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  1. faceware camera continues to face delays, might be canceled outright
  2. supposedly CIG created a wing of the company to handle manufacturing and distribution of the camera
  3. faceware engineers helped create the code for the first big reveal
  4. 12+ months of continued support on their end when they were supposed to help for six
  5. some contention over payments due 3lateral / faceware (same company btw)
  6. friction over potential losses if camera is canceled with new owners (epic bought 3lat earlier this year)
  7. losses / lost payments total "tens of millions"
  8. would have to sell "many units" to break even on camera
  9. "low priority" for CIG and Epic, as numbers of potential sales look low / dire
  10. "It was a passing fad used as a content patch. No one here thinks it's still happening."
  11. if there's no agreement met with current issues, 3lat can stop any and all mocap footage using their rigs / technology from appearing in SC
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