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  1.     Private Sub ProcessCaptcha(ByVal captcha As String)
  2.         'UI
  3.         SetProgressVisible(True)
  4.         SetStatusText("validating captcha")
  5.         ShowBusy("Validating the captcha...")
  6.         If ISCorrectCaptcha(captcha) Then
  7.             'Generate the code
  8.             ExtractCode()
  9.             'Go to Export page
  10.             If ResultCode = String.Empty Then
  11.                 If urlSourceCdoe <> String.Empty Then
  12.                     Me.Invoke(New delegDefault(Sub() Clipboard.SetText(urlSourceCdoe)))
  13.                     MessageBox.Show("An error occured whene trying to extract the source code from the web page" & vbCrLf & "The url is copied in clipboard so you can paste it in a navigator to access your source code web page", "AfterCopy", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)
  14.                     ShowToolBar(MainToolbar)
  15.                 End If
  16.             Else
  17.                 ShowToolBar(ExportToolBar)
  18.             End If
  19.         Else
  20.             'Return to Captcha page
  21.             ShowToolBar(CaptchaToolBar)
  22.             'Generate a new captcha
  23.             RefreshCaptcha()
  24.         End If
  25.         SetProgressVisible(False)
  26.     End Sub
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