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  1. Rance Quest Magnum 2.050 Partial Interface Translation Patch - July 18th, 2012 Version 1.3.2
  3. What's included in this patch?
  4. 1. ランス・クエスト.ain - Contains almost all dialogue, text, names, events, etc. in the game.
  6. 2. ランス・クエストAFF.afa - Contains animations with filenames translated by the above file. Without this, animations will not play.
  8. 3. ランス・クエスト追加CG.afa - Contains CG for the 2.05 update. NOTE: You do not need this for a fresh install, ONLY if you are upgrading from a previous version such as 2.01. If you ran the 2.05 updater before you looked for this patch, you don't need to add this file since you already have it.
  10. 4. Version.txt - A text file that determines the version number of your game. It's included for completeness, but you don't really need it.
  12. What's translated so far?
  13. Character, Monster, and Speaker Names.
  14. Quest Names and descriptions.
  15. Skills (some were skipped since they aren't in the game)
  16. Item Names and Descriptions
  17. Shop text
  18. A little bit of combat text.
  19. Some speech bubbles (in-quest).
  20. Most of Quest 107 and Mt. Hakkoda.
  21. Almost all choices.
  22. Some of the information log.
  24. What's left:
  25. Almost all quests and dialogue. Some is translated here and there.
  26. Graphics and buttons. (Please help if you know how to do this ;_;)
  28. How do I install it?
  29. **If you haven't already, install the Magnum/2.01 patches first.**
  30. 1. Download this archive and extract it some where: http://www.mediafire.com/?7lgpv4rhnk3lty5
  31. 2. Open up your Rance Quest install folder, located at C:\Program Files\AliceSoft\RanceQuest.
  32. 3. BACK UP YOUR CURRENT ランス・クエスト.ain FILE. This is in case anything goes wrong somehow.
  33. 4. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\AliceSoft\ランス・クエスト and back up the "SaveData" folder. This is in case anything goes wrong somehow. You don't need to do this if you haven't played the game yet.
  34. 5. Take the new ランス・クエスト.ain file and move it into your install directory. It should not overwrite anything since you backed up the old one.
  35. 6. Move the other files into the same folder. You should now have all of the files in the install directory.
  36. 7. Start the game, and enjoy Rance Quest Magnum!
  38. Helpful links and tips for playing Rance Quest
  40. http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Rance_Quest:Quests_Walkthrough
  41. This page gives a basic walkthrough for each quest.
  43. http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Rance_Quest:Characters_join_condition
  44. This page tells you how to get each character and recommends skills and such for each one.
  46. From the old patch link:
  47. >Notes on the game itself.
  48. > Rance Quest is pretty forgiving.  It saves after every quest.  You can redo anything and >change the outcome so don't worry about screwing anything up. This means you can play the >game now if you want and go back to see something new translated at any time.  You can reset >skills later using a purchased item, and almost all characters will be 'reincarnated' and >have them reset once anyway.  There are also a ridiculous amount of characters so you can >experiment with different set ups.
  50. > Quests give you points which increase your charisma level, which is shown at the bottom >beside your gold.  You can change members in dungeons as many times as you have charisma.  
  52. > Items are found in chests.  Red chests are trapped, yellow aren't.  Rangers (ninja) have a >skill to bypass the trap.  Items are kept separate until you complete the quest or use the
  53. >green escape exit.  Then you can pay to identify anything that isn't.  Identified items you >keep, rest you lose.  Red tinted unidentified items are rare.
  55. If all else fails, ask Rance General.
  59. Credit for much of the text and the foundation for this patch goes to the original patch maker, who remains anonymous. The old pastebin can be found here.
  60. http://pastebin.com/vN4f1npX
  62. Please post any errors and/or inaccuracies in the general thread, and tell me how to fix them if possible. I know for a fact some names are incorrect and other things might be messed up. The community has always been the driving force behind Rance translations, so be a part of history and help us hopeless gaijins play our chinese rape simulators.
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