The Halloween Party Of The Century TG (Rem TG)

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  1. Voices everywhere in all directions talking about every fad or meme there is out there. It varies from topics like Pokémon Go, which is a dying app, and stuff like Harambe, which still continues to swarm the Internet to the point that the people from the zoo asked for people on the web to stop. Like that will ever happen. You tell the Internet to stop something, and they will come back with even more force.
  3. My name is Jory *******. I have a weird last name. I know. There is no need to say I do. I am just your average looking high school student. I am about five feet and eleven inches tall with a under average build meaning I have muscles, but not as much as others do. I am of average weight and not that athletic, but I move around enough. I got green eyes and ear length red hair. My red hair makes me stand out since it is rare and even my eyelashes are bright red. I am seventeen years old and am in my final year of high school.
  5. Ah. That ring must mean the period is over. What do I have now? Almost two months into my final year and my memory continues to fail me. Oh yeah. It’s my lunch now.
  7. I’m walking by people and most of what I can hear coming from them is all about Halloween. People at my age don’t usually go trick-or-treating often since we are taught that it’s immature to go get candy from others houses and it’s for little kids. I’ve never thought that way since I have a major sweet tooth, but I don’t go against my parent’s words since I would be in a lot of shit to disobey them. I rather keep my video games than go out and get bite-sized candy.
  9. The students were more so talking about pranking the little ones or going out with friends to parties they were invited to. As per the usual like every other year, I’m stuck at home with nothing better to do except homework and video games. I’ve never been invited to a party. I don’t know if I would even go to one if I was invited knowing how anti-social I can be. Yet, I would like to experience a party at least once since it is my last year of high school.
  11. Even though I am anti-social, I still have some friends, just very few. I consider myself to be a nerd and I am open when it comes to that. I love talking about anime and video games and even wear an anime shirt everyday to school. This is why I talk to select people and try to find those who suit my interest and are fine with my slight hyperactive tendencies when talking about a certain topic.
  13. Now to get back to eating my lunch. I was sitting on the stairs alone quickly gobbling down my chicken so that I could have as much time to play on my 3ds. I hate to admit this, but whenever I am in a quiet area alone and I can hear others talking, I can’t help but pick up on what they are saying, and this time is no exception.
  15. One guy was saying, “So are you going to the party?”
  17. The other guy asked, “Which one are you talking about? There are a few I was invited to.”
  19. Well good for you. You should be proud. “You know that party, the one that everyone’s been hyping for. I can’t remember who was hosting it though.”
  21. The other guy paused and thought for a moment. “Oh yeah! That party. You mean the one that anyone can go to as long as they are wearing a convincing costume right?”
  23. “Yeah, that one. I also heard if you are a girl with what the person considers to be a pretty face, you are most likely granted entry and if you are dressed up in a costume as a girl, you are guaranteed access.”
  25. “Yes, I do plan to go. I still haven’t decided what to dress up as. Also, I don’t even know who is hosting it. I heard that it’s a surprise.”
  27. This is all I wanted to hear. I didn’t care about the rest. I am going to get into that party. Actually, I do need to listen since I don’t want to be ready and have no clue where the party is. I seriously hope one of them conveniently says is right now to make my life easier.
  29. The first guy said, “I heard that whoever the host is rented out the entire Toronto Convention Centre for the Halloween party. Dude must be super freaking rich, huh?”
  31. Thank you so much god for making my life so much easier. I finished up my lunch and clicked away at my game.
  33. Before the bell rang for class, the other guy said something that caught my attention once again. “I heard that the person who is voted to have the best costume at the party will be awarded ten million dollars! You never have a better chance than the lottery with that type of money!”
  35. Another guy that was there seemed skeptical. “Are you sure? Seems pretty farfetched.”
  37. “I thought that too. Not until I found out that a person at the same party last year got the same amount of money. Look her up!”
  39. That last bit sealed the deal for whether I was going or not.
  41. I managed to get through the rest of the day in a single piece listening to teachers go on about accounting and talking about colleges and universities. I biked on home and rushed upstairs to start surfing the web.
  43. Browsing Amazon and EBay, I searched for a costume that would be cool and/or suit me just fine. I looked through all the different cosplay they had. I was tempted to get a Kirito costume form Sword Art Online, but even with the lack of anime lovers at my school, the few of them would probably think about the same costume so I put that idea on the back burner. I kept searching through and everything that was cool was also really expensive. I could just get a school uniform, but I didn’t want to be like every anime character in a slice of life world.
  45. While I continued to scan the selections, I came across something that caught my eye. It was a blue maid dress that was identical from Rem’s maid dress in Re:Zero. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not one to cross-dress. I was just checking out some of the female cosplay since I would like to imagine some girls in them. Aside from the title, nothing seemed that out of the ordinary. ‘Re:Zero Rem Maid Outfit’.
  47. When looking at it, I couldn’t help but admire how well crafted it was. What caught my attention though was the price. It was about a thousand dollars. “Who would pay that much for an outfit?” I said to no one in particular. It has no ratings meaning the price probably scared people off before they could read up about it. With my curiosity at its peak, I clicked on it and began to read about it. Everything seemed to be ordinary until I got to the end of the description. ‘WARNING! Do not wear if male. May include gender-swapping tendencies when worn. Results are permanent.’ That appears to be the oddest warning I’ve ever read.
  49. There was a video at the bottom of the page. I clicked on it and it brought up footage of a guy who looked around my age. Weird, I would’ve thought that they would use a girl. As I watched, I became instantly amazed. He was transforming with every article of clothing. I thought that this was edited, but this seemed too real to be an edit.
  51. Should I go for the female transformation and have a small chance at winning the massive ten million dollar cash prize, or go as something else and have even lower chances of winning? I will go with number one. Sure, I probably won’t win and I will be a girl forever, but that doesn’t seem so bad. At least it says in the description that the transformation won’t cause any mental changes so at least I will still be the same guy (or girl) on the inside. I clicked on the purchase and it said it would arrive in six days. Luckily that’s the day right before the party. I still hope I win since that’s a thousand dollars gone and my parents will be super mad and confused when they get back from vacation the day after Halloween.
  53. Six days later…
  55. It was about the middle of the day today. Just lazing around at home on a Sunday alone is always so thrilling and full of adventure! How much longer until they deliver my costume? I continued to sit there and play some Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time trying to make the time go bye. You see what I did there? I’m so board that I’m playing this awesome game as a way to make a pun flow through the air indefinitely. It also depresses me that I’m now telling myself exactly why I’m playing this.
  57. When I was about to doze off, a loud ring pierced my eardrums. “Yes! It must be here!” I ran to the front door and looked outside to see a massive package. “Wow. Quick delivery.” Whoever had shipped the costume was long gone.
  59. I went out then back in holding the massive but light box. I took it upstairs into my room and closed the door for whatever reason. It’s not like anyone else is home right now.
  61. I slid open the box with a knife gently to avoid ruining the dress. Upon viewing the contents of the box, I was mesmerized. I already thought it looked like a piece of art online, but here, it looked utterly stunning. It included the main maid dress, a corset, something sort of resembling that of a ruff but not as big and weird looking, a string and hairclip, a headband, leggings, tiny shoes, and even a pair of panties and a bra.
  63. I got undressed completely and was a bit hesitant, but I took the plunge. I first grabbed the panties. They were white and extremely clean. I slowly slid them up my legs. Once it was up there, I positioned it to be more comfortable for me. Once done, my groin and balls just disappeared without a trace in a split second. I felt underneath to notice that I was already technically a girl. I decided to take of the panties and put back on my boxers. Of course, I was still a girl. “I guess this means there’s no going back.”
  65. Once I put the panties back on, I moved onto the headband. It was black with little white flowers over it. Once I put it on my head, my hair changed. My short red hair turned into a beautiful sky blue color and grew to the middle of my neck. It felt so soft and smooth, and it barely covered my right eye, yet I didn’t care that much.
  67. I decided to take my clothes into the washroom to see myself change more easily. Once inside, I looked at the mirror and began to fiddle with the pink string. I thought it would be difficult to put it in my hair like how Rem has it, but it came naturally to me and I did it on my first try. I then put on the two pink hairclips in an X formation on the same side of my head on one of the bangs. Doing these made my face go through it’s own changes. My skull shrunk and rounded to get a more feminine structure. Any facial hair I had disappeared as well as any blemishes. My eyes grew to become more innocent and my irises went from green to a piercing blue just like my new hair. My eyelashes also changed to become longer and a darker blue color. My nose shrank to become cuter and my lips plumped up making them more kissable. I touched my face. “Wow. I look just like her.” The skin on my face was so smooth and soft.
  69. I took the ruff like thing next. It was white with a black string attached to it. I wrapped it around my neck and tied the string into a knot in the front. When done that, my neck slimed down and my Adam’s apple shrunk and changed form to give me a cute and feminine voice. My shoulders also were shoved inwards making them smaller and thus giving me a smaller frame. I touched my throat and started to make sounds. “Ahh. Oh my god! I even sound like her! This is starting to get even more exciting!”
  71. I took the corset from the box next. I put it around my waist, and it instantly activated without me doing anything. I gasped as the wind was knocked out of me. My waist was instantly crushed inwards making me loose any and all fat. All the hair that was still on my body fell off creating a circle around my feet. At the same time, my back arched backwards giving me a new skeletal form. Last, but not least, my skin all over my body lightened a bit and became softer. After a few more seconds of trying to grasp for air, I calmed down and looked at myself. “I am starting to look more and more like a girl.” I took off the corset to see that my body stayed the same. I threw it away since it wasn’t needed anymore.
  73. I picked up the bra and observed it. It was plain and white, but cute at the same time. It was a tad bigger than what majority of girls I assume wore, but that didn’t matter. If I were to become Rem, I would need to look exactly like her in all fields. I put it over my chest and I was able to snap it together behind my back like a pro. When adjusting it to be in the correct spot, my chest started to feel hot.  With each breath, the two small lumps on my chest grew bit by bit. After about half a minute went by, my breasts stopped growing and were about CC-cup size. “Wow. They are quite large. Onto the next article of clothing.”
  75. I took the main garb from the box, the maid outfit. I didn’t know how to properly put it on and I wasn’t doing it instinctively like the strings or bra so I got creative. I don’t know if I was doing it correctly, but I tried to put it on like an everyday t-shirt of mine. It worked at least. My new slimmer body easily fit through it and I squeezed my head out the top. I probably should’ve put the ruff like thing on afterwards, but too late now. I carefully slipped my hands and arms through the sleeves and adjusted my chest area to make my breasts snug and started to experience my next changes. My arms slimed and smoothed while also gaining a whole lot of muscle making me deceptively strong. I was easily stronger than any normal human out there. My hands followed suit and shrunk while my fingers elongated making them more dainty and fragile looking. My nails became manicured and shiny and lengthened a tad bit. “My nails have never looked this nice. Even though I stopped biting them years ago.” All of a sudden, another change commenced. I look at the mirror to see it getting higher and higher alarmingly fast. I look down to see the floor trying to jump me since it’s not ready for Halloween. I was scared that I was falling and shrieked. I screamed until I really did fall and land on my butt. “Ouch!” I was finally done shrinking. I lost almost a full foot in height! I went from five feet and eleven inches tall to about just five feet tall. How crazy is that? “That was a bit scary.”
  77. Getting back up, I took out the last two pieces of clothing to finish off my transformation. I took one of the soft white leggings and began to carefully put my right foot and leg through it. I brought it all the way up and did the same with the other legging on the left side. When I was done that, I took the small black shoes and tried to put them on. The key word being tries. My feet were far too big to fit into them. At least that was until they starting shrinking so that they could fit inside the shoes. Once small enough, my feet easily slipped comfortably into the small shoes. I now had small and soft feet. My legs started to change as well. They slimmed down and curved to make them more feminine while my thighs went through a change of their own. They curved like my legs, but also gained a bit of fat making them more voluptuous and help fit inside the leggings. Almost at the end of the changes, my butt and hips started to get bigger. My butt started to gain some fat and make it stick out more, but not too much. My hips cracked outwards to give me childbearing proportions and helping me complete my hourglass figure and female figure overall.
  79. I swung my head back and forth between looking down and at the mirror. “Oh my god! This is so cool! I look and sound just like Rem!” I still couldn’t believe my eyes. I knew they were telling the truth, but it all seemed so unreal. “Now to wait for tomorrow night!” I couldn’t be more thrilled. I was me on the inside, but being Rem changed my emotions a bit to make me more happier. At least I’m still the same though.
  81. A bit over a full day later…
  83. Getting off the subway, I walked to the Toronto Convention Centre. It was embarrassing, but cool to see that everyone was looking at mostly me on the subway. I had all the guys and most of the girls’ eyes my way. It seems to be the same on the street right now as well. Did I look weird or out of place? I hope not. I think I know why so many pairs of eyes are on me, but I don’t want to admit it. I walked by a variety of awesome and less than awesome costumes. Of course, there was a few Kiritos in the crowds. There was some Pikachu’s here and there. I wanted to tell a girl that she got her costume wrong since Pikachu should have a heart shaped tail instead of a flat one. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw someone dressed as Harambe. How long is that meme going to last?
  85. After a few minutes, I finally reached the main building. So many people were there, majority being guys and very few girls. I thought for a moment that I was at the wrong place when I got my question answered. At the main doors, all the guys were waiting to go in and at least one a minute was going in, while the girls were just walking in with no trouble like having to wait. Good thing I turned into a girl for this party. I hesitantly walked up and the massive macho man let me through.
  87. The rest of the party was one massive blur. I danced all night and had the time of my life. I made sure to not drink or have drugs though. None of that bad stuff.
  89. Once it was midnight, the music stopped along with the lights and someone began to talk. “Hello to all of you! I am your host for the party! I am so happy to see you have all enjoyed yourselves up till now!” The lights turned on at the stage to show a teenager there. I couldn’t tell who he was with the mask on, but he was no one I knew since I didn’t know anyone of that stature. “Sorry to interrupt you all, but I have a special announcement to make! TIME TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF THE COSTUME CONTEST!”
  91. Everyone cheered, myself included. “And the winner of the ten million dollars is-” It’s not me of course with how many people are here. At least I had a whole lot of fun. That’s all that matters. “-YOU!”
  93. The lights almost blinded me. Wow, the person must be right beside me. Congratulations to them. It was then that I noticed everyone looking at me with glares plastered to their faces. “Um…did I do something wrong?”
  95. The guy at the front said, “You with the blue hair! You’re the winner!”
  97. Did I hear that right? I won? That couldn’t be true can it? I pointed at myself and he said, “Yes you! Come on up here!”
  99. I ran over in a blaze, or more like jumped over. I forgot just how athletic Rem was and how high she could jump. “Wow! You are a mighty fine jumper! You should sign up for the Olympics!”
  101. “I will think about it.” Even though I was up on the stage, I wasn’t nervous to be in front of all these people. Must be the help of the transformation.
  103. “Well, here are roses for you!” Out came roses from above and I quickly caught them on my dress. Lifting it up a bit made a lot of the guys cheer. To make them more excited, I turned to them and smiled. And the crowd goes crazy!
  105. “As the winner of the cash prize, you also win something else!” Hmm. Wonder what it is that would go along with that massive sum of money.
  107. I got my answer straight away, and it wasn’t a pleasant one. Our lips connected. My mind was racing. I was as red as a beet. Without a word, I launched my foot at his crotch.
  109. He continued to smile, and fell to the ground in agony clutching his balls. The whole crowd gasped. Not a single sound was heard in the entire Toronto Convention Centre. He managed, “I-I’ve always liked girls with a flair to them…” Then the entire venue was cheering for me. I bowed and left the stage.
  111. I was later confronted and was told all the money would be in my bank account. I asked how they knew what my bank account was and they said that I needed to figure that out.
  113. Well, all’s well that ends well. I’m supposed to say that in this type of situation, right? All I need to worry about are my parents, and I don’t know how they would react to seeing their new daughter in the morning.
  116. THE END!
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