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  1. If you're taking this quiz, it's because you didn't actually read the admin guide and do what it said. You need an 80% to pass. Don't worry because it's open book.
  3. 1) True or false: if someone is suspected of hacking, they are to be permanently banned off the server immediately.
  5. 2) What is the default number of rounds someone must wait if they are muted?
  6. a. 2 rounds.
  7. b. 3 rounds.
  8. c. 4 rounds
  9. d. 1 round.
  11. 3) What is the purpose of admin armor?
  12. a. To show you have admin powers and are better than people.
  13. b. To feel special.
  14. c. To aggro all pubbers on the other team.
  15. d. To denote that there is an admin on the server.
  17. 4) True or false: when a player is muted, they must wait 1 minute after the start of a new round to reduce their round counter by 1.
  19. 5) True or false: admin weapons are best used in big groups full of innocent players.
  21. 6) Assuming you want to run an event, what setting are you not allowed to touch in the administrator panel?
  22. a. Team point limit.
  23. b. Combat speed.
  24. c. Combat gold.
  25. d. Disallow range weapons.
  27. 7) True or false: you are allowed to spawn weapons as long as they don't provide a gameplay advantage.
  29. 8) What is the most important quality an admin can have that determines their selection for training and ability to use their powers responsibly?
  30. a. The ability to enforce the rules.
  31. b. How many times they've reported players prior to receiving training.
  32. c. Their temperament and the need to stay cool, calm, and collective.
  33. d. The clout they must feel like they naturally possess and deserve to use their powers for whacky mayhem fun.
  35. 9) What is the purpose of having admin for GK servers?
  36. a. To protect only yourself in the face of minor trolling.
  37. b. To ensure a fun gaming environment for our guests.
  38. c. To bend the server to your will and do whatever you like.
  39. d. To force everyone to play siege and ctf on a whim.
  41. 10) True or false: NeoGK's admin god mode heals you.
  43. 11) How many events can be hosted in a single day and what is the maximum duration of each event?
  44. a. 2 events, 1.5 hours each.
  45. b. 3 events, 1.5 hours each.
  46. c. 2 events, 2 hours each.
  47. d. 1 event, 3 hours.
  49. 12) What is one requirement all admins need to complete before receiving the admin password?
  50. a. Going through a Warband criminal background check for past bans.
  51. b. Being active enough on the server.
  52. c. Creating a personal admin thread to log activity on the server.
  53. d. Being able to rub axes of all shapes and sizes.
  55. 13) Under what circumstances are you not allowed to change maps?
  56. a. You feel like playing what you want.
  57. b. Khergits or any faction has shown up for 3 or more consecutive times.
  58. c. A map is actively killing population.
  59. d. A map is glitching and causing people to crash.
  61. 14) True or false: the NeoGK weather effects can be used anytime during a match.
  63. 15) True or false: if an admin asks you for which GK member you are when you appear on the server under an alias, you are allowed to deny an answer.
  65. 16) Which of the following is not an example of proper use for the poll override menu?
  66. a. Instantly accepting players who try to kick themselves.
  67. b. Instantly denying players who rage poll others.
  68. c. Instantly accepting map polls.
  69. d. Instantly denying legitimate polls to kick rule breakers.
  71. 17) Which of the following features and menus are you allowed to use freely?
  72. a. Madmin.
  73. b. Ban a player online.
  74. c. Adimi side menus page 1 and 3.
  75. d. None of the above.
  77. 18) Which hotkey allows you to skip to the next map in the rotation?
  78. a. F7.
  79. b. F8.
  80. c. F9.
  81. d. F10.
  83. 19) Admin bombing is best used in what situations:
  84. a. Any time when fighting the enemy to prove your Warband godhood.
  85. b. Disarming team-wounding teammates.
  86. c. Both a and b.
  87. d. None of the above.
  89. 20) True or false: if someone is a long time player, they are expected to know better and can be treated as such during escalation e.g. skip steps.
  91. 21) True or false: under no circumstances are you allowed to cherrypick which rules you enforce.
  93. 22) Which of the following admin buttons are you allowed to use?
  94. a. Reset a player's TK Count.
  95. b. Swap a player's team.
  96. c. Force all to spectator.
  97. d. None of the above.
  99. 23) How many steps are there when dealing with rule breakers through escalation?
  100. a. 3.
  101. b. 4.
  102. c. 5.
  103. d. 6.
  105. 24) True or false: permanent bans are often a last resort.
  107. 25) How many events must new admins shadow before being allowed to host their own events?
  108. a. 2.
  109. b. 3.
  110. c. 4.
  111. d. 1.
  113. 26) Which hotkey brings up the clan's website?
  114. a. F3.
  115. b. F4.
  116. c. F5.
  117. d. F+6.
  119. 27) When teleporting a player back to their spawn when they are stuck, what is the best way to do so?
  120. a. Nothing. They got themselves stuck. YOYO. You're on your own.
  121. b. Use of the teleport to start function in the administrator actions menu.
  122. c. Use of the Adimi teleport to either teleport yourself to them or them to you.
  123. d. None of the above.
  125. 28) True or false: you are allowed to distribute the password freely to other admins as long as you know they are admins.
  127. 29) True or false: if forcibly removed from the admin roster, you are immediately banned from all servers until you appeal without discussion.
  129. 30) Why must you never use the weather effect called Mist 3?
  130. a. It turns the map into Silent Hill and spawns in monsters.
  131. b. It reduces line of sight for all classes and hinders NeoGK archers the most.
  132. c. It opens a portal to another dimension and giant spiders will invade the server like in Stephen King's The Mist.
  133. d. You're allowed to use it freely.
  135. 31) What is the purpose of escalation?
  136. a. To prevent over-punishment.
  137. b. To punish players to the extreme.
  138. c. To give players a chance to argue back.
  139. d. Nothing. It's perfectly fine to temporarily or permanently ban players for a single, probably accidental and completely isolated, team hit.
  141. 32) True or false: The reset map button breaks NeoGK for everyone.
  143. 33) What does page 2 of the Adimi side panel contain?
  144. a. TK and Team damage settings.
  145. b. Extra weather settings.
  146. c. Class limits settings.
  147. d. None of the above.
  149. 34) True or false: you will be notified if you've received a strike for misuse or misconduct of your admin privileges.
  151. 35) What is the purpose behind the fade out key?
  152. a. To ninja vanish from the midst of battle to save your cowardly self.
  153. b. To remove yourself from the battlefield after dealing with rule breakers up close.
  154. c. To respawn yourself after picking out your new gear without having to die.
  155. d. To vanish before the eyes of your teammates like a phantom.
  157. 36) What must event hosts do when running an event?
  158. a. Let any admins online know of their intention.
  159. b. Keep it under the time and map limit.
  160. c. Clean up after themselves by restoring all default settings.
  161. d. All of the above.
  163. 37) What actions will subject an admin to a strike?
  164. a. Following proper escalation.
  165. b. Being reasonable and not at all personal when dealing with rule breakers.
  166. c. Using admin powers responsibly.
  167. d. Abandoning the event they host without someone to take over or properly cleaning up after themselves.
  169. 38) What is the point threshold a team cannot pass before an admin decides to change the map?
  170. a. 50 kills.
  171. b. 75 kills.
  172. c. 100 kills.
  173. d. 125 kills.
  175. 39) What percentage is the poll threshold needed for polls to pass?
  176. a. 35%.
  177. b. 51%.
  178. c. 61%.
  179. d. 69%.
  181. 40) In addition to an admin's personal thread, where can they also request a ban request?
  182. a. TeamSpeak.
  183. b. Youtube.
  184. c. Twitch.
  185. d. Discord.
  187. 41) When using the class limits system, what is the minimum percentage a class can be assigned to?
  188. a. 0%.
  189. b. 20%.
  190. c. 40%.
  191. d. 60%.
  193. 42) True or false: An admin can host more than the alloted 5-6 maps as long as the event is under the time limit.
  195. 43) True or false: Admin to server messaging can be used freely as if it were another general chat.
  197. 44) True or false: if someone asks you for a dress, you are obligated to fulfill their request and must do so with haste.
  199. 45) What is the best way for an admin to deal with a player who hasn't broken any rules, but is throwing general video game trash talking their way?
  200. a. Talk shit, get hit with the banhammer.
  201. b. Talk shit back.
  202. c. Flash your almighty admin powers unnecessarily so they get your non-verbal warning of how badly you can destroy them if you didn't have to restrain yourself.
  203. d. Ignore them. Possibly leave to take a break or come back under alias.
  205. 46) How many functional keys are there for the poll override menu?
  206. a. 2 keys.
  207. b. 3 keys.
  208. c. 4 keys.
  209. d. 5 keys.
  211. 47) Why is it forbidden to spawn weapons or armor for everyone instantaneously?
  212. a. It overrides items, and therefore the stats of those items, in their inventory.
  213. b. Not everyone is appreciative for being forced to wear those stupid pink dresses.
  214. c. Admins are allowed to spawn things for everyone instantaneously.
  215. d. None of the above.
  217. 48) What is the purpose of healing function?
  218. a. To decimate your foes, go 50-0, and brag about how good you are while playing on TDM.
  219. b. To heal teammates who have a lost the majority of their health, but only if they haven't made contact with the enemy.
  220. c. To heal enemy players you want to ruthlessly beat over and over again like they owe you money, similar to the Molag Bal mission from Skyrim.
  221. d. None of the above.
  223. 49) What is the overall purpose of this new training guide?
  224. a. To hasten admin training held by GK chief admins by giving it structure.
  225. b. To provide deeper insight in how GK admins are to conduct themselves.
  226. c. To make sure everyone is on the same page and make the admin team become more consistent.
  227. d. All of the above.
  229. 50) Why did you have to take this quiz?
  230. a. Because you didn't actually read the whole thing, or else you would have followed directions.
  231. b. Because you want to be trusted with admin privileges.
  232. c. Because you want to be in good standing.
  233. d. All of the above.
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