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  2. Sabaku, Kiyoko would soon arrive at the construction site of the hospital, where she looks on upon the creation of the building.  Yes it was very close to being finished.  Time to get the workers into working over time!  With the workers running around the site, one could see how much faster it was coming together.  Pipes with pumps would be attached to the oasis and filters would be attached to provide the hospital with immediate clean water for working with.
  4. After that, Kiyoko would begin gathering up each little grain of sand from the area and begin using it to polish the stone and wood.  Wood would be grinded and polished down to prevent splinters and make it nice and smooth.  Rocks would be grinded and polished till they were nice and shiny.  Bit by bit the new building would be brought to looking better as the quality of the materials increase from her efforts.
  6. Now the interal walls of the hospital starts getting worked upon, and she has a few support pilled made out of hard rock and wood to support stress points.  This would help increase the stability of the hospital even more, this way even in an earth quake the hospital would stay standing!
  8. Moving on, she would find some katon users and begins working to slowly melt her sand and stretch it into decorative glass, this might be something that only she could do.  Continuing this again and agian, she soon has dozens if not hundreds sheets of glass.  She would then get people to carry thiem and store them carefully to save till later.
  10. Looking back at the hospital, she would note what all she had finished now before deciding to fix up the roof or top floors. With wood being hammered into place and moves to create sand ones that begin helping on the hammering proccess.  Nodding a bit, she would find herself pleased with how quickly it was beginning to come together.  Well thats good as well.
  12. And then comes the walls and stairs.  BANG BANG BANG.  POW POW POW.  The hammers begin working once more as the builders move the wood into position and the architect directs them, she would naill things down and keep them that way.  With this, it wouldn't take too much time for the stairs to be finished and the walls to be installed.
  14. Yawning tiredly, she would move to take a small break as she continues to yell at the workers.  Sipping her tea, she watches as they get started on the next floor while the glass sheets, beds and all the other equipment is slowly gathered and brought over.  She would direct them to put it in areas where it would be out of the way, this way theyw ould have the hospital supplied with everything it needs.
  16. Isido grunted as he was walking throughout the village, The look on his face would make anyone tell that he hated what just happened. The fact his scars and bruises were not only fully healed but completely off his person. The sand was another thing, It was everywhere and he needed to get it off...Now.
  18. Isido began to get a nice good look around the village as he came across everyone doing their own seperate thing. He decided to see what Kiyoko was doing as he kind of did owe her an apoligy even though it wasn't really his gimmick. He walked up next to her as he looked at the hospital being built that was actually almost complete. Hell it was now or never.
  20. "Lord Jashin please dont let her do to me what she did in the office." He would mutter before grabbing a hammer and some nails and getting to work. He wasn't going to stop untill he showed them all that he belonged here and he was going to be the best. Even if he was a Masochist that devoted himself to a good no body has ever heard of.
  22. BANG BANG BANG! The sound of the hammer hitting the nails as he grunted with the work he was doing. He was stronger then Kiyoko was so the nails were going straight in like it was nothing. It was just the fact the Sun was bright out and getting in the way as it always did. BANG BANG BANG! More banging of the hammer could be heard as he took a step back and nodded his head at the amazing job he was doing so far.
  24. "After this I would like you to remove all the sand from..well everywhere as payment for helping you with the hospital, I know you did not ask for it but its all I can do to say sorry for well..That display in Prince Taisho's office." Isido smirked as he continued to hammer away. He didn't want to stop it was actually quite a workout and some pretty nice training to get done. He didn't know what he was going to do after he finish though, Perhaps the sand girl could think of something?
  26. Hell even Isido couldn't think of nothing, He watched the spar take place while he continued to work. Watching a fight and working was the best thing he could of done. He was learning to see how they fought and not only get the work and job done but putting all this behind him. It was perfect to get your mind off of and he loved it. He looked up towards the sun to see what time it was as he got on his knees and prayed. Taking a clean nail and slicing it across his finger as his blood began to drip out. He then made the Jashinist Pentagram as he got inside of it and began to pray to his beloved god.
  28. After that he finnally finished the hospital. It looked pretty good for something to be complete with. Just needed some more detailing and it was fine of course. Well he hoped so anyway. He looked at her before smiling and throwing the hammer down.
  30. "So what do you think hmm?"
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