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Apr 30th, 2019
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  1. Joe Cumia- 631-495-1073. You know this is my number. Call me for verification of this message.
  2. u/TargetedHarassment•
  3. 9 days ago
  4. Quote
  6. I’m Requesting legitimate, limited moderator priv’s, so I can take care of removing my GF, Sister, Mom, and peripheral relatives photos from the sub.
  8. I don’t GAF about Ant and I being fucked with. It goes with the territory, but leaving it unchecked... these animals fucking with innocent members of my family, my kids, GF, relatives, and people who had NOTHING to do with the fucking show, will render any possibility of a potential deal null and void.
  10. This sub can easily be imploded in very much the same way the last one was.
  12. This is not a threat. I have no intention of moving forward if you keep my family (excluding Anthony and I) off limits. This is a fair request.
  14. FYI- A source with a ton of inside info has been feeding me a steady wealth re: mods and some of the more aggressive u/names. I’m telling you this to let you know that you have a serious mole problem. It’s the same source that gave me Thomas Apostles dox info. They’re very accurate and precise. I have 6 more.
  16. Please make this happen behind the scenes and peacefully. If you delete/block this profile there will be another one that will not attempt to make any deals.
  18. Don’t view this as a threat, it’s an olive branch that no one else on the sub need know about. I could be a very valuable ally.
  20. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
  22. Joe C.
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