SEA Explorers 1 Banlist

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  1. SEA Explorers Banlist
  3. This banlist only considers the players that have shown activity in CoSEA. If you are not on this banlist, please be considerate of how you do well against these players. If you want to be included in this banlist, please contact Azuuu.
  5. 79
  6. Aqua-sama
  7. Azuuu
  8. Bellpepper
  9. D7Patchouli
  10. Deri
  11. Electroll
  12. Enzo
  13. Evil Rhymes
  14. Fear Nagae
  15. IchiHime
  16. Lumise Edire
  17. Merlt
  18. MinaSolvilo
  19. Nano
  20. Merlt
  21. Nelka714
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