Tokyo (15th-17th) AIR BnB

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  1. Tokyo (15th-17th) AIR BnB
  2. House Rules
  3. Welcome to our guest house
  4. Now,we would like to explain our guest house
  6. Shoes off
  7. Please take off your shoes at the entrance and put it in the shes cupboard.
  8. Then wear the provided slippers or enjoy without it.
  10. Luggage & Suit case
  11. Please do not drag your heavy lagages or suit case inn the room. Please hold it and put it on the luggage & suit case storage place.
  13. No smoking
  14. Please do not smoke in the room. If you smoke, please smoke at the backyard where the ashtray placed.
  16. A few words
  17. Our guest house is in the Shitamati where we value good communication with neighbors, it might be a fun to live in Shitamachi.
  18. Please challenge to say a few words to a neighbor such as:
  19. OHAYOU GOZAIMASU (Good morning)
  20. KONN NICHIWA (Good afternoon)
  22. No noise
  23. Shitamachi is densely built-up.
  24. So please neither turn the volume of TV, Radio and Audio up or high nor make unpleasant noise such as shout or loud voice. Especially after 9 in the evening, some neighbors go to bed for early morning work.
  25. Please observe Shitamachi's characteristic manners.
  27. Toilet
  28. Please use the provided toilet paper.
  29. No other paper such as pocket tissues and tissues.
  30. No plastic products.
  32. Kitchen
  33. Please freely use table wears and kitchen wears.
  34. After you use them, please wash them and put them where you found them.
  35. If you would like to know how to use kitchen wears, please read the provided manual in the kitchen.
  37. Refrigerator & Microwave oven
  38. Please freely use them.
  39. However please do not leave any foods and drinks when you check out.
  41. Waste (Garbage)
  42. In Tokyo, we have very severe waste (garbage) rules.
  43. Please classify your waste into 3 following groups.
  44. Recyclable waste
  45. Combustible waste
  46. Noncombustible waste
  47. Please dispose your classified waste in the proper dustbin.
  48. If you have difficulty to classify your waste, Please read the manual provided next to the dustbin.
  50. Collection
  51. We collect your classified waste on collection day's morning and dispose them at the designated collection place.
  52. Recyclable waste : Monday
  53. Combustible waste : Tuesday, Friday
  54. Noncombustible waste : 2nd & 4th Saturday
  56. Please allow us to get in the house on the Waste collection day morning, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, 2nd & 4th Saturday (7:30-8:00)
  58. Security
  59. Japan is relatively safe. Unfortunately Crimes are increasing.
  60. Please lock the front and all windows while you go out or stay at house.
  61. If you have your belongings stolen while you go out or stay at house, we are not responsible for it.
  63. A slight injury such as a cut or scratch & illness
  64. Please freely use medicines in a first-aid kit.
  66. Serious injury & illness
  67. Please go to near-by hospital.
  68. Hospital list is on the end of manual.
  70. Ambulance
  71. Please dial 119 and ask an ambulance.
  72. If you are unable to communicate, Please say the followings.
  73. KYU-KYUSHA WO ONEGAI SHIMASU.(Ambulance please)
  74. KOKOWA NISHI ROKUGOU NICHOUME JYUROKU BAN NIJYU GOU DESU. (this is (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) 2choume Nisirokugou)
  76. Crime
  77. Please dial 110 (Police)
  79. Fire
  80. Please dial 119 (Fire)
  82. If you have further difficulty, please dial (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) , We will happily help you.
  83. We do hope you will have a pleasant stay at Shitamachi house and an enjoyable holidays in japan.
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