Third Letter

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  1. ← Jude
  2.       Again, it fell into the same idea of most people trying to achieve some sort of goal in trying to fix her. And many times that might have been the problem. Perhaps subconsciously, she pushed people away because she hated the idea of being fixed. Or she hated entertaining the thought that maybe something was wrong with her. To Jude, nothing seemed to be wrong with her. She was just a woman who viewed the world differently. Her past shaped her into the person she was now, and it made sense. It fucked him up as well. Real good, even. Some nights Jude would wake up in cold sweat, wondering if he should just take his own life or not. It was messed up. Fucked up. But that's what made Jude-- Jude. It worked the same way with her. Reject the idea as much as she does, but that's what it was. He didn't need to try and work hard just to have some sort of rapport going with her. Because it just felt right. Perhaps the idea was a little too out there, but what wasn't with either of them? They smoked weed on campus without a care in the world. Everything was bound to not make sense in the long run. When the kiss had been applied, she didn't pull away. Clearly, a good sign, but also very clearly meant that she was either too high to think and fend for herself. Which is exactly why he had pulled away from her. Because he was still trying to respect her. Despite the kind of people that they seemed to have been. While the last bit of smoke trailed away at the corners of his mouth, both lips sealed to a close, dark eyes now watching her lips move. He listened not only with his ears, but also his eyes. But one could associate that with the fact that he was high as balls. "C?" Unlike her husky vice, his was smoother, like it was supposed to flow from his mouth. She needn't say more about what she was feeling, because for as weak of a communicator she was, Jude could still pick up what she was putting down. Although he was unsure whether it was just him who felt the tension, one that could cut the place with a goddamn knife, or if it was blatantly obvious, and staring at him dead in the face. Leaned close. Again. This time, pressed the joint to her lips, allowing it to stick between them, before his own pressed to the corner. It was a gentle kiss. And then another was given. One after the other like an endless stream of such. Until he stopped. Because as lips reached the stem of the joint, his mouth parted, forcing her's to do so as well, and his tongue pressed the stick against her own tongue allowing it to stay there for a while. Arms found purchase on her back, gently caressing her frame in the process before his tongue swiped the stick completely from her mouth, maneuvering lips in a way that he'd take it for him self. Jude took a hit before spewing it to the side. Smoke still in mouth, he kissed her again. This time around, he wasn't offering it. He was simply making out with her, while all the smoke escaped from the smallest gaps of their lips. Yeah. Okay. This was happening.
  3. → Jude
  4. Cal didn't want to be charming or anything that willfully encouraged others to like her. It was better that they didn't, it lessened the chances of someone catching feelings for her, and for that someone to eventually get themselves hurt (sooner rather than later). Or for her to experience those awful flashbacks, and the violent reactions to them. No amount of time or therapy seemed capable of fixing her, so Cal tried to avoid interactions that could plant the seeds for such disastrous results. And yet there she was in the safe haven of her dorm room, in the presence of someone that agitated her without much effort. It wasn't that he said anything in an offensive manner like Shane. Nor did he subscribe to the same line of teasing that Marko spouted on the regular. A different brand entirely that worked like magic to get a reaction out of her, both positive and negative, but without the typical theatrics that seemed to often accompany it. How easily within a week or so, they kept falling into one another's orbits -- usually by pure accident as if the campus had shrunk. The intention could be read plainly in the dark brown depths of his eyes, and his every movement seemed to slow as if to provide ample time for Cal to avoid the faux intimacy. Yet she watched mutely as precious guitar was set aside, freeing the space between them that seemed both a gaping chasm and but a mere few inches difference. The pressure of hand on wrist was so akin to the gentleness of Jeong, but it felt different.. coaxing a warmness to blossom from the touch to sensitive bare skin, instead of the crippling panic. Sensual line of mouth finding hers with the accuracy of a missile, despite the closing of his eyes.. as Jude seemed to just trust the universe on this one. Lips parting in reply to the firm pressure applied, the acceptance of what he wanted to give. Inhaling the fragrant smoke and his breath, lashes fluttering low in response to a sensation that was arguably tender. Breath caught, to prolong the seal of their mouths, and the unexpected pounding of heart in breast. But just when it felt the most agonizing, and she felt dizzy, he retreated. Exhaling in a light series of cough, palm finding the crook of his arm for anchor. Everything was beginning to swim, and she felt.. lighter. Hazel refocusing on brown, a silent inquiry in them."J?" voice huskier and softer than any prior exchange. Asking something she didn't know how to word.
  5. ← Jude
  6.       Thinks that maybe she could be charming. if she actually put in the effort to be. Most times she didn't, she seemed to push people away. And to a fault, he could understand that. He did the same thing. To a lot of people. Although his charming disposition might give off the idea that he was well-received by most, Jude was still someone who came with his own set of problems. The music he played came through loud and clear, echoing the walls of her room with the sweet melody a guitar's strum, and plucking. And once the song nearly reached it's end, Jude never moved his gaze away from the sudden eye contact that he held with her. A final strum was made before the guitar was put aside. Nevermind the fact that the two of them sang that really well, and that their voices actually worked off so incredibly well with one another. Once again took the stick from her, already feeling some of it's effects after a few hits. Took a long one. Dragged it as far as his lungs would take him, yet his gaze stayed. Like it wanted to watch her for a long time. There was beauty in the mess that she was. Pulled the stick away from his face, not completely inhaling the smoke within his mouth just yet. Shifted in his seat, one hand coming to gently hold her by her wrist. Closed his eyes and Slowly. Carefully. Methodically pressed his lips against her's, turning his head to ease her into it. And parted his lips, blowing away at the smoke slightly, allowing it to fill her mouth from his own. Until both of them shared the same amount of smoke. Leaned even closer to pass some more to her. Perhaps it was to make the moment last, but it was done so anyway. Pulled away, and with it, he released her wrist. Silence. There was only silence, and the hit of weed now wafting through the air.
  7. → Jude
  8. there was a noncommittal shrug, not entirely confirming or denying his assumption of her musical ability. It wasn't that she was embarrassed of it in either fashion, just seemed unimportant bit of information when he had all the proof needed at his disposal. Notice the hand written sheet music on the coffee table, and the fact her hands had been in proper placement. "It might be an improvement, can you make it really bloody and gory?" not batting an eyelash at the laughable threat, "Hardly, I'm not charming enough to be a Casanova." As his fingers began to strum strings, would steal joint back from his lips, brow lifted in challenge to encourage him to sing. J would do just that, in a pure voice that seemed ripe with emotion. The song wasn't anything she'd willingly admit to liking, but he made it sound better than prior renditions. Lips chasing the joint and the quiet release it offered. Wordlessly she got up from cushion, to pace as she listened, and at one point to lock dorm door. Didn't need the RA coming in. Eventually settling back in beside him, returning joint to his lips, even as hers moved to pick up the harmony where he left off. "'Cause it's too cold whoa, for you here and now so let me hold whoa.. both your hands in the holes of my sweater," not meaning to meet his gaze, but felt that agitating tug that was almost impossible to ignore.
  9. ← Jude
  10.       "Mask or not, I'm assuming you still play." Allowed her to take the stick of weed from him. It wasn't lit yet, so there were no complaints on his end. Beside, he still had a lot of it to go around. It felt more like an exchange, having been given the guitar as a trade for the joint that was now currently in her possession. "No, I'm going to bash your head in with this." Waved the guitar slightly. It was heavier than it looked. "Casanova? Is that a hint? Ugh. You're not a Casanova are you? You special fucking snowflake." Stuck his tongue out before giving the guitar a few test plucks. It wasn't out of tune, needed to fix a few strings tough. Just a tad. Waited until she lit the stick before slowly taking it back from her. Taking a long, deep, satisfying hit. "I only play as a hobby. Not really into the whole professional music thing." And with that, he began to play. She'd find out, aside from the Karaoke, that he had a natural voice on his person. --
  11. → Jude
  12. could feel the weight of Jude's stare and it caused a certain measure of awareness creep along the back of neck in response. The door shut with a soft thud, and prompted gaze to seek out his position. Hazel watching as his movements, fluid as a tom cat's strolled forward to join her on the futon. It was a dark blue in color, a pleather in material and very comfortable cushioning. A snort was given to his teasing, and the faintest shake of head. When he indicated that the guitar was desired, there was a brief moment of hesitation before passing it over. "Just a mask, J," fingers plucking the joint from his lips to pass over to hers, before leaning towards the coffee table to retrieve lighter. It wasn't long before it was lit and a deep inhale was taken, then offered back to his possession with a raised brow. "You going to play something for me Casanova?"
  13. ← Jude
  14.       Thought she actually looked exceptionally cute with what she wore. He felt a little too overdressed, and half a mind to just remove his shirt altogether. But he won't. Sure he's a lot more liberated than most, but he's not an animal. Noticing the guitar on her hand, he approached her slowly. But not before closing the door behind him. "It's for class." Brushed it off. He doesn't want to talk about. It felt weird not being a little more liberal with the clothes that he wore, and had to conform to certain "class standards". Pointed a finger at the guitar. "I didn't know you were a normal functioning human-being." He's kidding. And his laughter should be an indication of that. Slid beside her on the futon. Slumped slightly. Is giving his best cocky expression, but once again he's lost in those eyes of her's. "Hey." Was pointing at the guitar still. "Mind if I--?" Propped a joint in his mouth. For good measure.
  15. → Jude
  16. in comparison was way under-dressed, in a pair of ripped dark denim skinny jeans and a faded gray t-shirt that was too big for her slender frame. The neckline hanging to expose the entire of left shoulder and top part of breast, even as the black silhouette of Billy Idol could be seen screaming into microphone on chest. Feet were bare, one tucked under leg, and the opposite dangling just shy of floor where she set on the futon. Acoustic guitar in lap as she fiddled with a melody, on a new song that Kian and Sam had been working on. Glancing up from strings as if caught with her hand in the cookie jar when Jude strolled in. "..Hey J," gaze darting over his nicer appearance before returning to the strings, "Nice digs."
  17. ← Jude
  18.       he didn't need to know that she was smiling. Jude did prefer seeing it. Made her wait on purpose, but it wasn't like he thought she'd be waiting for him. Entered as soon as he was given the go signal. Was actually extremely good looking this evening. No leather jacket, but wore a button up long sleeve. "Laugh it up, Caren."He just came back from a project proposal for his classes. Tossed a pack of weed to her. It came in a small pouch. Roughly around seven sticks. All hand-rolled. No, it wasn't the usual cunts. Whoever those were.
  19. → Jude
  20. didn't reply to the last text, because it did cause lips to twitch in a smile. But he didn't need to know that. As 5 hours was a long time to wait, and he never committed? Cal had found other ways to occupy her time, assuming he wasn't. And that was okay. When knock sounded, had forgotten entirely at that point.. so just called out, "It's open." Wrongfully assuming it was one of the usual cunts visiting.
  21. ← Jude
  22.       [Smile for me. It's better than any letter.] Stopped texting her for a long while after that. Arrives at her door at around. Say. 5 hours later. But arrives anyway.
  23. → Jude
  24. [Not sure. The deal was a letter per smile, right?]
  25. ← Jude
  26.       [How stoned you have to be for me to get a third letter out of you?]
  27. → Jude
  28. smirked, doubted he was really all that troubled. [Depends on how stoned you want to be.]
  29. ← Jude
  30.       [Shame.] Rolled his eyes. [A lot?]
  31. → Jude
  32. head shake. [Not happening.] A minute later. [Bring weed.]
  33. ← Jude
  34.       Okay. He gets it. [Cassie. Send tit pics.
  35. → Jude
  36. glanced at phone, rolled eyes. [Guess again. June.]
  37. ← Jude
  38.       texts. [Cassie. Send nudes.]
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