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  3.     Here is all the info needed to stop this dangerous pedophile. He provides the money for the most active avchat for pedophiles on the net. This site has pedophiles that set up fake accounts on youtube and other social networking sites to trick girls into coming to their "teen chat". Once the girls get on the site they are tricked by old pedophiles playing vids of young girls and boys (loops) and bullied into doing what they are told. The girls they bring to the site range in age from 6 to 15, with the majority being 10 and under. This is a site that thinks nothing of having girls 10 and under insert things into their vaginas/butt or having young girls pee on cam or get licked by dogs. They are also known for pushing girls into getting younger siblings (some toddler aged) involved in the nudity. Last know working link to site is (the Chatup part is a random word so it changes for every girl they link). The sites login page states the site name as Chat It Up
  5. Site owner:
  6. Kevin L Long
  7. 2105 19th Avenue N Texas City, TX 77590
  9. Skype: petergriffinxcxc
  13. Job Info: Seabulk Towing
  14.     Contact: 800-324-3629
  16. Father:
  17. Sister:
  18. Brother:
  19. Niece:
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