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Translation of Bitcoin network ban in China

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  1. Translation of the documents at https://twitter.com/btcdrak/status/908998917995552776
  3. —----BEGINS---—
  5. In order to block all the BTC exchange out of China before Sep. 30th, the expert in Network Bureau, Network Safety Bureau would use the following technical ways to:  
  7. 1. In the main route exit, block the access to main BTC exchange abroad from mainland China, including Coinbase, Bitfinex, Localbitcoin. The ways to block includes web access, app access, and API access. (See appendix 1 main BTC exchanges abroad)
  9. 2. In the main exit of the router, block the access to BTC seed node addressing. (See appendix 2 list of DNS seed addresses)
  11. 3. In the GFW, with DPI identification, the BTC network would be forced to abandon the sync of BTC (Block) exchange.
  13. The government will take the following action:
  15. 1. According to the appendix 1, analyze all the DNS and IP address of  web/App/API access to BTC exchange, and hand in the list to IT Bureau before Sept. 25.
  17. 2. Network Safety Bureau needs to confirm the validation of the BTC seed node addressing in Appendix 2 and hand in the final list to IT bureau.
  19. 3. According to research of Network Safety Buearu, through the DPI identification system in the GFW to abandon the block data, the ability of Block(Bill)'s sync will be disabled. This action needs configuration in L1 authorization of GFW. The IT Bureau will responsible for it.
  21. Meanwhile, to prevent the domestic block nodes to sync with nodes abroad, government will monitor the communication between the domestic block node with the pool(appendix 4). In case of emergency, cut down the network of the pool.
  23. 4. Monitor highly on the BTC network's communication via bridge connection, TOR and VPN etc. Inform the most frequent request.
  26. —— ENDS —---
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