IW Zombies Glitches

Jul 27th, 2019
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  1. L-Stall: works Local and Custom Games with friends
  2. NOTE.. make sure you have ALL your stuff bought, from your weapons to your perks and make sure you have Eagle eyed already active, any animation like putting a gem into the totem poles, or using F&F cards, or purchasing anything aside from ammo gets rid of the L-Stall.
  4. 1: Have the Fate card "Getting Railed" on and ready to activate.
  5. 2: Have a trap that IS NOT the LASER WINDOW TRAP (2 purple gems, 1 orange gem), the Lawnmower has a delay so it is harder, but you WILL MEED IT TO DO THIS GLITCH IN CUSTOM GAMES.
  6. 3: Have some sort of equipment that IS NOT FRAG GRENADES.
  8. What to do:
  9. Once you're ready to go for the L-Stall - Knife, activate the fate card "Getting Railed" and pull out a trap, wait like a second or so and put the trap away, wait until the fate card goes away and you should have a false mala, now you're done, knife swap to your gun, you DO NOT have full mobility, if you want full mobility, follow the rest of the steps.
  11. Full mobility:
  12. Once you have the L-Stall, pull out a trap all the way and put it away, you will have NO GUN and will not be able to sprint, go and pick up a melee weapon, now you have 3 weapons, with L-Stall and FULL MOBILITY! I haven't test this, so you can, purchase mule kick prior to doing the L-Stall and once you have 3 weapons remove mule kick and it should remove the melee weapon leaving you with 2 weapons.
  19. Fist as a weapon mid game: You need a delay, so this works on ALL MAPS with a 2BAR or lower, or Beast from Beyond with the Entangler. (possibly also rave with the lawn mower, but I never tested cause zombies bores the fuck out of me now)
  21. how to do it (2BAR OR LOWER)
  22. While you're lagging, Knife, and you'll see your character do 2 melee animations, some very short and brief the trick is to pull out an equipment during that second animation, it can cause 2 things: 1, you to have fist as a weapon and you can just switch back to the sniper or other weapons, or 2 it will give you a weapon with the equipment sticking out, and your cross hair will be the TK, If you've ever done it on MW2 you'll know exactly what I mean...
  24. how to do it(causing delay with traps / weapons)
  27. once you have it, knife, pull out the entangler, press the equipment button, put the entangler away, and again you want to get it on the second animation loop, pull out equipment. so yea fuck boys.
  30. It's easy as fuck and I know every other glitch and OTMS on every map(yea that includes beast), but I'm not sharing all of it cause I don't wanna hear people bitch. But yeah here's 2 glitches I found years ago on that damn game....
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