midnight oil writing my essay

Oct 11th, 2015
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  1. I'm burning the midnight oil writing my essay. So not me, I know.
  2. I tried talking myself out of writing this essay writing assignment but then I realized, I'm no longer in high school. This is college. And in college, we all know that there are more writing assignments than ever- more essays, research papers and term papers.
  3. And grades are important as well. These grades are the ones employers pay the most attention to. If it’s an easy grade, then get it. Even if you think you can get by without a couple of points, how will that help you when you have an even more important paper to write? It won’t.
  4. I need to tell myself to buckle down. Motivate yourself on the little things so the bigger obstacles come easier. Let’s kill this essay. It may turn into an all-nighter. If that’s the case, a couple hours of sleep lost isn’t such a bad price to pay when I know what’s at stake. Let's get started with this  custom essay writing now!
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