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Jul 25th, 2018
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  1. This paste details all the items that the party members have obtained on their quest, and will be an ongoing project, updated every 3 days at latest. If you find any discrepancies, tell Autumn ASAP.
  3. In addition to the items below, you all have a Caller Conch.
  5. Caller Conch
  6. -Function: Allows you to communicate with someone from afar by speaking into the Conch. Requires learning the target's Caller Conch password. Calling someone is as simple as whispering the password into it.
  7. -Description: The Caller Conches were first discovered by Kreutznaer, a swabby who had been cast off his ship after a heated argument with the first mate over funds missing from the ship's treasury. After surviving being cast away, he made money by diving for pearls, and found an assortment of strange, sound-transmitting conches during one of his dives. Eventually, he plucked up the will to form a pirate crew of his own, and used what would be later known as Caller Conches to organize well-coordinated raids, and made a killing off the plunder. Though Caller Conches are the most common type of naturally-magical conch, there exist other types, such as those which can record and play back sound.
  9. You also collectively own the Esper, the boat which Alder, Cerulean and Cloud recovered from one of the destroyed towns on Kaco Island, along the coastline. It is currently docked on the Beesting.
  11. The Esper
  12. -Function: This boat can seat up to eight people. It has an engine in the back which is powered by a crystal called a Spirit's Cottage, containing Ocean Spirits and Sky Spirits. The Esper has three modes: Standard, Diving and Flight. Standard mode operates exactly as a normal boat does. Diving mode allows the boat to dive underwater, with the crew protected by a bubble of air maintained by the Ocean and Sky Spirits who reside in the crystal. Flight mode allows the boat to fly, sustained by the Sky Spirits. If more types of Spirits are found, perhaps the Esper can travel across more types of environments.
  13. -Description: The Esper is a well-crafted boat, modeled after the trireme, though on a much smaller scale, as it can only carry eight. Crews will carry along smaller vessels like the Esper to enable their crews to go ashore or to navigate waters too narrow or shallow for their ships. The Esper, however, is unique for its use of Spirits - tiny, pony-shaped embodiements of natural elements - to power it, allowing it to not only move quickly, but even dive underwater and fly through the sky.
  15. ////////////////////////////////////////////////
  17. Obtained by Cerulean Splash:
  19. Swordfish Helm
  20. -Function: In addition to looking intimidating, it is useful for stabbing opponents more precisely and dissuading attacks from head-on. You also never know when you might need something quite pointy, narrow and sharp.
  21. -Description: A knight's helmet, fashioned of bone and reinforced internally with steel, designed in the likeness of a swordfish's head. One can only imagine what kind of madman would design such a thing, and to what heights his ambitions soared.
  23. Fishing Rod and Tackle Box
  24. -Function: Allows for fishing.
  25. -Description: A simple fishing rod and a tackle box, full of supplies for maintaining one's rod, replacement wire, various bobs and dried bait. Fishing is a common hobby and recreational activity for pirates and Ribcage natives alike, with many associated traditions. Friendships, camraderie, rivalries and love have all been born from this ancient act.
  27. Heavy Tail Blade
  28. -Function: Upon a critical hit, the user deals an extra wound to the target.
  29. -Description: A custom made weapon, designed like a piece of armor, and broken up into several connected parts to allow Cerulean to use it while not giving up on her flexibility. The pirates of the Ribcage face all kinds of battles against all kinds of foes with all kinds of tools in their arsenal, from Aura Abilities, to all stripes of weapons, to magic, and anything else under the sun. Thus, pirates often commission custom weapons for themselves, both to carve out their unique identity in the Ribcage, and to maintain an unconventional fighting style that other pirates can't easily prepare for.
  31. Spined Hide Armor
  32. -Function: Adds 4 Hits to the user's maximum
  33. -Description: Simple leather armor with spines upon the arms, shoulders, haunches, and shins. The hides used in its forging are from the Aichmiros, a common carnivore on islands with a hot climate and sandy areas.
  35. The Eye of Wisdom
  36. -Function: The Eye of Wisdom can be asked for a hint on any scenario, or for a description of an item. Some information may be beyond the Eye, but it is quite knowledgeable.
  37. -A magic brooch with a sapphire on an ivory background, resembling an eye. There is an old folktale about a great warrior who gave up parts of his body in exchange for supernatural power. It is said he gave up one of his eyes for wisdom and insight beyond measure. It has a playful, female personality and a tendency to squawk like a bird.
  39. >The Starving Flames
  40. >Weapon Tag: Great
  41. >Function: Unknown as of yet, but the flail, when swung, conjures a white fire from its mouth that dissolves its prey. Perhaps further use can tease out its powers, but little is currently known.
  42. >Description: A flail discovered in a sealed safe aboard the sunken Lilliput, apparently possessed by some kind of spirit. The spirit, it seems, has taken a liking to Cerulean, holing up in a corner of her mind after first contact.
  44. Beetlebands
  45. -Function: The Beetlebands can play any song that they have been taught through the use of song packs.
  46. -Description: Invented by Turmis, the eccentric toymaker of Agyl Island, Beetlebands are a popular toy on many islands. A group of five clockwork beetles, they can play any song that is transposed onto sheet music tiny enough to be loaded into the slots on their back. Constructs such as these are technically unthinking, but are shown to possess a degree of animal intelligence, and take simple pleasures in fulfilling what they are designed to do; for the Beetlebands, this means a simple existence of entertaining their owners.
  48. ////////////////////////////////////////////////
  50. Obtained by Alder Frostclaw:
  52. The Thief's Third Eye:
  53. Aura Tool: Amnis-type
  54. -Function: Gives one access to the "Appriase" skill. When used on magic items, it can identify the specific enchantment on the item, and any ways, if applicable, to nullify or even break the enchantment. Especially handy for breaking magic locks.
  55. -Description: A small loupe, or an eyeglass used by jewelers for examining gems and jewelry. This one, however, has been imbued with a simple Aura pattern, one that allows the user to examine magic items in detail, giving them insight into how to break or nullify enchantments.
  57. Clockwork Repair Kit
  58. -Function: Gives one access to the "Repair" skill, but only for clockwork items.
  59. -Description: A set of hardy, well-worn tools in a wooden box, with each size of tool separated by some little wooden walls within. It has a rough cloth bottom. There's an inscription on the bottom of the box: Hacienda & Sons.
  61. Researchers' Notes and Monster Teeth:
  62. -Function: With the help of an Accompass, these allow one to travel to the island from which the monsters once came.
  63. -Description: A bag of various samples of monsters' teeth, as well as researchers' notes which indicate that these have never been found before on Kaco Island. This possibly signals the existence of roaming monster species, as well as new and untamed lands within the Ribcage.
  65. Emergency Explosive Powder:
  66. -Function: Signals to the crew of the Beesting that the user is in trouble and requires their assistance.
  67. -Description: A red felt bag of explosive powder, as well as some pieces of flint to help quickly strike a flame. When ignited, the powder creates a red cloud, as well as many bright sparks. All members of the Beesting know this as a signal for help, and will drop everything to come to the user's aid.
  69. Strengthened Bow:
  70. -Function: Attacks with this have a +1 bonus to their roll.
  71. -Description: An ordinary bow, through one which is made of high-quality wood and twine, enabling more accurate and more powerful shots.
  73. The Merryflower
  74. -Function: All healing abilities eliminate status conditions in addition to restoring Hits and Wounds
  75. -Description: Also known as the Flower of Tartarus, this flower is large and pink, with a white interior and green stigma, filaments and style. This flower represents healers and the dangers they undertake to treat the wounded and sick, whether that be crossing a battlefield during a fight, being exposed to diseases and contamination in hospitals, or having to make decisions that mean death for some and life for others. It is a rare flower, and is said to originate in another world.
  77. Merryflower Root Whistle
  78. -Function: Upon critfailing a Healing roll, roll 1d3. On a 1, the spell inflicts a wound upon the intended target. Upon a 2 or 3, it heals them instead as a normal, non-critical success.
  79. -Description: A shamanic whistle carved from a pale root with a hard exterior. Inside are the bones of serpents, and at the end is a phoenix's feather. Whistles like these are regarded as good luck charms by healers. Many healers who specialize in battlefield medical work will present them to enemy combatants in order to be granted safe passage to wounded who are trapped in the combat zone.
  81. The Witchkiller Bow and Quiver
  82. Weapon Tag: Ranged
  83. -Function: Shots from this bow deal 3 extra points of damage against those who know magic.
  84. -Description: An oak composite bow and leather quiver. Both are covered in runes taken from the Occultic Script, an esoteric, runic writing system used by persecuted groups of spellcasters (such as witches, warlocks, necromancers, and so on) to communicate in secret. The bow and quiver are covered in runes depicting a circle of flowers pierced by a spearhead -- the 'Hel' rune. This rune normally indicates that one is in a town where witches are likely to be imprisoned or killed if discovered, and thus the inscription on the bow and quiver serve as a mockery of their plight.
  86. The Spellslinger
  87. Weapon Tag: Ranged
  88. -Function: This gun is of a +1 quality, and can shoot special bullets which are enchanted with a variety of magical effects.
  89. -Description: Designed by Etrusc, a weaponsmith of yore revered as a lesser god on Agyl Island, the Spellslinger is a simple hand-held flintlock gun made with wood from the magical Zaqqum Tree. The magic in the wood allows it to fire enchanted bullets; common enchanted bullets simply have charges of elemental power, but there exist bullets with complex and uncommon magical effects.
  90. Ammo Types:
  91. Fire Damage: 10
  92. Ice Damage: 10
  93. Lightning Damage: 10
  95. Medic's Knife
  96. -Function: Allows the user to use the Heal skill if they do not have it already. When using the Heal skill, the user can apply whatever bonus they would normally get to basic attacks to that roll.
  97. -Description: This dagger is enchanted with a spell that heals those the blade touches, rather than injure them. As such, this weapon can only damage when the user strikes their target with the hilt. The spell upon this blade was invented by an enchantress from the Floating Gardens archipelago as a self-defensive measure, to be used against any pirates who came to raid the archipelago's towns. Later, the spell was discovered by an assassin-for-hire, who slyly tricked the enchantress into teaching it to him. Later, he used it to render opponents' weapons useless against him during assassinations.
  99. Light Leather Armor
  100. -Function: Grants +2 to your maximum Hits.
  101. -Description: Basic, fitted leather armor, designed to be lightweight and sleek enough to fit under one's outer layer of clothing. The hide is taken from the Dune Devils, a hybrid of snake and fox that live in sandy regions and sometimes attack beachgoers.
  103. Official Crimson King Brand Duplicoins™ (Tags: Great, Ranged): A bag of fake, enchanted coins that look quite convincing to all except those who are experts in forgery. The coins magically register the first person that touches them. When they are touched by another person, they explode with the force of a small firecracker. They are often used as bombs in combat, but this enchantment gives them a variety of unconventional uses in other situations (such as secretly planing them on an unwitting target). Individually, they aren't very powerful, and attacks with them deal 1 fewer hit of damage, down to a minimum of 1 per attack. However, their ease of use means that Cleave attacks made with them have a -2 to their critfail range. After the coins explode, they magically regenerate within the bag.
  105. The Clockwork Orange: A clockwork minion that disguises itself as a humble orange. In actuality, this minion is an enchanted spyglass mounted inside a clockwork, spider-like body, including eight legs that can fold in on themselves, and it has an orange-like outside for a disgusie. The minion comes with a remote control, and in the center of the remote is a scrying orb linked to the minion's spyglass, which transmits everything that the minion is able to see. It cannot attack, but can record video and audio.
  106. H/W: 4/4
  107. Skills: Disguise (Orange), Stealth, Innocent (when disguised), Record (Automatic: Captures video and audio footage of whatever the spyglass is looking at).
  108. Bonuses: +1 to Disguise and Stealth
  110. ////////////////////////////////////////////////
  112. Obtained by Cutlass:
  114. Map to the Ribcage
  115. -Function: Allows one to track the Ribcage's position, wherever it drifts through the oceans.
  116. -Description: This is a rare, magical map which always shows where the Ribcage is. The Ribcage's origins are unknown, and none can explain its nature. Why does this ring of coral and bone drift through the waves? Why do the turtles inside it always seem to move in harmony with the Ribcage? What set them into motion, and where did these maps come? So many pirates have traveled, fought and died to learn the answer. Others are content with the plunder, power and adventure to be had within, leaving such ancient information to the bookworms.
  118. Possessed Gown
  119. -Function: Unknown, but has demonstrated a capacity to devour enemies who try to attack Cutlass from behind. If Stone Cold Classic's magic is reliable, it is also indestructible and cannot become dirty.
  120. -Description: Cutlass made a wish to a genie for a dress that would be indesctructible and always pristine, giving rise to an abomination of a dress that has a will and an appetite of its own. Genies never grant a wish without some kind of detriment to the one making it. Either their wish will come with some hidden cost, or they will have to make a sacrifice of something of great value to the genie in exchange. The dress's personality is unknown, but for what it's worth, it has never harmed Sir Pent or anyone else Cutlass has cared for.
  122. The Wood Wind-Tamer
  123. -Function: Gives one access to the "Armed Ally" skill, but only on things made of paper, papyrus or parchment.
  124. -Description: A washint that is inhabited by a spirit of the northern winds. The calligraphy comes from a country that has been long forgotten, its Island-Turtle slain and sunken beneath the waves. Its song speaks to the winds and puts them under the user's whims, but winds are capricious, and have their own tastes and whimsies. For whatever reason, this spirit seems to care only for items made of paper, papyrus or parchment.
  126. Paper Cutters
  127. -Function: Serve as a target for the Wood Wind-tamer's Armed Ally skill. They are incredibly weak as minions, having only 1/1 H/W, and can only deal up to 1 point of damage per successful hit, or 2 on a crit. However, their sheer weakness makes them very easy to use, and one can animate up to 4 of them with the use of Armed Ally. The user can control 4 of them per each minion slot they have.
  128. -Description: A set of paper cutouts in the shape of knives, intimately detailed with calligraphy and ink art, originating from the same long-lost country as the Wood Wind-Tamer. The wind spirit that possesses the Wood Wind-Tamer is a capricious sort, liking few things more than a well-crafted sheet of paper, perhaps as a toy for blowing about in the wind. However, when it is directed toward these paper knives, it displays a hunger for battle, perhaps a more authentic expression of its personality.
  132. ////////////////////////////////////////////////
  134. Obtained by Cloud Shear:
  136. Picture-Box: An amazing feat of magitech, consisting of a rectangular, wooden red box and a spyglass lens coming out of one side. A button on the top allows the box to capture an image, and print it out onto a sheet of papyrus, with color and everything. Comes with a roll of film.
  137. It's a camera.
  139. Gripper Gauntlet
  140. -Function: Currently, this is a basic weapon, but of good quality. Its quality and flexible design consisting of many pieces means it can be upgraded.
  141. -Description: A four-pronged claw gauntlet, modeled after a griffon's claw, meant to fit upon a pony's hoof. The design was conceived of by pony explorers who traveled to the Nichee Archipelago and had a run-in with warriors of the Vola race, distant bipedal bird cousins of the griffons. Weapons like these were designed to help pegasi be more versatile in combat, and make disarming foes easier.
  143. Tamer of the Squalls
  144. -Function: This wand allows the user a degree of control over air, and most commonly manifests in attacks made using wind. It's not very powerful at the moment, but all magic has an unknown potential for growth that is brought out by practice.
  145. -Description: A basic wand, carved from the Amoah Tree, another tree known for its natural magical proprties. Wands made from the tree are naturally attuned to the elements, with their particular affinity for an element depending on the season in which the wood is cut from the tree. This wand must have been carved during springtime, as it is capable of controlling the wind.
  147. Bluestalker Armor
  148. -Function: Reduces incoming damage from non-elemental magic sources by 3 Hits, reducing it to a minimum of 1 damage.
  149. -Description: Scale armor made from the Bluestalker, a reptilian predator which is highly resistant to non-elemental magic. Bluestalkers most often prey on small jungle creatures that, while not physically powerful, boast dangerous magical abilities, and have adapted to resist their attacks. Thus, armor made from their hides isn't particularly resistant to physical strikes but absorbs incoming magical energy, better protecting its user.
  151. The Yearning Knife
  152. Weapon Tag: Single
  153. -Function: Attacks from this knife can cut through magic, enabling them to counter magical attacks and damage lingering magical effects, as well as Amnis-type Aura Abilities. Countering a magical attack reduces its damage, or negates it completely if you match or beat the roll on the attack. Damaging and dispelling lingering magical effects may be more complex, and generally requires striking at the source of the effect.
  154. -Description: A simple silver knife with Hel runes etched into the hilt and both sides of the handle.
  156. The Tooth of Sa'eer
  157. Weapon Tag: Single
  158. -Function: (Recharge 1): Attacks from this knife do not deal damage, but instead cause the target to become ethereal and intangible, causing them to phase through other tangible objects for (Roll - DC) turns. The effect applies to the limb that the knife's blade touches. During the duration of this effect, the target cannot use any attack or technique that would require the use of the affected body part.
  159. -Description: A janbiya originating from the far-off island of Dhalmuthin, home of the Shaka mage's guild. Dhalmuthin is one of many islands with a harsh desert biome, a condition which pressured the local populations to grasp at whatever could help them adapt to such cruel conditions. For them, luckily, magical spirits were abundant in Dhalmuthin's many underground caverns, providing a cool place to endure desert heat while they treated with said spirits in exchange for magic ability. This, like many such lucky boons, came with a cost. There is a give and take for all magic, a cost and a reward. Some sources of magic are hungrier than others, taking more and more with each bit they give you.
  161. "Island Hopping: The Complete and Utter Moron's Walkthrough on how to Speak any Language in the Ribcage, Guaranteed"
  162. -Function: This allows you to get the gist of what Ribcage natives are saying, regardless of language barriers through the use of common phrases. However, you will have to roll in order to pick up on nuance and detail if you don't have a translator.
  163. -Description: The Ribcage is home to many races, tribes and peoples, and thus, the languages they speak are varied, yet also interrelated due to the mingling of cultures as a result of inter-island travel. Equish is a common language for trade and diplomacy, spoken by those with a reason to speak with others frequently, such as political leaders, explorers, merchants and pirates. However, those who stick to their own island may only speak their own language, or outright refuse to speak to those who don't speak their language, out of distrust against outsiders.
  165. Various Books on Aura
  166. -Function: Allows one to read up on Aura and learn more background information on it, which in addition to informing may help in one's own growth with Aura.
  167. -Description: Aura is widespread among some islands in the Ribcage, although mastery is extremely rare. Nonetheless, its prevalence and its implications for one's health and skills have greatly influenced the culture and history of many islands. Pirates may be stereotyped as wastrels and pillagers, but every crew has at least one or two bookworms whose studies spur on their curiosity and lead them to new adventures in unknown places.
  169. ////////////////////////////////////////////////
  171. Obtained by Thessaly:
  173. The Liber Animarum
  174. Weapon Tag: Catalyst
  175. Function: Provides guidelines and instructions for the conjuring of certain demons, as well as philosophical, theoretical and technical commentary from a nameless author about the nature and temperament of demons, their interactions with mortals, and how to survive most demon conjurings.
  176. Description: An old, leather-bound tome, the corners of its spine bound in black iron; a broken clasp and lock hang from its edge. The book has survived years of abuse -- water and acid damage on pages, cracks in the spine and stab wounds in its cover, even burn marks, indicating it was at one point pulled from a fire at the last moment. Despite so many attempts to destroy it, the Liber Animarum has survived, much like those who would seek its knowledge.
  177. Further Information: https://pastebin.com/nXDhGSex / https://pastebin.com/PAvGnRa7 (only the demons listed in the first paste can be summoned).
  179. The Fatal Injection
  180. Weapon Tag: Single, Dual
  181. Function: Can store up to four uses of any substance in its barrel and inject them into a target. Most commonly used for poisoning foes, but can be used with any liquid substance. If a poison is allowed to sit in the blade, unused, for an hour, it will start to concentrate, giving it twice its potency and doubling the effect of the poison when it's used.
  182. Description: A cruel and subtle misericorde, designed both to appear relatively unthreatening and to efficiently deliver its payload, in order to ensure that one's target stays down. Used by pirates, scoundrels and underground arena fighters, who are broadly considered to be nothing but living trash by the societies in which they live at the margins.
  184. Accompass's Storm Guard
  185. -Function: Gives one +1 to endurance and dodging rolls while they are in adverse environmental conditions; usually, during a rainstorm or heavy wind.
  186. -Description: A simple hooded coat, colored green. The coat is heavy and snug, designed to keep one warm and stable, and is insulated enough to keep the user dry even when under a strong downpour. Accompasses are a pecular lot; they are beings of any race or sentient species who can inherently sense the movement of the island-turtles through the Ribcage, and can discern any island's location if they are presented with an item or person which hails from that island. As such, they must often stay up on deck no matter what to assist with navigation, even in stormy weather.
  188. The Atlas
  189. -Function: This mysterious orb from outer space can give guidance any goal the user wishes to complete, but its advice is often devoid of context, and thus becomes obscure and riddle-like. Although it is a solid, one can split it into parts as easily as pulling apart soap bubbles if they set their will to doing so. The full sphere can give six bits of advice, then must recharge for a day. If it is divided into half-pieces, each piece can give three bits of advice before recharging. If either of those half-pieces is divided again, each of those quarter-pieces can give one bit of advice before recharging. The math does not precisely work out as the Atlas loses energy in the division process.
  190. -Description: A golden sphere, about six inches in diameter. As a relic of another world out in the stars, little is known about it. However, the existence of alien life raises many questions about why such life would have an interest in the people and affairs of the Ribcage, and why a member of such a race would give out artifacts like these. Perhaps the Ribcage, with its reputation for collecting every oddity in the world as it travels the oceans, can draw in those from other worlds as well.
  192. Various Books on the Ribcage
  193. -Function: These give the reader a wealth of knowledge on the Ribcage. Yet, the Ribcage is a vast and ever-changing place, and books can only hold so much information on what one might find.
  194. -Description: Thessaly has collected a stack of books on the Ribcage, and can use them to look up a number of things they might encounter in their travels, ranging from all manner of monsters, to Aura, to plants, environments, cultures, and any other number of subjects. A roll may be required for more obscure or esoteric information.
  196. Sea-Servant's Ring: A silver ring with an inscription of a sea-pony on it. The term Sea-Servant refers to a mysterious religious order whose members are comprised of the various sea-pony tribes that wander the world's oceans. The Sea-Servants protect endangered fish species, remove litter and other pollutants from the water, and rescue crews that are lost at sea. However, they are also sometimes accused of luring crews with beautiful songs to their deaths, or creating storms and whirlpools to attack ships that hunt in waters that they arbritrarily declare to be under their protection after the fact. In spite of these rumors, they are generally looked to as heroes, so long as you stay on their good side.
  197. Effect: Allows one to communicate with any creature that lives underwater.
  199. ////////////////////////////////////////////////
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