One-Punch Woman x Five-Finger Discount Man C

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  1. [10:36:20] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> While the group was, well, preparing to go to Acaiah and to their potential deaths, a certain thie- that is, trickster- decided to strike up a conversation with the least normal person in the army! "Good day to you, fair maiden whose temper rivals that of a raging storm! How are you?" This also reminded said thi- trickster that he did not know her name.
  2. [10:41:36] <ColdSteel> The Edgy swordswoman seemed to be walking around lost in thought when the overly verbose criminal called out to her. She looked him over a few times then finally sai, "Yeah, you should work."
  3. [10:43:30] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Edwin sort of... stopped where he was. "Erm... what do you mean?"
  4. [10:44:14] <ColdSteel> "Well, I was getting a bit restless so I was looking for someone to fight."
  5. [10:44:29] <ColdSteel> She starts warming up with a few stretches.
  6. [10:45:58] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "I... suppose I could take you on," The trickster took the large steel sword off his back, leaving it on the ground as he drew a smaller sword from his waist. "Why the sudden urge to fight?"
  7. [10:46:43] <ColdSteel> "Not sudden at all, I always want to fight! I'm just better at restraining it sometimes."
  8. [10:47:49] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "Riiiight..." A few practice swings, to get used to not waving around a giant, heavy, and sharp slab of steel.
  9. [10:48:30] <ColdSteel> "Oh, you can use the other one if you want. Makes things more interesting!"
  10. [10:49:51] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "With someone as quick as you are, I doubt I'd be able to even close in with it," Logic? Maybe! Who cares, anyway?
  11. [10:53:31] <ColdSteel> Nanashi tilts her head as if thinking about it for a moment, then shrugs as if it doesn't matter either way. "Alright, just let me know when you're ready to go."
  12. [10:55:41] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "I'm already prepared!" This totally wouldn't end in about three seconds.
  13. [10:58:54] <ColdSteel> ~several minutes later~
  14. [11:00:04] <ColdSteel> "whew! that was a good workout, thanks!"
  15. [11:02:43] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "Ngh... how are you so fast..." The spar lasted about three and a half seconds. Which rounds down to three seconds, because something something half A presses. Edwin still had much more to go in terms of agility, accuracy, and strength, it seemed. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two from the nameless swordswoman!
  16. [11:03:54] <ColdSteel> "My secret is..."
  17. [11:03:59] <ColdSteel> "100 Push ups 100 Sit ups 100 Squats and 10km running every single day!!!!!"
  18. [11:05:56] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Yeah, no. Let's not. "... oh, yeah. Say, would you know why Nihi was out cold for three days?"
  19. [11:12:57] <ColdSteel> "W-well... I wonder if that would be considered a private thing..."
  20. [11:14:16] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "Ah, so it's something you wouldn't want to share so openly. I understand... wait, what _is_ your name?"
  21. [11:16:18] <ColdSteel> "fufufu, wouldn't you like to know"
  22. [11:17:32] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Why is this army so weird? "Well, I'd like to know the names of our comrades before we run off to our deaths!"
  23. [11:18:48] <ColdSteel> "There's no way I'd die, so you'll just have to stay alive long enough to find out."
  24. [11:20:49] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> That fire burning within her... Edwin could tell that she had some sort of purpose now. He nodded. "Very well. Let's both do our best. After all, we now have someone to fight for."
  25. [11:21:58] <ColdSteel> "That's right, I have to kill that guy!" completely missing the point
  26. [11:22:24] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> > /C?
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