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  1. Test Coverage
  2. * Increase test coverage to show coverage for at least 95% of defined functions. (PCBC-51)
  3. * Add test coverage for compression.
  4. * Add test coverage for error handling of encoded strings.
  5. * Add test coverage ensuring keys are handled as UTF-8.
  6. * Fix tests in 006.phpt and 007.phpt to work correctly with a cluster that has multiple nodes. (PCBC-97)
  7. * Develop and execute a test for whether persistent connections are maintained properly.  This may be separate from the automated testing included in the project.
  9. Development of 1.1 Extension Features
  10. * Develop a compatibility mode for working with JSON strings in Couchbase Server from Java and .NET.
  11. * Merge all updates from the 1.0.x release into the 1.1 branch.
  12. * Implement basic observe command at PHP extension level.  Support for the observer protocol operation itself exists already in current libcouchbase. (PCBC-82)
  13. * Implement mutation operations which are synchronous with respect to persistence and replication.  This would be built on top of the observe command. (PCBC-83)
  14. * Implement replica read operation, already supported in current libcouchbase. (PCBC-84)
  15. * Add bucket management features for create bucket and delete bucket in a new class. (PCBC-86)
  16. * Add bucket management feature for flush to the existing Couchbase class. (PCBC-86)
  17. * Add design document management, including error handling.  This feature will add functions to the Couchbase class to allow a developer to add/remove design documents.  The underlying libcouchbase supports basic HTTP requests and routing them to the appropriate server. (PCBC-86)
  18. * Add test coverage to ensure view error options can be specified at query time and errors are available to PHP applications.  (PCBC-87)
  19. * Add an integration test to ensure a persisted mutation plus a view query with stale=false behaves as expected. (PCBC-88)
  21. Design of New API with Error Handling.
  22. * The current 1.1.0DPX API builds on the 1.0.x API, but does not address two needs of application developers.  This phase would cover design only of these two areas.
  23. * The first area is better access to error responses to address possible error handling.  As the library has evolved from an API used for caching to being used for database work, the need for better error handling and propagation of errors has grown.  We need to review and enhance the current design.
  24. * Also, there is user request for a more modern OO API to Couchbase.  We have a preliminary design of an API, but it could use further review and a more specific proposal.
  26. Implement Design Recommendations
  27. * Implement approved design of new API.
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