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Mar 10th, 2020
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  1. I know this post will probably get removed pretty quick. I might even get banned from this subreddit. To anyone who is thinking about getting cut, or will be soon, DO NOT DO IT! If it is for a legit medical reason, like cancer, where there is NO OTHER OPTION, then go through with it if you must. But otherwise DO NOT do it! before I've lost you, let me list some reasons why, and these are facts, that are readily available online.
  2. • It will remove the gliding motion of the skin
  3. •It will remove millions of nerve endings, that are there for pleasure.
  4. • Your penis "head" will keratinize, which means it will develop a tough layer of cells that block feeling.
  5. • The foreskin protects the "head" from wearing against clothes and keeps it moist and healthy, without this it will dry up and lose sensation.
  6. • The most sensitive part of the penis is the area of skin under the head. Often a lot of this is removed.
  7. • It will make sex uncomfortable for the partner, if not painful.
  8. •It will hurt like all hell for a long time.
  9. •You might end up with too little skin, meaning your erections will hurt.
  10. •As you get older, sensitivity will decrease, and orgasms will be hard to get
  11. • Orgasms will not feel anywhere near as good.
  13. I know many of you will not listen. But I beg of you, don't do it. Don't remove part of your penis.
  14. There are thousands of testimonies online of people who say it's the single worst mistake of their life.
  15. Phimosis can be cured (in most cases) without surgery.
  16. Nobody thinks you are weird for keeping your penis intact. Don't remove a huge chunk of skin from the most important and sensitive part of your body for no reason other then to "join the club".
  17. There is an entire subreddit dedicated to people who regret it, or had it done to them as a baby and did not like it. It will make you cry- some of these post are really heartbreaking.
  18. /r/CircumcisionGrief
  19. I would be stupid if I did not link any sources.
  23. You can also restore the skin, but it takes years and won't be the same ever agian.
  26. Please, for the love of everything good, don't do it. Please, I am begging you.
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  34. Obnoxious shitpost.
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  51. This r/circumcisiongrief spams a lot of the forms and in general is extremely toxic.
  53. You got circumcised get over it and move on with your life, go to the restoring sub Reddit and see how many people have successfully restored or are restoring and being supportive of each other.
  55. Hopefully the admins remove this ignorant post.
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