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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><color=#808080ff>[US EAST]</color> <color=#00ff00ff>STEAM-GAMERS.NET | SCP |</color> <color=#ffffffff></color> <color=#808080ff>[FF OFF]</color></align>
  3. <size=15><b>SERVER RULES</b>
  4. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. <b><color=red>-Respect all admins and players alike. Extreme disrespect and harassment will not be tolerated.</color></b>
  6. <b><color=red>-No excessive spamming in voice chat.</color></b>
  7. <b><color=red>-The use of racial slurs will fall under the harassment rule, but ultimately is up to a staff member's discretion.</color></b>
  8. <b><color=red>-No advertising other servers, clans, or websites.</color></b>
  9. <b><color=red>-Do not evade or avoid punishment.</color></b>
  10. <b><color=red>-No hacking/scripting. This includes noclip, aimbot, wallhacks etc.</color></b>
  11. <b><color=red>-No ghosting.</color></b>
  12. <b><color=red>-No teamkilling.</color></b>
  13. <b><color=red>-No exploiting the map or game.</color></b>
  14. <b><color=red>-Delaying without the intent of winning the round is not allowed, but ultimately is up to a staff member's discretion.</color></b>
  15. <b><color=red>-DoSing the server or threatening to will result in a permanent ban.</color></b>
  16. <b><color=red>-Teaming with other classes is not allowed. The only exceptions to this rule are for SCPs with Chaos and Scientists with D-Class.</color></b>
  17. <b><color=red>-MTF/Chaos must be actively trying to kill or restrain and convert D-Class/Scientists to their faction respectively.</color></b>
  18. <b><color=red>-Camping in hard to reach spots is not allowed, but is ultimately up to a staff member's discretion.</color></b>
  20. <size=15><b>STAFF RULES</b>
  21. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  22. <b><color=red>-Do not ban yourself or use your powers to punish other staff members. Report abuse of powers to the Owner or a Server Manager so they can handle it instead.</color></b>
  23. <b><color=red>-Do not use your powers to negatively interfere with gameplay or give yourself or other players an unfair advantage.</color></b>
  24. <b><color=red>-Do not teleport players unless they are stuck or are using it to question suspected rule breakers.</color></b>
  25. <b><color=red>-Do not play on an alternate account and say you're a staff member. If that account doesn't have staff powers on it, then don't say you are one.</color></b>
  26. <b><color=red>-Do not make up and enforce rules not listed in the rules for the server.</color></b>
  27. <b><color=red>-All reported incidents of abuse of powers will be looked into by the Owner and Server Managers. If an infraction is found on your part, expect to be brought into a discussion with the management about the situation and any punishments that may need to be handed out.</color></b>
  29. <size=15><b>OTHER INFO</b>
  30. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  31. <color=orange>Join our Discord! </color>--><link=""><color=yellow>CLICK HERE</color></link><--
  32. <color=orange>Join the forums! </color>--><link=""><color=yellow>CLICK HERE</color></link><--
  33. <color=orange>Join our Steam Group! </color>--><link=""><color=yellow>CLICK HERE</color></link><--
  35. UPDATED 4/13/19
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