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  4. Stranger: hi
  5. You: hey
  6. Stranger: female england 14
  7. You: some andom chick last time was horny asking me to webcam i was like "NO" im not into that
  8. Stranger: so you are a boy =)
  9. You: yes but you could also be a guy to trying to act like a girl. there is 3 types of people here (no wait 4) ligit people, old guys that are perverts, little kids trying to act like guys and are horny, and malesters that pretendt to also be girls and are not.
  10. Stranger: no i am a girl
  11. You: how so?
  12. Stranger: my name is becca and if you want proof you can add me on msn and see:)
  13. You: another girl that wants to web cam. i just made a 5th category. "horny girls that are really deprate"
  14. Stranger: no i dont want webcam
  15. You: well im not taking any chances (and i really dont like online dating sorry)
  16. Stranger: i have a boy friend
  17. You: then why would you just through out your place and age and want to chat wit hme so badly? what type of person are you?
  18. Stranger: i am a friendly person
  19. You: ah
  20. You: ok
  21. Stranger: and i said my age and stuff
  22. Stranger: because people usally ask for it :)
  23. You: sorry im always thinking people here are like the groups i mentioned
  24. You: yah i hate when people just yell out "ASL?" its soo anoying
  25. Stranger: i know
  26. You: i just usally leave
  27. Stranger: :)
  28. You: right now i have like 5 other chats open lol.
  29. Stranger: what on this omegle?
  30. You: no
  31. You: IRC
  32. You: its weird
  33. Stranger: i use omegle, msn, facebook, my space and skype
  34. You: lol nice
  35. You: sooo bored
  36. Stranger: am i boring you?
  37. You: no
  38. Stranger: =)
  39. You: im always bored
  40. Stranger: me too =)
  41. Stranger: especially in school
  42. You: yah, other then the fact that there is friends
  43. You: but every thing else....
  44. Stranger: yes =)
  45. You: it goes poof as soon as i walk through my door
  46. Stranger: lol :)
  47. You: im guessing you love smiley :D
  48. Stranger: yes =)
  49. You: i gtg bye
  50. Stranger: byeeee
  51. Stranger:
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