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  1. ```ini
  2. [Punks Esports] is a well established team in the SEA region with 6 rosters, 3 of which are 4k teams.  Every team's goal is to improve and eventually make it into contenders.  
  4. Our organisation has been growing rapidly since its founding and we are now expanding into the EU region with our new team, [Punks Uproar]! Any EU based players who fit the requirements below are welcome to trial for our new team.
  5. ```
  6. __**Role(s) Needed**__
  7. **-**Main Support
  8. **-**Flex DPS
  10. __**Requirements**__
  11. **-**4k+ SR
  12. **-**Have prior experience in competitive settings (OD, Scrims, etc)
  13. **-**At least 15 years old with a decent mic
  14. **-**Desire to improve and reach contenders
  16. DM me if you are interested
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