwag: I play on PO a lot as well
  5361. Asek: the people who wrote it can say whatever they want
  5362. TrollTeam: stuff like LU hippowdon
  5363. AmbipomSwag: sometimes hard to remember which pokes are in which tiers
  5364. AmbipomSwag: well
  5365. TrollTeam: is just hilarious
  5366. AmbipomSwag: LU hippowdon
  5367. @Relados: RU Tournament! PM me to join.
  5368. sluglo: I am OK if he drops UU, but that means people will stop using him in OU
  5369. AmbipomSwag: didn't have sand stream
  5370. %Closet: but anyway ambipom swag, gg on our agrument. that was intense, :p
  5371. TrollTeam: so?
  5372. sluglo: like Scrafty and Mienshao
  5373. AmbipomSwag: hippowdon without sand stream has no niche
  5374. btsdurrani: doing a random battle tourney pm me if interested
  5375. Enix: (Private to @Relados) I'll join
  5376. TrollTeam: it's still an amazing mon without sand stream
  5377. TrollTeam: lolwat
  5378. okthen: things were going good in my battle i had two layrrs of toxic spikes up and 3 layers of spikes
  5379. @Relados: (Private to Enix) k
  5380. AmbipomSwag: nah
  5381. AmbipomSwag: it's not good enough
  5382. AmbipomSwag: to be UU
  5383. AmbipomSwag: without sand stream
  5384. okthen: i had a scarfed nintails so i switched it in
  5385. AmbipomSwag: you can use gligar instead
  5386. TrollTeam: uh
  5387. ninja eevee: (Private to @Relados) i will
  5388. &DTC: it's good enough to be UU without sand stream
  5389. okthen: he lived the thunderbolt and i was ready to sweep
  5390. Vault: ~Hosting an OU Tournament of Champions~ PM to join
  5391. @Relados: (Private to ninja eevee) k
  5392. Amazing Abra: Prankster Deo-S and Contrary Latios and Imposter Scarf Blissey, what next for balanced hackmons team?
  5393. KBB: I love using a "level 1" smeargle in ou xD
  5394. TrollTeam: 108/118 defenses + great typing + instant recovery
  5395. Judg3mentDrag0n: my first epic sweep: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ubers2505332
  5396. &DTC: it still has amazing defense
  5397. okthen: NOPE this games uneven hax got me again
  5398. Sora24: does payback double damage still work with technician
  5399. PokemonDude: anyone hostin 0u or uber tourney?
  5400. AmbipomSwag: and again...gligar exists instead
  5401. TrollTeam: + stealth rock + 112 attack + stab EQ
  5402. &DTC: and it doesn't have to worry about everything with hidden power ice
  5403. okthen: just terribly uneven hax
  5404. &DTC: 2hko'ing it
  5405. ninja eevee: (Private to @Relados) how many ppl r going 2 be in it
  5406. AmbipomSwag: eh
  5407. @Relados: (Private to ninja eevee) not sure yet, either 8 or 16
  5408. &DTC: gligar can't even reliably wall mienshao
  5409. snobi: OU tourney!!! 2 places left! PM me to sign up!!
  5410. &DTC: because they have hp ice unless they're swords dance baton pass
  5411. ninja eevee: (Private to @Relados) sweet
  5412. Sora24: does payback double damage still work with technician?
  5413. Ou masta: Hippowdon is amazing
  5414. AmbipomSwag: hippowdon
  5415. AmbipomSwag: gets 2HKO'd by hi jump kick iirc
  5416. Ou masta: I should make a team with it one day.
  5417. AmbipomSwag: or something
  5418. Amazing Abra: Mienshao can beat Hippo with Grass Knot
  5419. guitarpandapotato: toxic, roost, roost, roost I HATE PEOPLE!
  5420. @Relados: ** RU Tournament!** PM me to join.
  5421. Ou masta: Grass Knot....
  5422. btsdurrani: doing a random battle tourney pm me if interested
  5423. @Relados: and filure
  5424. • Ou masta twitches
  5425. @Relados: failure*
  5426. @Relados: wow
  5427. %MJB: hippowdon is the best weatherstarter in ou imo
  5428. Ou masta: Sup Relados
  5429. bertuğğğ: Monotype Tournament PM ME!. 3 Spots Left. Only who knows monotype.
  5430. ninja eevee: (Private to @Relados) tell me when u have more
  5431. jujubees: (Private to @Relados) count me in for the RU tourney
  5432. AmbipomSwag: 252 Atk Life Orb Mienshao Hi Jump Kick vs 252 HP/252 Def Hippowdon: 41.43% - 48.57%
  5433. AmbipomSwag: possible 2HKO after rocks
  5434. @Relados: (Private to jujubees) k
  5435. sluglo: (Private to @Relados) SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.
  5436. AmbipomSwag: ?
  5437. AmbipomSwag: nah not quite
  5438. liberta: derpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderoderoderoderoderp
  5439. @Mikel: classic rellykins
  5440. Mahoromatic: not through leftys
  5441. %MJB: lefties
  5442. liberta was redirected by Mikel to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  5443. sluglo: (Private to @Relados) (aka I'm joining)
  5444. User liberta not found.
  5445. Mahoromatic: slow mjb
  5446. Amazing Abra: I had a dream Gliscor was UU for some reason
  5447. @Relados: (Private to sluglo) k
  5448. &DTC: nightmare*
  5449. neozock33: t ab scheid Fierefoc 11
  5450. @Relados: Mikel
  5451. Mahoromatic: you dream about pokemon
  5452. @Relados: I will get my revenge
  5453. Mahoromatic: that is a bad sign
  5454. @Relados: one day
  5455. @Mikel: nah
  5456. @Relados: one day
  5457. Vault: ~*OU Tournament of Champions*~ PM me to join
  5458. &DTC: how is that a bad sign
  5459. @Relados: and then you will suffer
  5460. Mahoromatic: one day
  5461. &DTC: you can dream about anything
  5462. AmbipomSwag: anyway, hippowdon can't wall heracross
  5463. @Mikel: that's what they all say
  5464. Outlaw4: Dream
  5465. @Mikel: :P
  5466. AmbipomSwag: which kinda sucks
  5467. Mahoromatic: text effects
  5468. Outlaw4: Nightmare
  5469. Outlaw4: Same differemce.
  5470. fuzzybutcheeks: whats a good ou team?
  5471. Outlaw4: DTC, you play NU right?
  5472. &DTC: yes
  5473. RedditorSlowbro: One does not simply ask for a team
  5474. Outlaw4: Wanna game?
  5475. Mahoromatic: someone ladder OU
  5476. @Relados: RU Tournament! PM me to join.
  5477. %MJB: but cheeks do what evryone else is doing
  5478. &DTC: not right now
  5479. Mahoromatic: one steals a team
  5480. &DTC: i'm making a UU team
  5481. %MJB: poli + ferro + 4 rain abusers
  5482. fuzzybutcheeks: what
  5483. Mahoromatic: asking is for pussies
  5484. Outlaw4: I see.
  5485. Outlaw4: Relados
  5486. AmbipomSwag: being a physical wall that's 2HKO'd by the #1 poke in UU who's a physical attacker is kinda meh
  5487. Outlaw4: What's goin with your 6 slot team?
  5488. Outlaw4: Tourny
  5489. Outlaw4: *
  5490. &DTC: hippowdon doesn't get 2hko'd by the most common cross variant
  5491. fuzzybutcheeks: i need a beast ou team
  5492. AmbipomSwag: not by scarf
  5493. AmbipomSwag: but band was really common
  5494. 7Red7s: What mode has no sleep clause?
  5495. AmbipomSwag: while hippowdon was UU
  5496. &DTC: because cross didn't have moxie then
  5497. d007: (Private to @Relados) can i join your tourny?
  5498. @Relados: (Private to d007) k
  5499. AmbipomSwag: well yea
  5500. bertuğğğ: Monotype Battle Tournament. 2 Spots left!!! Only who knows monotype
  5501. &DTC: moxie is a huge gamechanger for cross
  5502. Asek: hippow has a lot going for it
  5503. celever: OU tourney!!! 2 places left! PM me to join!!!
  5504. btsdurrani: doing a random battle tourney pm me if interested
  5505. silvershadow123: cen i join
  5506. Gonxaloo7: (Private to @Relados) I wanna enter the ru tourney
  5507. Asek: PHaze + SR + EQ + Slack off
  5508. @Relados: (Private to Gonxaloo7) k
  5509. InTheNavy: landorus needs ice beam
  5510. Vault: *Double-Elimination* OU Tournament! Pm me to join!
  5511. AmbipomSwag: ehh, completely walled by bronzong
  5512. Asek: bronzong is one pokemon
  5513. Asek: who can't do much back
  5514. AmbipomSwag: can't do anything to honchkrow
  5515. AmbipomSwag: besides phaze
  5516. celever: sorry Mdevil, firewire32 and Swagrid, computer trouble, i'm snobi
  5517. bertuğğğ: PM Me for Monotype tournament 2 Spots left!!!
  5518. Asek: honchkrow comes in
  5519. @Relados: RU Tournament! PM me to join.
  5520. Asek: takes 25%
  5521. Amazing Abra: is arena trap hackmon "uber"? quotes because there isn't actually a hackmon ubers
  5522. AmbipomSwag: most have roost
  5523. Asek: is phazed back out
  5524. @Mikel: asek, it's 3:15am
  5525. @Mikel: D:
  5526. Asek: Ikr
  5527. Asek: i should be in bed
  5528. @Mikel: i am lol
  5529. fuzzybutcheeks: whats good on dark?
  5530. thisScoop: (Private to @Relados) how long's it going to take
  5531. Asek: but tommorow is last day of school holidays
  5532. thisScoop: (Private to @Relados) ?
  5533. Rokete: is 49 turns a long battle?
  5534. @Mikel: silly daylight saving
  5535. Mystearica: okay, quick question, which grass do people think is better for a PU team
  5536. Mystearica: leafeon or vileplume?
  5537. Dragon Master Seth: Who are good flying type phazers?
  5538. AmbipomSwag: vileplume
  5539. @Relados: (Private to thisScoop) Depends on how long it takes for me to get enough people
  5540. Carpet Man: Meganium
  5541. Amazing Abra: it's 11:15 here
  5542. moomoothecow1: Leafeon is not PI
  5543. Asek: daylight savings :/
  5544. Rokete: leafon
  5545. firewire32: (Private to @Relados) i want to join
  5546. Carpet Man: Meganium is boss
  5547. celever: OU tourney!!! 1 place left! PM me to join!!!
  5548. moomoothecow1: *PU
  5549. Amazing Abra: in the morning
  5550. @Relados: (Private to firewire32) k
  5551. thisScoop: (Private to @Relados) fair enough
  5552. Mystearica: yes it is moomoo
  5553. KennyB: Scarmory, Seth
  5554. Carpet Man: Vileplume is pretty good too
  5555. moomoothecow1: :(
  5556. thisScoop: (Private to @Relados) unfortuately i have to go in an hours
  5557. thisScoop: (Private to @Relados) *hour
  5558. AmbipomSwag: arceus-flying best flying phazer
  5559. KennyB: *Skarmory
  5560. thisScoop: (Private to @Relados) so I guess I can;t do it
  5561. moomoothecow1: I like leafeon
  5562. thisScoop: (Private to @Relados) sry
  5563. Rokete: guys is 49 turns a long battle
  5564. Vault: *OU DOUBLE-ELIMS TOURNAMENT* Pm me to join!
  5565. dimitreelz: hi
  5566. AmbipomSwag: also, is it sad arceus-flying gets used less than pikachu in ubers?
  5567. Asek: no
  5568. Asek: pikachu + light ball = gg
  5569. @Relados: RU Tournament! PM me to join.
  5570. HAiGAizZ: pikachu is totally viable.
  5571. AmbipomSwag: pikachu too good
  5572. HAiGAizZ: totally.
  5573. AmbipomSwag: better than arceus
  5574. KennyB: Is light ball banned outside of ubers?
  5575. silvershadow123: whats the site for tourneys
  5576. HAiGAizZ: nope
  5577. AmbipomSwag: lol
  5578. AmbipomSwag: no
  5579. HAiGAizZ: even with it pikachu is still trash
  5580. Ninja Warrior: (Private to @Relados) Can I please join?
  5581. Mystearica: lol @ banned light ball
  5582. gohanmad: any1 wanna fite me unique nu team
  5583. @Relados: (Private to Ninja Warrior) k
  5584. Ninja Warrior: (Private to @Relados) Thanks
  5585. KennyB: That's what I though
  5586. gohanmad: i tried being orginal
  5587. Amazing Abra: is arena trap banned in hackmons? same idea as shadow tag, plus the only common levitator is latios, perishtrap arena trap giratina anyone?
  5588. Ninja Warrior: (Private to @Relados) Will it be OU battles?
  5589. HAiGAizZ: yes
  5590. AmbipomSwag: amazing abra
  5591. AmbipomSwag: shadow tag
  5592. KennyB: Just confused as to why anyone would use pikachu in ubers.
  5593. @Relados: (Private to Ninja Warrior) It's an RU tournament
  5594. firewire32: (Private to @Relados) ru or ou
  5595. AmbipomSwag: is better than arena trap
  5596. HAiGAizZ: lol latios isnt a levitater in BH
  5597. Vault: OU Tournament of Champions - DOUBLE-ELIMINATIONS - 4 Spots Remaining - PM me to join!
  5598. AmbipomSwag: latios never uses levitate
  5599. KennyB: Or magikarp. That joke is old
  5600. Ninja Warrior: (Private to @Relados) Can you explain what that is to me?
  5601. Amazing Abra: oh yeah lol
  5602. @Relados: (Private to firewire32) RU
  5603. HAiGAizZ: arena trap is banned
  5604. AmbipomSwag: perish trapping is a common strategy anyway
  5605. @Relados: (Private to Ninja Warrior) type /intro into the main chat
  5606. Amazing Abra: ok there's basically no levitators
  5607. Amazing Abra: k
  5608. AmbipomSwag: You can build teams
  5609. dyl: i wil gohanmad
  5610. AmbipomSwag: around perish trapping
  5611. firewire32: (Private to @Relados) then nvr mind
  5612. Outlaw4: Someone test an OU team with me?
  5613. Princess Azula: .
  5614. Ninja Warrior: Vault, can I please join? I'm having trouble finding you, though
  5615. Kingpoleon: Scizor@Leftovers Flash Fire:Drain Punch, Night Slash, Iron Head, Recover. in BH.
  5616. Amazing Abra: most common latios is contrary DM + Stored Power right?
  5617. @Relados: RU Tournament is cancelled. There is not enough interest.
  5618. dvd21pz: Best UU statuser?
  5619. Natsu Slayer: no
  5620. bakemeat: noooo
  5621. Ninja Warrior: (Private to @Relados) sorry
  5622. bakemeat: join it
  5623. Gonxaloo7: nooo
  5624. bakemeat: relados is a mod
  5625. bakemeat: and cool
  5626. Natsu Slayer: expert belt / scarf / lo
  5627. bakemeat: join it pls
  5628. bakemeat: i will marry u
  5629. @Relados: bakemeat, I already cancelled it
  5630. Swampy: I'll do an RU tourney
  5631. Yugi: ... I'm horrified by the way Kyurem assimilates Zekrom and Reshiram
  5632. bakemeat: u suk :)
  5633. @Limi: good idea
  5634. bakemeat: :(*
  5635. Amazing Abra: I've seen a poison heal blissey before
  5636. fuzzybutcheeks: what a good ou sweep
  5637. Natsu Slayer: lol
  5638. Yugi: it is so involuntary ;-;
  5639. Yugi: I mean, it was STRUGGLING sob
  5640. @Limi: "a RU tour just was cancelled due to lack of interest"
  5641. @Limi: "i'll just make one myself!"!
  5642. Yugi: and it basically gets eaten
  5643. zzSiltyDinosaur: what is the creepyist pokemon
  5644. Brutal: jinx
  5645. dvd21pz: Best UU statuser?
  5646. zzSiltyDinosaur: hypno
  5647. Natsu Slayer: xD
  5648. Natsu Slayer: sableye?
  5649. Kingpoleon: Umbreon.
  5650. Ace Trainer Pitu: mk so mad
  5651. shadowstar808: hackmons anyone?
  5652. AssSweat: Lol jammedgoblin sucks dick
  5653. zzSiltyDinosaur: haunter
  5654. %Closet: less people calling out
  5655. zzSiltyDinosaur: gengar
  5656. sirspiketrap99: pupitar
  5657. zzSiltyDinosaur: ...
  5658. zzSiltyDinosaur: sftu
  5659. bakemeat: LOL
  5660. bakemeat: asssweat
  5661. bakemeat: 8/10 name
  5662. Vault: *OU TOURNAMENT of CHAMPION! Double-elims. PM me to join!*
  5663. bakemeat was forced to choose a new name by Mikel. (0/10 name)
  5664. firewire32: ou tourney pm vault
  5665. %Closet: Lol
  5666. celever: ok OU tourney closed
  5667. bakemeat: mikel sux
  5668. Kingpoleon: Zweilous w. Hone Claws boost under TR=gg vs any non-252/252+ Skarmory.
  5669. AnAwesomeAardvark: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii--
  5670. bakemeat was forced to choose a new name by Mikel. (don't /fr evade pls)
  5671. sirspiketrap99: what about
  5672. %Closet: lol
  5673. sirspiketrap99: forretress
  5674. %Closet: AAA,
  5675. AnAwesomeAardvark: I used CCleaner and it wiped my Firefox cookies T-T
  5676. Heropon_Riki: Bakemeat should just be banned for saying Mikel sux
  5677. %Closet: less stretching
  5678. sirspiketrap99: or steelceus
  5679. +Feranfell: fuk the police
  5680. @Relados: Mikel so abusive
  5681. chiplee1215: what about
  5682. AnAwesomeAardvark: Okey dokey, Closet
  5683. chiplee1215: sturdy
  5684. Feranfell was muted by Closet. (CONFORM)
  5685. Sarkynin: 4chan has the US white 2 rom. How are they doing? :|
  5686. @Mikel: lmao
  5687. @Relados: Ninja Warrior: Will it be OU battles?
  5688. @Relados: oops
  5689. Feranfell was unmuted by Closet.
  5690. sirspiketrap99: or reuniclus
  5691. AnAwesomeAardvark: Hi feranfell!
  5692. ninja eevee: (Private to @Relados) how many ppl
  5693. @Relados: wrong c/p
  5694. Livitz: Eviolite vigoroth
  5695. sirspiketrap99: focus blast kills
  5696. %Closet: Lol
  5697. Livitz: makes me lol
  5698. shadowstar808: does anyone wanna play hackmons?
  5699. @Relados: (Private to ninja eevee) tournament was cancelled
  5700. Bakemeat: the government can eat socks
  5701. Bakemeat: <_>
  5702. ninja eevee: (Private to @Relados) y
  5703. nathan00: no weather dugtrio sweep http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2505887 !!!
  5704. • Manaphy286 hides inside closet.
  5705. %Closet: they can
  5706. @Relados: (Private to ninja eevee) lack of interest
  5707. %Closet: but they don't
  5708. AnAwesomeAardvark: Hi Relados!
  5709. @Relados: hi
  5710. • %Closet barfs up Manphy286
  5711. • bobdylanrocks2 opens the closet door and screams 'boo!'
  5712. Jaythechamp10: What pokemon has good special attck Ru and under?
  5713. Manaphy286: Glaceon
  5714. Vault: ~OU TOURNY of CHAMPIONS~ Double-elims - Pm Me to JOIN~
  5715. %Closet: um
  5716. Bakemeat: glaceon is good
  5717. %Closet: Kadabra?
  5718. Jaythechamp10: i no him
  5719. Zelile: galvantula
  5720. Bakemeat: duosion
  5721. %Closet: ARcheops
  5722. Jaythechamp10: lol
  5723. Manaphy286: 130 Special attack + that Nasty Blizzard... Don't mess with it.
  5724. %Closet: Mienshao
  5725. %Closet: err
  5726. Livitz: people that use rain in NU
  5727. Bakemeat: mienshao isn't ru below
  5728. %Closet: I mean Musharna*
  5729. Livitz: so sad
  5730. Amazing Abra: deo-s/latios/blissey/scizor/reshiram, what next for BH team?
  5731. Bakemeat: rain in NU is good
  5732. • Kadabra used telekinesis.
  5733. Manaphy286: Latias!
  5734. TheBiggestNub.: guys i got some bad news..
  5735. Bakemeat: swanna/pelliper
  5736. TheBiggestNub.: mienshao...
  5737. • TheBiggestNub. is uber
  5738. Livitz: learn to play without weather
  5739. %Closet: both start with M and have a shhh in their name
  5740. @Limi: lol you're suggesting archeops
  5741. celever: http://challonge.com/ou_smogon138_snobi Click this if you are in mine of Snobi's tournament
  5742. Livitz: for real
  5743. Kingpoleon: What speed does Scarf max investment Jolly Heracross hit?
  5744. Sora24: what is poke with 2nd highest speed
  5745. @Limi: how about
  5746. @Limi: sceptile
  5747. %Closet: ;X shhhh limi
  5748. @Limi: moltres
  5749. Amazing Abra: Deo-S is prankster, latios is contrary, blissey is imposter, scizor is flash fire, reshiram is contrary
  5750. Manaphy286: Mienshao is uber?
  5751. Mienshao is Pro: N
  5752. Bakemeat: no
  5753. %Closet: 295, King
  5754. Mienshao is Pro: no
  5755. Gonxaloo7: .l.
  5756. Mienshao is Pro: UU
  5757. Bakemeat: mienshao is uu
  5758. %Closet: well
  5759. %Closet: that's w/o scarf
  5760. Bakemeat: gonxaloo7 that's gross
  5761. Bakemeat: >.>
  5762. Manaphy286: That's what I thought.
  5763. nathan00: mienshao is so much better in uu than ou
  5764. assdd: anyone
  5765. %Closet: 295(1.5)
  5766. %Closet: = hera's scarf speed
  5767. Livitz: flash fire scizor
  5768. Vault: ~OU Tournament of Champions - Double-Elims - PM Me to JOIN!~
  5769. Livitz: would go uber
  5770. QuoteX716: 443
  5771. %Closet: yup
  5772. Kingpoleon: So 195 times two outspeeds everything in UU?
  5773. Manaphy286: Ninjask
  5774. QuoteX716: except for scarfed
  5775. Gonxaloo7: Ninjask
  5776. assdd: politoed
  5777. %Closet: and Electrode
  5778. QuoteX716: ninjask is ru. . .
  5779. %Closet: don't forget electrode
  5780. Manaphy286: RU is in UU.
  5781. %Closet: Ninjask is allowed in UU
  5782. assdd: well
  5783. %Closet: so is Electrode
  5784. Timaeus: yeah but you can use ru guys in UU
  5785. Phastasy1: Massman
  5786. QuoteX716: i know
  5787. HAiGAizZ: erect chode?
  5788. Livitz: ninjask is NU, actually
  5789. %Closet: ^
  5790. Livitz: but yeah
  5791. QuoteX716: but i've never personally seen it used above ru
  5792. Kingpoleon: 80 base with at+2 outspeeds evrything with NO investment?
  5793. Manaphy286: /data pokemon should really show the Tier.
  5794. Bakemeat: I agree
  5795. QuoteX716: which giratina form is better>
  5796. lukyshot248: origin
  5797. firewire32: 2 more spots in dbl elimanation tournament pm vault to join it will be epic
  5798. Manaphy286: Mingot!!!!! Are you listening? Put the tiers in /data pokemon! Or tell Zarel to. Pretty please?
  5799. nebeyu: Hfgjjdfhjhhggdddfhj
  5800. Jaythechamp10: spam
  5801. FireTheEagle: That would be nice actually
  5802. SuperDarkrai: Hello I'm Yoshiller2
  5803. Vault: ~OU Tournament of Champions - Double Eliminations~ PM Me to JOIN!
  5804. Gonxaloo7: Mingot y u no put the tiers in!dta
  5805. Livitz: >double elimination
  5806. Livitz: oh god
  5807. lukyshot248: rotom heat is in uu cuz of haxorus and mold breaker eq
  5808. firewire32: yeah its onna be epic
  5809. Accordion thief: no cuz rotom w has better scizor synergy
  5810. Manaphy286: What about Rotom?
  5811. Bigmuff: good counter for terrakion?
  5812. Livitz: regirock
  5813. Accordion thief: golurk
  5814. Wumbology: sandslash
  5815. Livitz: Regirock is the best terrakion counter
  5816. dragonmastercyn: hai
  5817. Livitz: please
  5818. Zelile: nidoking
  5819. One: golurk is really the only counter
  5820. Manaphy286: Terrakion Counter: Jolteon @ HP Fighting
  5821. 8bitpokemaster: *Totally not sarcastic* Volcarona
  5822. Manaphy286: It's true.
  5823. Accordion thief: anybody know anything about quick stall?
  5824. uest53058: Manaphy, got a dmg calc on that?
  5825. Manaphy286: Fighting is NVE against bug, and most Terrakion I see are scarfed into Close Combat.
  5826. Outlaw4 test: Quick stall?
  5827. Outlaw4 test: WHat?
  5828. Gonxaloo7: i dont usually have much trouble with terrakion
  5829. CrazyMLC: boop
  5830. Qomolangma: quick stall uses things like subseed venusaur
  5831. One: a counter is something that can take hits from that pokemon and hit back to win. jolteon cannot take hits.
  5832. %Closet: quick stall is a bit of an oxymoron
  5833. Wumbology: accordion try slowbro
  5834. Vault: ~OU TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPION - Double-Elims - 1 Spot Left!~ PM Me to JOIN!
  5835. Bayrock: Manaphy, good suggestion.
  5836. Amazing Abra: manaphy, jolteon is not bug
  5837. Manaphy286: Okay, Revenge kill on Terrakion: Jolteon @ HP Fighting.
  5838. One: lol
  5839. Accordion thief: but then I'd have to run tales which sucks
  5840. Kingpoleon: HP Ground>Fighting.
  5841. HAiGAizZ: quick stall=stall with fast shit
  5842. Manaphy286: No, volcarona is bug.
  5843. HAiGAizZ: eg toxic stall gliscor
  5844. Vault: OU TOURNAMENT IS CLOSE :)
  5845. Vault: closed*
  5846. Accordion thief: i know what it is, just need some suggestions cuz im new to it
  5847. medifucker: unban souldew latis
  5848. @Soarin: 252 SpAtk Choice Specs Jolteon (+SpAtk) Hidden Power Fighting vs 4 HP/0 SpDef Terrakion: 75.31% - 88.89% (2 hits to KO)
  5849. Manaphy286: No.
  5850. @Soarin: Without Sand
  5851. HAiGAizZ: fuck no medifucker.
  5852. medifucker: they are weaker than landorus
  5853. @Soarin: 252 SpAtk Choice Specs Jolteon (+SpAtk) Hidden Power Fighting vs 4 HP/0 SpDef Terrakion: 50.62% - 59.88% (2 hits to KO)
  5854. HAiGAizZ: ...
  5855. @Soarin: With sand
  5856. Outlaw4 test: Soarin!
  5857. Bayrock: How much do you think HP fighting would do? Maybe Jolteon @ Choice Specs with HP Fighting is a more reliable counter to Terrakion
  5858. Asek: who ues HP fighting on jolteon though
  5859. Manaphy286: Okay. *bows to soarin*
  5860. HAiGAizZ: lol medifucker. no. stop. now. stop.
  5861. Manaphy286: I use HP Ice on mine :P
  5862. Outlaw4 test: It's been a long time, Soarin.
  5863. Asek: Grass or Ice
  5864. Outlaw4 test: Do you still hate me?
  5865. milenko: if anyones interested in a pokemon forums that battles/trades and talks about anything pokemon Pc me !
  5866. medifucker: landorus+lifeorb glitch+sheerforce is stronger and has better coverage
  5867. Asek: or even fire if you really need ferro gone
  5868. HAiGAizZ: but not as fast
  5869. uest53058: Ugh, but I'd be willing to bet that Terakion could OHKO the jolteon, couldn't it?
  5870. Bakemeat: soarin hates everyone
  5871. Amazing Abra: How do you expect to hurt Gliscor and Landorus then if you run HP Fighting?
  5872. Bakemeat: eexcept me
  5873. HAiGAizZ: and not a dragon.
  5874. @Soarin: I hate you.
  5875. vincent: atar 105
  5876. HAiGAizZ: doesnt have resists
  5877. Kingpoleon: HP GROUND>HPFighting on Jolteon.
  5878. HAiGAizZ: the same way latias does
  5879. Outlaw4 test: Me or Bakemeat?
  5880. @Soarin: Both.
  5881. Outlaw4 test: Good.
  5882. HAiGAizZ: also soul dew boosts spdef, which on latias is fucking powerful
  5883. +Feranfell: what do you mean good
  5884. Outlaw4 test: The feelings mutual.
  5885. +Feranfell: <_>
  5886. Manaphy286: Ice makes people ragequit when their prized landorus/gliscor comes in. "Haha stupid punk I got you! I'm so clever." "Oh shit. *ragequit*"
  5887. +Feranfell: I kinda like Soarin
  5888. Asek: soul dew is not touching OU
  5889. Asek: and it makes Lati@s good in ubers yeah
  5890. HAiGAizZ: ^
  5891. rhinestones: now thats what i call edgey
  5892. lukyshot248: i predict a spa version of moxie in gen 6
  5893. Kevin11: why does rocky helmet and iron barbs not hurt cloyster when it hits me with ice spear?
  5894. Kevin11: isnt it a physical move?
  5895. HAiGAizZ: because icicle spear doesnt make contact
  5896. @Soarin: Fun Fact: I'm one of the only 17 rational thinkers on PS.
  5897. Leonhart: no
  5898. Manaphy286: Gen 5 has so many OP things.
  5899. Amazing Abra: contact, not physical
  5900. HAiGAizZ: just like earthquake is physical but doesnt make contact
  5901. lukyshot248: only contact moves work likr that
  5902. Asek: where do you get such a stat from soarin
  5903. Kevin11: darn... ok
  5904. Manaphy286: Fun Fact: I think rationally in complicated situations, but not in simple ones.
  5905. Enix: is realdos's ru tourney still going on?
  5906. +Feranfell: no
  5907. +Feranfell: sadly
  5908. SP458: dratini beaten by swagger's confusion http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/randombattle2506322
  5909. Accordion thief: ban auto weather
  5910. Enix: ;;
  5911. +Feranfell: he canceled it
  5912. +Feranfell: because he's lame
  5913. DarkLatios: does anyone else thinks jynx looks like a milf pokestute
  5914. @Soarin: Observations and Advanced Statistics being calculated and broken down into a single isolated number.
  5915. +Feranfell: :(
  5916. Flamingo3721: miussed like 400 times in a game wtf
  5917. medifucker: and gene being top ou provides a good check to soul dew
  5918. HAiGAizZ: LOL.
  5919. medifucker: and tta
  5920. Gonxaloo7: The real prostitute is ditto
  5921. medifucker: and blobs
  5922. medifucker: and jirachi
  5923. HAiGAizZ: blobs cant take psyshock.
  5924. medifucker: and a lot of other shit
  5925. Manaphy286: Yes. Ditto is a sex toy, and that's all it's good for.
  5926. thespike323: Scumbag steve: opponent down to last pokemon. Kill it with perish song
  5927. Livitz: 16-Man RU Tour! PM Me for Sign-Ups!
  5928. Asek: idgi
  5929. Asek: but OK
  5930. ImZapdos:D: Thundurus-T?
  5931. medifucker: bold eviolite chansey take psyshock
  5932. wiitle: how is that scumbag lol
  5933. Trainer Zach: update?
  5934. HAiGAizZ: bold eviolite chansey takes anything.
  5935. medifucker: and is the standard chansey
  5936. @Soarin: Difficult to understand
  5937. HAiGAizZ: sub calm mind lol.
  5938. @Soarin: Isn't it?
  5939. medifucker: and psyschock sucks
  5940. Asek: yes
  5941. HAiGAizZ: byebye chansey
  5942. Asek: unfortunatly
  5943. Manaphy286: Does it take a SubPunch Breloom's hit?
  5944. lukyshot248: bw2 comes out tomorrow in us cant wait
  5945. medifucker: ttar blocks it
  5946. medifucker: everyset has a counter
  5947. lukyshot248: in game ttar motherfucker
  5948. Alan10: Sd kabutops saved me form a losing battle swept 4 pokemon when was down to 2
  5949. Antoine Randal L.: why is ninjask's double team banned from the game. thats bull shit
  5950. QuoteX716: is the ladder broken
  5951. %Closet: ...
  5952. moonbase: is soul dew latios allowed in OU
  5953. Sora24: what is flying weak to?
  5954. HAiGAizZ: no.
  5955. %Closet: it's called Evasion clause
  5956. gangsts mouse: hi
  5957. xxZealxx: cause double team is banned.
  5958. Manaphy286: No,
  5959. Asek: tbh
  5960. Gonxaloo7: rock
  5961. Manaphy286: Soul Dew is only allowed in Ubers.
  5962. %Closet: Electric, Ice, and Rock, sora
  5963. Asek: if evasion clause was disbaled
  5964. QuoteX716: rock, ice
  5965. medifucker: if it got 6 attacks it's broken... but oh wait it only got four
  5966. Vault: http://challonge.com/outoc1 - brackets
  5967. Red-Green: Double Team is banned on everything.
  5968. moomoothecow1: Double team is unfair
  5969. Sora24: thanks closet
  5970. Alan10: Sd kabutops or dd feraligatr
  5971. %Closet: np
  5972. Asek: I doubt many people would use the moves anyway
  5973. %Closet: idk
  5974. HAiGAizZ: sub calm mind psyshock dragon pulse is enough
  5975. moomoothecow1: I would
  5976. blazeking24: Ou tournament pm me to join
  5977. @Soarin: Ninjask would be totally broken without evasion clause.
  5978. xxZealxx: and soul dew for lati@ is basically a free choice specs + SpD boost. fuck that
  5979. HAiGAizZ: or just calm mind roost
  5980. %Closet: but it would get so damn annoying
  5981. Antoine Randal L.: well Im a sand-attack double team fan of ninjask
  5982. %Closet: and broken
  5983. Antoine Randal L.: so im pretty pissed
  5984. Asek: Closet think about it
  5985. medifucker: against ttar?
  5986. medifucker: try dat
  5987. HAiGAizZ: so you name one counter.
  5988. moomoothecow1: It's unfair
  5989. %Closet: true, they're really weak
  5990. Asek: once people realized their teams had a very high chance of losing
  5991. Alan10: Theres hould be evasion clause ingame
  5992. Asek: compared to their chaces of getting succesive misses
  5993. HAiGAizZ: jirachi wont enjoy taking boosted dragon pulses
  5994. medifucker: how about ttar
  5995. Asek: they would stop
  5996. medifucker: and jirachi
  5997. Manaphy286: If evasion clause was disabled, I wouldn't care much because I love my Glaceon Sweeps.
  5998. wiitle: many bulky mons can learn double team/sand attack
  5999. %Closet: but idk, with STAB, and like Aura Sphere
  6000. Livitz: k
  6001. xxZealxx: taking dragon pulses from what? +1 latias?
  6002. %Closet: it might be useful
  6003. medifucker: and skarm
  6004. rhinestones: does it matter if i use krook in an ou tourny?
  6005. HAiGAizZ: +1 latias with soul dew
  6006. medifucker: and any metal
  6007. Antoine Randal L.: yes but ninjask is the fastest
  6008. 5ive: what tier are the therian forms
  6009. %Closet: no, it doesn't rhinestones
  6010. HAiGAizZ: OU
  6011. Alan10: Haze is the onky counter to evasion clause
  6012. Antoine Randal L.: and has sword attack x sczzor
  6013. %Closet: Krook is allowed in OU
  6014. medifucker: latias has no power to take ttar
  6015. Amazing Abra: jirachi will laugh at any dragon pulse unless it's ridiculous like +5-6
  6016. rhinestones: oki doki
  6017. Morning Wood: .
  6018. Livitz: 16-Man RU Tour Sign-ups! 12 Spots Left! PM Livitz to join.
  6019. %Closet: at least Haze doesn't miss
  6020. medifucker: latios has no bulk to survive ttar
  6021. xxZealxx: he said +1 +soul dew
  6022. Manaphy286: You are so dumb. Latias can totally take TTar.
  6023. Alan10: Haze is the onjy good phazing move
  6024. xxZealxx: soo 225% times normal
  6025. moomoothecow1: Depends
  6026. %Closet: ...
  6027. Alan10: Roar sucks dt sucks
  6028. %Closet: um
  6029. %Closet: Haze isn't a phazing move
  6030. blazeking24: Ou tournament 5 spots leftpm me to join
  6031. SalmonaHombre: cheer
  6032. HAiGAizZ: haze is a hazing move
  6033. medifucker: heatran too
  6034. Amazing Abra: specially defensive jirachi still laughs and paraflinches you
  6035. %Closet: phazing = Psuedo-Hazing
  6036. xxZealxx: haze is the haze move?
  6037. moomoothecow1: TTar can crunch OHKO
  6038. Manaphy286: Haze is a hazing move.
  6039. medifucker: and it has roar
  6040. +Feranfell: lol medifucker
  6041. Asek: latios can take scarftar pursuit if it doesn't switch out
  6042. samar: whats good against poison types?
  6043. %Closet: Haze is The haze move
  6044. +Feranfell: another funny name
  6045. +Feranfell: you guys are too good
  6046. %Closet: ground and psychic samar
  6047. medifucker: y would u use pursuit on scarf?
  6048. samar: thanz
  6049. Manaphy286: Latias can HP fight or Surf (Prior damage)
  6050. Alan10: Dragon tail sucks iu would die truing to take out a sweeper
  6051. xxZealxx: but if latios is speced and just used a draco, he's fucked anyway
  6052. heavybomb: poli+scizor+rotomw+torndus+x+x
  6053. %Closet: np
  6054. medifucker: u should use crunch for surprise fucker
  6055. heavybomb: givr me solutions pls
  6056. xxZealxx: scarf ttar is bomb man!
  6057. Asek: dm will be doing higher damage to ttar anyway
  6058. moonbase: what does OP stand for
  6059. %Closet: or trap your ooponent
  6060. d007: (Private to @Relados) still not done?
  6061. Mienshao is Pro: Overpowered
  6062. %Closet: OverPowerd
  6063. medifucker: and pursuit is 60% if it stays
  6064. HAiGAizZ: OP stands for faggot
  6065. xxZealxx: outspeeds max speed 115 by a point
  6066. Manaphy286: OP = Overpowered.
  6067. Livitz: 16-Man RU Tour Sign-Ups Underway! PM Livitz To Join! 10 Spots Left
  6068. btsdurrani: pokemon random battle tournament pm me if interested 5 spots left
  6069. Asek: OP = oppan gangnam style
  6070. xxZealxx: or in message board it also means original poster
  6071. Ou masta: OP means Tornadus and kingdra in UU
  6072. Manaphy286: Or OP could mean Obscenely Powerful.
  6073. medifucker: scizor bullet punches the shit out of them too
  6074. blazeking24: Ou tournament 3 spots left pm me tojoin
  6075. Amazing Abra: Specs Surf 3HKOes, explain your reasoning about DM 2HKOing
  6076. Piplup Man 28: What does OU mean?
  6077. heavybomb: gangam style!
  6078. @Relados: (Private to d007) it was cancelled a while back
  6079. Manaphy286: NO.
  6080. %Closet: Over used
  6081. Asek: LAtios will have only one turn to attack
  6082. xxZealxx: type /intro for OU and UU.
  6083. Asek: so it will be using DM in that one turn
  6084. Sora24: nobody uses scizor anymore :{
  6085. Piplup Man 28: oh okay
  6086. Amazing Abra: no, just no heavybomb, I hear it enough irl
  6087. ipodboqi: Why is Contrary Spinda with Baton Pass illegal?
  6088. HAiGAizZ: because breeding i believe
  6089. %Closet: because breeding
  6090. %Closet: ):
  6091. Manaphy286: Do you have any idea how cheap that is?
  6092. %Closet: I got ninja'd...
  6093. Livitz: **16-Man RU Tour Sign-Ups Underway! PM Livitz To Join! 10 Spots Left
  6094. testing odd team: lol
  6095. Ou masta: Contrary is banned from competitive play
  6096. %Closet: by a NORMAL USER....
  6097. Ou masta: Not breeding lol
  6098. %Closet: no it's not
  6099. HAiGAizZ: :D
  6100. btsdurrani: pokemon random battle tournament pm me if interested 5 spots left
  6101. Livitz: shit i forgot to close it
  6102. Livitz: asdfjsadfasd;lf
  6103. Amazing Abra: contrary isn't banned lol
  6104. Asek: -_-
  6105. %Closet: it's moody that's banned
  6106. HAiGAizZ: lolwat. contrary aint banned
  6107. +Feranfell: ^
  6108. Livitz: contrary serperior is stronf
  6109. Amazing Abra: also is nobody searching BH or something?
  6110. 5ive: contrary isnt released on serierior
  6111. Ou masta: oh
  6112. 5ive: its only available on spinda
  6113. Livitz: contrary shuckle with stockpile is too strong
  6114. Asek: contrary is just not availabe yet yeah
  6115. Manaphy286: Holy crap moody is OP.
  6116. Ou masta: I thought he meant moody
  6117. Asek: too the good abuser
  6118. %Closet: lol
  6120. xxZealxx: contrary v-create/superpower/close combat
  6121. +Feranfell: simple bibarel is better anyways
  6122. Livitz: !
  6123. Livitz: baton pass in NU
  6124. Livitz: to bibarel
  6125. btsdurrani: pokemon random battle tournament pm me if interested 4 spots left
  6126. Livitz: and destroy face
  6127. Asek: contrary v-create will never happen
  6128. Asek: unless it smeragle
  6129. testing odd team: that would be crazy
  6130. 5ive: then smeargle wil be uber
  6131. Manaphy286: What's the point of SuperPower AND Close Combat?
  6132. Yanbro: contrary hitmontop with cc and superpower :P
  6133. Mienshao is Pro: Why is Latias so lowly used?
  6134. Asek: wait smeargle doesn't even get contrary
  6135. Asek: nvm
  6136. ipodboqi: So I cant breed a dw Spinda with superpower and have the baby spinda have Superpower?
  6137. Livitz: Contrary Arceus with Superpower
  6138. Livitz: please
  6139. Amazing Abra: I can see bibarel/smeargle getting contrary in the future, in particular smeargle
  6140. FireTheEagle: q_q
  6141. btsdurrani: pokemon random battle tournament pm me if interested 4 spots left
  6142. xxZealxx: latias isnt as common as latios because latios has higher SpA.
  6143. littlelucario: play hackmons
  6144. xxZealxx: that's really it imo
  6145. seanabober: someone join ru
  6146. Mienshao is Pro: Contrary Superpower is basically 120 Base Power Bulk Up
  6147. &DTC: yeah but latias is an amazing check
  6148. Mienshao is Pro: Latias never shined
  6149. &DTC: to so many top threats
  6150. Livitz: 16-Man RU Tour Sign-Ups Underway! 9 Spots Left! PM Livitz To Join!
  6151. Yanbro: Scarfed contrary chandelure with Overheat
  6152. Qomolangma: ye
  6153. Mienshao is Pro: It always had aroudf 5% usage
  6154. Asek: Latios is just good at DM spam
  6155. xxZealxx: that is true, but you're preaching to the choir here
  6156. Asek: Latias can take hits
  6157. Qomolangma: dragon/psychic has tons of useful resistances despite the annoying weaknesses
  6158. +Feranfell: Join Livitz's tourney so I can wreck you all
  6159. Mienshao is Pro: and once Latias was trying desperately not to drop to UU
  6160. Asek: and set up CM
  6161. Livitz: Feranfell
  6162. Livitz: you're just lucky i'm not in
  6163. Livitz: ;)
  6164. Asek: as well as being a good pivot / tank
  6165. xxZealxx: latias still hits very hard.
  6166. xxZealxx: 110 spA is nothign to scoff at
  6167. +Feranfell: lol
  6168. Qomolangma: e.g. fire/water/grass/electric/ground/fighting/psychic
  6169. ScarlequinHellfire was muted by MJB.
  6170. Sora24: are there any physical dark attacks?
  6171. Qomolangma: yes
  6172. londoncolson: payback
  6173. xxZealxx: yeah
  6174. Sora24: is that it?
  6175. btsdurrani: pokemon random battle tournament pm me if interested 3 spots left
  6176. Amazing Abra: if you're investing in latias's SpA, you're using a worse latios
  6177. jijii: crunch, pursuit
  6178. londoncolson: crunch
  6179. londoncolson: bite
  6180. Aura Blitz: Night Slash
  6181. Syphylys: Crunch
  6182. Zorfog: does substitute carry over if you switch pokes?
  6183. Matt1024: faint attack, bite, crunch
  6184. Qomolangma: crunch/pursuit/payback/foul play/sucker punch/faint attack
  6185. TheSpecialOne: night slash
  6186. Sora24: txs
  6187. xxZealxx: all the dark moves introduced before gen4 are physical moves
  6188. Amazing Abra: zorfog no
  6189. Qomolangma: no
  6190. Matt1024: yes
  6191. Qomolangma: dark was special
  6192. Ruy John: crunch
  6193. btsdurrani: pokemon random battle tournament pm me if interested 3 spots left
  6194. xxZealxx: subs only carry over if you use Baton Pass
  6196. Sora24: what is a good item for d deoxys
  6197. Livitz: btw i changed from 16 to 12
  6198. +Feranfell: rocky helmet
  6199. +Feranfell: red card
  6200. lukyshot248: leftovers
  6201. Ou masta: Leftovers?
  6202. xxZealxx: lol red card
  6203. Tragoidio: penis
  6204. Livitz: red card recycle
  6205. +Feranfell: no
  6206. Sora24: thank you
  6207. Livitz: with max speed
  6208. Livitz: and recover
  6209. +Feranfell: penis is not a good item
  6210. Matt1024: best pokemon for rocky helmet?
  6211. 5ive: is latias+latios w/ soul dew ou?
  6212. @Relados: ferrothron
  6213. Enix: ^
  6214. 8bitpokemaster: ferro
  6215. xxZealxx: ferro
  6216. lukyshot248: ferrothorn
  6217. Ou masta: Rocky helmet is meh
  6218. ipodboqi: Can someone give me some pokemon that would be strong if they had certain abilities?
  6219. Amazing Abra: ferro
  6220. +Feranfell: Feranthorn*
  6221. Livitz: 3 Spots Left in RU Tour! PM Me to Join!
  6222. Ou masta: And shouldnt REALLY be used
  6223. xxZealxx: your opponent loses 1/3 their hp just for making contact
  6224. xxZealxx: and no Soul Dew is not allowed in OU.
  6225. Amazing Abra: contrary reshiram, v-create draco meteor
  6226. Heropon_Riki: Seismitoad would kick ass with sap sipper
  6227. +Feranfell: anything with regenerator
  6228. Matt1024: Ferrothorn is very cheap
  6229. electrolyte: kind
  6230. Livitz: regenerator ferrothorn
  6231. ipodboqi: Im gonna try seismitoad
  6232. electrolyte: it's fair, imo
  6233. Enix: nahh ferrothorn in the rain is cheap
  6234. electrolyte: Ferrothorn is defeatable
  6235. Channen: can you change your name color?
  6236. Heropon_Riki: If your thinking hackmons don't
  6237. @Relados: no
  6238. +Feranfell: no
  6239. +Feranfell: sadly
  6240. %MJB: ferro can be a pain
  6241. Livitz: 2 Spots Left in RU Tour! PM Me to Join!
  6242. Channen: oh :(
  6243. %MJB: but can also be really easy to take down
  6244. Channen: thanks
  6245. Ou masta: Ferro can be a sweeper
  6246. xxZealxx: bro, just use one of the many many fighting types and super power it in the face
  6247. %MJB: it depends onyour team
  6248. Ou masta: :(
  6249. nokya: http://soundcloud.com/mcjiraiya
  6250. electrolyte: the thing I've noticed is that being in rain usually doesn't help Ferro
  6251. PU lover: Very close match that I won with my PU team against a standard NU team: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-nu2506772
  6252. %MJB: :P
  6253. rhinestones: get volcarona or ninetales against ferro
  6254. Matt1024: It's defeatable, but think of Ferrothorn compared to every other pokemon...
  6255. +Feranfell: everyone HAS to nickname their Ferrothorn "FERANTHORN"
  6256. Ou masta: And sweep me :(
  6257. Ou masta: With SD
  6258. Syphylys: no
  6259. xxZealxx: being in rain makes OHKOs on ferro turn into 2HKOs.
  6260. electrolyte: because out of rain, Ferro players are going to avoid fire type attacks anyway
  6261. Matt1024: Ferrothorn is still cheap and OP compared most every other wall not in Ubers
  6262. Jonski: can choice band huge power slaking work in bh?
  6263. Livitz: 3 Spots Left in RU Tour! PM Me to Join!
  6264. electrolyte: and if Rain is enough to make Ferro hard to handle,
  6265. Livitz: choice band huge power slaking can work anywhere
  6266. Livitz: .__.
  6267. 8bitpokemaster: hackmons ferrothorn with flash fire
  6268. electrolyte: you're obviously not plahing right
  6269. Dragon Master Seth: Put Ferrothorn in a trick room with a brave nature and choice band Gyroball all day
  6270. xxZealxx: uninvested heatran's lavaplume does 60% to heatran in the rain.
  6271. FuzzyToasters: i nicknamed it feranfell >.>
  6272. +Feranfell: C:
  6273. Matt1024: Electro I don't have a problem beating them...
  6274. +Feranfell: yay
  6275. kratos: ferrothorn is boss
  6276. Livitz: >lava plume does 60% to heatran
  6277. Livitz: seems legit
  6278. electrolyte: ???
  6279. xxZealxx: lol
  6280. xxZealxx: derp
  6281. xxZealxx: ferro*
  6282. Matt1024: It's the fact that I have to deal with them.
  6283. Twannes: not factoring flash fire huh
  6284. electrolyte: Matt then what was the point of posting that comment
  6285. celever: Ubers tourney! One spot left! PM me to enter!
  6287. 0Nesqui: whats good against poison?
  6288. Alan10: Oh yeah hit onlee saves the day
  6289. electrolyte: it's Tourney Saturday
  6290. +Feranfell: psychic
  6291. xxZealxx: steel.
  6292. +Feranfell: and ground
  6293. FuzzyToasters: I cry every time i see "Feranfell fainted!"
  6294. Fight2Win: psychic
  6295. xxZealxx: oh i see what you meant
  6296. +Feranfell: lol
  6297. xxZealxx: :P
  6298. +Feranfell: i luv u fuzzy <3
  6299. FuzzyToasters: <3
  6300. Matt1024: The point was to illustrate that Ferrothorn is still cheap if you compare to every other wall, even though it's still beatable.
  6301. stahl00: Happy :D
  6302. Alan10: I luv u too if you are agirl
  6303. FuzzyToasters: less than three feranfell
  6304. Matt1024: Besides uber walls
  6305. FuzzyToasters: Less than three
  6306. electrolyte: Matt, there I'd have to disagree
  6307. +Feranfell: lol
  6308. +Feranfell: <4
  6309. Matt1024: Give an example.
  6310. Livitz: The RU Tour is now filled! The bracket will be posted momentarily!
  6311. best worm: u,kiuk
  6312. celever: any tournies?
  6313. TestCheck123: what makes ferrothorn cheap?
  6314. FuzzyToasters: I love you 5ever
  6315. Aw3Sidney: t
  6316. electrolyte: I don't think any walls are cheap
  6317. electrolyte: unless you're talking Ubers
  6318. electrolyte: then, I'd agree
  6319. antony1997: epic battle--> http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/randombattle2507087
  6320. Matt1024: Lol...
  6321. Alan10: Htmonlee and kabutops are deadly sweepers
  6322. 8bitpokemaster: How about prankster breloom?
  6323. 5ive: is meloetta/genesect/keldeo ou/?
  6324. Flamingfrozengnome: no
  6325. xxZealxx: oh lord.
  6326. Matt1024: Lol
  6327. Flamingfrozengnome: melloetta is uu
  6328. Sarkynin: *testing the white 2 US rom
  6330. Sarkynin: 4chan is amazing
  6331. SlashMaster: Agreed
  6332. Lordapple111: why isnt anyone on nu
  6333. Kevin11: then go play elsewhere..
  6334. Lordapple111: D:
  6335. Kevin11: thanks k
  6336. Gonxaloo7: 9gag is better
  6337. Livitz: Attention people in my RU Tour! The bracket will be posted below this announcement! Good luck to everyone!
  6338. Livitz: http://challonge.com/livitzrutour
  6339. X3ROX: evil monkeys
  6340. Jagandeep: [12:43 PM] Justin:
  6341. Alan10: When forst starting play uu amd ru i sucked now i am winning
  6342. Sarkynin: Gonxaloo > I'm talking about /vp/.
  6343. wehnerdy: dont rage cuz i beat the crap out of you kevin11
  6344. Kevin11: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2507359
  6345. Kevin11: LOL
  6346. Sarkynin: Okay
  6347. Stunfisky: eheyeye
  6348. Sarkynin: it's the real US rom
  6349. Sarkynin: 4chan is f*cking amazing
  6350. Kevin11: im not raging.. you got swept before that when you finally learned how to put protect on your ninjask
  6351. coyote57: sucker punch
  6352. Kevin11: you do what everyone else that cant win
  6353. Gonxaloo7: im just trolling dude
  6354. Kayo: Someone sounds a little salty....
  6355. Loquenderorts: item x zoroark?
  6356. celever: any tournies?
  6357. Gonxaloo7: black glasses
  6358. IkAiZzen: +
  6359. Dragon Master Seth: Mew is UU o.o?
  6360. %Poppy: losers
  6361. Smogooon: Specs :)
  6362. wehnerdy: sounds like a rage to me
  6363. Syphylys: Zoroark @ Red Card is fun
  6364. Matt1024: Mew is bad
  6365. Kevin11: i just dont understand is that fun ?
  6366. Bigmuff: lol
  6367. Syphylys: Mew is cool
  6368. Syphylys: it can do anything
  6369. Kevin11: to baton pass to cloyster?
  6370. Livitz: Feranfell
  6371. wehnerdy: try it
  6372. Livitz: start your fight with pokegeek774
  6373. Loquenderorts: i think about wise glasses
  6374. celever: can somebody make a tourney please!
  6375. Mr. Ace: el=
  6376. Matt1024: It is cool, I meant bad in a positive connotation.
  6377. Kayo: Welcome to competitive gaming Kevin
  6378. Sarkynin: You can name your rival \o/
  6379. Kayo: People do what they need to, to win
  6380. lukyshot248: pokemonshowdown.co/battle-n2507167
  6381. Syphylys: ah !
  6382. doctersporelingmon: murp
  6383. TestCheck123: Not to mention
  6384. Kevin11: thats not competetive its pretty much just cheap :/
  6385. Kayo: If you dont like it Kevin, go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure.
  6386. Kevin11: competetive is a battle that last longer then 1 minute
  6387. TestCheck123: that's not even that hard of a strategy to beat
  6388. Matt1024: Like Ferrothorn in the rain with breloom
  6389. Kevin11: kayo are you supposed to be the cool person in the chat?
  6390. Kevin11: your playing pokemon
  6391. Kevin11: YOUR NOT COOL
  6392. Matt1024: lol
  6393. Kevin11: idiot
  6394. oarpheus: *your'e
  6395. Kayo: You're*
  6396. Loquenderorts: in what time sableye is in uu?
  6397. Lexnugget: LOL
  6398. Matt1024: You're * ^
  6399. +Feranfell: less raging and bashing etc
  6400. Kevin11: i rest my case...
  6401. Kayo: As in YOURE the Idiot.
  6402. Sarkynin: Man, that titlescreen in White 2 is amazing
  6403. Sarkynin: testing the US game right now
  6404. kingFairyTail: hahah
  6405. oarpheus: kayo, are you aware that you are also on a pokemon server?
  6407. celever: please, somebody make a tourney!
  6408. oarpheus: by this logic, you are also "not cool"
  6409. PokeloonsNJ: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ubers2476323
  6410. +Feranfell: less insulting etc
  6411. +Feranfell: please
  6412. Livitz: feranfell
  6413. FlyingDolphin: I'm laughing reading that Kevin guy's messages.
  6414. Darkness417: avatar 209
  6415. Livitz: start your match with pokegeek774
  6416. Kevin11: thank you..
  6417. Livitz: http://challonge.com/livitzrutour
  6418. Matt1024: What if they are facts, yet insults?
  6419. wehnerdy: your not welcome
  6420. kingFairyTail: i ggot the fastes team ever
  6421. Kevin11: i just find it funny.. he acts like he is the popular person on the server
  6422. Syphylys: who?
  6423. Kevin11: kayo. lol
  6424. Kevin11: he is cool
  6425. • Bostan
  6426. • oarpheus sneezes
  6427. Kayo: I'm trying to impress people on a server?
  6428. Kevin11: i spelled your wrong..
  6429. Kevin11: i got owned
  6430. HAiGAizZ: how do you do that thing^^
  6431. oarpheus: sorry about that, i'm allergic to bullshit
  6432. Syphylys: you do not ?
  6433. HAiGAizZ: that bostan and oarpheus did
  6434. FlyingDolphin: Pretty shallow right there.
  6435. Kayo: I'm never going to see in real life?
  6436. Syphylys: But why Kevin said you do ?
  6437. Kayo: You got me man.
  6438. Cherryskoal: if i have an ACRE rating of 16990 in RU why am i not on the ladder leaderboards?
  6439. @Relados: 16990
  6440. @Relados: amazing
  6441. Rohit: hi
  6442. ninjaflowjerren: hi guys
  6443. Cherryskoal: 1690...
  6444. Kevin11: i just find it funny people playing pokemon this is the only time they can feel "at home"
  6445. Kevin11: "or the fit in"
  6446. HAiGAizZ: because u havent played enough games
  6447. @Limi: our deviation is too high
  6448. Syphylys: so ? why does that bothers you?
  6449. @Limi: or was it variation
  6450. HAiGAizZ: you need to play a certain amount of times
  6451. Kevin11: so they trash talk cause there pokemons are better then my pokemons
  6452. silvershadow123: NEW TOURNEY,COME JOIN pm celever
  6453. TheSpecialOne: whos alt is evil dragon`s?
  6454. @Limi: anyway, you need to play mo'
  6455. kingFairyTail: battel
  6456. @Limi: MO'
  6457. silvershadow123: tiers:uber
  6458. @Relados: same difference
  6459. kingFairyTail: relados
  6460. Matt1024: Cobalion is underrated
  6461. Syphylys: why do you care in the first place ?
  6462. kingFairyTail: battel me
  6463. FlyingDolphin: I find it funny how big of a deal it is to you.
  6464. Kayo: ^
  6465. kingFairyTail: please
  6466. Kevin11: now kayo has "friends"
  6467. Kevin11: back him up
  6468. Leonhart: Cobalion is pretty cool
  6469. oarpheus: kevin11, get back to watching ben 10 already, it's obvious it's more appropiate for you
  6470. HAiGAizZ: i find it funny that people are saying that things are funny
  6471. @Relados: why
  6472. dyl: i made an unbeatable hackmons team
  6473. kingFairyTail: cuze i know i beat u
  6474. xxZealxx: bitches need to stop bitching...
  6475. Gonxaloo7: >_<
  6476. dyl: but actually its impossible to beat
  6477. Syphylys: I dont care about Kayo, I dont care about you and you should do the same
  6478. @Relados: no
  6479. skyskater: any OU tourna,s?
  6480. Rokete: -Sigh- Time to go have a social life :( FML I want to play this MOAR but I have to go do things :( PingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingasPingas
  6481. FlyingDolphin: Hey, hey, don't insult Ben 10 =))
  6482. kingFairyTail: why noy
  6483. kingFairyTail: t
  6484. Rokete was redirected by Relados to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  6485. Kevin11: im trying to pass time at work.. and your busy training pokemons :p
  6486. Gonxaloo7: any ubers tourney
  6487. kingFairyTail: u scared ??
  6488. Syphylys: Its a fucking Pokemon server man
  6489. @Limi: shit
  6490. lukyshot248: whats the best tier?
  6491. celever: Ubers tournament! PM me to join! 2 places left!
  6492. @Limi: relados beat me to it
  6493. Kevin11: i dont care lol
  6494. FlyingDolphin: Pokemon*
  6495. @Limi: guys
  6496. Syphylys: why the hate ?
  6497. Kevin11: i have already stated that
  6498. roblox: Ubers anyone?
  6499. kingFairyTail: 1 battel
  6500. Academic Ace: rank
  6501. Syphylys: so act like it ;)
  6502. Kevin11: im not hating.. i just thought it was rediculous
  6503. kingFairyTail: roblox
  6504. kingFairyTail: uber match ?
  6505. @Limi: can we get along despite our conflicting philosophies on competitive battles
  6506. celever: ubers tourney closed!
  6507. roblox: Yes?
  6508. Sora24: yeah dyl its called a spiritomb with magic guard
  6509. TheSpecialOne: i cant find a damn battle
  6510. Logantech5: i was just gone for like 2 weeks, anything new happen?
  6511. dyl: hahah yeah
  6512. Sarkynin: Hey. If you were to choose a starter in BW2, what would it be?
  6513. Sarkynin: *can't decide*
  6514. roblox: Send me challenge
  6515. FlyingDolphin: All this because you lost fair and square to a Cloyster? Good job.
  6516. dyl: and a deoxy-s with no guard and guilotine
  6517. Logantech5: me?
  6518. TestCheck123: Logan, Terrakion dropped to NU
  6519. Ou masta: Aquaaa sux.
  6520. TestCheck123: as did Genesect
  6521. Ruggs: Are we still talking about this?
  6522. Logantech5: NO WAY!!!
  6523. 8bitpokemaster: snivy. hope for contrary
  6524. Free Wins: and shuckle... oh wait
  6525. Sarkynin: Snivy has contrary in BW2?
  6526. 8bitpokemaster: well serperior gets it from dreamworld
  6527. Namethief07: Lol im new to this game Hi Everyone!
  6528. Lightstorm: when does pokemon bw2 come out?
  6529. Sarkynin: I know, but not as the starter pokémon
  6530. xxZealxx: tmrw
  6531. Logantech5: what happened with 'chomp?
  6532. Sarkynin: Lighstorm > tomorrow, I think
  6533. Ruggs: HI Thief!
  6534. oarpheus: sunday.
  6535. Sarkynin: but people already dumped it
  6536. TDNRider: is serperior contray released yet?
  6537. oarpheus: so yeah, tomorrow
  6538. xxZealxx: nothing has happened with chomp. still uber
  6539. Hydreigon635: no
  6540. Manaphy286: BW2 comes out on Monday.
  6541. Hydreigon635: YAY!
  6542. oarpheus: october 7th
  6543. Logantech5: ok
  6544. Syphylys: HI Namethief07 !
  6545. Sarkynin: Hmm...
  6546. Manaphy286: My bad, Tomorrow.
  6547. Ruggs: yeah, comes out tomorrow
  6548. Sarkynin: Fuck the world, I'll take Oshawott
  6549. Jewzilla: So apparently only one of us are allowed to play smartly-http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2507461
  6550. Ruggs: c:
  6551. Sarkynin: like a baws
  6552. ma2: sunday
  6553. stavenpooppoop: can someone make me not bored and start a uu tourney
  6554. ma2: tomorrow
  6555. 8bitpokemaster: I saw that last night people were actually talking about something other that pokemon: The Braves Cardinals game
  6556. Rohit: Sup
  6557. Ruggs: 10/7/12
  6558. Gonxaloo7: ye oshawott FTW
  6559. xxZealxx: Dude, we were talking about tipping for a goddamn hour.
  6560. Sarkynin: "Badr chose Oshawott!"
  6561. rhinestones: whats a good item for blissey
  6562. tigermoore: braves got cheated..
  6563. Nike: lol I lost points for tying
  6564. Manaphy286: BW2 is better than BW because you can actually get previous generations in it.
  6565. xxZealxx: lefties
  6566. Manaphy286: How do you tie?
  6567. Sarkynin: Yay female oshawott
  6568. Ruggs: I was on here like 1 in the morning and this chat talked about Religion ._.
  6569. xxZealxx: you can get previous gens in BW?
  6570. Gonxaloo7: bw2 will be the greatest game ever
  6571. Gonxaloo7: (pokemon
  6572. Gonxaloo7: )
  6573. Nike: he ko'd me then died due to life orb
  6574. Sarkynin: Can't wait to catch a Riolu on the first route
  6575. tigermoore: deff not^
  6576. catpooop: well someone just got points for winning
  6577. 8bitpokemaster: Gamefreak needs to make a game where you go through all the regions
  6578. Sarkynin: *catch an azurill* nope
  6579. sirspiketrap99: what about the emerald remake?
  6580. Manaphy286: Not in BW, but you can get previous gens in BW2
  6581. sirspiketrap99: i wonder what new stuff kyogre is gona get
  6582. shadowstar808: anyone wanna play balanced hackmons?
  6583. Manaphy286: No emeral remake.
  6584. tigermoore: yeah call it pokemon origins or something haha
  6585. Ruggs: I would LOVE a Ruby/Emerald Remake.
  6586. Sarkynin: *playing through BW2*
  6587. Manaphy286: RS
  6588. ma2: exactly
  6589. mae do kyle: why isn´t anyone in the suspect ladder? =(
  6590. Wobbyble: theyre not remaking gen 3
  6591. xxZealxx: yeah, what happened to the RSE remakes?
  6592. Wobbyble: they should tho
  6593. tigermoore: same here
  6594. Zentennen: Id like an emerald remake
  6595. Jaythechamp10: no s/r remake
  6596. whiteflare18: jbcj
  6597. rhinestones: whats a good item to give blissey
  6598. xxZealxx: ._. okay...
  6599. Ruggs: I dont understand why they dont allow to walk with your Pokes like they do in HG/SS
  6600. xxZealxx: lefties
  6601. 8bitpokemaster: Emerald's my fave game by far
  6602. sirspiketrap99: waiy their not?
  6603. Manaphy286: Wobbyble: Shut up. Sapphire > All.
  6604. Ruggs: Thats why I loved that game so much
  6605. Zentennen: yeah hoenn ftw
  6606. best worm: how do I register?
  6607. sirspiketrap99: they have to
  6608. +Feranfell: win a rated battle Best Worm
  6609. Sarkynin: Emerald > All the pokeymanz games.
  6610. Yamano98: what walls water absorb jellicent?
  6611. GhostlyCrow: too much water in rse
  6612. tigermoore: emeralds best ever besides maybe yellow and crystal haha
  6613. Darkness417: avatar 209
  6614. +Feranfell: try /avatar 209
  6615. Manaphy286: Lanturn.
  6616. Ruggs: Best Worm win a game then you can save your name
  6617. Jaythechamp10: sapphire is da best game so far
  6618. 8bitpokemaster: with heal bell it's the ultimate burungeru counter
  6619. Jaythechamp10: i havent played b/w 2 yet getting it tomarrow
  6620. moomoothecow1: Emerald is best
  6621. moomoothecow1: Actually no
  6622. Jewzilla: Do you guys think BW2 release will be tomorrow or monday?
  6623. Manaphy286: Nobody has. It comes out tomorrow.
  6624. Yamano98: thanks
  6625. Ruggs: Tmorrow
  6626. Jaythechamp10: tomarrow
  6627. moomoothecow1: Crystal is best
  6628. Manaphy286: Best battle facility: Battle pike.
  6629. Jaythechamp10: gamestop opens at 10am
  6630. oarpheus: except the rom hackers, manaphy
  6631. xxZealxx: burungeru... forgot taht name...
  6632. Skidders: friday in UK
  6633. Sora24: good tank flying type?
  6634. Ruggs: So who is picking White 2 & and who is Black 2?
  6635. Sarkynin: I love Bianca's BW2 text. "Still, that professor Juniper! The normal thing to do is to get an OK before sending someone clear out there, right?"
  6636. Livitz: Who wants to be a sub in my RU tour
  6637. Plants: battle palace or go home
  6638. Manaphy286: I beat the Battle Pike on Open Level with Level 50 Latias and Metagross.
  6639. Jordan Gallery: Someone have a LC battle with me! :P
  6640. bisharpwarrior: white2!!!!!
  6641. Smogooon: I will Livitz
  6642. Ruggs: I will Jordan
  6643. Ruggs: if you wish
  6644. Livitz: okay smogoon
  6645. Jewzilla: The same thing happened with Pokemon Conquest though, came out a day later than it was supposed to.
  6646. Gagedabes: poop
  6647. Livitz: you're playing feranfell
  6648. oarpheus: alder's grandson's english name is benga or something
  6649. Sarkynin: Black 2. Challenge mode
  6650. moomoothecow1: I'm getting black 2
  6651. TestAnik: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2507846 Kyurem is the bane of sun teams
  6652. Plants: lvl 50 metagross?
  6653. Sarkynin: not freakin' easy mode
  6654. Plants: like no meteor mash?
  6655. Stomping-Torterra: i have to wait till friday till bw2 >=(
  6656. moomoothecow1: Challenge mode sounds great
  6657. @TheFourthChaser: how does that challenge mode work
  6658. Manaphy286: White 2 has better pokes.
  6659. oarpheus: yeah, getting black 2 for latios and the shiny gible
  6660. moomoothecow1: Now I must grind
  6661. +Feranfell: TFC
  6662. Sora24: u cqan get metaor mash on metagross lvl 50...
  6663. +Feranfell: makes the levels harder
  6664. Namethief07: Hi Everyone!
  6665. Manaphy286: Latias > All.
  6666. @TheFourthChaser: it sounds like
  6667. lukyshot248: getting both
  6668. @TheFourthChaser: you only unlock a key to get it
  6669. @TheFourthChaser: and YOUR game wouldnt actually get it
  6670. Sarkynin: Wait, wait
  6671. Stomping-Torterra: ugh lucky americans...
  6672. Sarkynin: Hugh is actually stalking Bianca to get a pokédex
  6673. btsdurrani: random battle tournament pm me if interested
  6674. @TheFourthChaser: you like IR transfer the key to other games
  6675. KennyB: White 2 has shiny axew?
  6676. moomoothecow1: I heard you can only get Garchomp in B2
  6677. moomoothecow1: so HA
  6678. ma2: u here already have that genesect
  6679. Syphylys: hey, btsdurrani
  6680. Manaphy286: Why is it that EVERY Professor is named for a Tree?
  6681. oarpheus: just a trend
  6682. electrolyte: Trees are important in Japan
  6683. Manaphy286: Makes sense.
  6684. KennyB: Same reason all the games are colors
  6685. Syphylys: still waiting for the tournament you ALREADY STARTED, idiot
  6686. KennyB: sort of
  6687. oarpheus: or that @electrolyte
  6688. Stomping-Torterra: see ya PS!
  6689. +Feranfell: bye
  6690. moomoothecow1: Bye
  6691. ninja eevee: ou torny 16 people pm me
  6692. rhinestones: in pokemon red, all the towns are named after colors, like a PALLET of colors
  6693. wehnerdy: whats a good item for Shedinja
  6694. Kevin11: are they ever gonna ban cloryphil? and sun
  6695. Flamingfrozengnome: focus sash
  6696. Manaphy286: Aha! I get it!
  6697. Lordapple111: a guy I fought got mad because my baculin had crunch and I beat him with it
  6698. Lordapple111: :|
  6699. xxZealxx: no quit your bitching, kevin.
  6700. Manaphy286: Shedinja: Leftovers.
  6701. mmmha: Ash is also name after a tree
  6702. Hwoot: anyone wanna play a game with me ?
  6703. Livitz: feranfell
  6704. Livitz: make a NU team revolving around curse regirock
  6705. Manaphy286: A burnt tree.
  6706. @TheFourthChaser: k so
  6707. @TheFourthChaser: White 2 can have challenge mode right
  6708. +Feranfell: i will later o:
  6709. +Feranfell: remind me
  6710. Wobbyble: sun is probably weakest weather after hail
  6711. Wobbyble: why would they ban it
  6712. @TheFourthChaser: as long as you know someone with Black 2
  6713. Manaphy286: Hail is not weak!
  6714. Kevin11: bitching?
  6715. Gonxaloo7: medal system
  6716. Kevin11: i just asked a question?
  6717. @Relados: yes, fourthchaser
  6718. 000000000000Goku: i cant
  6719. 000000000000Goku: FUCKING WAIT
  6720. @TheFourthChaser: alright awesome
  6721. xxZealxx: the tone of it was whiny
  6722. +Feranfell: relados should be doing hw
  6723. Kevin11: are you the other asshole that thinks hes cool over a video game?
  6724. @TheFourthChaser: also the tone wasnt whiny stop being dicks
  6725. Kevin11: .. k
  6726. xxZealxx: yes master.
  6727. Jewzilla: Is the ladder still overloading? All of these ragequits are gonna send me over the edge
  6728. • MKSLAYER97 just lost the game.
  6729. dudes: someone PLEASE watch this replay
  6730. dudes: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ubers2508018
  6731. @TheFourthChaser: they arent banning sun or anything yet
  6732. zztope: how want to battle me
  6733. xxZealxx: damn you slayer.
  6734. Kevin11: zeal??? killer nacho?
  6735. @TheFourthChaser: but maybe in the future
  6736. Ou masta: link where it shows the speeds of OU pokemon?
  6737. Flamingo3721: fuck u MKSLAYER(&
  6738. Kevin11: or fake?
  6739. Flamingo3721: 97*
  6740. Flamingo3721: i lost the lost
  6741. @TheFourthChaser: I'd like to ban Drizzle tho
  6742. Kevin11: yah.. nevermind
  6743. xxZealxx: OU speed tiers
  6744. xxZealxx: http://www.smogon.com/bw/articles/ouspeed_tiers
  6745. Manaphy286: WOW... Seriously just because you lost?
  6746. Kevin11: drizzle doesnt give an advantage..
  6747. ben laden: ALLAHU AKBAR!!
  6748. @TheFourthChaser: yes it does lol
  6749. Gonxaloo7: then chekh this out http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2507878
  6750. La Bonita: i love meloette <3
  6751. Kevin11: swift swim was teh advantage..
  6752. +Feranfell: meloetta is cool
  6753. @TheFourthChaser: its easily the best weather right now
  6754. minumun swag: sup
  6755. Kevin11: other than that it makes fire useless.
  6756. @TheFourthChaser: or rain boosts
  6757. @TheFourthChaser: or 100% thunders
  6758. @TheFourthChaser: or weakening fire
  6759. La Bonita: sooooo damn powerful man
  6760. xxZealxx: it very very much does. Chrollyphyll (sp?) isn't as bad as swift swim
  6761. @Relados: Easily the best, Politoed is #1 in usage
  6762. @TheFourthChaser: or anytihng with hydration
  6763. xxZealxx: swift swim users get a 50% boost to their stab.
  6764. Lexnugget: Uh sure.
  6765. Yamano98: what counters shaymin in rain?
  6766. Manaphy286: Fourthchaser: I'd like to restrict weather to who originally had it: Kyogre, Groudon, Abomasnow, Tyranitar, Hippowdon, Hippopotas, and Snover.
  6767. @Relados: an ice move
  6768. @TheFourthChaser: like Genesect
  6769. Yamano98: thx a lot
  6770. @TheFourthChaser: thats a weird restriction
  6771. @TheFourthChaser: that allows Toed and Tales only
  6772. Manaphy286: Yamano: Anything with Swift Swim and Ice beam.
  6773. @TheFourthChaser: which would just suck
  6774. Yamano98: genesect is better
  6775. Yamano98: but
  6776. Yamano98: still thx
  6777. Yamano98: manaphy286
  6778. Manaphy286: Fourthchaser: No, toed and tales would NOT have it.
  6779. @TheFourthChaser: what do you mean
  6780. @TheFourthChaser: oh i see what you're saying
  6781. Bapeck: hello
  6782. La Bonita: who gets it without dreamword >.>
  6783. @TheFourthChaser: that would be fine
  6784. Manaphy286: Oh, is Swift Swim legal if none of your team has drizzle?
  6785. @TheFourthChaser: yes
  6786. beastpoop: hey guys can i ask a question about linoone?
  6787. Yamano98: where there isnt a strategy for genesect in smogon
  6788. Manaphy286: What if the opponent has Drizzle?
  6789. Ven: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2506748 Mono Grass team
  6790. @TheFourthChaser: so you can bring Kingdra to help against Rain teams
  6791. @TheFourthChaser: then its ok
  6792. SuperDarkrai: Who Want To Battle Me
  6793. xxZealxx: if the opponent has drizzle, who cares. :P
  6794. Manaphy286: Okay cool.
  6795. Mdevil: if u need a genesect strat you are bad
  6796. @TheFourthChaser: because YOU didnt have drizzle
  6797. samar: is dark good against ghost typeÉ
  6798. Vogeltje: Beartic doesn't get a STAB boost from rain
  6799. xxZealxx: yes
  6800. ajrockstar: hello
  6801. Manaphy286: Yes
  6802. @TheFourthChaser: just use like
  6803. Hwoot: guys, when you build a team, do you just pick the pokemon you like, or do you try to be like fair and think about the people you'll be playing against ?
  6804. Vogeltje: Neither does Armaldo
  6805. @TheFourthChaser: Scarf Genesect like everyone else
  6806. samar: thanz
  6807. Manaphy286: Both.
  6808. @TheFourthChaser: uh
  6809. Yamano98: beartic has surf...
  6810. @TheFourthChaser: what do you mean by fair
  6811. Arse: Taking out a dragonite with a sunkern only time you'll ever see it http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2508103
  6812. xxZealxx: I pick the ones I like/ I think will go together
  6813. Yamano98: but not sp. attack
  6814. @TheFourthChaser: what I do
  6815. ninja eevee: 13 more people leaft ou pm me
  6816. Manaphy286: I use who I like, and I try to beat everything.
  6817. Vogeltje: Surf isn't his stab
  6818. @TheFourthChaser: on ladder I'll just go with whatever as long as it won't suck
  6819. Yamano98: is it a OU TOURNEY?
  6820. @TheFourthChaser: but in a tourney
  6821. Yamano98: ohh
  6822. ninja eevee: yes
  6823. Yamano98: sry
  6824. La Bonita: screw scarf genesect be a man and use expert belt gene
  6825. Yamano98: ur talking bout stavb
  6826. Yamano98: stab*
  6827. Kevin11: biggest flaw on rain teams... is thats all that people use anymore its either rain or baton pass
  6828. @TheFourthChaser: I'll try building something I think would have a good matchup vs an opponent
  6829. ninja eevee: pm me
  6830. Khaotik: Haxorus vs Salamence?
  6831. Kevin11: just build your team to counter it
  6832. Kevin11: and your fine..
  6833. Kevin11: commen sense
  6834. G-man3301: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2508160
  6835. Manaphy286: I never use Ferrothorn or Garchomp. They may be good, but I don't use them because I have favorite pokes that I'd use first.
  6836. silvershadow123: anyone wanna join a tourney?
  6837. ninjaflowjerren: k
  6838. silvershadow123: pm me
  6839. Yamano98: me me me
  6840. moonbase: what tire
  6841. xxZealxx: chomp was my fav poke from gen4. killed everything.
  6842. Syphylys: which Pokem do you use then Manaphy ?
  6843. lukyshot248: just won an ubers match with a choice scarf kyogre
  6844. silvershadow123: you choose the tiers
  6845. ajrockstar: lolz
  6846. Syphylys: a manaphy ?
  6847. moonbase: tieir
  6848. Manaphy286: Yup. :P
  6849. ninja eevee: ou trnryment 13 more people pm me if u want 2
  6850. Syphylys: cool
  6851. ajrockstar: lol
  6852. Ruggs: I loved Breloom because he was so cute, But I realized how much of a pain he is D:
  6853. xxZealxx: lol
  6854. Manaphy286: Manaphy, Latias, Kyogre, Empoleon, Eeveelutions, Lapras, etc.
  6855. Ruggs: Curse you Spore.
  6856. ajrockstar: ?
  6857. Syphylys: Lapras :)
  6858. Syphylys: rare in OU
  6859. Syphylys: is it good ?
  6860. xxZealxx: I recently started using breloom and every single time I think I'm such a dick for using it
  6861. Ruggs: Right?
  6862. @TheFourthChaser: dont think that
  6863. Manaphy286: I don't know, but it's good in-game.
  6864. silvershadow123: OU tiers
  6865. @TheFourthChaser: competitive gaming is all about playing to win
  6866. Ruggs: I can't use one of my favorite Pokes without feeling bad about myself
  6867. Ruggs: </3
  6868. La Bonita: i want rough skin garchomp for ou :CCCCC
  6869. Cheetos: I hate using genesect
  6870. Ashley11: Dragonair 2012 use it DD, waterfall, outrage, rest
  6871. xxZealxx: I know but there's that and then there's omg wtf this is easy!
  6872. Cheetos: because he literally is so overused.
  6873. @TheFourthChaser: well
  6874. Ruggs: ahhaha Zeal
  6875. @TheFourthChaser: its only easy because ladder sucks
  6876. Ruggs: ^^
  6877. Livitz: Attention people in my RU Tour! If you're curious about the bracket, here is an updated version!
  6878. Flamingo3721: cat poop is a weird name
  6879. @TheFourthChaser: ladder always sucks
  6880. Livitz: http://challonge.com/livitzrutour
  6881. @Relados: Ladder will be fixed eventually
  6882. @Relados: just wait
  6883. @TheFourthChaser: well i meant ladder was weak lol
  6884. Kevin11: whatever happened to 6 pokes without weather..
  6885. ajrockstar: someone banned me and i did nothing yesterday but only for 24 hrs
  6886. Khaotik: Haxorus vs Salamence?
  6887. Ruggs: Mence
  6888. Manaphy286: What about it?
  6889. Ruggs: By far.
  6890. @TheFourthChaser: you can use 6 mons without weather
  6891. Syphylys: who runs an OU tourney ?
  6892. bomberman1753: how do i use a team i made in the team builder in a battle???
  6893. ninja eevee: 11 more ppl leat ou tournament pm me
  6894. xxZealxx: khaotik, do you want a revenge killer or a sweeper?
  6895. Kevin11: im just saying.. in gen 4.. that was never the case
  6896. Fight2Win: Any tourney i can join?
  6897. Kadabra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYXjLbMZFmo
  6898. Kevin11: only thing was kyrogue..
  6899. Ruggs: Bomberman
  6900. ninja eevee: fight2win ou
  6901. @TheFourthChaser: gen 4 and 5 are very different
  6902. Khaotik: A sweeper
  6903. Ruggs: Click on the format icon and click the tier
  6904. xxZealxx: plz gen 4 was sandstorm in OU. No one could take advantage of it but it was always there
  6905. Kevin11: i know.. just sucks
  6906. xxZealxx: mence then.
  6907. Kevin11: less strategy.. in gen 5
  6908. bomberman1753: thank you
  6909. Ruggs: Once you pick the tier, click on the thing under it called Team
  6910. Kevin11: more common things..
  6911. Ruggs: Click your team
  6912. Ruggs: c:
  6913. @TheFourthChaser: gen 5 has an awesome potential
  6914. @TheFourthChaser: just needs some metagame fixing
  6915. xxZealxx: I think that gen4 was more predictable...
  6916. xxZealxx: everyone had a scarfed flygon
  6917. Ruggs: it was
  6918. ajrockstar: ?
  6919. Ruggs: Scarf Outrage Flygon?
  6920. G-man3301: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2508519
  6921. ajrockstar: kjhgfdsa
  6922. xxZealxx: and lead with either swampert/infernape/azelf/aerodactyl
  6923. Fight2Win: Gen 5 just capture a excadrill and then you will just pwn the hole enemy team =I
  6924. generic name: something being common doesnt make it easy to use or a guaranteed win
  6925. Ruggs: Couldnt touch that
  6926. Ruggs: hahaha
  6927. xxZealxx: scarf flygon <3
  6928. @TheFourthChaser: the leads at the end of gen 4 were
  6929. ajrockstar: sryy
  6930. Kevin11: max att mamoswine with ice shard?
  6931. Kevin11: where is flygon now?
  6932. xxZealxx: UU
  6933. 2000knight1: Atleast when scarfed came so did ice shard mamoswine
  6934. @TheFourthChaser: azelf/heatran/machamp/metagross
  6935. xxZealxx: ^
  6936. Ruggs: Flygon still does well in UU
  6937. 2000knight1: Scarfed gon
  6938. Sarkynin: 4chan is soooo awesome
  6939. 2000knight1: UU flygon is amazing
  6940. xxZealxx: machamp lead <3
  6941. Sarkynin: White 2 US game
  6942. Wrath: what would machamp lead be like
  6943. Ruggs: Machamp Gen 4
  6944. Ruggs: man I miss him
  6945. xxZealxx: payback versus azelf then bullet punch to face and dynamic punch whoever comes in next
  6946. Sarkynin: Playing right now ;w;
  6947. Ash's Mom: yeah
  6948. Sei: flygon with arena trap would be beast!!!!!
  6949. X3ROX: so white > black?
  6950. X3ROX: or the other way?
  6951. Sarkynin: Well
  6952. Ruggs: Depends on what you like
  6953. @TheFourthChaser: azelf can beat champ tho
  6954. Sora24: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2508369
  6955. Sarkynin: White 2 has White kyurem
  6956. Manaphy286: Yes, White > Black.
  6957. StrongNerd: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2508355
  6958. Sarkynin: so automatically badass
  6959. Ruggs: Black 2 is going to be more Popular I think
  6960. • Ash's Mom loves her husband Mr. Mime.
  6961. Sarkynin: but
  6962. @TheFourthChaser: Black 2 prolly
  6963. Ruggs: Im getting White however
  6964. Sarkynin: Black 2 has challenge mode
  6965. Twannes: black 2 because of battle screen
  6966. Manaphy286: White has better pokes.
  6967. @TheFourthChaser: but Im getting White
  6968. bisharpwarrior: um hi im new how do i set my built team to battle?
  6969. Ruggs: Hipster Ruggs ._.
  6970. xxZealxx: the smogon set for machamp gave it enough bulk to take azelf's psychic and hit back with payback
  6971. Cpt. SWAGG: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2487245
  6972. Phazil: For my first battle here I got a suicune sweep..... http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2507998
  6973. Cpt. SWAGG: please wagch
  6974. @TheFourthChaser: and I'll just wait for my brother to finish B2
  6975. xxZealxx: which would put it in bullet punch range
  6976. Sarkynin: White 2 is the only game that has its US version dumped for now
  6977. ajrockstar: pm ninja eevee for ou tourney
  6978. Undecided: How do u 1v1 a specific person?
  6979. Ruggs: Bisharp click on teambuilder on the top left side
  6980. Sarkynin: 4Chan managed to upload it
  6981. Manaphy286: I *might* Get White 2. Right now, I'm fine with Gen 4.
  6982. @TheFourthChaser: and get him to give me Challenge Mode from the sstart
  6983. Cpt. SWAGG: give me feedbck on my team
  6984. @TheFourthChaser: also
  6985. @TheFourthChaser: theres always tricks you can use to get around Machamp with Azelf
  6986. Ruggs: Undecided find their name in the middle and click challenge
  6987. xxZealxx: I never encountered those tricks. :p
  6988. Blacknificent: My first PO battle, I was swept by a Kyogre
  6989. Undecided: thanks
  6990. Blacknificent: It's alright
  6991. Ruggs: Yup c:
  6992. ChrisiBro: whick poks are NFE Pokemons ?
  6993. Ruggs: NFE
  6994. 2000knight1: Not fully evolved
  6995. xxZealxx: the ones that can evolve?
  6996. +Feranfell: not fully evolved ones
  6997. Ruggs: Not fully evolved
  6998. Sarkynin: Is it wrong that I just named my rival in BW2 neko?
  6999. +Feranfell: like electabuzz or magneton
  7000. @TheFourthChaser: why would it be
  7001. ChrisiBro: thanks
  7002. +Feranfell: or numel
  7003. Ruggs: So like Charmander or Machoke for example
  7004. bisharpwarrior: then what
  7005. xxZealxx: yes
  7006. Woona: If they can evolve, and haven't been evolved, they qualify
  7007. Ruggs: Pidgey
  7008. oarpheus: i know a guy named neko.
  7009. Ozander: BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON
  7010. Woona: Not machoke
  7011. Woona: Machop
  7012. Ruggs: Thats it
  7013. Montblanc: FREE NATTOREI!!!
  7014. Ruggs: My B.
  7015. Ruggs: c:
  7016. xxZealxx: lol
  7017. Manaphy286: Machoke is NFE.
  7018. Mienshao is Pro: Machoke is NU
  7019. xxZealxx: Nattorei > Ferrothorn
  7020. Mienshao is Pro: Or to say, PU
  7021. Woona: It has to be the first one in it's chain
  7022. God Slayer: hey does anyone wanna see this baton pass reply ?
  7023. God Slayer: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-uu2508544
  7024. Purple-Turtle: Ferrotroll>nattorei
  7025. Manaphy286: No it doesn't
  7026. Ash's Mom: and it feels like i am just too close to love you
  7027. Sora24: if i have learned anything about fighting from pokemon it is chop choke champ
  7028. celever: congratulations to Trainer Zach for winning the ubers tourney!
  7029. Oh come on: Does anyone know where I can get a White 2 english ROM?
  7030. littlelucario: i won my 1st tourney matchhttp://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2508059
  7031. • Ash's Mom slaps Oh come on.
  7032. Manaphy286: NFE could be Basic, or Stage 1 in the classic 3-pokemon chain.
  7033. Duskchain: Meloetta is so op in uu
  7034. 2000knight1: Not really
  7035. Ruggs: Just buy the game...
  7036. Ruggs: ._.
  7037. 2000knight1: it has a nice spot tho
  7038. xxZealxx: Mew in UU is awesome though
  7039. Duskchain: Yeah
  7040. Duskchain: in ou
  7041. bisharpwarrior: in lobby it says my team is random
  7042. Duskchain: it would never be used
  7043. Oh come on: Well, I know it would be more fair, but I still can't afford to buy a DS <:c
  7044. Duskchain: base 128 sp.atk
  7045. xxZealxx: Esp after venomoth passes it 2 QDboost. <3
  7046. • StrongNerd is the very best, like no one ever was
  7047. Duskchain: is no joke
  7048. Manaphy286: Bisharpwarrior: Change the format above it.
  7049. 2000knight1: The uu changes were all good except priority tornadus needs a little bit of fixing
  7050. Duskchain: and with other form 128 atk, 128 speed
  7051. Heisenberg: mel and mew are not that good in uu because of all the dark/bugs
  7052. Ruggs: not even an old one?
  7053. tyranitar 399: thats a lie
  7055. Oh come on: Nope :c
  7056. Ruggs: They use the old DS as book holders nowadays
  7057. Duskchain: Cofag doesn
  7058. %MJB: i use mew in uu
  7059. %MJB: it works
  7060. Duskchain: doesn't belong in uu
  7061. X3ROX: is it possible for keldeo to oone hit kill toad with surf unboosted?
  7062. • Ash's Mom knows that the secret behind every Champion is his mom!
  7063. bomberman1753: any team suggestions for a newbie??
  7064. Duskchain: it will never get used
  7065. @TheFourthChaser: uh no
  7066. ajrockstar: ?
  7067. X3ROX: it happened to me
  7068. @TheFourthChaser: also
  7069. X3ROX: wth
  7070. xxZealxx: unless you crit, no
  7071. +Aquaaa: ~.~
  7072. Dragon Master Seth: Quick what's a good mono-type?
  7073. %MJB: specs in rain with crit will
  7074. xxZealxx: was it specs?
  7075. Duskchain: Slowbro/rhyperior/any other physical walls out do it
  7076. Mienshao is Pro: Cofa will get used
  7077. xxZealxx: water.
  7078. X3ROX: idk
  7079. %MJB: but otherwise no
  7080. Oh come on: And I'll tell you more, I'm from Italy and here the game is not out yet
  7081. @TheFourthChaser: just go with a simple team to learn the meta
  7082. X3ROX: but still
  7083. Oh come on: so sad fae
  7084. X3ROX: sketchy
  7085. Oh come on: face*
  7086. Ruggs: bomber, practice makes perfect and learn how to predict! c:
  7087. X3ROX: toad was 100% helath
  7088. • Manaphy286 knows the secret to every champion is his pokemon.
  7089. Kim Il Saturn: deoxys a sweep
  7090. Kim Il Saturn: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ubers2508576
  7091. Mienshao is Pro: The only reason why Cofa only barely made it was because new players though Cofa wasn't allowed in UU
  7092. Old Jack: Is it worth using surf on specslatios under sun?
  7093. StrongNerd: no
  7094. WasSollDas: not really, imo
  7095. Manaphy286: No.
  7096. bomberman1753: thank you very much, any perticular pokemon
  7097. bomberman1753: ???
  7098. Duskchain: I don't get why more people don't use hydreigon like they use to
  7099. Ruggs: If the poke has quad 4 weakness to water maybe.
  7100. @Exeggutor: protip, dont post battle links cause no one gives a fuck
  7101. Old Jack: any idea to replace this slot?
  7102. @Exeggutor: js
  7103. StrongNerd: Its not worth using any water type moves in the sun
  7104. Ruggs: other than that......not really
  7105. Duskchain: It's movepool is amazing
  7106. @TheFourthChaser: depends on the meta you wanna play
  7107. @Exeggutor: I could care less that yuo swept ubers with a deo-a
  7108. Manaphy286: That's what Deo-A is for.
  7109. xxZealxx: couldn't*, jsut saying. :x
  7110. Duskchain: Priority rapes deoxys-a
  7111. StrongNerd: People can dream exeggutor
  7112. Ash's Mom: exeggutor is right!
  7113. Lordapple111: just* just saying
  7114. Lordapple111: lol
  7115. electrolyte: I just lost against struggle
  7116. xxZealxx: lol
  7117. electrolyte: in Challenge Cup
  7118. Ash's Mom: grats
  7119. Ash's Mom: we don't care
  7120. Ruggs: Good job Kiddo
  7121. Khaotik: I hate 100% hurricanes
  7122. @Exeggutor: if people want to watch you battle, they will click your name and join it their self
  7123. Khaotik: damn
  7124. @Exeggutor: other then that
  7125. Academic Ace: actually exe, some people do "give a fuck"
  7126. @Exeggutor: no one gives a flying fuck
  7127. Duskchain: CC RIGHT NOW arceus vs Charmander
  7128. Duskchain: what
  7129. StrongNerd: I do
  7130. Academic Ace: ^ true dat
  7131. electrolyte: Flying Fucks hurt
  7132. Mienshao is Pro: Did some people secretly want Magmortar banned from NU?
  7133. Kim Il Saturn: chill out bud
  7134. electrolyte: especially when they fly into your head
  7135. xxZealxx: secretly?
  7136. Academic Ace: no one gives a "flyin fuck"
  7137. Kim Il Saturn: its not my fault your nu
  7138. Ruggs: ?
  7139. Lordapple111: can you get an std from flying fucks?
  7140. Ruggs: I hope not D:
  7141. Ash's Mom: it feels like i am just too close to love you :(
  7142. Namethief07: Sorry if im asking a Stupid question but how do i use the Team i made in a Battle because its just giving me random pokemon
  7143. Kevin11: espeon needs agility..
  7144. Thugnifficent: like ou or nu not both
  7145. Kevin11: great sweeper :)p
  7146. @Exeggutor: that 95/105 raning in ubers you must sweep a lot
  7147. 2000knight1: change the tier
  7148. @Exeggutor: with that deo-a
  7149. Lordapple111: why would espeon need agility
  7150. Ruggs: NAme theif you prob are battling in random battles
  7151. Lordapple111: its goddamn fast
  7152. Karyete: Hiii :3
  7153. Ruggs: Change the format in the top section above "Look for Battles"
  7154. Namethief07: Its saying my Team:Random Team and i cant change it
  7155. Ruggs: Click on Random team and move it to OU
  7156. Ruggs: for example
  7157. Ruggs: then you should be able to switch your team
  7158. ipodboqi: No one on hackmons :(
  7159. Gonzalo: random battle
  7160. G-man3301: ou battle
  7161. Gonzalo: change it where it says "random battle"
  7162. Logantech5: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2509034
  7163. G-man3301: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2509034
  7164. Ruggs: Slash I hate Ou </3
  7165. G-man3301: y
  7166. Ruggs: I just dont like cookie cutter weather teams.
  7167. Ruggs: I play NU mostly.
  7168. Dualshock: lads how do we sort out this battle http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2508509
  7170. pteriboy: someone should have a metronome battle with me
  7171. welp: ya, too much stalling in OU
  7172. mylilpwny: wassup people
  7173. KBB: Jeez,i made a mono type rain team and i am sweeping this guy
  7174. KBB: and my starmie just owned him and he is on his last pokemon and he won't make a move >.>
  7175. Namethief07: Im in the Lobby and i changed it so its not a random battle but it still says random Team
  7176. Dragon Master Seth: Special attacking rock type?
  7177. Karyete: Anyone want to try my Fire Gym?
  7178. Fight2Win: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-nu2509042 i was just seting up for sweep and then this guy just ragequited =(
  7179. X3ROX: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2508934
  7180. KBB: He forfeited
  7181. Shayminzz: fire gem karyete?
  7182. KBB: >.>
  7183. X3ROX: this is funny
  7184. Livitz: The finals match of the RU Tour between Dragon Master Seth and Smogooon is about to start! Watch and give them your support!
  7185. X3ROX: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2508934
  7186. The Loganater: lol just swetp with a powertrick shuckle LOL
  7187. Feargal: Feargal's rating: 1449 → 1451
  7188. Feargal: (+2 for winning)
  7189. Feargal: Emrgncy's rating: 901 → 932
  7190. Selphie: is there a way
  7191. Feargal: (+31 for losing)
  7192. Selphie: to change the pic
  7193. Selphie: or icon
  7194. Selphie: for your account thingie?
  7195. stavenpooppoop: I need a good fire resist/stealth rock/ wall in UU, any suggestions?
  7196. Freeshooter: it's so annoying trying to find your friend on this
  7197. %Jac: !avatars
  7198. Want a custom avatar?
  7199. - How to change your avatar
  7200. Gonxaloo7: link please
  7201. Freeshooter: the friggin lsit keep smoving
  7202. @Exeggutor: dont post your rank, no one cares, and it floods the chat
  7203. %Jac: hi Exeggutor
  7204. Karyete: PM me if you wanna fight my Fire Gym
  7205. @Exeggutor: hello jac
  7206. Livitz: steven
  7207. Feargal: totes missed the point
  7208. Livitz: use regirock
  7209. Alan10: Blastoise staveb poop
  7210. Ruggs: Can I bring my Drizzle team :P
  7211. Malk: NU vs Ubers
  7212. Livitz: with curse / stealth rock / stone edge / drain punch
  7213. Livitz: max HP max attack 4 sp. def
  7214. X3ROX: damn
  7215. littlelucario: LINK FOR MY TOURNEY BRACKET CHALLENGE UR OPPONENThttp://challonge.com/tournament/bracket_generator?ref=RQGMUXEFHT
  7216. X3ROX: it was funny
  7217. stavenpooppoop: I'll give it a shot, thanks
  7218. Sora24: can you have 2 of the same poke on one team?
  7219. Ruggs: No
  7220. TheeOsva: how do you enter a command?
  7221. Alan10: I have bo space for a spinner too many sweepers
  7222. Ruggs: If it has the same number in the pokedex you cant have the it on your team
  7223. fuzzybutcheeks: only in hackmons
  7224. Ruggs: AKA Rotom forms
  7225. Livitz: The Finals Match of the RU Tour between Smogooon and Dragon Master Seth has Started! Please watch and give your support!
  7226. Livitz: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ru2509181
  7227. kloms: tahnk you guys for such an awsome site
  7228. fuzzybutcheeks: or genesect
  7229. Natsu Slayer: =)
  7230. Eonar: what's the most frequently seen pokemon in NU besides the mushroom?
  7231. +Aquaaa: Jac pls
  7232. Lordapple111: alomomola maybe
  7233. Ruggs: I dont think so
  7234. NU LADDER BORK: cinccino
  7235. Lordapple111: it's pretty common
  7236. Ruggs: ^^^
  7237. Lordapple111: yeah cinccino too
  7238. Ruggs: Cinncino
  7239. InTheNavy: accelgor?
  7240. Lordapple111: absol
  7241. Kevin11: cinccinoo meet ferrothorn with rocky helmet
  7242. NU LADDER BORK: alomo is #6 on stats
  7243. Mienshao is Pro: RU lost their king
  7244. Kevin11: instant death lol
  7245. Eonar: lordapple, you seem familiar o.O I'm sure we have battled before
  7246. Lordapple111: yep
  7247. Ou masta4: Aquaaa sux
  7248. Lordapple111: I'm pretty sure you're right
  7249. Ruggs: D:
  7250. %Jac: Aquaaa pls
  7251. Ruggs: I like Aquaaa c:
  7252. Mienshao is Pro: Mesprit is a fantastic Pokemon in RU
  7253. Mienshao is Pro: It's bulky
  7254. sleeping kupo: .
  7255. sleeping kupo: abc!
  7256. Mienshao is Pro: And can set up Stealth Rock!
  7257. @Imanalt: mesprit is good :o
  7258. @Imanalt: hi kupo
  7259. Ou masta4: Imanalt!
  7260. Mienshao is Pro: And has offensive presence
  7261. sleeping kupo: zomg manaltz~
  7262. Ou masta4: We have to battle
  7263. Enix: uxie is better imo
  7264. Ou masta4: it's been too long
  7265. SuperDarkrai: How You Change Your Avatar
  7266. @Imanalt: :o
  7267. Mienshao is Pro: Unlike the weak Uxie
  7268. Enix: type /avatar
  7269. Kouji: phione jk
  7270. Ruggs: / avatar
  7271. Mienshao is Pro: Who can't even bite
  7272. sleeping kupo: who you
  7273. X0_0X: mespirit is best
  7274. @Imanalt: uxie isnt bad either
  7275. sleeping kupo: @ masta4 lolo
  7276. SuperDarkrai: In Where
  7277. Ou masta4: Gowai koop hoe
  7278. imeks: how i can change password?
  7279. Kevin11: /font
  7280. Kevin11: how to change your font color?
  7281. %kupo: oh
  7282. fuzzybutcheeks: whats a good uu sweep
  7283. %kupo: so you know me
  7284. Enix: you can't
  7285. %kupo: ok
  7286. Kevin11: uu sweep
  7287. SuperDarkrai: Choice Band Victini
  7288. Awkward Mudkip: FITE ME DAMIAN.
  7289. Mienshao is Pro: Mienshao has taken away Hitmonlee's potential to go UU
  7290. Yanbro: Weavile.
  7291. Kevin11: mismagius
  7292. Kevin11: after a calm mind
  7293. Ruggs: I want to know why
  7294. Alan10: My htmolee surved a suckerpunch when i was -1 and he forfeited
  7295. Livitz: The Winner of the RU Tour is Dragon Master Seth! Congratulations to Dragon Master Seth on this exceptional victory!
  7296. Ruggs: Slowbro gets to be UU and not Slowking
  7297. Ruggs: Theyre basically the same poke
  7298. Kevin11: how do ichange my font
  7299. Young cricks: wats a good set for trappin gothitelle??
  7300. Mienshao is Pro: Alan10, you talking about me?
  7301. Sora24: how to take out steelix?
  7302. Enix: because there are already special walls in uu
  7303. Mienshao is Pro: Use Moltres
  7304. Awkward Mudkip: Damian. Damian, fite me.
  7305. Mienshao is Pro: Enough said
  7306. DarkEnlightenment: slowbro gets a Sp Def boost from calm mind, strengthening both defenses
  7307. Jewzilla: Is Tyranitar viable on a team with unnerve, or is he good strictly in Sand?
  7308. SuperDarkrai: My Tournament Winner Was SuperSkarmory
  7309. Alan10: Good hutmolee set normal gem fake out and everythng else standard
  7310. DarkEnlightenment: Slowking needs defense moer than Sp Def
  7311. Mienshao is Pro: Hitmonlee destroys
  7312. Mienshao is Pro: Hitmonlee for BL2
  7313. Ruggs: Can Slowking not get Calm mind?
  7314. so creative: /avatar 80
  7315. Shayminzz: loool
  7316. Young cricks: can anybody answer me??
  7317. @Relados: Tyranitar can use unnerve if you really don't want to use sand but it's better with sand stream usually
  7318. Manaphy286: Jewzilla: You can fake a sand team with unnerved Ttar
  7319. Shayminzz: I have a decent eveeluton team
  7320. Manaphy286: Would anyone care to help me test my new UU team?
  7321. Malk: need help making a NU team to beat Ubers
  7322. Alan10: All my oopnents pokemon were weak to rock and fight
  7323. InTheNavy: ttar without sand is a mediocre on spec def side
  7324. Manaphy286: Malk: Good luck.
  7325. medifucker: unban soul dew latis!
  7326. DarkEnlightenment: Slokwing can get calm mind. But Slowbro makes a better wall, where slowking isn't really that good IMO
  7327. Jewzilla: I'm just looking for a Dark type is all, but it looks like Hydreigon works better with my team anyways
  7328. Malk: if I successfully beat Ubers with NU I'll make a NFE team to do it next
  7329. Pokearceus: are one of yall doing 4 gen toury
  7330. Orubatto: is there a way to rematch?
  7331. DarkEnlightenment: Now I have a question/
  7332. Caymokomoko: i love the name Jewzilla
  7333. Manaphy286: Would anyone care to help me test and improve my new UU team?
  7334. Boulanger peigné: yo
  7335. DarkEnlightenment: Klink in LC, any recommended sets?
  7336. The Loganater: LOL Tangrowth Sweep http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ru2509083
  7337. Jewzilla: haha thank you caymoko
  7338. Manaphy286: Combed Baker? LOL
  7339. GhostlyCrow: shift gear/gear grind/ volt charge/ sub
  7340. Jewzilla: Klink is mediocre at best in LC DarkE
  7341. pteriboy: metronome battle anyone
  7342. Jewzilla: Unless you're adamant on using him, I wouldn't :/
  7343. DarkEnlightenment: I still like it too take out snover and mienshao
  7344. DarkEnlightenment: For my sand team
  7345. Natsu Slayer: lol
  7346. Manaphy286: Weather isn't allowed in LC.
  7347. @Imanalt: sand is in lc
  7348. Manaphy286: *Perma-weather isn't.
  7349. pteriboy: metronome battle anyone
  7350. wutbewbs.: bewbs/
  7351. NU LADDER BORK: yes it is
  7352. NU LADDER BORK: hail is allowed too
  7353. Manaphy286: Then someone hasn't been giving me my memos.
  7354. wutbewbs.: okey
  7355. Jewzilla: perma sand and hail are manaphy
  7356. pteriboy: i should have a metronome tournament
  7357. Ooppi: what do you guys think would be the best set for conkeldurr?
  7358. FoyDestroy: Ouch
  7359. pteriboy: lol
  7360. Ooppi: i have been wondering :3
  7361. Enix: bulk up
  7362. Manaphy286: Expert Belt Punches.
  7363. Dualshock: Some stall war
  7364. Dualshock: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2508509
  7365. Dualshock: go watch
  7366. wutbewbs.: Wutwut.
  7367. Ooppi: expert belt :p
  7368. Ooppi: :o
  7369. Ooppi: never used that one
  7370. Manaphy286: Would someone please help me test and improve my new UU team?
  7371. MrDorkuz: Dattebayo!! ^-^
  7372. redjet445: How hard is it to find someone without legendaries?
  7373. Manaphy286: Not hard.
  7374. @shnen: legendies have no impact on competitive play
  7375. guitarpandapotato: what type is good against thunurus therian
  7376. wutbewbs.: ._.
  7377. @shnen: they are an ingame plot device
  7378. Sora24: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2509389
  7379. @shnen: nothing more
  7380. Twannes: ice, rock
  7381. SphealWithIt: people still cry aobut legendaries
  7382. @shnen: in fact if you look at it
  7383. SphealWithIt: come on
  7384. @shnen: the 3 birds from gen 1
  7385. @shnen: the 3 beasts from gen 2
  7386. @shnen: the 3 golems from gen 4
  7387. %kupo: abc
  7388. SuperDarkrai: www.youtube.com
  7389. @shnen: 3 I mean
  7390. Manaphy286: Golems were gen 3.
  7391. @shnen: and the 3 pixies from gen 4
  7392. @shnen: are all UU or below
  7393. Twannes: the 3 musketeers frm gen 5
  7394. %kupo: the 3 birds in gen 1
  7395. Twannes: cccc combo breaker
  7396. @shnen: no
  7397. %kupo: had no relation
  7398. %kupo: to the story
  7399. @shnen: terrakion is OU
  7400. %kupo: i think
  7401. @shnen: kupo
  7402. @shnen: yeah
  7403. %kupo: or did they
  7404. beastpoop: guys i have an idea
  7405. Ou masta4: shneat
  7406. Not original: just goes to show you how ridiculous our bw meta really is
  7407. beastpoop: Shaymin-S should come back to OU
  7408. Bayrock: Lol amen spheal
  7409. @Limi: shnafk
  7410. %Jac: they are related to Lugia, kupo
  7411. %kupo: sup Limi
  7412. %kupo: <3
  7413. %Jac: Rimi <3
  7414. @Limi: coopaw
  7415. Ou masta4: JAC!
  7416. Alan10: Does hydration rest lapras have to be max hp
  7417. %kupo: they were
  7418. @Limi: jacques
  7419. %kupo: hrm
  7420. Ou masta4: Hi!
  7421. Ou masta4: Long time man!
  7422. za: can I change my default team?
  7423. Enix: yes
  7424. %Jac: who you ou masta4
  7425. za: how
  7426. Manaphy286: Whose bright idea was it to ban Snover from UU?
  7427. Alan10: Chnage team za
  7428. %Jac: a lot of people
  7429. Ou masta4: I am Outlaw$
  7430. %Jac: hail stronk in uu
  7431. %Jac: i figured :I
  7432. Mienshao is Pro: Snover is LC now
  7433. ImZapdos:D: but it sux in OU
  7434. Ou masta4: Lies
  7435. Ou masta4: you figuired nothing.
  7436. MarceloDK: limi fkin sucks n_n
  7437. MarceloDK: .cry
  7438. Queen of Psychos: hail in ou strongth
  7439. @shnen: shnothere
  7440. %Jac: also
  7441. ImZapdos:D: if u know how to use it
  7442. Heropon_Riki: I just saw a guy forfeit out of pity because a guy was using water absorb politoed
  7443. ImZapdos:D: the majority of the ppl just use rain
  7444. amethyst3551: why did i get a fakemon?????
  7445. smart1: bratatamosas
  7446. Livitz: don't hate
  7447. %Jac: LLC is different from the usage based tiers
  7448. SphealWithIt: kyurem = beast.
  7449. Livitz: water absorb politoed is too good
  7450. @Relados: CAP pokemon can show up in randombattles
  7451. Livitz: for this realm
  7452. Hiptits c: why can i use my team of magnamites?
  7453. Jewzilla: Is there a water type that works on a Sun team? MoxieDos maybe?
  7454. amethyst3551: i just battled someone and i got a fakemon
  7455. Queen of Psychos: if by out of pity you by out of fear
  7456. sombrero de mexico: AYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYAYAY suck me bitch
  7457. amethyst3551: why?????
  7458. Queen of Psychos: you mean*
  7459. Zeofar: Because he wants it, probably
  7460. sombrero de mexico was muted by MJB. (read the rules and come back)
  7461. sombrero de mexico's alts were also muted: Vohlt
  7462. sombrero de mexico was redirected by Relados to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  7463. @Limi: i'll help him
  7464. SphealWithIt: water type on a sun team? idk. don't know of any
  7465. %MJB: dat team work
  7466. SphealWithIt: jellicent?
  7467. Manaphy286: I get it now! You guys banned Hail from UU because then Glaceon would be have a chance, and you are all prejudiced against Blue Puppies with extremely stron blizzards!
  7468. @Limi: oh bs he left
  7469. amethyst3551: anyone know why i got a fakemon from the generator?
  7470. %kupo: you shoulda redir'd him
  7471. %kupo: to that
  7472. @Limi: oh bs relados ninja'd me
  7473. %kupo: ayayayaya site
  7474. %kupo: lololol
  7475. @Relados: :3
  7476. Queen of Psychos: because they come up in randbats
  7477. DJKokaKola: Amethyst it's just random
  7478. Not original: glaceon was hardly even used last gen when hail was in UU
  7479. ImZapdos:D: hail's ban was more for frosslas than anything else
  7480. amethyst3551: but who buts fakemon in the generator to begin with??
  7481. AzulCubone: how many layers of toxic spikes can you put down? 3?
  7482. Jewzilla: It would work with the dynamics of what I currently have, I'm just trying to see what would fit. This is my first Sun team, so I'm trying to go outside of the box
  7483. MrDorkuz: Spiky Ear Pichuuu!
  7484. Queen of Psychos: Zarel. Why does it matter?
  7485. SphealWithIt: 2 layers of tspikes max.
  7486. Zeofar: CAP Pokemon are part of the Ranom Battle Pool.
  7487. Zeofar: That's it
  7488. AzulCubone: Thanks.
  7489. Manaphy286: What's with froslass? It's got an unbelievable amount of weaknesses.
  7490. Feargal: <3 krookodile
  7491. SphealWithIt: frosslass is fast
  7492. SphealWithIt: sets up spikes
  7493. SphealWithIt: and spinblocks
  7494. Not original: have you used it? lol
  7495. Not original: it's annoying enough without snow cloak
  7496. ImZapdos:D: but it's like one of the few ice types that actually work
  7497. kona: god dammit
  7498. Feargal: +destiny bondage
  7499. @Relados: And Mamoswine and Kyurem
  7500. Livitz: i just saw some dude keep in a gliscor on my tornadus-t
  7501. Señor Smegma: i hate breloom
  7502. Livitz: like lol wat
  7503. @Relados: Those ice types work, too
  7504. ImZapdos:D: exactly
  7505. Rizz: Does fraps detect PS?
  7506. AwkwardKid: lol flareon vs amoonguss final 3.
  7507. Rizz: the battle window
  7508. AwkwardKid: final 2.
  7509. Mienshao is Pro: Drilbur+Magnemite is such a strong core
  7510. calabaza: ndkljs
  7511. Mienshao is Pro: Its only flaw is the need of the useless Hippopotas
  7512. kona: oi
  7513. ImZapdos:D: RU Regenorator core: Tangrowth & Slowking
  7514. kona: it's not useless
  7515. pteriboy: metronome battle
  7516. kona: it has SR and is a pretty decent tank
  7517. dAquazz: Metronome+ Moody Hackmons is the contest of champions
  7518. Malk: What has a better shot at beating ubers NFE or Ubers?
  7519. MrDorkuz: My Name is Dorku and im gonna be the king of pokemon!
  7520. %kupo: kona kona konachu~
  7521. Mienshao is Pro: Ubers
  7522. Malk: i mean NU
  7523. Malk: not ubers
  7524. pteriboy: i should have a metronome tornament
  7525. Mienshao is Pro: Oh
  7526. Mienshao is Pro: NU
  7527. @Relados: ew
  7528. @Relados: kona
  7529. Jewzilla: Would you suggest Jirachi or Magnezone on my Sun team? I need a steel type to cover a few weaknesses that I currently have, but having a steel with a 4x fire weakness would kill me
  7530. Mienshao is Pro: Bayleef seems very bulky in the NFE metagame
  7531. ImZapdos:D: I need to make a good NU Team
  7532. generic name: forretress for spin
  7533. ImZapdos:D: any suggestions?
  7534. ChrisiBro: Cloyster is an epic sweep in my oppinion ^^
  7535. TestCheck123: do you have a heatran?
  7536. tyranitar 399: heatran would work
  7537. ImZapdos:D: Cloyster...
  7538. KennyB: Bronzong Jewzilla?
  7539. TestCheck123: because heatran is a boss on sun team
  7540. ImZapdos:D: LR Zapdos plz be released soon!
  7541. pteriboy: whats a website where i can make the tournament thing
  7542. Ou masta4: Ou masta4's rating: 1791 → 1792
  7543. DatTwo2: Heatran def.
  7544. Ou masta4: (+1 for winning)
  7545. ChrisiBro: i bet a sun team with colyster
  7546. Ou masta4: dafuq?
  7547. Look high ffjkkkg: I
  7548. pteriboy: to make the match ups
  7549. KennyB: challonge
  7550. Default: LITTLE CUP QUESTION. I have Murkrow, Drifloon, Aipom, Scraggy, and Wynaut. Who should I add
  7551. Ou masta4: How am I meant to climb the ladder whilst getting points like that
  7552. Ou masta4: ?
  7553. @Relados: Mienfoo
  7554. Jewzilla: I'm gonna go Bronzong, then change it to heatran if that looks like it would work better
  7555. TestCheck123: if you face a higher rated person you'll get more
  7556. Jewzilla: Thanks everyone
  7557. KennyB: I just like Bronzong
  7558. GreatInfernape: What defines a pokemon as LC?
  7559. polyfamous: being a first evolution
  7560. ImZapdos:D: being an NFE
  7561. Default: first evolution, level 5.
  7562. Queen of Psychos: lowest form of a pokemon that can evolve
  7563. jdarden: by battling more ou masta
  7564. Default: You think meinfoo would be best?
  7565. KennyB: and not banned by lc rules
  7566. KennyB: such as scyther
  7567. GreatInfernape: oh
  7568. ImZapdos:D: I like a good trick room Timburr
  7569. Default: if I have scraggy, then I dont think I would really need meinfoo
  7570. pteriboy: i i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun
  7571. calabaza: y is cyther banned?
  7572. kona: OP
  7573. KennyB: Too strong
  7574. Queen of Psychos: too strong
  7575. kona: also
  7576. kona: it's not NFE
  7577. kona: it's first evo
  7578. KennyB: ?
  7579. jdarden: too stronk
  7580. calabaza: nfe???
  7581. Twannes: not fully evolved
  7582. kona: not fully evolved
  7583. polyfamous: scyther was originally a solo poke, so he is to strong for LC
  7584. kona: NFE would imply things like wartortle are allowed
  7585. KennyB: Right
  7586. Manaphy286: It is NFE and First Evo, inless scizor evolves from Onix.
  7587. Smogooon: (Private to @Relados) Foretress vs Tentacruel in a Stll team?
  7588. Queen of Psychos: Scyther is NFE lol
  7589. Smogooon: (Private to @Relados) *Stall
  7590. Queen of Psychos: he's just too strong
  7591. KennyB: It is
  7592. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun
  7593. ninja eevee: kennyb u have a match
  7594. kona: it's first evos
  7595. KennyB: ok
  7596. Ghoul Master: why cant it fly?!
  7597. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun
  7598. Queen of Psychos: It is a first evo
  7599. bobdylanrocks2: He has the same bst as scizor
  7600. minumun swag: scyther is like ru or uu
  7601. Fight2Win: Since when does onix evolve into scizor?
  7602. Twannes: most good NFE's in low tiers were pokemon who got an evolution in later games
  7603. kona: i know
  7604. Twannes: like scyther
  7605. derpyderp: Pt Want to have a metronome battle?
  7606. stavenpooppoop: YES METRONOME TOURNY
  7607. Ghoul Master: yesterday
  7608. stavenpooppoop: PLEASE
  7609. pteriboy: ya
  7610. Manaphy286: Scyther was good in Generation 1 and FRLG.
  7611. A13xD: what is a good rating?
  7612. pteriboy: wait
  7613. anan: Cancel
  7614. Kingpoleon: Stealthr Rock>Yanma,Scyther who ARE BANNED from LC> lol what?
  7615. Queen of Psychos: So what are you even saying lol
  7616. Unknowngamer64: i would pteriboy
  7617. anan: 1209 users online:
  7618. anan: @Exeggutor
  7619. woohooFTW: cough cough gligar
  7620. anan: @Hugendugen
  7621. pteriboy: i will organize it
  7622. anan: @Imanalt
  7623. anan: @Limi
  7624. calabaza: can i use ghastly in lc??
  7625. anan: @M Dragon
  7626. anan: @Relados
  7627. stavenpooppoop: awesome!
  7628. anan was muted by Snowflakes. (forgot me)
  7629. Smogooon: ...
  7630. woohooFTW: nice
  7631. Smogooon: LOL
  7632. Manaphy286: LOL
  7633. Queen of Psychos: lol snowflakes
  7634. Kingpoleon: Stop spamming
  7635. pteriboy: pm me if you want to join
  7636. MrDorkuz: Why is Kyushiram Banned?
  7637. jdarden: haha
  7638. derpyderp: A specfic type of pokemon?
  7639. TestCheck123: rofl
  7640. pteriboy: if 7 people pm me i will send you guys the rules
  7641. kona: kyurem isn't banned
  7642. kona: oh
  7643. Kingpoleon: Because it can 2HKO the entire Pokeverse?
  7644. kona: kyushiram
  7645. SuperDarkrai: avatar/260
  7646. kona: i just got that
  7647. kona: do /avatar 260
  7648. jdarden: try /avatr 260
  7649. pteriboy: thats one
  7650. Kingpoleon: / avatar 260
  7651. kona: jdarden giving help with typoes
  7652. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun
  7653. kona: what a pro
  7654. imeks: how bout Reshirem
  7655. kona: do a/vatar 260
  7656. SuperDarkrai: Thank You
  7657. jdarden: ..except spell it right
  7658. kona: lol
  7659. pteriboy: thats 2
  7660. kona: wow
  7661. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun
  7662. ma2: / avater 98
  7663. kona: i'm a pro
  7664. kona: do /avatar 98
  7665. kona: that's karma though
  7666. guitarpandapotato: who wants to make my team for me :D
  7667. kona: calling somebody out on it
  7668. kona: then doing it wrong
  7669. Hideremanz: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2509960 sore loser lost with 2 ubers lol
  7670. ma2: i dc
  7671. Goofy1: / avatar10
  7672. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7673. ImZapdos:D: Magcargo any good in NU?
  7674. jdarden: you got it kona
  7675. dat alt: does volbeat have its dw ability yet?
  7676. SuperDarkrai: Looking For A Ubers Battle
  7677. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7678. kona: do /avatar 10
  7679. jdarden: I don't trust my fingers
  7680. Katpee Everlark: wha
  7681. Goofy1: / avatar 10
  7682. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7683. jdarden: no space after the slash
  7684. derpyderp: Pt Can I be in i cant go on the list without being sent back
  7685. Jewzilla: Has anyone seen substantial, marked success with the Substitute Hydreigon set? Or would I be better off just going for the mixed attacker set?
  7686. Goofy1: /avatar 10
  7687. dat alt: does volbeat have its dw ability yet?
  7688. jdarden: no space before it either
  7689. Katpee Everlark: you mean the blue people
  7690. jdarden: hahaha
  7691. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7692. ImZapdos:D: I only use expert belt hydreigon
  7693. Diatom: yes, volbeat does
  7694. ma2: /avater 248
  7695. Kingpoleon: Guys avatar 66 is Ghetsis as a child!? See!
  7696. dat alt: woot
  7697. Manaphy286: Jewzilla: Why not make your own set?
  7698. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7699. Katpee Everlark: or the bender pople
  7700. ninjaflowjerren: grrrrr rage qquiters
  7701. kona: do /avatar 248
  7702. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7703. Katpee Everlark: what is avatar
  7704. ColderFrost: !command
  7705. kona: do /commands
  7706. stavenpooppoop: GUYS play the metronome tourney. It'll be awesome.
  7707. calabaza: no pteriboy, no one will join
  7708. Jewzilla: I'm a bit pressed for time now, so I'm just trying to get something together to see how the synergy works with these guys together
  7709. Diatom: Earth power's animation is bugged; it shows spikes instead
  7710. Galco: only + and above can do ! commands.
  7711. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7712. jdarden: it's not bugged
  7713. fuzzybutcheeks: avatar 262 is best
  7714. Katpee Everlark: i like lugia
  7715. jdarden: and that's not what spikes looks like
  7716. pteriboy: :(
  7717. Chabaratours: why isn´t anyone in the suspect ladder?
  7718. tyranitar 399: nop avatar 161 is the best
  7719. Adil: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/trainers/250.png
  7720. Diatom: have you seen EP's animation lately?
  7721. jdarden: It's all about 226.
  7722. Rokete: Anyone here is new? I am new also
  7723. derpyderp: pt I cant pm :/ can I join plz
  7724. %MJB: you can om
  7725. %MJB: pm*
  7726. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7727. Bug Tamer Celestia: Looking for a Moody smeargle metronome battle(No EVs or items). Anyone interested?
  7728. %MJB: type /w name, message
  7729. derpyderp: Thx
  7730. pteriboy: yay just 3 more people
  7731. Gibbo42685: what stuff do you miss about Pokemon ONline?
  7732. %MJB: the ladder
  7733. %MJB: mostly
  7734. Diatom: nothing
  7735. PlasmaBeast: what number is the black and white boy trainers number
  7736. kona: check /avatars
  7737. DHTZ Gold: I like nipples
  7738. ajrockstar: 1
  7739. Tune: i do like 234
  7740. Gibbo42685: I miss the stats of your pokemon coming up when you hover over your pokes
  7741. derpyderp: MJ/w pteriboy,Can I join
  7742. jdarden: ...why did someone just message me asking for my first name
  7743. Kingpoleon: Avatar 250 that its all about.
  7744. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7745. derpyderp: ._.
  7746. jdarden: I'm gonna get sexually assaulted, aren't I?
  7747. pteriboy: i just need 3 more people
  7748. %MJB: whats with the MJ?
  7749. AwkwardKid: What's Challenge Cup?
  7750. JimmyTacos: hi
  7751. Hiptits c: hey guys, i went to the ᵖᵃᶰᵗʸ ʳᵃᶦᵈ
  7752. %MJB: just "/we name, message"
  7753. ottens10000: to everyone who say 'I only lost because i had a shit team' watch this and you'll never use that excuse again..http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2510417
  7754. %MJB: without hte "
  7755. Chabaratours: seriously, I need someone in the suspect test tier =(
  7756. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7757. %MJB: no one is playing suspect anymore
  7758. %MJB: its over
  7759. derpyderp: I was going to write It said it forgot the comma
  7760. Skill: is this a good uu team?
  7761. jdarden: put a comma after the usernam
  7762. rackwalker: sir you have shit team
  7763. Chabaratours: why?
  7764. pteriboy: i just need 3 more people
  7765. derpyderp: Final attempt
  7766. rackwalker: 3 more ppl for what?
  7767. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me
  7768. dat alt: anyone wanna do a monofight?
  7769. Rust: me
  7770. Queen of Psychos: monocolor is cool
  7771. dat alt: yooo
  7772. dat alt: wuddup rust
  7773. Rust: Nothin just
  7774. Rust: squeezin in some pokemon before work
  7775. dyl: someone play hackmons
  7776. Skill: swampert nido dusclops(evio) kingdra rhydon(evio) blastoise. Is this an okay uu team?
  7777. dat alt: how long you gunna be on?
  7778. Diatom: dusclops sucks
  7779. Diatom: use cofagrigus instead
  7780. Leonhart: No to Dusclops
  7781. Skill: not with evio
  7782. Rust: Just use Rhyperor
  7783. I'M SIGNIFICANT!: how am I asking me if I want to play hackmons?
  7784. Rust: *perior
  7785. jdarden: Cofag with leftoves is far superior
  7786. Skill: isnt he ou?
  7787. Rust: No
  7788. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me i need one more person
  7789. Kingpoleon: avatar 1-263
  7790. Diatom: dusclops should be NU
  7791. @Imanalt: dusclops is a lot bulkier than cofag tbh
  7792. jdarden: Nope
  7793. Karyete: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2510567
  7794. pogo: sup
  7795. smoot: Can anyone please explain to me why I can't use my raikou due to a rash nature even though I'm choosing timid, preferrably through pm. Thanks
  7796. Ally of Justice: cofag's hp is bullshit
  7797. @Imanalt: which to use is an interesting point
  7798. Shams: avatar 21 for fun
  7799. Leonhart: Use a / to use commands
  7800. Rust: Dusclops is great in UU
  7801. jdarden: RU
  7802. Robi400: anyone want to CAP battle?
  7803. pogo: yoyoyoyoyooyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyoy
  7804. @Imanalt: cofags hp is better than clops'
  7805. kona: dusclops just sits there and takes it though
  7806. Skill: yeah dusclops has stalled out sweepers for me A LOT
  7807. pteriboy: if i have a metronome tornament would anyone join for fun if so pm me i need one more person
  7808. %MJB: smoot raikou needs a rash nature to use aura sphere
  7809. %MJB: and needs to be shiny
  7810. PottRott: hi!
  7811. kona: cofag does something
  7812. Kingpoleon: DugEsectZone.
  7813. @Imanalt: or weatherball!
  7814. SuperDarkrai: Is A Person Call Quiverdance is in here
  7815. pogo was muted by MJB. (spam)
  7816. Rust: But that's actually good cause Clops likes to run SubSplit
  7817. Diatom: dusclops needs reliable recovery
  7818. Skill: but closp has pain split so low hp is a good thing
  7819. smoot: thanks mjb
  7820. PottRott: hi!
  7821. pteriboy: i need one more person for the metronome torny
  7822. Sarkynin: .
  7823. jdarden: Still not a good thing
  7824. SuperDarkrai: Thank You Very much
  7825. PottRott: no.
  7826. Stunfisky: sup guys :P
  7827. Latrobe: dusclops had pain split
  7828. Diatom: not reliable
  7829. jdarden: And pain split is very unreliable.
  7830. PlasmaBeast: what are the trainers from gen 5 numbers
  7831. Skill: ill Check out confrag guys thanks
  7832. Latrobe: rest?
  7833. Latrobe: lol
  7834. jdarden: You won't be horribly disappointed
  7835. Stunfisky: suggestions on a reliable special sweeper thats not genesect or landorus?
  7836. Leonhart: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/trainers/
  7837. amethyst3551: makeing retarted nicknames FTW!
  7838. Leonhart: Here is the avatar list
  7839. Diatom: hydreigon
  7840. %MJB: volcarona
  7841. Skill: or agility sashed thundurus
  7842. Stunfisky: anyone else>?
  7843. amethyst3551: anyone wannale?
  7844. %MJB: reuniclus
  7845. jdarden: I'll second hydreigon for reliable
  7846. I'M SIGNIFICANT!: what's the most powerful special move that doesn't ave any side effects?
  7847. Manaphy286: Jolteon. No question.
  7848. pteriboy: i need one more person for the metronome tourney
  7849. Undead99: shadow tag chandy allowd in OU?
  7850. schoppia: i'm so exciteeed
  7851. %MJB: TR reuniclus can do work in this meta
  7852. derpyderp: Can I join?
  7853. %kupo: your significant?
  7854. jdarden: Jolteon...?
  7855. +srk1214: Psystrike maybe?
  7856. amethyst3551: anyone wanna *batt;e
  7857. Diatom: fire blast
  7858. schoppia: bw is coming tomorrow
  7859. +srk1214: that's powerful lol
  7860. Manaphy286: Jolteon for fast and reliable.
  7861. schoppia: bw2
  7862. jdarden: Jolteon is awful though
  7863. Leonhart: Contrary Leaf Storm, I suppose.
  7864. amethyst3551: battle? anyone?
  7865. Diatom: raikou>jolteon
  7866. %kupo: click look for a battle
  7867. %kupo: @ amethyst
  7868. Manaphy286: Jolteon > Raikou.
  7869. VYT: anyone want to have a non weather battle?
  7870. Stunfisky: changed to buck armfart :P
  7871. Manaphy286: VYT: OU?
  7872. amethyst3551: the generated teams r.... O.o
  7873. jdarden: Jolteon might have the worst special movepool in OU considering he's meant to be a special sweeper
  7874. Ou masta: no/
  7875. VYT: doesn't ,atter i just want to have some fun and use a couple teams
  7876. Ou masta: Jolteon is NOT better than raikoo.
  7877. VYT: wanna play?
  7878. ImZapdos:D: Zapdos>>>>>>>>>Both Raikou and Jolteon
  7879. jdarden: Not to mention he's backing it with above average SpA at best
  7880. Hakeem: What's a good OU team?
  7881. rolen120: i dont understand what is so cool about jolteon
  7882. amethyst3551: why you peopl use legendarys??
  7883. Malk: Zebstrika >>> zapdos raikou and jolteon
  7884. Ou masta: Jolteon isn;'t a sweepermit's a scout
  7885. @Relados: Zapdos is pro, don't hate
  7886. VYT: i ask the same amethyst lol
  7887. Lordapple111: Malk that's bs
  7888. Hakeem: What's a good OU team with Items..?
  7889. Malk: malk doesnt bs
  7890. kona: why would it matter if they use legendaries or not?
  7891. LeafeonZTV: I'd tap that ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>
  7892. Diatom: good OU team is hydriegon/filler/filler/filler/filler/filler
  7893. rolen120: xD
  7894. Lordapple111: LOl
  7895. Lordapple111: no
  7896. amethyst3551: HAHA
  7897. rolen120: you must be joking
  7898. I'M SIGNIFICANT!: psystrike is the same as judgment but damage is based on defense
  7899. Bayrock: You guys have been debating Jolteon for like an hour I think
  7900. 1402: k
  7901. Galco: People always seem to forget about roost sub stall zapdos. Too stronk :3
  7902. Stunfisky: good defensive core: blissey and alomomola
  7903. jdarden: Like 3 minutes.
  7904. Lordapple111: hydreigon isnt that good
  7905. amethyst3551: they made him too much of a powerhouse
  7906. dat alt: raikou is defintly the best
  7907. Diatom: chansey>blissey
  7908. zekrom lord: krom is the best electric type
  7909. Hakeem: ZEBSTRIKA is best ...
  7910. LeviM: whats the two circles mean by a move
  7911. amethyst3551: raikou is lndaryy
  7912. Sei: hydreigon is pro
  7913. Ou masta: Just because Rykard says something.
  7914. Ou masta: Doesn't mean its good.
  7915. Galco: Cofa > blissey :l.
  7916. Ou masta: Or right.
  7917. Lordapple111: I use specially defensive zapdos with roost ominous wind discharge and heat wave
  7918. Stunfisky: well, with blissey, you have leftover recovery compared 2 chansey
  7919. Bayrock: Well an hour ago there was a different debate then
  7920. xxZealxx: ominuos wind?
  7921. celever: any tournies up right now?
  7922. ImZapdos:D: I'd even go as far as to say Zapdos>Thundurus-T
  7923. 1402: there is an interesting story in my battle room, plz xome to see
  7924. Lordapple111: yeah
  7925. amethyst3551: hes too good for his own good. i hope in bw 2 they turned him down a bit
  7926. xxZealxx: why?
  7927. whiteflare18: Random Tourney 8 spots left pm me
  7928. 1402: come8
  7929. Lordapple111: Because it works
  7930. amethyst3551: because he beats every living thing in site
  7931. xxZealxx: are you using it for the coverage or for the lulzy boosts?
  7932. reo: hi :D
  7933. ImZapdos:D: If zapdos had gotten Hurricane,it'd be OU right now
  7934. Lordapple111: just hit ghost types with it and if the boost kicks in you pretty much have an op pokemon
  7935. jobriq: Is smeargle the only poke that gets ingrain+baton pass?
  7936. Alan10: Mespirit saved my ass i thought i lost
  7937. Smogooon: What's a good Bulky Offensive Poke?
  7938. dat alt: i like raikou,cuz it outspeeds tornadus
  7939. Stunfisky: what about flygon for special sweeper?
  7940. Lordapple111: no
  7941. Lordapple111: just no
  7942. Stunfisky: y
  7943. Twannes: specs kingdra
  7944. Twannes: boss
  7945. Lordapple111: it's weak specially
  7946. Lordapple111: derp
  7947. Stunfisky: not really
  7948. Queen of Psychos: lol corsola learns ingrain
  7949. ImZapdos:D: and it wouldn't have to wait for Lightning Rod
  7950. Rust: You can't sweep with special flygon
  7951. rolen120: flygon would make a better mixed sweeper
  7952. Rust: you use it to revenge and shit
  7953. xxZealxx: special flygon...
  7954. Mrmario146: Um..
  7955. • xxZealxx headdesk
  7956. Wookie: Yep, smeargle is the only poke with that combo
  7957. Stunfisky: I have mix infernape
  7958. Lordapple111: you cant even revenge kill with special flygon
  7959. Wookie: i think
  7960. j-dubby: random battle tourney pm me if interested
  7962. Galco: If zapdos has hurricane, that would be a little broken on raindance teams... It could check for a LOT of stuff with Thunder, HP ice, and Hurricane.
  7963. Lordapple111: not even with a specs special flygon
  7964. Rust: Actually you can
  7965. Kevin11: my name is gyarados i like to SETUP
  7966. Lordapple111: lol
  7967. Kevin11: :)
  7968. amethyst3551: no, sewaddle learns ingrain right?
  7969. Galco: had*
  7970. Rust: cause flygon's fuckign fast
  7971. Stunfisky: well, who the hell should i use
  7972. jdarden: Who uses special flygon?
  7973. amethyst3551: it can learn baton pass
  7974. 1402: hello
  7975. xxZealxx: flygon is decently fast.
  7976. Plants: special ferrothorn pls
  7977. Lordapple111: nobody
  7978. Rust: I use him on my monoground : D
  7979. Lordapple111: LOL
  7980. jdarden: Even draco meteor specs can't do much
  7981. 1402: my room is funny
  7982. Rust: Cause I have no other opions
  7983. Lordapple111: special ferrothorn
  7984. Stunfisky: lord, stfu
  7985. Smogooon: what's a good bulky offensive poke??
  7986. @Relados: Conkelldurr
  7987. xxZealxx: ^
  7988. Queen of Psychos: conkeldurr
  7989. Lordapple111: you stfu
  7990. jdarden: ^
  7991. Queen of Psychos: fuck
  7992. Rust: Machamp
  7993. nothisispatrick: shofu
  7994. Plants: reuniclus
  7995. %kupo: a
  7996. Huwarf: Volbeat /w stash uses tail glow + baton pass to kyogre
  7997. amethyst3551: weres the mods?
  7998. Purple-Turtle: can i get someone kicked for being a dick?
  7999. ImZapdos:D: Zapdos :D
  8000. xxZealxx: rotom-w is pretty good
  8001. Huwarf: kygore scraft kills 5 pokes with surf
  8002. Purple-Turtle: is that a thing
  8003. electrolyte: ok Relados/Kupo what do you want
  8004. Lordapple111: yeah
  8005. whiteflare18: RANDOM TOURNEY 2 SPOTS LEFT PM ME
  8006. jdarden: Depends on how they're being dickish
  8007. Lordapple111: it is
  8008. pteriboy: looks like smeargle wins
  8009. Smogooon: (Private to @Relados) ..thnx C:
  8010. Bug Tamer Celestia: You can get muted for being a dick
  8011. j-dubby: still many spots left in tourney
  8012. Bug Tamer Celestia: Trust me
  8013. kona: lol
  8014. Bug Tamer Celestia: Ibeenthere
  8015. %kupo: look at irc
  8016. %kupo: @ electro
  8017. Smogooon: Hey Celestia C:
  8018. kona: celestia bad girl
  8019. %kupo: hi smogoon
  8020. Stunfisky: what about zoroark?
  8021. Bug Tamer Celestia: Hi
  8022. Kingpoleon: Is 294/324/324 Defenses good?
  8023. kona: yes
  8024. %kupo: kona kona konachu~
  8025. Lordapple111: lol yeah
  8026. ImZapdos:D: Zoroark is Useless IMO
  8027. amethyst3551: yes, theyre decent
  8028. Kevin11: this is stupid i keep going up +4 after a win????
  8029. Lordapple111: well 294 hp isnt epic
  8030. Kevin11: how are people at 3000
  8031. Kingpoleon: With a 290 Attack stat.
  8032. Fight2Win: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/lc2511029 ★~EPIC ZIGZAGOON SWEEP~★
  8033. Lordapple111: but still pretty good
  8034. kona: because they face people higher then you
  8035. j-dubby: spots left unless more want to join
  8036. kona: rather then themselves
  8037. jdarden: What poke is this, Kingpoleon?
  8038. Lordapple111: which pokemon you talking about
  8039. Stunfisky: I want someone with few weaknesses
  8040. Stunfisky: no genesect or landorus
  8041. j-dubby: spiritomb or sableye
  8042. Plants: eelektross!
  8043. Stunfisky: no way
  8044. whiteflare18: 1 MORE SPOT RANDOM TOURNEY PM ME
  8045. y.a.g.o.s.s: spots for what j dubby?
  8046. Rust: Ferrothorn
  8047. amethyst3551: spiritomb all day
  8048. %kupo: sup j-dubby
  8049. jdarden: Scizor, ferro
  8050. Lordapple111: oh
  8051. 2ofClubs: how do i change what my character looks like
  8052. Stunfisky: special sweeper
  8053. Purple-Turtle: kevvin, you have to win early on
  8054. Rust: FOrre
  8055. Rust: Skarm
  8056. jdarden: type /avatars
  8057. Purple-Turtle: or
  8058. Lordapple111: ferrothorn is epic in rain
  8059. basketballstar24: eriie
  8060. Plants: /avatar #
  8061. 1402: do you have ttime?
  8062. Rust: Any normal type
  8063. Purple-Turtle: you basically cant reach a very high ranking
  8064. ImZapdos:D: EEl comin to OU soon?
  8065. TestCheck123: There should be a mon that's slow as hell, has low HP/defenses, but has 250 Base Attacking stats.
  8066. Skill: thank you for suggesting cofagigrus guys he has great defenses and hp
  8067. Sukashayu: im rank 10 on Hackmons ladder, xD
  8068. Rust: Test Check
  8069. 2ofClubs: thanx
  8070. Rust: Rampardos
  8071. Plants: rampardos sr
  8072. nazi walrus: who is john galt?
  8073. whiteflare18: 1 MORE SPOT RANDOM TOURNEY PM ME
  8074. Queen of Psychos: that's basially rampardos
  8075. j-dubby: random battle tourney 4 spots left
  8076. Stunfisky: porygon-z?
  8077. amethyst3551: oh my god. he would be beast
  8078. Skill: is shadow ball haze will o and rest good moveset for cof?
  8079. Plants: porygon z isnt THAT slow
  8080. Adil: j-dubby: random battle tourney 4 spots left
  8081. rolen120: 250 base attack would be overkill, not even shuckle has that defences
  8082. Kingpoleon: Dusknoir@Leftovers 252 HP 72 in each Defense Adamant 112 Atk:Brick Shadow sneak, E-Quake, Psin Split. Any opinions?
  8083. @Imanalt: pain split > rest generally imo
  8084. KennyB: Aggron is slow with high attack
  8085. amethyst3551: with a scarf, he would reck
  8086. whiteflare18: 1 MORE SPOT RANDOM TOURNEY PM ME
  8087. Rust: Stop lying to yourselves and let Cofa sweep in his trick room
  8088. @Imanalt: OTR cofag is good too
  8089. 1402: just come
  8090. AzulCubone: Can you get a Giovanni avatar?
  8091. Stunfisky: nidoking?
  8092. 1402: for a second
  8093. Malk: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2511044
  8094. whiteflare18: 1 MORE SPOT RANDOM TOURNEY PM ME
  8095. Malk: NU beat Ubers
  8096. Malk: after 2 days of training
  8097. stall is alive: bh ladder people
  8098. Malk: all i needed was a sawk
  8099. rolen120: porygon-Z with 252 speed EVs outspeeds most of the tier. combined with specs adaptability ive sweeped entire teams
  8100. whiteflare18: NO MORE SPOTS
  8101. TestingForCake: meww
  8102. rolen120: sawk is epic with expert belt
  8103. Rust: um
  8104. Rust: No it doesn't
  8105. BillyCosbysSweater: lol
  8106. amethyst3551: i never liked thro or sawk
  8107. AzulCubone: throh
  8108. TestingForCake: !avatar
  8109. amethyst3551: sorry, *throh
  8110. j-dubby: tourney is off
  8111. whiteflare18: http://challonge.com/ncnchfhggnfjr random tourney
  8112. AzulCubone: Can you get a Giovanni avatar?
  8113. lucas 207: hello
  8114. schoppia: vei na boa
  8115. %Dusk209: http://deidara-fuuka.deviantart.com/art/gastrodon-main-land-146834689?q=gallery%3Adeidara-fuuka%2F9593477&qo=173 There needs to be a gastrodon that looks like this
  8116. VYT: non weather battle anyone
  8117. VYT: >
  8118. Sukashayu: lol
  8119. Plants: i focking love gastrodon
  8120. Raymon: Hosting monotype tourney! PM me to join. Last time it was a lot of fun. Note: This type only mono water Pokemon are allowed
  8121. reo: how can people use drizzle in OU :/
  8122. reo: wtf
  8123. Rust: Dusk
  8124. %Dusk209: reo, politoed
  8125. Rust: my eyes
  8126. %Dusk209: !data politoed
  8127. 186
  8128. PolitoedWater Absorb
  8129. DampDrizzleHP
  8130. 90Atk
  8131. 75Def
  8132. 75SpA
  8133. 90SpD
  8134. 100Spe
  8135. 70BST
  8136. 500
  8137. paulydoregon: any other tourneys?
  8138. reo: i know when i picked drizzle it said i can't use it cuz its ban
  8139. rolen120: drizzle swim
  8140. Wookie: Sounds like you used drizzle plus ss
  8141. %Dusk209: ^
  8142. jobriq: The foe's Smeargle used Sketch!
  8143. %Dusk209: you can't use swift swim at the same time as drizzle
  8144. Kingpoleon: Stoutland@Leftovers Careful 252 HP/SpDef/4 Atk:Return, Crunch, Fire fang, Howl. Intimidate is its ability. Any recommendations?
  8145. Stunfisky: chandelure non scarf?
  8146. Smogooon: pm dusk, u bbesh :C IHU!!
  8147. Smogooon: r jk
  8148. LilligantMaster: Is Drought banned in RU?
  8149. Stunfisky: ya
  8150. luis j master: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/types/Water.png
  8151. Rust: Yeah make it Impish
  8152. kona: weather is banned everywhere UU and below
  8153. Rust: not careful
  8154. kona: auto weather
  8155. %Dusk209: all weather is nonexistant in any tier under OU
  8156. Kingpoleon: Why?
  8157. DatTwo2: =My recommendations: don't use Stoutland.
  8158. %Dusk209: unless you use rain dance for example
  8159. Wolgy42: any tournaments going on right now?
  8160. %MJB: i use rain in uu
  8161. rolen120: lc has weather though
  8162. %Dusk209: Kingpoleon, because it's waaaay to powerful in said tiers
  8163. Rust: Impish raises your defence
  8164. %MJB: i think its your team even dusk :P
  8165. kona: LC isn't below UU
  8166. Wookie: LC is different entirely iirc
  8167. Rust: That makes you a physical wall
  8168. kona: LC is different
  8169. SphealWithIt: My recommendation to dattwo2: stoutland is a boss
  8170. Pawniard.: How can you use your already made team in a battle?
  8171. Rust: Also, rain is in NU and UU
  8172. %Dusk209: LC is completely different from the standard tier list
  8173. %Dusk209: it's kind of it's own thing
  8174. DarkEnlightenment: Charge Beam LC abra. Works pretty good
  8175. DatTwo2: Meh.
  8176. Rust: the only truly weather dead teir is RU
  8177. Kingpoleon: I wanna be a mixed wall.
  8178. Rust: Then invvest 252 in sp def
  8179. DatTwo2: It's got well-rounded stats, but not much else going for it.
  8180. Rust: not 4
  8181. Wookie: Then again, it's good to get away from the weather-spam in OU
  8182. Kingpoleon: I did. Its 4 in ATK!
  8183. Rust: Ohhhhh
  8184. Rust: OK
  8185. Rust: Next recomendatio
  8186. Plants: hippopotas all day
  8187. Rust: Don't use Stoutland
  8188. Kingpoleon: DuskLand core.
  8189. Rust: It's gonna blow in RU
  8190. DatTwo2: Choice Banded Arceus all night and day.
  8191. rolen120: clould nine is so usefull in OU
  8192. Adil: victrebell>venasaur
  8193. rolen120: agreed
  8194. DatTwo2: Tangrowth > All
  8195. Rust: Victreebel is boss
  8196. DatTwo2: Doesn't need to set up.
  8197. Plants: cherrim > all excpet tangrowth
  8198. SphealWithIt: victrebeel is not better than venasaur bro
  8199. Kingpoleon: What othertype walls in RU r there?
  8200. Plants: tangrowth is cool
  8201. DatTwo2: Can take a ton of physical punishment
  8202. Kingpoleon: other normal*.
  8203. Wookie: steelix
  8204. Radioactive: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-lc2511644 get wrecked
  8205. pickyaxe: what is the best OU monotype?
  8206. Rust: Dusknoir, Lanturn, Quagsire are all very common
  8207. Adil: regirock>seelix
  8208. Rust: uhh
  8209. Rust: Tangrowth
  8210. Rust: Slowking
  8211. ladderultrabattler: stoutland is great in sand but ever since sand got banned
  8212. ladderultrabattler: it's really ony viable in ou
  8213. Deviation: clefable
  8214. Plants: @picky steel works well
  8215. kona: and in RU
  8216. DatTwo2: You all need to use Tangrowth with LO, 252 Atk/Speed/4 SpA with Power Whip, EQ, HP Fire and Synthesis
  8217. pickyaxe: okay thanks
  8218. Rust: Steelix
  8219. DatTwo2: For a sun sweeper
  8220. Kingpoleon: NORMAL type walls.
  8221. Stunfisky: speced gothitele?
  8222. Malk: Going for NFE vs Ubers
  8223. DatTwo2: It fucking wrecks.
  8224. Stunfisky: hows dat?
  8225. Rust: Clefable
  8226. Rust: but the point is
  8227. Wookie: It's that kind of poke where it excels in a different tier then the one it's currently in
  8228. PokermansCoach: do any significant steel or rock pokemon in balanced hackmons outspeed jolly slaking?
  8229. Rust: oh and munchlax
  8230. Rust: but again
  8231. Rust: it's RU
  8232. pteriboy: wait guys
  8233. Rust: normal walls are shitty in RU
  8234. Adil: any body ou
  8235. Malk: any recommendation for NFE pokemon to take on ubers?
  8236. Rust: Because the fighting types beat up the tier
  8237. Stunfisky: kyurem speced?
  8238. StrongNerd: Metagross
  8239. Malk: and I mean NFE by definiton not tier
  8240. Sark - nuzlocke W2: My opponent just got a critical hit Blizzard as I used shell smash with my Shellder
  8241. Sark - nuzlocke W2: I have 5% left, I can revenge kill it
  8242. Plants: sun sweepers typically have problems with either heatran or dragonite
  8243. Adil: chansey
  8244. Sark - nuzlocke W2: nope, freeze
  8245. StrongNerd: lol
  8246. DatTwo2: If there's one Poke that excels in a different tier than it's in, it's Ditto.
  8247. rolen120: ouch
  8248. StrongNerd: What luck
  8249. DatTwo2: Ditto is a monster in Ubers
  8250. Kingpoleon: DusWhat Core then?
  8251. Raymon: Mono-Water OU tournament. PM to join
  8252. Rust: DatTwo2
  8253. Rust: Ludicolo
  8254. Plants: ninjask!
  8255. Wookie: ^
  8256. DatTwo2: Ludicolo too
  8257. KrisTami: Tomorrow is Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Day!
  8258. Rust: And Beartic
  8259. rolen120: lickilicky rocks in all but ubers i believe
  8260. DarkEnlightenment: Ninjask is crap to me
  8261. Rust: and Jumpluff
  8262. LilligantMaster: Is it a bad idea to have a Lilligant with Chlorophyll and a Sandslash with Sand Rush on the same team?
  8263. +srk1214: Wait... opponent using Rock-Arceus with Leftovers?
  8264. Pretty.Odd: BW2 35$ at Walmart <3
  8265. KrisTami: Hey! It's Tomorrow is Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Day!
  8266. +srk1214: how?
  8267. DarkEnlightenment: Ice shard murders
  8268. DatTwo2: I need to try Beartic in Ubers at some point.
  8269. Lordapple111: haha
  8270. Plants: dont forget a swift swimmer
  8271. Lordapple111: you mean for swift swim
  8272. Stunfisky: what about speced kyurem?
  8273. Lordapple111: yeah
  8274. trainlover: swampert or gastrodon??
  8275. Wolgy42: Sooooo waiting for BW2
  8276. DatTwo2: Yeah.
  8277. Daniel Cross: i got bw2
  8278. rolen120: ninjask does suck, its nearly imposible to ever get a swords dance off
  8279. AwkwardKid: Swampert.
  8280. Daniel Cross: just got it
  8281. Rust: Basically anything with swift swim succeeds in higher tiers
  8282. Plants: gastrodon!
  8283. PlasmaBeast: I have a preorder on B2
  8284. rolen120: gastro
  8285. DatTwo2: Swift Swim would be the only reason to use it in Ubers
  8286. rolen120: gastro has recover
  8287. bitchnikkuh: challenge me nikkuh
  8288. Lordapple111: in ubers gastro is better than swampert
  8289. Deejaay: monotype
  8290. DatTwo2: IT is
  8291. Deejaay: så du skal være hurtig
  8292. Plants: swamperts a little better offensively (lol)
  8293. XxRed3mpti0nxX: @lilligant master sand rush sandslash needs sand. lilligant doesnt mind not always having sun
  8294. Lordapple111: gastrodon is a really good kyogre counter
  8295. Manaphy286: Lordapple: No. I use swampert in Ubers. It's better.
  8296. XxRed3mpti0nxX: decent sun counter
  8297. DatTwo2: Sand Rush Sandslash.
  8298. DatTwo2: Fuck yes.
  8299. Lordapple111: better than any pokemon in ubers actually
  8300. DatTwo2: FUCK yes.
  8301. SphealWithIt: yeah liligant can QD which is cool
  8302. %MJB: sandslash is awesome
  8303. %Poppy: dont troll lordapple
  8304. G-man3301: anyone on lc
  8305. XxRed3mpti0nxX: not to be confured with exca
  8306. %MJB: i use it in my current team
  8307. G-man3301: please
  8308. Lordapple111: dont troll?
  8309. XxRed3mpti0nxX: do not sweep with it lol
  8310. %Poppy: swampert blows a dick in ubers
  8311. %MJB: i sweep with it
  8312. Pretty.Odd: How is Infernape in OU?
  8313. Lordapple111: I dont mean gastrodon is better than any uber
  8314. %MJB: its pretty good at sweeping
  8315. DatTwo2: Except Sandslash gets Stone Edge and isn't weak to Fire and Fighting or Ground
  8316. G-man3301: lc
  8317. rackwalker: cloycannon bitch lol
  8318. kona: poppy he said gastro
  8319. G-man3301: lc
  8320. %Poppy: oops
  8321. XxRed3mpti0nxX: its underwhelming power is a turn off
  8322. kona: haha
  8323. Lordapple111: I mean it counters kyogre better
  8324. %Poppy: that other guy then
  8325. Plants: infernape breaks walls pretty well
  8326. Plants: idk about sweeping
  8327. Lordapple111: than any uber
  8328. smart2600: some one here know a good sweeper
  8329. 1402: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2510887
  8330. ★ImPenzil★~: NU Maybe?
  8331. %MJB: scarf infernape is really good atm
  8332. DatTwo2: I've swept so much with Sand Rush Sandslash
  8333. Legend13: arceus
  8334. %MJB: e belt also works
  8335. Lokinex: 8============D it's a guy with a big nose sideways!
  8336. DatTwo2: It's ridiculous
  8337. XxRed3mpti0nxX: LOVE scarfApe
  8338. Plants: lowut
  8339. Lokinex was muted by MJB. (no it isnt)
  8340. Sei: because infernape is beast
  8341. Plants: lol*
  8342. Rust: Belly Drum E-Speed Linoone takes one turn of setup to sweep\
  8343. DatTwo2: Fist Plate Infernape is really good.
  8344. Lordapple111: XD
  8345. Rust: He's a good sweeper
  8346. Plants: wait a second.
  8347. Smogooon: LOL
  8348. Plants: thats a penis!
  8349. DatTwo2: Infernape isn't really a sweeper.
  8350. 1402: please take a look
  8351. 1402: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-randombattle2510887
  8352. Lordapple111: lol
  8353. DatTwo2: It's more a hit-and-run attacker
  8354. Smogooon: no shit sherlock
  8355. Lordapple111: infernape is a revengekiller
  8356. XxRed3mpti0nxX: iyt can sweep just fine
  8357. Plants: wallbreaker :|
  8358. Parsee: all of a sudden I have 10 more losses and no more wins
  8359. Parsee: what the FUCK
  8360. Lordapple111: though I guess it has sweeping potential with nasty plot or something
  8361. XxRed3mpti0nxX: its just more common as a mixed attacker
  8362. XxRed3mpti0nxX: and SD
  8363. 1402: oh no
  8364. EarlWolfOFWG: That escalated quit quickly
  8365. XxRed3mpti0nxX: amazing coverage moves as well
  8366. nivedni: oh kewl so this is where all the virgins are
  8367. yDOiSUCK?: ^^^
  8368. Lordapple111: yeah
  8369. Plants: no theyre at my house
  8370. Lordapple111: LOl
  8371. DatTwo2: Yep.
  8372. Plants: :|
  8373. 1402: no one so me
  8374. trainlover: what tier is empoleon
  8375. trainlover: ?
  8376. yDOiSUCK?: Why did I laugh so hard at that
  8377. XxRed3mpti0nxX: uu
  8378. Lordapple111: it's sad how right nivedni is
  8379. Rust: UU
  8380. Plants: (me) :[
  8381. Raymon: 5 places left out of 16! Sign up for Mono-Water OU tourney! PM to join:)
  8382. DatTwo2: A select few of us aren't virgins, by some magic.
  8383. Lordapple111: but then again
  8384. Lordapple111: I'm 14
  8385. nivedni: you know yar pokemon may protect you from other pokemons but it mostly protects yar virginity XD
  8386. Lordapple111: so not giving a shit
  8387. Lordapple111: lol
  8388. nivedni: not saying that its wrong just sayin being on this all day...
  8389. nivedni: kinda sad
  8390. Rust: If you touch my virginity
  8391. gohanmad: any1 mono type battle?
  8392. Rust: I'll stab you
  8393. Lordapple111: Haha
  8394. nivedni: i rather not rust XD
  8395. XxRed3mpti0nxX: in the face
  8396. DatTwo2: I'm 14, and I've had many sexual encounters.
  8397. yDOiSUCK?: Oh god, the chat today is rustling all my friggin jimmies
  8398. nivedni: witha potato
  8399. stavenpooppoop: I'll touch your virginity
  8400. %kupo: o.o
  8401. gohanmad: k no one
  8402. gohanmad: nu ?
  8403. %kupo: ...
  8404. LucarioAce: i will go for monotype
  8405. %kupo: lets not talk
  8406. %kupo: about this now plz
  8407. sirspiketrap99: haxorus has stongest outrage in the game
  8408. %kupo: ,_,
  8409. SuperDarkrai: I'm 10
  8410. sirspiketrap99: becauses of rivalry
  8411. Rust: sirspike
  8412. Lordapple111: Then you're a jersey shore person DatTwo2
  8413. nivedni: actaully lord i lost my virginty to a teacher when i was 13 but thats way too young
  8414. Rust: No
  8415. Lordapple111: XD
  8416. kona: are you realy darkrai?
  8417. Plants: tell that to zekrom
  8418. Lordapple111: LOLWUT
  8419. Timaeus: no it doesn't
  8420. Rust: No it doesn't
  8421. nivedni: alright i gotta go see yals laters
  8422. %kupo: if your srs I'm muting
  8423. DatTwo2: Nah
  8424. %kupo: ,_,
  8425. Radioactive: Are you not supposed to be 13 to be on here?
  8426. nivedni: and yes lord XD
  8427. rackwalker: whats the item that makes u not k0 in one hit i forgot
  8428. Lordapple111: hahaah
  8429. nivedni: true story
  8430. DatTwo2: Ohio.
  8431. Plants: or kyurem-b
  8432. XxRed3mpti0nxX: ya the chats a bit sidetracked atm.
  8433. %kupo: yes radio
  8434. nivedni: shes in jail now
  8435. Radioactive: Is that not in the rules?
  8436. Timaeus: kyurem-B
  8437. DatTwo2: The place that snows, rains and snows more
  8438. Lordapple111: yeah right XD
  8439. yDOiSUCK?: nivedni, stahp
  8440. Rust: Zweilous used to :<
  8441. Radioactive: Yeah thought so.
  8442. ActiV: Why is Gothitelle BL ? O_O
  8443. nivedni: laters bishesssss
  8444. guitarpandapotato: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2511583 stalling success!
  8445. Lordapple111: lol
  8446. Timaeus: is the big man with the biggest outrage
  8447. Rust: Shadow Tag
  8448. TCtheIllest: there is a genesect on every fucking team
  8449. pteriboy: does anyone know where i can make a tournament parings
  8450. SuperDarkrai: My Little Sister who 6 is playing pokemonshowdown right now
  8451. DatTwo2: Shadow Tag
  8452. guitarpandapotato: not time stalling...shuckle stalling
  8453. Lordapple111: nivedni
  8454. Lordapple111: might as well ban him now
  8455. rackwalker: whats the item that makes u not ko?
  8456. Lordapple111: XD
  8457. ★ImPenzil★~: hackmons someone?
  8458. Rust: pteriboy: www.challonge.com
  8459. Lordapple111: focus sash?
  8460. XxRed3mpti0nxX: focus sash
  8461. TCtheIllest: focus sash
  8462. Radioactive: You should be banned then @superdarkrai
  8463. kona: ugh
  8464. rackwalker: oh yeah ty
  8465. Lordapple111: thats just from full hp
  8466. Lordapple111: not always
  8467. Plants: focus band?
  8468. Plants: works at a low rate
  8469. Leonhart: Focus Sash
  8470. Lordapple111: focus band is just 10% chance
  8471. XxRed3mpti0nxX: but it is reusable
  8472. XxRed3mpti0nxX: sash isnt
  8473. Lordapple111: yeah okay
  8474. Lordapple111: but it working 2 times is 1% chance
  8475. Lordapple111: unless I suck at math
  8476. Stunfisky: decided to try taunt heatran for a special sweeper/stallbreaker
  8477. XxRed3mpti0nxX: im not saying its good at all lol but its still a chance
  8478. Lordapple111: haha okay
  8479. Rust: which means you win every hundredth battle
  8480. Rust: :D
  8481. Lordapple111: Hah
  8482. @Snowflakes: darkrai
  8483. @Snowflakes: are you serious?
  8484. SuperDarkrai: I LOVE DARKRAI
  8485. Lordapple111: focus band kicking in twice doesnt mean you win the match XDDDD
  8486. smart2600: i will touch and booty rape anyone here
  8487. SuperDarkrai was redirected by Snowflakes to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  8488. smart2600 was redirected by Snowflakes to: http://www.smogon.com/sim/rules
  8489. ImZapdos:D: and I love Zapdos
  8490. Parsee: can someone who is actually good at OU battle me and help me with whatever I'm doing wrong?
  8491. Sunkern: Ficus band is one time use
  8492. zekrom lord: i love zekrom
  8493. Radioactive: Is the ladder being reset?
  8494. ★ImPenzil★~: Not me! =P
  8495. Leonhart: I love Zoroark
  8496. MaKaShinobi_2: I Love Ninetales
  8497. Purple-Turtle: parsee
  8498. SuperDarkrai: WHO DID THAT
  8499. Meero: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2511842
  8500. Purple-Turtle: im not amazing
  8501. ★ImPenzil★~: i like trains
  8502. Purple-Turtle: but ill give you tips
  8503. rackwalker: This is the funniest possible sweep i have ever seen lol http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2512166
  8504. Purple-Turtle: if you challenge
  8505. I'M SIGNIFICANT!: how come no one lets me beat them by beating them? http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/hackmons2510651
  8506. Purple-Turtle: me
  8507. SuperDarkrai: So No One Is Talking
  8508. sdioTC: is Hydreigon UU here?
  8509. SuperDarkrai: Fine
  8510. @Snowflakes: i did it
  8511. Plants: wut
  8512. @Snowflakes: less caps
  8513. +Aquaaa: No
  8514. arcanine rules: no
  8515. @Snowflakes: you probably should have read the rules while i sent you there
  8516. Leonhart: What, sir Darkrai?
  8517. Rust: I think the funniest/most entertaining sweeps are Bisharp counter sweeps
  8518. Rust: where the Bisharp guy has perfect prediction
  8519. Nipah: Hi Darkrai : D
  8520. Inobe: @I'M SIGNIFICANT! : I feel your pain. A lot of people forfeit on me... and I suck =P
  8521. Rust: And OHKO's everything
  8522. Plants: i swept with gastrodon once
  8523. ImZapdos:D: Hydreigon is OU for sure
  8524. Plants: thats all i got.
  8525. Manaphy286: The funniest are when you 6-0 an overconfident bi...bibarel.
  8526. Leonhart: Ah yes, Bisharps with perfect prediction...
  8527. arcanine rules: anyone know how the garchomp voting went, i think they voted on it yesterday
  8528. S.A.Y.: I swept with dunsparce once
  8529. Aqua Is Testing: Hi
  8530. Plants: hax?
  8531. Clever Panda: Hosting double elimination OU tournamet! 1 pokemon from each generation and a choice of an uber (no swift swim or chlyrophyll team, no black or white kyruem, excadrill, and blaziken). PM me!
  8532. xreazorx: i swept with a broom once
  8533. DatTwo2: Bisharp is the Poke that can sweep near anything if you have perfect prediction.
  8534. Lordapple111: garchomp becoming OU again
  8535. Lordapple111: that would mean the end of the metagame
  8536. Lordapple111: XD
  8537. rackwalker: what rank are the most of you?
  8538. forza: (Private to @Relados) hey, i wanted to know if you could do an alt check for user "sos", since i need to play him for a tournament
  8539. Manaphy286: LOL xreazorx! Me too!
  8540. SuperDarkrai was banned by Snowflakes. (coppa)
  8541. Rust: And every team will have an Arceus
  8542. Plants: OU excadrill :/
  8543. User sos not found.
  8544. Malk vs Ubers: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ubers2512354
  8545. arcanine rules: not really lardapple
  8546. Malk vs Ubers: nfe vs ubers
  8547. Malk vs Ubers: watch if you want
  8548. @Relados: (Private to forza) It tells me that user does not exist
  8549. %kupo: is he now
  8550. %kupo: @ snow
  8551. User sos not found.
  8552. Addison: this sight should have a monotype team cup
  8553. Ninja Warrior: What should I do if someone is just staling?
  8554. Clever Panda: /bold Hosting double elimination OU tournamet! 1 pokemon from each generation and a choice of an uber (no swift swim or chlyrophyll team, no black or white kyruem, excadrill, and blaziken). PM me!
  8555. Lordapple111: fail bold
  8556. Plants: stalling as in stall team?
  8557. Lordapple111: xD
  8558. Karyete: How'd they find out that Darkrai was underage?
  8559. Plants: or taking a while to make a move
  8560. Rust: ** message **
  8561. Karyete: He didn't say.
  8562. forza: (Private to @Relados) well, that explains why he never goes on showdown when we plan it lmao
  8563. @Relados: He was PMing
  8564. Rust: message
  8565. arcanine rules: really the counters for chomp are the same as most other dragons
  8566. Ninja Warrior: We'll there not doing anything
  8567. Aqua Is Testing: yeah
  8568. forza: (Private to @Relados) thanks anyway
  8569. amethyst3551: @addison: bring our a sweeper and kill it with FIRE
  8570. Karyete: Oh.
  8571. Ninja Warrior: their^
  8572. @Snowflakes: no
  8573. Raymon: ok
  8574. Plants: they're
  8575. @Snowflakes: he admitted it in chat
  8576. Plants: but uh
  8577. Plants: idk
  8578. amethyst3551: anyone wanna battle?
  8579. Lordapple111: underaged?
  8580. Leonhart: Who's up for some Poke-Jazz? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neSF4YI0p2g
  8581. Lordapple111: is there age restriction here
  8582. • StrongNerd sweeps your whole team with weedle
  8583. Lordapple111: XD
  8584. Deejaay: RAYMON REPLY IN CHAT
  8585. Leonhart: 13 is min age here
  8586. Karyete: 13
  8587. Plants: how old is underage
  8588. Plants: ah
  8589. Lordapple111: oh
  8590. Clever Panda: Hosting double elimination OU tournamet! 1 pokemon from each generation and a choice of an uber (no swift swim or chlyrophyll team, no black or white kyruem, excadrill, and blaziken). PM me!
  8591. amethyst3551: weedle? rly?
  8592. Lordapple111: I'm lucky then
  8593. Raymon: *Monowater double elimintion. Two places left. Last chance to join guys!**
  8594. Lordapple111: I'm 14
  8595. Nipah: Lol that Darkrai kid is messaging me now xD;
  8596. Lordapple111: XD
  8597. Plants: tell him i said hi
  8598. AllisterAP: whats a fun team to run in ou?
  8599. Johnny_hurricane: guys my rank just went up to 1337
  8600. Nipah: Cursing up a storm cause I beat him : D
  8601. Plants: johnny
  8602. Johnny_hurricane: I'm so proud of myself
  8603. Plants: no more battles
  8604. Ozymandias555: nobody ever seems to nickname their pokemon here. part of the fun is seeing the type of humor/thinking that some players :(
  8605. Lordapple111: yeah
  8606. Ozymandias555: have
  8607. Plants: no more *rated battles
  8608. Rust: I know a fun OU tea, :D
  8609. Legend13: why is it
  8610. Lordapple111: nicknaming is awesome
  8611. Johnny_hurricane: plants battle me in OU
  8612. Leonhart: You know what? I'm going to nickname my Salamence Sal now.
  8613. Johnny_hurricane: I want to battle but not rated
  8614. Legend13: that when i have 1444 rating
  8615. Entei999: Haxorus nickname: I CALL HAX!
  8616. Plants: ok
  8617. Lordapple111: I name every shiny sharpedo I use pinkie pedo
  8618. Lordapple111: XD
  8619. Legend13: im still matched with n00bs
  8620. Karyete: I smell hax(orus)
  8621. Entei999: yeah
  8622. Vault: FINALS OF OU TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS! http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2512461
  8623. Plants: i was looking in "O"
  8624. Aroarhar: where can you watch replays of your battles?
  8625. Deejaay: RAYMON REPLY TO ME!
  8626. Plants: cuz johnny starts with o
  8627. Plants: :[
  8628. Gonxaloo7: how do u chang the color
  8629. EliteFourKash: any other OU tourneys?
  8630. Aqua Is Testing: you dnt
  8631. Nipah: Some girl I fought nicknamed all her pokemon after rage comic faces xD;;
  8632. Clever Panda: Hosting double elimination OU tournamet! 1 pokemon from each generation and a choice of an uber (no swift swim or chlyrophyll team, no black or white kyruem, excadrill, and blaziken). PM me!
  8633. Rust: Specs Blissey, Specs mence, Swords Dance Tentacruel, LO Doom Desire Jirachi, Band Steelix and Perish Trapper Murkrow
  8634. Rust: is best OU
  8635. reo: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2512509 prolly the most epic match that came out of no where
  8636. Vault: finals of OU TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS! http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2512461
  8637. Aroarhar: you cant change your color sorry :/
  8638. Kevin11: why does my points only go up by 3 at a time
  8639. Ozymandias555: my haxorus is bardiche, cause it looks like the weapon
  8640. %kupo: deejayy, dont caps plz
  8641. Kevin11: instead of 50 something like others?
  8642. %kupo: deejay*
  8643. guitarpandapotato: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2512404 i'd just like to pont out being annoying is SO MUCH FUN
  8644. Ou masta: WOw!
  8645. Sark - nuzlocke W2: Oshawott - Level 6, Hasty-natured. Try not to lose that starter.
  8646. Ou masta: Megamind is such a great film!
  8647. CalvinAlvin: hey guys
  8648. CalvinAlvin: wats the difference between challenge cup and rated battle>?
  8649. Sark - nuzlocke W2: brb
  8650. CalvinAlvin: srry im sort of new
  8651. Vault: sorry, last time
  8652. Mrmario146: How do you change your sprite?
  8653. Vault: FINALS OF OU TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS! http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2512461
  8654. @Snowflakes: you mean random battle?
  8655. @Snowflakes: do /avatars
  8656. Malk vs Ubers: NFE lost >.>
  8657. +naagza: !avatars
  8658. Want a custom avatar?
  8659. - How to change your avatar
  8660. Leonhart: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/trainers/
  8661. CalvinAlvin: yea
  8662. Raymon: Last place left OU Mono Water tourney
  8663. Leonhart: Ah, too slow.
  8664. Gym Leader Kozman: http://wyncorporation.com/pokemon/index.php This is a random Pokemon generator. Generate six random Pokemon (excluding Leganderies and NFE Pokemon) give them original out of this world move sets on showdown and just have fun with it! Then challenge me as I will be doing the same thing.
  8665. CalvinAlvin: difference between random battle and challenge cup?
  8666. Kurindo: why did tournadus drop down again?
  8667. Legend13: some idiot is time stalling me
  8668. @Snowflakes: cause it wasn't used kurindo
  8669. I am Wookie: ill join pmme the rules
  8670. Legend13: why does this always happen
  8671. Raymon: No places left
  8672. Rust: random battle uses predetermined sets
  8673. SphealWithIt: ... mono water?
  8674. UnmuteMe: hi
  8675. SphealWithIt: enjoy all teams having politoed
  8676. Rust: challenge cup just uses ANYTHING
  8677. infernape12: /avatar 58
  8678. Clever Panda: Hosting double elimination OU tournamet! 1 pokemon from each generation and a choice of an uber (no swift swim or chlyrophyll team, no black or white kyruem, excadrill, and blaziken). PM me! 7 slots left!
  8679. I am Wookie: me
  8680. I am Wookie: me
  8681. paulydoregon: got a dragonite aw yea
  8682. CalvinAlvin: what do u mean anyhting?
  8683. Rust: that a guy can learn/have and the levels are randomized
  8684. Ace on a Wall: whats a good way to ev a keldeo????????????????????????????????????????????/
  8685. Rust: instead of having a legitimate set
  8686. +naagza: less ????
  8687. Leonhart: We have a suggested EV spread button.
  8688. CalvinAlvin: oh ok
  8689. CalvinAlvin: thank
  8690. CalvinAlvin: s
  8691. Mrmario146: How do I chose?
  8692. @Snowflakes: ace
  8693. +naagza: Leonhart: Yeah, but it doesn't work well sometimes
  8694. @Snowflakes: less ?
  8695. Rust: you could say get a hippopootas with crunch, tackle, sand tomb and HP water
  8696. @Snowflakes: and do /analysis keldeo
  8697. Rust: and a ghost gem
  8698. Mrmario146: Im clicking
  8699. Sark - nuzlocke W2: I have white 2, so I'm gonna blind nuzlocke it and report to you what happens. :3
  8700. Mr. Whiles: lol
  8701. Sark - nuzlocke W2: Oshawott - Level 6, Hasty-natured. Try not to lose that starter.
  8702. +naagza: Ace on a Wall: try going for Speed and Special Attack
  8703. Rust: at level 73
  8704. S.A.Y.: levels are not randomized in CC >.> They're determined based on base stats to balance things a bit
  8705. celever: any tournies on right now?
  8706. RokMonsta: hey kozman
  8707. ★ImPenzil★~: yourtext
  8708. Rust: Ah ok
  8709. JLittle15: is black 2 and white 2 out in us yet?
  8710. awesomevp: Someone do an lc battle.
  8711. ★ImPenzil★~: =D
  8712. @Snowflakes: no
  8713. Rust: Well the rest is true
  8714. @Snowflakes: it's out sunday
  8715. Ace on a Wall: /analysis keldeo
  8716. AwkwardKid: I'm only getting B2 or W2 for Roxie
  8717. %Jac: lol
  8718. +naagza: JLittle: Tomorrow it will be
  8719. celever: ok awesomevp
  8720. @LightBlue: Sark, please don't report your ingame playthrough to us
  8721. @LightBlue: we don't care
  8722. Mr. Whiles: I like it good.
  8723. Sark - nuzlocke W2: ok. ._.
  8724. @Snowflakes: !analysis keldeo
  8725. BW Keldeo analysis, brought to you by Smogon University
  8726. @Snowflakes: there
  8727. %Jac: Keldeo still doesnt have an analysis
  8728. awesomevp: Black and white 2 come out tomorrow in the us.
  8729. @LightBlue: good luck though!
  8730. Ace on a Wall: thanks
  8731. Clever Panda: Hosting double elimination OU tournamet! 1 pokemon from each generation and a choice of an uber (no swift swim or chlyrophyll team, no black or white kyruem, excadrill, and blaziken). PM me! 7 slots left!
  8732. %Jac: :I
  8733. CalvinAlvin: someone join random battle challengecup rated
  8734. Raymon: Guys, last place in Mono-water tourney! Sign up
  8735. • StrongNerd thinks yer doin' it wrong
  8736. @LightBlue: :I
  8737. +naagza: LOL
  8738. • ★ImPenzil★~ just find out how to do thicker text =D
  8739. &DTC: i care if his commentary is insightful/interesting
  8740. gohanmad: raymon
  8741. gohanmad: ill sign up
  8742. Ace on a Wall: it says there is nothing for keleo
  8743. Elesa: hi all~
  8744. Raymon: ok
  8745. %Jac: insightful
  8746. %Jac: lol
  8747. Mr. Whiles: i IM NOT Spanish !
  8748. %Jac: it could be
  8749. @Snowflakes: nobody cares what you care about DTC
  8750. Mrmario146: Do I click the avatar.
  8751. %Jac: D: that's mean Snowy
  8752. Ace on a Wall: why is there no analysis for keldeo?
  8753. UnmuteMe: Grr, flopping matches on misclicks
  8754. Mrmario146: Im new
  8755. @Snowflakes: oh yeah
  8756. rnavroze: [b]yest[/b]
  8757. @Snowflakes: i'm a derp
  8758. %Jac: cause it's prolly not done being CCd
  8759. Gym Leader Kozman: hey rock monsta!
  8760. rnavroze: *test*
  8761. @Snowflakes: anyway, go to the forums
  8762. rnavroze: <b>test</b>
  8763. +naagza: Mrmario: You type /avatar (number)
  8764. SphealWithIt: keldeo's analysis is being checked.
  8765. @Snowflakes: there's one in there
  8766. rnavroze: okay how?
  8767. +Aquaaa: Pls
  8768. RokMonsta: sup bro?
  8769. Mr. Whiles: Fuck a bitch. OOooooo
  8770. SphealWithIt: hi aquaa! :D
  8771. &DTC: there's a nuzlocke thread here http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=101823
  8772. &DTC: where you can post about your nuzlocke playthrough
  8773. DarkVoid: how do u write in bold?
  8774. Mr. Whiles: choo chooo
  8775. Clever Panda: Hosting double elimination OU tournamet! 1 pokemon from each generation and a choice of an uber (no swift swim or chlyrophyll team, no black or white kyruem, excadrill, and blaziken). PM me! 7 slots left!
  8776. Mrmario146: Where do I type it
  8777. jdarden: **Likethis**
  8778. @LightBlue: in this chat
  8779. Mr. Whiles: Hello?
  8780. %Jac: i need to find for nuzlocke comics
  8781. Sei: would moody and accupressure be broken? lol
  8782. %Jac: love those damn things
  8783. StrongNerd: Yeah?
  8784. EliteFourKash: im almost positive this game cheats for certain people lol
  8785. jdarden: Get over it
  8786. %Jac: Kash, it doesnt
  8787. Mr. Whiles: HELLO hello
  8788. %Jac: lol
  8789. @LightBlue: hi
  8790. DarkVoid: ?
  8791. &DTC: also snowflakes,
  8792. &DTC: you owe me
  8793. @Snowflakes: for?
  8794. Mr. Whiles: LAVENDER TOWN creepy as shit song
  8795. EliteFourKash: get over what ? i was talking about myself Darden
  8796. S.A.Y.: RNG is an equal-opportunity dick
  8797. &DTC: getting you drivers & mods
  8798. @Snowflakes: bah
  8799. Stunfisky: im gettin drunk off my ass! :P
  8800. Mrmario146: 163
  8801. EliteFourKash: genius
  8802. +Aquaaa: Psh DTC owes me
  8803. @Snowflakes: i got myself those
  8804. @Snowflakes: you just helped me
  8805. %Jac: lmao
  8806. @LightBlue: do /avatar 163
  8807. +Aquaaa: Idk why
  8808. @LightBlue: just like that
  8809. +Aquaaa: For some reason
  8810. @Snowflakes: ;)
  8811. +Aquaaa: I' ve known him a while, he owes me for something
  8812. DarkVoid: i dont get it how i write in bold
  8813. +Aquaaa: So does Jac
  8814. +Aquaaa: And LB
  8815. &DTC: i'm pretty sure i got you voice aquaaa
  8816. &DTC: so you're in my debt
  8817. +Aquaaa: Pls
  8818. %Jac: bwahaha
  8819. +Aquaaa: I got in twice
  8820. ImZapdos:D: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/uu2512352
  8821. +Aquaaa: You jsut got me it the third time
  8822. Queen of Weeds: monograss success if you're interested http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou2512426
  8823. +Aquaaa: ¬.¬
  8824. %Jac: third
  8825. @LightBlue: DTC should just take credit for every promotion
  8826. %Jac: wbahah
  8827. %Jac: that he should
  8828. @Snowflakes: yeah
  8829. @Snowflakes: even the ones he didn't get us
  8830. %MJB: i believe he takes credit for both of mine lol
  8831. %MJB: and my first ban
  8832. @LightBlue: He got me mine n_n
  8833. %Jac: idk who promoted me.
  8834. Abdullah: snow flakes i saw u in PO
  8835. ImZapdos:D: A nice UU battle I had,thought I'd lose at first
  8836. &DTC: i do ~70% of the promotions
  8837. %Jac: I think Jasmine did for drivers
  8838. +Aquaaa: I've only had 3 promotions, and they were all for voice
  8839. +Aquaaa: :c
  8840. %Jac: lol
  8841. &DTC: i campaigned you for drivers
  8842. %Jac: that works too
  8843. Queen Elizabeth: hey SNOWFLAKS
  8844. &DTC: as well as 6-8 other people
  8845. &DTC: during the merge
  8846. xxZealxx: is quick powder legal for ditto?
  8847. @Snowflakes: hi
  8848. Wolgy42: someone start a 1v1 tournument
  8849. Aroarhar: Lol aquaaa's been demoted a lot apparently
  8850. Queen of Weeds: yes, but it does nothing
  8851. Queen Elizabeth: shut the fuc up snowflakes
  8852. +Aquaaa: Psssh
  8853. @Snowflakes: lol
  8854. @LightBlue: You have no idea
  8855. @Snowflakes: nou
  8856. %Jac: quick powder is shit for Ditto
  8857. +Aquaaa: Only twice
  8858. celever: any tournies up right now?
  8859. antony1997: i am unbeatable!!!!!!!!
  8860. Queen Elizabeth: im gonna mute you
  8861. Queen of Weeds: once you transform it stops working
  8862. Aroarhar: lol
  8863. antony1997: but gotta go :(
  8864. xxZealxx: well taht s bullshit
  8865. @Snowflakes: like to see you try
  8866. %Jac: once you transform, you lose the boost
  8867. Queen Elizabeth: disrespectful snowflakes
  8868. Queen of Weeds: because you aren't ditto
  8869. Mrmario146: Avatar 163
  8870. @Snowflakes: disrespectful monarchy
  8871. %Jac: i hope you are joking
  8872. @LightBlue: don't forget the /
  8873. Queen Elizabeth: dont you dare talk to me in that tone
  8874. +Aquaaa: Jac
  8875. %Jac: hm
  8876. • @Snowflakes talks in tone
  8877. +Aquaaa: I bought you that drink, remember?
  8878. Ronip: what heppened to the music
  8879. @LightBlue: /avatar 163
  8880. Ronip: ?
  8881. +Aquaaa: You owe me 5 bucks
  8882. @LightBlue: just like that
  8883. Ou masta: Ladder updating...
  8884. rnavroze: Hello
  8885. Ou masta: Error: Ladder server overloaded - ladder could not be updated.
  8886. %Jac: what drink
  8887. rnavroze: oh it works
  8888. rnavroze: yay
  8889. Ou masta: What the fuck?
  8890. %Jac: :I
  8891. %Jac: Outlaw
  8892. Zoroark424: cookie"!!!!
  8893. @LightBlue: firefox has some issues with the sound
  8894. ben laden: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/uu2512624 lol sweep
  8895. %Jac: ladder down
  8896. Ou masta: U want my damn points!
  8897. Queen Elizabeth: fuck you snowflakes worst mod
  8898. @Snowflakes: haha
  8899. rnavroze: Question
  8900. @Snowflakes: mhm
  8901. @LightBlue: ladder's down apparently
  8902. Queen Elizabeth: i hate you snowflakes
  8903. +Aquaaa: Leave hoe flakes alone
  8904. rnavroze: When the ladder resets
  8905. Wolgy42: /avatar 42
  8906. Queen of Weeds: snowflakes is top tier mod
  8907. %Jac: it's going to do thta
  8908. Mrmario146: Yay
  8909. rnavroze: will your win:lose rating go too?
  8910. %Jac: *that
  8911. +Aquaaa: M.3
  8912. @Snowflakes: hate you too
  8913. yDOiSUCK?: hahahaha oh god, this chat is rustling every one of my jimmies
  8914. +Aquaaa: </3*
  8915. Ou masta: D:<
  8916. +Aquaaa: ._.
  8917. Queen Elizabeth: no you leave hoe fakes around
  8918. Bigblue: how many battles do I need for a ranking?
  8919. @Snowflakes: lol
  8920. Aroarhar: snowflakes has a fan club i see xD
  8921. @LightBlue: lol M.3
  8922. Ou masta: Aquaaa sux.
  8923. Queen Elizabeth: sorry what did i just say i dont even know lol
  8924. pokefriend: hi
  8925. +Aquaaa: Your jimmies, shall be thoroughly rustled
  8926. @Snowflakes: iunno either
  8927. Officer John: Anyone wanna have a random battle?
  8928. UnmuteMe: I just missed an outrage. The accuracy is 100%. Wtf.
  8929. @Snowflakes: check yourself before you wreck yourself missy
  8930. %Jac: it happens
  8931. +Aquaaa: LB you bully
  8932. +Aquaaa: D;
  8933. %Jac: -.-;;
  8934. @LightBlue: nou
  8935. %Jac: 100% acc can still miss
  8936. Queen Elizabeth: check yourself before i wreck you nerd
  8937. @Snowflakes: i'm hurt
  8938. %Jac: it's moves that never miss that never mss
  8939. +Aquaaa: Oooo
  8940. Bigblue: How many battles do I have to do to get on the ladder?
  8941. +Aquaaa: Challenge
  8942. celever: any tournies up for now?
  8943. Ou masta: Aquaa, stop sucking
  8944. Manaphy286: Unmute me: who did ti miss against?
  8945. +Aquaaa: Shush Outlaw
  8946. Clever Panda: Hosting double elimination OU tournamet! 1 pokemon from each generation and a choice of an uber (no swift swim or chlyrophyll team, no black or white kyruem, excadrill, and blaziken). PM me! 5 slots!
  8947. UnmuteMe: what are the chances of it happening though?
  8948. +Aquaaa: You battle until your rating is high enough for the ladder
  8949. Ou masta: Jac
  8950. Queen of Weeds: what pokemon were you trying to hit?
  8951. Ou masta: OU
  8952. Officer John: random battle anyone?
  8953. UnmuteMe: A sawk with mold breaker it missed against
  8954. Manaphy286: 80% if Sand veil or Snow cloak
  8955. Vault: OU DOUBLE-ELIMS TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS FINALS! http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2512461
  8956. Queen of Weeds: what were u using?
  8957. +Aquaaa: Did it have brightpowder?
  8958. +Aquaaa: Did you have hustle?
  8959. Ou masta: Was it Zweilous?
  8960. %Jac: :I fine
  8961. inequalities: lol i just looked for a OU battle, with my EVEELUTION team, got paired vs another eveelotion team, both of use chose jolteon first and both used toxicas our first move lol
  8962. inequalities: whats the chances of that
  8963. Ou masta: Was Sand viel in play?
  8964. Mrmario146: How to change. My team to the team in the team builder.
  8965. UnmuteMe: No
  8966. Ou masta: YEES
  8967. Leonhart: Save the team.
  8968. +Aquaaa: Did you have hustle? ~.~
  8969. Leonhart: Then select the team
  8970. Clever Panda: Hosting double elimination OU tournamet! 1 pokemon from each generation and a choice of an uber (no swift swim or chlyrophyll team, no black or white kyruem, excadrill, and blaziken). PM me! 5 slots!
  8971. +Aquaaa: Change the format, Mrmario
  8972. UnmuteMe: I was using hyreidigons 2nd evolution
  8973. Queen of Weeds: omfg, tell us the pokemon involved and the abilities
  8974. +Aquaaa: To OU
  8975. Leonhart: Via the team dropdown menu next to the find battle button
  8976. Queen of Weeds: yes, it has hustle
  8977. Abdullah: lag
  8978. Abdullah: omg
  8979. +Aquaaa: YEah Unmuteme
  8980. +Aquaaa: it has hustle
  8981. +Aquaaa: e,e
  8982. Queen of Weeds: so accuracy is lowered
  8983. +Aquaaa: Liek I asked twice
  8984. blazedarkrai: is scizor gen 2
  8985. @Snowflakes: yes
  8986. +Aquaaa: God damn my typos
  8987. yDOiSUCK?: No its gen 6
  8988. Smogooon: yusg
  8989. blazedarkrai: like johto?
  8990. +Aquaaa: Yes
  8991. ShadowMightt: little cup anyone?
  8992. UnmuteMe: I guess i'll just D/c whenever I get one in random battle from now on then, thats bs. Hustle blows
  8993. TCtheIllest: we need to ban rachi
  8994. +Aquaaa: Try the ladder Shadowmightt?
  8995. +naagza: TC: Why?
  8996. TCtheIllest: the amount of hax coming from rachi, is too damn high
  8997. yDOiSUCK?: You know, when I registered, I set my username as 'yDOiSUCK', how did I get a question mark?
  8998. OswinStrike: Can people even see what I say lol
  8999. trainlover: yep
  9000. +Aquaaa: Idk
  9001. Plants: while we're at it why not ban sparce
  9002. OswinStrike: kk
  9003. Plants: and togekiss
  9004. • Smogooon huggles Aquaaa
  9005. +Aquaaa: k
  9006. Queen of Weeds: huggles
  9007. Smogooon: :)
  9008. hueed: sturdy or solid rock for carra?
  9009. Queen of Weeds: sounds like aquaa got violated
  9010. Smogooon: Sturdy
  9011. TCtheIllest: i've lost two straight games due to rachi and its incredible hax, i was frozen for 5 straight turns from its ice punch
  9012. rackwalker: ive now won 6 matches in a row anyone wana battle?
  9013. TCtheIllest: then paraflinched to death the next game
  9014. Mrmario146: Derpy team
  9015. Plants: hax are hax
  9016. Queen of Weeds: looks like you need a rachi counter
  9017. guitarpandapotato: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2512868 so this is the 3rd time i used this team and posted the link so i'd understand if u didnt click it...but my teams so much fun
  9018. blazedarkrai: is crobat gen 4 or gen 2
  9019. Plants: inner focus dnite!
  9020. Queen of Weeds: gen 2
  9021. UnmuteMe: Just stop playing OU, there is no skill involved
  9022. +Aquaaa: I got violated on a daily basis
  9023. +Aquaaa: get*
  9024. +Aquaaa: :c
  9025. UnmuteMe: *my team is more broken than yours, lol I win*
  9026. Queen of Weeds: poor aquaaa
  9027. @Relados: Aquaaa is violation manifest
  9028. +Aquaaa: Stfu Relados
  9029. bling bling: shush all of you!!!!!!
  9030. +Aquaaa: No!!!!
  9031. %kupo: dont tell me to shush
  9032. %kupo: !!!!!!!!
  9033. +Aquaaa: Kupo pls
  9034. Vault: Double-Elims Finals OU Tournament of Champions! http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou2513251
  9035. bling bling: WHY!!!!
  9036. UnmuteMe: Its time to get MADDDDDDDDD
  9037. UnmuteMe: D
  9038. %kupo: wat
  9039. UnmuteMe: D
  9040. +Aquaaa: Less stretching
  9041. UnmuteMe: D
  9042. UnmuteMe: D
  9043. UnmuteMe: d
  9044. UnmuteMe: D
  9045. UnmuteMe was muted by kupo.
  9046. UnmuteMe's alts were also muted: kjij, huhuh'
  9047. +Aquaaa: Less spam
  9048. UnmuteMe was muted by LightBlue. (spam)
  9049. UnmuteMe's alts were also muted: kjij, huhuh'
  9050. UnmuteMe was muted by MJB.
  9051. UnmuteMe's alts were also muted: kjij, huhuh'
  9052. bling bling: nnnnnnmnmnnmnno
  9053. UnmuteMe was banned by Relados.
  9054. UnmuteMe's alts were also banned: kjij, huhuh'
  9055. bling bling: bnbmcmc
  9056. 1337falc0: TCtheIllest just use a deoxys speed form with truant and skill swap it away
  9057. +Aquaaa: Fufufu
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