Hyrule Warriors Legends New Content

Jan 17th, 2016
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  1. Fairy Outfits
  3. Kokiri cardigan
  4. Kokiri shorts
  5. Kokiri band
  6. Zora tunic
  7. Zora skirt
  8. Zora earrings
  9. Sheikah shirt
  10. Sheikah leggings
  11. Sheikah facepaint
  12. Sheikah facepaint
  13. Royal tunic
  14. Royal skirt
  15. Royal hood
  16. Kokiri band
  17. Kokiri band
  18. Zora earrings
  19. Zora earrings
  20. Royal tunic
  21. Royal skirt
  22. Royal hood
  23. Pirate vest
  24. Pirate slacks
  25. Pirate bandana
  26. Pirate aura
  27. Island dress
  28. Island aura
  29. Wind robe
  30. Wind aura
  31. Rito mask
  32. Korok mask
  33. Swirly cheeks
  34. Phantom horns
  35. King of Red Lions mask
  36. Treasure aura
  37. Island dress
  38. Island aura
  39. Wind robe
  40. Farore's aura
  42. Ranch top
  43. Ranch skirt
  44. Deku dress
  45. Deku tiara
  46. Happiness dress
  47. Happiness tiara
  48. Snowhead necklace
  49. Postman hat
  50. Bunny Hood
  51. Trickster Mask
  52. Moon's aura
  53. Fierce Deity facepaint
  54. Ranch top
  55. Ranch skirt
  56. Snowhead necklace
  57. Postman's hat
  58. Bunny hood
  59. Deku tiara
  60. Forest top
  61. Balloon shorts
  62. Skyloft shirt
  63. Skyloft shirt
  64. Skyloft shirt
  65. Skyloft shirt
  66. Skyloft shirt
  67. Skyloft shawl
  68. Skyloft shawl
  69. Skyloft shawl
  70. Skyloft shawl
  71. Skyloft skirt
  72. Skyloft skirt
  73. Skyloft skirt
  74. Skyloft skirt
  75. Skyloft slacks
  76. Skyloft slacks
  77. Skyloft slacks
  78. Skyloft slacks
  79. Skyloft apron
  80. Skyloft apron
  81. Skyloft apron
  82. Skyloft apron
  83. Demon Lord cape
  84. Demon Lord slacks
  85. Demon Lord earrings
  86. Spirit dress
  87. Bone hat
  88. Outset shirt
  89. Skyloft shirt
  90. Demon Lord shirt
  91. Demon Lord earrings
  92. Demon Lord earrings
  94. Twilight top
  95. Twilight skirt
  96. Twilight jewel
  97. Butterfly blouse
  98. Butterfly skirt
  99. Butterfly headband
  100. Butterfly makeup
  101. Hero's clothes
  102. Hero's clothes
  103. Hero's clothes
  104. Hero's clothes
  105. Hero's clothes
  106. Goron facepaint
  107. Goron facepaint
  108. Goron facepaint
  109. Fused Shadow Mask
  110. Magic top
  111. Magic skirt
  112. Butterfly blouse
  113. Butterfly skirt
  114. Simple clothes
  115. Simple clothes
  116. Simple clothes
  117. Simple clothes
  118. Simple clothes
  119. Simple clothes
  120. Simple clothes
  121. Butterfly headband
  122. Hero's trousers
  123. Demon Lord cape
  124. Demon Lord slacks
  126. Hero's clothes
  127. Hero's trousers
  129. Twilight top
  130. Twilight skirt
  132. Twilight jewel
  133. Royal tunic
  134. Royal skirt
  136. Royal hood
  138. Pirate vest
  139. Pirate slacks
  141. Pirate bandana
  143. Classic green tunic
  144. Classic green hood.
  148. Fairy Attributes
  150. Sparkly
  151. Relaxed
  152. Valiant
  153. Dizzy
  154. Friendly
  155. Aspiring
  156. Resolute
  157. Shrewd
  158. Eager
  159. Smiley
  163. Fairy Food
  165. Weird Egg.Tasty Weird Egg.Delicious Weird Egg
  166. Lon Lon Milk.Tasty Lon Lon Milk.Delicious Lon Lon Milk
  167. Odd Mushroom.Tasty Odd Mushroom.Delicious Odd Mushroom
  168. Deku Nut..Delicious Deku Nut
  169. Magic Beans.Tasty Magic Beans.Delicious Magic Beans
  170. Pumpkin Soup.Tasty Pumpkin Soup.Delicious Pumpkin Soup
  171. Sacred Water.Tasty Sacred Water.Delicious Sacred Water
  172. Life Tree Fruit.Tasty Life Tree Fruit.Delicious Life Tree Fruit
  173. Light Fruit.Tasty Light Fruit.Delicious Light Fruit
  174. Stamina Fruit.Tasty Stamina Fruit.Delicious Stamina Fruit
  175. Water Fruit.Tasty Water Fruit.Delicious Water Fruit
  176. Mushroom Spores.Tasty Mushroom Spores.Delicious Mushroom Spores
  177. All-Purpose Bait.Tasty All-Purpose Bait.Delicious All-Purpose Bait
  178. Elixir Soup.Tasty Elixir Soup.Delicious Elixir Soup
  179. Hyoi Pear.Tasty Hyoi Pear.Delicious Hyoi Pear
  180. Ordon Goat Cheese.Tasty Ordon Goat Cheese.Delicious Ordon Goat Cheese
  181. Great Fairy's Tears.Tasty Great Fairy's Tears.Delicious Great Fairy's Tears
  182. Greengill.Tasty Greengill.Delicious Greengill
  183. Ordon Catfish.Tasty Ordon Catfish.Delicious Ordon Catfish
  184. Hyrule Bass.Tasty Hyrule Bass.Delicious Hyrule Bass
  185. Hylian Pike.Tasty Hylian Pike.Delicious Hylian Pike
  186. Reekfish.Tasty Reekfish.Delicious Reekfish
  187. Hylian Loach.Tasty Hylian Loach.Delicious Hylian Loach
  188. Skullfish.Tasty Skullfish.Delicious Skullfish
  189. Bombfish.Tasty Bombfish.Delicious Bombfish
  190. Chu Jelly.Tasty Chu Jelly.Delicious Chu Jelly
  191. Bee Larvae.Tasty Bee Larvae.Delicious Bee Larvae
  192. Chateau Romani.Tasty Chateau Romani.Delicious Chateau Romani
  193. Bottled Water.Tasty Bottled Water.Delicious Bottled Water
  194. Hot Spring Water.Tasty Hot Spring Water.Delicious Hot Spring Water
  195. Rock Sirloin.Tasty Rock Sirloin.Delicious Rock Sirloin
  196. Meat.Tasty Meat.Delicious Meat
  197. Carrot.Tasty Carrot.Delicious Carrot
  198. Ember Seeds.Tasty Ember Seeds.Delicious Ember Seeds
  199. Scent Seeds.Tasty Scent Seeds.Delicious Scent Seeds
  200. Pegasus Seeds.Tasty Pegasus Seeds.Delicious Pegasus Seeds
  201. Gale Seeds.Tasty Gale Seeds.Delicious Gale Seeds
  202. Mystery Seeds.Tasty Mystery Seeds
  203. Delicious Mystery Seeds
  204. Gratitude Crystal
  205. Gratitude Crystal
  206. Gratitude Crystal
  207. Gratitude Crystal
  208. Gratitude Crystal
  209. Gratitude Crystal
  210. Gratitude Crystal
  211. Gratitude Crystal
  212. Gratitude Crystal
  213. Gratitude Crystal
  214. Gratitude Crystal
  215. Gratitude Crystal
  216. Gratitude Crystal
  217. Gratitude Crystal
  218. Gratitude Crystal
  219. Pumpkin.Tasty Pumpkin.Delicious Pumpkin
  225. Fairy Bonus Skills?
  229. Special Fountain
  230. Special Attack gauge stays.maxed out.
  232. Magic Fountain
  233. Magic gauge stays maxed out.
  235. Wall of Water
  236. A barrier appears that protects.warriors from all damage.
  238. Dream Sphere
  239. Creates a shock wave that momentarily.stops enemy movement.
  241. Health Regain
  242. Replenishes health.
  244. Special Regain
  245. Replenishes Special Attack gauge.
  247. Fill Special Attack
  248. Makes hearts restore your.Special Attack gauge as well.
  250. Fill Magic
  251. Makes hearts restore your.Magic gauge as well.
  253. Health Sponge
  254. Restores health every time you.inflict damage on enemies.
  256. Special Sponge
  257. Replenishes Special Attack gauge every.time you inflict damage on enemies.
  259. Magic Sponge
  260. Replenishes Magic gauge every.time you inflict damage on enemies.
  262. Keep Keeper
  263. Attack damage increases.when inside keeps.
  265. Total Focus
  266. Replenishes health, Special Attack, and.Magic gauge when inside allied keeps.
  268. Repair Technician
  269. Replenish allied Keep gauges.while inside allied keeps.
  271. Hard Worker
  272. Replenishes hearts reaches 0.
  274. Heart Bonds
  275. Health replenishes according to the.fairy's Trust.
  277. Special Bonds
  278. Special Attack gauge replenishes.according to the fairy's Trust.
  280. Magic Bonds
  281. Magic gauge replenishes the fairy's Trust.
  283. Elemental Magician
  284. Weapon's attribute is overwritten by.the fairy's main attribute.
  286. Extreme Crush
  287. Creates a shock wave that knocks.down surrounding enemies.
  289. Extreme Evasion
  290. Creates a shock wave that makes.enemies trip when evading.
  292. Extreme Gusts
  293. Creates a shock wave that makes.enemies get blown away when running.
  295. Glass Cannon
  296. Increases attack damage, but reduces.your health and defenses to 1 hit.
  298. Invincible Weakling
  299. Makes you invincible, but decreases.your attack damage.
  301. Marathon Runner
  302. Allows you and allied players to move.from one place to another much faster.
  304. Weapon Master
  305. Increases weapon-drop rate.
  307. Material Master
  308. Increases rare-material-drop rate.
  310. Food Master
  311. Increases Food-drop rate.
  313. Rupee Master
  314. Increases Rupees gained from.defeating enemies.
  316. XP Master
  317. Increases experience gained.from defeating enemies.
  323. Magic Barriers?
  326. Bombos
  327. Decreases defense of foes.who enter the Magic Barrier.
  329. Ether
  330. Increases defense of allies.who enter the Magic Barrier.
  332. Quake
  333. Decreases speed of foes.who enter the Magic Barrier.
  335. Shine
  336. Replenishes HP of allies.who enter the Magic Barrier.
  338. Shade
  339. Decreases HP of foes who.enter the Magic Barrier.
  345. Fairy Dialog
  347. All right, let's do this thing!
  348. What a pleasure it is to meet you!
  349. Nice to meet you!
  350. Oh, hey! How's it going?
  351. I have a feeling you and I are going to get along just fine.
  352. Ooh! I'm pretty sure you just got stronger.
  353. A fine job you did!.You were amazing!
  354. Great work! Let's eat. I'm starving!
  355. I saw what you did out there. Not bad!
  356. You know, you weren't too bad out there.
  357. I'm sensing a great strength in you.
  358. Good job!
  359. You're going to take me into your next battle, right? Pretty please?
  360. I honestly can't believe you survived that.
  361. Whew! I can't believe we survived that.
  362. I know that must have been difficult, but you made it seem easy!
  363. Quite the challenge, don't you think?
  364. You looked fantastic out there!
  365. At least we made it out in one piece.
  366. That felt...good!
  367. This'll make for a nice memory, don't you think?
  368. You must feel fantastic right now!
  369. That was way too much fun!
  370. You're pretty impressive, did you know that?
  371. Long time, no see!
  372. I've missed you very much.
  373. It's been too long!
  374. Ready for an adventure? Let's do it!
  375. What do you need today?.Whoa... Amazing style!
  376. Absolutely adorable!
  377. Perfect choice!
  378. Whoa! Absolutely gorgeous!
  379. you think I look all right?
  380. Yes! This is the perfect look for me.
  381. I really adore this look!
  382. I love the way I look in this!
  383. Is this for me? Thank you so much!
  384. I hope you like my new look...
  385. Well? How do I look?
  386. Do you think I look nice? I hope so!
  387. I love it!
  388. I can't wait to go show off this look!
  389. I'll try not to get these clothes dirty.
  390. Oh boy, did I ever pack it away!
  391. Thank you kindly for the delicious meal!
  392. Eating that delicious food has really improved my morale!
  393. My light is burning brighter now!
  394. Is that it?.My stomach is bursting, but I have tons of energy!
  395. I feel like I can do anything!
  396. I am stuffed!
  397. Nap-time first, then a nice, long walk!
  398. Now I can unleash my full potential!
  399. I want something that's been freshly picked.
  400. My throat is parched...
  401. Let's stir things up a bit, hm? I'd like to try something different today!
  402. I need to eat something that'll really fill me up.
  403. Have you caught any nice fish lately? You know the kind I like!
  404. I could probably push myself to work a little.harder, if only I had something warm to drink!
  405. Some juicy fruits or vegetables, please!
  406. You know what I'd love to eat?
  407. Any plants that might help me fly farther!
  408. All this effort has really parched my throat!
  409. I want to take a food with mysterious powers,.then put it in a salad and eat it.
  410. Oh, perfect! It's just what I was craving...
  411. Ah! That was tremendously refreshing.
  412. I've never before eaten anything so delicious!
  413. Thanks for always feeding me so well!
  414. This is exactly what I wanted. How did you know?
  415. Ooh, yum! I'm about to drool all.over myself. Thank you so much!
  416. Ahh, that was quite nice!
  417. That was so tasty! I wouldn't mind having it again some day...
  418. Where can I get more of this delicious food?
  419. You'll get this for me again, right?
  420. What were you thinking? Yuck!
  421. Oof! My tummy hurts...
  422. I don't like things that aren't yummy in my tummy.
  423. I'd rather be out in the wind and sun right now...
  424. Are you trying to tell me something?
  425. Someone lent you their power!
  426. Hmm...I wonder who it was?
  427. Isn't that sweet! Your friends are lending you a hand.
  428. How wonderful! Somebody helped you out.
  429. This'll give you the power you need to keep on fighting!
  430. Looks like someone's trying to help us out.
  431. With this power, the next battle should be a cinch!
  432. I think I just got a little stronger. Thank you kindly!
  433. It must be nice to have so many friends!
  434. You grew stronger thanks to the efforts of your friends!
  435. We can probably accomplish a lot with this.
  436. All right! I'm on fire today, baby.
  437. Time to push it to the limit!
  438. Don't give up, friend. Our dreams will come true someday!
  439. Feeling tired? I've got something to perk you right up!
  440. Each new day brings such wonderful things to discover!
  441. Today's been great, but I bet tomorrow will be even better.
  442. Hey! Take it easy, buddy.
  443. Take a deep breath, and relax.
  444. I wouldn't mind taking a nice, relaxing soak in a fountain...
  445. It's so nice out today. Why don't we just chill out a bit?
  446. Let's just relax. There's no point rushing things...
  447. The weaklings around here aren't.inspiring much confidence, are they.
  448. Is there a stronger enemy around here?
  449. I may be small, but that doesn't mean I can't take down enemies!
  450. Why the long face? You and I are a force to be reckoned with!
  451. You've got nothing to fear with me around.
  452. Whoa! Spinning round and round and round!
  453. Ooh! Do you like spinning too?
  454. Wanna twirl? Here, follow my lead! Whee!
  455. Round and round and round and round!.La la la... Do you like my pirouette?
  456. Hey there! What's up?
  457. Aren't you exhausted? Let's take a little rest.
  458. You're in fine form today!
  459. How are you feeling today?
  460. You've done well today. Bravo.
  461. I really, really want to grow stronger! Grr!
  462. I'd like to be a real hero one of these days...
  463. Could you teach me some of your moves?
  464. Hey, where are you from? I'd like to go there too someday!
  465. I wouldn't mind being a more...likeable fairy.
  466. We. Will. NEVER. Lose!
  467. Maybe you should train a little bit harder? Just a suggestion!
  468. I'm going to give it everything I got! You know, like I always do.
  469. Today is all about training, training, training! Nothing new, right?
  470. Time to plan ahead for the next battle!
  471. I can leave all the fighting up to you, right? Good!
  472. If the situation seems impossible, I recommend a tactical retreat.
  473. Sometimes the best defense is to cut and run!
  474. I don't want to trip you up during the battle,.so I'll just hang back a bit.
  475. I'll have you know, running away is a perfectly reasonable strategy!
  476. Lemme at 'em! Lemme at 'em!
  477. Well, well. What's next on the schedule?
  478. I wonder what kind of adventures we'll get into next!
  479. Let's go on an epic adventure!
  480. I wonder what we'll find on the battlefield this time around...
  481. You're looking pretty happy today!
  482. Can you give me a smile? Just a little one?
  483. I am feeling extremely happy!
  484. I'm so happy you came to visit me!
  485. Can't I fight in the next battle with you? Being stuck in a bottle is so boring!
  486. I can feel the power flowing right through me. Whoosh!
  487. Such power! I feel like I can do anything!
  488. I feel so strong right there's nothing I can't do!
  489. I'm ready for an adventure!
  490. Ahh! I bet you can hardly recognize me now!
  491. There's still more for me to do out there!
  492. What a lovely rush. I feel so...accomplished!
  493. That was definitely worth the effort!
  494. I feel like I could fly to the moon and back!
  495. This is absolute perfection.
  496. Let's keep on reaching for the stars!
  497. We'll always be friends, won't we?
  498. We're not going to stop until we reach our goal!
  499. I love a fresh start!
  500. A blank slate... How do you wish to proceed?
  501. Thanks for always being there for me.
  502. I got you a little something...
  503. I really hope you like this.
  504. Let me give you one of my treasures!
  505. This is my way of saying thanks...I guess
  510. Various Menu Text
  513. Power-Up Item
  514. Fairy Acquired
  515. New
  516. Player 2 Press Start
  517. Player 2 Waiting.
  519. You learned a new Rental Skill!.
  520. A6%s.R..A6%s.R's fairy magic powered up!
  521. NEXT.Possible attributes for next Fairy Magic upgrade.
  522. A6%s.R left.Do you want to refresh .A6%s.R?
  523. Do you want to change.
  524. A6%s.R's personality?
  525. Choose the trait you want to change.
  526. Choose a new personality trait.
  527. Do you want to change .A6%s.R's name?
  528. Is this how you want to refresh?
  529. To this location.
  530. You have unlocked the My Fairy mode!
  531. The .A6Great Sea map.R has been.added to Adventure Mode!
  532. The .A6Master Quest map.R has been.added to Adventure Mode!
  533. The .A6Twilight.R and .A6Termina maps.R have been.added to Adventure Mode!
  534. A6Cia's Tale.R has been added to.Legend Mode!
  535. A6The Tale of the Girl in the Green Tunic.R.has been added to Legend Mode!
  536. The .A6Saga of the Great Sea.R has been.added to Legend Mode!
  537. A6%s.R Damage..A6%s.R Cost.You received something via SpotPass!
  538. A6%s.R.Do you want to part ways.with %s?
  539. You cannot keep any more companion fairies..Please choose some to part ways with.
  540. You can only keep a maximum of %s.
  541. You got .A6%s.R!
  542. You got .A6%1s.R x%2s!
  543. A fairy reward appeared!
  544. Set ".A6%s.R" as.the Rental Skill you will use?
  545. If you activate StreetPass, StreetPass Links.will appear on Adventure Mode maps.
  546. Activate StreetPass now?
  547. StreetPass is now activated.
  548. It will run automatically, even if you.close this game.
  549. If you deactivate StreetPass, StreetPass Links .will no longer appear on Adventure Mode maps.
  550. Deactivate StreetPass now?
  551. Receive notifications and data about the game.(may include advertising and promotions)?
  552. Stop receiving notifications and data about, including advertising and promotions?
  553. You may choose to share information.about your gameplay with order to help us develop future.products and services.
  554. Would you like to share your gameplay.information with Nintendo?
  555. Maximum number of companion fairies has.increased! You can now keep up to %s.
  556. Seal broken by finding all plus-grade weapons.
  557. You caught a .A6companion fairy.R!
  558. You received a parting gift!
  559. .A6%s.R.You received something via SpotPass!
  560. .A6%s.R ×%2s.You received .A6%s.R!
  561. Save your changes and return to.the previous screen?
  562. You got rid of the sea hazard!
  563. The headwind disappeared!
  568. Wireless Communication text
  570. Chat restrictions have been applied to your.account£® You will not be able to use chat or.similar functions£®...
  571. Online services are restricted by Parental.Controls£®...........
  572. A connection error has occurred£®
  573. The connection to the server has been lost£®...
  574. Communications have been interrupted£®...
  575. Communications have been interrupted£®.Switching to offline mode£®...
  576. The connection has timed out£®...............
  577. Join...
  578. Waiting...
  579. Invite...............
  580. End communication and switch to offline mode?...
  581. Connecting£®£®£®...
  582. End communication?...
  583. Signed in successfully£®...
  584. Failed to sign in£®...................
  585. Please try updating again later£®...........
  586. You are now online£®...
  587. You are now offline£®...
  588. Continue to fight by this player's side?...........
  589. Communications have been interrupted£®.......
  590. Skip...
  591. End communications and return to title screen?...
  592. Connect to the network?...
  593. A Network Link has appeared!...
  594. A friend has helped you!...
  595. Accept Friend Bonus?...
  596. The Friend Bonus will be lost£® Are you sure?...
  597. You received %s Rupees!...
  598. You received an experience bonus!...
  599. You refused the Friend Bonus£®...
  600. The experience bonus will last until you've.finished your next battle£®...
  601. A communication error occurred£®.Try inviting this person again£®...
  602. Invitations found£®...
  603. Welcome to the party!...
  604. A communication error occurred£®.Choose your partner again£®...
  605. Do you want to exchange with this player?...
  606. Quit Rental Skill exchange?...
  607. Now borrowing Rental Skills£®.Do not turn the power off£®...
  608. A communication error occurred£®.Canceling exchange£®...
  609. No invitations found£®...
  610. Do you want to exchange.these Rental Skills?...
  611. Exchange canceled£®...
  612. You borrowed some Rental Skills!...
  613. Could not begin exchange£®.Please make sure wireless enabled before retrying£®...
  614. Invite people nearby£®...
  615. Search for invitations£®...
  616. This companion fairy has no Rental Skills£®.Are you sure you want to continue?...
  617. StreetPass cannot be activated for any titles on this system£® Deactivate.StreetPass for another title in StreetPass.Management in the System Settings£®...
  618. Could not start StreetPass communications£®.
  619. You must accept the terms of the latest.Nintendo 3DS Service User Agreement.and Privacy Policy in order to use StreetPass£®...
  620. This software cannot be used with.StreetPass because StreetPass is.restricted by Parental Controls£®...
  621. Could not start SpotPass communications£®.
  622. You must accept the terms of the latest.Nintendo 3DS Service User Agreement.and Privacy Policy in order to use SpotPass£®
  627. New Materials
  629. Big Blin Hide...
  630. Stone Blin Buckler...
  631. Monster Horn...
  632. Big Blin Club...
  633. Stone Blin Helmet...
  634. Helmaroc Plume...
  635. Phantom Ganon's Cape...
  636. Twili Midna's Hairpin...
  637. Young Link's Belt...
  638. Tingle's Map...
  639. Linkle's Boots...
  640. Skull Kid's Hat...
  641. Pirate's Charm...
  642. Tetra's Sandals...
  643. King Daphnes's Robe...
  644. Helmaroc King's Mask...
  645. Phantom Ganon's Sword...
  646. Twili Midna's Robe...
  647. Keaton Mask...
  648. Tingle's Watch...
  649. Linkle's Compass...
  650. Majora's Mask...
  651. Island Outfit...
  652. Tetra's Bandana...
  653. King Daphnes's Crown
  658. New Music
  660. Title & Dragon:WW...
  661. Molgera:WW...
  662. Sea:WW...
  663. Linkle...
  664. My Fairy
  671. General Character Dialogue
  674. Yeah! I sure showed THEM who's boss!
  675. And that's why I'm the Hero of Legend!
  676. Ooh, OK, this may actually be harder than.I thought...
  677. Uh-oh! Our base is in deep trouble!
  678. Our base is about to get captured!
  679. What do I do?!
  680. Yes! I knew I could do it!
  681. Ooh, this is exhausting...
  682. Here I am! Don't worry!
  683. Oh, gosh... I got beat...
  684. Boy, do I feel sleepy...
  685. You're welcome! Oh, you weren't me?
  686. Uh, I think I should probably get going...
  687. Bye, everyone...
  688. It's fine! I'm still here!
  689. Yeah, let's go!
  690. I just need to take this keep, right?
  691. That shouldn't be too hard!
  692. I'll protect this keep, or else my name isn't.Linkle, the legendary hero!
  693. Yeah, we took the keep! Way to go!
  694. If we take the enemy's base, then.we'll win! C'mon, everyone!
  695. Look out, because here comes a real.legendary warrior of Hyrule! Woo!
  696. Yes! Victory for the good guys!
  697. But...we lost? How?!
  698. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!
  699. I feel so powerful!
  701. I defeated the enemy for you, hee hee.
  702. C'mon! You're not that strong at all!
  703. Why is this so tough...?
  704. Does our base look like it's in danger?
  705. Who let that happen...
  706. Why are you letting our base fall!
  707. What kind of a friend are you?!
  708. This is starting to get really fun!
  709. Ugh, I just don't feel up to it...
  710. You called me right?
  711. Well, that's why I'm here.
  712. Ow! Leave me alone! I'm getting out of here!
  713. I guess it's good-bye, you guys...
  714. Come play with me! Hee hee!
  715. I don't think I want to play anymore...
  716. Is this it for me? I wasn't ready...
  717. Hey! Stop hurting my friends!
  718. Here I go! Hee hee!
  719. I want this keep! Give it to me!
  720. I can protect this keep. I'm trustworthy!
  721. This keep is MINE! You can't have it!
  722. I'm getting tired. Can we just take the enemy.base and be done with it?
  723. Stop playing dirty!
  724. Hee, hee, there's no way to beat us!
  725. We...lost? But that's not fun!
  726. I feel so...strong!
  728. You did it, Big Brother!
  729. I bet no one can stand up to you, Big Brother!
  730. Are you OK, Big Brother?
  731. Is our base OK? Big Brother, you should.go see!
  732. 'Hoy! Big Brother! Our base is in trouble!
  733. Yay! You're doing great, Big Brother!
  734. Big Brother? Are you getting tired?
  735. C'mon, Big Brother! You have to help.everyone! That's what heroes do!
  736. You have to hurry, Big Brother!
  737. No! Big Brother!
  738. Don't be scared, Big Brother! I'll be right here.with you!
  739. Big Brother...
  740. Uh, Big Brother?
  741. You've been tricked, Big Brother!
  742. Hey! Let's go!
  743. OK, Big Brother. You need to take this keep.
  744. You have to protect that keep, Big Brother!
  745. Hee hee hee! The keep is ours! Good job,.Big Brother!
  746. 'Hoy! It's the enemy's base!.Let's go!
  747. We did it, Big Brother! We won, we won!
  748. Big Brother...? I think we lost...
  749. Wow! Big Brother, you look even stronger.than usual!
  751. Well, I guess I took care of that one.easy enough.
  752. Oh come on! You're not going to be beat me, even if you all gang up!
  753. We're getting pushed back...
  754. Why are we getting pushed back?!
  755. Our base is in trouble! Someone, go do.something about it!
  756. We can't let them take our base!
  757. It's not a difficult concept, people!
  758. Heh, heh, that look on your face....Priceless!
  759. Hmmm, I'm just not feeling it...
  760. I'm here, I'm here!
  761. I think it's time to beat a hasty retreat...
  762. Urk... I can't believe...I failed...
  763. Who wants to challenge me? Hah!
  764. They know how to fight, I'll give 'em that...
  765. Well, time to go!.How did I...lose so badly...?
  766. We have to keep it together!
  767. All right, advance!
  768. Out of my way! This keep is mine!
  769. Go ahead, just try and take this keep.from me!
  770. Of course I was going to capture it. Why doubt something so obvious?
  771. Let's settle this! C'mon, to the enemy's base!
  772. Don't stand in my way!
  773. Heh, victory is a good feeling.
  774. Ugh, who let us lose? I KNOW it wasn't me.
  775. I'm getting stronger every second!
  777. I've vanquished the evil.
  778. Bring light to the children of this kingdom!
  779. A future of hope!
  780. Hmm... It would appear that we are being.pushed back.
  781. Our base is at risk. We must defend it!
  782. Our base will encounter a dire fate if we do.nothing!
  783. With this momentum, we can win!
  784. The will to fight is leaving me...
  785. I shall join the fray!
  786. Apologies. I wish I could have helped more...
  787. My children, it is good-bye...
  788. I will do everything within my power to.stop you.
  789. I never imagined you would be so strong...
  790. Even after I'm gone, hope will persist...
  791. I could not protect you all. Forgive me...
  792. Let's go, then.
  793. I'll lay siege to this keep.
  794. I will guard this position.
  795. I claim this keep for our forces!
  796. We must strike at the enemy's base while.they are unprepared!
  797. Don't lose hope! We've almost won!
  798. Perhaps there is hope for this world yet.
  799. We have failed. I...have failed...
  800. The sacred power burns within me
  803. Yes! We won! I knew we could do it!
  804. Woohoo! This feels great!
  805. Yes! I feel so STRONG!
  806. All right, on to the next adventure!
  807. Yeah, I'm feeling good today!
  808. Aw, do you really think I'm amazing?.Well, I won't argue with you! Hah!
  809. Everyone all right? Don't worry--I can help!
  810. Linkle is here, so put your fears at rest!
  811. I'm sure you'll all be amazing!
  812. Sorry, I've gotta go!.Your fight is with me! You ready?
  813. I'm here! Linkle is on the scene!
  814. Ooh... I really thought we could win this...
  815. Ugh... Today must be an off day...
  816. Oh no! I've got to try harder!
  817. We can't give up yet! C'mon, everyone!
  818. Let's take this keep!
  819. You want me to take this keep?
  820. Consider it done!.This keep is Linkle's now! Ha ha!
  821. This keep is mine!
  822. All right, where to next?
  823. If we all work together, there's no way we.can lose!
  824. Watch out--I'm giving it my all!
  825. It's pretty useful having me on your side,.isn't it?
  826. We won! But heroes don't rest..Onward!
  827. Is it all over? Oh, thank goodness!
  829. Hee, hee... Fool!
  830. Of course I was stronger! That should have.been obvious!
  831. Don't mess with me if you're afraid to.get hurt!
  832. Did you think you'd really be able to hurt me?
  833. Now you know how strong I am,.so don't forget it!
  834. This is nothing to me. I have fairies on my side,.so I can't lose.
  835. Hey, are you playing some sort of game?
  836. Let me join!.I'd better help you out, otherwise you're.doomed.
  837. I'm soooooo sleepy. Perhaps I should just.take a little nap...
  838. What is this? C'mon...
  839. I'm here to destroy you!
  840. Are you having fun without me?
  841. You'd better not be!
  842. I just thought I'd have a little fun with you...
  843. I can't believe how weak I was...
  844. You must have cheated...
  845. Just because you beat one little bad guy.doesn't mean you're THAT strong.
  846. I suppose I shouldn't just lay about all day.
  847. What did you do to my friends?!
  848. Give me that keep! I want it!
  849. Stop fighting and just give me this keep!
  850. There, wouldn't it have been simpler to just.let me have the keep in the first place?
  851. I took it the keep! That's what you wanted,.right?
  852. Feel free to take me on...if you'd like to get.hurt!
  853. Fools... I'll give them something wicked to.remember!
  854. There's no way we can lose! Hee hee!
  855. Hee hee! We've won!
  856. This is how I expected it to happen.
  857. Let's play again someday. Bye-bye for now!
  859. Big Brother, you're so strong!
  860. I'm so proud of you, Big Brother!
  861. You're doing great!
  862. Look out, everyone! My big brother's.super strong!
  863. What'd I tell you? My big brother is the.strongest!
  864. My big brother is stronger than all of you!
  865. That looks pretty dangerous... Be careful,.Big Brother!
  866. Hurry up, Big Brother! Everyone is waiting.for you!
  867. You can't keep fighting, Big Brother!
  868. You'll get REALLY hurt!
  869. Come home, Big Brother...
  870. Look, look! There are tons of enemies.up there!
  871. 'Hoy! Big Brother, you should show those.bad guys who's boss!
  872. Oh, Big Brother... I was counting on you...
  873. There's nothing you can do. You should.just come home, Big Brother...
  874. Oh no! Your friends need you, Big Brother!
  875. I wonder if that person got away safely...?
  876. You'll take this keep in no time, Big.Brother. I just know it!
  877. I guess you should just take that keep,.Big Brother. Good luck!
  878. Do you think anyone will mind took that keep, Big Brother?
  879. Good job, Big Brother! The more keeps we.have, the better!
  880. Now that you took that keep, what do you.need to do next?
  881. Do your best out there, Big Brother!
  882. I'm cheering you on, Big Brother!
  883. Big Brother, we won!
  884. 'Hoy! I knew you could do it!
  885. Wow, you and your friends are so.amazing, Big Brother!
  887. I'm not going to lose! Don't be silly!.Heh, just who do you think I am?
  888. This'll be a cinch.
  889. Oh come on! You're not going to be beat me like THAT, so just give up!
  890. I'll admit, I may have gotten a little carried.away there...
  891. Who am I? Only the most fearsome terror of.the Great Sea!
  892. Hey, are you OK? You'd better be! I'm not.letting my crew go down without a fight!
  893. All right, I guess you could use my help.
  894. Fine, fine, I'll be right there.
  895. Sorry, this is as far as I can go...
  896. I got...careless...
  897. All right, come and get me!
  898. You ready to lose?.I messed up... I have to pull back!
  899. Ouch... All right, I'll remember this!
  900. I'll fight to avenge you!
  901. This enemy is no joke...
  902. All I have to do is take that keep?.Not a problem.
  903. How about I take this keep? Anyone have a.problem with that?
  904. This keep is ours, and I intend it to STAY.that way!
  905. It won't be much of a challenge, but I'll take.this keep anyway.
  906. Secured that keep! I'm on to the next one!
  907. Let's win this already!
  908. Everyone ready? Then let's go!
  909. Guess we managed to squeak out a win there.
  910. Not bad, everyone.
  911. Victory! And that's why you always side with.a pirate! Hah!
  912. Normally, I'd expect a huge reward for this...but this time, it's my treat!
  914. I refuse to let you take one step further.
  915. You would be wise not to underestimate me.
  916. Your kind has no place in this world.
  917. I refuse to forgive those who would do this world's future.
  918. I will not allow you to turn this land into.a darkened wasteland.
  919. I won't allow this land to suffer the same my kingdom.
  920. Let us settle this right here, right now.
  921. Everyone, be on guard! Together, we shall.prevail!
  922. I...have proved ineffectual...
  923. This land's in your hands...
  924. I won't let this foolishness go on any further.
  925. You... I will be your opponent.
  926. My strength...just wasn't enough...
  927. To lose here... It is regrettable...
  928. We haven't lost yet!
  929. This is what it all comes down to...
  930. Everyone, hold steady!
  931. We must claim this keep for our forces.
  932. I will take this keep. Everyone else,.go about your business.
  933. This keep is now ours. The future looks.brighter and brighter for us.
  934. Now that this keep is ours, victory is one.step closer to being within our grasp.
  935. Our forces now control this keep, but we.must not rest. Onward!
  936. We shall win, whatever the costs!
  937. We must press on! This land will not fall into.evil's clutches!
  938. This battle has been decided....We are victorious!
  939. While the threat was strong, we have proven.ourselves far stronger.
  940. Good, let us move forward
  950. Story Cutscene Dialog
  955. Linkle:
  956. Hmm...
  958. Villager:
  959. Hey, Linkle!
  960. Have you heard? Hyrule Castle is
  961. beset by monsters!
  963. Linkle:
  964. What?! Really?!
  966. Villager:
  967. Princess Zelda herself is fighting, but it's not doing
  968. much good. If those monsters make it here...
  970. Hey, what's with the getup?
  972. Linkle:
  973. Isn't it obvious? I'm joining the battle and
  974. stopping those monsters!
  975. My grandmother always told me that,
  976. secretly, I was the legendary hero!
  978. Villager:
  979. .But, everyone's grandmother says that...
  981. Linkle:
  982. Look!
  983. See this compass? My grandma gave this
  984. to me. It's a MAGIC compass. Proof!
  985. Now if you'll excuse me, I have
  986. a castle to protect!
  988. ----
  990. Soldier:
  991. All right!
  993. Soldier:
  994. We did it!
  996. Soldier:
  997. We won!
  999. Soldier:
  1000. Hooray!
  1002. Impa:
  1003. You fought well.
  1005. Linkle:
  1006. No thanks needed, Commander Impa! I was
  1007. just doing my duty as the legendary hero.
  1008. I'm sure my grandma would be proud.
  1010. Impa:
  1011. Hah, yes, I'm sure she would be.
  1013. ------
  1015. Impa:
  1016. I'm sensing another rift between the eras.
  1018. Zelda:
  1019. Will you inspect it for us?
  1021. Impa:
  1022. I should go as well.
  1024. Zelda:
  1025. No, you're needed here, as am I.
  1026. Link, we must ask you to look into this
  1027. for us.
  1029. Tetra:
  1030. What...just happened...?
  1032. ------
  1034. King Daphnes:
  1035. The land is at peace. Light has shone
  1036. brightly upon us all.
  1038. Tetra:
  1039. Here's hoping we run into each other
  1040. again someday.
  1042. Lana:
  1043. We should go. Time to repair things,
  1044. just like we always do.
  1051. Story Narration
  1055. Linkle left her village, vowing to
  1056. restore peace to Hyrule.
  1057. In her hand she clutched her grandmother's
  1058. precious compass.
  1059. But before long, a mischievous imp had stolen
  1060. the treasured possession.
  1061. Linkle chased down the imp and tried to retrieve
  1062. the compass.
  1063. And then something strange happened...
  1064. As if in response to her struggle, the compass
  1065. began emitting a mysterious light.
  1066. It seemed to be reacting to her! Linkle recovered it, hung
  1067. it from her neck, and vowed never to lose it again.
  1068. The compass's light was quite
  1069. a mystery to her.
  1070. She didn't know what secret power it
  1071. might hold.
  1072. Whatever the case, it had to be a sign of
  1073. her status as the legendary hero.
  1074. If she could harness this power, perhaps she
  1075. would fully realize her destiny and save Hyrule.
  1076. Her faith renewed, Linkle continued her quest.
  1080. Midna and Linkle made it to the Palace of
  1081. Twilight to rescue Zelda and stop the evil magic.
  1082. Yet though the battle was won, the Twilight
  1083. magic continued devouring everything around it.
  1084. It was then that Midna made a bold decision. She
  1085. would smash the crystal they had found in the palace.
  1086. In doing so, perhaps she could release enough
  1087. energy to contain the dark magic.
  1088. This plan was not without its consequences,
  1089. as Midna would return to her cursed self.
  1090. Despite the cost, Midna decided without
  1091. hesitation, knowing that she must save Zelda.
  1092. Midna's resolve deeply inspired Linkle.
  1093. With renewed fire, Linkle hurried to Hyrule.Castle.
  1097. In the new world, Link met the pirate leader,
  1098. Tetra, and they fought valiantly together as allies.
  1099. But it would seem their enemy was stronger
  1100. and craftier than they had imagined...
  1101. After claiming victory, Link looked into the sky to
  1102. see a monstrous bird flying off into the distance.
  1103. Squinting to get a better view, he saw that the
  1104. giant bird was carrying something in its talons.
  1105. Not something--someone!.It was Tetra!
  1106. Link had to do something, or she would be lost
  1107. forever.
  1108. He dashed off to save her without
  1109. a second thought.
  1113. Lana and Link managed to rescue Tetra
  1114. and close every Gate of Souls.
  1115. But the change that had overtaken Hyrule
  1116. seemed irreversible.
  1117. Lana, Link, and Tetra were all at a loss as to
  1118. how to remedy the situation.
  1119. Just then, when they were most in need of help,
  1120. a certain legendary figure appeared before them.
  1121. It was King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule,
  1122. the King of Red Lions himself!
  1123. In Tetra's world, King Daphnes was the ruler of
  1124. the ancient kingdom that had been sealed away.
  1125. By divine command, he revealed himself,
  1126. hoping to save a world rocked by strife.
  1127. He explained that the cause of the conflict
  1128. was an evil presence in Tetra's world.
  1129. Their target much clearer, the heroes knew
  1130. where they had to go.
  1131. They set out on their next journey,
  1132. dreading the difficult battle ahead
  1136. In this way, peace returned to Hyrule.
  1137. Lana and Cia bid Link and the others farewell and
  1138. resumed their roles as guardians in the Valley of Seers.
  1139. Power...
  1140. Wisdom...
  1141. Courage.
  1142. Together, Lana and Cia would protect the
  1143. balance of the Triforce--in peace and harmony
  1147. The Triforce is the harmonious union of Power, Wisdom,
  1148. and Courage. It has been the object of countless battles
  1149. between the forces of light and darkness...
  1150. Each time the Triforce fell into the clutches of evil,
  1151. Hyrule was plunged into misery.
  1152. But in every age, a hero clad in green would restore
  1153. peace to the land.
  1154. During one of these dark times, the legendary hero split
  1155. the spirit of evil into four fragments, sealing each away to
  1156. finally break the cycle of destruction...
  1157. Three of the fragments were scattered across time and space.
  1158. The final fragment was sealed in a sacred temple built upon.
  1159. holy ground, imprisoned by the blade of evil's bane.
  1167. New Treasure Chest Items
  1171. You got the Hammer!
  1172. Slam enemies to topple them!
  1173. Also handy for pressing big switches!...
  1175. You got an ocarina!
  1176. Now you can warp to any.activated Owl Statues!...
  1178. You got some food! Try feeding your
  1179. companion fairies!...
  1181. You got some tasty food!
  1182. Your fairies are sure to love it!...
  1184. You got some delicious food!
  1185. It might help your fairies grow
  1186. by leaps and bounds!...
  1188. You got some fairy clothing! Take a look
  1189. later to see what you got!
  1195. New Weapons
  1197. Thief's Trident
  1198. King of Evil Trident
  1199. Trident of Demise
  1201. A trident that holds the terrifying power
  1202. of lightning. Use a .A6Strong Attack.R to
  1203. throw the trident in front of you, and then
  1204. chase down your prey to move and attack.
  1206. -----
  1208. Simple Crossbows
  1209. Hylian Crossbows
  1210. Legend's Crossbows
  1212. Two crossbows normally used to protect
  1213. Cuccos from Wolfos. Use the .A6Strong Attack.R to
  1214. fire continuously, or hold down .PZ after a
  1215. Combo Attack to fire bomb arrows!
  1217. -----
  1219. Fairy Ocarina
  1220. Lunar Ocarina
  1221. Majora's Ocarina
  1223. An ocarina that the Skull Kid stole. When used, it
  1224. gives orders to Tatl and Tael to attack. A .A6Strong.R
  1225. Attack.R summons a vicious marionette to
  1226. appear and attack your foes!
  1228. -----
  1230. Hero's Sword
  1231. Phantom Sword
  1232. Lokomo Sword
  1234. A light sword meant for younger adventurers. Use
  1235. a .A6Strong Attack.R to jump away from attacks, and
  1236. then follow through with a midair strike!
  1238. -----
  1240. Pirate Cutlass
  1241. Jeweled Cutlass
  1242. Regal Cutlass
  1244. A cutlass and pistol combo. Attack nearby enemies
  1245. with quick slashes from the cutlass. Then pick off
  1246. faraway targets with the pistol. Use a .A6Strong.R.
  1247. A6Attack.R to fire bullets that break down defenses!
  1249. -----
  1251. Windfall Sail
  1252. Swift Sail
  1253. Sail of Red Lions
  1255. A sail used by the King of Red Lions. It holds the
  1256. awesome power of the wind and the fury of the
  1257. Great Sea. Use a .A6Strong Attack.R to summon the
  1258. wind's blessings to increase your attack speed
  1260. -----
  1262. Scepter of Souls +
  1263. Flesh-Render Fang +
  1264. Magical Ring +
  1265. Epona of Time +
  1266. Mirror of Twilight +
  1267. Triforce Spinner +
  1268. Royal Dominion Rod +
  1269. Vengeful Deity Mask +
  1270. Mr. Fairy Balloon +
  1271. Trident of Demise +
  1272. Legend's Crossbows +
  1273. Majora's Ocarina +
  1274. Lokomo Sword +
  1275. Regal Cutlass +
  1276. Sail of Red Lions +
  1282. Tutorial Text
  1285. Changing Warriors
  1286. Tap a .A6warrior's face.R on the touch .screen to change which warrior you're.directly controlling..You can only select a warrior when their face is.lit up. A dark face means you cannot control.that warrior!.There may be times when the number of can control increases as scenarios progress.
  1287. Ocarina
  1288. Use the Ocarina to warp to active .A6Owl Statues.R..To activate an Owl Statue, approach the statue.and press the button displayed on screen.
  1289. Smash Boost Power
  1290. If .A6multiple playable warriors gather near a Giant.R..A6Boss.R, they'll receive all kinds of effects. The more.warriors gathered, the strong the effect becomes!.If .A6two playable warriors.R get together, their .A6Magic.R..A6Meters will instantly fill.R! Plus, .A6you will be able to.R..A6refill the Magic Meter just by attacking enemies.R!.When .A6three playable warriors.R gather,.nearby .A6Giant Bosses' weak point gauges will.deplete faster.R..When .A6four playable warriors.R gather,.the .A6Giant Bosses will receive greater.amounts of damage.R.
  1291. Hammer Switches
  1292. Use the .A6hammer.R to press certain switches.
  1293. Stone Heads
  1294. These large stone heads can't be broken by regular.attacks or items. You'll have to use special.devices to destroy them.
  1295. Missions
  1296. There are times when .A6multiple missions.R will the same time. You can see what they are by.tapping the Mission Bar on the Touch Screen.
  1297. Side missions are only occasionally triggered..Failing a side mission won't have major effects.on the battle, so feel free to try them out.if you're feeling particularly adventurous!
  1298. Commanding Multiple Warriors
  1299. You can .A6command.R playable warriors to march to.given destinations, even when you aren't directly.controlling them..Touch the map on the Touch Screen to set.the A6target destination.R for a warrior..After selecting a warrior, tap the location you' to set as the destination, then confirm using.the touch screen or with P0 to start the.warrior moving.
  1300. Playable Warriors
  1301. If any of your playable warriors flee,.you will lose the battle..You can check which warriors are playable by.looking at the face icons on the Touch Screen..Even if it is not written explicitly in a scenario's.loss conditions, remember that a playable warrior.fleeing will always cause a loss!
  1302. Advanced Summoners
  1303. An .A6advanced summoner.R is a dangerous enemy.that can call powerful units one after another..Defeating them quickly is key!
  1304. Assault Troopers.
  1305. Assault Troopers.R are enemies that retreat after.assaulting a target and inflicting damage. Defeat.them before they arrive at their destination!
  1306. Rally Troops.
  1307. Rally Troops.R raise the morale of the enemy..Think of them like cheerleading squads!.Some raise the enemy's morale slowly over.time, while others raise their forces' morale.right after they appear..Enemies with high morale are incredibly powerful,.so defeat Rally Troops quickly!
  1308. Messengers
  1309. When .A6Messengers.R arrive at their destination, reinforcements and then leave the battlefield.
  1310. Keep Saboteurs.
  1311. Keep Saboteurs.R are enemy units that can.quickly capture keeps..If you see these troops marching towards a.keep, you need to act fast and defeat them.right away!
  1312. The Great Sea Map
  1313. On the Great Sea map, there are places where a..A6headwind.R is blocking the way, stopping you from .moving forward. Certain battles also include.special rules you have to follow.
  1314. On a map square with a headwind blowing,.using the .A6Wind Waker.R item card on the search.screen will remove the headwind and allow go full steam ahead!
  1315. Single-hit KOs!
  1316. On squares with Big Octos, your warriors will battle from a single hit! Avoid attacks and watch.for enemy movements!
  1317. Double damage!
  1318. On map squares with warships, warriors will.receive twice as much damage as normal!
  1319. No item attacks!
  1320. On map squares with tornadoes, warriors won' able to use bombs, the bow and arrow, the.Hookshot, the boomerang, or the hammer!
  1321. Great Sea Item Cards
  1322. Compass.R:
  1323. Use this while searching to identify where an Item Card can be used.
  1324. Wind Waker
  1325. Use this on the search stop headwinds..
  1326. Cannon
  1327. Use this to sink warships..
  1328. Boomerang
  1329. Use this to defeat Big Octos..
  1330. Hero's Bow
  1331. Use this to dispel tornadoes..
  1332. Salvage Arm.R: Use this on rings of light to.reveal hidden treasure..
  1333. Hyoi Pear
  1334. Use this on seagulls to.reveal secret treasure..
  1335. Deku Leaf
  1336. Use this on windmills to.uncover hidden stairways..
  1337. Sea Map
  1338. Use this where you see.sea spray in order to reveal enemies..
  1339. Power Bracelet
  1340. Use this on stone reveal enemies.
  1341. My Fairy Mode.
  1342. A6Companion Fairies.R are partners who use.powerful magic and skills to help you on your.adventure..You will meet all kinds of fairies during.Adventure Mode battles. These fairies are hidden in.various jars in enemy keeps during these battles..Bringing a companion fairy into battle allows use .A6Fairy Magic.R. The effects of the magic.will become more powerful as the fairy's level.increases..The fairies each have an elemental attribute:.Fire, Water, Lightning, Light, or Darkness. When.a fairy matches the recommended element of a.stage, her Fairy Magic will be even stronger!.By nurturing your companion fairies, you able to use various .A6Rental Skills.R that.produce different helpful effects in battle..Collect and nurture fairies with all kinds of.personality traits to really give yourself an.edge in battle!.Nurturing Fairy Companions.In My Fairy mode, you can nurture and clothe.your .A6companion fairies.R, and edit or exchange.their various Rental Skills..
  1343. A6Dining Room
  1344. R: You can increase your fairies'.stats by giving them .A6food.R...A6Salon.R: You can equip your fairies.with .A6fairy clothing.R...A6School.R: You can change your fairies'..A6Rental Skills.R...A6Party.R: You can use local communication to..A6trade Rental Skills.R with other players..Food.Feed .A6food.R to your fairies to.improve their stats..You can get .A6food.R by defeating enemies.or acquiring it from jars in enemy keeps in.Adventure Mode.
  1345. Dining Room
  1346. In the Dining Room, you can feed your fairies..Select the food on the Touch Screen and use..P0, or drag the food over to the feed them..Refreshing My Fairies.Once a fairy has reached .A6level 99.R,.use .P3 to .A6Refresh.R her, which to retrain her from Level 1..By refreshing, you can carry over 10% of their.stats, as well as any Rental Skills they've learned..Fairy Clothing.Use A6fairy clothing.R to change how a fairy looks..There are five types of clothes: tops, bottoms,.decorations, headgear, and accessories..Each fairy clothing item has one effect that will.change either the amount of damage inflicted by.Fairy Magic, or the amount of Magic Power used.
  1347. Salon
  1348. In the .A6Salon.R, you can dress your fairies in all.kinds of fairy clothing to give them a fit for a fairy..Select fairy clothing with .P4 and change an.item with .P0. Register items in your pressing .P3.
  1349. School
  1350. In the .A6School.R, you can change your.companion fairies' Rental Skills..Fairies can learn different Rental Skills depending.on which five of the different fairy personality traits.they have. You can check the personality traits.and their current values on the radar chart..Any personality traits that the companion fairy.doesn't have will be displayed in red. You can.change one of the fairy's personality traits.each time you refresh her..If your My Fairy doesn't have the personality trait.required for a Rental Skill, she won't be able to.learn that skill..Rental Skills.Rental Skills are powerful abilities that.companion fairies can learn. Each fairy can learn.up to four Rental Skills by borrowing them from.other players..You can use .A6Rental Skills.R in battle by.selecting them as you would an item, and .pressing .Pf..Different Rental Skills have different effects,.like temporarily stopping the Special Attack.gauge from decreasing or allowing you to be.revived just once after being KO'd..The strength of Rental Skills will increase as.your companion fairy levels up..Party.In Parties, you can use local borrow Rental Skills from other players...A6Invite people nearby.R:.Search for other players with whom you can trade
  1351. Rental Skills
  1352. When you've found a partner, start.the trade with .P0...A6Search for invitations.R:.Find players searching for partners Rental Skills with. Select the.user's name and make the request with .P0..Once you find a partner, choose the want to send over and make the exchange..Fairy Magic.Tap the icon on the bottom left of the touch.screen to use up your Magic gauge and trigger.powerful A6Fairy Magic.R!.Using Fairy Magic will release an explosive.attack that corresponds to the companion fairy's.elemental type..As a companion fairy grows, she can learn to.cause additional effects when using Fairy Magic...A6
  1353. Bombos
  1354. Lower defense for enemy troops within range...A6
  1355. Ether.R:
  1356. Raise defense for allied troops within range..
  1357. Quake
  1358. Lower speed for enemy troops within range..
  1359. Shine
  1360. Restore health for allied troops within range..
  1361. Shade
  1362. Deal damage to enemy troops within range.
  1363. As companion fairies level up, they will learn the.additional effect corresponding to the gained.attributes. Doubling up on the same effect.will give the effect twice the power!
  1364. Extra-Effective Item Attacks
  1365. Some enemies leave an opening before performing.certain attacks. When the enemy is open, an icon.will appear above them hinting at the right use at that time..Use the correct item attack during one of these.openings, and the enemy's Weak Point gauge revealed while the surprised enemy rampages,.damaging other nearby foes..This is a highly effective technique that a chance at performing a Weak Point Smash,.while also damaging surrounding enemies..Make the most of every opportunity!
  1366. Toon Link, the Hero of Winds
  1367. While opening portals to other dimensions,.Cia's power managed to bring forth yet.another Link, this time the legendary Hero.of Winds from the Era of the Great Sea..While trying to save his kidnapped sister, he.challenged the ruler of evil. Helped by a red boat.and a pirate crew, and controlling the wind, he.traveled far and wide across the Great Sea..Quick on his feet and light in the air, Toon.Link excels at speedy combos with his.short sword and his trusty Deku Leaf..He may be small, but he packs a punch!
  1368. Tetra, the Pirate Leader
  1369. When Cia opened a portal to the Era of the.Great Sea, she didn't expect the captain of.the terrors of the sea to rush through and.join the legendary hero in his cause..Despite her relatively young age, Tetra is.already an accomplished and fearsome.pirate captain, regularly leading a crew of.six into and out of certain danger..She carries a cutlass in one hand and a.magic-infused pistol in the other, making.her deadly both up close and from afar..No one disrespects a pirate!
  1370. King Daphnes, the King of Red Lions
  1371. When Cia opened a portal to the Era of.the Great Sea, she certainly didn't expect.for the King of Red Lions himself to come.through and aid the legendary hero..King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule was an's final king, forced to watch his home.fade into legend under the Great Sea. He also.helped Toon Link in the guise of a red boat..Harking back to his time as that red boat,.King Daphnes purges evil from this world.with a powerful sail, and even changes.back into a boat during certain attacks.
  1372. Skull Kid, Majora's Puppet
  1373. In three days' time, the moon will fall and.destroy the land of Termina. At least, it.will if Skull Kid has any say in the matter..Thankfully, Young Link put an end to that..Skull Kid is a mischievous little imp who inherited.fearsome powers after stealing the cursed Majora's.Mask. Despite causing widespread destruction and.chaos, he is actually very protective of his friends..Equipped with an ocarina, a trumpet, his two fairy.companions, Tatl and Tael, and of course the.terrifying power of Majora's Mask itself, Skull.Kid is a serious threat to anyone around him.
  1374. StreetPass Links
  1375. Other players using StreetPass features may.appear on your map as alternate-colored Links.. Winning your battle will help them out!.Battles waged on a map with StreetPass.Links are much more difficult, but you're.also awarded more powerful weapons and.other beneficial items..On maps with StreetPass Links from your.friends, you will acquire better rewards still.
  1376. Statues and Korok Trees
  1377. Some paths are blocked by Statues or Korok.Trees. Look for nearby switches to open up.the paths..Once a path is open, both allies and enemies.can pass through.
  1378. Great Sea Rules
  1379. The Great Sea is littered with all kinds of .A6hazards.R ..These will cause different rules to apply during.battles waged on map squares containing them,.so keep your wits about you!.Luckily, you can also use the .A6cannon.R, .A6boomerang.R.or .A6Hero's Bow.R item cards to get rid of.these hazards..
  1380. A6Don't get hit!
  1381. R.On squares with Big Octos, a single hit will put.your warrior's life in danger! Avoid attacks for enemy movements!.
  1382. A6Double damage!
  1383. R.On map squares with warships, warriors will.receive twice as much damage as normal!.
  1384. A6No item attacks!
  1385. R.On map squares with tornadoes, warriors won' able to use bombs, the bow and arrows, the.Hookshot, the boomerang, or the hammer!.Select multiple characters to give.marching orders to a whole group..You can also select .A6Command.R on the.information screen to issue commands..If you find a Messenger advancing toward a.keep, you should defeat it right away!.Defeat Giant Bosses by gathering the.strength of multiple allied warriors!
  1386. In .A6Adventure Mode battles.R, certain enemy.keeps have fairy clothing hidden inside. Capture.lots of enemy keeps to reveal hidden chests.and get at their treasure!.Every time you refresh, the fairy's magic.gets a 1% damage boost! Nurture your.favorite companion fairy and give yourself an.advantage in battle!.You can also .A6change one of the fairy's.personality traits.R when you refresh her. The.Rental Skills a companion fairy can acquire.change according to her trait combination..You can check what trait combinations.are required for particular Rental Skills at the.companion fairy .A6School.R..Aim for the Rental Skills that best suit your.playstyle, and raise fairy companions that are.all your own!.Your companion fairies also have a .A6Trust.R level.which you can increase by giving them food..There are even some Rental Skills that become.more powerful as a fairy's Trust in you grows.
  1387. Chuchus
  1388. Chuchus can't be defeated with conventional.attacks, and will damage you if you try..Try to find a different way to defeat them!
  1389. Dashing
  1390. If you tilt .PJ and keep moving, after a short.while your warrior will break into a dash..This lets you move much faster..You can also start dashing by evading with .P1,.then continuing to move while holding .P1.
  1391. Health
  1392. Zoomed Mini Map (Upper Screen)
  1393. Mini Map (Touch Screen)
  1394. Destination Icon
  1395. Enemy Icon
  1396. Giant Boss Icon
  1397. The hearts lined up on the upper screen for the warrior you are controlling..The battle will be lost if a controllable warrior's.hearts are depleted, so be careful!
  1398. The mini map on the upper screen will show you.what's happening near the warrior you are.controlling..Check the enemy you need to defeat by the animation..Even if you are not near the need to defeat, you can see in which.direction they are located.
  1399. On the Touch Screen mini map you can check the.overall battle situation. Check the locations of..A1allied (blue).R and .A2enemy (red).R troops in defeat enemies efficiently!.Playable warriors are indicated by arrows..The .A1allied commander.R is represented by a..A1blue flag.R. If that commander flees, you will lose.the battle, so pay attention!.The square icons appearing on the mini map are.keeps. Your army is at an advantage when there.are more blue keeps. Capture the .A2red enemy.keeps.R and increase the number of A1blue keeps.R!.There are some occasions when the keep gates.are closed. Some gates never seem to open, but.capture keeps or defeat certain enemies and open.they will.
  1400. Diamonds mark outposts
  1401. Enemies will continuously.appear at outposts, so swing the tide of battle to.your advantage by taking .A2enemy outposts (red).R and.making them into .A1allied outposts (blue).R.
  1402. Places where an × is flashing mark the..A6destination.R of the current mission. Move a.controllable warrior to that location to complete.the mission!
  1403. Enemies located where there is a flashing circle.mark a .A6"defeat" target.R for the current mission..Move a controllable warrior to that location and.defeat the target quickly!
  1404. A flashing square marks the location that is a..A6"capture" target.R for the current mission. Move.the character you are controlling to that quickly take that keep!.Enemy icons with black edges are..A2strong enemies.R that could cause trouble for.your allies. If you see one, make sure to.defeat it posthaste!
  1405. Double black edges indicate an enemy of .A2truly.outstanding power.R! These foes can be the.difference between victory and defeat. Only.challenge them after taking stock of the situation!
  1406. Skull icons indicate Giant Boss enemies. Even a .single one can .A2dominate the battlefield.R. They.have lots of health and power, so defeating them.should be your priority. Watch their attack patterns!
  1407. Keeps with castle icons are the armies' main.bases. If your allied base falls to enemy attack,.you willll lose the battle. Keep an eye on your.base, and come running if it needs you!.
  1408. The .A2red flag icon.R shows the .A2enemy commander.R..Defeat them and lead your forces to victory!
  1409. If .P5 is set to Camera Control in Controller.Settings in Settings, press .P5 while enemy to change the target of the camera...A6Targeting.R is useful when striking an.enemy's opening or evading a giant enemy's attack..Use it skillfully to gain an advantage.
  1410. Your .A6battle rank.R will be determined by your.Battle Record when you gain victory in a battle..There are three levels of.A6battle ranks.R:..A6A, B, C.R in order from best to worst..If you win a battle with .A6battle rank B.R,.your character will be able to move in directions.where there is a .A6B arrow or C arrow..R.The better a battle rank you have when you win.a battle, the more direction options you will have..Strengthen your character, and expand your map!
  1411. Basic Controls.
  1412. PY: Attack enemies.
  1413. PZ: Use more powerful attacks.
  1414. Pa: Evade enemy attacks.
  1415. Pb: Use Special Attacks to overwhelm foes.You can change the button settings by entering."Settings" from the main menu and selecting."Button Settings" in "Controller Settings"..
  1416. P5 can be used either to cycle through items.or to control the camera. Switch between the entering "Settings" from the main menu and.selecting "Button Settings" in "Controller Settings".
  1417. If you find fairies in jars, they will become your.companions. Gather lots of fairies, and work with .them to overcome challenges on your adventures!.Your companion fairies will become stronger as you.feed them lots of food and outfit them with
  1418. Give yourself an advantage in battle by.collecting food and clothing to strengthen.your companion fairies!.Break certain jars to reveal the Food hidden within..Collect this Food to nurture your fairy into the.ideal companion!.
  1419. A6Hammer.R: Use this on switches to.reveal hidden enemies..
  1420. A6Hookshot.R: Use this on distant targets to.pull yourself to them.
  1421. Nurture and raise your companion fairies.
  1422. Searching for invitations...
  1423. Now applying to participate...
  1424. Waiting for participants...
  1425. Waiting for everyone to confirm...
  1426. The Wind Waker makes.headwinds disappear.
  1427. Cannons destroy warships.
  1428. The Boomerang can.defeat Big Octos.
  1429. The Hero's Bow makes.tornadoes dissipate.
  1430. The Grappling Hook used on rings of light.
  1431. Hyoi Pears make good.treats for seagulls.
  1432. The Deku Leaf can be.used to spin windmills.
  1433. Use a Sea Chart spot sea spray.
  1434. The Power Bracelet lift stone heads.
  1435. The Hammer can be hit giant switches.
  1436. The Hookshot is used across gaps.
  1437. Select a companion fairy.
  1438. Choose the Rental Skill you want to lend.
  1439. Waiting for exchange partner to choose a Rental Skill.
  1440. Select the map you want to play.
  1441. Select who to swap Rental Skills with.
  1442. Select whether you want to use StreetPass or not.
  1443. Select whether you want to receive notifications and data.
  1444. Check for and download latest SpotPass data.
  1445. Check to see whether updates are available for this game.
  1446. Customize button controls.
  1447. Check Touch Screen controls.
  1448. Select whether you want to share gameplay information with Nintendo.
  1449. Select whether to auto-pause when there is a new mission.
  1450. View Tutorial
  1451. Download Content
  1452. Select whether to move camera with .P5.
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