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  1. Premium fields and wallpapers have to be unlocked using credits. Credits are earned by downloading our partner apps. These are high quality free apps that are specially recommended for you. For each app you download and launch, you get 30 credits.
  3. This way, you don’t have to pay anything AND get to try out cool apps!
  5. Steps to earn credits
  6. • Click on “Unlock” in the main menu and then click on “Earn Credits”
  7. • Choose the app you want to download (you can change the app being recommended by clicking on “refresh” in the bottom right corner)
  8. • Once you have decided the app you want, click on download
  9. • You will be taken to the App Store, click on install
  10. • Once installation is complete, launch the app
  11. • Come back to Snake Classic and your balance should be updated*
  13. *In most cases, the balance is updated immediately, but it might take up to 30 minutes some times for your credits to show up.
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