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  1. *Disclaimer: This is a pre-written comment, this may or may not have any relevance to the content creators claims in question, however it does have relevance to any and all VPNs and their company’s claims*
  3. *Second Disclaimer: While this comment is made to show you the lies of these companies/youtubers, VPNs actually do have a purpose, but only if used in conjunction with many other different tactics and software.*
  5. I would just like to let you (Insert relevant Youtuber here), and any of your viewers/anyone reading this know, that (if used alone) VPNs does not grant you privacy nor anonymity, and only improves security on open/free (unencrypted) Wifi, and can unblock certain geo-restricted content. The way that you and these VPN companies advertise VPNs is complete false advertising. To back this up, I would like to give my counter-claims to the two main claims of these VPN companies.
  7.  VPN Claim #1: VPNs protect your privacy by encrypting your data, and therefore prevents ISPs, hackers, and any bad actors from viewing any of your data transmissions.
  8. Counter-Claim: Sure while your ISP cannot see your data, your data will be decrypted by the VPN company; all you are doing is shifting your trust (and the vulnerability) from your ISP to the VPN company. If your trusted VPN company is hacked, subpoenaed, sells, or just leaks your data, there is no difference between using a VPN and not using a VPN. Also, certain technologies within browsers like WebRTC and Javascript, can leak your IP address even when you are using a VPN.
  10. VPN Claim #2: VPNs give you anonymity by routing your traffic to it’s proxies and therefore masks your IP address.
  11. Counter-Claim: You do not gain anonymity just because your IP is masked. There are other ways to figure out who you are other than your IP. The other main way to get your identity is through your browsing habits and your browsers fingerprint. Your browser fingerprint is compiled of many different attributes of your computer or your phone.
  12. Some of these attributes are:
  13. Whether your device is a phone or not and if so, what exact phone brand and model
  14. Your devices specs, CPU, GPU, RAM
  15. Your display’s resolution and aspect ratio.
  16. Your OS, and what version, down to what exact updates you have installed
  17. Your OS’s/Browser’s language and region dialect (eg. EN-US or EN-UK)
  18. What browser you have, it’s version, what extensions you have and what settings you have configured
  19. Cookies and any referral links you clicked on to get to a certain website
  21. All of this added up plus your browsing habits (what videos/websites you frequently view) can give a bad actor all of the info needed to gather your identity.
  22. If you want to test your browser’s fingerprint you can use or
  24. Final Counter Claim: Even if you use a VPN, you will still have many other massive vulnerability that will need to be secured if you actually want privacy, a VPN alone will not protect you. Some of the vulnerabilities are:
  25. Windows 10 spying on your every move
  26. ANY phone, smart or dumb being vulnerable to sim card hijacking
  27. Most unmodded Android phones spying on your every move
  28. VPNFilter Malware on MANY routers that have still not been removed and the initial attack vector still hasn't been patched.
  29. Intel ME (basically a secondary CPU within the Main CPU) has been confirmed to be a large potential attack vector in any Intel CPU made since 2008 and currently has many vulnerabilities publicly known
  31. So now you (hopefully) understand that VPNs (when used alone) are not a good way to protect your privacy. So how do you gain privacy within the internet age? Well the truth is far more complicated than just paying $3-15 a month and clicking the on button of your VPN. I’ll be editing my original comment on youtube in the next few days to weeks to add in a link to my custom list of things you can do to enhance your privacy, but until then go to privacytools . io and the r/privacy subreddit to read up on some things you can do to protect your privacy/security. (Also shout-out to three other channels that talk about privacy and could also help you, these channels are: The Hated One, Techlore, and Rob Braxman Tech) (And final shout-out to the website and project  this website allows you to watch Youtube videos without the Google overlords spying on you, it can even be used without javascript and is completely open-source.)
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