DSCP Old Rules

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  1. <align="center">[UK]DragonSCP Community [OLD RULES]</align>
  3. Fun server that sometimes has fun little events when players start to get bored! We also have a discord so that the members of our community and the people that love the server can post memes and have fun with each other!
  4. <link=""><b><u>Join our discord here!</b></u></link>
  6. Rules;
  7. <indent=5%>1) No teamkilling, however D-class are allowed to kill one another.</indent>
  8. <indent=5%>2) No ear-rape or micspam in spectator chat.</indent>
  9. <indent=5%>3) No camping unless you are an SCP.</indent>
  10. <indent=5%>4) Racism and homophobia are not allowed on the server at any point.</indent>
  11. <indent=5%>5) NTF (And by extension, facility guards and scientists) are not allowed to team with SCPs at any point.</indent>
  12. <indent=5%>6) No hacking or exploiting bugs/glitches at ANY POINT! (Note: This does not include any bugs/glitches that negate fall damage).</indent>
  13. <indent=6%> - Alerting a hacker to the presence of a staff member or global moderator will result in you being banned from the servers.</indent>
  14. <indent=5%>7) You are required to talk English at all times on our server. Talking in any other language after being told to stop will result in a temporary ban.</indent>
  15. <indent=5%>8) Server staff reserve the right to kick and/or temporarily ban for things that are not explicitly stated in these rules, but is deemed to be against "common sense".</indent>
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