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  1. Powers
  3.     Foxshifting (5/die) 8d [40]
  4.         Qualities: U.
  5.         Useful Extras and Flaws: Duration +2, If/Ten (Variable Effect is only for choosing different appearances) –1, Variable Effect +4, Direct Feed -2.
  6.         Capacities: N/A.
  7.         Effect: You can change your appearance to impersonate anyone or anything of about the same size, spending [Width] in Willpower on activation.
  9.     Spirit Fox Body (3/die)  6d+2hd [30]
  10.         Qualities: A D U
  11.         Attacks Capacities:
  12.         Attacks Extras and Flaws: Limited Damage (Shock) -1, Non-Physical +2, Touch Only -2.
  13.         Defends Capacities: Self
  14.         Useful Capacities: Touch.
  15.         Useful Extra sand Flaws: Touch Only -2,
  16.         Extra spooky, a spirit fox assumes a spiritual form that can’t really be grasped by mortal hands or weapons. They are, for the most part, intangible and can phase through solid matter like it wasn’t even there. When in contact with a living being, however, the weird spiritual entanglement causes living flesh to react adversely to the presence of a fox spirit, forming a bruise and dealing Width in Shock damage.
  19.     Fox Possession (1/die) 6d+3wd [18]
  20.         Qualities: U.
  21.         Useful Capacities: Touch.
  22.         Useful Extras and Flaws: Endless +3, Willpower Bid -1, Attached (Fox Spirit Body) -2, Touch Only -2, Non-Physical +2, Horrific -1
  23.     When in the fox-spirit body form, that of a spectral fox, the character can possess a person and ride them around like a human meat-suit.By overcoming another character’s Stability roll you can switch minds, taking over the target’s body and using all of its senses. The target’s mind goes unconscious as long as you’re using his or her body, as does your own body. After the first round, the target can make another attempt to roll Stability to throw off your control by spending a point of Willpower or Base Will. You have to be touching someone that you intend on using it on, and someone that isn’t mystically enhanced or warded against such spiritual intrusion.
  26.     Foxy Illusions (7/die)  6d [42]
  27.         Qualities: A D U.
  28.         Attacks Capacities: Range.
  29.         Attacks Extras: Non-Physical +2, No Physical Change -1
  30.         Defends Capacities: Self.
  31.         Defends Extras: No Physical Change -1
  32.         Useful Capacities: Range.
  33.         Useful Extras: Radius +2. No Physical Change -1
  34.     You can create an illusion that makes a target see, hear, feel or smell anything you want. To convince a target that the illusion is real, roll against the target’s Scrutiny Skill roll. With the Attacks quality, you trick the target’s body into reacting as if he or she has been injured, inflicting width in (genuine) Shock and Killing damage, physical armor doesn’t apply. With Defends you can use illusions to distract an attacker. Such illusions are psychic in nature and thus cannot affect anything like robots or cameras.
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