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  1. I agree with you and I have herd the same but this is what Ray told me the other day (paraphrasing)
  3. [quote]We can't just get rid of the problem we have to learn to deal with it and I can't really ignore him because he is interacting with my server.[/quote]
  5. He said that among other things.
  6. Back to Akiva:
  7. I feel a day has not gone by when he says "Mod abuse", "Abuse of power", or "Demote (Mod name here) for abusing his stuff". He is not going to leave or change as we have seen with the banning of his main account Akiva360. No one even talks to him in TS or anything and he still rages all he wants is attention, I know Ray does't see it, Seers sees it sometimes but all of us younger staff memebers (Bladey, Callum, Gokin, Random, Mberry, Dhutch, and I) all see this because both Ray and Seers are older than him by a lot and he feels threatend by it. He thinks of us(younger staff) as well lets say school yard nerds, he thinks he can walk all over us and when we try to do something about it he just gets off with no slap on the wrist. Everytime I have banned him has been for a reason but he rages and Ray then takes his side which is not right at all.
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