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  1. <section>
  2.   <div class="wrapper pv-50 ph-5p">
  3.       <div class="mb-60">
  4.          <h3 class="font-weight-300 blue-grey darken-4 aione-align-center">Powerful Feature</h3>
  5.          <h5 class="font-weight-300 aione-align-center">Limitless possibilities. What will you create?</h5>
  6.       </div>
  7.     <div class="ar">
  9.       <div class="ac s100 m50 l25 p-0">
  10.         <div class="aione-align-center p-30 aione-border-bottom aione-border-right">
  11.           <i class="ion-ios-email-outline font-size-100 yellow darken-4 mb-15"></i>
  12.           <p class="font-size-17 grey darken-4 mt-10">MESSEGING</p>
  13.         </div>
  14.        </div>
  15.         <div class="ac s100 m50 l25 p-0">
  16.           <div class="aione-align-center p-30 aione-border-bottom aione-border-right">
  17.             <i class="ion-ios-browsers-outline font-size-100 light-blue mb-15"></i>
  18.             <p class="font-size-17 grey darken-4 mt-10">BROWSER</p>
  19.           </div>
  20.        </div>
  21.         <div class="ac s100 m50 l25 p-0">
  22.           <div class="aione-align-center p-30 aione-border-bottom aione-border-right">
  23.             <i class="ion-wifi font-size-100 green lighten-2 mb-15"></i>
  24.             <p class="font-size-17 grey darken-4 mt-10">WLAN</p>
  25.           </div>
  26.        </div>
  27.         <div class="ac s100 m50 l25 p-0">
  28.           <div class="aione-align-center p-30 aione-border-bottom">
  29.             <i class="ion-bluetooth font-size-100 light-blue mb-15"></i>
  30.             <p class="font-size-17 grey darken-4 mt-10">BLUETOOTH</p>
  31.           </div>
  32.        </div>
  33.         <div class="ac s100 m50 l25 p-0">
  34.         <div class="aione-align-center p-30 aione-border-right">
  35.           <i class="ion-volume-high font-size-100 purple lighten-2 light-blue mb-15"></i>
  36.           <p class="font-size-17 grey darken-4 mt-10">LOUNDSPEAKER</p>
  37.         </div>
  38.        </div>
  39.         <div class="ac s100 m50 l25 p-0">
  40.           <div class="aione-align-center p-30 aione-border-right">
  41.             <i class="ion-radio-waves font-size-100 red lighten-2 mb-15"></i>
  42.             <p class="font-size-17 grey darken-4 mt-10">RADIO</p>
  43.           </div>
  44.        </div>
  45.         <div class="ac s100 m50 l25 p-0">
  46.           <div class="aione-align-center p-30 aione-border-right">
  47.             <i class="ion-ios-videocam-outline font-size-100 blue mb-15"></i>
  48.             <p class="font-size-17 grey darken-4 mt-10">HD VIDEO PLAYER</p>
  49.           </div>
  50.        </div>
  51.         <div class="ac s100 m50 l25 p-0">
  52.           <div class="aione-align-center p-30 ">
  53.             <i class="ion-ios-fastforward-outline font-size-100 orange lighten-2 mb-15"></i>
  54.             <p class="font-size-17 grey darken-4 mt-10">4G SERVICE</p>
  55.           </div>
  56.        </div>
  57.     </div>
  58.   </div>
  59. </section>
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