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  1. Never Trust A Doppelganger < poly_ethyl_ene > 2016-07-26 12:56 +3
  3. You may be lured into the daydream of xerox sex with your own replication,
  4. a chance to walk through the mirror for a carbon-copy kiss.
  5. But is it really worth cleaning up the blood after you finish?
  6. You'd have to plunge the nearest foreign object through their copy of your heart
  7. or be prepared to commit a parallel of self-asphyxiation.
  8. If you hesitate one second, or meander through a moral maze,
  9. you'll be startled by a double skewer extruding through your tender chest
  10. and your spitting-image effigy standing misted in your blood.
  11. The slowly fading red-ink oscillation is the quickest method for your counterfeit
  12. to take your place and live life as the pseudonym that was once your real name.
  14. You will be crucified as they sleep through a triplex in a woozy tomb
  15. Three days of contorting your lack appendages and meaningfully cracking in your ribs,
  16. heavy steps over your awkward corpse to fit you in a garbage bin.
  17. And then they rise, a fraudulent ascension, claiming divine right over your entire old existence.
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