Clearing Katri's Mind

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  1. MalfurionXXI: After a bit of playing around as the giant sized panther Hayden had Endrea running around after him like he was her prey, then he yowled and did a big kitty roar at her and started chasing her around the floor and kept her busy while the two worked on Katri's mind. Just as Endrea went to snap at Hayden's tail Kali called out the part about not eating friends. -"I guess that means I'm family if she's trying to eat me."- Hayden spoke telepathically with his voice full of mirth as he teased Kali and Endrea both. -"Daddy Hayden.. Oh hells, I'm screwed."- He spoke again and flattened to the floor again, his big cat eyes going wide as he nearly missed getting whacked by Endrea's tail.
  2. sScarletRibbonSs: Katrikka would chuckle when Kali declared it over. "Remembering when we first met, we would just agree to disagree." Her eyes bouncing with laughter, something that had been missing since Bjorn had returned with her. Standing up, she would light one of the cloves, inhaling deeply while her hazel hues would watch carefully the playful Hayden and her sweet neice Endrea. "Little dragon meets kitty." She would grrin at her old friend, before looking at Kali. "I feel alive, now time to got home to the chantry. I hope those idiots didn't destroy anything of value and importance." Hell, she already knew they had been in her vault, she had seen more and more of Liekki's memories..
  3. DeviousMiskreent: Kali blushed as Hayden called himself family, her pale cheeks darkeneing just slightly at the mental thought of the three of them as a real family. she quickly wiped the thought from her mind before it brought the pain that she knew all too well. "Aye . . I suppose your probably going to want to do a deep inventory of things to see if anything is missing as well." she said as she sat up slowly. "let me know if you need any help, as well as when your ready to go. Though your welcome to stay here and relax for as long as you like" she said watching as the two wrestled and chased one another through the rooms. --d--
  4. MalfurionXXI  -"I already consider you to be my mate, my family. Endrea is a part of you and that makes her family too."- Haden spoke to Kali specifically, knowing his love's mind even without hearing her thoughts. -"Family is always important, especially in this crazy coven of ours. Hell, Raven is a big sister to me, you know that and I love all of you."-
  5. sScarletRibbonSs: She would laugh at the idea of an inventory. She knew Kali and Hayden needed some time with little one, and themselves. Maybe she could get a dog. One that could chase the little pussy cat around the city. Laughing at the image of Hayden running and yelling for help entered her mind, while she would nod to Kali. "I know darling and better now. It would be nice to be home again, finallly. Popping her neck, she stood up straight, before leaning over to kiss Kal on the cheeks, waving at the rambunctios lot. "Its good to be back and among friends again. Ready my dear."
  6. DeviousMiskreentDeviousMiskreent : Kali's eyes filled with water as she heard Hayden's words, she swallowed hard and smiled as Kat kissed her on the cheeks. She would return the gesture and nod. "You know your always welcome whereever I may be Kat, and I'll check in on you in a day or two" she said and actually hugged her friend. Her best friend. She smiled then and chanted a short spell, a person sized portal opening. It swirled silver for a moment, like a mirror catchinmg too much sun, then cleared and showed Katri's living area. "Love you much darlin" she said with a smile. --d--
  7. MalfurionXXI  -"See you soon, Kit-kat."- Hayden mentally called after Katrikka as he saw the portal made by Kali open up, shifting back to his human form and giving her an embrace as well. "If you could send me a carton of cigarettes and a case of mead I would so love you to death." He teased Katri. "I'm gonna go stir crazy cooped up in here much longer." He added, teasing Kali the very next moment without missing a beat, grinning widely.
  8. sScarletRibbonSs: She would smile softly, bowing her head in respect to her friend and family in Kali, hugging her tightly. "I am always open to guests." Winking at her neice, she would step through the portal, her holding it open as she tossed in a carton of smokes, and kicked slashed slid a case of her special mead. Letting the portal close, she would wander the estate first, and going straight for the shower, gods know she needed one like last week.
  9. DeviousMiskreent: -------------------------------------------------------------end scene------------------------------------------------------
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