Treasure of the Ancients

Dec 14th, 2014
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  1. Treasure of the Ancients, or, The Lost City of the Bisexuasaurus
  3. Tags: Dinosaur woman x humanf, Lesbian, Lizard girl, scaly, dubcon, , clothing destruction, forced cuddling,
  4. My husband and I set forth from the colony not three weeks ago, accompanied by five guides, seventeen porters, two cooks and a dozen odd other camp followers. We had with us provisions for at least three months in the form of dried meats and fruits, and along with the other staples we had secured a small ration of candy and whiskey for ourselves. Among our supplies were crossbows and hangers, for the guides warned us of all manner of beast that dwelled in the jungles.
  6. We had for a long time heard stories of tribes of savages possessing great wealth that dwelt in the insurmountable rainforests the colony bordered. There were tales of a great king or chief that scorned all garments and fineries, and instead every day bathed in liquid gold, letting it dry and forming a coat of gilded dust. Every night this great king would dive into a river and wash himself clean, acquiring new gold the next day. We had heard whispered rumors of a tribe of mystics hidden in the forest’s depths, men who could pick up a plain stone off the ground and place it back down as a ruby. There were tales of ape-men that guarded a lost city built of gold, of river’s whose banks overflowed with precious stones, of strange flying beasts whose hearts were diamonds and whose horns were ivory.
  8. It was with dreams of riches like those we had risked starvation, disease and death in this awful landscape. Four of the porters had taken sick with some illness, and two had passed away. A great feline of some kind had attacked our food stores in the night, and made off with several days worth of meat. Needless to say, this all had been very taxing on my husband, Giles, and my relationship. Though we had our own tent, we retired to it sweaty, sore and exhausted, unable to share any amount of intimacy beyond a kiss and some weary snuggling, our joints aching too much for anything but anemic wriggling. Though I appreciated every moment we could share together, treasured every second we could spend away from the equally weary guides and porters, found every second Giles’ hands held my body as valuable as emeralds, I craved more. I longed for release, for true intimacy, for the aching need deep within to subside.
  10. “It is not any further than one quarter of a mile sir,” spoke one of the guides in his broken tongue. His skin was coated in sweat and dirt, a length of cloth wrapped around his mangy hair. For the past day we had hiked up an increasingly treacherous mountainside, the increase in elevation making it difficult for me and some of the porters to breathe. Giles was worried about me, I could see it in the guilty looks he hid from me every time he heard my ragged breaths.
  12. “It’s not the distance that worries me Kenuatual,” wheezed my husband, waving the flies out of his face with his hat, “it’s the elevation gain. This cliff’s been getting steeper and steeper, and I worry that before long it’ll become impassable, especially for the less fit members of the expedition.”
  14. “You talk about your wife sir?” Replied Kenuatual, peeking around Giles’ side to look at me as I fished for a water-skin from my pack. I wore my hair in a bun to keep it out of my face, it’s dull red color contrasting the muddy browns and drab grays of the outdoors outfit I was garbed in. Lightweight and breathable, with many pockets and long sleeves, it was an uncomfortable, ugly necessity. It itched the space beneath by breasts and the outside of my thighs, and were we in safer environs I would have tossed it away for something, anything else.
  16. “You leave Silvia out of this, she’s perfectly capable,“ said my husband, regaining his composure and donning his hat. Giles took a quick look over his shoulder and smiled at me before continuing.“I’m worried about the expedition as a whole; if the terrain becomes impossible, or if we can’t find water at this height before too long, we’d have to turn around and go back downhill. With the state of things, I’d prefer to avoid that.”
  18. “I understand sir,’ replied the guide, “but I am sure we can find water. The trees sir, they are a kind that grow not far from creeks, and I myself have seen many birds flying uphill. It is common knowledge that birds fly towards water, so there must be some not far from the summit.”
  20. “I appreciate your input Kenuatual, but the decision is made. Manco and Titu both agreed that we should turn back before it becomes impossible, and as they are your seniors their word comes before yours. I wont have us trying to get downhill after dark, not with how treacherous these woods are.”
  22. “But sir!” Cried Kenuatual, waving a hand at the mist-shrouded summit that seemed so far away. “Manco and Titu, as sage as they may be on many things, they have lived their whole lives in the lowlands! Neither of them know as much as me about the highlands, and I mean it when I say we will for sure find water!”
  24. “I’ll keep that in mind for when we make camp. Downhill. Until then, think about other ways you could help the group.”
  26. Giles exhaled in frustration as he walked over to me, and I found it impossible to suppress a sympathetic smile.
  28. “I can tell something’s bugging you Giles,” I said, shouldering my pack and wiping the sweat from my face. “You always snort when you’re upset.”
  30. Giles shut his eyes for a moment and collected himself, the weight of these weeks visible on his face. As Kenuatual and more of the expedition neared Giles waved them away, doing his best to keep this moment private amid so many eyes and ears.
  32. “It’s the heat,” he said. “It’s the humidity. It’s the mist and the bugs and those shrieking birds and the pain in my left foot and the way Kenuatual keeps things from me.”
  34. He fumbled with his belt as he spoke, his eyes downcast and his brow furrowed. His sword clinked in it’s scabbard as he shuffled, and the various trinkets and personal effects hanging from his bag jangling as he rolled his shoulders.
  36. “But honestly Silvy, none of that really matters. I’m scared, Silvia, that I’ve endangered the one I care most about, that I took her from the safety of her home and brought her into this morass of a jungle on a fools errand.”
  38. Without thinking I grabbed him around the waist, pressing my dirty face into his chest. He smelt of sweat and body odor, like an unwashed beast. His shirt was coarse and uncomfortable against my face, and it felt as though I was hugging a stray dog. But he was my stray dog, and as I nuzzled against his shoulder the gravity of our situation was forgotten. We weren’t on the side of a cliff deep in a foreign jungle, it wasn’t dangerously close to dusk and we weren’t hours from a good water source. All that mattered was that we were together.
  40. “Giles, honey, I’d uproot myself from a palace if it meant I could be by your side. We can get through this, together.”
  42. “Thanks honey, I needed that,” he replied, resting a hand on my head. “I just wonder sometimes if it would have been wiser to leave you and go it alone, you understand, right?”
  44. “And leave you to fall for some savage jungle-woman?” I asked jokingly, folding my arms in an exaggerated manner and giving the best suspicious glare I could manage. “Now lead us to camp, you’re fretting isn’t helping anyone!”
  46. Giles chuckled and nodded before leaving to inform the rest of the party of his decision. Despite my weariness, I grinned for the next hour as we marched back down the mountainside, the peaks’ shadows becoming larger and darker by the moment. I had known Giles since his adolescence, a scholarly mind set in a farmer’s body, and long before he courted me his glances made my cheeks flush. We had married at a young age, and when the money from the dowry had worn thin we moved to the colony, both dreaming of fortune and adventure by each other’s side. I had received a formal schooling in taxonomy and botany before our journey, and had taught my husband to read as we traveled. He seemed to absorb knowledge, always looking for something new to master or some new piece of trivia to internalize. He could swing a saber like a master duelist, and was erudite in mountaineering, hunting, sailing, cart racing, taxidermy and a dozen more esoteric skills. Together, we thought, no obstacle could stop us, and I still held true to this belief. I hoped my beloved did too.
  48. As we passed a great field of scree, picking our way over loose stones and boulders, it began to seem unlikely we would find camp before nightfall. Already it was becoming hard to see, and I had fallen behind to the back of the group with Kenuatual, Capac the cook and a stringy half-bred porter named Huascar. The guide would not stop muttering to the others in his native tongue, and by his tone he seemed worried. From my position I could not see Giles.
  50. Suddenly there was a terrible noise, like thunder but louder, and growing louder every second. I stood paralyzed, frantically scanning gloom for the source of the noise, and I heard Kenuatual shriek. It was then I saw it; a great rockslide coming down on top of us! I fell to my knees and covered my face, expecting the worst, only to be leapt upon by Kenuatual and covered with his body. He screamed something at me and held me tight, facing his back towards the avalanche, but I could hear nothing above the tumult and my own panicked screaming. From the corner of my eye I saw a stone the size of a cow strike Huascar, crushing him beneath it’s weight. A painful thud rocked me and Kenuatual as something of similar size rolled into him, knocking us off the ground and into the slope of loose rock. We tumbled down, every impact with the ground or the numerous smaller rocks our passing loosed sending dull waves of pain through me. The world spun and the back of my head collided with something hard, and then everything went black.
  52. When I came to things weren’t much brighter. My sight was blurry and my ears rang, my heartbeat loud like a drum. I had landed face up, and my bleary eyes couldn’t make out the forest canopy high above. There was next to no light, and the chirping of insects and shrill calls of birds I could make out over the ringing in my ears told me the sun had set and night was upon me.
  54. A rustle in the brush brought me to attention, and I sat up in response, resulting in a great pain in my side. Though I feared some beast had found me, it was Kenuatual that stumbled forth, clutching one arm and limping, his body covered in abrasions, bruises and cuts.
  56. “Master Silvia! It is very good that I found you,” he coughed, stumbling over to me and offering his good hand. I graciously took it and stood, screeching as the pain in my limbs increased.
  58. “Do not worry miss, I found Capac a while ago and together we found a cave for shelter. It was difficult to find you,” his gaze lingered on his limp arm, “but I am sure we can make the night. I am sure your husband will be looking for you miss, we just need to make a fire and I am sure they will see it and come for us.”
  60. I sobbed in pain and fear, and leaned on the guide for support. After some time of trudging through the undergrowth, with only what scant moonlight came through the canopy for guidance, we came upon a large opening in the cliff face, likely the same one we had tumbled down. I was impressed by Kenuatual’s sense of direction, as even in the gloom he led us to the cave with little effort.
  62. “If he had just listened we would not be in this mess,” grumbled the guide. I wanted to rebuke him for the offhand insult towards my husband, but considering the situation I thought better of it.
  64. “How is it you just found me now?” I asked as we shuffled towards the cave entrance. True to his word, I could make out the outline of a man-most likely Capac, not far from the opening, shuffling around in the brush for firewood.
  66. “I must apologize master,” wheezed Kenuatual, “but during the fall I struck the cliffside with such force that I lost my grip on you. I do not know how far apart we landed; I was caught in a tree some thirty feet above the forest floor, and Capac landed just a few hundred paces from this cave, though he was unconscious when I found him.”
  68. “You climbed down? Like that?”
  70. “Well, I tried, and I made it almost halfway down before a branch gave way beneath me. That is how I hurt my arm. We may have landed not twenty paces from each other, but in this light I must have walked in a dozen circles before I found you. It takes me quite some time to get my bearings, see, but I did not want to disappoint you or master Giles again.”
  72. I nodded in acknowledgement and winced at the pain involved as we entered the cave. Capac had assembled a pile of dry wood that I assumed was meant for a fire, but there did not look to be any good place to lie down. Still, over the next hour the guide and the cook got a large fire going, and managed to make a trio of impromptu beds out of palm fronds, grasses and other flora.
  74. Capac and Kenuatual agreed to take turns tending the fire and watching for animals, and graciously allowed me to try and sleep.
  76. Capac roughly shook me awake, paying no heed to the injuries I had sustained. The native man’s eyes were wide with fright, his heavy breathing and ghastly expression made all the more terrifying by the firelight. I screamed in fright, but he quickly pressed his palm to my face and pressed a finger to his own lips.
  78. “So sorry, but something bad has happened!” He hissed through his teeth.
  80. “Kenuatual is gone! I fell asleep for a minute and when I woke up he had vanished! I tried calling out for him, even lit a branch and went looking, but I cannot find him!”
  82. He relinquished me, though that did nothing to stop my rapidly increasing heart rate.
  84. “W-w-what do you think happened?” I stammered, trying to control my breathing.
  86. “It might have been some-” started Capac, before he saw my frantic state and took a deep breath, doing his best to regain composure.
  88. “He probably went out to pee,” he continued, chewing his beard and looking out at the darkness beyond the fire.
  90. “Yes, he went to pee and got lost. You know Kenuatual needs to wander around a bit before his sense of direction starts working. Went to pee and got lost, that is all.”
  92. “Well what should we do?”
  94. “I’m not sure, I’m just a cook after all. Well, ok, sometimes when my grandfather got drunk, he would go walk in the woods to clear his head, and sometimes he would get lost too. My father and grandmother would stay up all night calling for him and waving lanterns at the trees so he could find his way back, and it worked every time.”
  96. “So that’s it? Stay here and shout and wave torches?”
  98. “Master, I don’t know what else we can do, not without putting ourselves in even greater danger. We could light some longer plants on fire a bit further from the cave so he can see them, but that’s all I can think of!”
  100. I swallowed and pushed myself to my feet, wincing at the pain it caused me. I shuffled to the front of the cave and grabbed a long branch from the dwindling woodpile and lit it, slowly waving it back and forth over my head. I had little hope that Kenuatual would see it, that he would come back, but I dreaded to think of the alternative. As I called his name, Capac lit his own torch and dragged a trio of logs deeper into the forest until I couldn’t see him, just the light from his torch.
  102. Then the light went out. I stopped waving my torch for a moment as a wave of dread overwhelmed me.
  104. “Capac?” I shouted, my voice wavering in fear.
  106. “Capac? Can you hear me?”
  108. There was no response, just the chirping of the insects and the call of the night birds.
  110. “Capac? This isn’t funny, come back right now! Come back or, or, or I’ll tell Giles you left me alone out here and tried to scare me!”
  112. Still there was no response.
  114. “Capac? Kenuatual? Anyone?”
  116. For a moment there was nothing, but then a figure began to emerge from the darkness. I let out a sigh of relief and lowered my torch for a moment. Capac had probably dropped his torch and had come back to relight it, that was it. The cook probably was too tired to shout, having used up so much of his energy today.
  118. But my reverie was broken when I began to make out the features on the one approaching me. It was taller than Capac, at what I estimated to be a little over seven feet. Whoever it was, it walked with a swaying, feminine grace, long legs sliding over each other like water, and it wore some type of form-fitting armor. The garb was so tight against it’s figure it could have been mistaken for skin, or scales rather, though it might have been the hide of an alligator or some other reptile fashioned into armor. As it swayed closer I could tell it was definitely a female, with pert breasts held tight by the armor, a svelte figure and broad hips. I gasped and dropped my torch when I saw her arms-short and with odd joints, and ending in a set of vicious talons, like the claws of a bird of prey. And they dripped with blood! I screamed and fled back into the cave, hoping the ghastly monster would not pursue me past the flames of the bonfire.
  120. I made it a half dozen steps before my leg gave out on me, the pain becoming too much, and I tumbled headfirst into the turf. I sobbed in pain and fear as I heard the fiend approach me, slowly trodding through the undergrowth.
  122. “Please don’t,” I whined, my breath rapid and frantic, tears leaking down my face.
  124. “Please don’t do this! Don’t hurt me!”
  126. The woman, the monster, the spirit, whatever it was, stepped over me, planting a foot on either side of my prone form. I dared not look up at it, but I could see it’s feet possessed an even larger set of talons then her hands, including an enormous, hook-shaped claw that extended vertically from her big toe. I could see that what I mistook for armor were instead scales that covered her body, red with a black and yellow diamond pattern. It reminded me of the venomous snakes I had learned about at school, the ones you could recognize by their coloration. Whatever this monster was, this hybrid of awful reptile and woman, it was built for killing.
  128. I screamed in terror, and her awful clawed hands seized me by the armpits, spun me around and hefted me. For a moment I got a glimpse of the beast’s face; a long set of jaws from which protruded sharp fangs, two large yellow eyes with black slits for pupils, and a crest of black vulture-like feathers at the back of the head. But terrified me most was the coat of blood that covered the front of her face; Capac’s blood, and likely Kenuatual’s, dripping from her fangs, covering her nostrils and snout, dyeing everything a dull red and reflecting the flickering bonfire.
  130. The terrible lizard woman screeched at me, her breath hot and bloody, her call shrill like that of a great eagle and deep like the barking of a crocodile. In that moment I was overwhelmed by the terror, and blessed, peaceful unconsciousness claimed me.
  132. I awoke to the feel of rough, cold stone against my face, the air dank and cool. As I tried to sit up, and my joints and hips screamed in protest, forcing me to slump against a nearby wall. My eye was drawn to a few rectangular, horizontal openings high above me. Form these ingresses shone bright light, indicating it must have been at least midday, and illuminating more of my cell. As my eyes adjusted and the ringing in my head subsided I tried to take stock of my surroundings.
  134. The monster had deposited me in a long rectangular chamber, about twenty paces long by six paces wide, with a long stone bench along one side that I assumed was meant to be a bed. Everything was carved in a grand monolithic style, with great geometric figures and hard angles, all of the same musty, pale green stone. Some fruits had been left at the far side of the cell; colorful, juicy and inviting. My stomach gurgled and moaned; I had not eaten since lunch the previous day, and the hike and the fall had left me winded and drained of energy. Before I could think against it I scrabbled over on hand and knee and gobbled it down, the juices running down my face.
  136. Panting in relief as fruit filled me, my heart stopped when I heard footsteps on the other side of the wall. While they sounded human, the clicking of long talons on stone gave evidence to who-or what-they belonged to, and I held my breath in terror. The monster had come to finish me off, or worse! Maybe I lacked enough meat to make a good meal, and it had taken me here to fatten me up!
  138. There was a grinding of stone against stone, and the wall in front of me rolled to the side, revealing my captor on the other side. The apparition was as I remembered it; feminine, with long scaly legs and wicked claws, a bestial face and strange breasts, all wrapped in the skin of a coral snake. I tried to stand, to at least put on a show of resistance before those fangs closed around me, to at least die on my feet.
  140. I managed to rise shakily on one leg before the pain became too much, and I groaned as I was reduced to a crouch.
  142. “Giles,” I sobbed, “Giles I’m sorry. Don’t forget me honey.”
  144. I clenched in anticipation of the end, but no raking talons or gnashing teeth came. Instead, the creature tilted it’s head quizzically, focusing its yellow eyes on me and folding its clawed arms. My attention was fixated on those eerie eyes, and my mind barely registered as the creature slowly, sinuously loosened up, her tail extending until it was parallel to the ground and her arms held by her sides. She took one claw-footed step forwards, those eyes never leaving mine, and in a moment of fear I fell onto my back. I whimpered in pain and shut my eyes for a moment, only a moment. When they opened the creature stood over me, one scaly lissome leg on either side, her torso held inches above mine and her awful fanged snout sniffing curiously at my face, my neck and my shoulders. I couldn’t help but notice that her breasts-or at least that’s what I assumed they were-did not move or dangle like a human woman’s but remained rigid as though they were bound by something.
  146. I shuddered at the monster’s hot breath on my face, the little droplets of warm saliva that escaped it’s maw. Her eyes, her awful cold-blooded eyes never left mine, though her attention shifted from one part of me to another. I tensed up as a set of deadly talons prodded my scalp and tugged my hair, their sharp points causing small pinpricks of pain wherever they went. Slowly, the reptile-woman’s razor-sharp claws explored my body, likely looking for ways we differed or resembled each other. I winced and cried when her claws stroked my side, never hard enough to draw blood, but still cold and sharp and pointy. The beast’s triangular, saliva-soaked tongue extended, and for a fraction of a second was held immobile, before she slowly, tenderly licked the underside of my chin. I hated it, and waves of terror shook me, but it felt good. It was warm and wet and it made my skin tingle as much as it made it crawl. My breath quickened and my face became flush with unwanted arousal. It had been so long since my loved one had been able to really treat me well, and in this vulnerable state my body accepted the awful lizard’s affections as though they were Giles’.
  148. An unwanted, forced gasp escaped my lips as the tongue caressed the nape of my neck, and suddenly the wet muscle retracted. The beast chattered and cocked its head left and right, observing my gasps and shudders with intelligent curiosity. Was it only toying with me? Having tasted me, was it ready for it’s meal?
  150. My arousal was quickly replaced with fear as her talons reached out for me, gripping my shirt by the collar. The terrible monster chattered again, blinking its eyes-revealing a third eyelid like that of a crocodile-and tore at my garment, her dagger like digits rending the hiking outfit to shreds. I screamed as the claws cut me in places, only enough to break the skin, but still leaving long and painful scars. The claws reached down my body and caused me to scream when they touched my wounded hip, continuing down to my trousers and shredding them too. The terrible lizard woman’s talons turned my clothes into nothing by scraps of cloth, and I sobbed as the monster hopped back, as though to admire it’s work.
  152. Instinctually, I wrapped an arm around my bosom to protect my decency and crossed my legs, glaring at my captor as I did so. Again the tall creature chattered, and this time it’s black plumes stood to attention as its gaze wandered over me. It sniffed my now nude, scarred body inquisitively, taking an almost disturbing interest in my breasts and crotch. I wanted to swat away the prying snout, but fear of her fangs stayed my hand. My heart pounded and I clutched my breast tighter as she examined me, the pain from my wounds old and new dulled by fear-supplied adrenaline. Trying to control my breathing, I shut my eyes and thought of Giles. He would come for me, save me from this terror.
  154. Thankfully, the telltale clacking of claw against stone indicated my captor’s retreat, and the door slid back into place. With a sigh, I slumped against the wall, my heartbeats still deafeningly loud and my breaths still painfully rapid. The monster had taken the scraps of cloth it had reduced my garb to, leaving me cold and even more uncomfortable in the dank cell.
  156. The day dragged on, and though the cuts healed naturally I feared infection. The monsters-and I say monsters as I could here multiple sets of taloned footsteps and what sounded like conversations between multiple of the chattering fiends-periodically brought fruits for me to eat, inserted through a small hole in the wall, and when night fell the one that had captured and stripped me returned with what looked like an ape’s hide clutched in her talons. I shrank back to the corner of my cell, and the scaly demon deposited the fur at my feet, then quickly turned and trotted off.
  158. While foul smelling and uncomfortable, the beast’s pelt provided enough warmth that I managed to sleep through the night. After eating a breakfast of stringy green fruits and some kind of earthy brown tuber, my captor returned, this time with company.
  160. Flanking the red beast-woman were two more of her kind, of similar height and stature. They were both females like her, though one was black in color with a yellowish underbelly, and a long pink scar running from her left thigh to her left armpit. The darker monster lacked my captor’s plume, but sported a feathery fan at the end of her tail and small feathers on the outside of her arms. Her opposite was slightly shorter than the other two, and a deep emerald green, with diamond-shaped yellow markings running down her spine to her tail, and lacked feathers altogether. Both of these newcomers sported gold jewelry; heavy necklaces, bracelets and anklets, plated chains worn wrapped around their tails, and the green monster wore a tall conical headpiece studded with amethyst and garnet.
  162. It seemed that the past day’s events had drained me of fear; though I was wary and held the apeskin blanket close, the frantic beating of the heart and quickness of breath that accompanied terror did not arrive. I figured if this creature wanted to eat me it would have done so by now, though the possibility that I was being fattened remained. It may have been offering me to what I assumed were it’s superiors in an attempt to gain status, though the way the two bejeweled women hung back hinted that it was not the case.
  164. The three chattered to each other for a minute, evoking the image of a group of birds moreso than reptiles, before the green lizard woman barked something at the red one, then gestured at me with a ring-heavy paw. She nodded, and stood tall, leaning her torso back somewhat to seem more imposing. Again the monster that had murdered Capac and Kenuatual advanced on me, this time with a seductive catwalk, legs sliding over each other like water and tail swishing behind.
  166. She brushed away my blanket almost tenderly before seizing me by the shoulders and spinning me around so I was face down on the ground. I felt the onset of mortal terror again, but again I shut my eyes and thought of my beloved, likely carving his way through the jungle, hanger in hand, coming closer with each passing moment. If I could endure whatever this beast subjected me too, I could reunite with him. This calmed me, though the fear that threatened to grip me remained poised to do so.
  168. The lizard-woman pressed her torso against my back, her firm pseudo-breasts and muscular underbelly cold against my skin. The feeling gave me goosebumps, both the monster’s temperature and her rough, scaly skin. The naturalist in me noted that she was likely cold blooded, and that my warm blooded body must feel equally alien to her. She hissed above me, and I could feel the creatures’s every breath and heartbeat. The moment was strangely intimate despite the presence of the two watchers and my situation, and another shiver of unwelcome arousal burst from my core. My captor rested her head on my shoulder, drooling maw and deadly fangs inches from my face, cold reptilian eye gazing into mine. Still pressing me against the ground, she repositioned her lower body so that her crotch pressed against mine, cold scales exciting my sensitive areas in ways I had never imagined. As the scaled demon hissed and curled against me I uttered a breathy gasp, a sure sign of what she was doing to my body. The dark and green monsters barked something, and my captor began slowly spooning against me, rubbing those tight, toned limbs and torso against my nude form, forcing my body to betray my will, to become hot and turned on.
  170. Again she shifted, so that her foot talons lay upon my ankles, their sharp points causing me to cry out in pain. With her feet pinning mine, her hands slowly traversed my upper body, sharp claws poking at my shoulders, my armpits and upper arm, my ribs. Each time a talon stroked me-gentle enough not to cause harm but sharp enough to cause my body to flinch-my arousal increased. Still rubbing her crotch against mine, she caressed the space beneath my breasts, eliciting a groan that conveyed nothing but pleasure.
  172. I didn’t want this, this violation of my body and my vows of marriage, but with how long I had gone without release and my powerlessness, my body was becoming as turned on as when Giles’ hands played with me. In fact, the helplessness, the vulnerability of the situation seemed to excite me more. Here I was, held down by a savage jungle monster, forced into this parody of intimacy, and the only thing I could do was hold back the urge to return my inhuman partner’s affections!
  174. The beast’s hands gripped my breasts, clumsily fondling them with her claws. A point grazed my nipple and I moaned, shutting my eyes and unintentionally leaning my head against the beast’s. It seemed she took that as a signal, for she tilted her snout and licked my face. I then felt hot breath on my neck, and many sharp points grazing my neck and shoulders. I tried to squirm out of her grip, fearing the worst, but her lower talons held me in place, and an almost reassuring tug on my breasts made my tormentor’s intentions clearer. Still, she nibbled and nipped at my shoulder, occasionally licking the spots that did the most harm. My nethers were wet now, wet with unwanted excitement and titillation. Never had I wanted this thing to molest me so, but the combination of helplessness, acute pain, strange textures rubbing my body and a strange, almost human tenderness worked to overwhelm me, to drive my body into a hot frenzy of lust.
  176. Then, it stopped. The predatory bites on my neck, the massaging of my breasts, the claws pinning my legs, they all stopped. I collapsed on the floor, panting, hot and dripping wet, my sight blurry. I heard the beasts chattering, and craned my neck to see. The red and black hued monster that had abducted me was orbited by the other two, who trotted round my tormentor and barked shrill calls. I caught a glimpse of my captor’s crotch, and was surprised to see some of her scales had parted, revealing a red slit that I assumed to be her vagina. Like mine, it too was wet, and I assumed with her own fluids as well. Eventually, the black-scaled one with the scar led the aroused lizard out of the room, leaving me with the crowned green one.
  178. It stood imperiously over me, cocking its head and sniffing the air like the other had done. Eventually, it bent over me and sniffed my crotch, seeming to relish in the smell and lingering there. Her lipless jaws parted and the beast’s tongue slithered out, touching the bottom of my labia and licking all the way to my clit. The sensation was too much; her tongue slick in some parts and rough in others, wet with saliva and delightfully large. I screamed in pent up frustration as I climaxed, bunching my legs and rolling to the side, shaking my head and squeezing my eyes shut so hard that tears leaked out.
  180. The crowned lizard retracted and trilled to herself, likely pleased with her work. Then, in a surprising gesture, she bent low and removed one of her toe rings, then seized my foot and slid the golden bauble around my big toe. It didn’t properly fit, and she twisted and played with my toe until the ring fit tight around it-not without causing me some unwelcome pain mind you-then rose back to her full height. The bejeweled monster trilled low and gutturally, then left and shut the door.
  182. Though I was left mystified as to the significance of this exchange, the afterglow of my orgasm left my mind hazy, and I did not give it serious thought for some time. Perhaps I had been claimed as property, like a dog marking it’s territory, the ring functioning like a symbol of ownership. The thought conjured up images of my saurian captors comparing their claws and toe rings to determine social status, and I chuckled at the improbability of the situation, a moment of relief from my torment. Curling up in a corner with my pungent blanket, I shut my eyes and thought of Giles, knowing that he would liberate me from this dread place.
  184. This ritual was repeated daily, and I found my resistance gradually fading as I became more comfortable with the monster’s affections. It wasn’t that I welcomed it, but I no longer feared that the beast would do me harm. As she became more familiar with my body she became more tender, more careful, scratching me less and allowing me more mobility. It was strangely tender, and a welcome break from the monotony of isolation. At times I felt that I was betraying Giles, but there was little I could do to resist my captor, and her touches helped keep me from total sadness and loneliness, helped me endure for him.
  186. I came to refer to the monsters that held me by pet names; the one that had abducted me and now rubbed her snout against my bosom I called Coral, for the similarity between her coloration and that of a coral snake. The black one I knew as Scar, and the green as Baldy, as her lack of feathers marked her as different to me. After some of these visits, mostly the ones where Coral brought me near climax, Baldy would give me more jewelry, mostly rings or anklets, or a belt with a long blue tassel that hung off the back. Though they were pretty, they were cold and uncomfortable, and I would have traded them all for a decent shirt or a pair of pants. I noticed that these ornaments all seemed to simulate the features of my jailers; the belt with it’s tassel gave me a tail, the heavy jeweled rings could be seen as claws. I know wondered if Coral’s sessions were some form of initiation; marking me not as their property, but as one of them.
  188. More and more I became comfortable with Coral, Baldy and Scar, and my hopes for Giles to liberate me dwindled. The longer I waited, the longer he could be in danger in these wilds. If he arrived, would he not try and cut down my new lovers, and they him? Had they not slain Capac and Kenuatual? If my beloved came to rescue me, he would no doubt have to contend to with dozens, maybe hundreds of these things. Though I longed to see him, even as I stroked Coral’s head as she nuzzled against my belly, longed to feel and hear him again, I feared that my hero would become a martyr for me. I could not selfishly long for him to save me, knowing that it may cost him his life. Perhaps I could remain with these beasts as a cooperative captive, let my husband live a long and fruitful life without me, knowing that our love would not be extinguished by our separation.
  190. Coral’s taloned hand lifted me from my reverie, causing my gifted bangles and belts to jangle and clang together. She led me to the threshold of the cell, then clucked in a manner I had not heard before. I noticed that the crimson reptile now sported a set of golden armbands and anklets not unlike my own. Coral pulled me along, leading me out of the cell and into the daylight, the jewels and gold we wore glittering in the sun. Though I had longed for freedom ever since the cold-blooded monster abducted me, I was unprepared for what awaited me on the other side. None of the stories Giles and I had heard, none of the fanciful tales that spurred our ill-fated expedition to the dark forests, could compare to the mystery and wonder of that sight.
  192. If only it did not mark the true depth of my imprisonment.
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