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How to become a volunteer on xat

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Jul 20th, 2019
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  1. 1* Go on promoted chats. Make friends and work for moderator/owner. Don’t use people. Be nice and be real.
  2. 2* Be appropriate on promoted chats and enforce xats terms of service.
  3. 3* Report any inappropriate chat groups, hackers, etc.
  4. 4* Help users on the forum and on Help.
  5. 5* Don’t be a troll and treat users respectfully. (If they get annoying, ignore them.)
  6. 6* Have a good record. Don’t get torched, don’t scam, and don’t threaten others.
  7. 7* Find something you like doing. Smiley maker, wiki editor, owner on an official chat, etc. You want to get your name on xat so that the admins notice you.
  8. 8* Be genuine friends with volunteers and show how responsible you are. Don’t do this just for the benefit of getting volunteer, this will make you come across as an ass and won’t help you at all.
  9. 9*Stay active. Come on daily or every other day.
  11. Credits: Vevrok (1534995241)
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