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  1. 3:19:45 on tarik's vod
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/tarik_tv/v/47000596
  3. s1mple playing an fpl game
  4. ptr: we go A
  5. [unknown]: keeeepooo
  6. freakazoid: shut up simple you fucking suck
  7. s1mple: who's talking?
  8. s1mple: ohh my gaawww
  9. freakazoid: shut up dude you suck
  10. s1mple: #100 player in north america?? is it you??
  11. s1mple: hey ptr, who is talking to me?
  12. ptr: (doesnt respond)
  13. freakazoid: yo, why do you aim at the ground when you... run around?
  14. (ingame callouts)
  15. silent talking about a clutch hes trying to make
  16. s1mple: "silent, shut the fuck up." (s1mple thought silent was freak??)
  17. silent: what did you do this round, simple?
  18. s1mple: what are you doing, silent?
  19. s1mple: you should just die, like you die at EMS katowice qualifier.
  20. silent: you're not making any sense
  21. s1mple: *unintelligible sentence*
  22. freakazoid: simple, why are you such a noob, dude?
  23. s1mple: why?
  24. freakazoid: you're such a baiter, dude
  25. (at this point, freakazoid's name in mumble is stewie2k)
  26. s1mple: stewie, please. shut the fuck up stewie.
  27. freakazoid: stop baiting for kills, dude, you suck.
  28. s1mple: i dont know how you're playing for cloud9.
  29. freakazoid: i dont know how you play for any team.
  30. s1mple: *unintelligible sentence*
  31. freakazoid: what's the longest.. uh.. what's the longest team you've ever been on in your life?
  32. freakazoid: a couple months?
  33. s1mple: 1 year. with hellraisers.
  34. freakazoid: oh wow
  35. freakazoid: how long did that take. are you guys... still friends with them?
  36. s1mple: yeah.
  37. s1mple: how long can you be in this team? why not answer this question?
  38. freakazoid: how long you been on liquid?
  39. s1mple: oh, its good when everyone hates you
  40. s1mple: "on reddit.. everywhere" (talking about how people dislike stewie, or himself months ago?)
  41. s1mple: *unintelligible sentence*
  42. freakazoid: do you even have real life friends?
  43. freakazoid: i don't think you have real life friends, do you?
  44. s1mple: "yeah I have *unintelligible as well"
  45. freakazoid: its ok dude.. i dont need to.. hit the soft spot.. dude.
  46. freakazoid: do you have any balls?
  47. freakazoid: or.. nah?
  48. freakazoid: you just like to talk unintelligible and then get scared in person, huh?
  49. s1mple: why did you start talking to me?
  50. s1mple: "everyone hates you, I don't want to talk to you as well." (assumedly still believes freak is stewie)
  51. s1mple: you can try to talk with reddit or hltv, not with me, pls.
  52. freakazoid: at least reddit talks back, dude, you can't even have a conversation.
  53. s1mple: dude, everyone's talking that you're shit.
  54. s1mple: come on.
  55. s1mple: you should play better, go deathmatch. stop talking and go deathmatch, do something.
  56. freakazoid: "you like eating shit?" (unable to comprehend was s1mple is saying, or just taking a cheap shot at the kid's accent)
  57. freakazoid: man have you seen your aim? your aim sucks dick.
  58. s1mple: yea ok.
  59. freakazoid: "you rush for kills and still die." (5 minutes before: freakazoid: "stop baiting for kills, dude, you suck.")
  60. s1mple: ok. stop talking to me please.
  61. s1mple: *unintelligible* (possibly: you're idiot)
  62. s1mple: seriously.
  63. freakazoid: seriously dude, its time for a taan.
  64. s1mple: unintelligible
  65. s1mple: you're fucking dick every official match. go. pls. dont talk with me. unintelligible
  66. freakazoid: hey stop losing rounds dude. you keep talking to me. shut uup, you suck, you aim at the ground when you run around; you're so bad, you need a tan, get some friends, shut the fuck uup.
  67. s1mple: who's losing rounds?
  68. s1mple: what are you talking about?
  69. freakazoid: man you lose your team so many rounds bro
  70. freakazoid: goddamn ive seen you play
  71. s1mple: and you?
  72. freakazoid: "i love jumping through smokes bro what can I say" (at this point purposefully misleading simple as to who's approaching him)
  73. freakazoid: i make plays. you make dumb plays.
  74. s1mple: chuckling
  75. freakazoid: what are you, santa claus?
  76. s1mple: you are the worst player on cloud9. seriously. you should play better, man. go deathmatch.
  77. freakazoid: you're the wors- you're the best player on every other team. just because you feed kills.
  78. s1mple: thank you
  79. s1mple: no im not feed kills, in every team i was entry fragger or i was a lurker or AWP player, you dont know anything about me so shut the fuck up.
  80. s1mple: unintelligible will never play at lan.
  81. s1mple: trying to talk with me. 0.5 kdr.
  82. s1mple: i dont even want to talk with you. seriously.
  83. s1mple: you're shit. you're a piece of fucking shit player.
  84. freakzoid: now i know why everybody hates you.
  85. s1mple: "yes. reddit and hltv hates you"
  86. s1mple: everyone.
  87. freakazoid: yeah.. i think you're bad dude.. i think you just need to go uh.. drink a protein shake. you're looking all skinny bud.
  88. s1mple: yeah man.
  89. freakazoid: its ok if you hate your life man.
  90. s1mple: stewie what are you talking about?
  91. freakazoid: "hey have a nice day." (never says that he isn't stewie)
  92. end
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