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  2.     -->|    LN|Work (~chatzilla@Rizon-96C2144D.sctnpa.east.verizon.net) has joined #megiddo
  3.     <Thinik>    In the middle of night Arella's sweet sleep is interrupted by her NERV standart issue phone. "1 incoming message" is written on a screen.
  4.     * Arella    opens her eyes, and sits up. She rubs them, composes her thoughts, and answers.
  5.     <Arella>    "Hello?"
  6.     * Arella    doesn't say that. She still rubs her eyes though, and opens up the message.
  7.     <Thinik>    You check the message - it is from the Commander. It is brief, as usual: "Meet me at the parking immediately."
  8.     * Arella    reads it over twice, and puts the phone back on her bedside table. She puts a shirt on and leaves the apartment quietly.
  9.     <Thinik>    It isn't a long way - just get to the elevator and enjoy the ride. A black limousine already waits for you. Michael opens the door as you approach. He looks sharp and professional despite of the late time.
  10.     <Arella>    "Thankyou."
  11.     * Arella    steps in, barefoot and cold.
  12.     -->|    DDK (qwebirc@Rizon-E4FDC6E5.jan.bellsouth.net) has joined #megiddo
  13.     <Thinik>    The Commander is sitting inside. Impeccable black clothes, a cane beside him and a calm face... which immediately turns into a frown when he sees you. "I thought you were logical enough to understand that "immediately" doesn't mean "naked". - he says to you right after Michael closes the door and the car starts moving.
  14.     * Arella    is wearing underpants and a shirt but isn't bothered.
  15.     * Arella    sits quietly.
  16.     <Thinik>    The Commander pushes the button on the intercom. "Michael, order a set of decent female clothes to be delievered to London's airport. " He then tell him your sizes. He knows them perfectly, maybe even better than you.
  17.     * Arella    is still indifferent.
  18.     <Thinik>    Then he turns to you again. "We are flying to London. The Third Chosen is waiting us there. He needs to be taken care of. I will meet him to ensure his trust, but then I will leave him to you."
  19.     * Arella    nods.
  20.     <Arella>    "I can do this."
  21.     * Arella    watches out of the window.
  22.     <Thinik>    Night lights of the city are passing by on a great speed. You are clearly going to the military airport, stopping onle once, while entering it, and only for a brief moment. The car then stops next to a little business plane with NERV's logo on it. Michael opens the door and gives you a helping hand to get out.
  23.     * Arella    steps out, still barefoot.
  24.     <Arella>    "Thankyou."
  25.     <Thinik>    Michael smiles a little. "Any particular requests about your clothes, miss?"
  26.     <Thinik>    It's kinda cold in the night. Cold and windy on an open airfield too, you can feel it quite well.
  27.     <Arella>    "No."
  28.     <Thinik>    The Commander, meanwhile, is already standing on the top step of ladder leading into a plane. He looks at the airfield, at the distant lights of city... Strangely, he is not hurrying you two... Well, it's not like you take too long before getting into the plane. Michael watches you leaving.
  29.     * Arella    leaves without another word, with neither sloth nor urgency in her steps to the plane.
  30.     * Arella    climbs aboard once the Commander is no longer in the way
  31.     <Thinik>    The plane is luxurious, and the soft red carpet feels really nice on your bare feet. It's warm enough, and seats are very comfortable. Immediately after the door closes after you, the plane starts taxiing. The Commander says nothing to you, just taking his seat and staring into a window.
  32.     * Arella    sits several seats behind him, on the opposite side of the plane. She appreciates the feel of the carpet though, taking slightly longer to walk across than she would otherwise.
  33.     <Thinik>    The flight takes a little bit less than five hours, and passes in opressive silence. You are taken care of by flight attendants, though, and the onboard choice of food and drinks is quite wide. The Commander ordered only a cup of coffee and some cognac.
  34.     * Arella    has some sliced potato snack with salt
  35.     <Thinik>    Meanwhile, in Britain. Gregory, in the last two days you've met a lot of important people, and all of them were quite nervous, despite of their ranks. They were... almost pleading, but there was a thiny-weiled intimidating resolve behind their pleads. So you agreed.
  36.     <Thinik>    It's not like they were asking that much from you - just one meeting with some person... though the time of this meeting was told to you in the last moment, and it was rather inconvinient. It's probably too early for little girls to wake up, so Abigail still sleeps safe and sound at home, while you're sitting in a little but really comfortable waiting room in Heathrow airport.
  37.     * Gregory_Hughes    looks around the room nervously, glancing at the face of the bodyguard every now and then. "So uh, when did they say he'd be here?"
  38.     <Thinik>    The room is clearly designed for some very important people. Thick glass of the window is probably bullet-proof and furniture is very expensive. The bodyguard answers dryly after a little hesitation. "I have no such information, sir."
  39.     <Gregory_Hughes>    "Right. Sorry." He rests his head in his hands.
  40.     <Thinik>    Some time passes. Planes are landing and taking off, silence isn't getting anywhere. And then suddenly you hear your bodyguard living up. "Sir, the person who was going to wait you is coming."
  41.     <Thinik>    And then the door opens and you see a man. Dark-haired, handsome, wearing an impeccable suit and holding a black cane. Beside him stands a girl with brown skin and light mousey grey hair. She wears a female suit which looks a little bit awkward on her, despite being fancy, clean and new.
  42.     <Thinik>    "Leave us." - says the man in a deep baritone to the bodyguard, and he immediately does so. You are left alone with those two people in a room. "Do you know who I am, mr. Hughes?" - the man asks you.
  43.     * Arella    almost smiles at the new one.
  44.     * Gregory_Hughes    props himself up and tries to compose himself, "No, but someone important enough to arrange for a room like this."
  45.     <Thinik>    "Oh, this is nothing." - he smiles, and takes a seat. - "Well, let me introduce myself then. I am Adrian Richer, the Commander of NERV, a paramilitary special organisation of the United Nation. NERV's task is the prevention of another Impact Event."
  46.     * Gregory_Hughes    swallows hard and clears his throat, "Why am I here then? I'm just a high school kid, not even one of those 'gifted' prodigies."
  47.     <Thinik>    The Commander's smile widens. - "Except that you actually are one of them. I was going to walk in slow steps, but you already said the main thing."
  48.     <Gregory_Hughes>    "I don't think I like this."
  49.     <Thinik>    "Well, let me continue, please. The Impact Event was going to happen again very soon. It can be only prevented by force, applied in a form of... very special combat units. People who can pilot them are very rare. You are the third person in the world who can do it. It is not a matter of skill or training, it is a matter of destiny. You are Chosen to save humanity."
  50.     <Gregory_Hughes>    His head falls back into his hands. "..just some highschooler.." he mutters to himself. He raises his head a bit, "So what do I have to do? What /was/ the Impact Event?"
  51.     * Arella    doesn't speak. She does stare though, not in an unfriendly, but piercing.
  52.     <Thinik>    "The Impact Event was a visit of..." - the Commander pauses. - "No one actually knows what was the enemy. But it existed, it ravaged our Earth, it disappeared then... Seriously, the UN Investigating Comission still haven't produced any final results about the cause of The Event.
  53.     <Thinik>    Because we have more important tasks on hand. Studying the process, preparing for it happening again. It will happen soon, but now we are ready to it."
  54.     -->|    Firespitter (~Firespitt@8FAB0570.5D6D9F7C.6D52A469.IP) has joined #megiddo
  55.     * Gregory_Hughes    stares at him, his mouth hanging open a little, "You're fighting an enemy you know nothing of and you're recruiting a high school student to fly your superweapon. What does Destiny or whatever have to do with this, why can't anyone else do it?"
  56.     -->|    Gobliiin (~Miranda@Rizon-F205E4C0.dynamic.avangarddsl.ru) has joined #megiddo
  57.     <Thinik>    "Let's say it's a rare genetical mutation required for some details of technological process, if you prefer more scientific approach, Mr. Hughes." - The Commander gets more serious. - "And we know a lot about our enemy. A lot of things related to its nature and how to destroy it. We are well prepared. We even have two pilots. But having three pilots would be way better." - he sighs.
  58.     <Thinik>    "Mr. Hughes, the time is running out, and I have a lot of things to do before it all starts. And yet I've flown here from Geofront city, in the middle of the night, just to meet you. So I'll get to the point. No one is going to force you to pilot or to punish you in case you won't agree. You will be left alone again. But if you agree..."
  59.     <Thinik>    He makes a dramatic pause. - "You will save the whole world. And your little sister in particular."
  60.     * Gregory_Hughes    groans, "Yeah, a lot of choice you're giving me there. I'm in. Should I go pick up my sister and we'll leave?"
  61.     <Thinik>    "I am giving you a choice, Mr. Hughes. A choice between living a calm, peaceful life, knowing that the world may end at every minute, or leading a valiant but dangerous battle against it. It's a risk in both cases. But I won't judge any decision you'll make." - he nods then.
  62.     <Thinik>    "Yes, Arella is going to help you with that. Arella, you have full cooperation of British government. I hope that's enough to ensure the success of your task. I am going to leave now, the rest is left to you."
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  64.     * Arella    nods.
  65.     <Arella>    "Thankyou."
  66.     * Gregory_Hughes    looks much more relieved now that the Commander's out of the room. "You're his assistant or something?"
  67.     * Arella    shakes her head once, only slightly.
  68.     <Arella>    "No."
  69.     * Arella    smiles.
  70.     <Arella>    "My role is to lead."
  71.     <Gregory_Hughes>    He stands up, stretches his back and starts scanning the room again, "So you're one of the other pilots then. Where'd they kidnap you from?"
  72.     <Arella>    "I was made to do this. What do you like to do?"
  73.     * Arella    continues smiling. It's an odd smile.
  74.     <Gregory_Hughes>    "Hm, like hobbies? I used to play trumpet, I listen to music all the time, played sports and stuff with the guys in the neighborhood before I moved. You?"
  75.     * Gregory_Hughes    does a double-take, "Wait. He said you have the government's cooperation? How old are you exactly?"
  76.     * Arella    leaves a pause that is a little too long.
  77.     <Arella>    "Fourteen."
  78.     <Thinik>    No one is disturbing you speaking in this little room.
  79.     <Gregory_Hughes>    "Huh. Us pilots must have some pretty big influence. Where did you say you're from?"
  80.     <Arella>    "Israel."
  81.     <Gregory_Hughes>    "Cool, cool. So where's this Geocity or wherever we're heading?"
  82.     <Arella>    "Israel. Beneath Megiddo."
  83.     * Gregory_Hughes    rubs his eyes and sighs, "Awesome. Could be worse I guess. Who's the other pilot?"
  84.     <Arella>    "There are two, Jacob and Emma. You will be living with them. As well as with me."
  85.     <Gregory_Hughes>    "Oh. You aren't a pilot. So what do you do then? You said lead?"
  86.     * Arella    nods.
  87.     <Arella>    "I lead."
  88.     <Gregory_Hughes>    "So, like, you're a commander kind of?"
  89.     <Arella>    "I lead during combat. I have not been told much else."
  90.     -->|    Gobliiin (~Miranda@Rizon-A9DBCB02.dynamic.avangarddsl.ru) has joined #megiddo
  91.     <Gregory_Hughes>    "Oh. Well then. Should we be going to get my sis or something?"
  92.     <Arella>    "Only if you want to come."
  93.     <Gregory_Hughes>    "No one else can do this apparently, and no one wants to see the Impact happen again. I want to come.
  94.     * Arella    shakes her head.
  95.     <Arella>    "We have two pilots. We could achieve our mission with just this. You do not have to come."
  96.     * Arella    smiles again.
  97.     <Arella>    "But I would like you to."
  98.     * Gregory_Hughes    smiles back, "Never said I had to. Besides, the more the merrier and the easier the work. Thank you."
  99.     <Arella>    "If you are certain."
  100.     * Arella    stands up, walks to the door, and opens it, gently.
  101.     <Gregory_Hughes>    "If only for Abbie.."
  102.     <Thinik>    There are a lot of people, standing and waiting for you. A dozen of black-suited bodyguards and an old bald man, dressed rather casually, who introduces himself as Colonel McMurdoc from Her Majesty's Secret Service. With such an assistance, your task is rather easy.
  103.     <Thinik>    All roads are cleared fo you, all doors are open, the colonel thoroughly asks Gregory about things he wants to be moved into his new home, and everything goes smooth, except for a lot of odd looks people give to Arella ordering elder people around. But anyway, at the midday your plane takes off, taking Arella, Gregory and rather excited about "surprise travel" Abigail.
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