Terra Kotta Mage x Meateating Sword Guy C

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  1. [00:14:09] <Kotta> When the group stopped for a break, Kotta gathered some scrap wood (using his wind to knock branches off nearby trees if necessary), cleared away some snow to make a small fire pit, then finally...took out a pot and a small tome from one of his packs to start a small fire to boil coffee. As he waited, he idly sat next to the small fire, twirling a mug with his finger.
  2. [00:15:37] <`Krauss> "Ooooh, nice fire you got burnin there. Mind if I cook somethin up here?" The sword dude sits down nearby with a nice cut of meat in hand. "Not sure where this came from, but it looks tasty. Want some? I'll trade for some coffee."
  3. [00:18:13] <Kotta> "Oh, uhh, sure I guess? Fire's pretty small with all this cold and snow going on though, sooooo I can't guarantee it'll cook very well." As he talked, he searched his pack for another mug, and lightly tossed it at the swordsman. "You're...Krauss, yeah?"
  4. [00:20:48] <`Krauss> Catching the mug with one hand as he reached for some stuff behind him. (He tossed the meat into the air, catching it later of course.) Revealing a few tools, Krauss got to work, improving the flame to a pretty nice level. "That's the name, though call me whatever you like."
  5. [00:21:50] <`Krauss> "...Alright, that should be good enough. Anyways, Kotta-something, right? You know how to use magic, right? That tornado stuff didn't come out of nowhere, did it?"
  6. [00:26:24] <Kotta> "Whoa, that's neat!" nice godmodding. Also, when Kotta's name was mentioned, his horse looked at Krauss quizzically all like "u w0t m8". "Yep! Started as kinda a hobby, I guess, but it's pretty useful especially for fighting, so figured why not!" A while after the coffee pot boiled, Kotta took it off the fire, and poured some into both his and Krauss' mugs. "Ya look pretty handy with a sword yerself. In the area to fight the roles? Or just doing merc work?"
  7. [00:34:24] <`Krauss> "I dunno, I just like swords, so I'm tryin to get good with them. I tried doing magic once, but it was bit too hard for me. Got a brother that's great at it though..." He'd pause for a moment to reflect on some memories. But only for a moment. "Mmm, this is some good stuff dude. Where'd you get this?"
  8. [00:39:39] <Kotta> "This batch? That's actually left over from the inn I was staying in back there. Pretty good stuff, I'd have rather drunk it all when it was still fresh, but all them stupid corpses and then those dumb roles showed up, so I had to save it for later. Whatever ruckus they made to shake the inn also made me spill a bunch too! Smelly, rotting bastards!" Kotta spat on the ground trying to act like a punk, but just ended up looking kind of silly instead. ...Also, the coffee pot had like, about an entire liter when he brought it out.
  9. [00:41:16] <`Krauss> "Wait, there was an inn in that town." He'd give the boy a puzzling look, head tilted and all. "I coulda sworn I circled that entire place like 3 times. Eventually I just gave up and slept outside. Pretty standard for me nowadays."
  10. [00:49:02] <Kotta> "Nice job! ...Uh, wow, sleeping outside in this kind of climate is actually pretty hardcore. Are you Acaians even real?" Kotta looked at all the snow, and shivered. "Still a wonder that y'all can live comfortably in a place like this. If my old man had to live somewhere like this, he'd probably shout something like 'What the hell am I supposed to plant in this kind of frozen hellscaapeeee!' and give up on life."
  11. [00:51:03] <`Krauss> "When you grow up around these parts, you build a tolerance and all that. I hated the cold at first, but now it's pretty comforting, even more so than a blanket at times." Oh, looks like the food is done. "Alright...I'll make a cut here..." (He's using his sword) "Alright, you can half this half Kotta-dude. Eat well, and maybe you'll get a bit taller. You're probably still growing though anyways."
  12. [00:55:02] <Kotta> A cold breeze smacked Krauss in the face! Also, the wind mage's horse gave Krauss a questioning look again. "Ey! I'm not short! Don't treat me like a kid, I can even fight in (light) armor despite being a mage y'know!" What do you know, if you squinted hard enough that probably was actually armor and not a fairly thick vest or something.
  13. [00:57:16] <Kotta> The mage's face eventually went from a pout to a more serious expression. "By the way, I'm looking for someone. A girl slightly older than me, uses a bow, wears a gre--actually, likely a white cloak in this frozen hellscape, huh. Ever saw anyone like that around here?"
  14. [00:58:24] <`Krauss> "Oooh, what a refreshing breeze..." He'd revel in the cold for a moment. Seems he reallty was enjoying it. "I feel like I've seen a lot of girls in cloaks lately...but nah, none that I can really recall vividly. Family member?"
  15. [01:04:35] <Kotta> A nod, and a slow sip. "Yep. She left home about a year ago to...join some bunch of spies to try overthrowing Sirrolant. We--Ordannon, I mean--got nearly invaded by them around that time, so sis probably was freaking out about that." Another sip. "She wrote back saying she was going to go on a long assignment a couple months ago, then neither my family nor her spy friends heard from her again. Came out here trying to follow her traces and figure out what happened."
  16. [01:08:40] <`Krauss> "I wonder if I should write a letter..." he started mumbling to himself. "Well, hopefully your sister is doing just fine. Oh who am I kiddin, I know she's fine. I've got a gut feeling, and I always trust my gut. Still though, it's pretty nice of you to be travelin out alone like this. You must really care for your sister..." Hm...he'd silently nod while thinking about some stuff. "You like history books? Or anything of that sort? I'm startin to think you might be pretty similiar to my bro, you'd make good friends I'm sure."  
  17. [01:09:21] <`Krauss> The way he talked was pretty all over the place. Seemed he really didn't like staying on one topic for too long.
  18. [01:09:35] <`Krauss> Maybe it was the coffe though, who knows.
  19. [01:13:25] <Kotta> Shrug. "Thanks I guess." Once Krauss mentioned history books, though, his eyes immediately lit up. "History books! Yep, yeah, absolutely! Brought some with me actually, ya got any? Wanna trade? Or just comparing notes would be fine too?" the wind mage was somehow emitting astra sparkles
  20. [01:16:54] <Giantree> ok who's ready for your next chapter : ^ )
  21. [01:18:05] <Kotta> the robutts are
  22. [01:18:23] <Giantree> what robutts
  23. [01:18:26] <Giantree> :::^^^)))
  24. [01:18:31] <Giantree> sry continue
  25. [01:24:16] <Kotta> waiting for dev to post.jpg
  26. [01:27:17] <`Krauss> (I went to eat nerd)
  27. [01:27:19] <`Krauss> (I'm back though)
  28. [01:28:57] <Giantree> >eating nerds
  29. [01:30:06] <`Krauss> "Oh no no no, I'm not really into that stuff, he is. I've read a bit, but studying was never my sort of thing." He'd wave his hands about trying to switch the subject off of the landmine. "That was a better reaction than I thought though, let me know what you're up to after you find your sister. I'm sure my brother would love to compare notes or whatever with you. Assuming he didn't get kidnapped or something again, he's not the luckiest guy around."
  30. [01:31:06] <`Krauss> He'd finish up his food now before tossing the scraps into the woods. "Well, that was pretty good. Wish I had some more though."
  31. [01:37:56] <Kotta> "...Oh." Kotta grew silent and looked back down at his coffee, spending several seconds in dissapoint before he remembered that he had a conversation going on. "Eh, sure why not! Comparing notes with someone from another country should be interesting!" Kotta poured himself some more coffee, vaguely noticing that he'd missed his chance to get any of the meat before they all went into Krauss' stomach. Meh, whatever, coffee was something you eat in liquid form. He wouldn't starve or anything. "Next town probably isn't that far if that Sylvera knows where we're going and doesn't listen to Ecky trying to get us stranded on the other side of the continent. Just hang on a bit, dude."
  32. [01:41:29] <`Krauss> "Yeah, yeah I'll live. It'd be nice if more meat showed up out of nowhere though. Guess that's just dumb luck though, not something to really count on." He'd shift around in his seat a little bit, looking a little restless. "Well, I think I'm gonna go smack a few trees or something then. Take it you can't hold a sword? I'll teach you if you want, but otherwise I'll catch you later or something."
  33. [01:44:09] <Kotta> "Nah, I'm good." Kotta waved at the leaving swordsman, before leaning forward to extinguish the now weakening fire.
  34. [01:44:36] <`Krauss> (Looks like a wrap)\
  35. [01:45:12] <Kotta> ayy
  36. [01:45:15] <Kotta>  /C
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