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  1. JOEY: Kieran. You are a male. This is an immutable fact. The reasons your parents will not take you to gender therapy is because you are just an angry, moody teen who sees things that are not there. You are going to be a male for the rest of your life. Raki will leave you. And even if she could look past your gender, you two would never meet. Because you will never raise the funds. You will never be anything but a failure. You get angry at people, you are more of a hypocrite than myself, and you will lose all of your friends. Everyone gets aggravated at you. Aranea, Kiki, and the list goes on. You judge people when you yourself are ten times worse than most of them. And above all we must not forget that you are going to die alone in a deadbeat job going nowhere, most likely sitting in front of a TV and recalling your days as a young lad.
  2. JOEY: You are trash.
  3. JOEY: And I want nothing to do with you.
  4. Ki: ...
  5. JOEY: I will not recommend suicide.
  6. JOEY: Because that will waste the police's time in filing a report, as well as the nearest morgue.
  7. JOEY: And no matter what you do, you will inevitably die.
  8. JOEY: And fade into nothing.
  9. JOEY: A lost memory.
  10. JOEY: The end.
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