Romania: MKULtra on citizenship, abuses, kills, corruption

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  1. Action with power, for TRUTH and JUSTICE or isolate this country!
  3. For your self defense and your soul self-defense, you're in danger with romanians retarded and enslaved "human"-garbages in your mind, town, house or country. These "humans"-garbages is head of corruption and steal. All "people" from romanians with Ph. D is corrupted and partipating on "modern assasination" - like remove a person from society and after that, used for make more corruption, steal in world. All romanians is like rats. Like European Union and NATO alliance, and in secret work with Russian Federation, against NATO and European Union for make more money and spread more corruption and steal in world - and reverse. This 'humans'-garbages want to exit from European Union , because with this action can make more money, and do not exist a a higher level to punish or action in this case, like North Korean.
  5. Try to enter into Romania, from  a higher level. These "humans"-rats be used all the infrastructure - intelligence, army, police, zombie citizens, to make you go faster from this country. You can not view corruption, because is a secret and this rats is aware about that. All person from "anti-corruption" from Romania is, in truth, full of corruption and partipating frequently on "modern assasination" of very more humans.
  7. I am from Romania.
  9. For Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Soul.
  11. Spread the truth, with truth for Freedom of Soul.  
  13. Visit, too,
  15. You choose for not say "kill and deth for romanians" - they want this, this is reason for you're arrested or condensed hate against you.
  16.  A country with bitchies history. A country full of corruption and abuses and like micro and macro, what is in Romania has been spread into World!
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