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  1. ❝ **Vanessa** ❞ // @Muse
  3. Vanessa took a deep breath in as her eyes snapped towards the Electric Eel, who was lurching forward. The feeling of cold hands grasping her spine came over, although it’s eyes were fashioned to give the human appeal - nothing could disguise the mechanic hollows she was peering into.
  5. The Crusader gulped as her throat went dry. The piece that was missing to make this robot *complete* was so jarring, Vanessa almost shut her eyes tight in a quivering shake.
  7. Almost.
  9. The tentative steps that she took forward were delicate, her trance began. Vanessa reached her hands out, cupping the air as if she were cupping cheeks. Her fingers lovingly traced the side of head that was nowhere in front of her.
  11. *“Yes, that’s it.”* She whispered as the Eel came to a halt, hands falling down suddenly to their sides. *“Wouldn’t you like to be friends?”* The Villain's eyes started blinking blue, processing the information that was coming in tides, before finally reflecting an abnormal green.
  13. Which Vanessa could only guess was to be modeled after her. She bit the inside of her cheek, ‘Just do what you normally do, nothing to it Nessie.’ The Crusader leaned her body to the left and the Eel followed, not wanting to lose the light that they had come to be infatuated by.
  15. Missing the complicated and intricate emotions of humans, Vanessa savored the ease of coming into control - finding herself using more difficult commands that could only come after a long period of captivation.
  17. Robo-Spider faltered, trying to decipher what was going on in front of them. *“Friends help friends.”* She took a step forward, one hand stayed up as the other hovered protectively next to her stomach. *“...Right?”*
  19. The other Villain coming to the decision that something was wrong took a step back. But it was too late, *“Shock ‘em babe.”*
  21. What Vanessa had done was weave a hallucination, a magical illusion if you will over the Eel. Staying as far away from its code as possible, she trusted that they enabled use of her powers. Simply she just let him think his villan partner was the good ol’ bad.
  23. While remaining their steady stare, the sparking hand of the Electric Eel reached towards the Spider and a crackling blast left it’s palm.
  25. Where the Villain stood was a charred lump of static, a simple smirk flitted across Vanessa’s face as she watched the Spider crumple.
  27. With a snap of her fingers the Eel followed it’s ‘friend’ tumbling down to the ground, the command of *“Sleep.”* was monotonously voiced. Fireworks bursted in Vanessa’s head, she had the sudden urge to start turning around in slo-mo like every cinematic action star.
  29. But she just settled on tossing her hair in a flamboyant manner while letting a languid, “Who’s next?” part through her grinning lips.
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