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  1. prefix: '&8[&aTutorial&8] '
  2. messages:
  3.   tutforce: You're now showing &6%name% &7the tutorial &e%tut%&7.
  4.   alreadytut: '&fTento hrac je jiz v tutorialu.'
  5.   youalreadytut: '&fJste jiz v tutorialu.'
  6.   permission: '&fNemate opravneni na tento prikaz!'
  7.   blockedcommand: '&fNemuzete pouzit prikaz v tutorialu!'
  8.   blockedmsg: '&fNemuzete psat do chatu v tutorialu!'
  9.   tutnotfound: '&fTento tutorial nebyl nalezen.'
  10.   tutempty: '&fThis tutorial has no actions.'
  11.   offline: '&fTento hrac nebyl nalezen.'
  12.   enter-chat-now: '&fYou have 3 seconds left to send a message.'
  13.   nomessage: '&fNemuzete posilat zpravy v tutorialu!'
  14.   invalidnumber: '&cYou typed an invalid number. (Use /abort to cancel)'
  15.   invalidlocation: '&cYou typed an invalid location action. (Use /abort to cancel)'
  16.   invalidsound: '&cYou typed an invalid sound action. (Use /abort to cancel)'
  17.   invalidsoundtype: '&cThe name of the sound for the new action is invalid. (Use /abort
  18.     to cancel)'
  19.   invalidtitle: '&cYou typed an invalid title action. (Use /abort to cancel)'
  20.   deletedtut: You deleted the tutorial &e%tutorial%&7.
  21.   createdtut: You created the tutorial &e%tutorial%&7.
  22.   villagertypename: Type the name for the villager in the chat.
  23.   villagerspawned: You successfully created a new tutorial villager. Shift-rightlick
  24.     to open a GUI.
  25.   villagerspawn-failed: '&cThe tutorial villager could not be created. Check if any
  26.     plugin disables entity spawning.'
  27.   villagerremoved: You successfully removed a villager.
  28.   typemessage: 'Type the message for the new action in the chat. Example: &oWelcome
  29.     %player%!\nThis is my server.'
  30.   typetitle: 'Type the title for the new title action in the chat or type "-" to leave
  31.     it empty. Example: &oHey %player%!'
  32.   typesubtitle: 'Type the subtitle in the chat or "-" to leave it empty. Example:
  33.     &oWelcome to my server!'
  34.   typetimings: 'Type the the fadeIn, the duration and the fadeOut length in ticks
  35.     in the chat. (one second = 20 ticks) Example: &o10 120 20'
  36.   typedelay: 'Type the delay in seconds for the new delay in the chat. Example: &o6'
  37.   typesound: 'Type the sound, volume and pitch in the chat. Example: &oENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
  38.     10 2'
  39.   typelocation: Type the location you want the player to be teleported to. (&oX Y
  40.     Z [Pitch Yaw]&r&7)
  41.   typeplayercommand: 'Type the command you want to have executed by the player. Example:
  42.     &ogive %player% diamond_sword'
  43.   typeconsolecommand: 'Type the command you want to have executed by the console.
  44.     Example: &obroadcast %player% just finished the tutorial!'
  45.   typechatclear: 'Type the number of empty lines you want to be printed out. Example:
  46.     &o8'
  47.   typerelativelylocation: 'Type the relative coordinates you want the player to be
  48.     teleported to. Example: &o0 3 0'
  49.   cancelledinput: You can now use the chat normally again.
  50.   cantstart: '&fNemate opravneni spustit tento tutorial!'
  51.   createdaction: '&aYou successfully created a new %type%-action.'
  52.   lefttutorial: You left the tutorial.
  53.   exit-actionbar: '&c&lUse the command /exit to leave the tutorial'
  54.   reloaded-tutorials: Successfully loaded &c%count% &7tutorials.
  55.   reloaded-messages: Successfully reloaded the config file.
  56.   saved-tutorials: Successfully saved the tutorials.
  57.   inv-closed-because-reload: '&cYour inventory needed to be closed because of an reload.'
  58.   only-one-tut-editor: '&cYou can''t open a tutorial simultaneously. Currently opened
  59.     by: %player%'
  60.   changed-cancel-location: You successfully changed the cancel-location.
  61.   type-permission: 'Type the permission for this specific action. ("-" for no permission)
  62.     Example: &otesttutorial.givediamonds'
  63.   set-permission: You successfully set the permission for this action. (%perm%)
  64. wrong-syntax:
  65. - '&7[&6&lTutorial&r&7] &cWrong syntax!'
  66. - '&c» &7/tutorials &8| &7Overview of every tutorial / Reload the plugin / Force-save
  67.   tutorials'
  68. - '&c» &7/tutorial <name> &8| &7Create / Edit a tutorial'
  69. - '&c» &7/tutorial <name> <player> &8| &7Start the tutorial for a specific player'
  70. - '&c» &7/abort &8| &7Exit the chat input'
  71. first-join-tutorial: none
  72. testserver-mode: false
  73. show-exit-actionbar: true
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