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Dec 18th, 2017
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  1. Thank you, everyone, for the memories that you have given me. I am well aware that I am labeled a traitor now to the nation that I have long served for over 7 years. I am in no way, shape or form, a supporter of elitism as the Emperor claims I am, nor did I 'betray' VAK. I was a supporter of the future of Vaktovia and looked forward to its potential success. The reason I have been wrongfully labeled an elitist and traitor is due to my affiliation with the 3rd Regiment. The High Ranks of Vaktovia have wrongfully pointed their fingers at 3rd Regiment for resisting the future of Vaktovia, a roleplay Vaktovia. The rumors contained information such as "We are against full role-play", "We want Vaktovia to be an elite RCL team", "We are misbehaving in Vaktovia because we are against it". No. No one has a problem with the path that Vaktovia is taking. The problem is that certain High Ranks have abused their authority to oppress the people of Vaktovia (specifically the elites). I am aware that the elites are NOT the majority of Vaktovia, but they certainly were a part of this Empire. I had attempted to use my status as a General to put an end to these oppressions and false rumors being spread about the elites. The elites tried many times to go to Vaktus and request that he stop believing these false rumors and that they are willing to cooperate only if this oppression and bullying from High Ranks were put to an end. Yes, yes, Vaktovia IS a strict militaristic roleplay clan and our members should be able to take these 'insults' their High Ranks throw at them, just like in a real military. However, the problem was that they were being targetted by their peers and High Ranks based off of false accusations and it had gotten to a point where their voices did not even matter because no one believed them. They were mistreated and called names such as "apes, ape squad, tryhard RCLers, not true Vaktovians", etc by their peers and High Ranks. This division separated the Empire more than it already was, comradery was completely diminished. What baffled myself, and a good majority of this Empire, was to see that even Vaktus had voiced his opinion on this matter; we were shocked to see that instead of treating this division- he added to it, he asked his very own men to leave his Empire for opposing roleplay and the future of Vaktovia. The men began to feel alienated and unwanted based off of the false assumptions everyone now believed, so they decided to care no more for the clan. Their actions as a result of this were indeed treason and my affiliation with them and trying to be their voice will forever tarnish my reputation as a Vaktovian, however, I will always believe in justice and I will always fight for what I believe is morally right and I tried my best to unite this divided Vaktovia but the only side that was unwilling to cooperate was the High Ranks. I've tried my best to approach this situation fairly, but due to the inactivity of the HiCom, I did this all alone. I shouldn't have done it alone- but I had no choice but to. I left Vaktovia doing what I believed was right for the sake of justice for those accused. In return, my reputation, just like any other Vaktovian who leaves doing what they felt was right, is stained and told a lie. Sadly, it was the Emperor himself who lied to and deceived all of Vaktovia to save his own reputation, destroying mine. My interests are no longer parallel to that of the Vaktovian Empire. I have outgrown the concept of being a follower underneath someone, especially whose interests are not the same as mine. I did everything within my power to lead with morals and justice, to guide those below me to do something that society is not fond of anymore. Vaktus IS the leader of the Vaktovian Empire, whatever he says must happen. He is your Emperor. You must all follow him and build his image without question. And if you are uncomfortable with this idea of being a follower then you must leave. Vaktus had also recently invited me to attend a ceremony, asking that he would give me an 'opportunity' to redeem myself. This opportunity was to lie to the Empire and inform them that what I had said about the Emperor and his High Ranks being corrupt were false. After taking some time to discuss with my peers such as Bisho, Spike, SenorMexico, and F1ghtMe, we all concluded that it would be more fair and balanced to say that we would all work closely with the Emperor and the High Command on resolving the issues of Vaktovia behind the scene. We figured this would be the best path to take since the first opportunity had given Vaktus the upper-hand and also would make Vaktovia worse since lying to the public and saying everything is okay is definitely NOT the correct way to solve an issue. When I proposed this to Vaktus, he rejected the proposal and stated that I was trying to use his 'generosity' against him. I will not be hostile anymore towards Vaktus or any member of the Vaktovian Empire, you are all my family and I love you all. If you wish to label me a traitor, then go ahead. But if being insulted every day by Vaktus, being told that my contributions are failures, and saying that I am the problem within the Empire when there are people manipulating the Emperor to drive his own people away-- then go ahead, if that is your definition of loyalty, then I want no part of it!
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