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  1. 11:58:12am -7] <Utsuboo> I hope they bring back safehouse nightmare. I don't want to have to SAM those achievements.
  2. [12:00:39pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> As a DLC heist for 5 dollars where you can buy special halloween drills
  3. [12:01:10pm -7] <Utsuboo> It says "Free Heist" right on the page, Shifty
  4. [12:01:20pm -7] * Utsuboo is now known as Utsuho
  5. [12:01:30pm -7] * Utsuho is now known as Utsuboo
  6. [12:02:05pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> Just like how all the Crimefest content was free?
  7. [12:03:57pm -7] * Azerkatil ( has joined #videogames
  8. [12:05:51pm -7] <Utsuboo> It was free. :V You can get everything that appeared in Crimefest for free.
  9. [12:08:10pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> After everyone bitched so much that they added the drills to the drops, which btw did you see what the rate is for those?
  10. [12:08:45pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> With average luck, its looking like you might get a drill dropped once every 20 days thereabouts
  11. [12:12:03pm -7] * CrazyPenguin ( has joined #videogames
  12. [12:12:25pm -7] * CrazyPenguin ( Quit (Quit: CrazyPenguin)
  13. [12:12:31pm -7] * CrazyPenguin ( has joined #videogames
  14. [12:12:49pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> I probably would still be a payday player if A. Stats on skins were gone. and B. Almir wasn't such a dickbag to the community in that last AMA
  15. [12:13:08pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> Yes, i realize reddit is hostile to them, but he just poured gas all over that fire.
  16. [12:15:21pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> Had they done that, i probably would've come back after they *hopefully* unfucked weapon balance.
  17. [12:15:44pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> Really though, this is more thought than i've given them in days
  18. [12:17:07pm -7] <Utsuboo> I appreciate that you're so unrelentingly bitter that you sound like some of our worse chatters on their normal days, but have you considered the idea of not quoting Reddit verbatim
  19. [12:18:02pm -7] <Utsuboo> Almir was an unrelenting dickbag to Reddit because Reddit has been a colossal fuckfest of filth and idiocy for the past several years, going so far as to actively try to harm the company for whatever imagined slight they felt like that day
  20. [12:19:48pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> Where did I quote reddit? Am I not allowed to think stats on skins are a bad idea, and am I not allowed to think that being a douchebag to your customers is also a bad idea?
  21. [12:22:12pm -7] <Utsuboo> You're allowed to, but I suggest you use words and sentences that aren't literally verbatim off the five thousand "fuck overcuck" threads that populate Reddit on an hourly basis if you don't want to be dismissed as just someone blindly parroting what the angry mob is yelling
  22. [12:22:34pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> I also really do not appreaciate the personal attacks, it really does not paint you in a good light.
  23. [12:22:53pm -7] <Conscript_Gary> Having opinions that lots of angry people share makes you a badwrong angry person
  24. [12:23:50pm -7] <Utsuboo> Gary: Again, it's not the opinons, it's the phrasing of the opinons. :V
  25. [12:24:33pm -7] <Conscript_Gary> Still a subpar metric to judge by imo
  26. [12:24:36pm -7] <Utsuboo> Shady: I dunno, I figure I'd have some pent up anger if I had to deal with a community that on a whim would decide to literally fuck over my livlihood based on falsehoods, misconstrued information, and whatever flights of fancy and delusions of granduer they decided to conjure up that day.
  27. [12:25:10pm -7] <Utsuboo> Espesically if I'd spent years trying to be nice and smile through the constant shitting and teeth-kicking and would only make it worse, because what they wanted was unconditional servitude.
  28. [12:25:39pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> Then perhaps he should not have said anything at all.
  29. [12:26:04pm -7] <CrazyPenguin> When thousands of people say similar things, you'll find similar phrasing even if those thousands of people don't talk amongst each other.
  30. [12:26:10pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> You do not make angry people less angry by responding with anger.
  31. [12:26:35pm -7] <Utsuboo> He tried that. That just made people harass anything they could. Or did you miss that people were flooding anything even remotely related to Payday 2 with complaints. Or just straight up jumping to racial slurs.
  32. [12:27:02pm -7] <Utsuboo> People keep trying to refund anything Payday 2 related in their inventory through Steam's refund thing, ignoring the time limit. They say they're "sending a message."
  33. [12:27:11pm -7] * Vermillion ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  34. [12:27:14pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> Why is a Producer doing community relations anyhow?
  35. [12:27:16pm -7] <Utsuboo> Which they are, just probably not the one they intend.
  36. [12:27:34pm -7] <Conscript_Gary> Pretty sure the time limit is more of a no-questions-asked limit and not an actual hard cap
  37. [12:27:42pm -7] <Conscript_Gary> But I haven't looked into it much
  38. [12:27:50pm -7] <Utsuboo> It actually is a hard cap.
  39. [12:27:54pm -7] <Utsuboo> 2 hours of played gametime
  40. [12:28:03pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> 2 hours play time or waht, 24 hours after purchase?
  41. [12:28:07pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> And*
  42. [12:28:26pm -7] <Conscript_Gary> > even if you fall outside of the refund rules we’ve described, you can ask for a refund anyway and we’ll take a look.
  43. [12:28:32pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> Content marked as pre-release is expempt from that, those can be refunded any time.
  44. [12:28:34pm -7] * Vermillion ( has joined #videogames
  45. [12:28:41pm -7] <Utsuboo> Two Weeks after purchase.
  46. [12:28:46pm -7] <@Skeletoneyesshady> Now there is a different set of rules that Steam has to follow for EU customers.
  47. [12:29:13pm -7] <Conscript_Gary> But yeah even if what you're saying is true and the leddit is a wretched hive of everything ohrrible, having a reason to be mad doesn't change the outcome of said anger
  48. [12:29:48pm -7] <Conscript_Gary> Getting into a screaming match with shitty people isn't isolated from everybody else
  49. [12:29:55pm -7] <Utsuboo> I like how a mod author announced he was quitting
  50. [12:30:03pm -7] <Utsuboo> And then the same day, that evening, said he would look at coming back
  51. [12:30:06pm -7] <Utsuboo> Like ell oh ell
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