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Accepting her for what she is.

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  1. Notes: Doppelganger, smut, short
  3. You met her by coincidence in the park. She was the most beautiful girl you had ever seen, perfect in every way. You two quickly hit if off and started dating. After two dates you just knew it, she was the perfect match and meant to be your future wife.
  5. Life went on and you stayed close to her, the sex amazing and her smile genuine. However soon the night of the full moon approached. While it was your intention to be together with her during the evening, she quickly told you that she urgently had to be elsewhere instead.
  7. You were a little disappointed, but chose to accept her excuse. Surely she must have her own important tasks to take care off and can't always be with you. However as the night fell and you tried to sleep, you couldn't help but feel watched. As the feeling becomes too much to bear, you decide to leave your bed and look around. Hoping to get rid of that nagging feeling.
  9. What you didn't expect to find was her. Hiding in the closet, was a plain, ghostly looking girl. She didn't look like the girl you loved at all, nor did she sound like her as she softly cried. But you simply felt it. You instantly knew that this girl was the same as the one you spend that perfect month with. The one that matched all your desires, hobbies and had the perfect personality.
  11. One question remains however. What would you do now?
  13. A smile forms on your face as you realize that the answer to that question is incredibly simple.  You reach out to her and take hold of her hand, causing her to look up to you with tears in her eyes.
  15. “It’s cold, come back to bed” you simply tell her as you give her hand a light pull. She only looks at you for a short moment before crashing into your arms, still sobbing but the tears now flowing from happiness.
  17. “Are you sure?” she whispers, as you pick her up and walk towards your bed. “I never even had to think about it” is all you have to say. A smile forms on her face as you carefully lay her on your bed before joining her yourself. As you lay down she simply rolls over on top of you and rests her head on your chest.  You spend the next few minutes simply stroking her soft black hair, as she nuzzles her face in your chest and neck and takes in your smell.
  19. After a while you decide to take things further, as you slowly bring her face towards yours. Understanding what you wish she closes her eyelids covering her ruby-red eyes and brings her lips to yours. As you do the same you feel her cold, yet soft lips connect to yours. As you both give each other several pecks to get a renewed taste, you take your chance to softly bite her under lip and attempt to gain entry with your tongue. You soon start curiously exploring every inch of your lover’s mouth, frolicking around with her own tongue in a friendly match for dominance.
  21. As you explore her mouth, your hands haven’t remained innocent and have actively started exploring the rest of her body. It’s nothing like the body she used to show you, yet it somehow feels better. Starting from above you feel her small, yet soft breasts to fit well on her small and delicate body. Moving on you slowly explore her body to the bottom, kneading and massaging every inch of it and causing her to squirm and moan from pleasure. You make no exception for her small but round and soft ass and her surprisingly thick thighs, kneading and massaging them thoroughly.
  23. As you hear her squeal from pleasure and feel her grip on you tighten you move on to her sacred pink flower. As you touch it’s petals you realize how wet and slippery she already has become. With your attention shifting to her flower the kiss between you two ceases, allowing you to fully shift your attention to the sacred place between her legs. In a quick and sudden roll, you put yourself on top of her and bring down your head down towards her now soaking slit. You can feel her shudder and shake as you refuse to even hesitate a moment and assault her sacred place to drink its juices. A soft yet sweet smell penetrates your nose as you lap up and drink her love juices, causing the delicate girl’s body to shudder with each lick.
  25. As you fully satiate yourself with her juices you move your head away from her flower and remove your boxers with a single pull, releasing your member to the world. Looking towards your lover you see her eyes being glued to it, silently giving you permission. You carefully position yourself over her delicate body and interlock your fingers together with hers. You need no words to understand how much she wants this as her pleading eyes begging for more tell you enough.
  27. You seal your love with a single thrust as you insert your member inside her tight flower, resulting in a loud moan from your lover and a surge of pleasure racing through your body. As you lovingly look in each other’s eyes you slowly start to move your member around inside her cave, its walls seemingly squirming around you and causing light moans to slip from your lover’s lips with each movement you make.
  29. As her walls of pink slowly adapt to your throbbing member you start to slowly thrust inside her. A moan escapes her lips with each trust you make, as you struggle to stay in control within the tight confines of her walls. As you build up the pace, thrusting faster and plunging deeper with each trust you feel her grip on your locked fingers increase as her body trembles from pure pleasure.
  31. Soon you start losing control, and looking at the face of your lover you realize the same counts for her. As she hits her limit you can feel what seems like a shockwave flow through her body, causing the walls surrounding your member to clench together, causing your own limit to be reached as well as you explode within her and see your vision go white.
  32. As you both bask in the afterglow you can’t help but stare at her ruby-red eyes and the smile on her face as you play with her hair once more, slowly entering the world of dreams. But before you can entirely slip away in a deep sleep, you hear her whisper the most beautiful words in your ears.
  34. “I love you”
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