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Exciting changes at BitAngels - an update on multiple fronts

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Jun 13th, 2014
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  1. Greetings to everyone -
  3. We wanted to take your mind off today's BTC "flash crash" and announce a few exciting changes at BitAngels, effective immediately.
  5. 1) Two of our three co-founders, David Johnston and Sam Onat Yilmaz, will be devoting most of their time to the BitAngels Fund 1, which they are
  6. now renaming as the Decentralized Applications Fund ("DApps Fund") to avoid confusion between the Fund (a venture capital fund) and BitAngels (an angel group).
  8. They will remain on the advisory board and as city leaders for Austin and Baltimore, respectively, and will be bringing deals in the form of hosted presentations that the fund is leading.
  10. 2) As the third co-founder, and originator of the BitAngels brand, it's now my turn to bat, and I will be taking over as Chairman of BitAngels and moving the physical
  11. HQ from Austin to Las Vegas, where current city leader Dave Williams will become Executive Director on a one-year term.
  13. For those of you who don't know Dave, he is a CPA in Maryland and Nevada, MBA from the University of Texas' McCombs School of Business, and is in his sixth year as adjunct Entrepreneurship instructor at UNLV, which will potentially provide us with many more resources than we have had to date. He is also active with Las Vegas' Downtown Project ( and serves as interim CFO/COO to one of DTP's funded companies, CatalystCreativ (
  15. 3) We are also pleased to announce that we will be adding Gavin Knight to the Advisory Board.
  17. 4) Finally, we will be increasing the number of our presentations, but grouping them in monthly online presentations to make it easier for everyone interested to join. This may take a while to perfect - and we'd like everyone's feedback on the variables. What time of day and day of week they find most convenient, whether or not you would like to have Eventbrite invites in addition to Google Groups so it doesn't get buried in inboxes, do you like GotoMeeting or prefer a more modern platform, etc.
  19. (Gavin should have sent out the notice of two deals we will be presenting tomorrow - which added to the presentation of CrowdCurity earlier this week makes three for June, which is more than we've had since late last year - and we intend to grow on that base to our original pace of a year ago.)
  21. I'm humbled by the incredible community we've brought together in such a short time - more than 500 people strong, ranging from powerful investors to world-class technologists and entrepreneurs. In moving fast, we have often stumbled as we shift gears from third to seventh, so we're taking a little breath to build some better systems to maintain our value and effectiveness for the entire community we serve over the long haul.
  23. I welcome everyone's input, advice, questions and suggestions for further improvements. And we thank our great sponsors and partners like Perkins Coie and Inside Bitcoins for their continuing support. Together, let's build a world-class organization that will be at the forefront of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency!
  25. Best regards,
  27. Michael
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