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  6. TamzynEvynaura: Maybe, But if they are, they haven't spoken up....
  7. EV0Z: Welcome home Sam.
  8. RougeSamaa: Thank you, Sir.
  9. IlShironelI: Perhaps you need to be agressive
  10. TamzynEvynaura  nods softly.  
  11. EV0Z: <.<
  12. TamzynEvynaura: I have tried both agressive and non.
  13. EV0Z: how was work Sam?
  14. IlShironelI: What does that face mean Evo?
  15. IlShironelI: Welcome back Rouge
  16. RougeSamaa: Thank you, Miss.
  17. EV0Z: means dont tell females to stab people for attention -snorts-
  18. EV0Z: I got scared at the word aggressive.
  19. RougeSamaa: Work was... shit...
  20. EV0Z: next thing you now, was a ton of people gonna be running through with frying pans -snorts-
  21. EV0Z: laughing at my own jokes.
  22. IIRymeII: Welp... I got banned from a room for being "dressed too slutty" and for actually knowing what BDSM is.
  23. IlShironelI: I did not tell her to go stab people
  24. EV0Z: you said be more aggressive and I was making a joke of it cuz.
  25. Malnourish: Back!
  26. EV0Z: yeah, some rooms dislike Slutty outfits.
  27. RougeSamaa: Welcome back Mari
  28. EV0Z: welcome back MiraMia.
  29. Malnourish: Thanks, Mister Spoons
  30. Malnourish: Oh! Hello, Sam!
  31. RougeSamaa: Hi
  32. IIRymeII: Exhibition isn't excactly "slutty"... Granted, yes it's nudity, but it's also an enjoyment, both common in practice and sometimes just a one time rush.
  33. EV0Z  becomes one with MiraMia
  34. Malnourish  molds into His skin
  35. Malnourish: Your knee makes a great accessory
  36. Pathral has joined the chat
  37. RougeSamaa: ♦♥♦ Welcome to the Avcii Family Market. Please, state your status upon loading and refrain from using text talk, as it is against the rules of the room. ♦♥♦
  38. EV0Z  snorts  
  39. EV0Z: I bet it does.
  40. Malnourish: So help me gods, Yip, if you do what you said you were gonna do...
  41. EV0Z: hm?
  42. Pathral: Dominant, Not seeking.
  43. EV0Z: Thrones please.
  44. Malnourish: Oh! Pathral is my fake husband. My best friend. Bromance for life.
  45. Pathral: Join the room in the grand 'ole rooster?
  46. Pathral: Bromance? We're actually married.
  47. TamzynEvynaura  slowly walks back to her pillow and kneels, looking around.
  48. Malnourish  don't you dare
  49. EV0Z: hm?
  50. Malnourish: He wanted to meet You, Sir. I might have bragged a little bit. He's who called.
  51. IIRymeII: Potato.
  52. EV0Z: You keep telling him not to do somthing?
  53. EV0Z  curious as shit.
  54. Pathral  She's trying to relinquish our love.
  55. Malnourish: He said he was going to come in here and pretend our love was real for funsies.
  56. Malnourish  snorts
  57. EV0Z  snorts
  58. Pathral: Pretend?
  59. EV0Z: heh...
  60. RougeSamaa: owo
  61. Malnourish: I can feel you cackle in my bones
  62. Malnourish: I hope you lose your toilet paper in your nose. Butt.
  63. Pathral: You have no clue the embarassment I just saved you from self-censoring.
  64. EV0Z  he cracked his back.
  65. EV0Z: Excuse my silence, feeling chilling today heh.
  66. Pathral: You're good. In all seriousness, nice to meet you. Mira and I are just buds.
  67. TamzynEvynaura: Hey Samaa <3
  68. TamzynEvynaura: Sorry I have been away from key board
  69. RougeSamaa: Hi Tam
  70. TamzynEvynaura: (Sorry for the heart)
  71. RougeSamaa: Welcome back.
  72. Malnourish:
  73. TamzynEvynaura: Thanks. How have you been
  74. Malnourish  cackles
  75. SebastianDarkEntity has joined the chat
  76. EV0Z: welcome back seb
  77. Malnourish: Welcome back, Tam and Seb!
  78. EV0Z  snorts
  79. EV0Z: IM DEAD.
  80. EV0Z: XD
  81. SebastianDarkEntity  she smiles and waves softly '' Thank You''
  82. EV0Z: Iright yall two very close so -he hands her over- Enjoy xD
  83. EV0Z: #RefundRequested.
  84. Malnourish: It gets better, Sir. He heard me doing so...while we read Harry Potter fanfiction to one another.
  85. IIRymeII: Potato.
  86. Malnourish  gasps and clasps her shirt in offense
  87. Pathral  Wags brows, taking back the grandhag.
  88. Malnourish: Aye! I'm not a TV remote!
  89. EV0Z  breaths in the air of sweet freedom.
  90. Pathral: You are now.
  91. Pathral: Pfft
  92. EV0Z  waltz off to seb.
  93. EV0Z: hey, seb want more pancakes?
  94. Malnourish  huffs and walks away, taking her seat back over at her standard spot with a saddened wave
  95. EV0Z: <.<
  96. EV0Z: Dont be so dramatic Mira.
  97. Malnourish  pokes out her tongue. "You believed it?"
  98. IlShironelI  sighs and lays back
  99. SebastianDarkEntity  she perks up as she smiles and wags her tail'' I love Mr Evoz pancakes!''
  100. RougeSamaa: I'm alive, Tam, that's about all I've got at the moment.
  101. TamzynEvynaura has left the chat
  102. Pathral: Pisces.
  103. IIRymeII  pokes Sama with a stick o3o
  104. Pathral  Typical
  105. EV0Z  he shrugged "well since it aint bugging you" he murmured and picked up Seb casaully "Pancake party" he murmured and waltzed off with her, making her a shit ton of pancakes and bringing her and the pancakes back into the mainroom setting her down with em.
  106. EV0Z: ->Dosnt get the horoscope shit<-
  107. RougeSamaa  Swats at the stick. "What was that for?"
  108. SebastianDarkEntity  she murred happily as she got picked up and gets taken off to go eat pancakes
  109. IIRymeII: Pokey stick :o
  110. Malnourish  glares at Pathral. "And you see Gemini in action!" She waltzed back over to her seat in front of Sir Evo and bowed her head, taking His hand within her own and kissing His knuckles in a gesture of peace. "I'm just playing with You," she said, softly. "I'll not be so mean, today."
  111. SebastianDarkEntity  she blinks as she stuffs her mouth with pancakes
  112. Malnourish: Misclick city
  113. EV0Z  he shoved her face right into the ground.
  114. EV0Z: >_>
  115. Pathral  Chuckles at the scene, leaning back in his seat.  
  116. Malnourish  huffs and sputters from the force. "I suppose I deserve that one," she'd retort with a dry chuckle.
  117. Malnourish: Instigator >.>
  118. TamzynEvynaura has joined the chat
  119. RougeSamaa: Welcome back, Tam
  120. EV0Z  he put his leg over her head casaully and pulled out a Marker getting to work on Writing his name across her lower back giving her a tramp stamp.
  121. EV0Z: Welcome back Tam.
  122. Pathral: Draw a butterfly, too.
  123. EV0Z  draws two butterflys having sex.
  124. IIRymeII: o3o
  125. Pathral: Aww, yeah.
  126. SebastianDarkEntity  she watches tilting her head as she giggles as she watched
  127. EV0Z: So Tam hows the other room your in?
  128. TamzynEvynaura: I crahsed. My Apologies.
  129. Malnourish  She'd beam brightly at the weight upon her back provided by His legs, chuckling at the drawings on her flesh. "You two. See, Yip? I said Y'all are one in the same."
  130. Malnourish: Except the idea of bumping uglies with you makes me nauseous <3
  131. Pathral: Was going to say. Gross.
  132. EV0Z  he blinked "im one of a kind thank you very much" he muttered as he finished drawing the arrow pointing to her ass and then closed the sharpie smacking her ass he let her up by moving her leg.
  133. SebastianDarkEntity  she pokes the ladys back as it got drawn on as she softly looked up at Sir Evoz '' whats that mean '' she pointed to the butterflys
  134. EV0Z: his*
  135. Pathral: You only giggle at my drunk stories or my sex stories. And it's not so much a giggle as much of a cackle.
  136. EV0Z: it means....
  137. EV0Z: their play fighting.
  138. Malnourish: See, Sir? You're corrupting the poor girl!
  139. IIRymeII: It's butterfly sex.
  140. EV0Z: -he nodded his head at his solution-
  141. Malnourish  wheezes
  142. Malnourish: "Let me in!!!"
  143. IIRymeII: Area 51 Guard: No
  144. SebastianDarkEntity  she nods and as she kept eating her pancakes as she put her baby bat on his nose as she giggles
  145. EV0Z: in his buttholio?
  146. Pathral: No, In my buttholio.
  147. TamzynEvynaura has left the chat
  148. EV0Z  he blinked at the bat and snorted as he picked it up by the wings and held it tilting his head, he put it in a cage with food and water handing it back to her "careful with thoses things they bite" he murmured.
  149. EV0Z: poof yet again.
  150. EV0Z: didnt even answer my question -snorts-
  151. RougeSamaa: She crashed again
  152. SebastianDarkEntity  she whimpered watching him hold it by the wings'' its a baby it wont hurt that bad
  153. IIRymeII: The bite of a baby bat is not only super rare, but kinna like getting bit by a kitten.
  154. IIRymeII: Hurts like hell, and possibly gets infected easily.
  155. TamzynEvynaura has joined the chat
  156. SebastianDarkEntity  she lowers her ears some hearing so
  157. RougeSamaa: Welcome back, again, Tam
  158. TamzynEvynaura: Thank you. Again.
  159. Malnourish  shoves chips into her mouth
  160. Malnourish: Welcome back, Tam!
  161. RougeSamaa: You're welcome
  162. EV0Z: welcome back again.
  163. TamzynEvynaura: Thank you all
  164. TamzynEvynaura: I had a really bad crash
  165. SerBaconator has joined the chat
  166. SebastianDarkEntity  she slowly looks up at Evoz with an empty plate and cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk
  167. RougeSamaa: ♦♥♦ Welcome to the Avcii Family Market. Please, state your status upon loading and refrain from using text talk, as it is against the rules of the room. ♦♥♦
  168. IIRymeII: I'm super depreeeessed. o3o
  169. SerBaconator: Dom Passively seeking, im also a friend of malnourish
  170. Malnourish: Hey there!
  171. SerBaconator: and i hate text talk just know i do get stricken with typos and grammerical errors
  172. TamzynEvynaura: Why Ry>
  173. TamzynEvynaura: ?
  174. IIRymeII: The way you type that sentance...
  175. RougeSamaa: Feel free to come sit on one of the side thrones, Sir.
  176. IIRymeII: It needs more typos.
  177. SerBaconator: OOOf
  178. SerBaconator: now would anyone care for a hug
  179. RougeSamaa: *raises her hand*
  180. SerBaconator  walks over to samma and picks her up and huggles her
  181. SerBaconator: OOf i live right next to your state
  182. SerBaconator: aka misery
  183. Malnourish: You're so freaking sweet.~
  184. SerBaconator: but i live in IL
  185. IIRymeII: And my depression is mostly circling around the lack of everything I want/have. Not just entertainment stuff like games I mean
  186. RougeSamaa  She squeaks and flails a little when he actually picks her up for the hug. "I drove through IL recently. I just went to my sister's wedding in Georgia."
  187. Malnourish  is a Misery-an, too
  188. RougeSamaa: :o
  189. SerBaconator: if you went through st louis via 70
  190. SerBaconator: you went right by my house
  191. RougeSamaa: I did.
  192. RougeSamaa: You live about 4 hours away or so, then.
  193. SerBaconator: yeah i live about 20 mins east of STL
  194. SerBaconator: im guessing you live out by KC
  195. SerBaconator: or joplin then
  196. RougeSamaa: Subburb of KC
  197. RougeSamaa: About 20 min from I70
  198. SerBaconator: ahh my buddy lived in olathe
  199. SerBaconator: but he was lonely and moved back
  200. SerBaconator: i visited him a few times
  201. RougeSamaa: I lived in Olathe for a bit, it was hell.
  202. Pathral has left the chat
  203. SerBaconator: rode the amtrak cause itw as right next to his job
  204. SerBaconator: so get drunk on a train and bum around down town
  205. RougeSamaa: They're shit drivers, I'll tell you that much.
  206. SerBaconator: till he got off owrk
  207. SerBaconator: indeed
  208. SerBaconator: but we went to his place
  209. SerBaconator: called KC joes
  210. SerBaconator: it was like in a gas sation
  211. SerBaconator: but it was so goood
  212. SerBaconator: and you guys have taco johns
  213. SerBaconator: taco johns > taco bell
  214. RougeSamaa: Potato Oles mother fucker
  215. SebastianDarkEntity  she sits there and sways her tail  
  216. TamzynEvynaura: Sorry, I was loading and lagging really bad. Hello everyone, thank you for welcoming me back. Evo, you asked me how my other room was like 30 minutes ago....It was going okay until I crashed.
  217. SerBaconator: i also went to naka con
  218. RougeSamaa: I've still never been to a con
  219. IIRymeII  "Nya's" like an anime kitsune for no reason
  220. SerBaconator  ways at kawaii rye
  221. SerBaconator: and also i know you ry
  222. SerBaconator: its me raddy
  223. IIRymeII  (can also do that rl)
  224. IIRymeII: Raddy...? o.o
  225. Malnourish: I deserve a sticker. I did not finish that bag of chips
  226. SerBaconator: ill give you a hug
  227. SerBaconator: does that count ?
  228. SerBaconator: as a reward?
  229. RougeSamaa: *slow claps Mira*
  230. IIRymeII  slaps a potato-chip sticker on their forhead
  231. SerBaconator  group hugs her and sam
  232. SerBaconator: XD
  233. Malnourish  squeaks and hugs back, chuckling dryly
  234. Malnourish: The slow clap is top notch!
  235. RougeSamaa  Squeaks "Do you plan to put me down any time soon, mister?"
  236. IlShironelI  watches the room carefully
  237. SebastianDarkEntity  she wiggles on the pillow as she gives off a soft meep and starts to groom herself with a brush
  238. TamzynEvynaura: Are there any Dom/mes in here at the moment who are actively seeking?
  239. IIRymeII  halfway raises my hand
  240. IlShironelI  raises her hand.
  241. IIRymeII: As a pet I can sexualy be dominant or submissive. :o
  242. IIRymeII: Buuut, my less mentioned full Domme self is seeking for a slave.... X3
  243. IlShironelI  puts her hand down, leans back, and closes her eyes.
  244. TamzynEvynaura  walks over to Shirone and sits at her feet. Can I talk with you?
  245. TamzynEvynaura: "Can I talk with you"*
  246. IIRymeII: o3o...
  247. RougeSamaa  Pokes Mister Ser's face to see if he'll put her down.
  248. IlShironelI: Yes, you may Tam
  249. SebastianDarkEntity  feels a bit lonely as she pulls out on of her bears from her bag and cuddles it  
  250. SerBaconator  gently puts her down
  251. SerBaconator: oof sorry cat was being a butt
  252. RougeSamaa  Goes back over to her seat. "Maybe... next time ask to pick someone up?"
  253. IIRymeII: A hug is a hug. o3o
  254. EV0Z  he sent a ton of little stuffed teddy bears alive and had them running around the room toying with stuff for Seb's enertaiinment
  255. IIRymeII: I've met a few friendly peeps in person who are huggers, it's awkward sometimes, yea, but they're usually always nice people.
  256. SerBaconator: sorrys
  257. SebastianDarkEntity  she giggles and watches them as she got up trying to chase one
  258. RougeSamaa: I dun't like getting picked up >///<
  259. SerBaconator  sucks on suckefr
  260. IIRymeII  sees the tiny stuffed bears and... More or less FREAKS out "NYEEEEEEEEEH! WHY ARE THEY MOVING!?"
  261. EV0Z  the bear she was chasing ran and tripped over another bear andd the two bears began to dance together.
  262. RougeSamaa: Except for certain cercumstances
  263. RougeSamaa: Or however you spell that blasted word
  264. TamzynEvynaura: How are you Miss?
  265. SebastianDarkEntity  she stopped about to help one of the bears up and watches them dance '' awww ''' she sits and watches them  
  266. IlShironelI: I am doing well, you?
  267. EV0Z  the bears would stop dancing and then run over jumping on her to cuddle and nuzzle her and give her love.
  268. IIRymeII: The bears... They're.... THEY'RE EATING HER, I MIGHT BE NEXT
  269. SebastianDarkEntity  she murrs cooing loudly as she fell back getting cuddled and loved by all the bears as she loved it hugging them all
  270. TamzynEvynaura: I am doing okay
  271. IlShironelI: Aww look at Evo and Mira matching
  272. IIRymeII  holds up a riot shield in near complete horror as I watch the tiny stuffed bears
  273. TamzynEvynaura: Cute
  274. Malnourish  covers her face to hide her reddened cheeks
  275. EV0Z: >.>
  276. EV0Z: we are matching arnt we MiraMia?
  277. SebastianDarkEntity  she murrs and looks at them noticing '' Sir Evoz looks good with purple pinky hair ^w^'' she goes back to playing with the bears
  278. Malnourish: W/we are. I'm sure You did it on purpose~
  279. Malnourish: Doesn't He, Seb? I was quite fond of it when He picked it out, but He took my comments as "smart ass"
  280. EV0Z: >.>
  281. EV0Z: I hadnt even realized
  282. IlShironelI: Are you feeling better Tam?
  283. SebastianDarkEntity  she huggles all the bears as she walks over '' yes yes me like it '' she smiled big at him  
  284. EV0Z: but since were matching, we may need to take a pic together.
  285. TamzynEvynaura: I am mostly. My chest still hurt from the panic attack but I am okay for now
  286. EV0Z  he chuckled at her "im glad you like it seb" he murmured.
  287. Malnourish: Mmm...nice cover, Mister
  288. IIRymeII: Potato
  289. SebastianDarkEntity  she smiled and goes bk to the bears playing with them as she looks around and softly speaking '' c..can i throw a tea party with them Sir Evoz''
  290. IlShironelI: You will be okay. I know how panic attacks are.
  291. EV0Z: truth though hadnt realized
  292. EV0Z: xD
  293. llEerikall has joined the chat
  294. TamzynEvynaura: I know I will.
  295. Malnourish  stares intently. "Mmmkay."
  296. llEerikall: Good evening everyone
  297. EV0Z: welcome home Rika.
  298. IlShironelI: Welcome home Rika
  299. llEerikall  slips into my cage
  300. Malnourish: Welcome back, Rika!
  301. EV0Z  he nuzzled Mira's neck gently.
  302. TamzynEvynaura: Good evening
  303. IIRymeII: o3o...
  304. llEerikall: Thank you Sir thank you Miss
  305. Malnourish  she'd lean her head over to rest upon Sir Evo's head, idly chewing on His wine-colored strands.  
  306. IIRymeII: o3o... Me is curious about Rika...
  307. SerBaconator  rubs his chin
  308. SerBaconator: i am hungry
  309. RougeSamaa: Then eat food?
  310. IlShironelI  watches Tam move back again.
  311. TamzynEvynaura: Sorry, I didn't want to bother you if you didn't want to talk
  312. SebastianDarkEntity  pulls out a tea set from her bag as she sets it out for her and the bears and smiles  
  313. IIRymeII: My messages are sending right....?
  314. IlShironelI: I didn't say anything like that
  315. RougeSamaa: Yes they are, Ry
  316. TamzynEvynaura: I know. I just...have problems Miss
  317. Malnourish: They are, Ryme!
  318. RougeSamaa: Rika is still under punishment for something she did, that's why she's in the cage. She's a house sub.
  319. TamzynEvynaura: I feel like I am bothering anyone and everyone
  320. IIRymeII: o3o Is the punishment just being in a cage..?
  321. RougeSamaa: No, that's the tail end of the punishment...
  322. llEerikall: no Ryme .... there was more
  323. IIRymeII: Then what was the real punishment? :o
  324. EV0Z: there was more, her head was shaved, she was given 20 lashes and left in a room in a cage alone for 2 days.
  325. EV0Z: now shes at the end tail of it all.
  326. SebastianDarkEntity  she sneezes as she drops one her cups as it brakes as she whimpers looking around for a broom  
  327. IlShironelI: You did not bother me. What bothers me is people leaving mid conversation or tricking me
  328. TamzynEvynaura: I apologize Miss. Would you like me to come back?
  329. IIRymeII: o-o Wouldn't a punishment in a non-purely abusive way be something that the recepiant is still ok with..?
  330. RougeSamaa: v.v
  331. IlShironelI: One second
  332. IlShironelI  steps down from her throne and walks over to Seb. 'What's wrong, little one?'
  333. SebastianDarkEntity  she looks up with tears in her eyes '' i.. i broke the cup.. she points to her mess as she lowers her ears
  334. llEerikall: Ryme it was my Master's decision to punish me the way he did ... I accepted it ... it doesn't matter what I think of it
  335. IIRymeII: So... You're a pure-based slave..? o,o
  336. llEerikall: no I'm a submissive with slave tendencies
  337. IIRymeII: Those are some heavy slavelike tendencies... o-o
  338. IlShironelI  pets her head gently. 'I see, it will be okay. I will handle it.' walks over to the closet and pulls out a broom and dustpan. She walks back and sweeps up the broken glass being sure to get every piece. Afterwards, she goes to dispose of the glass, walks back to Seb, pets her head again, and sits back down on her throne. 'See? all fixed.'
  339. SebastianDarkEntity  she nods as she gives off a few sniffles feeling bad she broke it '' Thank you''
  340. RougeSamaa: May I be excused?
  341. lCactusl has joined the chat
  342. RougeSamaa: ♦♥♦ Welcome to the Avcii Family Market. Please, state your status upon loading and refrain from using text talk, as it is against the rules of the room. ♦♥♦
  343. IIRymeII: No, you must stay, FOREVAH
  344. lCactusl: I'm a entering as a submissive, and also seeking
  345. RougeSamaa: Feel free to come join us on the pillows down here.
  346. lCactusl: Thank you so much ^U^
  347. RougeSamaa: You're welcome.
  348. IIRymeII: :o Oh hey, you also has the sex toys phanny pack.
  349. lCactusl  she'd nod "It's my May Poppins phanny pack of sex toys" smiling back over to her
  350. lCactusl: Mary*
  351. lCactusl: Sorry i'm a bit drunk, I can't type right
  352. lCactusl: ^^'
  353. IIRymeII: I do the same thing X'3
  354. SebastianDarkEntity  goes and sits down as she hugs the bears putting her cups up not wanting to brake another as she curls up and waits  
  355. IIRymeII  puts mine on, cause why not
  356. lCactusl: <O<
  357. lCactusl  nuts
  358. lCactusl: xD
  359. TamzynEvynaura: Miss Shirone, I have to get off and go to bed. I have a very early morning and I am hoping to get some sort of sleep. I hope we can talk more tmro?
  360. lCactusl: Wow you make it look a lot better then me
  361. IlShironelI: Yes we can. Talk to you tomorrow. Friend me before you leave
  362. IIRymeII: "Panty sides"
  363. TamzynEvynaura: Yes Miss.
  364. TamzynEvynaura: Goodnight everyone
  365. Malnourish: Goodnight, Tam!
  366. IIRymeII  slowly unzips my toys bag o v o
  367. TamzynEvynaura: Night Mal
  368. llEerikall: nite nite Tam
  369. lCactusl: Nighttt
  370. lCactusl: <U<
  371. RougeSamaa: Goodnight Tam Tam
  372. IlShironelI: Rest well Tal
  373. IlShironelI: Tam*
  374. TamzynEvynaura: Night Rika, Night Cac, Night Samaa, Night Miss Shirone.
  375. TamzynEvynaura has left the chat
  376. IIRymeII  yanks out a black and red camo horse dildo from the bag and pokes it at Cactus >:3
  377. RougeSamaa: owo
  378. RougeSamaa: *hides from the horse dildo*
  379. IIAlaricII has joined the chat
  380. llEerikall: Welcome home Sir
  381. SebastianDarkEntity: Welcome Home Sir Alaric
  382. SebastianDarkEntity  she huggles the bears close  
  383. IIRymeII: Meep.
  384. RougeSamaa: Welcome home, Sir Alaric.
  385. Malnourish: Good evening!
  386. lCactusl: Oh boy
  387. RougeSamaa: May I please be excused now?
  388. lCactusl  bends over teasingly sticking out my tongue "Go ahead" she'd grin at Ry
  389. Malnourish: If I had the authority, I'd excuse you, Sam
  390. IIRymeII  simply holds the toy in my hands, looking down at the small woman, I chuckle a little as I comment "You do realize you're attempting to tease a bunny that would more than likely very much enjoy playing with you..."
  391. IIAlaricII: your excused
  392. RougeSamaa: Thank you, Sir.
  393. SebastianDarkEntity  she curls up as she lowers her ears and thinks to self
  394. lCactusl  she blinked for a moment and thought to herself, looking back at the size "You
  395. lCactusl: FAwk
  396. lCactusl: You're right that won't fit in me*
  397. lCactusl: Kms
  398. llEerikall: nite nite Rouge
  399. IIRymeII  makes a brain screenshot of Alaric missclicking on me
  400. lCactusl: I'm so drunk n horny....might go watch sum uh...people having fun xD
  401. IIRymeII  chuckles and just squeezes the dildo "Now who says this would'nt fit you? it's squishy!"
  402. EV0Z: o.O
  403. Malnourish: I'm just as confused as You are.
  404. lCactusl  "Hmmm, but but i'm small down there" she blushed looking at it's gurth
  405. lCactusl: Confused at what?
  406. EV0Z: over what the hell is even happening.
  407. EV0Z: to be blunt.
  408. SebastianDarkEntity  there bears poof from her arms as she held the one that was hers as she sighs softly curling up tight with it
  409. Malnourish  she'd chuckle and rub the back of her neck. "I'm pretty sure I'm no longer confused."
  410. IIRymeII  flops the toy onto Cactus' head, then shifts my attention to my toys bag to maybe find something more reasonable for her... X'3
  411. IlShironelI: Seb, do you want to come cuddle up here on my pillow?
  412. SebastianDarkEntity  she smiles softly '' if its ok im just hopping one day someone wants me to take home ^^ '' she sighs softly crawling up the steps and curls up on the pillow huggin her bear '' i miss having a Daddy ... ''
  413. lCactusl  she'd pull out a buttplug "Hmmm" she reached further into the bag grabbing a vibrator "hmmmm no" sticks her tongue out in frustration, reaching further into the endless bag on her waist
  414. lCactusl: Crap nuggets
  415. IIRymeII  slowly pulls out a more squishy and floppy, simple blue dildo, I look over and just watch her for the short time being as I hold the toy o3o
  416. IlShironelI: Aww I am sorry, Seb. You will find someone soon.
  417. lCactusl  she looks over and nods "Okay i can fit that one" she giggled ad bent over the pillow arching her butt up
  418. IlShironelI: Hey, cousin?
  419. IIRymeII: X'3 You little weirdo... Can't fully tell if you're actually interested or simply just looking for random lewdness.
  420. lCactusl: Lmao. i'm a bit to intoxicated to care
  421. lCactusl: z
  422. IIRymeII: Okay, ouch. o3o
  423. lCactusl: I has a pee pee ^U^
  424. EV0Z: hey cuz
  425. IIRymeII: o3o...?
  426. lCactusl: We twins cx
  427. IIRymeII: Oh.
  428. IlShironelI: What happened to Nimdith?
  429. lCactusl: XD
  430. EV0Z: who's Nimdith?
  431. IIAlaricII: okay im alive and ready to eat-looks around as he scouts the room for something taste as his blood lusted eyes flicked looking around the room-
  432. IIRymeII  slaps the floppy blue dildo across Cactus' face, since it was super squishy it likely didn't do much of anything
  433. IIAlaricII: tasty*
  434. Nimdith has joined the chat
  435. RougeSamaa: You mean... Him?
  436. RougeSamaa: Back
  437. IlShironelI: And there he is.
  438. IlShironelI: Welcome back Rouge and Nim
  439. RougeSamaa: Thank you.
  440. RougeSamaa: , Miss. ***
  441. llEerikall: welcome back Rouge
  442. llEerikall: Hello Nim
  443. EV0Z: OHHHH
  444. EV0Z: I remember who Nim is now xD
  445. llEerikall: May I be right back please?
  446. EV0Z: you may Rika.
  447. IlShironelI  flicks a gummy bear at Evo
  448. Nimdith: Good evening everyone.
  449. RougeSamaa: Hiya Nim.
  450. llEerikall: thank you Sir :)
  451. EV0Z  catches it with his mouth and devours it like the beast he is.
  452. EV0Z: Know Who i miss?
  453. EV0Z: I miss my rock.
  454. IlShironelI: Aww Zeos.
  455. Nimdith: <<
  456. Nimdith: >>
  457. RougeSamaa: I miss Zeos too...
  458. Nimdith  goes over to a pillow
  459. Nimdith: Where'd Zeos go?
  460. EV0Z: I dont know.
  461. IIRymeII: I'ma just...
  462. EV0Z: I havnt seen him in a few dyas.
  463. EV0Z: days*
  464. IlShironelI: Come, come sit Nim
  465. SebastianDarkEntity  stays curled up
  466. IIRymeII  casually grabs Cactus over to me, standing her infront of me, faceing towards me >v>
  467. Squidget has joined the chat
  468. Malnourish  kicks my touch pad
  469. RougeSamaa: Now it's a party
  470. EV0Z: >_> beat me too it Sam.
  471. RougeSamaa: You can ask Miss Shiro. I'm fast >;3
  472. EV0Z  blinks as she kicks things and plays with her hair gently.
  473. Squidget: Not always the best thing to brag about. ;)
  474. EV0Z  snorts
  475. EV0Z: xD
  476. Nimdith: Being fast isn't always a good thing though ;)
  477. Squidget  snorts.  
  478. Malnourish  growls at her touch pad before quickly forgetting the rage, reveling in the sensation of her hair being rustled
  479. lCactusl: I'mm off goodnight alll
  480. IIRymeII: Being a fast humper is something I'd brag about :o
  481. EV0Z: why you beating up your touch pad?
  482. RougeSamaa: *has female genitals* Fast is perfectly fine when it's me.
  483. Squidget: Night Cactus.
  484. EV0Z: welcome home Raya by the way.
  485. IIRymeII: Oh... Well okay then Cactus....
  486. RougeSamaa: Welcome home, Miss Raya
  487. EV0Z: nighty Cactus.
  488. SebastianDarkEntity  she sits up some looking around
  489. lCactusl: I'll be back for you Ry <W<
  490. IIRymeII: o =o...
  491. lCactusl: Nighhhht ^u^
  492. EV0Z: kinky.
  493. lCactusl: Lovely meeting all of you
  494. Nimdith: Have a good evening, rest well.
  495. RougeSamaa: Take care
  496. lCactusl has left the chat
  497. IIRymeII: And now I is alone. o=o
  498. Malnourish: Apologies for being quiet. Formulating plans
  499. Malnourish  queues Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone"
  500. SebastianDarkEntity  she looked over to Sir Alaric'' May i add you Sir'' she softly asked
  501. RougeSamaa: How can you say you're alone, Ry?
  502. Squidget: Hey Bacon.
  503. IIRymeII: I has no one to perv out with in here. o3o
  504. Nimdith: Are we all just closet pervs? cx
  505. RougeSamaa: I mean... I'm not in a closet at the moment
  506. IIRymeII: I'm no "closet" perv.
  507. IIRymeII: I'm just a perv.
  508. RougeSamaa: Care to bring out that horse dildo again? I'll show you how to use it properly *she giggles*
  509. EV0Z: back fully bow
  510. SebastianDarkEntity: Wb Sir Evoz
  511. RougeSamaa: Welcome back, Sir Evo
  512. EV0Z: no text talk seb
  513. RougeSamaa: Seb... text talk...
  514. Malnourish: Welcome back, Sir Evo~
  515. SebastianDarkEntity: sorry
  516. IIRymeII  picks up the black and red camo horse dildo from the floor, flopping it back down right at Sama's knees.
  517. SebastianDarkEntity: >.< didnt mean to do that
  518. Nimdith: o:
  519. Nimdith: Whad I miss
  520. SebastianDarkEntity  whimpers and curls up  
  521. EV0Z: aparently hourse dildos.
  522. EV0Z: horse*
  523. RougeSamaa  Winks at Ry. "Bend over, babeh."
  524. llEerikall: back
  525. IIRymeII: >:I Hmmmm...
  526. RougeSamaa: Welcome back, Rika
  527. Squidget: Welcome back, Rika.
  528. Nimdith: Should I be taking notes?
  529. Squidget: Oodles.
  530. RougeSamaa: I mean... you could bend over, Nim.
  531. llEerikall: thank you Rouge and Squidget
  532. Nimdith: ...I'm alright :3
  533. IlShironelI: OH god Rouge
  534. Squidget  hmph.
  535. Nimdith  stays comfortably seated ^~^
  536. IIRymeII  steps over right infront of Sama... A small smirk on my face as I more than obviously plan something a little more so pervy.
  537. EV0Z  dubsteps shuffles in circles.
  538. RougeSamaa: Ry was complaining they didn't have anyone to be pervy with... I was just being a kind host...
  539. Malnourish  disowns
  540. EV0Z  snorts
  541. EV0Z: You cant disown me.
  542. SebastianDarkEntity  she crawls down the steps and looks for a blanket in her bag  
  543. Malnourish: Nope, but I can mute Your music
  544. IIRymeII  casually slaps my dick across Sama's cheek and chuckles evily =v=
  545. EV0Z: you wouldnt betray me like that >.>
  546. RougeSamaa  Glares at Ry and flicks the tip of their dick. "Excuse you."
  547. IIRymeII: You're the one that wanted me to bend over, while you have a horse dildo in your near possesion. >:P
  548. Malnourish  shows off her blue headphones firmly placed into her ears
  549. RougeSamaa: I told you I would show you how to use it.
  550. SebastianDarkEntity  she flicks her ears '' Who playing Dubstep '' her eyes widen as she loved listening to Dub
  551. RougeSamaa: You're the one who mistakenly gave it to me
  552. IIRymeII: X3 Kinna figured you'd show off how to use it with your own body, and not mine.
  554. EV0Z  booty shakes.
  555. RougeSamaa: But that's not as much fun...
  556. IIRymeII: For me it is, vouyurism.
  557. IIRymeII: I forgot how to spell it, hush.
  558. RougeSamaa: Ah
  559. SebastianDarkEntity  giggles softly to self watching Sir Evoz shack his bottom
  560. IIRymeII: o3o?
  561. EV0Z: Bootylishs
  562. IlShironelI  relaxes with a puppy on her lap.
  563. SebastianDarkEntity  giggles at a song she just hurd and starts to sing it '' Twinkle Twinkle little star Im ganna hit you with my car Up into the sky so high You better hope you can fly '' giggles after singing
  564. IIRymeII: PORN
  565. Malnourish: I doscovered last night that there's a plethora of Crocs porn on the internet.
  566. Nimdith  jumps a lil from the sudden outburst o_o
  567. RougeSamaa: *leans over and pokes Nim's cheek*
  568. Nimdith  He'd look over at the person who poked at him. "Hmm?" Humming softly in a questioning way.
  569. IIAlaricII: well now we know what mal does on her free time
  570. IIRymeII  pokes him second
  571. IIAlaricII: she likes to look at alot of holes
  572. EV0Z: >.>
  573. Malnourish: Oh, You have no idea, Mister Alaric. Pterodactyl porn is a favorite, as well as teddy bear porn. You have to laugh in the face of sexuality at times.
  574. EV0Z: x.x
  575. Nimdith: <->
  576. EV0Z  pats Mira's head.
  577. IIRymeII: o3o
  578. Nimdith  grabs a pillow to defend himself from the pokes  
  579. IIRymeII: Uh... Furs, right....?
  580. Malnourish: Nope. Like, strap-on strapped to a giant teddy bear.
  581. Squidget: I'm going to go take some excedrin, I may be back.. the laptop screen isn't agreeing with me right now.
  582. RougeSamaa  She smirks. "Your pillow may protect you from the pokes... but does it protect you from this?" She giggles and pounces him playfully.
  583. Squidget: Have fun guys/girls.
  584. Malnourish: Girls will ride that like Paul Revere warning of British invasion
  585. Malnourish: Have a good night!
  586. Squidget has left the chat
  587. SebastianDarkEntity  she blinks were the convo went as she tilted head
  588. EV0Z:
  589. IIRymeII: Well the teddy strap-on I get, but pterodactyls?
  590. EV0Z: You make my pee pee hard.
  591. Malnourish: The pterodactyl porn is the best. At 4:10, the pterodactyl puppet in the bottom left breaks the fourth wall.
  592. SebastianDarkEntity  she giggles  
  593. IIRymeII: o-o...?
  594. SebastianDarkEntity  curls up on the bear and watches everyone  
  595. Nimdith  He'd raise a brow at what Rouge had meant by "this" but his question would soon be answered as he was pounced upon, he'd laugh alongside her while placing a hand on the floor to steady himself he doesn't fall over completely.  
  596. RougeSamaa  She giggled softly then booped his nose. "Got chu." She pulled out a small bag of gummy bears. "Peace offering?"
  597. IIRymeII: It's only almost 11pm and I have no reason to sleep yet...
  598. Nimdith  He'd blink a bit as he was booped for the first time. His eyes would immediately trail over to the gummy bears, grinning as he loved sweets. " Peace offering." He'd hold out his hand for the gummy, happy as any child could be.  
  599. IlShironelI  watches the room quietly
  600. RougeSamaa  She smiled back at him and put the gummy bears into his hand. She crawled back over to her original pillow and started to nom on her own bag of gummies.
  601. IIRymeII  is bored and alone < 3 >
  602. IIAlaricII: same
  603. EV0Z: <.<
  604. IIAlaricII: ryme
  605. EV0Z: eh.
  606. Nimdith  He'd take out an orange flavored gummy before popping it into his mouth before looking up and wondering why everyone was so quiet.
  607. IIRymeII: Meep?
  608. IIAlaricII: but lifes a bitch then you marry one then you die
  609. IIAlaricII: unless i kill you first then you just die
  610. IIRymeII: o3o... That's a confusing thing to sy.
  611. IIRymeII: say*
  612. IlShironelI  pinches the bridge of her nose. 'He says that all the time.'
  613. IIAlaricII: i know
  614. EV0Z  scratches behind his neck.
  615. SebastianDarkEntity  gets bored and lays on the pillow and rolls around  
  616. IIRymeII: I kinna want to do some lewd things... But all the consent on entry rooms ever have is people sitting around and being an ass.
  617. EV0Z: I want my son to sleep.
  618. IIAlaricII: ask evo hes all about fun
  619. EV0Z: im rocking him in his chair, and his ass turns onto his stomach looks up at me and stares at me.
  620. SebastianDarkEntity  give him warm milk
  621. EV0Z: eh -points to Mira-
  622. EV0Z: shes my fun.
  623. Malnourish  snorts
  624. IIRymeII: o3o...
  625. Malnourish: My sick sense of humor can be amusing, I suppose~
  626. SebastianDarkEntity  she shacks head '' he has someone and hes not looking for Littles '' she smiles
  627. IIRymeII: Can I barrow Mira...? o 3 o
  628. EV0Z  arches his brow "How about I let you borrow my blade so you can gut your self with it instead?" he said casaully.
  629. EV0Z: <.<
  630. IIRymeII: Hah.... Real funny...
  631. IIAlaricII: oh stop trying to be scary and go listen to music
  632. Malnourish  She scratches his scalp with her blunted nails, chuckling softly. "Ah, I'm sure she was just playing."
  633. IIRymeII: I wouldn't consider that "scary", just being a dick.
  634. EV0Z: ^
  635. EV0Z: thanks.
  636. EV0Z  he pet MiraMia's hair casaully.
  637. Malnourish  casually gets attacked by a cat
  638. RougeSamaa: I'm pretty sure Sir Ser... died... like a long time ago
  639. Malnourish: He does that haha
  640. EV0Z: >.> My cats know better then to attack me.
  641. Malnourish: My cat only does it when she loses the beauty blender I sacrificed to her
  642. Malnourish  It's literally right behind her
  643. EV0Z: and my son falls asleep holding my pant leg on his side looking up at me.
  644. EV0Z: takes picture.
  645. Malnourish: He sounds so perfect!
  646. EV0Z: hes a little hellion when he wants to be.
  647. Malnourish: Most babies are. I miss my baby sister being a baby. Now she's a preteen filled with angst and anime references
  648. IIRymeII: Wonder where he gets it from.
  649. llEerikall: snorts and wakes up
  650. EV0Z: Oh I know he gets it from me -snorts-
  651. EV0Z: GoodMoorning SunShine.
  652. llEerikall: is it really morning? .... giggles
  653. IIAlaricII: -closes his eyes as he goes to take a nap-anyone touches me and they lose a finger except shiro
  654. EV0Z: no one would touch ya anyways -snorts-
  655. llEerikall: hehe
  656. EV0Z: poof.
  657. IIRymeII has left the chat
  658. EV0Z: Did you really pass out Rika?
  659. EV0Z: xD
  660. IIAlaricII: well you seem to have your hands on everyone so i hope not
  661. llEerikall: no...i saw the whole thing
  662. Malnourish  chokes
  663. EV0Z: heh amusing Alaric.
  664. EV0Z: Atleast people enjoy being touched by me.
  665. RougeSamaa  Slowly crawls over and hides behind Nim as things heat up between the two Sirs.
  666. IIAlaricII: more just being a dick and hey i see it as quality over quantity
  667. SebastianDarkEntity  she blinks
  668. IIAlaricII  close his eyes and takes his nap"away from keyboard"
  669. EV0Z: Just say your going to bed, because we all know your ass wont get back up -snorts-
  670. SebastianDarkEntity  she keeps silent
  671. EV0Z: Welp, im retiring to my Market for the night, Ya'll hold down the fort -snorts-
  672. Malnourish  waves goodbye as she follows
  673. EV0Z has left the chat
  674. SebastianDarkEntity  blinks and shrugs
  675. Malnourish has left the chat
  676. IlShironelI: Finally
  677. SebastianDarkEntity  she giggles softly
  678. IIAlaricII: yup
  679. RougeSamaa: Finally?
  680. SirWolfThorson has joined the chat
  681. SirWolfThorson: Greetings
  682. SebastianDarkEntity  she softly waves as she squeeks as she spoke 'Hewwo''
  683. SebastianDarkEntity  she jumps in startled by the big dog that was with him as she runs and hides behind Lady Shiro and Lord Alaric
  684. IlShironelI: Hello Wolf
  685. xXOmegaBbgDarkWolfXx has joined the chat
  686. SirWolfThorson: No worries Wolfie sit down no move
  687. RougeSamaa: Welcome back, Roxie
  688. llEerikall: greetings Sir Wolf
  689. xXOmegaBbgDarkWolfXx: thank you Sam
  690. SirWolfThorson: Greetings
  691. llEerikall: hello Omega
  692. IIAlaricII: welcome to the home of avcii please stat your status use text talk and i will have to cut you
  693. xXOmegaBbgDarkWolfXx: hello
  694. xXOmegaBbgDarkWolfXx: im roxie im a Sub Looking for conversation
  695. SirWolfThorson: I m Dom looking for good slave that seeking long term relationship
  696. IlShironelI: Well there is little conversation happening here, Roxie.
  697. xXOmegaBbgDarkWolfXx: Ok Miss thank you
  698. xXOmegaBbgDarkWolfXx has left the chat
  699. IlShironelI: Whoops.
  700. llEerikall  sees the wolf and is glad she's in her cage
  701. SerBaconator: i am back
  702. SerBaconator: sorry for parking
  703. llEerikall: welcome back
  704. SerBaconator  waves at the fellow read head
  705. SirWolfThorson has left the chat
  706. llEerikall: may I please leave for the evening?
  707. IIAlaricII: yes you may
  708. llEerikall: thank you Sir
  709. llEerikall: nite nite to everyone
  710. llEerikall has left the chat
  711. RougeSamaa: Sir Alaric?
  712. IIAlaricII: yes
  713. Amell5 has joined the chat
  714. IIAlaricII: what do you need
  715. RougeSamaa: Will you please use your key to remove my house collar? I believe it would be for the best for myself.
  716. SebastianDarkEntity  slowly flicks ears
  717. RougeSamaa: As my personality and my needs do not line up with the house.
  718. IIAlaricII: have you spoken to my father
  719. RougeSamaa: No, as I didn't want to bother him on his days away. Nothing he can say will change my mind on this, as he is part of the reason I am leaving.
  720. SerBaconator  pulls out a lock picking kit
  721. IIAlaricII: well just msg him to notify him that your another elaura and then ill unlock you
  722. SebastianDarkEntity  her ears flicks confused  
  723. RougeSamaa: I've messaged him.
  724. IIAlaricII  shakes his head "okay"
  725. Amell5 has left the chat
  726. IIAlaricII  he would lean up as he called over rouge and cracks his neck while his other hand slowly fondled in his pants for the key
  727. RougeSamaa  She slowly stood up and walked over to him. She knelt down in front of him and raised her right arm where the collar was resting on her wrist.
  728. IlShironelI: Alright. I am leaving now
  729. SebastianDarkEntity: night night Lady Shiro
  730. IlShironelI: Bye everyone. Rest well.
  731. iiTripleLuv has joined the chat
  732. IlShironelI has left the chat
  733. SebastianDarkEntity  waves to the new person 'Hewwo''  
  734. iiTripleLuv: Hello
  735. Amell5 has joined the chat
  736. Amell5: Hello
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