A Couple Sword Guys A

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  1. [21:42:20] <`Krauss> "Lookin like a real fighter now, Johan." Krauss leaps on over, vaulting over a nearby object (Let's just say there is one.)
  2. [21:42:33] <`Krauss> He sets his stuff aside, and sits down to watch you practice.
  3. [21:47:35] <Nagare_Shinobu> Step back, sidestep, kick, bring Killing Edge up in a shallow slant. "... Shinobu." That is all the ninja says, as he switches hands to attempt with his weaker side.
  4. [21:49:58] <`Krauss> "...Right, sorry. Guess I should make a better effort if we're gonna be fighting as equals some time." He'd stand back up a bit, and start practicing alongside you. "Hasn't been too long since we last spoke, but things goin well for you?"
  5. [21:51:02] <`Krauss> Perhaps you'd start to notice yourself, but the way you've made your swings, it's starting to get a lot easier to follow his movements. Almost to the point where you're vaguely synced up.
  6. [21:52:00] <`Krauss> Of course, it goes without saying that Krauss did eventually find his sword. He isn't just swinging around a beer bottle.
  7. [21:53:03] <Raitaki> or is he
  8. [22:07:11] <Nagare_Shinobu> So it's time to cross a PU. Nice. "It's alright. I've been... lying to everyone, after all. The name's Nagare Shinobu." Still, this similarity of movements... could it be? A smile lingers on the ninja's face now. "... but yeah, it's been going well. Norn accepted my proposal."
  9. [22:10:14] <`Krauss> "Oh dude, congratz. You want me to be the best man at the wedding? Think they accept swords instead of flowers...or wait." Ignoring Krauss' confusion at wedding customs, he seems pretty happy to hear how things are going. "Lying though, eh? Can't say I noticed, or even cared for that matter. You still seem the same to me." Not that he'd notice something like that anyways.
  10. [22:11:17] <`Krauss> "You look a lot better without that mask by the way, if I might add."
  11. [22:15:51] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Sure thing, and I'll be your best man too at your wedding, as well... wait, you're gonna marry that chick with the weird arm, right?" It's hard to tell if they're married or not. Judging by his completely nonchalant behavior, probably not! "I could say the same thing about you, to be honest. Though after you met your kid bro (by the way, he's got one hell
  12. [22:15:51] <Nagare_Shinobu> of a throwing arm, and so does that pink-haired chick with him)... eh, whatever. Not that important right now."
  13. [22:24:43] <`Krauss> "Sorry dude, best mans already reserved for Jones...not that I'll probably need one any time soon." He laughs the question off a bit, but you can tell it's pretty half hearted. "Not that important though? Come on, now you got me curious again. But hey, if you don't wanna you don't gotta."
  14. [22:34:27] <Nagare_Shinobu> Suspicions intensify. "Iunno, you seem to be avoiding your brother an awful lot. Guess that's what brothers are like, though. Well, 'least you know he's safe, though. I can't really know how my sis is doing when she's in Rolantia, and we're all the way in Acaiah." Maybe he should ask the chief. "Say, how'd you two get separated, anyway? Went on a sword
  15. [22:34:27] <Nagare_Shinobu> crusade, or something?"
  16. [22:38:18] <`Krauss> "...Would you be mad if I didn't want to talk about it?" He spoke in his usual carefree tone, but his eyes told a pretty different story.
  17. [22:38:33] <`Krauss> Obviously he'd be a bit hypocritical to not talk, but he figured he'd at least say it.
  18. [22:38:43] <`Krauss> Even if it didn't feel right.
  19. [22:40:43] <Nagare_Shinobu> It appears that buttons were pushed. "Nah, I wouldn't get mad over it. Like you said before, if you don't wanna, you don't gotta." Repeating quotes!
  20. [23:30:21] <`Krauss> "...You sure? You've been honest with me before, and it's pretty rude for me to just shut up like like this...I know I said what I said, but..." He'd go silent for a moment.
  21. [23:30:30] <`Krauss> "Alright, I got an idea."
  22. [23:31:01] <`Krauss> "I'd rather not talk about it if I can...but I also feel like you deserve to know since you've been a good disciple and all that."
  23. [23:31:23] <`Krauss> "So how about we settle it with a duel? If you win I'll answer, if not, we'll just continue as we have been."
  24. [23:31:30] <`Krauss> "Seem fair?"
  25. [23:33:14] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Fair enough," Grinning, Shinobu takes a few steps away to give his "mentor" some space. "Guess I can't lose this, then!"
  26. [23:34:45] <`Krauss> "You've gotten a lot better for sure, but I'm still no pushover you know. Come at me with everything you've got though, I like a good challenge."
  27. [23:39:44] <`Krauss> I know what direction I want to take the fight, but I'll let you do the opening move.
  28. [23:44:28] <Nagare_Shinobu> Twirling the Killing Edge in one hand, Shinobu grasps the sword in both hands with a smirk. "Challenge accepted, then!" Running head-on at first, the ninja sidesteps to the left, bringing the sword down from the same direction!
  29. [23:49:27] <`Krauss> He smirks, gripping his sword in his right hand, and holding the blade on it's side to stop the which he does fairly easily actually. "Even if you're fast on your feet, your speed with a blade is still pretty bad." Given your position, it'd be really easy to land a counter, but surprisingly enough he doesn't isntead simply moving your blade out of the way as he takes a few steps back.
  30. [23:50:48] <`Krauss> "Why don't you try that again." He taunts a bit, and shortly after enters the same defensive stance you usually see him using in live combat.
  31. [23:59:13] <Nagare_Shinobu> Nice bait. "Tch, shoulda taken the opportunity when you could have." He had to find a way to overwhelm Krauss, so he could actually land a hit...! Taking more steps to close the gap, Shinobu then steps back, swinging his sword sharply upwards, from the right.
  32. [00:00:58] <`Krauss> The way he changes positions with his sword seems almost unreal. From your perspective, it's as if his blade had been ready to block yours the entire time. "I strike when I know it counts." He leaves it at those cold words, and once again pushes your blade out of the way, but not striking back at all. Instead, a few more steps back are taken.
  33. [00:02:16] <`Krauss> "Keep at it then, you're getting closer." More taunting to rile him up it seemed.
  34. [00:09:04] <Nagare_Shinobu> Angering him to make his attacks more aggressive, and therefore more predictable... was that Krauß's intention?Wordlessly nodding in acknowledgement of those words, Shinobu advances forth yet again, raising his sword to slash down, but then turning it for a horizontal cut from the right.
  35. [00:10:37] <`Krauss> He doesn't even bother moving his blade this time, it's in a good enough position as is to get what he needs done. That being, just sliding the weapon elsewhere.
  36. [00:11:01] <`Krauss> And of course, this is followed by a couple more back steps, boy he's really going far with these.
  37. [00:12:10] <`Krauss> There are no words this time, he simply stares you down.
  38. [00:13:47] <Nagare_Shinobu> Alright, time to roll a bluff. "You're holding back, aren't you?" The approach is slow this time, with a few steps able to end the gap that remained between the two.
  39. [00:14:55] <`Krauss> "I'd never do something like that, believe me." He keeps steadfast on his defence, but it appears he's actually manually taking steps back this time.
  40. [00:14:59] <`Krauss> Speaking of back...
  41. [00:15:06] <`Krauss> You didn't notice it before, but you're pretty out in the open now.
  42. [00:15:39] <`Krauss> There's a lot of open space, and nearby off a cliff, you can see a lot of trees in a valley of sorts, kinda pretty really.
  43. [00:17:58] <Nagare_Shinobu> An open field... no matter how beauteous it was, this was no time to be distracted. "Then attack me! Do you wanna lose?" Shinobu keeps pressing forward, keeping that distance steady!
  44. [00:21:22] <`Krauss> "I wouldn't dream on losing, I haven't won many battles..but I don't intend to lose our duel." He clutches his sword, but does not go in for an attack, simply moving even further back for some reason. "Just a couple of swings though? Surely you've got more in you than that. I'll strike back, but not unless you really come at me like you mean it." Some more obvious taunting, but it's clear he's not going to change up his
  45. [00:21:24] <`Krauss> plan anytime soon.
  46. [00:30:07] <Nagare_Shinobu> One side had to, eventually, however! "You're backing up a lot, too. Just where do you think you're going, back home?" Closing the gap, Shinobu brings his sword down yet again from the right, but turns the sword mid-attack to slash upwards.
  47. [00:36:27] <`Krauss> "That's more like it!" He moves to block it, and he does, but it's clear it was a bit more sloppy than before. He moves the blade out of the way, but it just barely nicks his shoulder, cutting through the clothes only though. This time however, he does move in to do something after it. Moving to your side, he clashes with your blade once more, but simply holds it there (To do that cool thing where both people are pushing
  48. [00:36:28] <`Krauss> at each other with their swords) "Alright then, now that we're done messing around, I want you to put all you've got into your next hit. I'll counter with everything I've got, you hear? If I find you're attacking with even a little bit of doubt, our fight will end there, and not in a draw, I assure you." He'd leap back, taking up a very different stance this time. One typically used to parry attacks and deliver fatal
  49. [00:36:29] <`Krauss> strikes.
  50. [00:37:23] <`Krauss> The time he spent speaking up close wasn't very long, but if you caught a look at his face, you'd notice his eyes didn't carry the same passion it normally did, in was almost sort of vacant, but given the heat of fight (Well, the heat you're experiences), it might just be hard to tell.
  51. [00:37:35] <`Krauss> Either way it's clear what he wants you to do.
  52. [00:39:07] <`Krauss> As for the background, you're now pretty close to the valley overlook. Pretty good setting for a final strike if I've ever seen one.
  53. [00:39:19] <`Krauss> I rate it at least 8/10 on the anime scale.
  54. [00:55:09] <Nagare_Shinobu> I'll half up you, 8.5/10. But one hit? How boring. "Let's do this!" Taking three quick steps to destroy the newly-formed gap, Shinobu would start with an upwards slash from the right, turn to slice horizontally from the right again with a slight downwards angle, slash back upwards from the left, then bring the sword up towards the other direction mid-slash,
  55. [00:55:09] <Nagare_Shinobu> and finishing off by bringing the sword down hard.
  56. [00:56:50] <`Krauss> A large grin would appear on his face, at the sight of the technique. "Heh...knew you had it in ya." Of course, this grin is soon wiped off his face, as it turns to a rather...calm one. Readying his blade for the attack, Krauss goes to match the movements when...wait, what?
  57. [01:00:28] <`Krauss> Get ready though, cause this one will take a b it
  58. [01:00:39] <`Krauss> I haven't done any like, 8 page essays for krauss yet
  59. [01:00:39] <Nagare_Shinobu> My body is ready.
  60. [01:00:42] <`Krauss> So this will be the first
  61. [01:19:14] <`Krauss> Setting his blade aside, Krauss doesn't move an inch, as the series of attacks hit him, dead on, from every angle. He's far back enough that he wouldn't instantly die, but he's not left in a very good state, as he backs up ever so slightly. "But...that's how it should be. I rolled the dice, and here I am..." clutching his now completely stained shirt with his spare arm, he continues inching his way back (Though much
  62. [01:19:14] <`Krauss> slower), until he eventually reaches his destination. If you recall, the valley overlook has a special trait. That being that it is up on a cliff, as I've mentioned before. Given the scenario it's seems likely, wait. Seriously? He couldn't be planning way. "Looks like you've mastered my famous technique...Shinobu. Talk about catching up quickly." His voice is very pained if it wasn't obvious, but he
  63. [01:19:15] <`Krauss> keeps talking anyways. "I said we would have a duel...but that was a lie. This wasn't a lack of fighting back should have told you that much." He's nearing the edge now, and even if you ran at him, it's definitely not going to be faster than gravity. "And since I only know how to's only natural I'd lose, huh...guess Lucas was right about me then." He'd make a pretty big forced smile now. "But hey,
  64. [01:19:20] <`Krauss> losing ain't such a bad way to go if you ask me, lot of bad things happen out there to some other folks. Accidents, and personal vendettas...people like that just dissapear. Least I'll be remembered, even if it isn't in a positive light." The coughing sets in now, which is usually a pretty critical point if anime is anything to go off of. "..Right, I guess that's that then. I'll have to rescind that offer to be your best
  65. [01:19:25] <`Krauss> man, but thanks for accepting it anyways dude, it was nice to meet a fellow sword guy all the way out here." He'd start taking the final steps now, as his body starts to lean over the edge. "...Oh yeah, I know it's a lot to ask now, but..apologise to the others for me, alright?  It's gonna be hard, but I hope you've at least got the guts for that..." With those final words, Krauss finally stopped holding on as he fell
  66. [01:19:30] <`Krauss> backwards into the valley below. The fall wasn't so far that a normal person would die from it alone, but given his injuries...the lines gonna get a bit blurry. Still, I wouldn't blame you for trying to save him, he is known to be a bit of a eccentric, so perhaps the injuries aren't all that bad, especially given the narration has been pretty sketchy so far. You can't trust it, so have at it then, his fate is in your
  67. [01:19:37] <`Krauss> hands.
  68. [01:19:39] <`Krauss> Have fun with that.
  69. [01:27:34] <Nagare_Shinobu> He did it. He really did it. Krauss's signature five-strikes-from-one-attack skill. "I... what? Hang on a second, you- KRAUSS! YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" The ninja leaps off the cliff after the injured blademaster, trying to catch Krauss midair, and make sure he wouldn't fall too hard... by Shinobu being a mancushion. Or a living cushion? Whatever.
  70. [01:29:31] <`Krauss> You manage to take the fall for him, but as you pick yourself up, it's pretty apparent a lot of damage has been done. He's...alive though, it seems, if only barely. He's not conscious though, that's for sure.
  71. [01:34:47] <Nagare_Shinobu> ... great, that was his second set of clothes to get dirtied up. "Ugh... if there's anything that's gonna kill you, it's either me... or Vena. And personally, out-killing someone... like her... sounds like an achievement." Struggling to get up, Shinobu barely manages to pick the swordmaster up, and get him onto his shoulders. Better than dragging him, at
  72. [01:34:47] <Nagare_Shinobu> least! With that, it was time... to find a way up."
  73. [01:35:06] <Nagare_Shinobu> shit that last quote mark should not be there
  74. [01:36:51] <`Krauss> You eventually do find you way up, and make it back to your original spot, the place where he first vaulted over that whatever object thing.
  75. [01:37:05] <`Krauss> It's at this time that he starts to come around.
  76. [01:37:50] <`Krauss> "Nnngh..." Painful groans, followed by more painful groans. "Ah...guess I'm still around. Morning kid, you look a bit pale."
  77. [01:41:08] <Nagare_Shinobu> The glare Shinobu gave to Krauss was not that of a death glare, but definitely a deadly glare. "Alright, Krauss, I've got one thing to say to you." A little pause, before the ninja continues on with walking back to camp and talking. "You're an idiot."
  78. [01:43:03] <`Krauss> "You got that right.." He doesn't say much else in that time frame, but a few sighs could be heard. "Sorry to put you through this..I'll be fine with just a little bit of rest. That much you can believe out of me...if nothing else. Still though, I accept defeat on that one...even if it wasn't anything official."
  79. [01:43:47] <`Krauss> "Guess I gotta talk then huh..." He takes a look foward to see where they are. "Well, we've got a while to go, so there's probably enough time."
  80. [01:46:19] <`Krauss> "You ready for a story then?"
  81. [03:03:37] <Giantree> i like the part where he wasn't ready for a story
  82. [03:03:55] <`Krauss> same
  84. [15:46:32] <Nagare_Shinobu> Storytime? Please. Vena would be saying something about priorities right now to Shinob, if she was here. "Now's not the time for that." The ninja does, however, think it's time for punching Krauss in the face. ... w-well, a -10 MT punch or something. Wouldn't want to kill the guy after a fall like that.
  85. [15:46:37] <Nagare_Shinobu> "That one's for trying to bail out on telling me. Now let's get back to the others. They're probably worried about where we went." Is that "they" singular, or plural...?
  86. [15:47:04] <Nagare_Shinobu> fuck the typos
  87. [15:47:09] <Nagare_Shinobu> dev send help
  88. [15:47:47] <`Krauss> there's nothing in the world that can help the typos
  89. [15:48:45] <Raitaki> nice tpyos
  90. [15:49:46] <`Krauss> He doesn't give you much of a response, seems he'd passed out after that last bit. Still, at least he's breathing steady again, so he's got that goin for him.
  91. [15:51:11] <Nagare_Shinobu> "... maybe I shouldn't have punched him," Some last thoughts! "Nah, I oughta kick him next." Guess the rest of this journey will be alone, carrying someone's brother!
  92. [15:53:23] <Nagare_Shinobu> aight so that /a/ enough for you
  93. [15:53:50] <`Krauss> yep, that looks good to me
  94. [15:53:57] <Nagare_Shinobu> > Krauss and Shinobu have attained a Support Rank of A!
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