War3 Race List Syndicate Gamers

Apr 9th, 2016
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  1. [Wed Jun 27 18:49:11 2018] : RACE LOG
  3. Undead Scourge [Undead]
  4. Required Total Level: 0
  5. Max Level: 16
  6. No weapon restrictions
  7. Vampiric Aura (LVLs 4): Leech Health You recieve 15-30% of your damage dealt as Health.
  8. Unholy Aura (LVLs 4): You run 10-30% faster.
  9. Levitation (LVLs 4): You can jump higher 10-40% less gravity.
  10. Suicide Bomber (LVLs 4): You explode when you die Blast radius: 300-400
  11. Restricted Items: Mole, Boots of Speed, Mask of Death, Sock of the Feather
  13. Default
  14. Required Total Level: 0
  15. Max Level: 0
  16. No weapon restrictions
  17. Cash (LVLs 0): [Spawn] Gain $2000 bonus cash!
  18. Immunity (LVLs 0): [Spawn] You're playing regular CS:GO Ultimates and some warcraft effects
  19. Experience (LVLs 0): [Attack] You're a quick learner Gain much more experience per kill
  20. Respawn (LVLs 0): [Ultimate] Respawn one more time every round!
  21. Restricted Items: Scroll of Respawning
  23. Orcish Horde
  24. Required Total Level: 0
  25. Max Level: 24
  26. No weapon restrictions
  27. Critical Strike (LVLs 6): [Attack] Chance of doing critical damage. 17% chance of doing 25-133% extra damage.
  28. Critical Grenade (LVLs 6): [Attack] Grenades will do massive damage. 65-215% extra damage.
  29. Reincarnation (LVLs 6): [Passive] Gives you a 15-80% chance of respawning once
  30. Chain Lightning (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Discharges a bolt of lightning that hits nearby enemies 40-65ft and 32 damage to the first and 33% less each subsequent hit.
  31. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Scroll of Respawning
  33. Night Elf
  34. Required Total Level: 0
  35. Max Level: 16
  36. No weapon restrictions
  37. Evasion (LVLs 4): 13/18/23/28 percent chance of evading a shot
  38. Thorns Aura (LVLs 4): You deal 5/10/15/20 percent of damage recieved to your attacker
  39. Trueshot Aura (LVLs 4): Your attacks deal 5/10/15/20 percent more damage
  40. Entangling Roots (LVLs 4): Bind enemies to the ground, rendering them immobile for 2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds
  41. Restricted Items: Belt of Thorns
  43. Human Alliance
  44. Required Total Level: 0
  45. Max Level: 24
  46. No weapon restrictions
  47. Devotion (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Gain 25-50 bonus hp
  48. Bash (LVLs 6): [Attack] You have a 5-20% chance to freeze your enemy
  49. Invisibility (LVLs 6): [Spawn] You're less likely to be seen Grants 25-50% invisibility
  50. Teleport (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Teleport towards where you're looking. Jump and look up to go further!
  51. Restricted Items: Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health
  53. Warden
  54. Required Total Level: 50
  55. Max Level: 16
  56. No weapon restrictions
  57. Team Limit: 2
  58. Fan of Knives (LVLs 4): A chance of being a mole. Toggle off with +ability
  59. Immunity (LVLs 4): Immunity from ultimates
  60. Shadow Strike (LVLs 4): A chance of poisoning your enemy
  61. Vengence (LVLs 4): Respawning when you die
  62. Restricted Items: Mole, Scroll of Respawning, Orb of Venom
  64. Blood Mage
  65. Required Total Level: 50
  66. Max Level: 16
  67. No weapon restrictions
  68. Team Limit: 1
  69. Phoenix (LVLs 4): 20-50% chance to revive your teammates that die. Each time you revive, chance is reduced by half to a minimum of 2-8%
  70. Banish (LVLs 4): 5-20% of making enemy blind and disoriented for 0.5 seconds
  71. Siphon Mana (LVLs 4): 25% chance of steal 1.25-5% of enemy's money on damage
  72. Blood Sacrifice (LVLs 4): Heal yourself by giving to the Gods
  74. Shadow Hunter
  75. Required Total Level: 50
  76. Max Level: 16
  77. No weapon restrictions
  78. Team Limit: 2
  79. Healing Wave (LVLs 4): [Spawn] Heal teammates around you for 1-2.5 hp / seconds
  80. Hex (LVLs 4): [Hurt] Chance of resisting other enemy's skill attacks Skill effects have a 2.5-10% chance to not work against Shadow Hunter
  81. Serpent Wards (LVLs 4): [Ability] Wards that damage enemies if they touch Grants 1-4 wards that deal 1-4 damage / second
  82. Big Bad Voodoo (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] You take reduced damage from physical attacks for up to 2 seconds.
  84. [K] Flame Predator
  85. Required Total Level: 50
  86. Max Level: 24
  87. Restricted to only using the knife
  88. Team Limit: 2
  89. Berserk (LVLs 4): [Spawn] Pump yourself with adrenaline Move 15-45% faster and gain 35-50 additional HP
  90. Cloak of Invisibility (LVLs 4): [Spawn] Put on your cloak to become harder to see Gain 50-65% invisibility
  91. Levitation (LVLs 4): [Spawn] You float for longer in the air Reduces your gravity by 40-70%
  92. Claw Attack (LVLs 4): [Attack] You claw at the enemy, forcing them to lose grip of their weapon 30-55% chance to force the enemy to drop their primary
  93. Burning Blade (LVLs 4): [Attack] Your knife burns your foes 20-50% chance to burn for 1-1.75 seconds dealing up to 35 damage
  94. Burning Inferno (LVLs 4): [Ultimate/Death] As your life ends you erupt into an inferno. 50-100% chance to do 175-250 damage to nearby enemies within 400 units
  95. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Mole, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health, Sock of the Feather
  97. RPG Race
  98. Required Total Level: 100
  99. Max Level: 30
  100. No weapon restrictions
  101. Team Limit: 2
  102. Greater Health (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Gives 5-30 HP.
  103. Longjump (LVLs 6): [Movement] Jump 20-27.5 feet further.
  104. Vampire (LVLs 6): [Attack] Leech 10-20% of all damage up to max hp, half when over 100 hp.
  105. Frost Pistol (LVLs 6): [Attack] Always slow with pistol by 8-20%.
  106. Invisibility (LVLs 6): [Passive] Gain 30-55% invisibility.
  107. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Mask of Death, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health
  109. Crypt Lord [Undead]
  110. Required Total Level: 100
  111. Max Level: 16
  112. No weapon restrictions
  113. Team Limit: 2
  114. Impale (LVLs 4): [Attack] Impale the enemy, launching them up briefly, 5-15%% chance
  115. Spiked Carapace (LVLs 4): [Hurt] Reduce incoming damage while hurting your enemy and gaining armor 10-40%% of damage returned as armor up to 20 armor Return 5-20% of damage up to 40 damage
  116. Carrion Beetles (LVLs 4): [Attack] Chance of dealing extra damage 5-20%% chance to deal 10 bonus damage
  117. Locust Swarm (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Releases locust and attacks enemy Deals 10-25 damage to an enemy target
  119. Succubus Hunter
  120. Required Total Level: 100
  121. Max Level: 30
  122. No weapon restrictions
  123. Team Limit: 2
  124. Head Hunter (LVLs 6): Deal extra 0-20% damage, proportional to the number of skulls you have. 15-50% chance to gain your victim's SKULLs on hit
  125. Totem Incantation (LVLs 6): You gain 1-2% HP, 25-50$ or some credits and 1-5XP on spawn for each skull you collected
  126. Assault Tackle (LVLs 6): Gives you a boost of speed when you jump.
  127. Bloody Dagger (LVLs 6): Increases knife damage by up to 15.
  128. Deamonic Transformation (LVLs 6): Get less gravity, more speed, and more HP. Costs 2 SKULLs
  129. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed
  131. Recon Scout
  132. Required Total Level: 100
  133. Max Level: 16
  134. No weapon restrictions
  135. Team Limit: 2
  136. Vanish (LVLs 4): +ability: Turn invisible for 5-8 seconds. Cannot shoot for 1 second out of invis. Leave invis early by using ability again
  137. True Sight (LVLs 4): Enemies cannot be invisible or partially invisible around you. 400-800 units.
  138. Disarm (LVLs 4): 6-15% chance to disarm the enemy on hit
  139. Marksman Shot (LVLs 4): Standing still for 1 second, Recon Scout is able to deal 1.5-2.5x damage the further the target. 1000 units or more deals maximum damage. Lasts 1second after moving.
  141. Krillin
  142. Required Total Level: 100
  143. Max Level: 20
  144. No weapon restrictions
  145. Team Limit: 2
  146. Defense Aura (LVLs 4): Your aura decreases the damage you take(Armor 105,110,115,120)
  147. Aura of the Master (LVLs 4): Walk slower (slower 96%,92%,88%,84%) with additional health (+15,+30,+45,+60)
  148. Helm of Resistance (LVLs 4): Reduces damage from headshots (Reduction of 20%,40%,60%,80%)
  149. Aura of Money (LVLs 4): When you attack enemies you sometimes gain money (Steal Money)
  150. Solar Flare (LVLs 4): You call a Solar Flare to blind your enemies(Blinds for 2.0-3.5)
  151. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Periapt of Health
  153. Keeper of the Grove
  154. Required Total Level: 100
  155. Max Level: 40
  156. No weapon restrictions
  157. Team Limit: 2
  158. Force of Nature (LVLs 8): [Spawn] You craft your weapon out of local resources 12-100% Chance to spawn with a 45 clip M4A1
  159. Thorns Aura (LVLs 8): [Hurt] Shrouded in magical thorns, you return damage taken 5-50% chance to return 25% of damage taken
  160. Grove Dweller (LVLs 8): [Spawn] Your time in the grove lets you traverse terrain faster Grants longjump
  161. Tranquility (LVLs 8): [Spawn] You gain MaxHp and heal friendlies nearby Heals 3-10hp every 6 seconds up to 5-40hp over your maximum HP
  162. Hindering Roots (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Roots burst from the ground hindering movement Slow nearby enemies by 15-50 percent for 2-6s.
  163. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Periapt of Health, Belt of Thorns
  165. [K] Goliath
  166. Required Total Level: 100
  167. Max Level: 24
  168. Restricted to only using the knife
  169. Team Limit: 2
  170. Dominance (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Grow larger and show your dominance Gain 50-400 bonus hp
  171. BigSwings (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your attacks hit in an area Enemies 8.5-14.5ft in front of you will be hurt for 12-32 damage
  172. Battlecry (LVLs 6): [Ability] Go on a rampage for up to 6 seconds! Gain 25-46%% movement speed based on your Dominance skill
  173. Pride (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Your pride won't let you fall Take no damage for up to 5 seconds if you were to drop below 25-150 HP
  174. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Long Jump, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  176. Molecule
  177. Required Total Level: 100
  178. Max Level: 20
  179. No weapon restrictions
  180. Team Limit: 2
  181. Charged Suit (LVLs 5): [Movement] Gain extra speed up to 30%
  182. Electric Shock (LVLs 5): [Attack] Occasionally electrocute your enemy for up to 50% extra damage.
  183. Static Field (LVLs 5): [Defense] Up to 36% chance of evading shots
  184. Short Circuit (LVLs 5): [Defense] You shouldn't knife a molecule. Up to 80% chance of dealing 100-500% of the damage back.
  185. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed
  187. Elemental
  188. Required Total Level: 100
  189. Max Level: 16
  190. No weapon restrictions
  191. Team Limit: 2
  192. Earth (LVLs 4): [Spawn] You merge into the earth around you Gain upto 50% invisibility
  193. Wind (LVLs 4): [Spawn] You pick up the swiftness of the wind Gain up to 28% increased movement speed
  194. Water (LVLs 4): [Spawn] Soothing waters heal you Gain regeneration up to 2.05 hp / second
  195. FieryGaze (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Unleash immense heat to vanquish those in front you Set an enemy in front of you on fire
  196. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Ring of Regeneration, Cloak of Shadows
  198. Ghost [Undead]
  199. Required Total Level: 100
  200. Max Level: 24
  201. No weapon restrictions
  202. Team Limit: 2
  203. Spook (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Your ghostly body gives you 15% to 65% invisiblity
  204. Absorption (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your attacks steal living essence from the enemy Grants 12-22% life steal
  205. Chills (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your attacks freeze the enemies in fear 10-20% Chance to bash for 0.2 - 1 second
  206. Shake (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your attacks cause your enemies bones to shake 5-30% Chance to shake enemies for 0.5 - 3 seconds
  207. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Cloak of Shadows, Sock of the Feather
  209. [!] BLU Scout
  210. Required Total Level: 100
  211. Max Level: 20
  212. Restricted to only using shotguns and pistols
  213. Team Limit: 2
  214. Double Jump (LVLs 5): [Jump] Allows the scout to perform a second jump equal to 40/55/70/85/100% of the original jump's height. Also enhances your leg strength, giving him 90/80/70/65/60% normal gravity.
  215. Sprint (LVLs 5): [Spawn] The scout is naturally much faster than all others, granting him 10/20/30/40/50% movespeed.
  216. Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol (LVLs 5): [Spawn] The scout walks softly and carries a tiny gun, granting him 9/13/17/21/25 extra health and 20/40/60/80/100% fall damage resistance.
  217. Bonk! Atomic Punch (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] The scout drinks an energy drink, preventing him from attacking but gaining 30% speed and 87-97% evasion for 5/6/7/8/9 seconds.
  218. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Periapt of Health, Sock of the Feather
  220. Priest
  221. Required Total Level: 150
  222. Max Level: 42
  223. No weapon restrictions
  224. Team Limit: 1
  225. Aspersio (LVLs 7): [Attack] Deal 30-60% more damage to the undead.
  226. Kyrie Eleison (LVLs 7): [Defense] A Barrier of light defends you 8-18% evasion
  227. Lex Divina (LVLs 7): [Defense] You force Silence on your opposers. 14-100% chance of ultimate immunity each round.
  228. Resurrection (LVLs 7): [Passive] You resurrect your fallen comrades Respawn 1-2 teammates. 10-70% chance.
  229. Magnus Exorcismus (LVLs 7): [Death] Muttering your final words, you send your killer to the heavens. 2-8% chance of getting revenge on your killer.
  230. Sanctuary (LVLs 7): [Ultimate] You embrace those around you in a Sanctuary. Heal 2.0-8.0 health per second for 15 seconds.
  232. Archmage Proudmoore
  233. Required Total Level: 150
  234. Max Level: 30
  235. No weapon restrictions
  236. Team Limit: 2
  237. Earthquake (LVLs 6): [Attack] Shake the ground that your foe stands on. 25% to lightly shake screen for 3-6 seconds.
  238. Broom of Velocity (LVLs 6): [Passive] You can run and fly faster. 5-30% more speed.
  239. Sorcerer's Cloak (LVLs 6): [Defense] Your power gives you strength. 5-50 more hp.
  240. Weapon of the Sorcerer (LVLs 6): [Spawn] You have been granted powerful weapons. 30-100% for 60 clip M4A4 and 60 clip Fiveseven.
  241. Lift-Off (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] You can soar through the air with greater health. Jetpack with 5-10 extra hp and 5-0s cooldown.
  242. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Periapt of Health
  244. [!] Holy Juggernaut
  245. Required Total Level: 200
  246. Max Level: 20
  247. Restricted to only using weapon_xm1014
  248. Team Limit: 2
  249. Holy Devotion (LVLs 5): [Spawn] God grants you health Grants 25-50 bonus health
  250. Holy Cannon (LVLs 5): [Spawn] God creates a Holy Cannon that deals extra damage and has an enchanted clip 33-100% chance to receive the XM1014 shotgun with 7-35 rounds
  251. Holy Hand Cannon (LVLs 5): [Spawn] God creates a deagle with an enchanted clip Spawn with a 7-50 clip desert eagle
  252. Rhino Charge (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You are slower than most so God lifts you up to fly across long distances!
  253. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Periapt of Health
  255. [!] Phyrexian Mercenary
  256. Required Total Level: 200
  257. Max Level: 25
  258. Restricted to only using weapon_mp9
  259. Team Limit: 2
  260. Enchanted TMP (LVLs 5): [Attack] The weapon of a Mercenary deals bonus damage each shot. Up to 8 extra damage per shot.
  261. AP Five-Seven (LVLs 5): [Attack] A Five-Seven that shreds armour. Up to 10 extra damage per shot and 20 armor per shot.
  262. Swift (LVLs 5): [Movement] You become more agile and swift. Up to 30% more speed.
  263. Stall (LVLs 5): [Attack] Slow the enemy. 33% chance of slowing for 1-3 seconds.
  264. Skirmisher Gear (LVLs 5): [Defense] You are outfitted with a suit to resist magical and blast damage. 10-50% resistance.
  266. Corrupted Disciple
  267. Required Total Level: 200
  268. Max Level: 16
  269. No weapon restrictions
  270. Team Limit: 2
  271. Electric Tide (LVLs 4): [Ability] Expands electric rings around you deals 18-70 damage at maximum range of 45ft
  272. Corrupted Conduit (LVLs 4): [Hurt] Your victim will lose damage per attack for a duration Enemies lose 1-4 damage per hit to a maximum of 4-10 damage lost 15 second cooldown
  273. Static Discharge (LVLs 4): [Hurt] Chance to heal you and your teammates around you when you are damaged 50% chance to heal 15-60% within 80ft
  274. Overload (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Shocks the lowest hp enemy around you per second while you gain damage per hit An enemy within 35ft is hit for 3-10 damage and grants you bonus damage
  276. [K] Cannibal
  277. Required Total Level: 200
  278. Max Level: 25
  279. Restricted to only using the knife
  280. Team Limit: 2
  281. Pounce (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Leap towards your enemy Grants longjump
  282. Stealth (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You hide well when lurking for prey Become 65-75% more invisible
  283. Vanish (LVLs 5): [Hurt] Your enemies are baffled after their first strike Become fully invisible for 0.5 - 2.5 seconds
  284. Gobble (LVLs 5): [Attack] The flesh of your enemy gives you vitality Leech 4-20 hp per knife hit up to 200 hp total
  285. Ravage (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You become more vicious Deal 10-30 bonus damage a hit for 4-8 seconds
  286. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Long Jump, Mask of Death, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  288. Kirin-Tor Archmage
  289. Required Total Level: 200
  290. Max Level: 30
  291. No weapon restrictions
  292. Team Limit: 2
  293. Earthquake (LVLs 6): [Attack] Shake the enemy 4-25% chance for 2 seconds
  294. Flamelash (LVLs 6): [Attack] Burn the enemy 25% chance to burn for 3-5 seconds at 1-5 damage per second
  295. Invisibility (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Become harder to see Grants 20-45% invisibility
  296. Haste (LVLs 6): [Passive] Become fast as the winds Grants 5-30% bonus movement speed
  297. Takeoff (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Use the air to fly
  298. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Cloak of Shadows
  300. [K] Human Lawnmower
  301. Required Total Level: 200
  302. Max Level: 30
  303. Restricted to only using the knife
  304. Team Limit: 2
  305. V6 Engine (LVLs 6): [Movement] With V6 power, you become the envy of homeowners everywhere.
  306. Armored Exterior (LVLs 6): [Defense] With your armored exterior, you take 25% to 50% less damage.
  307. Fast Blades (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your blades spin faster.
  308. Sharp Blades (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your attacks damage the enemy's hands causing them to drop their weapon.
  309. Takeoff (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Your incredible speed causes you to fly for short periods of time.
  310. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Orb of Venom, Sock of the Feather
  312. CSGO PRO
  313. Required Total Level: 200
  314. Max Level: 250
  315. No weapon restrictions
  316. Team Limit: 11
  317. Spawning (LVLs 50): Gain 2-100 exp for spawning
  318. Dealing damage (LVLs 50): Gain 2-100 exp for dealing damage
  319. Recieving damage (LVLs 50): Gain 2-100 exp for taking damage
  320. Ability (LVLs 50): Gain 2-100 exp for using your ability
  321. Ultimate (LVLs 50): Gain 2-100 exp for using your ultimate
  323. Alistair the Templar
  324. Required Total Level: 250
  325. Max Level: 30
  326. No weapon restrictions
  327. Team Limit: 1
  328. Templar (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Templars gain immunity to spells. +25/40/55/70/85/100% immunity to abilities & ultimates.
  329. Warrior (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Alistair is a battle-bred fighter. +20-120 armor on spawn +10/20/30/35/40/50hp on spawn.
  330. Grey Warden (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Surviving the Joining has granted Alistair power. +3/4/5/6/7/8% increased damage.
  331. Master Guardian (LVLs 6): [Aura] Alistair excels at defending his allies. +5/6/7/8/9/10% damage reduction aura.
  332. Cleanse (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Alistair purges his enemies, silencing them. 3/4/5/6/7/8 second global silence.
  333. Restricted Items: Necklace of Immunity, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health
  335. Bulbasaur
  336. Required Total Level: 250
  337. Max Level: 16
  338. No weapon restrictions
  339. Team Limit: 2
  340. Photosynthesis (LVLs 4): [Spawn] Gain 20-50 bonus hp
  341. Leech Seed (LVLs 4): [Attack] Gain 5-20% life leech
  342. Razor Leaf (LVLs 4): [Attack] Gain 2-8 bonus damage!
  343. Vine Whip (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Vine Whip hits nearby enemies for up to 40 damage! Area of effect within 45ft
  344. Restricted Items: Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Periapt of Health
  346. S.W.A.T Officer
  347. Required Total Level: 250
  348. Max Level: 30
  349. No weapon restrictions
  350. Team Limit: 2
  351. Dexterity (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Increased run speed Gain 5-25% increased speed
  352. Combat Training (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Years of combat training allow you to prepare for battle appropriately Provides armor and 5-25% damage reduction
  353. Armory (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Chance to spawn an M4A1 on spawn 20-100% chance
  354. Strength (LVLs 5): [Attack] Deals 10-25% more damage.
  355. Stun Grenade (LVLs 5): [Attack] Your grenades cause enemies to be slowed by 20% to 60%
  356. Rallying Cry (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You let out a rally cry, increasing your run speed further by 5% to 25% and gaining a chance to evade
  357. Restricted Items: Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Enchanted Chainmail
  359. Soul Reaper
  360. Required Total Level: 300
  361. Max Level: 16
  362. No weapon restrictions
  363. Team Limit: 1
  364. Judgement (LVLs 4): [+ability] Heals teammates around you, damages enemies around you
  365. Withering Presence (LVLs 4): [Aura] Enemies take damage just by being near you
  366. Inhuman Nature (LVLs 4): [Death] You heal when anyone around you dies
  367. Demonic Execution (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Deals a large amount of damage based on how much of the enemy's health is missing 70ft range
  369. Blood Hunter
  370. Required Total Level: 300
  371. Max Level: 16
  372. No weapon restrictions
  373. Team Limit: 2
  374. Blood Crazy (LVLs 4): [Passive] Those damaged by you will bleed for 3 HP per second for 2 - 5 seconds
  375. Feast (LVLs 4): [Attack] Heal 10-25% of the victim's max HP on kill
  376. Blood Sense (LVLs 4): [Attack] Those who are below 15-45% max HP take critical damage
  377. Hemorrhage (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Deals damage to a target based on distance they move
  379. Luna Moonfang - The Moon Rider
  380. Required Total Level: 300
  381. Max Level: 16
  382. No weapon restrictions
  383. Team Limit: 2
  384. Lucent Beam (LVLs 4): Luna concentrates on the moon's energy and channels it forcefully to the surface, 5-11/8-15/11-19/14-23 dmg. Autocast. 2s cooldown.
  385. Moon Glaive (LVLs 4): Allows Luna to attack extra enemies with each Glaive attack.
  386. Lunar Blessing (LVLs 4): Nearby ranged units gain the power of the moon. +2-6 damage
  387. Eclipse (LVLs 4): Calls to the moon's magic, summoning a concentrated burst of Lucent Beams to damage targets around Luna. 4-12 beams.
  389. [P] Pistoleer
  390. Required Total Level: 300
  391. Max Level: 32
  392. Restricted to only using pistols
  393. Team Limit: 2
  394. Damage (LVLs 8): Your aim allows you to deal bonus damage Does 1-12% extra damage.
  395. Evade Aura (LVLs 8): You are always alert of the situation and can dodge several attacks. Dodge chance is 4-25%
  396. Cunning (LVLs 8): Your cunning and guile makes you harder to notice Up to 70% invisibility.
  397. Teleport (LVLs 8): A weak teleport toward where you aim.
  398. Restricted Items: Cloak of Shadows, Sock of the Feather
  400. [!] Master Sniper
  401. Required Total Level: 300
  402. Max Level: 25
  403. Restricted to only using weapon_ssg08
  404. Team Limit: 2
  405. Supplies (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Gives you a scout and a five seven 50-100% chance to spawn with a scout and five seven
  406. Travel Lightly (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You travel very quickly! Grants longjump
  407. Camouflage (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You blend in easily with your surroundings Fade to 60% invisibility when you don't attack for 10-5 seconds
  408. Precision (LVLs 5): [Attack] You know the most deadly places for a bullet to strike 55-75% chance to do up to 1.5x normal damage
  409. First Aid (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You are able to heal yourself occasionaly Heal yourself for 9-25 HP every 25 seconds
  410. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health
  412. Tatsu, Ice Dragon
  413. Required Total Level: 300
  414. Max Level: 25
  415. No weapon restrictions
  416. Team Limit: 2
  417. Blind (LVLs 5): [Attack] You have 15-35% chance to blind your target.
  418. Deep Freeze (LVLs 5): [Attack] 10-25% chance to freeze your target for 1.1 second.
  419. Clear Ice (LVLs 5): [Passive] You are as clear as ice and gain invisibility.
  420. Clarity of Ice (LVLs 5): [Defense] Become invisible when hit and fade to visible.
  421. Ice Flight (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Fly through the air on thin ice.
  422. Restricted Items: Cloak of Shadows
  424. Steveand117: Master Of War
  425. Required Total Level: 333
  426. Max Level: 16
  427. No weapon restrictions
  428. Weapon of War (LVLs 4): [Attack] Your trusty AK47 will deal 7.5-30% more damage and you have a 25-100% chance to ignore disarm.
  429. Loadout (LVLs 4): [Spawn] You Spawn with 30-120 armor + a helmet at max level Your armor absorbs 4-16% of damage taken. You also spawn with one HE grenade, two flash grenades, and one smoke grenade. HE Grenades stun enemies and your team is immune to your flashbangs.
  430. Ammo (LVLs 4): [Spawn] Regenerate 1 ammunition for your AK47 every 1.6 to 0.4 seconds
  431. Killing Spree (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Gain damage reduction or movement speed Based on your teams kills/deaths vs. enemy kills/deaths
  432. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish
  434. Vex: Master Of Three
  435. Required Total Level: 333
  436. Max Level: 12
  437. No weapon restrictions
  438. Power of Health (LVLs 3): [Spawn] Gain 3^(skill_level + 1) bonus hp
  439. Bullets (LVLs 3): [Spawn] Your mp9 gains 30 more bullets on spawn per level that deal 3 extra damage.
  440. Unload (LVLs 3): [Attack] You attack (Log_3((3*skill_level)!) * 3)%% faster
  441. Burst (LVLs 3): [Ultimate] Gain 0.3%% to 33.3%% movement speed for 3 seconds based on skill level
  442. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Periapt of Health
  444. GodDang: Master Of GO
  445. Required Total Level: 333
  446. Max Level: 20
  447. No weapon restrictions
  448. Stealth (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You're so sneaky the enemy can't even recognize you
  449. Motivation (LVLs 5): [Aura] You motivate those around you Surrounding allies in a 75 ft radius gain 25% movement speed
  450. BHopMaster (LVLs 5): [Jump] Jumping makes you happy Gain life back when you jump, you've also kind of got that hang of bunny hopping
  451. YouTakeThePoint (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Will you take the point?
  452. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Periapt of Health
  454. Naix [Undead]
  455. Required Total Level: 350
  456. Max Level: 16
  457. No weapon restrictions
  458. Team Limit: 2
  459. Infest (LVLs 4): Regains 5-20% health upon killing an enemy. You teleport to victim location if you are ducking
  460. Blood Bath (LVLs 4): Increases leechable health of the Naix by 10-40, making all his other skills worthy
  461. Feast (LVLs 4): Regenerates 4-10% percent of enemy's current HP on hit.
  462. Rage (LVLs 4): Naix goes into a maddened Rage, gaining 15-40% attack speed for 3-6 seconds
  463. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration, Periapt of Health
  465. Hammerstorm
  466. Required Total Level: 350
  467. Max Level: 16
  468. No weapon restrictions
  469. Team Limit: 2
  470. Storm Bolt (LVLs 4): [Ability] Stuns enemies in a 20-30ft radius for 0.6 seconds deals 5-20 damage
  471. Great Cleave (LVLs 4): [Attack] Your attacks splash 10-50% of damage to enemys within 25ft Up to 60 damage splashed
  472. Warcry (LVLs 4): [Spawn] Grants Hammerstorm 9-30% increased movement speed and 9-30% damage reduction
  473. Gods Strength (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Greatly enhance your damage by 10-50% for a short duration
  475. [!] Thor, God of Thunder
  476. Required Total Level: 350
  477. Max Level: 30
  478. Restricted to only using weapon_taser
  479. Team Limit: 2
  480. Godly Power (LVLs 5): [Passive] Draw power from the air to charge your weapon. 1 ammo every 4-1 seconds
  481. Power Draw (LVLs 5): [Attack] Retrieve some of your power. 15-25% chance of regaining some ammo each time you hit. Gain 5% speed per kill up to a limit.
  482. Godly Speed (LVLs 5): [Passive] Run like thunder. 20-40% extra speed.
  483. Godly Fortitude (LVLs 5): [Defense] You can take more damage from puny mortals. 10-50 extra HP
  484. Godly Strength (LVLs 5): [Attack] Your enemies tremble before your awesome strength. 35-50% of normal taser damage and 20-50 max ammo.
  485. Thundering Blow (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Strike down the closest enemy with lightning, charging your weapon in the process.
  486. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  488. [K] Takeno, Samurai General
  489. Required Total Level: 350
  490. Max Level: 28
  491. Restricted to only using the knife
  492. Team Limit: 2
  493. Snake's Arts (LVLs 4): [Passive] Study snake like arts and become more powerful. +25-40HP and +35-50% speed
  494. Hiding Tactics (LVLs 4): [Passive] Study hiding arts and become stealthier. 50-80% invisiblity
  495. Buddha's Prayer (LVLs 4): [Passive] Praying lightens your soul. 15-50% Low Grav
  496. Bushido (LVLs 4): [Attack] Force the enemy to fight like a warrior. 10-40% to disarm
  497. War Monger (LVLs 4): [Spawn] Hoard money from local populace. $500-2000 per spawn
  498. Katana (LVLs 4): [Attack] You wield a deadly Katana that can cut people in half. 50% chance to deal massive bonus damage on right-click.
  499. Meditation (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Focus intensely to become shrouded in darkness. 99% invis for 1-3s
  500. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health
  502. Trinity
  503. Required Total Level: 350
  504. Max Level: 25
  505. No weapon restrictions
  506. Team Limit: 2
  507. Healing Font (LVLs 5): [Ability] Target an enemy to steal life from Use +ability to target an enemy in front of you that will grant you 6-30% lifeleech for 4-8 seconds
  508. Surgical Knife (LVLs 5): [Knife-Ally] You are an expert surgeon, all you need is your combat knife You store 14-30% of the damage you deal to enemies Knifing an ally will heal them the stored amount
  509. Runic Blade (LVLs 5): [Knife-Ally] Poke your allies with your blade to get them going Knifing allies grants them 5-25% bonus movement speed for 3-6 seconds
  510. Power of the Tenno (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You're a Tenno, a more powerful being Grants 5-30 bonus hp, 4-20% increased movement speed, and 4-20% reduced gravity
  511. Lifelink (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You link your life with an enemy For 4-8 seconds a random enemy will inherit 4-20% of your pain
  512. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Mask of Death, Sock of the Feather
  514. [!] Frost Giant
  515. Required Total Level: 350
  516. Max Level: 24
  517. Restricted to only using weapon_nova
  518. Team Limit: 2
  519. Frost Shards (LVLs 6): [Attack] 5-20% chance to deal 10-24 damage per hit
  520. Deep Freeze (LVLs 6): [Attack] 5-20% chance to Bash enemies for 2 second
  521. Ice Armor (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Gain 25-150 armor absorbing 20-50% of damage taken
  522. Frost Stomp (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Freeze nearby enemies, throwing and attacking them upon completetion 1-2.50 seconds, 4-24 damage
  524. Chronos
  525. Required Total Level: 400
  526. Max Level: 16
  527. No weapon restrictions
  528. Team Limit: 2
  529. TimeLeap (LVLs 4): [Jump] Leap in the direction you are moving Powerful longjump once per 6 seconds
  530. Rewind (LVLs 4): [Hurt] Chance to regain the damage you took 10-25% chance to undo damage
  531. TimeLock (LVLs 4): [Attack] Chance to stun your enemy 10-25% chance to minibash
  532. Chronosphere (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Rip space and time to trap enemy. Trapped victims cannot move and can only deal/receive melee damage, Sphere protects chornos from outside damage.
  534. [K] Blade Master
  535. Required Total Level: 400
  536. Max Level: 24
  537. Restricted to only using the knife
  538. Team Limit: 2
  539. Wind Walk (LVLs 6): [Ability] Become invisible and move faster for 3-4.5 seconds and move faster naturally 30-80% increased speed and 60-85% invisibility Deactivates when you attack
  540. Mirror Image (LVLs 6): [Death] Fool the enemy that you're dead 30-55% chance to avoid death from physical damage and appear in spawn
  541. Critical Strike (LVLs 6): [Attack] 20% chance to deal 2-3x normal damage with your blade
  542. Blade Storm (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Spin furiously damaging all nearby enemies Spin for up to 4.5 seconds becoming immune to spells and taking up to 88% less physical damage Cannot attack while spinning
  543. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows, Enchanted Chainmail, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Ring of Armor
  545. Human General
  546. Required Total Level: 400
  547. Max Level: 40
  548. No weapon restrictions
  549. Team Limit: 3
  550. Devotion to your country (LVLs 8): [Spawn] Gain 15-50 HP
  551. Master Bash (LVLs 8): [Attack] 10-22% to freeze your opponent
  552. Pacifism (LVLs 8): [Attack] 10-45% to destroy 3 rounds from the primary clip of enemy
  553. Warlord's Booty (LVLs 8): [Attack] 30% chance to steal $40-250 off an enemy
  554. Teleport (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Teleport towards where you're looking
  555. Restricted Items: Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health
  557. [!] Judge of Dynamis
  558. Required Total Level: 400
  559. Max Level: 40
  560. Restricted to only using weapon_ump45
  561. Team Limit: 2
  562. Judge's Hammer (LVLs 8): [Spawn] Spawns an UMP45 with 5 extra bullets per level
  563. Judge's Hardiness (LVLs 8): [Hurt] You always resist 11-25% incoming damage, if you don't evade it
  564. Judge's Agility (LVLs 8): [Spawn] 2-30% Increased speed and 6-20% lower gravity
  565. Blessing of Dynamis (LVLs 8): [Hurt] 4-20% chance to evade a bullet
  566. Unending Resolve (LVLs 8): [Attack] 20-100%% chance to instantly reload UMP45 after killing someone
  567. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health
  569. [!] Judge of Altana
  570. Required Total Level: 400
  571. Max Level: 40
  572. Restricted to only using weapon_ump45
  573. Team Limit: 2
  574. Judge's Hammer (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Swing your UMP45 hammer with its 35-60 clip size.
  575. Judge's Wrath (LVLs 6): [Attack] In your anger you deal 1-6 extra damage per hit.
  576. Judge's Immunity (LVLs 8): [Defense] You resist 30-100% of knife damage. Backstabs will still do 20% of their normal damage.
  577. Recovery (LVLs 8): [Defense] You instantaneously regain 9-16% of damage you take.
  578. Gift of Altana (LVLs 6): [Spawn] You are gifted with 5-30 bonus HP and 100-125 armor.
  579. Final Ruling (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Your judgement is final and swift. Freeze nearby enemies for 1.5-2.0s over 400-600ft.
  580. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Claws of Attack, Periapt of Health
  582. [!] Voodoo Witch Doctor
  583. Required Total Level: 450
  584. Max Level: 40
  585. Restricted to only using weapon_mac10
  586. Team Limit: 2
  587. Voodoo Staff (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You spawn with your staff of voodoo (MAC10) with 10-30 more bullets in clip.
  588. Death Rituals (LVLs 5): [Attack] Shoot an ally to mark them for the rituals. If they die they activate a 7-15 HP regen for allies. You can change targets. Works once per round.
  589. Rituals of War (LVLs 5): [Attack] You prepare your dark magic to condemn evil. Slow 15-25% of the time by 10-30% for 1-3 seconds and mark them with a short trail.
  590. Wex (LVLs 5): [Attack] You use your rubbing powders and sheep's blood to make a powerful spell which burns a enemy of their HP. Heals 12-20% of damage dealt.
  591. Voodoo Curse (LVLs 10): [Attack] The Rival Tribals will regret messing with you. You have a 20% chance to do critical damage. 60-150% extra damage.
  592. Hex (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] You curse the enemy in your crosshair and turn them into an animal. They become 50% physical damage resistant and 11-30% slower for 1.1-2.0 seconds. They cannot attack while cursed.
  593. Restricted Items: Mask of Death
  595. Nithhogr, Fire Dragon
  596. Required Total Level: 450
  597. Max Level: 32
  598. No weapon restrictions
  599. Team Limit: 2
  600. Incinerate (LVLs 8): [Attack] Chance to burn enemies.
  601. Fire Shrieker (LVLs 8): [Passive] Fire burns enemies when they hit you.
  602. Dragon Wings (LVLs 8): [Passive] Your wings allow you to stay in the air longer
  603. Rising Fire (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Teleport with great frequency.
  604. Restricted Items: Orb of Venom, Sock of the Feather
  606. Granthad, The Divine Knight
  607. Required Total Level: 500
  608. Max Level: 36
  609. No weapon restrictions
  610. Team Limit: 3
  611. Divine Speed (LVLs 6): Empowers You With Divine Speed!
  612. Purifying Light (LVLs 6): Convert Light to Health
  613. Adjusted Eyes (LVLs 6): Flashes are less effective
  614. Divine Ultimatum (LVLs 6): Regenerate slowly
  615. Divine Deagle (LVLs 6): Divine Deagle
  616. Flash (LVLs 6): Turn invisible for 2 seconds
  617. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health
  619. [!] Scattergunner
  620. Required Total Level: 500
  621. Max Level: 30
  622. Restricted to only using weapon_nova
  623. Team Limit: 3
  624. Boomstick (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Spawn with your trusty boomstick Oversized clip sawed off
  625. Explosive Shot (LVLs 5): [Attack] Your shots pack a powerful boom! Adds 1-5 bonus damage per bullet to your shotgun
  626. Double Tap (LVLs 5): [Attack] You've got one hell of a trigger finger Fire 5-25% faster and you have a 5-25% Chance to increase attack speed massively
  627. Knock Back (LVLs 5): [Attack] Powerful shots knock your enemy back 20-33% chance to knock enemies back.
  628. Hardy (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You become increasingly sturdy 20-40 bonus hp.
  629. Drink Keg (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You're oblivious to your own health Gain 10-50% damage reduction for 1.5-2.5 seconds.
  630. Restricted Items: Periapt of Health
  632. [K] Kil'jaeden the Deciever
  633. Required Total Level: 500
  634. Max Level: 20
  635. Restricted to only using the knife
  636. Team Limit: 2
  637. Boots of the Defiler (LVLs 4): [Spawn] You run faster and jump higher Run up to 40%% faster and jump up to 70%% higher.
  638. Claw Strike (LVLs 4): [Attack] Chance to disarm enemy of his Primary Weapon 10-40%% to force enemy to drop.
  639. The Deceiver (LVLs 4): [Spawn] You weave magic around you to make yourself completely invisible Grants 85-100%% invisibility with a scout on your back
  640. Soul Flay (LVLs 4): [Ability] The Deciever strikes with the element of Shadow Deal (10-20)-(10-45) damage(based on range) while slowing enemies 7-30% for 4 seconds.
  641. Eye of Sargeras (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Unleash the Eye of Sargeras Gain back a little hp
  642. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Sock of the Feather
  644. [!] Jarmen Kell, AK Sniper
  645. Required Total Level: 500
  646. Max Level: 50
  647. Restricted to only using weapon_ak47
  648. Team Limit: 3
  649. The Path of the Hidden (LVLs 10): [Defense] Using ancient arts you can hide yourself better. 5-40% invisibility.
  650. Extended Clip (LVLs 10): [Spawn] You bring an extended clip for your AK47. 30-60 ammo in your ak47.
  651. Random Bullets (LVLs 10): [Attack] You packed some random bullets in a rush. 35-70% chance to do a random effect on hit. First zoomed shot is guaranteed to do 2 random effects (10s cooldown on this effect).
  652. Scavenger (LVLs 10): [Attack] You take supplies from defeated foes. Gain 3-30 health and 4-40 armor per kill.
  653. Improved Weapons (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Your weapons have attached scopes. Yes, even the knife has a scope. Deal with it. The higher the level, the more zoomed in the scope.
  654. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Cloak of Shadows
  656. [P] Remilia Scarlet [Undead]
  657. Required Total Level: 500
  658. Max Level: 25
  659. Restricted to only using weapon_deagle
  660. Team Limit: 3
  661. Demonic Wings (LVLs 5): [Passive] You can jump long distances using your wings.
  662. Vampire (LVLs 5): [Defense] You become resistant to all but chest shots. 30-70% resistance to bullets, but take massive damage to the chest.
  663. Spear of Gugnir (LVLs 5): [Attack] You throw a spear to hold the enemy in place. 8-20% chance of freezing for one second.
  664. Scarlet Devil (LVLs 5): [Attack] You drink a little of the enemy's blood to regenerate yourself. Steal 6-15% of the damage you deal.
  665. Manipulation of Fate (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You use blood magic to avert your fate. Heal 5-25 of your unholy health.
  666. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Periapt of Health
  668. Dragon Knight
  669. Required Total Level: 500
  670. Max Level: 16
  671. No weapon restrictions
  672. Team Limit: 3
  673. Breathe Fire (LVLs 4): [Ability] Catch those in front of you on fire, burning enemies for 1-4 damage a second for 4 seconds. 20 Sec CD.
  674. Dragon Tail (LVLs 4): [Passive] Any nearby enemy that damages you may get hit by your tail, stunning them and dealing damage. In dragon form the range greatly increases.
  675. Dragon Blood (LVLs 4): [Passive] The life blood of the dragon improves health regeneration and strengthens armor.
  676. Elder Dragon Form (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Turn into one of the following: Green Dragon: Apply a stacking poison on hit. Red Dragon: Attacks splash to any nearby enemies. Blue Dragon: Attacks slow enemies and reduce their attack speed. Lasts 4-10 seconds, 30 Sec CD. Maxed out you get all 4 bonuses.
  677. Restricted Items: Orb of Frost, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health
  679. [!] Star Lord
  680. Required Total Level: 550
  681. Max Level: 16
  682. Restricted to only using weapon_fiveseven
  683. Team Limit: 3
  684. Augmented Strength (LVLs 4): [Passive] Artificial implants have given you inhuman strength
  685. Space Armor (LVLs 4): [Passive] Space travel can be dangerous!
  686. Weapons Training (LVLs 4): [Passive] Years of training has improved your aim
  687. Elemental Gun (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Cycle through 4 different elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
  688. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Sock of the Feather
  690. Dreadknight
  691. Required Total Level: 600
  692. Max Level: 24
  693. No weapon restrictions
  694. Team Limit: 2
  695. Acute Senses (LVLs 6): [Aura] Dreadknights senses allow him to detect nearby hunters Enemies nearby using a knife will be rooted for up to 3.0 seconds 15 Second cooldown once rooted
  696. Corruption (LVLs 6): [Death] The Dreadknight corrupts the soul of his attacker You are reborn when your attacker dies with 50-100 hp
  697. CloseCombat (LVLs 6): [Attack/Hurt] The Dreadknight is a master of close combat Reduces knife damage by up to 60% and deals 5-15 bonus knife damage
  698. Portal (LVLs 6): [Ability] Dreadknight summons a portal that leads to safety If you or teammates walk into the portal you are sent back to spawn At spawn each person regenerates health
  700. [!] Shadow Lurker
  701. Required Total Level: 600
  702. Max Level: 24
  703. Restricted to only using weapon_hkp2000
  704. Team Limit: 2
  705. Enchanting Shadows (LVLs 6): [Movement] Shadows push you along to run faster, as well as provide protection to magical damage. 5-30%% speed boost and 75-100%% magic resistance.
  706. Silent Strike (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your bullets are laced with darkness, dealing more damage. An extra 5 to 10 damage per shot.
  707. Shadow Meld (LVLs 6): [Passive] You mix with the shadows to become increasingly invisible. 70-95% invisibility.
  708. Sneak Attack (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Shadows silence your weapon for everybody but yourself. Use ultimate or +attack2 to use.
  709. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health, Prismatic Signet
  711. Super Soldier
  712. Required Total Level: 600
  713. Max Level: 25
  714. No weapon restrictions
  715. Team Limit: 2
  716. Sprint (LVLs 5): Increased stamina, 5% increased speed per level
  717. Veterans endurance (LVLs 5): You're trained to survive, gain 8 health per level
  718. Arm up (LVLs 5): You grab your rifle and join the battle, 20-100% chance to spawn an m4a1-S
  719. Marksmanship (LVLs 5): Years of training have made you a sharpshooter You gain of +4% chance to crit per level
  720. Flaming Valor (LVLs 5): After activating your ultimate you set anyone on fire and slow them down for 2.5 secs max
  721. Restricted Items: Periapt of Health
  723. Brewmaster Monk
  724. Required Total Level: 600
  725. Max Level: 48
  726. No weapon restrictions
  727. Team Limit: 2
  728. Keg Smash (LVLs 8): [Attack] Smash a keg over your opponents head, damaging him and his friends.
  729. Stagger (LVLs 8): [Passive] Stagger damage you take, allowing you to push on.
  730. Purifying Brew (LVLs 8): [Ability] Cleanse your staggered damage.
  731. The Sturdy Ox (LVLs 8): [Passive] Become strong as an ox.
  732. Elusive Brew (LVLs 8): [Passive] Dodge your enemy's blows.
  733. Touch of Death (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Destroy your enemies in one blow.
  734. Restricted Items: Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health
  736. [K] Sensei Golden-Tail, Fox Samura
  737. Required Total Level: 700
  738. Max Level: 48
  739. Restricted to only using the knife
  740. Team Limit: 2
  741. Spirit Cloak (LVLs 6): [Defense]Your spirit cloak hides you from your enemies Gain 40-65% invisibility
  742. Enlightened Bushi (LVLs 6): [Defense] You feel very little pain Gain 1 hp every 1.4 to 0.7 seconds
  743. Evasion (LVLs 6): [Defense] You move too fast to be hit Evade 10-22% of hits
  744. Deadly Poison (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your blade is tipped with poison 40% chance to do 2-5 damage a second for 5 seconds
  745. Knoggin whack (LVLs 6): [Attack] You hit the skull with the hilt of your sword 25% chance to shake for 0.5-3 seconds
  746. The Big Kill (LVLs 6): [Defense] You speed up in anticipation of the kill You become 30-80% faster for 3 seconds after being hit
  747. Entomb (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your enemy is stunned by your relentless attack 8-50% chance of bashing for 1 second
  748. Grappling Hook (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] You are an expert with a grappling hook Teleport every 0.95 second
  749. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Ring of Regeneration, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Orb of Venom
  751. [!] Archimonde the Defiler
  752. Required Total Level: 700
  753. Max Level: 40
  754. Restricted to only using weapon_awp
  755. Team Limit: 2
  756. Blend (LVLs 8): [Defense] You blend into your surroundings Gain 5-30% invisibility
  757. The Defiler (LVLs 8): [Defense] You can jump higher and further Longjump and 2.5 to 20.0% less gravity. Cannot longjump for 3 seconds after round start.
  758. Hidden Strike (LVLs 8): [Attack] As you come out from your ult, you deal 5-40% extra damage on your next hit.
  759. Flame Lash (LVLs 8): [Attack] Your bullets explode on impact, setting the enemy on fire 7-56% chance to do 3 damage every 0.1 seconds for 0.3 to 1.0 seconds
  760. Cloak of the Deciever (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] You hide your awp and yourself for a short period Vanish you and your gun to 95% invisibility and become unable to shoot. Lasts 1.5-5.0s
  761. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows
  763. Deadly Decoy
  764. Required Total Level: 750
  765. Max Level: 24
  766. No weapon restrictions
  767. Team Limit: 2
  768. Deadly (LVLs 6): [Skill] Reflective damage.
  769. Health (LVLs 5): [Skill] Hard to kill. 5/10/20/40/60+ HP
  770. Speed (LVLs 4): [Skill] Try to hit him if you can! 10/20/30/40% increase speed
  771. Explosive (LVLs 4): [Skill] Don't let him get close. SUICIDER! Levels increase damage and radius
  772. Deadly Decoy (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You are a Deadly Decoy! Increased reflective damage and speed for 3-7 seconds (after a 7-3 second delay)
  773. Restricted Items: Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Belt of Thorns
  775. Demon Hunter
  776. Required Total Level: 750
  777. Max Level: 30
  778. No weapon restrictions
  779. Team Limit: 2
  780. Vault (LVLs 5): [Passive] You jump large distances.
  781. Grenade (LVLs 5): [Passive] Spawn with an HE grenades that burn enemies on explosion.
  782. Mark for Death (LVLs 5): [Passive] 0.2% to 1% chance per damage dealt to a player to block their respawns.
  783. Smoke Screen (LVLs 5): [Passive] Gain up to 60% invisibility.
  784. Awareness (LVLs 5): [Passive] When you are hit for fatal damage, block up to 50 of it and heal 40 HP. 35-25 second cooldown.
  785. Preparation (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Instantly add up to 20 bullets to your magazine. 20 second cooldown.
  786. Restricted Items: Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Cloak of Shadows
  788. Holy Paladin
  789. Required Total Level: 800
  790. Max Level: 48
  791. No weapon restrictions
  792. Team Limit: 1
  793. Holy Light (LVLs 12): [Spawn] Holy Paladins attacks heal friendly living teammates and rend the flesh of the undead Heal teammates and deal 40% bonus damage to undead Deals 100% bonus damage to zombie
  794. Divine Shield (LVLs 12): [Attack] Grants Holy Paladin 45-100% chance of ultimate immunity Grants teammates up to a 12% chance to gain ultimate immunity
  795. Devotion Aura (LVLs 12): [Spawn] Holy Paladin grants nearby allies damage reduction Reduce physical damage taken up to 20% in up to 50ft
  796. Resurrection (LVLs 12): [Spawn] Holy Paladin resurrects one random ally Ally spawns with 82-120 health
  797. Restricted Items: Necklace of Immunity
  799. Methodical
  800. Required Total Level: 800
  801. Max Level: 20
  802. No weapon restrictions
  803. Team Limit: 2
  804. Careful (LVLs 5): [Attack] You have a sickly physique. Gain 2-10 HP every hit but lose 10-1 HP for every miss.
  805. Cautious (LVLs 5): [Attack] You know when to pick your fights. Gain 100-150% extra XP for kills but lose 30-5 XP for every miss.
  806. Alert (LVLs 5): [Attack] You feel a burst of energy when you succeed. Become 40% faster for 5-25 seconds if you hit Become 1% slower (up to 20-10%) for 25 to 9 seconds every miss.
  807. Inconspicuous (LVLs 5): [Attack] Your weakness leads you to hide. Become 20% more invisible every hit (up to 30-70%). Become 5% less invisible every miss.
  808. Restricted Items: Tome of Experience
  810. Unholy Paladin
  811. Required Total Level: 800
  812. Max Level: 36
  813. No weapon restrictions
  814. Team Limit: 3
  815. Corruption (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Your corrupted soul feeds on the presence of those around you Grants additional HP determined by number of allies
  816. Unholy Healing (LVLs 6): [Attack] Holy magic is for the weak, you heal yourself through dark arts Grants life leech determined by number of allies
  817. Unholy Armor (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Your dark energy diminishes the power of magic Gain resistance to magic determined by number of allies
  818. Unholy Weapon (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Summon a weapon of pure evil 40-100% chance to spawn with an ak47 Additional ammo determined by number of allies
  819. Unholy Crusade (LVLs 6): [Attack] You are especially cruel to those who do not follow the dark path Deal additional damage to all races Deal much more damage to holy races
  820. Unholy Feast (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] You lay down an aura of mass destruction Enemies who stand in the radius for more than 5 - 2.5 seconds die
  821. Restricted Items: Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Periapt of Health, Prismatic Signet
  823. Bob the Novice
  824. Required Total Level: 808
  825. Max Level: 125
  826. No weapon restrictions
  827. Team Limit: 3
  828. Dexterity (LVLs 25): [Passive] +1 Dexterity
  829. Intelligence (LVLs 25): [Passive] +1 Intelligence
  830. Endurance (LVLs 25): [Passive] +1 Endurance
  831. Luck (LVLs 25): [Passive] +1 Luck
  832. Willpower (LVLs 25): [Passive] +1 Willpower
  833. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Necklace of Immunity, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Tome of Experience
  835. [P] Glockness Monster
  836. Required Total Level: 900
  837. Max Level: 48
  838. Restricted to only using weapon_glock
  839. Team Limit: 3
  840. Agility (LVLs 8): [Defense] You are agile and swift. 15-35% speed
  841. Vampiric Essence (LVLs 8): [Attack] You drain health from your victims. 15-30% vampirism
  842. Timeless (LVLs 8): [Defense] Your skin is thicker and stronger. +10-30HP
  843. Clip Extension (LVLs 8): [Spawn] You gain bonus ammo. 30-100 more bullets in your glock
  844. Snap Freezing Bullets (LVLs 8): [Attack] You can freeze the enemy in place. 10-20% to freeze for 1s
  845. Weapon Overload (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Press your glock to the limits. 25-50% more damage for 4.5-9s
  846. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Periapt of Health
  848. Wizard of the Everlasting
  849. Required Total Level: 900
  850. Max Level: 40
  851. No weapon restrictions
  852. Team Limit: 1
  853. Energy Sphere (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You are protected by energy that negates ultimates. 20-100% chance on spawn.
  854. Flame Strike (LVLs 5): [Attack] Put an enemy on fire. 15-30% chance of 4-16 damage.
  855. Electric Shock (LVLs 10): [Attack] You send eletricity through an opponent. 6-15% chance of paralyzing for 0.5 seconds.
  856. Soothing Water (LVLs 10): [Defense] Soft waters tend your wounds. Regenerate 0.5 to 4.5 hp per second.
  857. Earth Shield (LVLs 10): [Defense] You are covered in a shield of earth. Armor absorbs 10-100% of damage and regenerates quickly. However, you move up to 15% slower and don't jump as high.
  858. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Tome of Experience
  860. [!] Rottweil the Spoliator
  861. Required Total Level: 900
  862. Max Level: 31
  863. Restricted to only using weapon_mag7
  864. Team Limit: 2
  865. Rottweil 72 (LVLs 1): [Passive] You use a double barrelled shotgun that deals substantial bonus damage, cannot be evaded, and fires more quickly.
  866. Bolo Shot (LVLs 8): [Passive] Hitting a player bashes them for 0.1-0.8 seconds.
  867. Aggrandizing Pursuit (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 3-30% bonus speed.
  868. Gormandize Pulchritude (LVLs 11): [Passive] Gain 2.5-25% life steal and increases your health cap by 5-25.
  869. Unconscionable Discharge (LVLs 1): [Ultimate] Your attack fires both bullets, dealing massive damage. 10 Sec CD.
  870. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  872. [K] Tiny
  873. Required Total Level: 1000
  874. Max Level: 35
  875. Restricted to only using the knife
  876. Team Limit: 2
  877. Avalanche (LVLs 10): [Ability] Throw massive rocks at enemies up to 60ft in front of you Deals 22-40 damage and bashes for 1-1.5 seconds
  878. Craggy Exterior (LVLs 10): [Spawn/Hurt] Tiny has a hard shell that hurts attackers Gain a small chance to reflect up to 20 damage Reflecting damage causes enemy to be ministunned
  879. Grow (LVLs 10): [Spawn] Tiny grows larger Gain up to 30 increased movement speed and an extra 200 hp
  880. Toss (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Tiny throws you far far away Deals up to 30 damage to a target in front of you Deals bonus damage if you avalanche targets shortly after
  881. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Mole, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Orb of Frost, Pistol Clip Extender, Periapt of Health
  883. [!] Devious Flimflammer
  884. Required Total Level: 1000
  885. Max Level: 45
  886. Restricted to only using weapon_awp
  887. Team Limit: 2
  888. Sneaky Deaky (LVLs 10): [Ability] The Flimflammer engages his flimflams, granting him 90% invisibility for 1.5 seconds. Has a 6.5-2.0 second cooldown.
  889. The Adam West (LVLs 5): [Defense] The Flimflammer activates a tiny bulletproof shield, exactly the size of one bullet, and if he is shot there, he will be totally unharmed. 12-20% chance to dodge. 1% chance to disarm attackers at max level.
  890. Surprise Bang Bang (LVLs 10): [Attack] The Flimflammer activates his pistol-equipped flimflams. If he scores a (non-awp) kill, he has a 20-100% chance to receive an AWP with 1-6 bullets. He cannot buy awps.
  891. Bonus Bang (LVLs 10): The Flimflammer's AWP is also embedded with flams and one flim. Scoring a hit with it will restore 2-20 HP to the Flimflammer.
  892. Maximum Overflimflam (LVLs 10): The Flimflammer sets flimflams to stun. The next target he shoots is polymorphed into a random doodad for up to 2 seconds. While doodadified, the target cannot fire his gun or use abilities and moves at a 25% reduced speed.
  894. [K] The Infected [Undead]
  895. Required Total Level: 1000
  896. Max Level: 32
  897. Restricted to only using the knife
  898. Team Limit: 2
  899. Undead Health (LVLs 8): [Spawn] The undead feel no pain Gain up to 1300 HP (less during first 2 rounds)
  900. Undead Regeneration (LVLs 8): [Spawn] It's hard to kill something that's already dead Gain massive regeneration up to 17hp/second
  901. Infected Wound (LVLs 8): [Attack] Your attacks poison the enemy Knife attacks do 3dmg/second for up to 5 seconds
  902. Thirst for Brains (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] The scent of brains makes you impatient Gain 30-65% increased movement speed for 3.5 seconds
  903. Restricted Items: Mole, Long Jump, Holy Shield, Boots of Speed, Necklace of Immunity, Ring of Regeneration, Periapt of Health, Belt of Thorns, Prismatic Signet, Orb of Venom
  905. [K] Nature Wisp
  906. Required Total Level: 1000
  907. Max Level: 70
  908. Restricted to only using the knife
  909. Team Limit: 2
  910. Fluid (LVLs 20): [Spawn] Your movements are fluid and quick Grants a powerful longjump
  911. Forgiving (LVLs 20): [Hurt] You forgive your enemies for their behaviour Regenerate to maximum HP after 8.5-2.5 seconds of being hit Delay restarts upon being hit again
  912. Nimble (LVLs 20): [Hurt] You are small and nimble, agile enough to avoid many things Grants 26-65% evasion
  913. Sprout (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] As you dance through in life you leave your seed behind, and sometimes new life emerges Teleports you to where you were 7 seconds ago
  914. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Ring of Regeneration, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  916. Soul Stealer
  917. Required Total Level: 1000
  918. Max Level: 32
  919. No weapon restrictions
  920. Team Limit: 2
  921. Consume (LVLs 8): [Kill] Steal the souls of your enemies More souls stolen per point
  922. Empower (LVLs 8): [Spawn] The souls you steal increase your power Become stronger with more souls
  923. Soul Strike (LVLs 8): [Ability] Unleash tormented souls upon your enemy. Deals damage in an area where you are looking. Removes 2 of your souls but you gain a soul for each target hit.
  924. Haunt (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Haunt your enemies with the dead Slows enemies depending on how many enemies are dead
  926. Anti Mage
  927. Required Total Level: 1000
  928. Max Level: 17
  929. No weapon restrictions
  930. Team Limit: 3
  931. Mana Break (LVLs 4): [Attack] Anti Mage's attacks burn 1/2/2/2 ammo from your reload pool and 0/0/1/2 ammo from your active clip. If the enemy has grenades or a knife, instead bash them briefly.
  932. Blink (LVLs 4): [Ability] Allows Anti Mage to teleport 50 feet in the direction he is facing. 12/9/6/4 second cooldown.
  933. Spell Shield (LVLs 4): [Defense] Grants Anti Mage 25/35/45/55% magic immunity.
  934. Mana Void (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Anti Mage rends the enemy they are looking at based on their missing ammo, dealing 3.0/3.5/4.0/4.25/4.5 damage per ammo missing from their primary clip. Damages caps out at 30/40/50/60/70. If the player has no primary, deal 5-20 damage.
  936. The Musician
  937. Required Total Level: 1000
  938. Max Level: 26
  939. No weapon restrictions
  940. Team Limit: 2
  941. Superman (LVLs 5): [Skill] Flight - toggle with +ability2 Invunerability(Armor) 25/50/75/100/125 with Armor absorption of 10/20/30/40/50% Solar Powered - Armor regen 0.5-1.0 and Health regen after armor 1.0-3.5
  942. Ironman (LVLs 5): [Skill] Suit of Armor 25/50/75/100/125 with... Armor absorption of 20/30/40/50/60% Nanites to auto repair suit. Armor regen 100/175/250/325/400% Energy repulsors - chance of knockback 10/15/20/25/30% with Knockback of 10/30/50/80/110
  943. Firestarter (LVLs 5): [Skill] Chance to ignite target hit for 1.33 seconds - 10/20/30/40/50% Protective Flame shield(damage reduction) 20/25/30/35/40%
  944. Wreckingball (LVLs 5): [Skill] Swing into Battle - 110/120/130/140/150% increased speed Wrecking Ball - 145/160/175/190/215% knife damage with 400 knockback Swing out of the way of danger - 10/17/24/31/38% evasion when KNIFE out only
  945. Bat Out of Hell (LVLs 5): [Skill] Flight Fast - 110/120/130/140/150% speed Hard to hit - 5/10/15/20/25% evasion
  946. Musician (LVLs 1): [Ultimate] You play a random song from the skills above and gain its power! Use +ability to deactive the ultimate and current skill set
  948. Jukebox Hero
  949. Required Total Level: 1000
  950. Max Level: 26
  951. No weapon restrictions
  952. Team Limit: 2
  953. Get Lucky (LVLs 5): [Skill] Cause you're up all night to get lucky. Evasion of 15/20/25/30/35% Critical Strike chance of 5/8/9/11/14/17% with a Critical Strike Damage of 50/75/100/125/150%
  954. Katy Perry, The Firework Maker (LVLs 5): [Skill] Katy Perry says you're a firework so let your colors burst! Turn your victim into a firework and make them explode - 5/8/11/14/17% chance Ignite your target - 10/17/24/31/38% with Fire Damage of 1/2/3/4/5
  955. Eye of the Tiger (LVLs 5): [Skill] You have the eye of a Tiger Camoflauge(Invisibility) of 15/20/40/55/70% Increased Speed of 110/120/130/140/150% Leaping of 50/100/150/200/250
  956. TNT (LVLs 5): [Skill] You're TNT and you'll win that fight! Poop out hegrenade every 10 seconds Suicide explosion upon death More powereful TNT explosion on +ability2 use
  957. Werewolf of London (LVLs 5): [Skill] Ahhhh Wooooo! You're a werewolf and live in london. Increased speed of 110/115/120/125/130% Armor of 25/50/75/100/25 with absorption of 50/60/70/80/90% HP increase of 5/10/15/20/25+ Armor and HP regen
  958. Jukebox Hero (LVLs 1): Play a random song from your skillset and gain it's powers. Use your +ability to cancel the current song/skillset
  960. Orcish Chieftain
  961. Required Total Level: 1100
  962. Max Level: 25
  963. No weapon restrictions
  964. Team Limit: 2
  965. Orcish Warcry (LVLs 5): [Attack] Do more damage to boost morale. 20% chance to do 60-100% extra damage
  966. Orcish Poison (LVLs 5): [Attack] Use a special cocktail of poisons on your enemy. 8-40% chance to slow them by 10% for 2 seconds and shake them for half a second.
  967. Ring of Resilience (LVLs 5): [Defense] Slowly regenerate your strength. up to 1.8 hp per second.
  968. Ring of Rebirth (LVLs 5): [Death] Never give up. Never surrender. Respawn 30-60% of the time.
  969. Berserk (LVLs 5): [Defense] Pain? Pain is for the weak. Speed up when you are hit by 20-60% for 2.5s.
  970. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Scroll of Respawning, Orb of Venom
  972. Ranger of the Woods
  973. Required Total Level: 1100
  974. Max Level: 25
  975. No weapon restrictions
  976. Team Limit: 2
  977. Trackless Step (LVLs 5): [Defense] You don't leave a trace. 10-50% invisibility.
  978. Barkskin (LVLs 5): [Defense] Gain 100-120 regenerating armour that resists 10-40% of damage.
  979. Craft Weapon (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Construct your weapon of destruction. Spawn with M4A1 with 40-65 reserve ammo or 50-80 if you live.
  980. Poison (LVLs 5): [Attack] Poison the enemy with a deadly virus. Hit the enemy 1-5 times for 5 damage every 2 seconds. 33% chance with a 5 second cooldown.
  981. Heal Wounds (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You take a few seconds to tend to your wounds. Heal 5-25HP by standing still for a second.
  982. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Orb of Venom
  984. Undead Lord [Undead]
  985. Required Total Level: 1100
  986. Max Level: 48
  987. No weapon restrictions
  988. Team Limit: 2
  989. Blood for Life (LVLs 8): [Attack] Make your opponents into lunch. 11-25% hp drain up to a max of 150hp.
  990. Save-It-For-Later (LVLs 8): [Attack] Carry around skulls in case you get hungry. 15-30% chance of getting a skull every hit. Max of 12-40 skulls.
  991. Gravity Inhibitor (LVLs 8): [Passive] Your rotting flesh weighs less. 15-50% lower gravity.
  992. Undead Vengeance (LVLs 8): [Death] That's why they call them Undead 15-50% chance to respawn once per round.
  993. Corpse Bomb (LVLs 8): [Death] You explode violently on death. 20-40% + skulls% chance to explode with a radius of 30 feet for 130-200 damage.
  994. Bloodlust (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Your lust for blood is insatiable. For 3-1 skulls, gain 16-30% speed for 5 seconds and gain 6-20 hp.
  995. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Scroll of Respawning, Sock of the Feather
  997. Night Elf Elder
  998. Required Total Level: 1100
  999. Max Level: 44
  1000. No weapon restrictions
  1001. Team Limit: 2
  1002. Quickness (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 2-20% bonus speed and evasion.
  1003. Trueshot Aura (LVLs 10): [Passive] Nearby allies have a 2.5-25% chance to ignore evasion. You have a 5-50% chance to ignore evasion.
  1004. Touch of Elune (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 2-20% crit chance.
  1005. Entangling Roots (LVLs 10): [Passive] Your attacks apply a stacking slow to enemies. Guns that fire slower apply more slow than guns that fire quickly.
  1006. Shadowmeld (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Become 100% invisible, but cannot attack and move slowly. Use ultimate again to cancel. Cancelling Shadowmeld removes your invisibility but leaves you vulnerable for 2.0-0.5 seconds. If an enemy gets close to you, you lose invis and are vulnerable for 0.5 seconds.
  1007. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Orb of Frost
  1009. Displacer Beast
  1010. Required Total Level: 1200
  1011. Max Level: 35
  1012. No weapon restrictions
  1013. Team Limit: 2
  1014. Fey Speed (LVLs 5): [Passive] You have magical, unholy speed. 4-20% speed
  1015. Chaotic Evil (LVLs 10): [Attack] You steal health from anyone you shoot to satisfy your need. 6-20% vampirism
  1016. Tentacles (LVLs 10): [Ability] You draw the next person you shoot in the next 5 seconds towards you. 15-60 feet pull
  1017. Dark Vision (LVLs 5): [Attack] Enemies hit by the Displacer Beast start to go blind. 10-50% chance, lasts 1 second.
  1018. Displacement (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Dark energies project an image in front of you and hide you from sight. 30-70% invisibility for 6-10 seconds
  1019. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Mask of Death
  1021. [K] Savage
  1022. Required Total Level: 1200
  1023. Max Level: 30
  1024. Restricted to only using the knife
  1025. Team Limit: 2
  1026. Savage Strength (LVLs 5): [Attack] You have the strength of a beast 15-75% chance to deal an extra 20-60% damage
  1027. Skull Collector (LVLs 5): [Kill] You hoard the skulls of your prey 20-100% chance to obtain a skull when killing an enemy
  1028. Longjump (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You pounce on your prey like a tiger Grants a 20-40ft long jump
  1029. Survivalist (LVLs 5): [Spawn] A lifetime in the wilderness has made you adapt at reading your enemies movements 20-60% chance to evade attacks
  1030. Highjump (LVLs 5): [Jump] Your powerful legs lift you further off the ground Gravity reduced by 8-40%
  1031. Rage (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You crush your collected skulls and become enraged Grants 5-25 bonus health, and grants 12-60% bonus movement speed for 7 seconds
  1032. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  1034. Devil Servant
  1035. Required Total Level: 1250
  1036. Max Level: 40
  1037. No weapon restrictions
  1038. Team Limit: 2
  1039. Soul Siphon (LVLs 8): Siphon 9-25% of your enemy's life
  1040. Unholy Recovery (LVLs 8): Regenerate 0.5-2.0 HP/s
  1041. Unholy Rising (LVLs 8): 12-100% chance to respawn
  1042. Greed (LVLs 8): 12-100% chance to save your weapons on death
  1043. Cripple (LVLs 8): 6-20% chance to cripple your enemy
  1044. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration, Scroll of Respawning
  1046. Archdruid Malfurion
  1047. Required Total Level: 1250
  1048. Max Level: 18
  1049. No weapon restrictions
  1050. Team Limit: 1
  1051. Regrowth (LVLs 5): [Ability] Support your allies with healing spells. Heal a friendly target for 2-10 HP, and apply a HoT to them.
  1052. Moonfire (LVLs 5): [Attack] Call upon the power of the moon to eliminate your foes. Hitting an enemy has a 10-70% chance to put a DoT on them.
  1053. Ysera's Gift (LVLs 4): [Passive] Ysera grants you the gift of regeneration. Regenerate health. If health is full, heal a nearby ally. Grants up 150 max HP.
  1054. Tranquility (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Sooth your allies and mend their wounds. Heal nearby allies for 5-20 HP/sec for 1-5 seconds. Cannot move while casting.
  1055. Restricted Items: Ring of Regeneration, Periapt of Health
  1057. [!] Swag7
  1058. Required Total Level: 1300
  1059. Max Level: 49
  1060. Restricted to only using weapon_mag7
  1061. Team Limit: 2
  1062. Mag7 (LVLs 7): [Spawn] You don't go anywhere without your mag7 with the extended clip. 5-28 in the clip.
  1063. Frag7 (LVLs 7): [Attack] Kill or be killed. Every shell does 4-10 extra damage.
  1064. Brag7 (LVLs 7): [Attack] With every kill you become more full of yourself, granting 6-9% speed, up to a max of 18-27%.
  1065. Rag7 (LVLs 7): [Attack] Heal yourself with scraps blasted off opponents' clothing. 40-100% chance of healing 3 hp per shell hit.
  1066. Bag7 (LVLs 7): [Defense] Store more hp in your bag. Get 7-28 more HP.
  1067. Zag7 (LVLs 7): [Passive] Nobody can hit you when you zigzag. Gain 4-20% extra speed and 5-35% less gravity. Stacks with Brag7.
  1068. Swag7 (LVLs 7): [Ultimate] You are so full of yourself that you can clutch in any situation. Gain 10-52 temporary hp for 20 seconds. 50 second cooldown.
  1069. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Mask of Death, Periapt of Health
  1071. [!] p250 Agent
  1072. Required Total Level: 1300
  1073. Max Level: 20
  1074. Restricted to only using weapon_p250
  1075. Team Limit: 2
  1076. Sneaking (LVLs 5): You can creep about the battlefield, walking slower provides more invis than walking fast. 65-90% invis when still, 10-75% when crouching, 20-65% when walking, 15-55% when running.
  1077. Deadly Shot (LVLs 5): Upon striking a headshot, your enemy is lucky to live (40-80% bonus damage)
  1078. Illegal Clip (LVLs 5): You sneak in an illegal, oversized clip (20-60 bullets)
  1079. Identity theft (LVLs 5): You have a chance to look like an enemy (20-100%)
  1080. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows
  1082. Fyndhorn Elder, Elvish Knight
  1083. Required Total Level: 1400
  1084. Max Level: 40
  1085. No weapon restrictions
  1086. Team Limit: 2
  1087. Vanish (LVLs 8): [Defense] You disappear when being attacked only to pop up somewhere else. 15-50% chance of becoming 60% invisible and fading in over 3 seconds.
  1088. Ring of the Wise (LVLs 8): [Passive] Your ring allows you to regenerate HP at 0.8-1.5 hp per second.
  1089. Elvish Leap (LVLs 8): [Passive] Elves have quick, long leaps. Gives longjump and 6-20% extra speed.
  1090. Elder's Reflection (LVLs 8): [Defense] Attacking an elvish knight is often painful. 10-45% to return 12-22% of the damage dealt to you.
  1091. Deathtouch (LVLs 8): [Attack] Elves are patient and can wait a long time for you to die. 15-50% chance to do 12 poison damage over 3 seconds with a 5 second cooldown.
  1092. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Ring of Regeneration, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health, Belt of Thorns, Orb of Venom
  1094. Berserker, The Impatient
  1095. Required Total Level: 1400
  1096. Max Level: 50
  1097. No weapon restrictions
  1098. Team Limit: 2
  1099. Rage Builder (LVLs 10): [Attack] Destroy your enemies armor and add it to your rage meter Deals 23-50% extra damage to the players armor
  1100. Max Rage (LVLs 10): [Passive] Maximum rage needed to go berserk Go berserk gaining bonuses at 125-75 rage
  1101. Berserk (LVLs 10): [Passive] Go berserk when you reach maximum rage Gain bonus movement speed, damage reduction, and attack speed
  1102. Leap (LVLs 10): [Jump] Use your rage to leap great distances Grants longjump
  1103. Calm (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Calm your rage and heal your wounds Uses your current rage meter to restore health 5-50% of rage meter returned as health
  1104. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack
  1106. [K] Duelist
  1107. Required Total Level: 1450
  1108. Max Level: 50
  1109. Restricted to only using the knife
  1110. Team Limit: 2
  1111. Parry (LVLs 10): [Defense] You can counter any melee attempt to attack you, as long as you see it (10-100% evade knives, not backstab)
  1112. Rapier (LVLs 10): [Attack] The light and piercing weapon of a Duelist (+1-10dmg slash, +4-40dmg stab)
  1113. Chainmail (LVLs 10): [Defense] Light armor that does not slow you down (+6-15dmg resistance)
  1114. Quickstep (LVLs 10): [Passive] Having a light step lets you move around faster (+3-30% speed)
  1115. Lunge (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] You lunge forward to stab your foe!
  1116. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Enchanted Chainmail
  1118. [!] MachineGunner
  1119. Required Total Level: 1500
  1120. Max Level: 24
  1121. Restricted to only using weapon_negev
  1122. Team Limit: 2
  1123. Special Bullets (LVLs 6): [Ability] You carry a special set of bullets Grants slow/fire/speed/crit bullets Use [ability] to change
  1124. Heavy Lifting (LVLs 6): [Spawn] All those years of carrying a Negev payed off Gain up to 60 bonus health
  1125. Living Bunker (LVLs 6): [Spawn] You're a living bunker Gain up to 75% resistance to grenade damage
  1126. Standoff (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Stand still and confront your enemies Grants up to 65% damage reduction but immobility while active.
  1127. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Claws of Attack, Orb of Frost, Pistol Clip Extender, Periapt of Health
  1129. Kozu The Stalwart
  1130. Required Total Level: 1500
  1131. Max Level: 40
  1132. No weapon restrictions
  1133. Team Limit: 2
  1134. Sturdy (LVLs 8): [Spawn] Grants Kozu additional health Gain 20-40 bonus HP
  1135. Strong (LVLs 8): [Attack] Grants Kozu bonus damage Enemies take 2-6 bonus damage
  1136. Resistant (LVLs 8): [Spawn] Kozu can withstand most attacks Reduce physical damage taken by 1-8 Reduce magical damage taken by 15-40%%
  1137. Steadfast (LVLs 8): [Spawn] Kozu cannot be stopped Grants resistance to bash Higher levels decrease duration of bash down to 0.15 seconds
  1138. Regeneration (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Kozu takes time to patch his wounds Standing still will cause you to regenerate much more
  1139. Restricted Items: Claws of Attack, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail
  1141. [K] Frodo Baggins
  1142. Required Total Level: 1500
  1143. Max Level: 32
  1144. Restricted to only using the knife
  1145. Team Limit: 2
  1146. Mithril Armor (LVLs 8): [Spawn] Frodo straps on his Mithril Armor for protection Grants 10-50 bonus health and 100-250 armor. Armor absorbs 30-65% of damage taken.
  1147. Nimble (LVLs 8): [Spawn] Hobits are quick on their feet Escape your enemies by moving 5-40% faster than most
  1148. Elvish Blade (LVLs 8): [Attack] Frodo trains diligently with his Elvish Blade Sting Grants a 30-65% chance to do between 30-80 damage at max level
  1149. One Ring (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Put on the one ring and escape You become invisible for 2.5-4.25 seconds
  1150. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Ring of Regeneration, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health
  1152. Adventurer
  1153. Required Total Level: 1600
  1154. Max Level: 80
  1155. No weapon restrictions
  1156. Team Limit: 2
  1157. Strength (LVLs 20): [Attack] You gain strength, increasing damage. 2-8 damage.
  1158. Agility (LVLs 20): [Passive] You gain agility, increasing speed. 1-20% speed.
  1159. Endurance (LVLs 20): [Defense] You gain endurance, increasing hitpoints. 2-40 hp.
  1160. Cunning (LVLs 20): [Defense] You become cunning, gaining invisibility. 2-40% invisibility.
  1161. Vampiric Claw (LVLs 20): [Attack] You find the Vampiric Claw, gaining HP every attack. 0.7-14% leeched.
  1162. Frozen Staff (LVLs 20): [Attack] You find the Frozen Staff, which can freeze on attack. 1-20% chance for 0.3-0.5s
  1163. Rogue Cloak (LVLs 20): [Defense] You find the Rogue Cloak, which grants evasion. 1-18% evasion.
  1164. Golem Armour (LVLs 20): [Defense] You find the Golem Armour, granting damage resistance. 1-15% resistance.
  1165. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Orb of Venom, Tome of Experience
  1167. Siddhartha, the Adherent
  1168. Required Total Level: 1600
  1169. Max Level: 37
  1170. No weapon restrictions
  1171. Team Limit: 2
  1172. Realm of Gods (LVLs 6): [Hurt] You have reached the highest being, and are now among the heavens Regenerate 1.0-3.0 hp/second that stops for 4 seconds after being hit
  1173. Realm of Titans (LVLs 6): [Attack] You are a warring titan, seeking enemies to destroy with your hands Gain 6-36% bonus damage
  1174. Realm of Humans (LVLs 6): [Hurt] You have regained your human body, regaining your physical resilience with it Gain 6-36% damage reduction
  1175. Realm of Animals (LVLs 6): [Spawn] The poor choices you've made in your previous life rebirthed you as an animal Gain 7-45% movement speed
  1176. Realm of Ghosts (LVLs 6): [Attack] You become an aimless creature and feast off the life of living Gain 5-30% lifesteal
  1177. Path of The Ascetic (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Abandoning wordly pleasures and adhering to your teachings strengthens your body Gain 10-40 bonus health and 100 armor every round no matter what realm you're born into
  1178. Enlightenment (LVLs 1): [Ultimate] You have reached enlightenment, granting you the ability to control the cycle of reincarnation Respawn 1nce per round
  1179. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Mask of Death, Scroll of Respawning
  1181. [K] Grim Reaper [Undead]
  1182. Required Total Level: 1600
  1183. Max Level: 40
  1184. Restricted to only using the knife
  1185. Team Limit: 1
  1186. Reaper Haste (LVLs 10): [Passive] They are literally everywhere. 10-70% bonus speed and 5-50% lower gravity.
  1187. Hollow Soul (LVLs 10): [Passive] Your empty soul frees you from the world. 10-100% chance to become spawn with freeze/slow immunity.
  1188. Reaper Perseverence (LVLs 10): [Passive] The Reaper won't give up easily. 10-58% damage and magical immunity.
  1189. Death Scythe (LVLs 10): [Attack] Devastate the enemy life with your scythe. 5-50% chance to deal 5-50% bonus knife damage.
  1190. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Enchanted Chainmail, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health
  1192. Shopkeeper
  1193. Required Total Level: 1700
  1194. Max Level: 80
  1195. No weapon restrictions
  1196. Team Limit: 2
  1197. Team Player, Cash Share (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Share all your money with your team to gain experience.
  1198. Crusader's Wish (LVLs 5): [Passive] Restore your weapon 50-100% of the time. Race level 5-30.
  1199. Ring of Armor (LVLs 5): [Defense] Gives you 3 to 125 armor. Race level 10-51.
  1200. Claws of Attack (LVLs 5): [Attack] You do 4-8 extra damage per hit. Race level 15-135.
  1201. Enchanted Chainmail (LVLs 10): [Defense] You take 4-8 less damage per hit. Race level 20-140.
  1202. Boots of Speed (LVLs 10): [Passive] You go 1-30% faster. Race level 30-60.
  1203. Cloak of Shadows (LVLs 39): [Defense] You become 1-40% invisible. Race level 40-80.
  1204. Pot Luck (LVLs 1): [Random] You get a random item every round with increasing power. Race level 80+.
  1205. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Mole, Long Jump, Parachute, Holy Shield, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Necklace of Immunity, Orb of Frost, Ring of Regeneration, Pistol Clip Extender, Dust of Appearance, Cloak of Shadows, Enchanted Chainmail, Dwarven Sunglasses, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health, Scroll of Respawning, Belt of Thorns, Prismatic Signet, Orb of Venom, Weapon Sling, Ice Totem, Ring of Armor, Blingtron 6000 Gift Package, Shopkeepe
  1207. Spymaster
  1208. Required Total Level: 1700
  1209. Max Level: 31
  1210. No weapon restrictions
  1211. Team Limit: 2
  1212. Disguise Kit (LVLs 4): [Defense] 40-100% chance of being disguised and hidden on the radar on round start
  1213. Intelligence (LVLs 1): [Passive] You are informed when someone begins planting, the bomb, defusing the bomb or rescuing a hostage.
  1214. Intelligence II (LVLs 5): [Passive] Opponents within 500 feet of you are shown on the radar for your whole team 20-100% of the time.
  1215. Intelligence III (LVLs 1): [Passive] You see all gunshot impacts for 0.05 seconds after they hit. Ability toggles.
  1216. Dead Ringer (LVLs 5): [Defense] When shot you have a 5-25% chance to cloak with 85% invisibility for 3 seconds.
  1217. Tracer Bullets (LVLs 5): [Attack] Enemies you hit remain on radar for 4-9s. This occurs 30-50% of hits.
  1218. Hidden Budget (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Gain a random amount of cash, ranging from $1-500 to $600-1000 per round.
  1219. Wolf Among Sheep (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Teleport to the enemy spawn between 15 and 30 seconds after the round starts. 5 to 1 round cooldown. If you moled the previous round, can only mole between 25 and 30 seconds.
  1221. Angel of Light
  1222. Required Total Level: 1750
  1223. Max Level: 30
  1224. No weapon restrictions
  1225. Team Limit: 2
  1226. Bathe in Light (LVLs 5): [Aura] Deal 6-30 damage to nearby invisible enemies and destroy invisibility for 10 seconds.
  1227. Bastion of Light (LVLs 5): [Defensive] 4-20% chance to blind enemies who attack you.
  1228. Anthem of Light (LVLs 5): [Defensive] You become 40-80% resistant to magic damage. Allies have a 3-15% chance to spawn with 80% magic resistance.
  1229. Sword of Light (LVLs 5): [Attack] Deal 5-25% more damage to opponents with more health than you.
  1230. Divine Light (LVLs 5): [Mobility] Gain 5-25 HP, 5-25% increase speed and 10-50% decreased gravity.
  1231. Light of Punishment (LVLs 5): [Death] Punish the wicked and heal the faithful with a blinding light on death. Hurts and blinds nearby enemies and heals nearby allies when you die.
  1232. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Prismatic Signet, Sock of the Feather
  1234. [K] Professor X
  1235. Required Total Level: 1800
  1236. Max Level: 36
  1237. Restricted to only using the knife
  1238. Team Limit: 2
  1239. Wheelchair (LVLs 6): [Spawn] You move faster when crouch walking
  1240. Bullet Stopper (LVLs 6): [Defense] Bullets can't hurt you (10% damage resist per level [10-60% chance to collect a bullet on hit])
  1241. Telekinesis (LVLs 6): [Attack]You can throw people around (10% chance per level to throw enemy on hit [knife or ability])
  1242. Posession (LVLs 6): [Death] You project your conciousness into another person on death (10-60% chance to revive yourself)
  1243. Return To Sender (LVLs 6): [Ability] You hurl bullets back to your target (While targetting enemy player use Ability to throw 4-10 bullets back at them for 4 damage each)
  1244. Freeze Time (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] You freeze time for 1-3 seconds in a 6-36 foot radius around you
  1245. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Enchanted Chainmail, Scroll of Respawning
  1247. Gravitas
  1248. Required Total Level: 1800
  1249. Max Level: 30
  1250. No weapon restrictions
  1251. Team Limit: 2
  1252. Slipspace (LVLs 6): [Ability] +10-20% speed. Your mastery of gravity allows you to warp through space-time briefly. +10-20% speed and 15-40% lower gravity for 4 seconds. 12-7 second cooldown.
  1253. Grounding (LVLs 6): [Attack] Increase gravitational force against your targets. 33% chance of 10-75% higher gravity for 0.5-2 seconds each attack.
  1254. Force Spike (LVLs 6): [Attack] Airborne targets are hammered towards the ground by the forces of gravity. 15-55% chance on each hit.
  1255. Slingshot (LVLs 6): [Attack] Shoot an ally to give them a gravitational boost. Ally gets 25-50% levitation and 10-25% speed for 5 seconds.
  1256. Gravity Sphere (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Create a zone of heavy space. All enemies inside are slowed by 75%, have 200% higher gravity and cannot jump. Enemies who enter get force spiked. Lasts 5-10 seconds. 20 second cooldown.
  1257. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Sock of the Feather
  1259. [K] Banshee [Undead]
  1260. Required Total Level: 1800
  1261. Max Level: 25
  1262. Restricted to only using the knife
  1263. Team Limit: 2
  1264. Vengeful Spirit (LVLs 5): [Hurt] Haunt your enemies with vengeance Gain 4-20% speed for every shot taken up to 60% bonus speed
  1265. Insubstantial (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You hardly exist Gain 24-64% invisibility and 20-60% damage reduction
  1266. Chilling Aura (LVLs 5): [Aura] Your enemies feel your presence Slow enemies within 45 ft by 8-40%
  1267. Terrify (LVLs 5): [Attack] Paralyze your enemies with fear Gain an 8-40% chance to bash for 0.25-1.25 seconds
  1268. Wail (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Unleash a vile shriek at your enemies Enemies you face that are facing you as well will shake and take damage The more they look the greater the damage
  1269. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows, Enchanted Chainmail, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  1271. Angel of Darkness
  1272. Required Total Level: 1850
  1273. Max Level: 30
  1274. No weapon restrictions
  1275. Team Limit: 2
  1276. Bathe in Darkness (LVLs 5): [Aura] Deal 6-30 damage to nearby enemies with bonus speed and slow them down for 10 seconds.
  1277. Bastion of Darkness (LVLs 5): [Passive] Gain 6-30 health and 55-125 longjump.
  1278. Anthem of Darkness (LVLs 5): [Attack] Enemies have a 3-15% chance to take 33% bonus damage from all magic sources. Cannot deal more than 20 damage in one occurrence.
  1279. Sword of Darkness (LVLs 5): [Attack] Deal up to 60% bonus damage based on how low an enemies HP is. Bonus damage can be increased by Anthem of Darkness.
  1280. Demented Darkness (LVLs 5): [Passive] Become one with the shadows, gaining 7-35% invisibility and 3-15% movement speed.
  1281. Darkness of Defilement (LVLs 5): [Death] Confuse your enemies on death. Slows enemies (50%) and stealths allies (90%) for up to 2 seconds when you die.
  1282. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health, Orb of Venom
  1284. [P] Persnickety
  1285. Required Total Level: 1900
  1286. Max Level: 24
  1287. Restricted to only using the CZ75A
  1288. Team Limit: 2
  1289. Critic (LVLs 4): [Passive] You move quickly to get close to others.
  1290. Extra Ammo (LVLs 4): [Spawn] You spawn with a 20-50 clip CZ75a pistol with 60-96 reserve ammo.
  1291. Fussy (LVLs 4): [Attack] Everything has to be just right. Every time you hit an enemy with a bullet you have a 10-50% chance of regaining the bullet.
  1292. Drain (LVLs 4): [Attack] You don't produce anything, you only feed on others. Steal 10-25% of the damage you deal.
  1293. Extra Damage (LVLs 4): [Attack] Every shot is pixel perfect. You do an extra 4-16% damage.
  1294. Ammo Check (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] You constantly check your ammo count. Restore your weapon's clip to its maximum. Available every time you've taken 60-30 damage.
  1295. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Mask of Death, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  1297. Goblin Alchemist
  1298. Required Total Level: 1900
  1299. Max Level: 25
  1300. No weapon restrictions
  1301. Team Limit: 2
  1302. Thunder Powder! (LVLs 5): Your bullets always blow up on impact. Deal 1-10damage within a small radius
  1303. Run Away! (LVLs 5): All that running from explosives has paid off +6-30% speed boost
  1304. Its OK, happened before! (LVLs 5): You are pretty used to getting parts blown off by now. 7-25% damage immunity +28-100% immunity to grenades
  1305. Exploding Pinapples! (LVLs 5): You carry a few extra HE grenades Pick up 1-3 grenades
  1306. Goblical Warfare! (LVLs 5): Fill a mine with gloop then bury it Use ultimate to plant a mine where you stand Use ability to rotate between Explosive/Slow/Napalm bombs
  1307. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Pistol Clip Extender
  1309. [G] Pyromaniac
  1310. Required Total Level: 2000
  1311. Max Level: 40
  1312. Restricted to only using the knife
  1313. Team Limit: 2
  1314. Bombs Away (LVLs 5): [Passive] Pyromaniac receives 1 HE Grenade every 14-10 seconds and receives 1 Incendiary Grenade every 35-15 seconds.
  1315. Proximity Mines (LVLs 5): [Ability] Pyromaniac can place 1-5 mines per round with a 1.5-0.25 second cooldown.
  1316. Fire, Fire Everywhere (LVLs 5): [Attack] Attacks have up to 80% chance to engulf opponents in flames for 1 second, dealing extra damage.
  1317. Bounce-Bounce-Boom (LVLs 5): [Attack] Pyromaniac's HE Grenades can bounce a lot before detonating. Random timer: Starts at 1-7 seconds, narrows to exactly 1.5 seconds when maxed.
  1318. Vest of Flames (LVLs 5): [Defense] Pyromaniac spawns with 25-125 armor and immunity to fire abilities, plus 20-40% extra speed.
  1319. Blast Shield (LVLs 5): [Defense] Pyromaniac gains 25-45% physical damage resistance up to 35% magic resistance.
  1320. Explosive Dagger (LVLs 5): [Attack] Pyromaniac's knife knocks back opponents 20 ft up to 75% of the time.
  1321. Special Delivery (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Pyromaniac acquires a homing missile in the flashbang slot. Cooldown is 70-30 seconds.
  1322. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Orb of Venom
  1324. [!] Cho'gall, the Ogre-Magi
  1325. Required Total Level: 2000
  1326. Max Level: 30
  1327. Restricted to only using weapon_fiveseven
  1328. Team Limit: 2
  1329. Conversion (LVLs 5): [Defense] Spawn a damage barrier that absorbs damage each round. 10-50 damage absorbed.
  1330. Fury of Cho'gall (LVLs 5): [Attack] Deal 4-20% bonus damage. Hitting an enemy allows them to be tethered by your Hands of the Void after a short time.
  1331. Might of the Hammer (LVLs 5): [Passive] Spawn with a five-seven that has increased clip (10-50) and reserve (20-100) ammo.
  1332. Hands of the Void (LVLs 5): [Ability] Spawn congealed blood of the Old God. Blood tethers victims for two seconds and deal damage. 3 Max. Hands last 20 seconds. Can only tether an enemy once per round. CD 15 Sec.
  1333. Twisted Devotion (LVLs 5): [Passive] You have a 5-25% chance to acquire 50% of an enemies invisibility on hit up to a maximum of 80%.
  1334. Shadow's Orders (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Shroud two random enemies in darkness then swap their locations and deal 5-15 damage to them. CD 40 Sec. CD 30 Sec if blocked by immunity.
  1335. Restricted Items: Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows
  1337. [K] Plaguebearer [Undead]
  1338. Required Total Level: 2000
  1339. Max Level: 25
  1340. Restricted to only using the knife
  1341. Team Limit: 2
  1342. Rotting Pile (LVLs 5): You drop a pile of infected flesh that poisons whoever comes near it.
  1343. Rabid Bite (LVLs 5): Infect your victim with deadly poison 6-30 damage over 1-5 seconds
  1344. Hunger Lust (LVLs 5): Your lust for flesh makes you faster gain 10-50% speed
  1345. Decayed Flesh (LVLs 5): Some bullets just pass through your bloated, dead flesh gain 10-50% evasion
  1346. Black Death (LVLs 5): Upon death you release a devastating disease Explode for 12-60 damage + Poison nearby enemies for 6-30 damage
  1347. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Mole, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Orb of Venom
  1349. Circu, Dimir Lobotomist
  1350. Required Total Level: 2000
  1351. Max Level: 30
  1352. No weapon restrictions
  1353. Team Limit: 2
  1354. Reveal (LVLs 6): [Passive] Hit the enemy to reveal his colors.
  1355. Mind Twist (LVLs 6): [Passive] Confuse the enemy (banish).
  1356. Mind Warp (LVLs 6): [Passive] Slow the enemies movements.
  1357. Haste (LVLs 6): [Passive] You become as fast and light as the wind.
  1358. Lobotomy (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Lobotomize the enemy. Lasts 4 seconds.
  1359. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Sock of the Feather
  1361. [!] Ares
  1362. Required Total Level: 2000
  1363. Max Level: 25
  1364. Restricted to only using weapon_m4a1
  1365. Team Limit: 2
  1366. Spear of a God (LVLs 5): [Passive] You bring your godly weapon to battle. Spawn with an M4A4 that deals 6-22% bonus damage.
  1367. Ornithes Areioi (LVLs 5): [Passive] Your birds protect you, giving you time to patch wounds. Gain 0.5-1.25 health regeneration.
  1368. War Chariot (LVLs 5): [Passive] You ride into battle on your War Chariot. Gain 5-25% speed.
  1369. Supplies of War (LVLs 5): [Passive] You bring plenty of supplies, so you are never in need. Gain ammo regeneration.
  1370. War-Torn Helmet (LVLs 5): [Passive] Your helmet has been through many battles, but its powers have not yet faded. 20-100% chance to be immune to ultimates.
  1371. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Necklace of Immunity, Ring of Regeneration
  1373. [!] Paradox
  1374. Required Total Level: 2100
  1375. Max Level: 24
  1376. Restricted to only using weapon_glock
  1377. Team Limit: 2
  1378. Custom Famas (LVLs 4): [Passive] You use a specially made famas that has many special functions. 5-20 extra ammo, 25-100% drop immunity, and 1 ammo regeneration ever 4-1 seconds.
  1379. Fast/Tough (LVLs 4): [Passive] You can move quickly while in full auto or tank shots while in burst. 5-30% speed / 5-35% physical resistance.
  1380. Hot/Cold (LVLs 4): [Attack] You can burn the enemy in full auto or slow them down while in burst. 10-40% chance of 1.0s 20 dmg / 3s 60% slow
  1381. Spray/Combo (LVLs 4): [Passive] You can attack faster while in full auto or you gain damage for each bullet in a burst you hit. 5-20% / 6-15 combo damage.
  1382. Reload/Zoom (LVLs 4): [Ability] You instantly reload when in full auto or you can zoom in when in burst. 20s/0s cooldowns. 10-25 bullets / 25-100% zoom
  1383. Lunge/Teleport (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] You lunge at the enemy while in full auto or you teleport freely while in burst. 12s / 3s cooldown.
  1384. Restricted Items: Long Jump
  1386. [!] Dwarven Tank
  1387. Required Total Level: 2100
  1388. Max Level: 31
  1389. Restricted to only using mag7/awp
  1390. Team Limit: 2
  1391. Improved Treads (LVLs 7): [Passive] Speed is increased by 10/12.5/15/17.5/20/22.5/25%.
  1392. Incendiary Shrapnel (LVLs 5): [Attack] Every 28/26/24/22/20s your next shot will deal 3/6/12/18/27 damage over 3 seconds.
  1393. Heavy Armor (LVLs 5): [Defense] Damage Reduction increases by 5/10/15/20/25%. This protection doubles while in Siege Mode.
  1394. Overdrive (LVLs 4): [Attack] Shotgun starts with 2/4/6/8 more bullets. When in tank mode, overdrive provides a fire rate bonus of 10/15/20/25%.
  1395. Shell Shock (LVLs 4): [Attack] Your explosive rounds stun those hit by them for 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4s.
  1396. Siege Mode (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Toggle between motionless Siege Mode and mobile Tank Mode over 2.5/2.2/1.9/1.6/1.3/1.0 seconds. Wield an AWP which fires explosive rounds that deal 10/13/16/19/22/25 damage to a 200m radius.
  1397. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish
  1399. [K] Gargoyle
  1400. Required Total Level: 2200
  1401. Max Level: 50
  1402. Restricted to only using the knife
  1403. Team Limit: 33
  1404. Acid Spittle. (Attack) (LVLs 10): Your incendiary grenade attacks shred 1-10% of the enemies armor per tick.
  1405. Pack Instinct. (Passive) (LVLs 10): You gain 1-10 extra damage per other Gargoyle alive on your team.
  1406. Enchanted Skin (Passive) (LVLs 10): Your skin gives you 5-50 extra hp, 5-50% magic resistance, and 5-30% extra speed.
  1407. Stone Form (Ability) (LVLs 10): You turn to stone, becoming unable to move or attack Using this in the air will cause you to fall down and die instantly.
  1408. Flight (Ultimate) (LVLs 10): You fly and gain 10-70% extra movespeed (only during flight).
  1409. Restricted Items: Long Jump
  1411. [K] Magneto
  1412. Required Total Level: 2200
  1413. Max Level: 35
  1414. Restricted to only using the knife
  1415. Team Limit: 2
  1416. Steel-Toed Boots I (LVLs 5): Reduce your gravity by controlling the metal in your boots. 15-35% Lighter
  1417. Steel-Toed Boots II (LVLs 5): Increase your speed by controlling the metal in your boots. 10-50% Faster
  1418. Magneto's Helmet (LVLs 5): Your helmet gives you a chance to be immune to ultimates. 20-100% Chance
  1419. Bullet Time (LVLs 10): You have the ability to dodge bullets. 10-60% Chance to evade
  1420. Bullet Grab (LVLs 5): [Ability] You can send back bullets lodged into your body. Store 75% of all damage up to 30-70 Damage
  1421. Metal Sticks (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You laugh at your enemies' weapons. Slow enemies in a radius around you
  1422. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  1424. [K] Stalker
  1425. Required Total Level: 2300
  1426. Max Level: 50
  1427. Restricted to only using the knife
  1428. Team Limit: 2
  1429. Stealth Field (LVLs 10): [Defense] You gain great invisibility, but if hit it disappears briefly. 30-80% invisibility.
  1430. Critical Strike (LVLs 10): [Attack] You can deal more damage in one strike. 60% chance of doing a random amount from 9-36 extra damage.
  1431. Swift (LVLs 10): [Passive] You are fast on your feet gaining 10-30% extra speed.
  1432. Heightened Senses (LVLs 10): [Passive] You can track enemies who are close to you. Sense enemies 300-700 feet away with no more than 70% invisibility.
  1433. Implosion Bomb (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] You massively explode, catching your enemies in the blast.
  1434. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Mole, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  1436. Shadespawn
  1437. Required Total Level: 2300
  1438. Max Level: 35
  1439. No weapon restrictions
  1440. Team Limit: 2
  1441. Engulfing Shadows (LVLs 10): Your shots darken an enemy's vision. Darkens the hit enemy's screen by (5-25)% for (1.2-3.0) seconds.
  1442. Vicious Strikes (LVLs 5): You take advantage of a weak soul. Enemies under the effects of Engulfing Shadows take 1 extra damage for every (11-7) HP they currently have.
  1443. Deceive (LVLs 5): While wielding a knife, you gain (23-35)% movement speed and (30-70)% invisibility. Gain 7-15% movespeed otherwise.
  1444. Mind Sear (LVLs 10): (+ability) You trigger Mind Sear on an enemy. That enemy takes 3 damage every time it fires a bullet and 10 damage every time it swings a knife. Mind Sear lasts for (5.5-10) seconds.
  1445. Rewrite Reality (LVLs 5): (+ultimate) You rewrite an enemy's reality, switching places with it. When this occurs, you gain a disguise. Resets the duration on Engulfing Shadows.
  1446. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Cloak of Shadows
  1448. [P] Dante
  1449. Required Total Level: 2400
  1450. Max Level: 45
  1451. Restricted to only using weapon_elite
  1452. Team Limit: 2
  1453. Style Points (LVLs 5): Gain a Style Points meter, maxed at 200-1000 SP. A kill grants 10-50 SP, and a death loses half of your SP. Also grants 5-25 HP.
  1454. Ebony and Ivory (LVLs 5): Your pistols have a 40-60 bullet clip, and on hit, you have a 20-100% chance to restore one bullet. On spawn, you gain 1% attack speed per 50 SP.
  1455. Sparda (LVLs 5): You use your father's demon blade, granting 2-10 bonus knife damage and 7-35% evasion for 4 seconds after a successful knife hit. On spawn, you gain 1% crit chance (50% extra damage) per 30 SP.
  1456. Blade and Bullet (LVLs 5): Switch weapons 12-60% faster. Pistol hits grant your next knife 4-20 damage and 1-5 SP, knife hits grant your next pistol hit 100% life leech and 1-5 SP. Use +ability for fast weapon switching.
  1457. Demon Soul (LVLs 5): Your demon blood heals you for 2-6 whenever you take damage. After successfully fulfilling a blood pact (Ultimate), you gain 6-10 bonus damage.
  1458. Bonus (LVLs 10): Headshots now grant 1-10 SP, knife kills grant 2-20 SP, ult kills grant 5-50 SP. On spawn, you gain 1% movement speed per 50 SP.
  1459. Party Time (LVLs 10): (+ultimate) You release the demon within, gaining long jump, ultimate immunity, 11-25% lifesteal, and 11-25% damage reduction for 8 seconds. You must score a kill or assist by the end of your ultimate or you will die.
  1460. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Pistol Clip Extender, Enchanted Chainmail, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health
  1462. [!] Human Marine
  1463. Required Total Level: 2400
  1464. Max Level: 28
  1465. Restricted to only using weapon_m4a1
  1466. Team Limit: 3
  1467. C-14 Rifle (LVLs 6): Spawn with a M4A4 that has infinite ammo and increased fire rate of 2-10%. If you fire too much, your gun overheats.
  1468. Regenerative Bullets (LVLs 6): 2-12% life leech.
  1469. Infantry Weapons (LVLs 3): 2-7 bonus damage per hit
  1470. Infantry Armor (LVLs 3): 2-7 reduced damage taken
  1471. Combat Shields (LVLs 5): Gain 8-30 HP and spawn with armor.
  1472. Stim Pack (LVLs 5): [+ultimate] Take 10 damage but gain 10-55% speed and 50% fire rate for 5 seconds. Your adrenaline absorbs some damage during stim.
  1473. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health
  1475. [!] Terran Reaper
  1476. Required Total Level: 2400
  1477. Max Level: 25
  1478. Restricted to only using weapon_elite
  1479. Team Limit: 2
  1480. Light Armor (LVLs 5): [Passive] Spawn with 5-25 less health but gain 10-50% bonus speed.
  1481. Combat Defence System (LVLs 5): [Passive] Any hit that deals more than 50-25 damage is reduced by 30%.
  1482. Dual P-38 Pistols (LVLs 5): [Passive] You spawn with two pistols that deal 3-15 bonus damage. If you fire too much, your gun overheats.
  1483. Combat Drugs (LVLs 5): [Passive] You regenerate 0.4-2 health per second. Regenerate 2-4 health per second if you have not been in combat recently.
  1484. Twin-Turbine Jump Pack (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Your Jet Pack enables you to leap up cliffs and take reduced fall damage.
  1485. Restricted Items: Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Sock of the Feather
  1487. New Game +
  1488. Required Total Level: 2500
  1489. Max Level: 60
  1490. No weapon restrictions
  1491. Team Limit: 2
  1492. Item + (LVLs 0): [Spawn] You've stashed some weapons from playing other races. Drops 1-6 random weapons on the ground. [50-100% maxed]
  1493. Cash + (LVLs 0): [Spawn] You have no need for money on other races so it all comes here. 100-2000 extra cash after round 1. [50-90% maxed]
  1494. Stats + (LVLs 0): [Passive] Your stats have carried over from other races. 0-200 extra cash per kill, 10-30 extra hp, 1-10% speed. [50-90% maxed]
  1495. Class + (LVLs 0): [Ability] You have the choice of the best of every skill. 10-25% chance. Ability toggles between a .1s bash, 9 fire damage over 1s, or 20% slow for 2s. [70-100% maxed]
  1496. Story + (LVLs 0): [Defense] Getting through the game is so easy this time it feels like you're invisible to your enemies. 5-30% invisibility. [50-80% maxed]
  1497. Start New Game + (LVLs 0): [Death] Start a new game! 30-100% chance to respawn. [30-100% maxed]
  1498. Powergamer (LVLs 0): [Ultimate] You know when to buy stuff at exactly the right time. $3000-$1000 to recover 5HP and gain +1 damage, +3% speed, -5% gravity. Max 10 uses per round. [50-100% maxed]
  1499. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Mole, Long Jump, Parachute, Holy Shield, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Necklace of Immunity, Orb of Frost, Ring of Regeneration, Pistol Clip Extender, Dust of Appearance, Cloak of Shadows, Enchanted Chainmail, Dwarven Sunglasses, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health, Scroll of Respawning, Belt of Thorns, Prismatic Signet, Orb of Venom, Weapon Sling, Ice Totem, Ring of Armor, Blingtron 6000 Gift Package, Shopkeepe
  1501. Yrel, Velen's Chosen
  1502. Required Total Level: 2500
  1503. Max Level: 55
  1504. No weapon restrictions
  1505. Team Limit: 2
  1506. Holy Power (LVLs 5): [Passive] You store up to 100 holy power. Gain 2-6 holy power per 2 seconds.
  1507. Pursuit of Justice (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 1-10% movespeed and an additional 1-10% based on your holy power stored.
  1508. Holy Shield (LVLs 10): [Passive] If you have more than 50 holy power you reflect 1-10% of damage back to your attacker and reduce damage taken by that amount.
  1509. Maraad's Hammer (LVLs 10): [Attack] 5-10% bonus damage to undead, 10-20% bonus damage against Infected, 10-100% chance to keep your weapons on death and 10-100% chance to prevent disarm.
  1510. Judgment of Light (LVLs 10): [Ability] Judge a target, dealing 15 damage and causing all attacks against it to heal allies for 3-30% of the damage, up to 40 health. Any attacks against a judged target grant you 5 holy power. Consumes 25 holy power. Lasts 5 seconds. 15 Sec CD.
  1511. Avenging Wrath (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Consume 40 holy power. You heal for 5-25 health, gain 2-10% bonus damage, and 5-20% speed. Generate 5 Holy Power per hit during the effect. Lasts 10 seconds. 20 Sec CD.
  1512. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Enchanted Chainmail, Belt of Thorns
  1514. [P] T-Rekts
  1515. Required Total Level: 2500
  1516. Max Level: 25
  1517. Restricted to only using the deagle
  1518. Team Limit: 2
  1519. Hunt (LVLs 1): [Ability] When hungry you hunt. Requires Stomp and/or Apex Predator. 30s cooldown.
  1520. Apex Predator (LVLs 5): [Ability] When it counts you can move lightning fast. Hunt makes you sprint 50% faster for 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 seconds.
  1521. Stomp (LVLs 4): [Ability] You stomp on those below. 3/6/9/12 damage per second for 5s within 10 meters during Hunt.
  1522. Powerful Jaws (LVLs 5): [Attack] Your teeth are the size of bananas. Hits score 4/7/10/13/16% extra damage.
  1523. Thick Skin (LVLs 5): [Defense] Your thick skin protects you from bullets (but not words). 8/16/24/32/40% damage resistance.
  1524. Rekt (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You move in for the kill. (30s cooldown) Your next bullet does 33/66/100/133/166% extra damage. Don't miss.
  1525. Restricted Items: Claws of Attack, Ring of Regeneration, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health
  1527. [!] Xian
  1528. Required Total Level: 2500
  1529. Max Level: 24
  1530. Restricted to only using weapon_hkp2000
  1531. Team Limit: 2
  1532. Hashiri (LVLs 4): [Passive] You can walk faster. Move 50-130% faster while walking.
  1533. Doku (LVLs 4): [Attack] Your bullets are coated in fast-acting poison. Deal 5-20% more damage.
  1534. Soubi (LVLs 4): [Defense] Your lightweight equipment makes it easy to dodge bullets. 10-25% evade.
  1535. Shirizoku (LVLs 4): [Ability] You retreat to the location where you last casted Shukuchi. 2-5 second time limit since last ultimate, 16 second cooldown.
  1536. Kampo (LVLs 4): Your knowledge of medicinal herbs allows you to regenerate 0.5-2 HP per second.
  1537. Shukuchi (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] You can move vast distances in a single step. Blink every 5 seconds.
  1538. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Ring of Regeneration, Periapt of Health
  1540. [!] Impetus
  1541. Required Total Level: 2500
  1542. Max Level: 30
  1543. Restricted to only using weapon_ssg08
  1544. Team Limit: 2
  1545. Railgun (LVLs 5): [Passive] Your scout cannot scope but fires faster and regenerates ammo.
  1546. Force (LVLs 5): [Passive] Your bullets/grenades strike/bounce with such force they pull nearby enemies towards them.
  1547. Deflect (LVLs 5): [Passive] You have a 5-25% chance to push attackers back.
  1548. Distance (LVLs 5): [Passive] The further away you are from enemies with your railgun the more damage you deal(max of 30-70%) and life you steal(max of 20-50%).
  1549. Mark (LVLs 5): [Ability] Place a marker. Can place 1 per skill level.
  1550. Teleport (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Teleport to markers in order of recency. Temporarily gain 10-30% speed on teleport.
  1551. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Khanian Ammo Resupply
  1553. Abaddon, Lord of Avernus
  1554. Required Total Level: 2600
  1555. Max Level: 20
  1556. No weapon restrictions
  1557. Team Limit: 2
  1558. Mist Coil (LVLs 5): [Ability] At the cost of 10-5 HP hurt an enemy for 15-25 damage or heal an ally for 30-40 health. 20 Sec CD.
  1559. Aphotic Shield (LVLs 5): [Defense] You have a shield that absorbs 90% of damage for one hit and explodes dealing 20-40 damage. Shield regenerates after 14-8 seconds.
  1560. Curse of Avernus (LVLs 5): [Attack] Your attacks have a 40% chance to slow enemies and reduce their damage by 25% for up to 3.0 seconds.
  1561. Borrowed Time (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Instead of taking damage, you heal for up to 100% of damage taken for 3 seconds but cannot damage enemies for the duration. 46 Sec CD.
  1563. Corpse Bomber
  1564. Required Total Level: 2600
  1565. Max Level: 26
  1566. No weapon restrictions
  1567. Team Limit: 2
  1568. Corpse Erasers (LVLs 4): Your primary bullets do 0 damage on impact, but stick to your enemies as explosives. Leveling this increases ultimate explosion damage.
  1569. Corpse Speed (LVLs 6): You run faster than your dead friends. Gain [15-30%] movement speed.
  1570. Corpse Evasion (LVLs 6): You don't want to become a corpse yet. Gain [6-16%] evasion chance.
  1571. Corpse Health (LVLs 6): You decay slower than your dead friends. Gain [15-40] max HP.
  1572. Detonation (LVLs 4): You detonate your explosive bullets. Leveling this increases ultimate explosion radius.
  1573. Restricted Items: Mole, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Periapt of Health
  1575. [!] Lilith
  1576. Required Total Level: 2700
  1577. Max Level: 60
  1578. Restricted to only using weapon_mp7
  1579. Team Limit: 2
  1580. Diva (LVLs 10): Gain armour that absorbs 10-25% of damage (10 armor/level)
  1581. Inner Glow (LVLs 10): During your ultimate you regenerate 2-5 hp/sec
  1582. Slayer (LVLs 10): Headshots deal 2-20% more damage
  1583. Mind Games (LVLs 10): As long as you are higher level than your enemy, you can slow them
  1584. High Velocity Rounds (LVLs 10): shooting with SMGs deals 1-4 bonus damage
  1585. Girl Power (LVLs 10): When you kill an enemy you get 1-10 armour +1-10% armour regeneration for 5s
  1586. Hit&Run (LVLs 10): Your ultimate lasts 0.6-2.0s longer
  1587. Phase Walk (LVLs 10): Phase Walk You vanish for two seconds, running 5-30% faster
  1588. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Claws of Attack, Cloak of Shadows, Enchanted Chainmail
  1590. [!] Terran Ghost
  1591. Required Total Level: 2700
  1592. Max Level: 25
  1593. Restricted to only using weapon_scar20
  1594. Team Limit: 2
  1595. C-10 Rifle (LVLs 5): You spawn with a SCAR that deals (80-100)% of normal damage, but fires 20% slower.
  1596. Cloak (LVLs 5): (+ability) Toggle personal cloaking, draining 5 energy per second but granting (40-80)% invisibility.
  1597. Energy Reactor (LVLs 5): Increases your maximum energy by (10-50) and grants (.6-3) extra energy per second.
  1598. EMP (LVLs 5): Any enemy damaged by your frag grenades is silenced and revealed for (3-5) seconds.
  1599. Snipe (LVLs 5): (+ultimate) Your next shot consumes 25 energy and deals (110-150)% damage.
  1600. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish
  1602. [!] Phyrexian Sieger
  1603. Required Total Level: 2750
  1604. Max Level: 30
  1605. Restricted to only using weapon_ssg08
  1606. Team Limit: 2
  1607. Bioplasma Grenades (LVLs 5): [Passive] Grenades stick to the first surface they hit.
  1608. Blinding Abyssal (LVLs 5): [Passive] Your flash bangs slow enemies down.
  1609. Built for War (LVLs 5): [Passive] Become a killing machine.
  1610. Yawgmoth's Fire (LVLs 5): [Passive] Your Molotov burns brighter and hotter than others. Increased Molotov damage.
  1611. Flesh to Fuel (LVLs 5): [Passive] Chance on kill to restore grenades, ammo, and/or give you an additional ultimate use.
  1612. Impale Cannon (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Spawn a cannon with 1 bullet that launches opponents backwards and roots them.
  1613. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Ring of Regeneration, Prismatic Signet
  1615. [K] Cursed Pharaoh
  1616. Required Total Level: 2800
  1617. Max Level: 30
  1618. Restricted to only using the knife
  1619. Team Limit: 2
  1620. Eternal (LVLs 5): You have gathered your strength for ages. Gain 75-175 HP and, while stationary, 5-20 HP regen per second.
  1621. Dune Dweller (LVLs 5): You gain resilience from your life in the desert. 10-40% physical and magic damage reduction.
  1622. Bandage Wrap (LVLs 5): You entangle your foes. 20-40% chance on hit to bash the target for 1 second.
  1623. Curse of the Pharaoh (LVLs 5): Enemies who enter your spawn point take 10-30% more damage from you.
  1624. Sandstorm (LVLs 5): Gives you a smoke every 40-20 seconds. While in smoke, you gain up to 100% invisibility and 50% move speed.
  1625. Dust Devil (LVLs 5): For 2 seconds after taking damage, you can turn into sand, granting 90% invisibility and 50% movement speed for 2-4 seconds. You also become immune to slows and bash. Attacking early ends these bonuses.
  1626. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health
  1628. Shinobi Aruki
  1629. Required Total Level: 2800
  1630. Max Level: 40
  1631. No weapon restrictions
  1632. Team Limit: 2
  1633. Poisonous Shuriken (LVLs 10): [Passive] Poison your enemy.
  1634. Ninja Stealth (LVLs 10): [Passive] Invisibility.
  1635. Ninja Vanish (LVLs 10): [Passive] Dissappear when attacked.
  1636. Grappling Hook (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] 4 Second Cooldown.
  1637. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Cloak of Shadows, Orb of Venom
  1639. [!] Accuri, Master Marksman
  1640. Required Total Level: 2900
  1641. Max Level: 35
  1642. Restricted to only using weapon_awp
  1643. Team Limit: 2
  1644. Deadeye (LVLs 7): [Attack] 10-20% increased damage and hits survivors for 10-40% of their remaining HP.
  1645. Ghillie Suit (LVLs 7): [Passive] You blend in, gaining 30-60% invisibility and 25 higher health cap.
  1646. Precision (LVLs 7): [Attack] Each kill with your rifle increases your speed and gives you HP regen. If you survive the round, keep half your bonus buffs (up to 2 kills worth).
  1647. Freeze Pistol (LVLs 7): [Attack] Your pistol greatly slows enemies.
  1648. Teleport (LVLs 7): [Ultimate] You teleport to the location of your nearest bullet impact. Must Ult within 5.0 seconds of impact 20-10 Sec CD.
  1649. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration, Periapt of Health
  1651. [K] Hand of God
  1652. Required Total Level: 3000
  1653. Max Level: 60
  1654. Restricted to only using the knife
  1655. Team Limit: 1
  1656. Combo Fiend (LVLs 12): [Attack] Perform successive hits with the knife to gain a combo score up to 20 every 3.25 - 6 seconds you will lose a combo score At 20 combos gain 2.0x attack speed, 1.85x movement speed, 75% invisibility
  1657. Awareness (LVLs 12): [Hurt] You can evade all weapons, gain between 69-83% evasion at max level Evasion chance depends on enemy weapon
  1658. Forward Slash (LVLs 12): [Ability] Dash forward and slash all enemies up to 35ft away for up to 29 damage If no enemies are hit you will return to your original location. Getting a kill resets the cooldown.
  1659. Judgement (LVLs 12): [Kill] God has given you the right to judge Restore 4-15 health multiplied by the number of kills the enemy had this round
  1660. Sacrifice (LVLs 12): [Ultimate] Sacrifice your own life to resurrect your fellow man Instantly ends your life but provides a chance to revive 0-3 teammates
  1661. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Mole, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Mask of Death, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health
  1663. Teron'gor
  1664. Required Total Level: 3000
  1665. Max Level: 31
  1666. No weapon restrictions
  1667. Team Limit: 2
  1668. Soul Harvest (LVLs 6): Consumes souls around you, gaining (.75-2.0) HP/second. Each kill grants 1 soul and 1 HP/second for (8-18) seconds, with duration refreshing on multiple kills.
  1669. Curse of Exhaustion (LVLs 6): 60% chance on hit to slow enemies by 40% for (2-4) seconds. In Death Knight form, also lowers damage by 10% per soul for the duration.
  1670. Seed of Malevolence (LVLs 6): On kill, enemies explode for a maximum of (25-50) damage. In Death Knight form, increases maximum damage by 10 per soul.
  1671. Doom (LVLs 6): (30-80)% chance on hit to apply Doom, dealing 4 damage every second for 4 seconds.
  1672. Demonic Leap (LVLs 6): Grants (6-30)% movement speed. In Death Knight form, grants a single long jump that recharges based on number of souls.
  1673. Death Knight (LVLs 1): (+ultimate) Finish your feast of souls. Become unable to act for 3 seconds, but take reduced damage. At the end of the duration, you become a Death Knight, returning to 100 HP and empowering your abilities based on souls consumed.
  1674. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Ring of Regeneration
  1676. [!] Transient Entity
  1677. Required Total Level: 3000
  1678. Max Level: 40
  1679. Restricted to only using weapon_m4a1
  1680. Team Limit: 3
  1681. Fear (LVLs 10): [Attack] You strike fear into your enemies 15-24% chance to bash your enemy for up to 1.3 seconds
  1682. Life Drain (LVLs 10): [Attack] You drain the essence of life from your enemies Grants 5-25% life steal that regenerates you every 0.75 seconds based on your Life Pool skill
  1683. Life Pool (LVLs 10): [Passive] You've collected a massive pool of blood to feed on The life you've stolen regenerates faster based on this skill. Keep 1/3 of your pool on death.
  1684. Fade (LVLs 10): [Hurt] You fade into another realm when shot Grants 30-85% invisibility for 1-5.5 seconds after you've been hit
  1685. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Cloak of Shadows
  1687. [P] Sin
  1688. Required Total Level: 3000
  1689. Max Level: 49
  1690. Restricted to only using weapon_deagle
  1691. Team Limit: 3
  1692. Envy (LVLs 7): You are jealous of the enemy's trinkets. (Deal 1-7% extra damage to an enemy per shopmenu item they have)
  1693. Gluttony (LVLs 7): Your appetite is endless. (Gain 5-35 extra max HP capacity)
  1694. Greed (LVLs 7): Your need for material wealth drives you to kill. (Steal 1-7% of enemies total cash on kill.)
  1695. Lust (LVLs 7): Your lust drives you to chase after others endlessly. (Gain 5-35% move speed for 5 seconds after hitting an enemy.)
  1696. Pride (LVLs 7): You are proud of your accuracy. (Gain 10-70% extra headshot damage.)
  1697. Sloth (LVLs 7): You lack the motivation to take damage while resting. (Gain 5-35% damage and magic damage resist, and 1-5 HP regen/sec, while not moving.)
  1698. Wrath (LVLs 7): You are vengeful against those who harm you. (Enemies who deal 95-60 damage or more to you grant 35% life leech for 7 seconds. Passive 20 second CD.)
  1699. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health
  1701. Ahmed, the Jihadist
  1702. Required Total Level: 3100
  1703. Max Level: 25
  1704. No weapon restrictions
  1705. Team Limit: 3
  1706. Galil (LVLs 5): [Spawn] A shitty assault rifle is all you need, besides you got lots of ammo.
  1707. Glock (LVLs 5): [Spawn] A glock with an extended clip.
  1708. Adrenaline (LVLs 5): [Attacked] You get a rush of adrenaline when hit and take less damage.
  1709. Fires of War (LVLs 5): [Attack] Burn your enemy.
  1710. Self Sacrifice (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Kill yourself and try to take others with you. If you die without using your ult, it deals half damage.
  1712. [!] Keldon Warlord
  1713. Required Total Level: 3200
  1714. Max Level: 20
  1715. Restricted to only using weapon_sg556
  1716. Team Limit: 2
  1717. First Strike (LVLs 4): [Attack] A chance to slow your opponent
  1718. Second Strike (LVLs 4): [Attack] If your opponent is under the effects of First Strike you can deal more damage
  1719. Whispersilk Cloak (LVLs 4): [Spawn] Grants 125 Armor and become unaffected by enemy ultimates
  1720. Plunder (LVLs 4): [Attack] Steal your enemies money
  1721. Advanced Weaponry (LVLs 4): [Spawn] A special weapon for crushing your enemies.
  1722. Quieting Aura (LVLs 0): [Passive] Enemies within 600 units are silenced.
  1724. [G] Smoke
  1725. Required Total Level: 3300
  1726. Max Level: 42
  1727. Restricted to only using knife and smoke
  1728. Team Limit: 1
  1729. Insubstantial (LVLs 1): [Passive] Smoke is hard to kill. 15 extra hp.
  1730. Vanish (LVLs 4): [Passive] Of all the cyborg ninjas, you alone specialize in stealth and speed. 45/55/65/75% invisibility and 25/30/35/40% extra speed.
  1731. Smoke Bomb (LVLs 5): [Defense] You can transform into smoke. 25/27/29/31/33% chance to evade the first shot with a 20s cooldown. If you evade, 60/70/80/90/100% chance to dispense a live smoke grenade.
  1732. Smoke Grenades (LVLs 4): [Passive] Every 21/19/17/15 seconds you receive a smoke grenade.
  1733. Second-Hand Smoke (LVLs 5): [Attack] Enemies will take and you will heal 2/4/6/8/10 damage per second while in your smoke.
  1734. Burn Out (LVLs 4): [Attack] While in your smoke, you will do 35/40/45/50% more knife damage and you will take 20/22/24/25% less damage.
  1735. Vibration (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your smoke grenade causes the ground it detonates on to vibrate violently. Enemies within 5 feet are shaken for 2.0/2.2/2.4/2.6/2.8/3.0 seconds.
  1736. Smoke Vision (LVLs 7): [Passive] Neither walls nor smoke obscures your sharp eyesight. Clearly see enemies 450-700 feet away with no more than 85% invisibility.
  1737. Smokeport (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Like smoke you can move blindingly fast. Blink to the center of your last smoke with a 10/9/8/7/6/5s cooldown which resets if you take damage.
  1738. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Periapt of Health
  1740. Elvish Enchanter
  1741. Required Total Level: 3400
  1742. Max Level: 20
  1743. No weapon restrictions
  1744. Team Limit: 3
  1745. Lethal Arrows (LVLs 5): [Attack] Deal bonus damage with your attacks 33% chance to do 10-50% extra damage. Ignores evasion and is calculated before physical damage resistance.
  1746. Tree of Life Aura (LVLs 5): [Attacked] When struck you can heal some damage taken to your team 19-35% chance to heal up to 1/3rd of damage taken to entire team.
  1747. Poison Sting (LVLs 5): [Attack] You can infect the enemy with deadly poison 20-40% chance deal 4-20 damage over time.
  1748. Chain Heal (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Heal teammates and yourself within your area Heal 3-15 health to 1-4 players nearby You heal yourself more with extra players healed
  1749. Restricted Items: Claws of Attack, Periapt of Health, Orb of Venom
  1751. [K] Ravinick
  1752. Required Total Level: 3400
  1753. Max Level: 36
  1754. Restricted to only using the knife
  1755. Team Limit: 2
  1756. Maelstrom Weapon (LVLs 6): [Attack] When you deal damage with a melee weapon you have a 12-70% chance to regenerate a lightning shield charge
  1757. Storm Strike (LVLs 6): [Attack] 50% chance to deal 8-50% bonus damage
  1758. Ghost wolf (LVLs 6): [Spawn] Turns the Shaman into a Ghost Wolf, increasing movement speed by 5-30%. and 8-50% invisibility
  1759. Lightning shield (LVLs 6): [Defense] The caster is surrounded by a reactive lightning barrier. When an attack hits the caster, the attacker will be returned 19% of the damage taken 1 charge per level
  1760. Windfury (LVLs 6): [Attack] Your melee attacks have a 6-36% chance of triggering 1-3 extra attacks dealing 42% extra damage.
  1761. Unleash Elements (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Unleashes elemental forces of Flame and Wind, launch your opponents in the air your melee attacks for the next 6 seconds will ignite your victim Increases your movement speed by 30%
  1762. Aftershock (LVLs 0): [Passive] When killed you unleash a large amount of energy, damaging nearby opponents 6-20 base damage, 2-10 extra damage per charge damage controlled by lightning shield level
  1763. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Belt of Thorns
  1765. [G] Ogre Stonethrower
  1766. Required Total Level: 3500
  1767. Max Level: 30
  1768. Restricted to only using the knife
  1769. Team Limit: 2
  1770. Power Throw (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Hitting an enemy directly with a flash or smoke deals inhuman damage
  1771. Unstoppable Force (LVLs 5): [Attacked] Your grenades bypass evasion and damage resistance
  1772. Flash Rock (LVLs 5): [Attack] Blinding rocks
  1773. Powder Stone (LVLs 5): [Attack] You acquire some rocks that evaporate to dust
  1774. Muscle (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Your body is pure muscle, defending against the elements.(+20-100 hp and 10-50% damage reduction)
  1775. Restock (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You pick whatever nearby stones you can
  1776. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Periapt of Health
  1778. Valsharess, Drow Queen
  1779. Required Total Level: 3500
  1780. Max Level: 40
  1781. No weapon restrictions
  1782. Team Limit: 2
  1783. Foresight (LVLs 8): [Passive] Some attacks you predict and evade. 8-22% evasion.
  1784. Insight (LVLs 8): [Attack] You understand the enemy's magic and remove their invisibility. 30-100% chance on hit to remove invisibility for 5 seconds.
  1785. Wisdom (LVLs 8): [Passive] The wise are not affected by the unexpected. 30-100% chance of ultimate immunity on spawn.
  1786. Knowledge (LVLs 8): [Passive] Even when you can't see it, you know. Gain ESP for a short duration at random times.
  1787. Darkness (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] You shroud an area in darkness. Players inside the ring are invisible. Players are blinded by darkness. You have a short range ESP when in the ring. Lasts 4-7.5 seconds, 30 second cooldown.
  1788. Restricted Items: Necklace of Immunity
  1790. [!] Motoko Kusanagi
  1791. Required Total Level: 3500
  1792. Max Level: 48
  1793. Restricted to only using weapon_aug
  1794. Team Limit: 2
  1795. Prosthetic Legs (LVLs 8): [Passive] Prosthetic Legs allow for faster running and higher jumping.
  1796. Prosthetic Arms (LVLs 8): [Passive] Prosthetic Arms dramatically increase your melee damage.
  1797. Cybernetic Systems (LVLs 8): [Passive] Cybernetics provide improved armour durability.
  1798. Ghost Hack (LVLs 8): [Attack] Hack into the enemy's ghost (banish).
  1799. Sneak Attack (LVLs 8): [Attack] While camouflaged you have a chance to deal increased damage.
  1800. Kyo-re Type 2902 Thermoptic Cam (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Use your Thermoptic Camouflage.
  1801. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Enchanted Chainmail, Sock of the Feather
  1803. Gnomish Engineer
  1804. Required Total Level: 3600
  1805. Max Level: 30
  1806. No weapon restrictions
  1807. Team Limit: 1
  1808. Gnomish Poultryizer (LVLs 5): [Attack]Turns the target into a chicken for 3 sec. Well, that is assuming the transmogrification polarity has not been reversed...
  1809. Hyperspeed Accelerators (LVLs 5): [Spawn]Permanently attaches hyperspeed accelerators to a pair of gloves allowing a skilled engineer to increase their attack speed by 10-50%
  1810. Gnomish Alarm-O-Bot (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Summons an Alarm-O-Bot for 2 minutes that occasionally sends out a pulse that detects nearby stealthy or invisible enemies.
  1811. Gnomish Parachute Cloak (LVLs 0): Use(E):Reduces your fall speed.
  1812. Gnomish Rocket Boots (LVLs 5): [Ultimate(Pistol)]: These boots significantly increase your run speed for 5 seconds. WARNING: Their power supply and gyros do not always function as intended
  1813. Saronite Bomb (LVLs 5): Throw a Saronite Bomb that Inflicts 10 to 30 damage to targets that step in the area.
  1814. Gnomish Army Knife (LVLs 5): [Ultimate(Knife)]: A Grand Master Engineer can overload the knife's battery and attempt to shock a dead ally back to life.
  1815. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Ring of Regeneration, Periapt of Health
  1817. [!] Quillfiend
  1818. Required Total Level: 3700
  1819. Max Level: 35
  1820. Restricted to only using weapon_bizon
  1821. Team Limit: 2
  1822. Enrage (LVLs 5): [Passive] The more damage you take the faster you move and attack. Gain 1-5% movespeed and 1-5% attack speed for every 10 hp below 100.
  1823. Noxious Needles (LVLs 5): [Attack] Your shots gain a 2-8% stacking slow and 1 damage 2-10 second poison. Slow stacks to max of 40%.
  1824. Needle Spray (LVLs 5): [Passive] When you are hit you have a 6-30% chance to send out needles hitting nearby enemies in 600 radius. This skill does damage and effects based on other needle skills. The closer an enemy is, the more needles they get hit by.
  1825. Piercing Needles (LVLs 5): [Attack] Your shots do 2-7 extra damage and shred 3-15 armor a hit.
  1826. Scale Armor (LVLs 5): [Passive] You have dense scales that give you 8-40 extra HP.
  1827. Needle Regeneration (LVLs 5): [Passive] Your needles grow back quickly after use. Gain 1-5 reserve ammo regen a second.
  1828. Needle Barrage (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You send out a barrage of 2-10 needles in the direction you are aiming at, one every .2 seconds. CD 20 Sec.
  1829. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Claws of Attack, Periapt of Health, Orb of Venom
  1831. [K] Distortion
  1832. Required Total Level: 3800
  1833. Max Level: 50
  1834. Restricted to only using the knife
  1835. Team Limit: 1
  1836. Footing (LVLs 10): [Passive] Increases the amount of charges you have to Blink and your health.
  1837. Blink Recovery (LVLs 5): [Passive] Reduces the time it takes to gain a charge of Blink.
  1838. Blink Acceleration (LVLs 5): [Passive] Every time you Blink you gain a short burst of speed.
  1839. Blink Distortion (LVLs 5): [Passive] Every time you Blink you leave an image behind.
  1840. Tempest Sword (LVLs 5): [Ability] Deals increasing damage based on ability succession, ending in a finisher that will Blink you towards your crosshair.
  1841. Sword Vitals (LVLs 5): [Ability] Your Tempest Sword can crit depending on what stage of the combo its at.
  1842. Requiem (LVLs 5): [Ability] After killing an enemy or completing a Tempest Sword combo you will gain some health.
  1843. Reality Distortion (LVLs 5): [Ability2] You can attack your enemy from any direction. Your distortions will deal damage in a small range.
  1844. Blink (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Blink in the direction you are moving.
  1845. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health, Sock of the Feather
  1847. [!] Ruthless Mercenary
  1848. Required Total Level: 3800
  1849. Max Level: 59
  1850. Restricted to only using weapon_m4a1_silencer
  1851. Team Limit: 2
  1852. Weaponry (LVLs 10): [Passive] Spawn with an M4A1-S and gain a 2-20% chance to bash enemies.
  1853. Carpet Bomb (LVLs 4): [Passive] Spawn with 1-2 grenades that explode into more nades.
  1854. Body Armor (LVLs 10): [Passive] Spawn with body armor and 4-40 bonus HP.
  1855. Helmet (LVLs 10): [Passive] Spawn with a helmet that has a 10-100% chance of blocking 50% of one headshot's damage per round.
  1856. Weapon Handling (LVLs 10): [Passive] As a master of firearms, you have a 10-100% chance to resist disarm attempts.
  1857. Camoflauge (LVLs 5): [Passive] You blend into your surroundings, gaining 40-60% invisibility when standing still.
  1858. Scavenge (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] For each kill you get, you find 4-13 ammo you can add to your primary magazine.
  1859. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health
  1861. [!] Forest Elf
  1862. Required Total Level: 3900
  1863. Max Level: 25
  1864. Restricted to only using weapon_ssg08
  1865. Team Limit: 2
  1866. Fire Arrow (LVLs 5): [Attack] A flaming arrow, to burn enemies. 25-85% chance to burn enemies for 40 damage over 4 seconds.
  1867. Scented Arrow (LVLs 5): [Attack] Tag an enemy, creating a trail that follows them. Tagging lasts 1-4 seconds. Enemy must stop moving for the tag to end.
  1868. Swift (LVLs 5): [Passive] You can jump further and higher than most. Long jump and 10-30% reduced gravity.
  1869. Forest Toll (LVLs 5): [Attack] Steal 0.5-4.0% of enemies cash on hit. Steal less with your elites.
  1870. One With the Trees (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Climb into the air and hide, becoming ultimate immune. CD 18-4 Sec. Use ability or crouch to stop moving upward early.
  1871. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Cloak of Shadows, Sock of the Feather
  1873. [K] Troll of Tel-Jilad
  1874. Required Total Level: 4000
  1875. Max Level: 35
  1876. Restricted to only using the knife
  1877. Team Limit: 1
  1878. Regeneration (LVLs 7): [Spawn] You have the ability to regenerate yourself
  1879. Chameleon Cloak (LVLs 7): [Spawn] You become slightly invisible
  1880. Long Leap (LVLs 7): [Spawn] You have the ability to traverse long gaps
  1881. Loxodon Warhammer (LVLs 7): [Attack] You have a huge hammer
  1882. Indestructible (LVLs 7): [Ultimate] You become indestructible for up to 2.35s
  1883. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Ring of Regeneration, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health
  1885. White Mage of San d'Oria
  1886. Required Total Level: 4000
  1887. Max Level: 33
  1888. No weapon restrictions
  1889. Team Limit: 2
  1890. Stone Skin (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 2% Damage Reduction per level.
  1891. Banish (LVLs 5): [Passive] Hit enemies with a holy strikes, converting 5-25% of damage to 7-30% magical damage and blinding them.
  1892. Haste (LVLs 7): [Passive] You are granted additional speed and levitation.
  1893. Gift of the Magi (LVLs 10): [Passive] You are granted more health.
  1894. Benediction (LVLs 1): [Ultimate] Respawn the last ally to die. Usable once per round.
  1895. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Sock of the Feather
  1897. Black Mage of San d'Oria
  1898. Required Total Level: 4000
  1899. Max Level: 53
  1900. No weapon restrictions
  1901. Team Limit: 1
  1902. Respawn Steal (LVLs 10): [Passive] You have up to a 35% chance that when an enemy respawns you block it and instead respawn an ally.
  1903. Frost Barrier (LVLs 8): [Passive] Reduce all damage taken by 1-9 and reflect 1-9% of damage taken.
  1904. Mana Steal (LVLs 5): [Passive] Steal 1-5 armor per hit.
  1905. Thaumaturge Boots (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 2.5-25% movement speed
  1906. Purify (LVLs 10): [Passive] Remove all movement impairing from yourself and nearby allies every 10-1 seconds.
  1907. Convert (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Converts 20-10 armor into 15 health. 5 Sec CD.
  1908. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Belt of Thorns
  1910. Tyrande Whisperwind
  1911. Required Total Level: 4100
  1912. Max Level: 50
  1913. No weapon restrictions
  1914. Team Limit: 2
  1915. Evasion (LVLs 10): [Passive] 10-33% chance to evade.
  1916. Hide (LVLs 10): [Passive] You blend in with the shadows.
  1917. Moon Armour (LVLs 10): [Passive] 10-100% chance to be immune to ultimates.
  1918. Searing Arrows (LVLs 10): [Passive] Increase your damage by 2-15%
  1919. Starfall (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Call upon the stars to damage nearby enemies.
  1920. Restricted Items: Necklace of Immunity
  1922. Lina Inverse
  1923. Required Total Level: 4100
  1924. Max Level: 40
  1925. No weapon restrictions
  1926. Team Limit: 2
  1927. Dragon Slave (LVLs 10): [Passive] A wave of fire ripples out from Lina, causing area damage.
  1928. Light Strike Array (LVLs 10): [Passive] Summons column of flames that damages and stuns enemies.
  1929. Bloodlust (LVLs 10): [Ability] Increases Lina's damage by 100% for 2.5-5 seconds.
  1930. Laguna Blade (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Fires off a bolt of lightning at a single target, dealing damage.
  1932. Dunpeal
  1933. Required Total Level: 4200
  1934. Max Level: 50
  1935. No weapon restrictions
  1936. Team Limit: 2
  1937. Symbiote (LVLs 10): [Passive] Your symbiote can induce sleep in your victim.
  1938. Reflexes (LVLs 10): [Passive] You have godlike reflexes, allowing you to dodge bullets and counter their attack.
  1939. Mysterious Pendant (LVLs 10): [Passive] This pendant allows you to block all magic around you.
  1940. Swiftness (LVLs 10): [Passive] You run faster.
  1941. Healing (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Gain HP.
  1942. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Periapt of Health
  1944. Wizard of New Tristram
  1945. Required Total Level: 4200
  1946. Max Level: 29
  1947. No weapon restrictions
  1948. Team Limit: 2
  1949. Firebird's Finery (LVLs 5): [Passive] If you deal more than 150 damage, burn them for 1-5% of that damage per 0.1 seconds for 2.5 seconds. Additional hits reset the burn at full damage. Damage dealt is calculated ignoring bonus damage dealt, evasion, and damage reduction.
  1950. Zel's Stone of Vengeance (LVLs 6): [Passive] Damage is increased by 1-6% for every 150 units between you and the enemy. Maximum of 36% bonus damage.
  1951. Blur (LVLs 8): [Passive] Reduce damage taken by 1-8 per hit.
  1952. Storm Armor - Reactive (LVLs 5): [Passive] Shock attackers for up to 20% of damage taken.
  1953. Teleport - Wormhole (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Blink forwards. 3 second window to blink up to 2 times. 20-12 second cooldown.
  1954. Restricted Items: Enchanted Chainmail
  1956. Neve
  1957. Required Total Level: 4250
  1958. Max Level: 50
  1959. No weapon restrictions
  1960. Team Limit: 2
  1961. Storm (LVLs 10): [Passive] 25% chance to shake the enemy's view for up to 4 seconds.
  1962. Blizzard (LVLs 10): [Passive] 65% chance to reduce enemies speed by 40% for up to 3 seconds.
  1963. Hail (LVLs 10): [Passive] You spawn a random grenade every 30-10 seconds.
  1964. Avalanche (LVLs 10): [Passive] Run up to 40% faster with up to 35% reduced gravity.
  1965. Mist (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Become 75% invisible for up to 4 seconds. Your gun stays completely visible.
  1966. Restricted Items: Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Sock of the Feather
  1968. Damoi Tui
  1969. Required Total Level: 4250
  1970. Max Level: 46
  1971. No weapon restrictions
  1972. Team Limit: 2
  1973. Explicit Mods (LVLs 3): [Passive] Gain 2-4% magic resistance every 10 levels.
  1974. Implicit Mods (LVLs 3): [Passive] Gain 1-3% speed and 3-5% chance to resist bash every 10 levels.
  1975. Cleave (LVLs 10): [Passive] Your damage cleaves to a nearby enemy for 10-50% of damage dealt. Cannot cleave for more than 30 damage.
  1976. Cyclone (LVLs 10): [Passive] Slashing with your knife hits in an AOE around you, dealing 3-30 damage.
  1977. Vitality (LVLs 10): [Passive] You and nearby allies regenerate up to 1.4 hp/sec.
  1978. Warlord's Mark (LVLs 10): [Passive] Nearby enemies have a 15-40% chance to be bashed when hit.
  1979. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Ring of Regeneration, Prismatic Signet
  1981. Bounty Hunter
  1982. Required Total Level: 4250
  1983. Max Level: 32
  1984. No weapon restrictions
  1985. Team Limit: 1
  1986. Unrelenting Strikes (LVLs 7): [Passive] Gain 8-20% crit chance for each bullet you hit that does not crit. Critting resets your critical strike chance to 10%. Crits hit 50% bonus damage.
  1987. Stolen Funds (LVLs 8): [Passive] Gain up to 3% of your enemies cash on hit.
  1988. On The Hunt (LVLs 7): [Passive] Gain 5-35% speed when a bounty is set.
  1989. Tracking (LVLs 5): [Ability] Draw a line towards whatever player has a bounty. Lasts 1-5 seconds. 20 second cooldown.
  1990. Place Bounty (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Place a 20-100xp bounty on a players head. Bounty increases for every kill the player with a bounty gets. If a bountied player survives the round, the bounty carries over and is doubled next round. 30 second cooldown.
  1991. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Tome of Experience
  1993. Boreas of the North Wind
  1994. Required Total Level: 4300
  1995. Max Level: 50
  1996. No weapon restrictions
  1997. Team Limit: 2
  1998. Frozen Armor (LVLs 10): [Passive] Cover yourself in a sheet of ice that will absorb damage.
  1999. Ice Storm (LVLs 10): [Passive] Slow the enemy when you hit them.
  2000. Frost Shroud (LVLs 10): [Passive] Winds hide you from sight.
  2001. Glacial Shard (LVLs 10): [Passive] A shard of ice stuns the enemy for a second.
  2002. Blizzard (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] You slow the entire battlefield for a short duration.
  2003. Restricted Items: Orb of Frost, Cloak of Shadows, Enchanted Chainmail
  2005. Archmage Khadgar
  2006. Required Total Level: 4400
  2007. Max Level: 40
  2008. No weapon restrictions
  2009. Team Limit: 2
  2010. HELP (LVLs 0): 3 skills must be in the same elemental type. Your ultimate must be within that elemental type. You must pick 2 passives, 1 ability, and 1 ultimate. Need 2 skills of an elemental type with levels and one of the two skills needs to be at least level 5 to level up the ultimate.
  2011. [Arcane] Invisibility (LVLs 10): [Passive] Khadgar is 60-80% invisible after 6-4 seconds of not firing.
  2012. [Arcane] Mage Armor (LVLs 10): [Passive] 10-100% chance of being immune to ultimates and 35-80% magic resistance.
  2013. [Arcane] Arcane Blast (LVLs 10): [Ability] Blast the target with Arcane energy causing an explosion with a large radius that pulses 8 times for 6-8 damage each. CD 25 Sec.
  2014. [Arcane] Evocation (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Regenerate 5-20 health per second up to 100 health. Frozen in place during this effect (and for 0.5 sec after it ends) and cannot fire CD 45 Sec.
  2015. [Fire] Blazing Speed (LVLs 10): [Passive] Increased speed of 15-30%.
  2016. [Fire] Molten Armor (LVLs 10): [Passive] 5-20% chance of critical hit and reduced damage taken by 10-25%.
  2017. [Fire] Flame Strike (LVLs 10): [Ability] Ignites players near Khadgar causing them to burn for 25-50 fire damage over 5 seconds. CD 25 Sec.
  2018. [Fire] Critical Mass (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] For the next 3-8 seconds all hits are critical hits. CD 35 Sec.
  2019. [Frost] Frost Armor (LVLs 10): [Passive] Chills attackers causing them to slow greatly.
  2020. [Frost] Ice Block (LVLs 10): [Passive] Khadgar has a 50-100% chance to block fatal damage. CD 18 Sec. You are briefly stunned when Ice Block is activated.
  2021. [Frost] Deep Freeze (LVLs 10): [Ability] For 5-8 seconds you have a 50% chance to freeze for 0.5-1.0s. Hitting a frozen enemy deals 6-15 extra damage. CD 25 Sec.
  2022. [Frost] Frost Nova (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Khadgar massively slows and silences enemies in a large radius for 1.5-3.0 seconds. CD 30 Sec.
  2023. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Belt of Thorns, Prismatic Signet
  2025. [K] Zergling
  2026. Required Total Level: 4500
  2027. Max Level: 81
  2028. Restricted to only using the knife
  2029. Team Limit: 2
  2030. Hardened Carapace (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 2% Damage Reduction per level.
  2031. Adrenal Overload (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 5% attack speed per level. Lose 1 health per level.
  2032. Metabolic Boost (LVLs 10): [Passive] 5% run speed per level, 10% for last two levels. Lose 1 health per level.
  2033. Regeneration (LVLs 10): [Passive] 0.5 HP regen per point.
  2034. Lunge (LVLs 10): [Passive] Long jump every 4.5 seconds. Levels increase strength of it.
  2035. Posthumous Mitosis (LVLs 10): [Death] 10% per level to spawn broodlings to attack on death.
  2036. Survival Instincts (LVLs 10): [Passive] 2 bonus damage per level (3 for right click). 20% chance to get a mutagen on kill per level. 100% chance at level 5.
  2037. Evolve (LVLs 1): [Ability] Use a number of mutagens to morph (3 minimum).
  2038. Burrow (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Burrow underground. CD 10-6 Sec. While burrowed you can move forward slowly.
  2039. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health
  2041. [!] Selune, Lady of Silver
  2042. Required Total Level: 4500
  2043. Max Level: 30
  2044. Restricted to only using weapon_p90
  2045. Team Limit: 3
  2046. Moon Bridge (LVLs 5): [Passive] Move on a bridge of light. Gain longjump.
  2047. Faerie Fire (LVLs 5): [Passive] Illuminate enemies with fire. Burn them over time.
  2048. Spell Resistance (LVLs 5): [Passive] Spells have no effect on you. 20-100% chance for ult immunity on spawn.
  2049. Premonition (LVLs 5): [Passive] A barrier of light protects you. Absorb 1 shot every 11-7 seconds.
  2050. Faerie Confusion (LVLs 5): [Passive] Faeries confuse enemies concealing your location. 20-100% chance on spawn to be immune to ESP skills.
  2051. Phase Door (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You phase out of existance and respawn. Return to spawn with 50-90 HP. Usable 1-2 times.
  2052. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Necklace of Immunity, Scroll of Respawning
  2054. Battlefield Pro
  2055. Required Total Level: 4500
  2056. Max Level: 28
  2057. No weapon restrictions
  2058. Team Limit: 3
  2059. Silencer (LVLs 8): [Passive] Up to 100% chance to silence your shots and for you to be hidden from radar each life.
  2060. Combat Boots (LVLs 8): [Passive] Gain up to 30% speed but have up to 12% higher gravity.
  2061. Cloaking Device (LVLs 8): [Passive] Gain up to 45% invisibility.
  2062. C4 (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Press once to place C4. Press a second time to go boom. Must wait 2 seconds for it to prime. Usable twice per round.
  2063. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Cloak of Shadows, Sock of the Feather
  2065. Link
  2066. Required Total Level: 4600
  2067. Max Level: 50
  2068. No weapon restrictions
  2069. Team Limit: 2
  2070. Bottled Fairy (LVLs 10): [Passive] Upon taking lethal damage, 8-80% return to spawn.
  2071. Goron Tunic (LVLs 10): [Passive] Link has a 10-100% chance of wearing his Goron Tunic, making him immune to fire.
  2072. Ice Arrows (LVLs 10): [Passive] 3.5-35% chance to slow enemies by 40% for 2 seconds.
  2073. Hylian Shield (LVLs 10): [Passive] Reduce incoming damage by up to 8.
  2074. Hookshot (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Link's hookshot pulls him towards whatever it hooks to. Levels increase distance traveled. 6 Second CD.
  2075. Restricted Items: Enchanted Chainmail
  2077. [!] Exile of Wraeclast
  2078. Required Total Level: 4750
  2079. Max Level: 50
  2080. Restricted to only using weapon_ak47
  2081. Team Limit: 2
  2082. Assassination (LVLs 10): [Passive] Your AK47 has a 2-20% chance to crit for 60% bonus damage.
  2083. Warrior's Blood (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 0.5-1.4 HP regeneration.
  2084. Drop Chance (LVLs 10): [Passive] You have a 7.5-75% chance to get item drops on kills.
  2085. Flask (LVLs 10): [Ability] Select a flask to use. Flask effects last 5-15 seconds and each can be used once per round.
  2086. Lightning Warp (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Warp forward after a slight delay, dealing damage to nearby enemies. 15-5 second CD.
  2087. Restricted Items: Ring of Regeneration
  2089. [!] Dwarven Mage
  2090. Required Total Level: 4750
  2091. Max Level: 50
  2092. Restricted to only using weapon_sawedoff
  2093. Team Limit: 2
  2094. Tinker's Blastgun (LVLs 10): [Passive] Spawn with a sawed-off that fires 10-100% faster and has lots of ammunition.
  2095. Fireblast (LVLs 10): [Passive] Each pellet from your sawed-off that hits the enemy has a 5-50% chance to ignite them with flames.
  2096. Invisibility (LVLs 10): [Passive] You use your magic to hide from enemies. Gain 5-50% invisibility.
  2097. Blood Magic (LVLs 10): [Passive] Every time you are hit with magic damage, you have a 10-100% chance to heal for 100% of the damage.
  2098. Teleportation (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Blink forward a short distance.
  2099. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Ring of Regeneration, Prismatic Signet
  2101. Lord Jaraxxus
  2102. Required Total Level: 5000
  2103. Max Level: 36
  2104. No weapon restrictions
  2105. Team Limit: 2
  2106. Raid Boss (LVLs 6): [Passive] Gain 25-50 bonus HP.
  2107. Incinerate Flesh (LVLs 6): [Attack] 25-50% chance on hit to redirect all healing received by the target to you. Lasts 2.5-5 seconds.
  2108. Touch of Jaraxxus (LVLs 6): [Attack] 25-50% chance on hit to inflict Curse of the Nether, dealing 5-10 damage over 5seconds. This curse spreads to any enemy within 10yards of the enemy each second.
  2109. Nether Power (LVLs 6): [Passive] Each time you are hit, gain 7-12% magic resistance up to 75%, and 7-12% magic damage up to 100%. Resets on death.
  2110. Fel Lightning (LVLs 6): [Ability] Inflict chain lightning on an enemy within 25 yards for 8-13 damage. This lightning can chain up to 4 times, dealing 30% more damage with each bounce.
  2111. Infernal Eruption (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Summon an infernal eruption in front of you, spawning a ward that deals 5-10 damage per hit. At the end, has a 20-40% chance to respawn a teammate from the volcano.
  2112. Restricted Items: Mask of Death, Periapt of Health, Prismatic Signet
  2114. [!] Gray Man
  2115. Required Total Level: 5000
  2116. Max Level: 150
  2117. Restricted to only using weapon_p250
  2118. Team Limit: 2
  2119. Stamina (LVLs 50): [Passive] Gain more health.
  2120. Dark Boots (LVLs 50): [Passive] Your boots grant you godlike speed.
  2121. Parasitic Weapon (LVLs 50): [Passive] Your weapon deals more damage.
  2122. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Periapt of Health, Orb of Venom
  2124. [K] Bunnicula
  2125. Required Total Level: 5000
  2126. Max Level: 40
  2127. Restricted to only using the knife
  2128. Team Limit: 2
  2129. Bunny (LVLs 0): [Passive] As a bunny, you prefer faster attacks. You also must continue jumping.
  2130. Hyperactive (LVLs 8): [Passive] You may not be able to stop jumping but your powerful hind legs make life more bearable. Up to 60% additional movespeed and a weak long jump.
  2131. Agile (LVLs 8): [Passive] You are tiny and lucky. Up to 30% chance to evade. You also become immune to bash and slow effects.
  2132. Sharp Teeth (LVLs 8): [Passive] Your teeth are sharp and powerful. Up to 15 extra damage per hit.
  2133. Fluffy Fur (LVLs 8): [Passive] Your fluffy fur protects you from some damage. Reduce damage taken by up to 10.
  2134. Leap (LVLs 8): [Ultimate] Leap forwards!
  2135. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health
  2137. [K] Shadow Monkey
  2138. Required Total Level: 5150
  2139. Max Level: 30
  2140. Restricted to only using the knife
  2141. Team Limit: 2
  2142. Strike from Shadows (LVLs 5): [Defense] You phase in and out of the shadows. You gain 60-100% invisibility for 6s every 2s.
  2143. Tail Slap (LVLs 5): [Attack] You have a 7-35% chance to slap an enemy with your tail causing their view to shift away from you with a 5-25% chance to disarm them.
  2144. Ape Agility (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You are agile, gaining 6-30% movespeed and 5-25% more attck speed
  2145. Tree Climber (LVLs 5): [Spawn] You're a great climber, gaining 6-30% lower gravity and longjump every 3 seconds.
  2146. Rock Throw (LVLs 5): [Ability] You throw a rock that deals 2-10 damage and stuns enemies for .25-1.0s
  2147. Evolution (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] You have evolved to use tools. You gain a FiveSeven for 2-7 seconds.
  2148. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Pistol Clip Extender, Cloak of Shadows, Sock of the Feather
  2150. [P] Dazzle
  2151. Required Total Level: 5250
  2152. Max Level: 28
  2153. Restricted to only using pistols
  2154. Team Limit: 1
  2155. Poison Touch (LVLs 7): [Passive] 6-42% chance to poison and slow an enemy for 2 seconds then bash for 1 second.
  2156. Shallow Grave (LVLs 7): [Ability] Bless an ally with Shallow Grave. While under its protection, they cannot die from physical damage for 0.7-5.0 seconds. 18 second cooldown.
  2157. Shadow Wave (LVLs 7): [Ability2] Send out a bolt of power that arcs between allies, healing them while damaging enemies that are nearby. Dazzle is always healed. 14 second cooldown.
  2158. Weave (LVLs 7): [Ultimate] Applies a buff on allies that increases damage reduction. Applies a debuff on enemies that increases damage taken. Gain/lose 0.5-2.0% damage reduction per second, for 16 seconds. Cast on an area where Dazzle is aiming. 28 second cooldown.
  2159. Restricted Items: Orb of Venom
  2161. [K] Rocky
  2162. Required Total Level: 5300
  2163. Max Level: 30
  2164. Restricted to only using the knife
  2165. Team Limit: 1
  2166. Brain Damage (LVLs 6): [Passive] Only headshots and knives deal full damage.
  2167. Morning Jog (LVLs 6): [Passive] Run like the dickens.
  2168. Vicious Knockout (LVLs 6): [Passive] Chance to hit for massive damage.
  2169. Cross Counter (LVLs 6): [Passive] Take advantage of opponents blind spots.
  2170. Eye of the Tiger (LVLs 6): [Passive] You just keep coming back.
  2171. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Enchanted Chainmail, Scroll of Respawning, Belt of Thorns, Prismatic Signet
  2173. Second Wave Agent
  2174. Required Total Level: 5400
  2175. Max Level: 30
  2176. No weapon restrictions
  2177. Team Limit: 2
  2178. Division Training (LVLs 6): [Passive] Gain specialty skills for each weapon type. SMGs gain 6-36% attack speed, Rifles gain 4-23% bonus Headshot damage Shotguns gain 3-18% chance to impale, Pistols gain 1-6 bonus damage LMGs gain 4-24% movement speed
  2179. Stamina (LVLs 6): [Passive] Your High stamina increases your health and armor.
  2180. Precision (LVLs 6): [Passive] Headshot an enemy to pulse them for 1.5-9 seconds Enemy will be highlighted on radar for 10 seconds. Pulsed enemies take 15% bonus damage from all sources.
  2181. Seeker Mines (LVLs 6): [Ability] Releases mines that seek out hostile targets before exploding on proximity. 40 Sec CD 3 uses per round.
  2182. Recovery Link (LVLs 6): Heals the user and nearby allies. Automatically triggers for the user on lethal damage.
  2183. Survivor Link (LVLs 6): Increases damage resistance and speed for group members and grants an emergency health boost to the user when taking lethal damage.
  2184. Tactical Link (LVLs 6): Weapon enhancement system which provides temporarily increased damage and weapon performance to the user and all nearby allies.
  2185. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health
  2187. Exalted Sorcerer
  2188. Required Total Level: 5500
  2189. Max Level: 40
  2190. No weapon restrictions
  2191. Team Limit: 2
  2192. Staff of Lightning (LVLs 10): [Passive] 3-30% chance on hit to cast a weak chain lightning.
  2193. Staff of Turning (LVLs 10): [Passive] If you hit an enemy for more than 80-60 damage, they are turned around. Does not trigger from auto snipers.
  2194. Staff of Earthen Strikes (LVLs 10): [Passive] 2-18% chance to bring up the earth, hurting enemies and bashing them.
  2195. Hat of Radiance (LVLs 10): [Passive] 10-100% chance to not appear on the radar and block ESP each round.
  2196. Hat of Draining (LVLs 10): [Passive] Drain life from nearby enemies.
  2197. Hat of Storms (LVLs 10): [Passive] Strike nearby enemies with lightning, gaining movement speed when they are hit.
  2198. Robe of Balance (LVLs 10): [Passive] An enemy can not deal more damage to you than they have health. Damage cannot be reduced by more than 10-60%.
  2199. Robe of Redirection (LVLs 10): [Passive] 2-15% chance to dodge damage and redirect it to a random enemy. Cannot deal more than 8 damage with redirect.
  2200. Robe of Density (LVLs 10): [Passive] Damage taken from non-headshots is reduced by 3-30%.
  2201. Boots of the Flame Walker (LVLs 10): [Passive] The ground you walk on burns enemies. Gain 3-30% speed.
  2202. Boots of Illusion (LVLs 10): [Passive] You leave behind illusions. Gain 2.5-25% speed.
  2203. Boots of the Unyielding (LVLs 10): [Passive] You cannot be stopped by bash, slow, and knockback effects. Gain 2-20% speed.
  2204. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Enchanted Chainmail
  2206. Widowmaker
  2207. Required Total Level: 5750
  2208. Max Level: 24
  2209. No weapon restrictions
  2210. Team Limit: 2
  2211. Widow's Kiss (LVLs 0): [Passive] Spawn with a rifle that functions as both an automatic rifle and a sniper rifle. Tap your primary weapon-swap key to swap between modes.
  2212. Defense (LVLs 6): [Passive] Gain 10-60 HP.
  2213. Grappling Hook (LVLs 6): [Ability] Launch your hook to pull you towards a surface.
  2214. Venom Mine (LVLs 6): [Ability2] Lay down a venom mine. When it is triggered, nearby enemies take poison damage.
  2215. Infra-Sight (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Gain ESP in a large radius for a short duration. Ultimate is charged over time, or with damage. Cannot see enemies with 70% or more invis.
  2216. Restricted Items: Periapt of Health
  2218. Magnus the Summoner
  2219. Required Total Level: 6000
  2220. Max Level: 60
  2221. No weapon restrictions
  2222. Team Limit: 1
  2223. Hellish Beacon (LVLs 10): [Ability] Place a ward. Nearby allies gain buffs such as damage, regen, and damage resistance. Undead players get bigger buffs. Lasts until round end, death, or doppleganger triggers but can be moved every 10 seconds.
  2224. Body Guards (LVLs 10): [Passive] Summons 1-5 orbs hidden orbs that surround Magnus. Orbs appear to damage nearby enemies for 1-5 damage every second. Orbs disappear again after 6 seconds of being active only to return after 2 seconds of recovering.
  2225. Attack Bugs (LVLs 10): [Attack] Summons buggers to support you in battle. Deal 1-10 extra damage.
  2226. Scouter Owls (LVLs 10): [Passive] Summon owls to reveal enemies' location. Enemies nearby are revealed on the radar. Invisible players are uncloaked when near.
  2227. Doppleganger (LVLs 10): [Passive] Being hunted means you need decoys. 10-80% chance to go back to spawn when you take a lot of damage. Only happens once per round.
  2228. Backup Soldiers (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Summon an army to fight along side you. Respawn yourself (or if alive, an ally) and have a chance to respawn others. Chance is reduced by 97-70% to spawn each consecutive ally. Useable once per round.
  2229. Restricted Items: Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail, Scroll of Respawning
  2231. Igna Phoenix
  2232. Required Total Level: 6000
  2233. Max Level: 24
  2234. No weapon restrictions
  2235. Team Limit: 2
  2236. Energy Shields (LVLs 6): [Passive] Some damage is first taken from your armor.
  2237. Zealot's Oath (LVLs 6): [Passive] Regenerate armor over time.
  2238. Firestorm (LVLs 6): [Passive] Chance on hit to call down fire, burning your enemies.
  2239. Righteous Fire (LVLs 6): [Passive] You burn and slow enemies who get near you.
  2240. Restricted Items: Claws of Attack, Ring of Regeneration, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Orb of Venom, Ring of Armor
  2242. Soul Bender
  2243. Required Total Level: 6100
  2244. Max Level: 26
  2245. No weapon restrictions
  2246. Team Limit: 2
  2247. Cloth Armor Mastery (LVLs 8): [Passive] Gain 3-24% Physical and Magical damage resistance.
  2248. Ghost Step (LVLs 6): [Ability] Gain 8-48% movement speed and 11-66% invisibility for 4 seconds. 10 second cooldown.
  2249. Soul Silencer (LVLs 6): [Passive] Gain 6-36% chance to silence on each hit. Silence lasts 2-4 seconds.
  2250. Master of Souls (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Choose a soul to bend to your will.
  2251. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Cloak of Shadows, Enchanted Chainmail, Prismatic Signet, Orb of Venom
  2253. Emperor Don
  2254. Required Total Level: 6250
  2255. Max Level: 15
  2256. No weapon restrictions
  2257. Team Limit: 2
  2258. Security (LVLs 4): [Passive] Your security detail thwarts nearby attackers.
  2259. Unstoppable (LVLs 4): [Passive] Enemies that attempt to bash you bash themselves instead (28-100% chance).
  2260. Royal Robes (LVLs 4): [Passive] Your robes have special mythical properties that give you a 6.5-26% chance to evade both physical and magic damage.
  2261. Barricade (LVLs 3): [Ultimate] Barricade yourself in, or your attackers out. Wall is colored by teams. Wall is breakable and allies deal 4x damage to the wall.
  2262. Restricted Items: Enchanted Chainmail
  2264. Glacius
  2265. Required Total Level: 6500
  2266. Max Level: 65
  2267. No weapon restrictions
  2268. Team Limit: 1
  2269. Tundra Blast (LVLs 10): [Passive] Chance on hit to blast the area with frost, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies.
  2270. Ice Imprisonment (LVLs 10): [Ability] Freeze a target in place for up to 2.5 seconds.
  2271. Chilling Presence (LVLs 10): [Passive] Grants ammo and armor regen to all allies. Glacius gets more than his allies.
  2272. Glacial Downpour (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Deal damage around glacius and slow enemies attacks and movement for up to 5 seconds.
  2273. Attribute Boost (LVLs 25): [Passive] Gain +1 HP.
  2274. Restricted Items: Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health
  2276. [K] Lady Hederine, The Succubus
  2277. Required Total Level: 6666
  2278. Max Level: 69
  2279. Restricted to only using the knife
  2280. Team Limit: 1
  2281. True Succubus (LVLs 0): [Passive] As a succubus, your skin is dark purple.
  2282. Playful Trickster (LVLs 8): [Passive] Gain up to 66 HP. Increase max HP by up to 160.
  2283. Lash of Pain (LVLs 10): [Passive] 10-100% of damage dealt is true damage. Gain an extra 1-10% damage as true damage. Damage you deal disorients victims.
  2284. Eternal Embrace (LVLs 12): [Passive] On kill, gain up to 46% of an enemies max health over 6 seconds.
  2285. Lesser Invisibility (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 6-66% invisibility.
  2286. Quickstep (LVLs 8): [Passive] Gain 5-26% speed.
  2287. Whiplash (LVLs 10): [Ability] Whiplash a target in front of you, disabling longjump, flying, and slowing them by up to 16%. 300-500 unit distance. 15 Sec CD. 2.5 Sec if missed.
  2288. Seduction (LVLs 11): [Ultimate] In a radius of 666 units, ALL players take and deal up to 66% less damage for 5 seconds.
  2289. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Ring of Regeneration, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health, Tome of Experience
  2291. [K] Dark Templar
  2292. Required Total Level: 6750
  2293. Max Level: 35
  2294. Restricted to only using the knife
  2295. Team Limit: 1
  2296. Light Bending (LVLs 1): [Passive] Gain 100% invisibility and 15% passive speed, but you have only 5 health. Immune to fall damage. Hidden on radar.
  2297. Warp Blade (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain 1-10 bonus damage and a 20% chance for an additional 4-40 damage.
  2298. Psionic Shield (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain a shield that absorbs 1 attack. 13-4 second cooldown. When the shield is used, it slows nearby enemies by 60%. Kills reset the cooldown instantly.
  2299. Nerazim Technology (LVLs 4): [Passive] Gain 25-100% magic resistance.
  2300. Burst of Speed (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Gain 10-100% speed for 2.5 seconds. 15 second cooldown.
  2301. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Ring of Regeneration, Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health, Prismatic Signet, Ring of Armor, Tome of Experience
  2303. [K] Pudge [Undead]
  2304. Required Total Level: 7000
  2305. Max Level: 24
  2306. Restricted to only using the knife
  2307. Team Limit: 1
  2308. Strength Hero (LVLs 0): [Passive] Gain 400 HP, lose 10% speed.
  2309. Flesh Heap (LVLs 6): [Passive] Gain 1-4 health and 1-4% magic resistance per enemy that dies near you or is killed by you. Caps at 100 HP and 80% magic resistance.
  2310. Rot (LVLs 6): [Passive] Toxic cloud that deals damage and slows nearby enemies.
  2311. Meat Hook (LVLs 6): [Ability] Pull an enemy towards you. 10-7 Sec CD.
  2312. Dismember (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Chow down on an enemy. 30 Sec CD.
  2313. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Prismatic Signet
  2315. Soul Spectre [Undead]
  2316. Required Total Level: 7500
  2317. Max Level: 50
  2318. No weapon restrictions
  2319. Team Limit: 1
  2320. Collector of Souls (LVLs 5): [Kill/Assist] Gain a chance to collect the souls from your victims
  2321. Differentiation (LVLs 5): [Ability] Sacrifice an amount of health based on your current amount
  2322. Repository (LVLs 5): [Spawn] Increase the amount of souls you can store (5-30)
  2323. Grenades Full of Power (LVLs 10): [Attack] Your Smoke Grenades deal damage and HEGrenades knock players back
  2324. Soul Charged (LVLs 10): [Spawn] Gain a damage bonus based off how many impure souls you have
  2325. Soul Shield (LVLs 10): [Attack] The pure souls you collect protect you and deal damage to nearby enemies and give you bonus health and speed
  2326. Altered Soul (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] The souls you have collected cause you to be come enraged
  2327. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Periapt of Health
  2329. Magatha Grimtotem
  2330. Required Total Level: 8000
  2331. Max Level: 27
  2332. No weapon restrictions
  2333. Team Limit: 1
  2334. Lightning Bolt (LVLs 5): [Passive] When an enemy gets within 350-750 yards of you, you have a 50% chance to deal a random amount of damage (10-20) to them. 12 second cooldown.
  2335. Multistrike (LVLs 8): [Passive] You have two 5-40% chances to deal a bonus 30% damage. Can hit both chances, for +60% damage.
  2336. Totems (LVLs 4): [Ability] Uses one of your 4 totems. Laying any totem has a 3 second cooldown. Each totem type has a 15 second cooldown. Type ''/totems'' to choose your totems for each element. Each level lets you lay an additional totem type.
  2337. Far Sight (LVLs 4): [Ability2] Look through the eyes of the nearest enemy for 1-4 seconds. Press again to cancel early. 30 second cooldown.
  2338. Bloodlust (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] Increases all damage of allies within 1500 units by 4-24%. Effect lasts 10 seconds. Useable once per round.
  2339. Restricted Items: Holy Shield, Claws of Attack, Necklace of Immunity, Ring of Regeneration
  2341. Death Bringer
  2342. Required Total Level: 8250
  2343. Max Level: 36
  2344. No weapon restrictions
  2345. Team Limit: 1
  2346. Unholy Touch (LVLs 6): [Passive] 7-42% chance to turn enemy health regeneration into health decay on hit for 10 seconds.
  2347. Death's Door (LVLs 6): [Passive] When you approach death, begin to heal for substantial health regeneration. Triggers when below 45 HP. 10 Sec Cooldown.
  2348. Creature of the Shadows (LVLs 6): [Passive] You are a creature of the shadows. Gain 10-60% invisibility.
  2349. Inevitability (LVLs 6): [Passive] Death is inevitable for your foes. 10-60% chance to respawn on a fallen allies body. Can only respawn once per round. Cancel with +ability.
  2350. Scythe (LVLs 6): [Passive] Your scythe is only used for the most dangerous enemies. Deal an additional 12-72% knife damage over 2 seconds.
  2351. Vile Scream (LVLs 6): [Ultimate] You let out a vile scream, blocking all enemy healing and regeneration for 2-7 seconds. 25 Sec Cooldown
  2352. Restricted Items: Cloak of Shadows, Scroll of Respawning
  2354. T Hardy
  2355. Required Total Level: 8250
  2356. Max Level: 50
  2357. No weapon restrictions
  2358. Team Limit: 1
  2359. Skulls (LVLs 0): [Passive] Collect skulls based on damage you deal. Lose skulls on death or at round end. If you survive, your next life you will start with 25 skulls.
  2360. Perseverance (LVLs 10): [Passive] Try hard and you will persevere. 0.1-0.25% damage resistance per skull collected.
  2361. High Spirits (LVLs 10): [Passive] Try hard to raise your spirits. Gain 1.0-2.0 regen when you have at least 70-25 skulls.
  2362. Morale (LVLs 10): [Passive] Try hard to raise your morale. Go 2 to 15% faster.
  2363. Accusations (LVLs 10): [Ability] Try hard to make others jealous. Lose 5 skulls, but gain 20% leech for 5-10 seconds.
  2364. Arrogant (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Pretend you are better than you are. Gain 50 skulls for 5-15 seconds.
  2365. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Mask of Death, Ring of Regeneration
  2367. [P] Air Elemental
  2368. Required Total Level: 9000
  2369. Max Level: 30
  2370. Restricted to only using pistols
  2371. Team Limit: 1
  2372. Aerial Betrayal (LVLs 5): [Passive] When damaging opponents, they become light as clouds. Lower gravity by 10-50% for 1 second when you hit enemies.
  2373. Ferocity of Velocity (LVLs 5): [Passive] You attack with such force that you knock opponents up damaging them. 3-15% chance to knockup dealing 3-15 damage.
  2374. Pocket Pressure (LVLs 5): [Passive] Place compressed pockets of air as a trap. Your smoke grenade sticks to any surface. Explodes if an enemy gets too close. Spawn with 1 smoke, gain 1 per kill.
  2375. Cloudy (LVLs 5): [Passive] Made of air, you are resistant to some damage. 20-100% immune to backstabs. Gain 7-35% evasion.
  2376. Eye of the Storm (LVLs 5): [Passive] When you kill enemies, creates and explosion that blasts enemies outward.
  2377. Mist Form (LVLs 5): [Ultimate] Disperse like mist into the air to escape. Cannot attack, 60% reduced gravity, 60% increased speed, 50% damage reduction, and 80% invisibility. Lasts 1-5 seconds
  2378. Restricted Items: Tome of Experience
  2380. [!] High Priestess of the Conclave
  2381. Required Total Level: 9250
  2382. Max Level: 80
  2383. Restricted to only using weapon_hkp2000
  2384. Team Limit: 1
  2385. Holy Experience (LVLs 0): [Passive] 50% of healing you do to others grants you experience.
  2386. Holy Cloth (LVLs 10): [Passive] Gain up to 3hp/sec and 20% bonus speed.
  2387. Holy Power (LVLs 10): [Passive] If you have not cast within 20 seconds, next Flash Heal/Holy Nova is increased by up to 100%.
  2388. Spirit of Redemption (LVLs 10): [Passive] When you take fatal damage, you instead become unable to attack or cast and cannot die. You heal one player in your sight for up to 20/sec. After 10 seconds, you die.
  2389. Desperate Prayer (LVLs 10): [Passive] When you take 60-40 damage, you will heal for 40-50 health. Cooldown 25 seconds.
  2390. Lightwell (LVLs 10): [Passive] When standing still for 5-1 seconds, heal nearby players for up to 5hp/sec.
  2391. Flash Heal/Mind Blast (LVLs 10): [Ability] Heal/damage your target for 20-50/10-25. Cooldown 10/15 seconds.
  2392. Holy Nova (LVLs 10): [Ability2] Heals allies/damages enemies around you for up to 20 hp. Cooldown 20 seconds.
  2393. Divine Hymn (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Grants an AOE healing of up to 20/sec for 5 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds. Does not stack with Lightwell.
  2394. Restricted Items: Boots of Speed, Ring of Regeneration, Pistol Clip Extender, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health, Tome of Experience
  2396. [P] Tracer
  2397. Required Total Level: 9500
  2398. Max Level: 29
  2399. Restricted to only using weapon_elite
  2400. Team Limit: 2
  2401. Pulse Pistols (LVLs 3): [Passive] Spawn with dual barettas and move more quickly.
  2402. Blink (LVLs 10): [Ability] Blink horizontally through space in the direction you're moving. Stores 3 charges.
  2403. Recall (LVLs 6): [Ability2] Tracer bounds backward in time, 0.5-3 seconds.
  2404. Pulse Bomb (LVLs 10): [Ultimate] Lob a large bomb that adheres to any surface or unfortunate opponent it lands on. Ultimate is charged over time, or with damage.
  2405. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Long Jump, Boots of Speed, Tome of Experience
  2407. Illusionist
  2408. Required Total Level: 15000
  2409. Max Level: 40
  2410. No weapon restrictions
  2411. Team Limit: 1
  2412. Dazzle (LVLs 5): [Defense] Dazzle your enemies, tricking the mind into missing what is obviously there. 20-60% invisibility.
  2413. Perplex (LVLs 10): [Attack] Perplex your opponents, making them unsure which way is which. 20% chance to make the target unable to use two of their movement keys (forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right) for 1-3 seconds.
  2414. Confuse (LVLs 10): [Attack] Confuse your adversaries, making them forget what they should know. 50% chance to make the target unsure of what their health, armor, money and ammo are for 0.5-5 seconds.
  2415. Confound (LVLs 10): [Attack] Confound the opposition's vision. 25% chance of setting target's FOV extremely high for 0.1-1.0 seconds.
  2416. Telekenesis (LVLs 1): [Ability] Use telekenesis to 1) pick a gun up 2) swap ammunition with an enemy target or 3) disarm an enemy (if 5 bullets or less in his magazine). 150 ft distance, 5 second cooldown.
  2417. Blood (LVLs 4): [Ultimate] Return to destroy your nemesis by understanding that your wounds are sometimes part of the illusion. Gain 4-16 health for every time you affect an opponent with your skills. 5 second cooldown.
  2418. Restricted Items: Cloak of Shadows, Periapt of Health, Tome of Experience
  2420. [K] Witch-King of Angmar
  2421. Required Total Level: 3153019
  2422. Max Level: 30
  2423. Restricted to only using the knife
  2424. Team Limit: 1
  2425. Hunger of the Ring (LVLs 5): [Passive] Gain 20-100 HP, 10-30% speed, and 5-25% damage resistance.
  2426. Fist of Sauron (LVLs 7): [Passive] Gain 5-35% chance to bash.
  2427. Sap Will (LVLs 5): [Passive] Gain 4-20% chance to disarm.
  2428. Magic Ward (LVLs 4): [Passive] Gain 20-80% magic resistance.
  2429. Shriek of Torment (LVLs 6): [Ability] Nearby enemies shake with fear.
  2430. Fell Beast (LVLs 3): [Ultimate] You fly, and gain 9-27% evade.
  2431. Restricted Items: Long Jump, Holy Shield, Boots of Speed, Necklace of Immunity, Enchanted Chainmail, Periapt of Health, Belt of Thorns, Prismatic Signet
  2433. Black Market Dealer
  2434. Required Total Level: 7000
  2435. Max Level: 120
  2436. No weapon restrictions
  2437. Team Limit: 1
  2438. Dealer Discount (LVLs 0): [0] Your allies can purchase shop items at a 10% discount. You gain experience equal to 10% of the money they saved. Allies only get this discount if they have been on your team for more than one round.
  2439. Transfer (LVLs 0): [0] Give the player on your team with the lowest cash all of your money. You cannot give money to a player who recently joined the team.
  2440. Crusader's Wish (LVLs 0): [1-30] Up to a 100% chance to save your weapons.
  2441. Sword of Striking (LVLs 0): [21-50] Gain up to a 30% chance to crit for 50% bonus damage.
  2442. Imbued Plate (LVLs 0): [41-55] Reduce damage taken by up to 15%.
  2443. Axe of Cleaving (LVLs 0): [51-80] Gain up to a 30% chance to cleave nearby enemies for 10 damage.
  2444. Holy Shield (LVLs 0): [71-100] Gain up to 30% immunity to bash, crit, and leech.
  2445. Necklace of Immunity (LVLs 0): [91-120] Up to a 100% chance to be immune to ultimates each round.
  2446. Pot Luck (LVLs 0): [120+] You get a random item every round. Higher race level increases the quality of items that can be rewarded and the items strength.
  2447. Restricted Items: Crusader's Wish, Flaming Gloves of Warmth, Mole, Long Jump, Parachute, Holy Shield, Boots of Speed, Claws of Attack, Mask of Death, Necklace of Immunity, Orb of Frost, Ring of Regeneration, Pistol Clip Extender, Dust of Appearance, Cloak of Shadows, Enchanted Chainmail, Dwarven Sunglasses, Khanian Ammo Resupply, Periapt of Health, Scroll of Respawning, Belt of Thorns, Prismatic Signet, Orb of Venom, Weapon Sling, Ice Totem, Ring of Armor, Blingtron 6000 Gift Package, Shopkeepe
  2449. Races Logged: 201, Undead Races: 12, Item Restrictions: 784
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