Kamek's Story- Out Of The Den

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  2. Note- this is 2 ⅞ pages long in Arial, font 12. The text looks like this to add to the story.
  3.     🐾 OUT OF THE DEN 🐾
  4. (Exposition) Welcome to my life. I am but a small pup in a caved-in den. My parents were squished in the cave-in. Only me, my older brother, and younger sister are left. We never got along very well, so i guess we will have to now. We have to find our way out of here, or else we could end up like our parents.  I can see my older brother digging. Guess I have to look after my sister, Fuzzy. Maybe after Sticks makes an opening, I can make a run for it and leave them both behind. I might have a hard time surviving, even in the fall. The forest seems to already be so cold and dark, even though winter is nowhere near approaching.  I will bring along my lucky bone. It came off a dead bear I caught. Better get going. All alone. Cold. Hungry. Lonely…  (Rising Action) So my first night alone has come. I hear voices in the bushes, but it’s probably just my imagination. I like the new den I made. I decorated it with autumn leaves. But it doesn’t have that same feeling as my old den. The warm feeling of togetherness. That is a feeling I will never get back. But when I wake up, much to my surprise, a large wolf who knew my name was right above me. His name was Yellow Paws, but his paws were not yellow at all.  His fur shimmered in the morning sun. He asked where my family is, but I couldn’t bear to tell him. His teeth were as sharp as icicles. He could kill me in one bite.
  5. He could see it in my eyes. I was hiding something. So he carried me back to the den. But when him and I went in, we were surprised. Nobody was there. I told him everything. He looked mad, and asked if I regret doing what I did.  I said no, and then Yellow Paws ran off into the distance, but he did not leave without a parting shot. He did what I feared he would do- bite my let so hard it felt like it was detached from my body. That scar stayed with me for a long time.  Then he left, once he finished his attack, leaving me alone again. I lost the one guy that could, and would have, helped me find Fuzzy and Sticks. But I do not care about that anymore. I decided that I would sleep in the family den tonight. It doesnt have that feeling it had before, in fact it only made me cry. And this time, I cried for Fuzzy and Sticks too. But I would never have done that, if I had known what they would do to me in a couple of years. But even now, I miss Fuzzy’s soft fur rubbing against me. Fuzzy was such a freindly pup. But now, not so much. So the next morning, began a cycle of survival that lasted 3-4 years, give or take. (CLIMAX) Until one day, I found them. Or, should I say, he found me. I was traveling between tall birch trees, during the winter, when all of a sudden, I found them. They were traveling in a pack, with what looked to be like a worn-out peice of meat. They were probably going to go eat, until they saw me. They all ambushed me. I nearly died there. My leg, which still felt as if it was not connected to my body, was slowing me down from escaping. Sticks knocked my lucky bone right out of my mouth, which caused me to lose a couple of teeth. Those never grew back. (FALLING ACTION) About a week or so later, I heard some noises coming from a flooded riverbank. There was a small pup, barely a month old, floating around. His head was bobbing around, like a buoy.  I knew I had to help him, or he would soon drown. But in my heart, I knew that I couldnt. I was too tired and weak, for I hadn’t eaten for weeks. So, I laid there and watched him drown. I knew it was wrong, but it was either me or him. Someone was going to die. Or, at least I thought up until the present day. Right now, I am just writing this in the mud.  I missed the company of others then, as I still do now. More than ever. It has been around 20 years after that day. I have lived a long life, but it was not fufilling at all. (resoulution) I can here voices, coming from familiar shadows. I cannot hear what they are saying. But the clearest one said something like- “It never ends. Your decisions caught up to you today. Maybe you will never escape your guilt.”
  6. I do not know what that means. You know what?  I don’t care. I don’t care about anyone or anything. Screw Fuzzy and Sticks. I cannot forgive them. But wait, i was the one who originally wronged them.. Maybe I am the bad one here? No! I am not. I cannot be. All three of those buffoons attacked me. Now I cannot even move, I have become so weak.   Maybe I should have saved Splash. I could have. For some reason, when I drowned about 7 or so years ago, I didn’t die. If I had, how would I have been writing this, in the mud?  And how did I live this long? Enough living with my thoughts. I’ll hold my breath until I die. Wait, what? It’s not working! No… Don’t tell me I am immortal! So that’s what the voice meant! I wish I was strong enough to move, so i could take advantage of this, but I guess I am just stuck here, laying, alone with my thoughts. I really do wish I could be like all the other wolves, dying before this stage in their lives. I guess this is how tortoises feel. Living near to forever… Being too slow to do anything fun…. Well, at least they have family and company. I am just alone. Please, just let me fall asleep already. I want to sleep on forever now. Damn this. Damn it all.  If I could do everything again, I would have just stuck with my family. This is poetic justice. I finally learn my lesson, when it is too late.
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