Quitting Fibble (Gryphon)

Sep 1st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Read this on my blog - http://spidernon.home.blog/2020/09/04/quitting-fibble-gryphon/
  3. My mother was upside-down, eviscerated. Gangs of black-clad maniacs cheered, and held up her entrails towards the camera which was livestreaming her vivisection. I watched in horror as these heathen-sigiled rioters danced macabre and my mother, the sweet woman who had given me life, screamed in horror.
  5. One dancing reveler held up an entrail-stained sign saying, "FUCK MABEL MILBURN." This was my mother's name, and so there was no question of a mistaken identity. They danced and declared the Revolution had begun. The stream had likes. Likes! Who the hell would like such an awful thing? I felt like my guts were going to come out my mouth, and like my mind was going to split.
  7. It was horrifying. It was disgusting. It was miserable. It also hadn't happened yet.
  9. Yet is probably the wrong term. It hadn't happened yet, and it probably wouldn't happen. Maybe. I was using Fibble, the latest social media craze, the one which had dominated all the others and consumed 90% of the bandwidth of the internet. Other social media applications of the past, dinosaurs that they were, would allow the showing of brief clips or memes of unspeakable horror, and then let comments, coupled with the viewer's reason and imagination, deliver the grimmest scenario imaginable.
  11. The geniuses at a company called Palantiri understood that most people were lazy, and that they'd rather let others do all that doomthinking for them. Enter Fibble. Fibble used statistics and shadowy connections to the Occult to come up with a method of generating deepfakes of the future. After viewing a deepfake, you could of course share and comment on them with your friends and total strangers, and comment on the possible futures of others.
  13. With its cute dancing hippopotamus figure, the dapper and always-jolly Fobb the Fibbopotamus, the app became the hottest social media site on the internet. After all, who didn't enjoy watching Fobb's caperings while you learned your future.
  15. They advertised Fibble as a way to see yourself having sex with prom queens, winning the lottery, or getting a promotion, but in reality no one used it for that. Mankind's lineage as frightened, hunted apes predisposed us all towards worst case outcomes, and drilling down deeper and deeper into those outcomes, until the world you forecasting was a blackened morass of rape and vomit. All you could do was watch.
  17. And watch we did, for you could only see the probability of the event after you watched the whole deepfake, so as to add to the 'fun' of seeing your potential future. And so, having just seen my mother's potentially brutal end, it was with a trembling hand that I swiped left to see the odds that my mother was about to be turned into Mussolini. Fobb clapped his hands, twerked, and then brought up the probability screen.
  19. "Probability - .027%" the screen broadcast, while Fobb flossed with happy abandon. I groaned, and nearly dropped the phone.
  21. You may be wondering why, since the probability seems low, but if you stop and think about it, it really isn't. It's scarily high. If that probability held, that was saying that it was likely to happen within ten years. The twisted Pascal's Wager of Fibble meant my brain would clutch this possible future forever I knew it probably wouldn't hold, but quite a few nasty scenarios had some disturbing streaks going. My accidental shooting in a gangland war had been at .44% for several days
  23. I whimpered, feeling my stomach churn and heartburn rise up my throat. My poor mother, caught and flayed by Wildings...and what if tomorrow the percentages were higher? And the day after? What would I do? What if this started getting forwarded around, and some loons started to believe my mother was the key to the Revolution? What if predicting the future made it so?
  25. Faced with the awful potential future vividly displayed to me, I did the only thing I could: I clicked 'reply' and posted about how awful it was.
  27. "This is awful!" I furiously typed out, cutting to the chase. "How much worse can this world get???" I lamented. I hit send, and on went the fibb (that's what they call messages on fibble) to my fellow fibblets (this is what they call friends on fibble).
  29. Fobb did a pirouette and jumped up and down excitedly, and motioned to the next video, twirling his top hat in his hand.
  31. This one was of my grandfather, insensate and senile, being sodomized in a pig mask by a slavering horde of nursing room orderlies. As I swiped left, I saw the probability was .097%. I resolved to call my mom (while she was still alive) to get him out of that nursing home...
  33. There were so many nightmares, but the worst and most omnipresent were The War, and The Takeover, and The Dystopia. While many of the videos were specific calamities that could befall you or your family, most were about the horrible enemies, those crazed revolutionaries and insurrectionists, and their diabolical plans to bring misery and chastity on us all. The probabilities were skyrocketing, with every day and every news story being a new, uncomfortable high water mark. I let out an audible cry of forlorn hopelessness. Doom was the future. Doom, and Despair...
  35. "Hey SugarNuts!" I heard a cheery voice say from behind me. It was Carly, my vivacious and bouncy Gryphon wife. She bounded into the room, feathered wings and ample bosom flapping, with a big stack of laundry folded in her claws. She held up one bit of cloth in her hand and shook it. "Look what I got fresh from the dryer! Want a warm pair of undies??"
  37. I said nothing, too enraptured by the next awful future vision. I was in my boss' office, being fired for sharing a gif of a farting camel that I found on KnownHacker.net. The probability was 43%. I sighed as I made a mental note to update my resume. A job at Scold Media had always been a tightrope over a chasm...
  39. "Hey, SugarNuts..." Carly repeated, both concerned and irritated. "Toasty warm undies? Your favorite part of laundry day? Hello?"
  41. "...eh...n-no, that's alright..." I mumbled, watching as skinless apes ate my parents' dog, Fuffles. The apes screamed as loudly as Fuffles did, their blood-soaked existence apparently as miserable and awful as being eaten alive. "God, how is this point four percent?" I lamented. "That's actually higher than the probability of skinless apes existing..."
  43. Carly frowned. "No? But you love warm undies..." she said.
  45. "...oh right, right. Yeah, yeah that sounds good..." I said absently. "I'll put them on in a second."
  47. A giant shadow loomed over me, a presence with considerable muscle, fur, feathers, and abs. "You're looking at that terrible app again, aren't you?"
  49. I sighed, still furiously typing out my very-important fibb about Fuffles. "I know..."
  51. "Damn it, You said you were going to stop!"
  53. "I know, I'm gonna stop..." I muttered, as a 'Like' notification came on my fibb about my mother's murder.
  55. "You told me that last week, and you're still looking at it!"
  57. "I just need...I...ah...oh, God!" I lamented. The worst thing of all appeared.
  59. It was a clip of a starfield. A moment later the yellow words, "STAR WARS" appeared, followed by the Opening crawl for the first episode in Rian Johnson's Star Wars trilogy. I began to shudder uncontrollably. I felt like the Grinch, watching the pagan Whos sing their blasphemous song to the Solstice on the Lord's Birthday. With my heart in my throat, I flicked to the left. The probability was...
  61. I saw only my own palm. Fibble disappeared in a blur as my phone was out of my hands, and snatched up in the grasp of a yellow claw. My gryphon waifu held the phone out of my grasp, high above my head. I howled in alarm and reached for it reflexively.
  63. "Hun!" I shouted in alarm. "Give that back!"
  65. "Never, this thing is evil!" Carly yelled, shaking my phone in her claws. Her orange eyes were full of fury, hearkening back to that rafting trip where she had to punch out all those bears to protect our picnic. With clenched teeth and (adorable) crinkled nose, she hurled the phone away from us both and towards the bedroom wall.
  67. I watched as the phone made impact with a resounding and deep thud, embedding an inch within the drywall. Fortunately my MantiBox outer case provided thick carapace-like protection to the phone, and it was undamaged.
  69. I started towards the impact with a shriek and an outstretched hand, but did not make it there. My wrist was quickly wrapped by my gryphon girl's large clawed hand, and pinned against the bed, along with my other wrist.
  71. "Let me go!" I shouted.
  73. "No!" Carly shouted. "The Evil has Infected you!"
  75. "What? The Evil, what does that even mean??"
  77. "Fobb the Fibbopotamus is the very face of Satan!" She railed.
  79. "Fobb is...there's no time for this!" I said, reaching up uselessly at the phone. "Come on! The Star Wars Franchise is at stake!"
  81. "And what are you going to do to fix?" Carly asked, staring down at me with her imperious orange eyes.
  83. I searched. "I'll...forward the fibb to my fibblets," I said.
  85. She stared at me, unimpressed. "Uh huh. I'm sure Boner, Ogle, Smitty, Tormund and the rest of the MuscleGirlHusbandos forum will help save LucasFilm from itself," she snorted.
  87. "Boner's cousin works there!" I shot back, writhing uselessly as she held me down. "Besides, I need to see-"
  89. "You don't need to see anything! I hate that damned app and I hate what it's doing to you!" Carly yelled. Her nostrils flared, and her white feathery-hair was messy on her head. Her eyes glared with fury.
  91. I grunted. "I'm fine..." I said, aware that I was lying through my teeth.
  93. "You are not fine! The damned app has made you miserable. You're up half the night swiping and tapping, and you wake up early and immediately grab your phone to start swiping and tapping. You sleepwalk through the day. You don't watch your favorite shows, or laugh anymore. It's like every minute you are in mourning for a different reason."
  95. I grunted. I couldn't exactly disagree with her. I had a bad headache, and my throat and neck muscles were sore from dry heaving at 3AM. I had seen the odds that I would eat maggots the next time that I got takeout.
  97. "That fucking app has taken over your life, and I won't let it. You are my treasure, and it is threatening to take you from me!"
  99. "I know it's bad," I said with a sigh. I blinked at her. "but how can I look away? There's a 20 percent chance of a war," I said, a pit in my stomach. "The calculations-"
  101. "And what can you - what can we - do about it?" Carly asked softly. "Has any second of staring at your phone in horror and worrying yourself sick brought that percentage down even a tenth of a point?"
  103. I sighed. She was right on that score. "W-we must get ready..." I said.
  105. "Fine. Get ready. Tell me what we need to do, and we'll do it," Carly said. "But stop staring at that fucking demoralizing, evil, malevolent garbage."
  107. "I'm not sure that I can," I replied with resignation. "Oh God, Carly. I'm not sure I can give it up."
  109. "I'm not giving you a choice, SugarNuts," Carly said in her husky and aggressive voice. It was the voice she used that had trained me, and all my muscles (except for one) went slack. I dropped all resistance and stared up, awaiting my Waifu's sexual demands.
  111. She ripped open her blouse, and her full pale breasts flowed out. "Stare at these, instead of a dumb phone."
  113. My eyes widened. I knew Carly's breasts quite well, but every time that I saw them, it was as breathtaking as the first. Perfect round breasts, bigger than my hands, swayed gently as they were freed from their shirt-constraints. I reached out and touched them, feeling the softness and the swell behind them. She licked her lips and took in a breath, and her claws went on the bed on both sides of my face.
  115. Carly brought her tits up to my face, and let them sway down and smack me on the cheeks. Her wings, with those fluffy and soft feathers, covered us both in a snug (and sometimes itchy) blanket. Her furry legs intertwined with my own, and her pussy brushed against my stiffening penis, already sopping wet.
  117. I turned my head frantically, licking at the tits which buffeted me back and forth with force enough to smack me away. I groaned a little, and the breast came down forcing me between them. I kissed at her cleavage.
  119. Her face poked down, and with an impish smile she kissed me. Her feathery hair dangled down in my face, brushing softly against my cheeks, as her tongue and mine probed and our mouths locked. She exhaled and I took her chilled, mountain air into my lungs.
  121. She broke our kiss and traced a claw over my face, staring down at me with a smile. "Did that Hippo fuckface say anything about this, eh? About you being raped with your phone embedded in the wall?"
  123. I shook my head.
  125. She held my face in her hand. "God, I love those cow eyes..." she said, staring at me with hunger.
  127. She got off of me, then picked me up in her powerful arms. I was off the bed for a brief moment, before she stretched me out across her lap. My head lay just below her gorgeous, pendulous breasts. Her claw wrapped itself around my stiff manhood. She squeezed, sending thrills of pleasure along my shaft and making my cock feel even stiffer. I moaned.
  129. Her hand felt like a leather glove, smooth and yet tough, and it slid up and down on me with roughly, struggling over my shaft a little.
  131. "Get your mouth on my tits, SugarNuts," Carly growled. Her tone made me even harder than the squeezing of my shaft. My waifu was very aggressive, and months of intense, wonderful rape had made me utterly submissive to her. She clutched the back of my head and lowered her tits down onto my face, pressing them against me.
  133. I obeyed. I lapped at her nipples, slurping and kissing them, and ran my tongue over her wonderful soft cleavage. She shifted, and made a brief noise like a purr as squeezed my cock at its base.
  135. "You people with your internet," Carly growled. "Back home we used the internet for porn, and video games, like it should be. We didn't use it to be 'social.' We didn't use it to have 'commerce.' The internet was a place to escape the real world, and maybe talk to your REAL LIFE friends while you played video games with them. Now it's just an ugly tumor that festers on the real world, turning you all into zombies that wander about until a hate signal hits your brain, and you turn into crazed rageaholics."
  137. I said nothing, nomming away on my Gryphon girl's mammaries happily. Fuck the future, I had tits, and they tasted wonderful and were so, so soft...
  139. "I'm not sure what I love more; the feeling of your mouth and tongue on my sensitive breasts, or the feeling of your cock in my smooth grasp," Carly mused.
  141. I wasn't really sure, either, because both really were linked to me. The pleasurable squeezing and tugging of my manhood by leathery hands made me long to lick and kiss, and the taste and feel of breasts against my face and tongue made my cock seek release.
  143. Carly, of course, had other plans. She stopped her work on my cock for a moment and reached down between her legs to her drenched hole. With loud squishing sounds, she began to finger herself, until a gasp escaped her lips mixed with a moan. Then, with her hands soaked in Gryphon-juice, she wrapped her leather claw around my shaft again. Her juices made her hand slick, and it rose up and down on my shaft with no friction. I pulled her breast and areola as deep into my mouth as I could, and moaned deeply as I flicked her nipple with my tongue.
  145. "You like having me use my goo to stroke you?" She purred aggressively.
  147. I nodded, staring up at her fiery eyes. She looked so noble, so powerful, so in control. I bucked my hips and let out a servile moan.
  149. "You wish it was my pussy?" She whispered.
  151. I nodded, vigorously. Gryphon pussy was so tight, and though her legs and thighs were soft and furry, she kept her pussy shaved clean.
  153. "Not just yet," she said. "I want to make you cum, and control every moment of it. I want to squeeze the cum out of you with my claws. Then I'll ride you until I break the fucking bed."
  155. She squeezed and tugged, and I licked and nibbled on her breasts. Despite her fierce aggression, her breasts had always been sensitive, and my tongue and teeth worked upon her. She squealed with adorable and girlish pleasure, beginning to pant as my mouthwork had its effect. The air smelled strongly of Gryphon sex, a musk of pine after a rainstorm, and I knew that her pussy was gushing.
  157. Her nipples had always been sensitive, and in playing with them her mighty bosom began to rise and fall, forcing me to move to keep licking and kissing her wonderful breasts. She continued to pump my cock, but finally stopped to rewet her hand. She lingered to pleasure herself, and shut her eyes and opened her mouth as a breath escaped her and hit my face. After a few extra moments of self pleasure, she gripped my cock like a vice and began to stroke furiously.
  159. The sheer force and pleasure made me momentarily stop my worship of her beautiful breasts, and let out a groan of gratitude. She growled triumphantly. This pattern of wetting her claw and stroking my cock with the juices continued, drawing more and more pleasure out of me. My legs stretched, and my heart pounded.
  161. "Oh, Carly!" I shouted, crying out her name. "Carly!"
  163. Hearing me call out her name made her howl in victory, and she squeezed my shaft with all her strength and tugged, pulling everything from within my balls upward. Her breasts rushed in to fill my mouth, and on their touch to my tongue I spasmed, erupting in thick strings of white and loud cries of ecstasy.
  165. The pleasure of the moment was so intense all I could do was bear it, and bear her ever squeezing and pumping of my ejaculating cock as she drained more and more from my pleasure-filled balls. After countless waves of near-mindbreaking intensity in which I screamed her name over and over, the waves of spurting finally stopped, and Carly let out a happy coo. I panted with exhaustion, my body shaking as my heart raced.
  167. With swiftness, Carly gathered up all of my seed in her claws, then ran her tongue along her palm and took all of my goo into her mouth. She swallowed, and let out a fierce moan as my taste traveled down her throat. Her arms wrapped around her stomach, hugging the sensation that my sperm had given her there.
  169. Her claws found their way to her breasts, squeezing them even as I still licked them. She tossed back her head, making her white-feathered hair tussle. Finally she wrapped her claws around the back of my head.
  171. "Get down there!" She shouted, pushing my head between her furry legs and against her Gryphon Door. The smell of pine filled my mouth, and I leaned in and began to lick and nibble at her labia and clitoris with the same attentive devotion that I showed to her breasts.
  173. Between her muscular and fluffy thighs, which pressed against me with both strength and care, I licked at her smooth pussy lips and little button. She wetted my mouth with the fluid which leaked from her fertile womb, and my mouth tasted strongly of wild hinterlands, of the fierce country of the Gryphons. As I licked and sucked on her female sex, she arched her back and let herself wail with total joy.
  175. She pressed my face against her slit, insisting that I insert my tongue within her hole and lick inside her. My penetration made her remoisten, and I looked up from between her legs to see her staring down, eyes wild with passion, as her claws worked her nipples.
  177. Sensing her desire, I reached up and took her sensitive nipples in my hands, twisting and teasing them as I resumed slurping on her clit. Her mouth opened, and so great was her pleasure that her face contorted as though in agony, and she let out the tiniest of squeaks.
  179. I could feel the orgasm fulminating in the tightening of her rock hard abs, a powerful, ferocious expression of a Gryphon's total sexual power over her mate. Her fluffy thighs pressed in against the sides of my head, making me lick and tease harder. When she grew close, she pressed gently on my head with her claws until my tongue was again within her sex, and I felt the powerful walls of her pussy clamp down upon my tongue and flood my mouth with her potent juice. She ground her hips and pussy against my face, bucking them and fucking my mouth and tongue.
  181. As she grew closer, Carly roared and growled out sounds of pleasure and joy. I looked up at her, past the round and beautiful mounds and at her radiant face, which was obscured by white feathered hair. She smiled down at me, and ran one of her claws affectionately through my hair.
  183. "See, with a tongue like that, you should not be wasting your time looking at that stupid app," Carly said.
  185. I began to get up, but her claws held the back of my head in place. Against her muscles
  187. "Where do you think you are going, hm?" She asked, a playful smirk on her face. She watched me, and when she saw me look back at her gorgeous slit and smile, she pressed my face back against her sex. "Get back down there. The only way to keep your nose out of your phone is to keep it up against me."
  189. She ground and pressed against my face, and I licked and suckled away at her pussy, bringing her to another howling orgasm. I indulged in running my tongue and kissing her wonderful and strong abs, much to her delight, as she flapped her wings and giggled while I kissed each 'can' in her hardened six pack.
  191. After her fourth orgasm, my own body replenished, and I began to tug myself hard. Seeing this, she released her hold on my head, and instead pulled me up until my eyes were equal with hers, and my hard cock was nestled in her mighty abs. Contact with her strong midsection made me grow even harder, despite my spent state, and our lips again locked and our tongues mingled.
  193. All at once, she flipped me in a quick motion of flapping wings and grabbing feminine arms. She lay on top of me, and I felt her taut, hard abs against my own stomach, the powerful sex pistons of my mighty protector. Her sopping hole positioned over my hard cock, and she rose up like a cowgirl, readying to ride me.
  195. "Now, I'll fuck you," Carly said. "Keep looking into my eyes."
  197. She slid herself down on me, her orange eyes drinking in every moment of my joy as her tight pussy enveloped and pulled in my stiff cock. The wetness gushed all over me again, and she began to lift and drop upon me. Her warm, wet, smooth walls milked me furiously, and all the time her eyes gleamed as they looked into mine.
  199. My pleasure was no greater than Carly’s, but as I was the more vocal, she smiled. She enjoyed her control over me, rising and falling with wings outstretched, flexing her full biceps as she bounced up and down on my cock and grinded against me. The bed tottered and squealed beneath the force of the mighty Gryphon.
  201. "Come inside me," she said through a smile which was partly a baring of teeth.
  203. I moaned in response, and reaching up I grasped at her breasts. In response she leaned over me, letting her breasts and hair dangle in my face. I gripped at her tits and played with them as she continued to buck and slide up and down on me.
  205. The rhythmic pumping coupled with the tightness of her hole and the slick lubrication of her sex made me begin to reach for the climax quickly. By her own fevered breathing and her need to cast her eyes skyward and moan, I knew she was close as well.
  207. As she grew closer she fucked me harder, sliding up and down more rapidly, in turn making me harder and making my throbbing cock come closer and closer to erupting inside her.
  209. Eventually, her pleasure overrode her desire to appear stoic, and she began to let out cries of joy. These only spurred me closer to the moment, and finally as she gripped her breasts and began to sway her hair, I reached my climax.
  211. "Oh, Carly!" I yelled. "I'm gonna cum!"
  213. "Shoot it inside me!" Carly said. "Shoot..shoo...OOOHHHHH!"
  215. Carly's back arched, her eyes widened, and she stared towards the ceiling as she cried out. Her pussy began to pulse and clench on my throbbing member, and this strength pushed me to completion, and I began to shoot my seed deep into her womb. Each shot made her cry out in victory, and made me moan in exhausted joy, until I could only whimper as she cooed and laughed.
  217. Invigorated by her intense orgasm, she fell upon me in a rainstorm of kisses, giggling as I panted in exhaustion. She gathered me in her arms, and rolled so that I was on top and she was underneath, laying on her full figured form.
  219. Her wings wrapped about my body, covering me in a soft, cozy blanket of feathers. Her breasts became the pillows upon which I rested my head, and her hardened torso became my solid mattress. I nuzzled into her cleavage, my sweaty, tired body pressed against hers. Carly wrapped her arms about my neck. I was inside warm and snug.
  221. "Cozy?" She asked.
  223. I nodded with a smile. My Gryphon was the very best in the world, and I kissed her sweaty chest, enjoying the faint smell of wet pine and the lingering aftertaste of her pussy in my mouth.
  225. She giggled, and nuzzled me. "My little Teddy Man...you are so adorable. Does this make you feel better?"
  227. I nodded and reveled in the warm embrace and utter coziness. "Mmmm..." I murmured.
  229. Carly kissed my face tenderly, then gently used a claw to force my chin up. I looked directly into her fiery eyes, now seemingly the light of a hearth rather than the cyclone of flame of moments before. “Please stop using that awful program," she whispered, and her eyes were not commanding or fierce, but pleading. "It hurts you, and I can't bear it."
  231. I nodded. "I know," I rasped, using my words for the first time in hours. "It's just so hard. I mean, the War..."
  233. Carly hugged me forcefully. "Whatever happens, I'm at your side," she whispered. "You will not be alone."
  235. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged with all my might, drawing a sigh of relief from her lips. "Thank you," I whispered. "Fuck fibble. I'm done with it."
  237. Carly smiled, and kissed my forehead. "Good. Now sleep, my little man," she whispered. "I love you, SugarNuts."
  239. "I love you too, Honey."
  241. I yawned. I closed my heavy eyes, and sleep began to take me almost as soon as I began to breathe. I found myself at peace for the first time in days, and I drifted into a deep slumber. I heard my phone fall from the wall with a thud, and I smiled, nestling my head into my gryphon girl's breasts. An hour earlier I would have raced to it, to check on the goings-on of fibble and the doom posted there, but here and now that was all small and unimportant. The important thing was the heartbeat I could hear as I pressed my ear against my Gryphon Girl's chest. She was reality. She was what was important. It was all Gryphon Girl, and always had been.
  243. Carly's powerful wings and arms wrapped about me like quilts. Whatever happened outside, whatever was to come, I had a nice and sweet mamono to face it with me. In that knowledge, I went to sleep.
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