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  1. [22:29] "This is gon b tha' first time I've done this. So gon need ya'll ta follow ma lead. Chaaca, on standby case anything happens. Aldrah, Cho. Need both o' ya ta channel ya mana. Necromatic energy fer ma."
  3. It wasn't possible for this ritual to happen in private given the statue's location, so after giving the formation and orders, he turned around, not facing the crowd. Grey and gold close, focusing on the power of the astral sea, on drawing the mana from beyond life downwards. The Whispering Eye is taken from his back, used as an extra catalyst to conduct his mana as he focused.
  5. Words were spoken, of not common tongue as he channeled the energy inwards, cleansing the necromantic energy through the statue.
  7. "Ingwaz, tha beginning, Mannaz, Tha Support, Eihwaz,"
  9. With everyone of the strange words spoken, more Necromatic power is drawn in, focused and honed. The runes of the obelisk glow, turning on the structures as his eyes remained closed, channeling his power, as well as leading that the others transferred forwards into the statue.
  11. "Strength, Ansuz, tha Vitality, Gebo, Exchange"
  13. The energy racks from Lord Ultovex's body, leaving him in a pained looking state as he worked. Life force is taken from the Necromancer, not on a level of permeant damage, but enough to leave him tired and weary for after the ritual. Shoulders slump as he grits his teeth, the Whispering Eye stabbed downwards into the dirt to keep standing.
  15. "Dagaz, tha Breakthrough, Nauthiz, journey."
  17. The last of the runes of the obelisk light. It siphons power only given willingly, and only that of Necromancy. Those without the power to command the dead would feel nothing, with undead themselves feeling the faintest tugging on their being as he worked.
  19. "Dawn."
  21. (Sors Ultovex)
  22. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. [22:30] Maest Ruriko whispers something.
  25. [22:34] Loretta whispers something.
  26. [22:35]
  27. There is brilliance within this body. Passion found within the way her hips would move, the Kitsune's magic moreso akin to a ritualistic dance than anything else. Some could say that it ran within her blood of witchcraft. The promise and potential found within swiveling hips, the silvertongue that speaks different languages, or perhaps, the arms that arch with the elements that of the desert with a fury like no other. It is quite rare of her to show off such a power. Or perhaps, a performance for all to possibly see.
  29. A vixen's cry is one that is said to call to their lover. And yet, the sound that spills forth is more like music upon the ears. Illusion magic tampering, fallen angels fluttering around...The promise of wealth and safe-keeping from despair and obscurity. In this ritual, there are no clouds. There are no sins. Instead, the path becomes laid clear.
  31. Ingwaz, Ansuz, Dagaz…
  33. With each word, a new step is made. Earth, fire, and water coalescing- as if aiding to bring the statue's worth to life- pulling, tugging at all undead around until the last word is spoken along with Sors.
  35. "Dawn." Her love of the realm is such a strange thing. Much different, but still...Intensely potent.
  36. (Cho Grauhimmel)
  37. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. [22:39] Finally Aldrah could participate in the experiment of the statue, which he could learn to use! Every moment since they arrived he had a smile on his face.
  41. He watched as Sors prepared everything, where when received the request, promptly the necromancer positioned itself.
  43. He breathed deeply, this was a new experience! He was somewhat exited.
  45. An undead approached and handed a staff to Aldrah, where promptly the necromancer took the object and lifted it.
  47. "Let's do it!" He spoke in clear tone.
  49. Then, using his staff as a focus, the necromancer began to send his mana to Sors, his energy, just as it was requested. Every moment Aldrah sent the energy, he began to feel his strength draining away.
  52. (Aldrah)
  53. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  55. [22:39] The Paladin folded his arms across his chest, as he raised an eyebrow. He wasn't entirely sure why he was called over here, but if Lord Ultovex needed him for something, of course he was going to help.
  57. Chaaca would remain silent as Sors went through his instructions, offering a nod as he finished. Right so it seems he just needed to be on standby, which he was more than capable of being. He'd simply unfold his arm, as he brought forth his staff. Which he simply planted the bottom of it onto the ground, as he leaned on it ever so slightly, making sure to not to accidentally stab himself.
  59. His blue eyes then focused on Lord Utlovex, Lady Cho, and Ser Aldrah. His eyes darting between them as he studied their actions. He'd take note of the words and the way they were performing said ritual. He just started his necromancy lessons, and odds are he wouldn't be getting close to this level any time soon, but better to have it and not need it. Then to need it and not have it.
  61. With that he simply sat in the back and waited.
  63. (Chaaca Khan)
  64. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  66. [22:42] "To see it after learning about it....a bit cathartic, in a way. Though this is perfection, we're talking about. Never seen anything more Valmasian than glorious.."
  68. He'd look between the potency that Sors elicited within his incantations how it shook the very fabric of reality that denoted living from dead, his swansong calling out into the very roots of the city to toil, and emboss Ixis' form, though it left him weakened, he would be uplifted by his prowess and the belief of those around him in his arts.
  70. Another glance was tossed to Lady Cho, her dance of mortality, done by an immortal was something truly beautiful, where she found strength the man saw grace, and despite her age, it was done flawlessly her experience, and the way she carried herself was solicited by the proof in how her actions furthered what Sors had started.
  72. "Breath-taking.."
  74. The word would leak from his lips as his gaze finally affixed to Aldrah as he went to refuel Sor's necromantic energy, with a slight tapping of his chin at that.
  76. Never before had he felt so pleased to be within the walls of this undying city..
  77. (Chroma Zanders)
  78. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. [22:47] Finally the last of the energy is stolen from Lord Ultovex's breath, channeled to the heart of the statue. Energy siphoned and stolen from one source becomes a boon to another. Power radiates from the heart, glowing green. It remains, lodged in the center, gathered and empower, adding in the additional mana from Cho and Aldrah. Each would feel the weariness, exhaustion, the ability to fight stolen from them at this time.
  82. Then it comes downwards, flowing to Ixis. Magical rot slows, to a large degree and minor flesh begins to regenerate. The undead granted by this process are NOT Arthur's. A certain mastery from the lich does not carry on, the absolute stoppage of the ravages of time, the complete ending of rot. But much of it, and the weariness caused by becoming undead are lost in this transfusion of energy.
  84. The shower of emerald ends soon, bestowed entirely on Ixis. The Master Necromancer leaned on his staff, breathing heavily then looking around.
  86. "Finished. Ya want tha' power ta kill Ashera, tha' one who abandoned ya? Ya been granted it, Ixis. Use it ta slay her. Fer tha' is tha' purpose o' becomin' mor whole."
  88. Wearily his eyes trace his undead. "Now, take us ta tha' center o' town. I'm winded."
  89. (Sors Ultovex)
  90. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  92. [22:49] ** Moderator Nots has inflicted an injury upon Ixis Ultovex. ("Statue Undead Nerf", "The process of using the statue has reduced the nerf of being undead. ", "Permanent", "Severity: MINOR (-5 VIT)") **
  93. [22:59] Amalka says, "I have good timing, do I? Or maybe not."
  94. [23:00] With that, Amalka hushes up.
  95. (Amalka)
  96. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  98. [23:00] The ritual was complete and with it, the necromancer's energy finished. He was exhausted, almost without strength.
  100. He leaned on his staff and stared at Sors with a sideways smile.
  102. He snapped his fingers and his undeads that were around, came to help him.
  103. (Aldrah)
  104. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  106. [23:06] She had.. understood what would occur here. Yet she didn't truly understand. The statue beginning to gain power... awoken from the strength of four Necromancers.. two of them among the strongest on Agartha.
  108. She was amazed by it to some extent... how could such a thing just be lurking in the middle of the settlement.. for all to see. Being so close she could feel the power building within it... the Necromancers seeming to be catalysts to a power already lurking within the runes of the statue.
  110. The mana glows a bright green... like the lines of rieka on an Oscuri… then it flows down into her... She breathed a sigh... something not necessary and yet it was the natural response it seemed. The power flowing into her.. some of the rotten parts of her seeming to 'heal' and become much more akin to natural flesh.
  112. The smell of rot fades further away than it once was... she could even feel the grafted flesh around her eye seem to settle more... There was a strength returning to her body she had not seen since she was alive..
  114. Even the haze in her mind seemed to clear a bit further... though now she was painfully aware of... 'black spots'.. where there was simply nothing to remember.. memories lost likely forever.. others still remained out of her reach...
  117. Finally the emerald glow died around her...
  119. She listens to her master speak.. noting not just his.. but all of their weariness. All to... improve her condition...
  121. "Yes Master.. thank you.. thank all of you. I will make sure she pays.."
  123. She walks to him and offers whatever support he may need to get him to the square.
  125. (Ixis Ultovex)
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